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  1. 4L80E First gear question
  2. How hard is it to replace the universal joint? (rear)
  3. tranny is dead....
  4. Tranny Pros Come on in....
  5. ANOTHER 3600 FUddle vertor track results
  6. What could it be
  7. code po757 need help
  8. B&M Shift Improver or Transpak?
  9. will 60e converter work for 80e?
  10. 2 quick Trans cooler question
  11. question on lentgh of sender in port
  12. Cost of tranny swap?
  13. Installed a MS3 cam and now tranny problems
  14. Firmer shifts
  15. 4L80E Questions, please inform/help!!
  16. what shifter will work with no cuting
  17. rubber hoses and trans cooler 4l60e
  18. Transmission temps
  19. 4L60E to TH350 Swap??
  20. tune?
  21. 98 c5 help
  22. BURNOUT question
  23. One shot deal.
  24. What is the best trans mod auto
  25. stall question
  26. How much play in the tailshaft?
  27. 373 gearing on auto
  28. Link or instruction to install Super Servo
  29. BIG Converter Problems HELP PLEASE
  30. 4L70E experience
  31. What is your experience with Finish Line Transmissions??
  32. T-56 to TH400 VSS reluctor ring?
  33. Anyone running stock tranny tune with high HP and shift kit?
  34. 4L80E Trans and MS3 cam
  35. Shift kit installed = Crappy shifts....
  36. Has anyone changed their clutch inside of their Converter??
  37. Has any one heard of this?
  38. best place for tranny cooler
  39. Help:TH400 LS1 Starter Problems
  40. 6l80 in a fbody?
  41. should i stay a m6 or go to a th 350
  42. Where to get built th350 and other questions?
  43. I did it this time…
  44. 3400 TC installed,
  45. Does anyone lock their converter at the track?
  46. LT-1 to th-350 or th-400.
  47. Tranny rebuild/TC nightmare!! HELP!!
  48. Trans Temp
  49. convertor advice
  50. "D" or "OD"?
  51. how do i launch a 3600 stall from a roll.
  52. converter: how big?
  53. 106K Too High For High Stall Converter?...
  54. Codes,Codes, and more codes
  55. Stall Size, STR and MPG???
  56. Cleaning the tranny cooler lines
  57. torque convert lock up
  58. Transmission removal, NEED HELP!
  59. 4L65E comes in what vehicles?
  60. Weird Tranny Problem
  61. B&M deep pan on a TH350?
  62. shifting seems different?
  63. need some help
  64. 4L60E Rebuild??
  65. Need help. No shift from 2-3
  66. PY 3400 trouble here...
  67. what else to do while in the a4???
  68. gm 2004r transmission technical manual
  69. Broken tailshaft (cheap fix?)
  70. My 4L60E lives with ? HP
  71. stall converters kick ass!!!!
  72. 200r4
  73. Better Fuddle 3600 track results... 1.71 60'
  74. Transmission wont shift out of second at WOT
  75. Getting a TCI 3800...Tune???
  76. I got a tune for a ssf3500 stall. Do I need to retune for stock torque converter.
  77. Vacuum modulation without a shift kit?
  78. New Converter Hitting Rev Limiter 2nd to Drive Shifts, Help!
  79. Because you guys asked. TCI Deep Pan Pics
  80. What have you done to your 4L60E?
  81. Getting A New Tranny?
  82. 4l80 late shift
  83. TCC Manual Override?
  84. A4 shifter pigtail after TH350 swap
  85. th400 shifting rapidly in 3rd
  86. Is it time for a flush or overhaul?
  87. running shift kit with shift time turned down?
  88. Dead spots?
  89. transgo shift kit
  90. 228R what size stall?
  91. 408+4000lb =trans???
  92. 400 in an f-body
  93. bolt on cars & stahl
  94. pulling my tranny
  95. got a noise
  96. shifting problem, please help
  97. How to remove brake pedal assembly?
  98. bypassing Park/nuetral switch
  99. LS1 w/pg
  100. 400 vs. built 4l60e
  101. What you guys think???
  102. can you hook up 2 coolers?
  103. trans temp high, and shift error reported
  104. yank ss4000 and slower times?
  105. TH350 trans into and ls1?..?
  106. Why my th400 is bleeding oil like crazy when driving
  107. Ordering a Yank?
  108. 700r4 into an LS1
  109. 4L60E trans leaking
  110. Someone please help me understand what a stall is
  111. Transmission help!!!!!
  112. Tranny Rebiuld Help
  113. shift kit with custom tune?
  114. Do I need a shift kit?
  115. 4L60e rebuild/performance kit
  116. 4L60E need builder
  117. Going with a FMVB 4L80E
  118. 400
  119. Corvette torque converter question?
  120. Just Installed: Fuddle 3400 Stall 2.1 STR Wow!!
  121. will 02 midwest stall fit my 98
  122. Transmission question
  123. stock ls1 w/ stall converter
  124. Leather A4 shifter boot and new knob
  125. vibration at higher speeds may have been solved, what do you think?
  126. Got my Fuddle in today-They ROCK
  127. TQ Converter Problems
  128. shift kit
  129. Daily driving a forward manual TH400???
  130. My stock transmission shifts "slowly."
  131. car won't go into park
  132. Manual shifting a 4L60e
  133. How much power will 4l60e hold?
  134. Chrome Moly 4L60E to TH350 crossmember?
  135. new shifter
  136. tranny Question
  137. fuddle ?
  138. My FLT got here yesterdy
  139. bolting trans crossmember to floor
  140. Bypass radiator trans cooler ???
  141. TCI SSF3000 track results
  142. 4L65E Transmission Cooler and Shift Kits - What's Available??
  143. Stock auto shifter headache, help!
  144. automatic transmission bellhousing bolt part number
  145. th400 builders
  146. B and M hammer shifter.
  147. stall question
  148. 4l60e vs. 4l80e
  149. 4l80e and a trans brake
  150. 6l80/90
  151. How much to install 4L65E?
  152. Is there a writeup for changing trans fluid?
  153. 4l80e pricing
  154. Need some info plz help..
  155. Trans cooler lines...
  156. 3200 yank stall ?
  157. Just ordered a Yank PT4000
  158. Which PCM wire to ground to lock up converter?
  159. Driveshaft size needed TH400!!!!
  160. trans temp sending unit?
  161. Weird Noise Coming from Tranny, only in Overdrive, Help...
  162. Bypass the factory tranny cooler 4l60e
  163. need a poly trans mount...
  164. What a difference a DA makes ...
  165. 2800 converter
  166. Tranny took a dump
  167. 4l65e vs 4l60e
  168. shift kits?
  169. does anyone elses transmission do this?
  170. whats a 4l65e?
  171. Fuddle update from LS1 NATS - Australia
  172. Sanity check on RMVB shift action???
  173. Fuddle 3600 track results...
  174. What's a "saturday night special" torque converter?
  175. Fuddle 3500/1.7str
  176. th350 conversion
  177. Started transgo shift kit install.....Q
  178. Code PO757.
  179. TCI SSF4000 vs Yank SS4000, on the street
  180. 1, 2, 3, 4, then overdrive?
  181. O6 Gto Tranny
  182. built 4l60e
  183. Car threw a P1870 code months ago I got back from the Shop today and it does not move
  184. Is there a vaccum modulation kit so I can install it myself?
  185. 4L80E Manual VB Question...
  186. I know this board has seen plenty of these threads but...
  187. Tranny
  188. Rock On Tranny Is Here!!!
  189. tranny cooler with FTRA
  190. TH-350 question
  191. RPM transmissions does great work and great service
  192. Newb ?, What is lock vs unlocked??
  193. Thinking of swapping my T56 for Stage 2 4L60?
  194. Fuddle 3600 2.2, B&M cooler, Wait4Me MOT, and 160* installed
  195. converter flush/clean?
  196. Torque management
  197. Who's broken an output shaft?
  198. 4l60e billet output and input shafts.
  199. 4l80e
  200. Tranny deep pan. bmm-70260
  201. str ratio?
  202. Corvette Servo Part Numbers
  203. Is this bad for the A4 transmission?
  204. Uses of a torque converter?
  205. transmission not wanting to shift while racing
  206. How long will stock 4l60e survive on MS3?
  207. M6 to TH400 experts inside please...
  208. Trans-go and Yank Problem
  209. A4 shift knob options
  210. tranny filter?
  211. converter problems?
  212. What kind of tranny/shift kit?
  213. Vacuum mod guys
  214. 400 computer mods to fit in a 4l60e
  215. 3400 converter
  216. Torque Management
  217. Flash point
  218. Will any of the 4l60e transmissions work
  219. dumb stall question
  220. Question on 4L60E, Which ones will work on the LS1?
  221. shifting problems! help please!
  222. is the 4L80e better than 4L60e?
  223. Need help with converter!!!!
  224. 4l60, 4l60e output shafts
  225. Just ordered new tranny!
  226. Thanky you fuddle
  227. Yank SS3600 or SS4000
  228. 4L60E transbrake is installed
  229. TCI Flexplate bolts?
  230. Let's play "What did I break?"
  231. Hughes 57-1012 4000+ L.U. Stall, thoughts???
  232. 2-3 upshift noise?
  233. tranny will be out: flywheel?
  234. Opinion Needed after Cam install
  235. Counting down the days till LS1speed installs my fuddle
  236. Shifting to Overdrive... Sometimes. Help
  237. getting a built tranny, here it is
  238. A4 Gas milage?
  239. Cam Installed now not really wanting to shift to OD
  240. How should I mount the trans cooler?
  241. dynos and high stall converters
  242. how much will a th350/400 swap cost me?
  243. what are the important things to consider when selecting a TC
  244. Ss3600???
  245. Need Help Identifying Used Converter
  246. Playin' the tail...
  247. trans cooler part #/ question ??
  248. Does a 4L60 converter fit fit a TH trans?
  249. What to do?
  250. th350 trans temp guages