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  1. 4l60e 3/4 clutches
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  23. TH350 or switch to PG?
  24. torque converters
  25. Its that time again!!!!!
  26. 2005 5.3 Silverado engine. What year trans will fit?
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  28. FMVB 4L65e, shifts 1-2-1-2 instead of 1-2-3-4
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  32. Fluid Leak at dipstick tube grommet
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  34. Fresh rebuilt hard shift
  35. What type of transmission is this?
  36. How is your 4l60e doing with mods similar to my planned ones?
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  38. TH400 shifter and flex plate
  39. performabuilt 460le 3800 yank stall
  40. TH400 Shield???
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  44. 4L60E Ratchet Shifter
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  47. New texas speed by yank torque converter
  48. Need advice on rebuilding 4l60
  49. 95 4L80E Cooler Lines
  50. Torque converter question
  51. unable to change TCC values
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  53. Is it safe to use a Yank PT4000 with nitrous?
  54. Fluid change issue/rattle noise
  55. SOLVED - P1SC SD OL 4L60E TransGo Kit w/violent P to R and N to D.
  56. 4L60E with P0748 code
  57. 4l60e question...thank you in advance.
  58. MSD Atomic TCM Controller
  59. 98+ SBC 4l60e vs LS 4l60e
  60. Flexplates, which one
  61. what kind of 60' to expect with a 4k stall
  62. brand new b&m 4l60e/b&m 2k stall lockup issues
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  64. Opinions on buying used trans
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  77. Circle D vs Yank
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  84. Built 4l60e Popping out of gear under any load.
  85. PerformaBuilt Holiday giveaway is back check inside.
  86. Best way to drain 4l60e
  87. 4l65e holding 2,3, gears
  88. what stall to use in my swap?
  89. Question about 4L60e and issues regarding
  90. Th400 lq4. Converter to flexplate gap.
  91. Yank stall question
  92. Nv3500 to 4l80e
  93. Converter question
  94. automatic shifter/hurst/ b&m for A4 transmission?
  95. A4 4l60E third gear vibration
  96. 4l80e converter slippage issues
  97. 4L60E Slipping In Second only
  98. Anyone running a TCI built 4L60E (StreetFighter 371016)?
  99. Which solenoid is the 3-2 downshift?
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  101. 4L80E performance build
  102. servo pin extender
  103. Yank SS3600 on high mile LS1....
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  105. Turbo 350 or glide in Turbo Camaro ?
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  107. 4l60e 300m Billet output shaft in stock?
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  110. The black edition
  111. which stall?
  112. 2nd stock ecm for 4l80e control?
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  114. TH400 swap parts
  115. GM Supermatic 4l85E
  116. 1998 k1500 4l60e
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  120. ?? on a transmission
  121. need help quick
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  124. 700r4?
  125. 4L80e slow shift 2nd to 3rd
  126. 4l60 questions
  127. Converter's Physical Size
  128. 4l60e Help
  129. 4l60e won't shift into 2nd
  130. 4L60E tuning...
  131. Help Reading Fliud level
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  133. c5 w/trans issues
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  137. 4l60e Tail Housing
  138. Question on torque converter unlocking
  139. Th350 conversion wiring question
  140. 4l80e "binding" in reverse
  141. 4l60e no 1st or 4th
  142. Th400hd
  143. 4L80e input shaft stripped
  144. 4L80E shallow pan
  145. 6spd to 4l60e swap
  146. different versions of 4l60e
  147. New setup need advice on 4l60
  148. 95 4l60 rebuild advice
  149. Speedometer reading way too fast after 4l80 swap
  150. How much power are you making through your 4L60E?
  151. 4L60E replacement.
  152. 4l80e vss signal wire
  153. Swapped T56 for 4L80, driveshaft interference
  154. 4l60e slipping?
  155. C6 converter install
  156. GOOD T-56 to 4L60E writeup
  157. Circle D - We Moved!!!
  158. Anti balloning plates
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  170. can you run a 4l70 with ls1Ecu
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  174. Rossler 4l80e trans brake
  175. don't use od when racing? dead spots?
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  177. 4L60E Input Shaft Leaking
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  179. ms4 cam only stall size
  180. Blown Up 4L70, Need a new One. Ideas
  181. Strange power loss after swap
  182. 4L80e pan gasket?
  183. in need of a new built trans and stall combo
  184. Controlling 4L80E TCC manually
  185. 4L80E Blocking 3rd Accumulator
  186. Visiting Finish Line Transmissions (FLT)
  187. Sonnax Pinless 1-2 or 3-4 Accumulator Pistons
  188. Yank Pt4000...Ok to Spray??
  189. 4l60e
  190. 4L80E slip yoke selection help
  191. Park and reverse issues 4l60e
  192. Stage 2 specials
  193. Stock drive shaft and 4l80e
  194. Take a look at this, do i need a replacement???
  195. fresh trans pulling hard at idle 4l65e
  196. Local Performance Trans Rebuild
  197. 4l60e leaking from driveshaft yoke
  198. Killed the trans or torque converter?
  199. VSS on th350??
  200. 6L90E Rookie
  201. What bolts do I need to bolt my Th350 to a 6.0L
  202. Shifter Shaft seal 4L60 leaking..
  203. HELP. WS6 4l60e leaks fluid from vent tube
  204. jegs flexplate
  205. Which friction material for 4l80e
  206. Shifting Issue 99 Z28
  207. Truck won't shift past 2nd
  208. clunking noise
  209. rebuilt 4L60e no shift past 2nd
  210. 1200 RWHP Supra video
  211. My experience with Jake's Performance
  212. Manually shifting my 4L60e, not getting instant 2-3 shift
  213. 8L90E into 4th Gen?
  214. What is needed to make a th400 hold power?
  215. 1-2 Accumulator cracked, slow second gear apply
  216. 4L65E Freshly Rebuilt, No Movement
  217. What shifters are you 4L80 guys using?
  218. 4L60E yoke/drive shaft 1969 Camaro
  219. Can you short shift a 4l80e without a fmvb
  220. 4l70e Supermatic not recognizing shifter position
  221. corvette tranny conversion
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  223. 4l80e
  224. TC install
  225. North texas converter
  226. Help identifying what is inside this powerglide
  227. 4l80 with trans break
  228. Stand alone harness transmission help
  229. 4l80e wont stay in 1st when i put it in 1 on shift selector
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  233. Considering selling my Jakes 4l80e in favor of a Glide
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  243. Bad idle after swap
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  246. Help diagnose my carnage
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  248. Blew my T56 today at the track, what do do next?
  249. 4l80e speedo hook up
  250. Using AN line for trans cooler