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  1. Dipstick Hitting Hood
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  12. Limp mode??
  13. B&M star shifter
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  16. How much HP does a 4L80E use
  17. HELP: Truck won't stay running in gear
  18. Seating Torque Converter (read the sticky)
  19. 4.8 to powerglide converter bolts?
  20. sonnax smartech drum
  21. 4l80e converter
  22. 2 big tranny coolers
  23. 4l80e wont shift into 4th intermittently
  24. Normal Temp Range for Trans w/Big Stall 4L60E?
  25. manual to automatic conversion Reverse and nuetral lights
  26. Shout out to FTI tranmissions!
  27. Need to identify which 4l80e harness I have
  28. 4L60E SmartTech forward clutch clearance
  29. 2-3 WOT shift problem
  30. Tranny swap w/o removing converter?
  31. What shifter fits good in the console of 02 Camaro for a glide?
  32. 17 tooth 4l80 vehicle speed sensor reluctor
  33. Shim between flex plate and crank, ls1-4l60e. stickies didn't help. Please help
  34. swap 2003 4L60e in 2002 Suburban
  35. Guys with 4l60e tuning Help me out, Slow 2-3 shift
  36. Best non-fan cooler
  37. freshly rebuilt 4l60e won't shift past seccond
  38. Location of the 4l60e Transmission Fuses for a '99 Trans A4
  39. Transgo 4l80 hd2 install. Oil pan hits filter
  40. I Need A 4L60/65E Tranny In Ft. Lauderdale...
  41. Th-400 Build questions.
  42. Adding gears?
  43. Tci converter alignment issue
  44. Torque converter drive
  45. 4L60E slow 3 -> 4?
  46. Compatability Issue 4L80e
  47. metric nut size
  48. 4L60E Limp Mode Please Help!!!!
  49. O.K. Guys n Gals, I need help!!! A.S.A.P. !!! UPDATE, FIXED!!!
  50. GM Performance torque converter help
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  52. LS1 to Powerglide clarification /Stall converter/flexplate
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  54. 4L60E binds/locks in manual low when hot
  55. What's this trans and converter worth.
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  57. Junkyard tranny - what to inspect?
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  59. Help!!! 4l60e problem
  60. The Official Auto-to-Manual Transmission Swap Thread
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  62. Slap Shift/Manual Valve Body Questions
  63. Help with 4l60e parts list
  64. 4L80e Slip Yoke
  65. New flex plate hitting starter gear
  66. Is this normal for a 4L80e??
  67. Looking to buy a converter
  68. 6L80E years ???
  69. 2005 4l65e valve body harness swap to 2008 valve body harness
  70. 4L80E issues guru advice needed
  71. TH400 vs 6L80E????
  72. 4l80 d1 urban for holding first gear HELP!!!
  73. 4L80E swap Problems
  74. Question about FTI SB3200LS converter
  75. What size stall?
  76. M6 console- 4L60E
  77. what caused this?
  78. My rebuild plan & using shift kit with torque management?
  79. Question about codes P0700 and P0717
  80. 4l60e neutral safety switch
  81. 4l80 wiring
  82. 4l80e Jake's D1 and Hptuners, 1st gear problem
  83. 4l80e HD2 shift kit installed wrong/transmission wont engage
  84. Can someone tell me what yoke i need for my 4L80??
  85. Leaking Torque Converter
  86. 2000 4l60e same as 2002??
  87. help with torque converter identification
  88. 4l60 valve body gaskets ??
  89. Trans Advice on LQ9 Swap
  90. Tci ez transmission controller.
  91. 4l80e no manual low engine braking, reverse is perfect.
  92. Converter Cut and Clean
  93. 4l80e newbie help
  94. th400 stall?
  95. Best thing i have ever done for my tempermental 4L60
  96. 4L60E won't shift 2-3 when flooring it
  97. vent hose end piece on tranny melted on exhaust, which part do I need?
  98. Powerglide converter ?'s
  99. ls1 pcm vs stand alone transmission controller for a 4l80e
  100. 4l80 yoke help!!!
  101. SS3200 or SS3600 on a stock '99 Trans Am daily
  102. Misfire After Tranny Rebuild
  103. 3600 or 3800 yank ss converter?
  104. Need advice on stall, 4L80E turbo.
  105. Transbrake wiring....W pin?
  106. Reuse aftermarket torque converter after bad 3-4 clutches
  107. 4L60E second gear issue - Need some advice
  108. No idle after 4l80e swap.
  109. Where to order 4l60 billet pump rotor
  110. Where to find USA-made filter?
  111. budget 6l80e converter ?'s
  112. Any 4L60e experts? Super weird issue...
  113. Freakshow Converters
  114. trans issue after swap
  115. 5.3 XJ swap - No TCC lockup
  116. Am I getting bogus advice about the trans. Cooler for my Astro van?
  117. pinless acc 1-2 3-4 springs , help
  118. 4L65E or 4L70E Questions
  119. Got my yank 3600ss installed and broke in!!!!
  120. Time for a new trans.
  121. 4L60 good temperature ??
  122. Installing sonnax LB1, separator plate and hd2 shift kit.
  123. Torque specs for transmission pan - 10lb or 100lb?
  124. Need help with this 4l60E
  125. Transbrake Button locations
  126. transmission trouble
  127. v6 Torque Converter
  128. 4l80e wiring
  129. Will it work?
  130. car sort of lurching forward?
  131. Tremendous Convertor Slip...
  132. TH400 Cooler w/Fan HELP
  133. Need help with 4l60e
  134. VERY HARD jerk when putting car in drive .. Tranny mount?
  135. 4L60e or TH400?
  136. Help with 4L80e build.... (1000+ HP). I need your expert advice:)
  137. 4l80E that has been sitting
  138. 4l80 lock up rpm drop
  139. roller clutch race grind 4l60e?
  140. Driving with bad 3/4 clutch - reliabilty/long-term?
  141. need help hooking up my 700r4
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  143. 4l60e comparability years
  144. Burnt intermediate frictions in 4l80e. found torn lip seal on tear down...
  145. 4L80E poly mounts?
  146. 4L80E Swap - Converter and Flexplate Questions
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  148. Installing th400 and have a few questions
  149. What bolts to use with jw bell on a th400?
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  151. Help! Transmission overheated, blown.
  152. Tapping into the Vss on my 4l60e
  153. Trans issue
  154. 2001 vs 2004 4L80 compatability
  155. Added a pint today. 1st in 14 years.
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  158. 4l60e Reverse Input drum clearance using Blue Plates
  159. Need help with a swap!
  160. Jakes performance 4l80 black box.
  161. RIP TH350... PG or 400 now?
  162. FAST/TCI controller accumulator pressure
  163. 4l80 hp rating and converter options
  164. P0717, possible to tune out ISS?
  165. The Dreaded Two-Piece Tranny Mount
  166. Hitting 4th in 1/4 mile 4L80e
  167. Tow/haul mode 4l80e
  168. rebuild kit 4l60e
  169. 4l60e, output slows as throttle increases
  170. Will TC not locking cause trans damage?
  171. Need Help with 4L60 - TC not locking?
  172. transmission problems on a 4L60E
  173. What stall in factory 4l80e 2500 van
  174. 2nd Rebuilt Transmission in 4 years??!!
  175. Trans mount bolt
  176. 4l80 swap with 9" rear
  177. 4L60e vs T-56
  178. Transmission swap
  179. shifter help please!
  180. 4l80e racing characteristics
  181. will a 4L80E fit in a C6 Z06?
  182. 4L60E why the low pressure hot?
  183. What is this? part?
  184. which will handle more power? 4L80E or 6L80E?
  185. 4L80E Deep pan for car??
  186. Help Me identify stall!!
  187. Need tc recommendation
  188. th350 noise in gear???
  189. th400 issues after b&m shif kit
  190. Accumulator bushing/spring help needed please!
  191. Custom mount plate for hurst quRter stick...
  192. Built stage 2 4l65E or Stock 4l80??????
  193. Th350 and stick shifter quick ??
  194. 4l60e no manual first gear and starts in 4th
  195. Need info ASAP - Can you ship an L60E via FedEx Ground in a Rubbermaid?
  196. Choosing proper stall
  197. 4l60e converter question
  198. best Transmissuin for my application?
  199. All about Flexplates, Converters, Transmissions and Spacers
  200. noise going into gear.
  201. Stock Torque Converter Questions
  202. Which trans cooler should i go with ?
  203. shifting
  204. 4l60e issues??
  205. Trying to Fit 4L80 into a 3rd Gen Car ???
  206. 4l60e upgrades? opinions?
  207. What flex plate to use with my Circle D converter?
  208. Adaptor for BOP transmission ?
  209. OEM dipstick installation
  210. 4l80/tci ez tcu issues
  211. 4l60e to 4l80e
  212. 80e paint it or leave it raw aluminum?
  213. wbody store converters?
  214. Pretty sure my stock 4l60 just told 525rwhp to kick rocks
  215. 89 turbo 400 2-3 shift issues
  216. 4l80e starts in 2nd and had od sometimes
  217. 4l80 turbo 400 dipstick.
  218. SBC406 conversion - transmission help
  219. HELP! 4L80E Output Shaft Only Turns Counterclockwise
  220. 4L80E converter feels locked all the time...?
  221. 4l60e temp sender pan location
  222. Switch wiring
  223. Car slams into drive from park.
  224. th400 build
  225. Anyone ever use Robert Godfrey for their build?
  226. LS3 + Supermatic 4L85e + TQ = Flex Plate?
  227. No reverse on TH400, T-brake, RMVB
  228. Pros and cons of swap
  229. 4L60E jerking on starts
  230. drive shaft length running a glide
  231. Auto tranny slowing car down
  232. 4L60E Vibration
  233. Flexplate bolt holes not lining up
  234. Another 4l60e rebuild thread
  235. Time for fluid change in 4l60e, this fluid alright?
  236. th400, soft shift
  237. Keep flexplate or get new one
  238. please help my transmission is acting crazy
  239. Can I see your trans cooler w/fans setup?
  240. Good place to order a stock torque converter for a 4l60e?
  241. 4L60E upgrade
  242. Stall Guru's Needed - 6L80E
  243. replacing the trans fluid harmful?
  244. What th400 drum shield should I use for 99 camaro?
  245. Motor home 4l80e
  246. Trans Noob - Need Guidance
  247. Clicking noise Help
  248. 6L80E for C6 Z06
  249. 700R4 / 4L60E 3rd accumulator checkball question
  250. 4L60E Help Needed....I think