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  1. Shipping a transmission
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  28. Oh I so want to cry...stripped coolant threads!
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  34. no vss signal to speedo or snap on solus scanner
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  36. stall converter
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  44. Torque converter
  45. Is a triple disc circle D converter actually a twin?
  46. Th400 swap no mph
  47. 4l60e lost 1st and 4th after converter install
  48. Snap Ring Pliers
  49. Park neutral switch troubleshooting
  50. Introducing the new performabuilt black edition 4l6xe series
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  52. 4L80E pump noise
  53. 4l80e swaped but wont down shift
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  56. Advice on Torque Converter
  57. 2004 Tahoe 4l60e
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  65. Announcement from PerformaBuilt
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  67. Unable To Separate 3-Piece Oil Pump Body On A 4T65E
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  80. Circle D Free Shipping In July!
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  82. veter dragging badly!!!
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  86. Transmission swap
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  88. Whats a good tc?
  89. 4L60E No Park/Neutral no 2-3 WOT
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  91. New to Automatics. Converter Help Please
  92. 4L60E or 4L65E
  93. lq4/th350
  94. 4L80e Not shifting to 3rd at WOT
  95. 4l60e help!!!!! Urgent!!!
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  97. Preventative Measures 4L60E
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  100. Cam/boltons/125 shot.. What's trans do I need?
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  103. 4l60e lost 3rd and 4th.
  104. PCM of NC Transmission Cooler
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  108. Replacement Trans cooler fitting
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  118. Summer sale on TH400's Powerglides, and TH350's.
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  120. School me on converters please.
  121. Are they not the same?
  122. PCM of NC Cooler Vs B&M Super Cooler
  123. Difference in TH400 and 4l60 converters
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  125. Performance gains
  126. Transmission coolers. By pass the stock or no?
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  129. 4L60E Valve Body
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  134. Strange occurance with '00 SS
  135. built 4l80 is slipping 2nd suddenly
  136. lq4 to circle d w/ls1 bolt pattern
  137. Looking For Advise On A 4L60E Rebuild Kit
  138. Broken intermediate snap ring 4L80E
  139. converter install
  140. 80e swap 3rd tq lock but no od
  141. Best ATF fluid for built 4l80
  142. Boost with a th350, converter choice?
  143. Full manual 4L60E TCC concerns...yes I searched
  144. opinions on tranny cooler mounting with ram air
  145. 4L80E In - Wont shift into OD
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  149. is my 4l60e done or am i missing something?
  150. Stall recommendation with tooley stage 3 cam
  151. 4l80e wore rear planetary gear thrust washers
  152. Car Chriped 3rd Gear Going 65-70 on Freeway
  153. trans cooler location..
  154. Th350 bell housing?
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  158. Is my torque converter bad or my trans?
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  160. Will it still be drive able?
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  163. Think I blew the trans
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  165. center of yoke missing
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  167. trouble with converter
  168. 4l60e trans mount
  169. Yank ss3600 gap advice
  170. S10 4l60e behind ls1
  171. Good trans shop in OKC???
  172. 4L80E slip yoke with stock u-joints
  173. auto trans cable bracket needed
  174. 4l60e shifts manually, but not automatically
  175. 4l60e
  176. Trans Dip Stick Tube Installation
  177. LS3 swap in 02 SS w/stock 4L60E...
  178. Trans cool recommendation
  179. TH400 - no 3rd gear in boost
  180. 4l60e,only 2nd and 3rd,also no tach,fuel gauge,speedo,temp,gauge
  181. 08 4L60E freewheels in drive
  182. 4L60E Lock up issue
  183. Is it possible to change front seal with car on jack stands?
  184. Yank or circle d that is the question
  185. Transmission problem?
  186. Stall recommendation
  187. Transmission Coolers??
  188. Transmission fluid line nick
  189. ad stall converter with 130k tranny?
  190. 4l60e hanging up 1st to 2nd in D
  191. 4l60e Trans guys. Have a technical question. Please help
  192. little black box 4l60 and 80e
  193. deep sump or stock pan? best fluid to use
  194. 4l80e Jakes D3 Trans Brake question
  195. Putting converter back in 4L60E; I felt 3 separate movements and now rubs something!
  196. Just bought a 4L80 need advice
  197. Manual to Auto swap
  198. c10 th400 swap help
  199. tuning problem.. commanded line pressure doesnt change no matter what..??
  200. 4L80E slip yoke question
  201. Yank ss3600 on order, what else should i do and or need
  202. converter drain back-80E
  203. 4l60e fried?
  204. built 4L80 issue- Dyno and track-- D or OD or ?... 3 busted trans
  205. Retuned after converter install
  206. 4l80e issues
  207. Help needed 4l60e converter
  208. uh oh!
  209. Another 4l60e question, more about PCM compatibility.
  210. 99 tahoe 4L60E fit 2000 ws6 trans am?
  211. Which transmissions are you guys running?
  212. How much hp on stock 4l80e converter?
  213. 4L60E Shifter Pics
  214. Must have upgrades for 4L80e in swap
  215. 97 Swap LS1/TH400 Crossmember
  216. 4L60E noises
  217. Looking to build your tired tranny? manual or auto....check these guys out
  218. 4l60e oil lines
  219. 4L80e Track Techniques
  220. auto trans mount bolt size
  221. Shifter stuff, for 4l80e swap
  222. TH350 Manual Valve Body
  223. Road Racing with a 4L65 Auto
  224. 99 Trans Am manual 6 speed swap to 4l60e
  225. No first or fourth gear! HELP PLEASE!
  226. ! ! ! Memorial Day Sale at FTI ! ! !
  227. Transmission Pump Damaged?
  228. Tranny options
  229. converter question, read every sticky, pages of searches.
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  231. only have 3rd gear in 4L60E
  232. What Fluid to use
  233. TH350 and 650+hp
  234. Help My car Won't go into Park, and other gear selector issues
  235. P0740 (no symptoms)
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  242. Converter Flexplate Gap
  243. going to the track leave it in D or 3rd?????
  244. th400 vacumm supply 5.3
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  249. Plastic thrust washer
  250. Will a 2400 stall work with TSV2 cam