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  18. need help with transmission
  19. Can anyone help?
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  42. should there be ANY play at all????
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  85. Jake's Performance Clearance and new products.
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  88. Wobble Noise.
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  91. time for a stall
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  98. Those who have driven/owned both a Yank SS4000 and PT4000 converter
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  101. Lock up converter on street....
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  131. recommendations for trans tuning in the process of 4l80 swap
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  133. AWD 4l80e to 2wd
  134. Id like to build a th350 crossmember, need some measurments
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  143. 4l80e fox body
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  146. Trans Go 4L60E-3
  147. ams1000 with 4l80e
  148. Install problem
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  172. 4l80e
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  179. Merry Christmas and New Year from Jake's Performance
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  198. 4T65E-HD torque converter
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  220. Circle D - The Box
  221. 4L60E Problem
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  223. 40k tru cool install
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  226. You guys see this?!?!?
  227. So California transmission shops
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