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  1. 6 speed troubles, Techs please come in
  2. Which clutch is best for the money??
  3. Manual Tranny for my big block...Help
  4. kragen clutch in a cammed LT1?
  5. shifter off-set adapter for 1st gen install
  6. ls6 clutch conversion
  7. drill mod done wrong?
  8. clutch smell
  9. stock p.o.s. ls1 clutch letter??
  10. D&D Performance
  11. centerforce vs. SPEC
  12. How do I replace the plug behing the pilot bearing?
  13. Missing a shift?
  14. bleeder valve
  15. new or rebuilt m6...
  16. m6 won't shift 2/4/6
  17. UMI Short Stick
  18. gains from flywheel?
  19. street twin real spongy after motor rebuild
  20. T-56 Rebuild gone wrong
  21. Wanna make sure I got what I needed
  22. used 5.0............
  23. O-ring Washer
  24. Bellhousing was rusted in place, how do I remove it?
  25. Can those with the RAM power grip (non-HD) please step inside?
  26. If you bleed the slave, where does the fluid go?
  27. match balancing clutch question
  28. Anyone Ever Had This Problem......
  29. Is This The Right Trans Mount?
  30. mccleod clutch street twin /problems after 4 passes
  31. What is required to bolt a T56 to an LQ9?
  32. hard to get into Reverse at times??
  33. shift points?
  34. downshifting
  35. Slave swap, then no pressure....
  36. Where did you get your Transmission Mount
  37. Shifter help
  38. Spec 4F - too much clutch?
  39. GM techs are morons! what size is the throwout bearing?
  40. Stock M6 is good for ??? HP
  41. Z06 clutch or spec?
  42. $995 t-56 rebuild
  43. is my clutch going or what??
  44. adj. master installed
  45. who has best mcleod master cyln price?
  46. Weird shake in 1st gear. Help!
  47. Spec 2 Problems
  48. t-56
  49. Diagnose this tranny/clutch problem
  50. possible bad hydraulics???
  51. shifter knob wont come off
  52. 3rd SPEC 4F welded to FW for me in 3 months
  53. new clutch??? or is it??
  54. where to get clutch master steelbraded line
  55. textralia clutch kickass
  56. Need some shifter options/opinions
  57. Need to know a good tranny shop in so cal!!
  58. As this ever happened to anyone?
  59. New clutch?
  60. Throw out bearing ?
  61. Fidanza Questions
  62. Clunking under the car.
  63. where to buy shims?
  64. Can a Spec PP be resurfaced?
  65. Pro 5.0?
  66. Resurface Fidanza Flywheel????
  67. Noisy Shifer in 2nd
  68. Clutch won't disengage with ram hd
  69. Where's the bleeder located?
  70. new mcleod not working
  72. pro 5.0 question
  73. What kind of clutch fluid for the M6?
  74. ZR1 tranny on a 4th gen LS1 Fbody?
  75. Pos Spec
  76. stopping chatter
  77. Need t-56 rebuilt. Who is good In/near Ga?
  78. Drill mod or replacement?
  79. T/F: Less tranny weight = more HP?
  80. Luk Gold/Fidanza slipping, hydraulics??
  81. B&M Ripper or Pro 5.0 shifter
  82. Noise when clutch engaged?????
  83. Help new clutch slipping!!!! why
  84. Shifter VERY hard to move
  85. Fidanza Flywheel?
  86. slave cylinder question
  87. 5/6 Driven Gear Question
  88. Is the ram vds clutch system overkill?
  89. Shifting
  90. Cartek, Spec, Ram,or Mcleod
  91. Shaft Extension (No Pun...)
  92. Help Bleeding Clutch!
  93. 01 Slave same thing as 99 Slave
  94. how to diagnose bad master or slave?
  95. Clunk on clutch release / 1st gear tough shift
  96. Textralia Owners......engagement point?
  97. Textralia installed!!10 miles and counting...
  98. What does this sound like to you?
  99. Just did drill mod/having trouble bleeding it.
  100. Chattering Question
  101. good stock type replacement clutch for bolt on car
  102. T56 Blowing Slave Cylinders
  103. popping out of gear question
  104. clutch problems
  105. Speedometer after conversion help!
  106. Digging deeper into the clutch stuck to the floor problem
  107. shifter popping up
  108. Shift Fork ?
  109. Switch wired reverse lockout
  110. clutch pedal to floor after sitting?
  111. Cts-v M12
  112. what clutch for 500rwhp
  113. Flywheel shim....dont fit.....
  114. RPS Clutch is so pretty
  115. Did A4 to M6 swap, what is skip shift?
  116. RAM PG...good choice!
  117. Tranny locked up- - what is it
  118. Do I need an alignment tool? Throw out Bearing?
  119. Halran Shift light, where can I get it?
  120. Is my tranny on borrowed time? (kind of long)
  121. Hydraulic issue? Pedal stays on the floor.
  122. Skip Shift - Can it prevent an accidental 3rd to 2nd shift?
  123. t-56 reliability? owners chip in here please
  124. Race Built T-56
  125. Help With 4th Gear
  126. 1991 master cyl work with 2001 slave????
  127. 3rd gear problem...
  128. 3rd gear help!!!!! PLEASE
  129. Reverse Lockout
  130. Z06 t56 in a Z28?
  131. Is it the Master Cylinder?
  132. Bulletproofing Tranny
  133. Clutch Pedal Stuck
  134. manual or automatic
  135. Ls1 A4 To M6 Ques.
  136. What clutch for 700 hp?
  137. thumping sound when braking
  138. Tranny problem
  139. Forgot pilot bushing
  140. skeashy noise clutch
  141. question about 4 gear
  142. help QUICK
  143. Ram Powergrip Impressions
  144. major problem! clutch install went wrong.
  145. Anyone have a picture of the throwout bearing?
  146. Replacing stock hydraulic lines **pics inside**
  147. LT1 T56 in a LS1?
  148. Shift light
  149. need clutch
  150. weird clutch disengaging problems, help me out
  151. help a noob!!!!
  152. New Clutch Lasts less than 48 hours
  153. Another Textralia installed
  154. Transmisson...?
  155. RPS tested
  156. Clutch Pedal Hard to press
  157. t56 compatiblity W/ lq4&lq9
  158. Street Twin Slipping
  159. Mobil 1 ATF
  160. m6, stock clutch, daily drivers inside please....
  161. Is an adjustable master a safe alternative to shims?
  162. why bleed?
  163. Pro 5.0 With Short Stick
  164. Where are your shift light's mounted?
  165. Stock hyd lines suck so....
  166. ram clutch$$$???
  167. Spec 4 users come in.........
  168. Can't put car in gear/peddle is broken
  169. New Clutch slipping
  170. T56 w/ a transfer case?
  171. Clutch Balancing
  172. which spec clutch to get?
  173. Another Clutch/Master/Slave Cyl. Thread.... Plz HELP!
  174. mcleod install tomorrow
  175. clutch problems
  176. clutch sticks at high RPM ONLY
  177. ZO6 stock clutch with supercharger????
  178. Cant Achieve Rpm's Whyyy?
  179. A4 to M6 swap how will it feel with auto gears in rear?
  180. What tranny should I use?
  181. Finally picked clutch to try - Ram HD
  182. Pro 5.0 shifter for T56?
  183. C5 shift knob?
  184. Textralia composite flywheel?
  185. Baddest manual tranny for a street monster car.....?????
  186. For anyone having soft pedal with Textralia
  187. Master Cylinder Hydraulic line will not go into slave...
  188. what would cause this?
  189. reverse grinding after rebuild
  190. T-56 spitting up
  191. Time to wear in new clutch?
  192. What are the symptoms of a broken tranny mount?
  193. Am I using the Mity Vac incorrectly?
  194. Anatomy of a broke T-56
  195. SPEC III...Toast or not?
  196. clutch stuck, now i have noise......
  197. need help with new clutch
  198. What parts do I need for my T56
  199. lou's short stick
  200. Concerned if the z06 clutch will be enough.
  201. centerforce dual friction?
  202. Textralia Clutch?
  203. New Flywheel / Clutch
  204. t-56 rebuild-- do it yourself
  205. T56 Shifter ?'s (hopefully new)
  206. how do you tell if your tranny is going out?
  207. I NEED help BADLY
  208. Stage 1,2,3,4,5?
  209. 1/4 e.t. times for stock M6
  210. protecting your feet
  211. Camaro Clutch&Vette Clutch interchangable?
  212. Ram Powergrip HD and billet fly are in!!
  213. Exedy Twin vs Textralia for road racing
  214. Hydraulic Bleed/Flush
  215. LS1 T56/Clutch/Slave problems -- not stuck pedal issue..HELP
  216. Flywheel Thickness?
  217. Textralia install finally completed!!! (Yes I bled the clutch)
  218. Squeaky Clutch Pedal
  219. Wont go in reverse??? Quick help!
  220. Upgrade transmission
  221. Master Cylinder...
  222. Are these symptoms of a clutch dying?
  223. The faster I try to shift, the slower it shifts.
  224. Clutch is in, engagement early?
  225. Signs of a stock clutch on its way out.
  226. Step by step Shifter Removal for Corvette Owners
  227. Shifter Removal for Corvette's
  228. Pulling T56
  229. Denny's driveshaft yoke-tranny fitment
  230. Pilot Bearing Screw-Up
  231. Was stuck in 4th gear
  232. Part #'s needed
  233. A4 to M6 conversion kit price?
  234. another whine ?
  235. clutch break in question
  236. McLeod Twin Disc
  237. Master Resevoir
  238. A4 to M6 swap? Computer reflash?
  239. did A4 to M6 swap, what is tube on top of tranny?
  240. Mcleod aftermarket hyd lines.....idea
  241. 1st gear, does your car bog?
  242. 4500 Miles and my clutch is gone?? Or something else?
  243. transmission noise-help diagnose
  244. Fucked up bleeding my clutch...
  245. Well its official, Spec stage 4 wont hold 750+ rwtq.
  246. Who has the best deal on Spec clutches?
  247. 2002 T56 number of speedo "gear teeth"?
  248. Quick ?
  249. soft clutch pedal
  250. How much for a brand new T-56??