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  1. Clutch review- Carolina Clutch Stage 3
  2. Revers Lockout.
  3. will my t56 hold up to my slp 402 stroker and mccleoud clutch
  4. Manual Trany problems
  5. lt1 t56 flywheel
  6. slave question
  7. effects of slippage
  8. Help! Hurst Shifter Install
  9. Do the new Z06 Masters need the line mod?
  10. LS1 T56's, Borg Wanger or Tremec questions...
  11. drill mod ?
  12. drop into second, CHUNK!
  13. c6 shift knob
  14. Tranny Fluid Question
  15. SPEC 4/5 iron guys in here
  16. Opinion on Center Force dual friction clutch for LS1
  17. New Clutch Set Up Whats Best?????
  18. clutch which one???
  19. Ram adj master ??
  20. Won't go into gear passed 5000 RPM's
  21. TKO600, help!
  22. Where did the fluid go
  23. b and m ripper in a 2004 gto
  24. 4 speed behind a LS1 and still have hydraulic clutch?
  25. pro 5.0???
  26. Taking the tranny down...
  27. Tranny Dr.s: diagnosis...PLEASE (long)
  28. LS7 clutch info?
  29. switching clutches
  30. when taking out tranny, fluid just poured out of the output shaft
  31. What is the depth of the stock bellhousing?
  32. Quick Manual Trans Q
  33. trans mounts
  34. general clutch question...
  35. Anyone ever snap their Cartek/Adjustable Master?
  36. Shift Boot Clip
  37. Clutch Sliping?????????????
  38. short stick
  39. how much is this T56 swap setup worth??
  40. Need a new clutch
  41. Pro's and Cons's of Aluminum Flywheels
  42. Silly clutch bleeding question
  43. Clutchmasters or Textralia?
  44. How long did your stock clutch last?
  45. No gears at higher RPMs- car isnt as fun.
  46. Spec 3 + alum fly= chatter?
  47. Tranny Rebuilt, now problems
  48. Odd sound When engaging
  49. Is my car light enough for aluminum FW
  50. Trans Fluid
  51. Slow shifting-tips?
  52. Clutch Noise
  53. synchros
  54. Why did I miss 2nd gear at the strip?
  55. Rebuild my tranny or buy a built one ?????
  56. broken seal inside of master cylinder
  57. 4 speed ?'s
  58. shifter locks up on me???
  59. Hooking up the clutch line???
  60. liberty or g-force t56?
  61. Clutch problem
  62. help me.. different sound from clutch
  63. C5 Torque Tube Extension
  64. I just changed to Synchromax
  65. Is too much a bad thing?
  66. Clutch pedal all the way down is this normal?
  67. slave cylinder bolts...
  68. 2nd gear doesn't like me!
  69. Textralia's (Pete) phone # ?
  70. Clutch not disengaging after a 1/4 pass
  71. rebuilding an Mcloed ADJ master
  72. help please , SPEC stage 3 came without shim , do i need one ?
  73. Clutch slipping...
  74. Spec 4F disk locked to flywheel for the 2ND TIME IN 2 MONTHS
  75. bleeding slave cylinder
  76. m6 3rd &4th gears awol
  77. Install Problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  78. Clutch Writeups
  79. Bad clutch slip......Ongoing prob. and I'm very pissed
  80. What transmission??
  81. ? about flywheel
  82. who makes a t56 to hold alot of power
  83. Now what!!!??? 2nd to 3rd prob.
  84. Fucked My Tranny Up
  85. pilot bearing...
  86. B&M short throw install help
  87. can you replace the disk?
  88. Broke a spring?
  89. clutch poll!!
  90. clutch poll!!
  91. Clutch has a grinding noise...
  92. B&M or HURST or Breathless Performance
  93. tailshaft bushing
  94. Help-I think my clutch is gone
  95. spec III clutch question
  96. Silverado clutch options?
  97. A4 - M6 Swap?
  98. Will 93-97 tranny mount fit a 98?
  99. getting a new clutch
  100. Adj Master
  101. how to measure clutch disc
  102. Why is this Z06 clutch/flywheel so cheap?
  103. problem trying to bleed clutch
  104. I need Help Please
  105. Clutch not disengaging
  106. Going with a Jericho
  107. Issue With Shifter Movement In To Reverse?
  108. Is my clutch going out?
  109. Anyone?!?!?
  110. ram---------BAM
  111. I cant think of a name for this thread, but you should read it
  112. quick question about reverse
  113. stronger internals?
  114. Drill mod Question?
  115. T56 rebuild...How Hard???
  116. Pedal Pressure?
  117. Brake Torquing an M6
  118. Starting tranny removal 2nite... advice?
  119. Calling all T-56 experts
  120. Changed Fluid - Bloody diarrhea?!
  121. t56 problems help
  122. Z06 Clutch without New Flywheel?
  123. One Hose On My Slave Cylinder
  124. One Hose On My Slave Cylinder
  125. flywheel/input/output etc for my proshifted t56
  126. Grinding letting out clutch in 6th
  127. Pro 5.0
  128. Tranny Fluid?
  129. Auto or Manual
  130. Q for experienced "shim" guys..
  131. Stock M6 Trans rating
  132. Anyone use other then DexronIII in their T56?
  133. Shifting problems on the N20 @ the track
  134. Problem Shifting To 2nd
  135. Rear Main Seal Replacement Instruction
  136. Textralia installed!
  137. need help with trans roar!!!!
  138. clutch doesnt seem to be fully engaging
  139. Centerforce Clutch
  140. Just installed Pro 5.0 w/LSS
  141. Hurt My 6 Sped At The Track Last Night, Suggestions?
  142. Heres a thinker!! Calling all experts
  143. Vibrations at 1800 RPM's
  144. Well I bought a RAM Powergrip...
  145. what does it take to get just the counter shaft out t56?
  146. What clutch to get
  147. clutch/flywheel setup for LS1 to Super T-10
  148. can't downshift 6th to 5th
  149. Knocking in the Hurst
  150. Textralia is in and working good
  151. T5 Transmission Troubleshooter
  152. lenco, jefco, jerico, liberty?
  153. Interest in hardened steel slider keys?
  154. In Houston...Need to have my T56 race built
  155. tranny mount?
  156. Clutch problems
  157. Difficult 2-3 shift under hard acceleration
  158. Yet another Spec 3 Install...
  159. Bushing or Needle Bearing?
  160. T56 Transmission
  161. Throwout bearing, tapered side goes towards front or rear of car?
  162. Tremec experts please help! Come in!
  163. Weird noise in my Tranny
  164. Does a new 288 slave come pre bled?
  165. Bolting LS1 to truck 5 speed
  166. LS1 / T-56 Clutch Options
  167. change the pilot bearing???
  168. Attn T56 builders
  169. Gotta Choose AUTO or MANUAL
  170. umi stick wont go into 2nd
  171. Spec clutches, how many miles and launches do you have on yours??
  172. 1st gear lockout???
  173. Spec III installed (results)
  174. tranny help lease
  175. finnaly need to replace clutch
  176. took apart clutch *pics* what do you think?
  177. how much can stock t56 gears handle
  178. 1-2 billet slider keys?
  179. what kind of synchros
  180. Z06 Disengagement Issues
  181. clutch install vib
  182. Clutch smell when slipping at lowspeed
  183. Tranny fluid...
  184. Those running the Aussie clutch
  185. Help, car won't go in any gear!!
  186. best t-56 output shaft?
  187. What would cause no reverse?
  188. tranny temp question..LOOK!
  189. Who knows what this is?
  190. T56 Transmission
  191. Trial by fire, RAM Powergrip HD
  192. Tranny Install problems
  193. A4 to MN6...How To Wire Clutch Neutral Safety Switch
  194. Anyone with a Yank Cross member?
  195. tranny removal w/o Jack?
  196. What's a T56 rebuildable core worth?
  197. clutch ?
  198. Input Shaft Movement
  199. please read, I'm about to smash my head through the wall...
  200. Popping out of 3rd - rebuild time?
  201. Basic T56 Rebuild, What parts should I get?
  202. Does'nt go into gear.
  203. Out of Balance Clutch?
  204. will a leaking slave cylinder cause double clutching to shift?
  205. stock t56 horsepower
  206. VETT pedals in trans am??
  207. Anyone Run an Aluminum Flywheel With a LS6 Clutch?
  208. time for a little work on the m6, where and what are the best parts to get?
  209. Throwout bearing bolts..
  210. installed new clutch
  211. Pilot bearing removal???
  212. manual transmission pedals...
  213. SLP shift knob...
  214. hard shifting?
  215. which clutch to get
  216. Pilot beang removal
  217. GM flywheel
  218. Wait for 2006 Z06 clutch to come out??
  219. Info for Rebuilding a T56?
  220. Clutch not disengageing
  221. How many miles?
  222. Bad tranny noise, i think.
  223. Stiff clutch after road trip
  224. Please help determine the problem???
  225. Bleeding clutch (MityVac)
  226. Stock clutch gets grabbier as it warms up
  227. 7-speed trans ?????
  228. Incredible customer service from SPEC...check this out...
  229. Mcleod Scattershield
  230. Looking for a new clutch, need suggestions
  231. Review of my Mcleod Single Disc clutch
  232. Guys with Textrila in Here
  233. clutch pedal stays inside :(
  234. underbody rumble/rattle
  235. Whats my problem??
  236. New owner! NEED HELP!!!
  237. changing synthetic to regular
  238. compatibility of pro5.0 shifters
  239. flywheel help with my gen 1 small block
  240. B&M ripper help
  241. Reset Harlan Shift Light?
  242. Hurst vs. Aftermarket?
  243. Any Pro shifted T56s here?
  244. M6 pops out of third
  245. Stock Hurst
  246. Z06 Clutch
  247. T56 Help!
  248. Launching
  249. Is there any way to use my Camaro 6 speed in my vette?
  250. shifter knob....any that are aluminum with a Firebied on them?