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  1. Forgot pilot bushing
  2. skeashy noise clutch
  3. question about 4 gear
  4. help QUICK
  5. Ram Powergrip Impressions
  6. major problem! clutch install went wrong.
  7. Anyone have a picture of the throwout bearing?
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  10. Shift light
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  12. weird clutch disengaging problems, help me out
  13. help a noob!!!!
  14. New Clutch Lasts less than 48 hours
  15. Another Textralia installed
  16. Transmisson...?
  17. RPS tested
  18. Clutch Pedal Hard to press
  19. t56 compatiblity W/ lq4&lq9
  20. Street Twin Slipping
  21. Mobil 1 ATF
  22. m6, stock clutch, daily drivers inside please....
  23. Is an adjustable master a safe alternative to shims?
  24. why bleed?
  25. Pro 5.0 With Short Stick
  26. Where are your shift light's mounted?
  27. Stock hyd lines suck so....
  28. ram clutch$$$???
  29. Spec 4 users come in.........
  30. Can't put car in gear/peddle is broken
  31. New Clutch slipping
  32. T56 w/ a transfer case?
  33. Clutch Balancing
  34. which spec clutch to get?
  35. Another Clutch/Master/Slave Cyl. Thread.... Plz HELP!
  36. mcleod install tomorrow
  37. clutch problems
  38. clutch sticks at high RPM ONLY
  39. ZO6 stock clutch with supercharger????
  40. Cant Achieve Rpm's Whyyy?
  41. A4 to M6 swap how will it feel with auto gears in rear?
  42. What tranny should I use?
  43. Finally picked clutch to try - Ram HD
  44. Pro 5.0 shifter for T56?
  45. C5 shift knob?
  46. Textralia composite flywheel?
  47. Baddest manual tranny for a street monster car.....?????
  48. For anyone having soft pedal with Textralia
  49. Master Cylinder Hydraulic line will not go into slave...
  50. what would cause this?
  51. reverse grinding after rebuild
  52. T-56 spitting up
  53. Time to wear in new clutch?
  54. What are the symptoms of a broken tranny mount?
  55. Am I using the Mity Vac incorrectly?
  56. Anatomy of a broke T-56
  57. SPEC III...Toast or not?
  58. clutch stuck, now i have noise......
  59. need help with new clutch
  60. What parts do I need for my T56
  61. lou's short stick
  62. Concerned if the z06 clutch will be enough.
  63. centerforce dual friction?
  64. Textralia Clutch?
  65. New Flywheel / Clutch
  66. t-56 rebuild-- do it yourself
  67. T56 Shifter ?'s (hopefully new)
  68. how do you tell if your tranny is going out?
  69. I NEED help BADLY
  70. Stage 1,2,3,4,5?
  71. 1/4 e.t. times for stock M6
  72. protecting your feet
  73. Camaro Clutch&Vette Clutch interchangable?
  74. Ram Powergrip HD and billet fly are in!!
  75. Exedy Twin vs Textralia for road racing
  76. Hydraulic Bleed/Flush
  77. LS1 T56/Clutch/Slave problems -- not stuck pedal issue..HELP
  78. Flywheel Thickness?
  79. Textralia install finally completed!!! (Yes I bled the clutch)
  80. Squeaky Clutch Pedal
  81. Wont go in reverse??? Quick help!
  82. Upgrade transmission
  83. Master Cylinder...
  84. Are these symptoms of a clutch dying?
  85. The faster I try to shift, the slower it shifts.
  86. Clutch is in, engagement early?
  87. Signs of a stock clutch on its way out.
  88. Step by step Shifter Removal for Corvette Owners
  89. Shifter Removal for Corvette's
  90. Pulling T56
  91. Denny's driveshaft yoke-tranny fitment
  92. Pilot Bearing Screw-Up
  93. Was stuck in 4th gear
  94. Part #'s needed
  95. A4 to M6 conversion kit price?
  96. another whine ?
  97. clutch break in question
  98. McLeod Twin Disc
  99. Master Resevoir
  100. A4 to M6 swap? Computer reflash?
  101. did A4 to M6 swap, what is tube on top of tranny?
  102. Mcleod aftermarket hyd lines.....idea
  103. 1st gear, does your car bog?
  104. 4500 Miles and my clutch is gone?? Or something else?
  105. transmission noise-help diagnose
  106. Fucked up bleeding my clutch...
  107. Well its official, Spec stage 4 wont hold 750+ rwtq.
  108. Who has the best deal on Spec clutches?
  109. 2002 T56 number of speedo "gear teeth"?
  110. Quick ?
  111. soft clutch pedal
  112. How much for a brand new T-56??
  113. Pilot bearing won't come out
  114. Need help finding Mcleod Clutch "ONLY"
  115. Do I need a slave, master or both?
  116. tranny questions
  117. hydraulic bleeding...
  118. got a new slave with my kit...question..
  119. Disconnecting the line from the tranny
  120. Clutch recommendations for 600rwhp street car?
  121. What Transmission Mounts are ya'll using
  122. Slave Cylinder Install
  123. 1st gear bog?
  124. Shifter won't go in at high rmp!! What gives?>
  125. Help Tranny ?
  126. clutch pros, come on down!!!
  127. SPEC III or Ram Powergrip HD
  128. spec 5
  129. clutch pedal
  130. HELP: Clutch/Tranny Probs
  131. guesstamation
  132. 01-04 Y-body master cylinder - fit on 2000 F-body?
  133. no reverse?
  134. What to replace stock clutch with?
  135. Clutch: Everything I need for install?
  136. Off topic daily driver trans question
  137. wondering if anyone has had this problem
  138. Trans fluid ? again
  139. Skip Shift
  140. In the middle of Textralia install... have questions!!!
  141. stuck in 4th gear! need parts.
  142. Clutch not disengaging
  143. NEED HELP on bleeding master cylinder
  144. Help!!!!!!!! Questions?????
  145. What would cause this whine???
  146. No second....Did i blow a syncronizer?
  147. trans-fluid change simplified...
  148. Textralia Arrived... PICS & Questions
  149. need help with specs and slave cylinder removal
  150. Ram Clutch recommendations needed
  151. difference between clutches question
  152. clutch hydraulic fluid capacity
  153. t56 identification
  154. Problems wit my T-56
  155. new clutch does not look good
  156. Clutch pedal not coming all the way back up??? What's up?
  157. Need a clutch opinion
  158. 2nd Gear Lock?
  159. Easiest way to bleed without mityvac??
  160. Is this normal?
  161. very low engagement, desingagement
  162. Cost of a T56??
  163. Need a tranny rebuild..anyone in Orlando?
  164. Best place/price for Mcleod Master cylinder (Y-body)
  165. Textralia Ordered
  166. clutch help
  167. Average T-56 rebuild price?
  168. Question for shifter install
  169. A4-M6 questions
  170. any manual work bsides t56 on a ls1?
  171. Attn Experts!! Knocking when I downshift...WTF?
  172. Grinding Problem
  173. new clutch for my GTO
  174. G force T56
  175. Could anything have of broken?
  176. Clutch questions
  177. need hydraulics purchase help asap!!!!
  178. SPEC Stage II or III?
  179. WTB: 01+ LS1 Clutch hydraulics
  180. Silly question: No reverse burn out?
  181. Synchros or Clutch?
  182. T5 questions and problems
  183. SPEC 2 or 3 in H/C daily driver C5??? or other? NEED opinions...
  184. Bellhousing Tips and Tricks
  185. Ram Powergrip Driveabiliy
  186. bleeding question
  187. Are my hydraulics shot?
  188. 60,000 MIle Clutch change?
  189. 3rd Gear grinds, Syncos shot!!! Tranny rebuild???
  190. Clutch dragging, hard to get gears/T56
  191. Z06 Trannies
  192. T56 clutch trouble
  193. Rebuild Or Rebuilt?
  194. reverse light pigtail part #
  195. Textralia in, Pedal feel? Possible bleeding issues?
  196. Yet another sucsesfull Textrailia clutch install!
  197. is it possible
  198. Change the fluid in my M6?
  199. How to get access to reverse lockout solenoid
  200. pro 5.0 rules!!!
  201. Need advise and help please M6 rebuild, PLEASE RESPOND ASAP
  202. New clutch time
  203. Clutch's/flywheels On Sale!!!
  204. In your opinion, will a Z06 clutch hold up to what I will be doing?
  205. hurst billet plus short throw or pro 5.0?
  206. Clutch won't disengage
  207. Anyone know the power rating on the Spec Stage 4?
  208. Clutch Slipping?
  209. Double checking that I'm ordering the right parts
  210. Question about Mityvac
  211. Problems with 3rd and 5th??
  212. need expert advice, kinda long...
  213. Other shifters: Kirban, Steeda?
  214. Stuck in gear??
  215. shortest shifter
  216. I broke the Hydraulic line on the throwout bearing.....
  217. Fluids in M6?
  218. Quick question
  219. Stuck Clutch
  220. Shifter install..
  221. ram or mcleod
  222. Powershifting: The right way.
  223. Installed RAM PG...gear problem, HELP!
  224. Will master cyl adj make clutch slip?
  225. Lots of Chatter with Stock Clutch
  226. Complete M6 to A4 swap!
  227. RAM VDS questions
  228. How long did your RAM last
  229. M6 Slipping from 2000-3000 RPM, WTF???
  230. Slipping the duel friction centerforce with under 400rwhp, WTF?
  231. Noise comming from clutch??/suggestions on new brand
  232. m6 ?'s
  233. 76t/a
  234. 2nd gear
  235. Ram Pghd
  236. WTF is Chatter???
  237. clutch bleeder screw brokeoff
  238. Trans Problem- something loose
  239. vibration through clutch
  240. ARP Fly bolts - torque spec
  241. shower of sparks?
  242. some M6 questions
  243. Spec 3 + RAM adjustable m/c = no chatter?
  244. Clutch for 800+hp drag car
  245. how do I get flywheel off
  246. Clutch Vibration
  247. clutch prob
  248. Why?
  249. M6 shifter neutral safety switch idea
  250. Clutch delema