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  1. help with Nissan 350Z
  2. Variation on soft clutch petal...
  3. Whats a Good Clutch For Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel?
  4. Driving a Manual Tranny.
  5. Seal leak and a question
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  7. do you need a adj master with....
  8. Beginner at launching
  9. spec clutches junk? pix of mine inside.....
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  11. Shifter impressions...??
  12. anyone have a jerico in a LS1?
  13. Stock hydrolics with Spec S3?
  14. New clutch master cylinder
  15. bleeding
  16. Shifts into 1st instead of 3rd!
  17. Is this normal after the "drill mod"?
  18. Great T-56 rebuild!
  19. How many sponsers sell the Textralia Clutch?
  20. pics?
  21. how's my clutch and flywheel look??
  22. T-56 Rebuild - Questions
  23. LSS on a non hurst
  24. clutch question?
  25. If my clutch slips
  26. broke the slave cylinder while removeing my transmision!!!!
  27. Slave Cylinders
  28. drill mod
  29. Mcload lt-1 bell housing
  30. What fluid?
  31. Energy Suspension tranny mount: Yes or No?
  32. complete t56 conversion how much?
  33. Clutch Safety Switch
  34. Installed new clutch
  35. Talked to spec about the stage 4F welding to the flywheel issue
  36. Texas Motorsports transmissions
  37. the daily driver is down!
  38. clutch install
  39. Oi. Clutch Pedal Stuck to the Floor.
  40. downshifting
  41. Help!! RAM stage 3 install problems
  42. t56
  43. clunking in tran when shifting and-
  44. Master & Slave Cylinders
  45. Trans dipstick
  46. I wanna kill spec, 2nd stage 4 is toast!
  47. Which clutch to get
  48. McLeod SFI Bellhousings still Back ordered?
  49. Need Help (98 Camaro SS)
  50. Where can I find info on
  51. break in peroid
  52. Clutch petal sticking to the floor after new clutch install
  53. Shifting bad after shortstick/!CAGS
  54. lt1 t56 problem
  55. Spinning grinding sound...
  56. pedal got stiffer
  57. need a clutch stock or spec stage 1 or 2?
  58. **Stock Adjustable Master Cylinder Writeup**
  59. A4-M6 swap done ?'s
  60. pilot bearing
  61. spec stage 4
  62. Bought New Zo6 Clutch, FW, & PP-Are They Pre Balanced?
  63. What shifter?
  64. need help getting my tranny back in
  65. what size thread is hurst billet plus?
  66. A4 to M6 swap questions...
  67. Planning on Trans Swap-which is better?
  68. 3rd POPING OUT
  69. Need help bad...won't go in gear.
  70. grind when w.o.t. only
  71. Damaged Z06 clutch
  72. Think I grinded third, might have a problem
  73. Best T56 Service Manual?
  74. .62 sixth gear in 2001 T/A
  75. Anyone installed a BW Super T10 behind an LS1?
  76. stuck in 4th gear
  77. spec stage 2 vibration
  78. who has had a clutch in their 11-10 sec street car for more then a year?
  79. Sbc To T-56
  80. Vibrating shifter when letting off clutch from a stop after spec s3 and alum flywheel
  81. Spec Clutches are a SCAM!!!
  82. Clutch, Slave, or Syncros?
  83. Installing clutch
  84. Which GM Slave Is the best??
  85. Which shifter shifts the smoothest and fastest
  86. Bad clutch allready! Shit
  87. t56 install and remove
  88. t56 rebuild help w/ some options. allready found the problems
  89. stock clutch life?
  90. Who's M6's HAVEN'T crapped out on them?
  91. Need Help Right Now!!!
  92. Clutch pedal return spring???
  93. Rattling; Is it clutch related?
  94. Is the Clutch gone?
  95. is $630 in parts cost for clutch assembly too much?
  96. Grinding into 3rd after a hard launch!!!
  97. smell after clutch break in
  98. Clutch problem??
  99. Bleed the Slave cylinder or not?? (and a few other ?'s)
  100. flywheel
  101. clutch upgrade info/tips
  102. Textralia clutch or something else?
  103. soft clutch pedal after revving??????
  104. clutch life
  105. Just did Spec 3 clutch and flywheel! I likey!
  106. Need Help...
  107. 6-5th downshift
  108. Toasted Clutch Already...INFO GUYS
  109. Just installed my spec 3.. have a couple ?'s
  110. How long is a Spec 3 carbon supposed to last?
  111. Shifter didn't want to go in reverse
  112. 3rd shot. rebuild or get another?
  113. Can you buy a replacement clutch disc?
  114. Aussie clutch at work..10.4@143mph Vids inside.
  115. T-56 noob, first question
  116. Life span of a Spec clutch?
  117. spec is in and done...
  118. Best Shifter??
  119. Sticking in 4th
  120. t56 Swap pictures
  121. is anyone else having problems with ram clutches?
  122. new clutch
  123. Clutch slipping in 6th!?
  124. Oil leaking out my rear main seal when I get on it??????????????
  125. can you install a clutch disc backwards
  126. LT1 Slave Cylinder
  127. Mcleod replacement clutch lines?
  128. Please help Choose A4 or M6
  129. WTF? My shifter(stick) just came out
  130. Clutch engagment point?
  131. TRADE my A4 for your T56, i need T56
  132. Best Clutch
  133. There goes ANOTHER pilot bearing
  134. Stuck in 4th gear!!! Long post?
  135. What can cause a clutch pedal to .....
  136. Clutch for FI!!!!
  137. Cartek..
  138. 6spd cars w/aluminum d-shaft
  139. Fluid???????????
  140. SPEC3 Slipping Already?
  141. Doing SpecS3 clutch tomorrow...advice please?????
  142. Umi vs Lou's
  143. Aluminum or billet steel flywheel?
  144. Help, Clutch disengagement problems
  145. tranny
  146. Flywheel?????????
  147. M6 questions/comments
  148. Problems Clutch/Transmission need solutions
  149. SPEC3 problem
  150. which clutch is best and do i have to get a new flywheel? please help
  151. spec 3 chattering.......again?
  152. clutch exploded!
  153. Should the PP be balanced with the flywheel?
  154. Just installed my new clutch/flywheel got a ?
  155. metal shavings
  156. spec 3 question
  157. 650 Rwhp Clutch
  158. m6 conversation?
  159. Mcleod Or Ram Or Spec
  160. Keep Mcleod adjustable master, or go with stock w/ adjustable end?
  161. ws6 store short stick
  162. Clutch problem or is it a hydraulics problem?
  163. C6 Zo6 Clutch set up
  164. what really destroys a clutch
  165. ZO6 Clutch
  166. input shaft?
  167. B&M vs. Pro 5.0
  168. trans removal
  169. Mecleod clutch, how much to turn fly?
  170. New Viper Spec Tranny, Spec 3, new hydraulics.. cant get into 1st now?
  171. Spec III installed
  172. Spec3
  173. Anybody ever gone back to a rubber tranny mount, after running poly?
  174. Spec Stage II & Aluminium Flywheel
  175. Weird Sound PLease HELP!!
  176. M6 (T56) tranny blanket
  177. Car Jumped Out Of Gear On Launch
  178. Trans Fluid.
  179. Regearing 6th, for 4.10s
  180. Car starts without pushing in clutch??
  181. slave just went out
  182. HELP ASAP In the middle of a spec install!!!!
  183. Still rattlin'
  184. pro 5.0 and LSS
  185. anyone used something besides atf for gear lube?
  186. Damn Skip Shift
  187. Need all the help I can get.
  188. NHTSA Recall # 99V239000 ?!?!?!?
  189. A4 - M6 Question
  190. A4 to M6 guys.. how to connect rev lockout sol??
  191. Best T56 modded trans for sale, where?
  192. new clutch?
  193. Spec
  194. clutch chatter
  195. At what RPM should you dump the clutch?
  196. Clutch concerns
  197. SLP Clutch
  198. Throw out bearing issues I believe ?????
  199. Ram powergrip HD & Futral Adjustable Master!
  200. Drill Mod ???
  201. Few questions t56
  202. Clutch issues, gears not engaging **PLEASE TAKE A LOOK**
  203. Tapping a line
  204. Centerforce or Spec or Ram?
  205. 6 speed isolator cup???
  206. Wierd rattle coming from trans area?
  207. Sticky Clutch Pedal
  208. Master Cylinder Replacement
  209. centerforce
  210. clutch help
  211. SPEC to Ram....
  212. Grease for TO bearing?
  213. spec level 1
  214. Spec F Disk issues
  215. ARP Flywheel torque spec?
  216. clutch adjustment
  217. Help with leaky master cylinder
  218. Flywheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. Leaking Fluid From T56 question.....
  220. Clutch
  221. Exedy owners inside please..
  222. Question on my slave
  223. Clutch Master Cylinder
  224. name of transmission place
  225. Haven't seen this post before
  226. Removing and installing tranny/clutch???
  227. i hate to ask, but which clutch should i get?
  228. Will my Z06 clutch slip with heads/cam?
  229. Violent shaking when I start rolling from a stop
  230. drill mod done, and now...
  231. LT1 T56 prob
  232. clutch probs, HELP!
  233. ls1 tranny yoke
  234. drill mod necessity
  235. quick LT-1 clutch fork question
  236. Clutch Slippage?
  237. Clutches, which one?
  238. Length of the LSS?
  239. Lightened flywheel
  240. Trans mount
  241. Transmission noise through shifter:
  242. aluminum or steel??
  243. stupid question: would a pro 5.0 shifter from a t56 in a 03-04 cobra, fit an ls1 t56?
  244. Spec III i question/problem
  245. Help with new shifter
  246. Throw out Bearing
  247. Hard to find 3rd and so on
  248. Tranny starting to whine.
  249. how much do i adjust the master cylinder?
  250. shifter moves when i get on it