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  1. built 4l60e swap for a t56 swap
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  14. Calling all T56 Rebuild Companies!
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  18. slave cylinder shim with LS7?
  19. shift knob removal/install question
  20. Ls1/t56 rx7 clutch issues
  21. RXT after half the year street/track. Pics
  22. t-56 not going into third gear
  23. T5 questions
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  25. LS7 Clutch sale $425
  26. Slave cylinder problem
  27. Buying clutch this weekend, sponsors come in!
  28. stock oem hurst shifter stick
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  30. Checking my T56
  31. wtf does my revers grind when i put it into gear
  32. pigtails needed?
  33. 5th and 6th are Phhhucked up
  34. t56 wont go in gear
  35. T56 dimension
  36. Help me figure out noise from under the car *Video
  37. 2000 Trans am T56 vibration, shop says bearing
  38. T56 is almost done....1st and reverse??
  39. T56 Wont go into reverse
  40. What size hydraulic line
  41. T56 'check out service' ONLY $99!!!
  42. T56 Transmissions $1900 outright; upgraded & custom builds $850 shipped both ways
  43. Diamond Clutch Specials! One-time deals
  44. MityVac sticking cluth
  45. tdp stage 2 much power can it support?
  46. LOST SWAP DETAILS!!!! PLease help!!
  47. Is this shifter ok to use?
  48. skip shift solenoid
  49. cags location?
  50. Another "which clutch to buy" thread.....
  51. where should i send my t56 to have it rebuilt!?
  52. can you sleave the input shaft
  53. m6 swap no console
  54. Troubling Transmission fluid change?
  55. Front seal replacement T56
  56. Transmission recommendations
  57. What clutch to go with? Need opinions asap
  58. MN12 no reverse. Help needed!!
  59. Cash Offer for T56 Rebuild - Seattle Area
  60. hurst chrome short stick?
  61. stainless steel braided clutch line
  62. 3/4 shift fork install?
  63. Opinions on the McLeod rst street twin
  64. t56 faceplated , wanted i have cash !!!!
  65. OMG! Changing out clutch hydraulics is a huge PITA!
  66. 2001 z06
  67. Bled Clutch Now Play in Top of Pedal?
  68. Recommend me a Clutch/Flywheel Combo
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  70. Slave cylinder recomendations
  71. clutch/shifting problems
  72. T56 Wiring for Chevelle LS3 376/480 Swap
  73. Does anyone make a rubber trans mount that has a safety lock in it?
  74. Completely stumped (clutch drag)...
  75. Trans difference
  76. ????????????????????
  77. When I pull the trans, should I replace the tailshaft seal?
  78. Master Cylinder, Clutch problem...
  79. I think my slave cylinder is busted?
  80. Tail Shaft Seal for T56?
  81. what do i need to use my chevelle gauge cluster?
  82. grinding
  83. need some suggestions for my rebuild
  84. anyone recommend a particular one man clutch bleeder?
  85. only have 1st,4th, and
  86. 05 Viper T56. Will this work with my 5.3?
  87. Big Thanks to Tick Performance and MGW
  88. Quick ? on the slave cylinder line connection--supposed to be loose?
  89. Time For A New Clutch Any Suggestions?
  90. LS7 Clutch limits
  91. LS7 Clutch kit- best price
  92. reuse F/W,P/P from my LS7 clutch kit?
  93. T56 will not go into 1st, 3rd, or 5th
  94. Can't get this biitch to pressurize
  95. hurst shifter
  96. TR6060 HP/TQ Ratings
  97. flywheel difference ?
  98. dumb question on Master cylinder
  99. Ls7 clutch questions
  100. Clutch pedal to the floor, wont bleed
  101. Ls7 swap need answers
  102. Stupid Question on Trans Install
  103. HELP! Where to get parts for T56?
  104. Tick master = success
  105. shifter changeout brand options
  106. Bushing in the tale shaft
  107. ws6 store short stick rocks!
  108. Monster Clutches are da bomb!!
  109. Transmission build
  110. t56 noise
  111. R: Grinding/Popping out of gear
  112. problem bleeding after drill mod
  113. Looking for t56 (ls type) or richmond 5 speed overdrive
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  116. What 5 speed should I use?
  117. Thinking of downgrading to Level 2, thoughts?
  118. Good place to buy synchros
  119. Cluster interchange
  120. Those who have done A4-M6 swaps come in
  121. First T56, First Hydraulic Clutch Questions
  122. Locks me out of gear.... what do you think?
  123. How to keep crank from spinning while tightening flywheel?
  124. 1st gear needle bearing install issue.
  125. Spec Twin Disk not wanting to go in gear at high rpm, What Causes Clutch Drag???
  126. shifter boot
  127. Help With Part Number - O Ring For Clutch Line
  128. VSS bad?
  129. Still can't decide...
  130. Help with T56 yoke an driveshaft
  131. car makes noise when clutch pettle is pressed in??
  132. Excellent Customer Service
  133. LS1/6/7 Clutch
  134. LM7 (1999) with T56 (1994 Camaro)
  135. soft clutch need help
  136. Need help clutch fork issue
  137. Moving shifter to foward location on f body t56
  138. Should I pull my trans and replace all the hydraulics?
  139. need a diagnose...hard to get into gear
  140. ls6, ls7, centerforce? decisions...please help.
  141. Anyone ever ran this Master Cylinder??? Input Please!!!!
  142. T56 stuck in fourth
  143. spec clutch and flywheel
  144. clutch pedal does not return all the way
  145. Budget? Where did it go?
  146. '99 Z28 M6 - Hard to shift into gear
  147. which LS2 pilot bearing/bushing
  148. Ordered Billet Pro Series on line...Are they in BIZ?
  149. cts-v t56 conversion for an fbody
  150. So I think I found out why I can't drive the formula...
  151. Clutch change, ISSUES!!!!
  152. Best trans for me?
  153. Pro 5.0 shifter handle
  154. really dummm question but i need to find this part
  155. T56 Amsoil ATF Syn?
  156. input shaft specs?
  157. Got my new MGW shifter!! :)
  158. C6 trany/rear swap into C5Z
  159. T56 shifting problems
  160. Any one had a clutch explode with a ls1/t56 combo?
  161. Here we go again, clutch hard after a hard run**FIXED, SOLUTION INSIDE**
  162. t56 oil pump pics?
  163. Hard to get into gear
  164. Problems getting clutch pumped up
  165. Torque arm
  166. Clutch pedal dead in high RPM's...
  167. Slave qick disconnect issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. sbc Lt1 slave master spacer needed
  169. High HP 6 Speed cars what you have? 800-1000HP
  170. Is Factory ss husrt shifter a short throw shifter
  171. What do these terms mean when it comes to shifting.
  172. What is a 05 CTS-V T56 worth?
  173. Engagement Teeth too worn?
  174. flywheel indexing question (quick)
  175. Clutch Disengages Too Quickly?
  176. ls7 clutch goes suddenly and mysteriously 15k miles
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  178. locate used t56
  179. Spec Problem SOLVED!
  180. Where to find RAM aluminum flywheel insert?
  181. Rust on Mainshaft--What to do?
  182. MN12 Issue
  183. LS7 Clutch Owners - How smooth, chatter free is it?
  184. Whats My Clutch Problem???
  185. What would cause this?
  186. Twin disc clutch overkill?
  187. Transmission Swap Help!
  188. TICK MC Question
  189. 5 speed v6 transmission swap into lt1??? will it work
  190. fork issues
  191. quicktime bellhousing
  192. Where do I get...
  193. Monster level 3 after 15,000 miles
  194. not shifting right issue...
  195. Can I use heater hose to replace my reservior line?
  196. Paging Jonahan@Tick
  197. Shims on stock flywheel and Spec 2.5?
  198. Another clutch issue
  199. Just got my car back after a t56 swap!
  200. Ultra Light No More
  201. Prob getting my clutch to bleed
  202. spec throw out bearing
  203. LS7 clutch and bellhousing on a LM7?
  204. tick MC bore size??
  205. Have SPEC 3+, Tick Master, MGW; and I still can't get a clean shift at 6500
  206. Synthetic Mobile ATF for T-56?
  207. 6.0 t56?
  208. 6.0 t56?
  209. A few questions about my 02 M6 Z28 -- Possible T56 issues?
  210. weak clutch pedal and other issues
  211. ls7/ls2 combo installed soft pedal but no problems for 15k
  212. Possible for noob to rebuild?
  213. 1st gear grinding. Possible clutch problem?
  214. McLeod Twin Disc Replacement Discs?
  215. tail-shaft case replacement issues...
  216. t-56 is crapping out. time for a rebuild
  217. just ordered cam kit
  218. Rattle from trans on deceleration, normal otherwise
  219. what's wrong with this picture?
  220. Cruise Control Hookup A4 TO M6
  221. Tick Master and nomore cruise control
  222. Tr6060 reluctor ring count
  223. Very Odd T56 Issue..
  224. a4 to m6 pilot
  225. Pilot Bearing
  226. t56 98 to 95 t56?
  227. c5 clutch install question
  228. Need Help: Don't Know If Its My Shifter or Transmission?
  229. what did i buy????
  230. Difficulty Getting Any Gear w/ Tick Master
  231. Total change in clutch feel, warning sign or just glazed?
  232. Shift rail guide bolts..
  233. t56 swap
  234. Trans/Clutch
  235. Slave dies after 2 days?
  236. trans mount nut
  237. Went to start car. Depressed clutch pedal. Twisted key. Car lurched forward!
  238. LS7 Clutch/pressure plate - Is it normal to be banged up?
  239. monster clutch
  240. Removing ls1 from an m6 Trans Am
  241. LT1 T56 w/ early SBC Using LT1 Flywheel
  242. yet another clutch hydraulic issue
  243. Road Racing Clutch Help
  244. clutch issues
  245. Fix Hydraulics
  246. Clutch question
  247. Hydralics
  248. Let's talk clutches
  249. manual guys feel free to check out this poll
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