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  95. trans is coming out this weekend, new to hydraulic clutch systems..
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  101. how many miles do you need to put on before the track
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  105. Our Level 5 SUPER Magnum TR-6060 Conversion: Warrantied for 1 Year at ANY Power Level
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  129. if the front seal is broken, does it require to disassemble?
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  143. help!!!!
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  168. I think I have a problem
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  174. ive seen a few of these threads but i need some more opinions..
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  196. clutch master cylinder
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  198. t56 fluid
  199. Help meeee
  200. best clutch for my set up?
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  205. what to do going boost
  206. VSS Conversion from 1993 to 1995
  207. shifter
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  209. new m6
  210. Lous short stick thread?
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  212. Replacement clutch (disc only) options.
  213. Clutch Assembly Questions
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  227. Best 6am for 1st gen w/sbc???
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  235. Act!!!!
  236. Clutch Shimming Made EASY with NEW Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Shim Kit - 3 Pack!
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  238. question
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