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  1. any problems when swaping a4 to m6
  2. help me please asap!
  3. Split a flywheel in two.
  4. RPM shifter
  5. Sticking clutch!
  6. GM slave is there more than one?
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  13. how to bleed ls1 clutch
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  17. Clutch problems
  18. My McLeod RXT Review
  19. Stock M6 Capabilities?
  20. problems installing t56 tranny in a 02 trans am
  21. Heat sleeve for clutch hydraulic line
  22. What type of fluid are you using in your clutch M/C?
  23. Monster stage 3 installed now I have a vibration
  24. Does trans and rear suspension have to be removed?
  25. New clutch goes in tomm any step on how to remove shifter console on a c5??
  26. Question on Spec 3+
  27. Master! Master! Tilton 1" too much?
  28. parts lists for m6 swap
  29. Spec Super Twin vs. Katech LS9R
  30. grinds in third, won't come out of fourth
  31. Fabrication Necessary???
  32. PLEASE help asap. 98 Z28 clutch
  33. price quotes for a4 to m6
  34. LT1 flywheel on a older tpi?
  35. LS7 Clutch strength
  36. Slightly different Clutch no disengaging thread. Spec 2+
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  39. T56 conversion in a '78 Z28?
  40. t56 to th350 question.
  41. How much is it worth???? T56 swap
  42. problem with my new T-56
  43. LT1 T56 onto a LS1
  44. 1999 Z28 rattles when taking off
  45. quick time bellhousing bleeder clearance issues?
  46. Hurst = Short Throw??
  47. Stock flywheel or ram flywheel??
  48. 98 t/a a4 to m6 conversion, Help Needed!
  49. how often do you guys change your clutch fluid?
  50. Spec stage 3+ High Engagement
  51. thinking of going backwards with a bellhousing
  52. Monster level 3 - takes the abuse
  53. still bleeding, new clutch wont disengage
  54. Monster Clutch Co. Installation Sale!!!
  55. Can i change clutch myself with a lift?
  56. Who Has A Stage 2 or 3 TDP Tranny???
  57. Opinions on this "Exedy Valeo HD" clutch?
  58. is anyone running a monster clutch setup? I'd love your input!
  59. Tick M/C Alternate
  60. Question about Borg & Beck pressure plate installation
  61. Cross member ??
  62. Clutch problem?
  63. Very random grinding
  64. LS1 Clutch compatable with LT1 car?!?!
  65. LS7 clutch disc
  66. t56 Magnum shift handle clearance issue
  67. Mity Vac qestion
  68. Spec Stage 1?
  69. Hydrid clutch question
  70. Ram powergrip hd pp question?
  71. m6
  72. Which Shifter is Correct
  73. tranny shops in jersey?
  74. 3 speed on 5.3 questions
  75. Updated MONSTER CLUTCH Website!
  76. Moving shifter to foward location on f body t56
  77. This can't be normal
  78. Ok I need a clutch! Now what to get?.?.?.?
  79. zr1 slave cylinder
  80. gots shifter problem!
  81. Manual transmission fluid?
  82. Need Clutch Gurus inside
  83. I need some hydraulic help
  84. Need advice on T56
  85. which brand slave to get
  86. Tranny or clutch???
  87. Can't pick a clutch kit.
  88. NO CLUTCH PEDAL!! :-0~#&*%&x#&!!
  89. Not much, but, latest mod ... SLP shift knob
  90. Just ordered my Tick master cylinder!
  91. ALL NEW Monster Clutch Pricing at Tick Performance - Check it out!
  92. 04-06 GTO MN12 Transmission questions
  93. Monster Stage 2 Clutch Question
  94. best clutch for 900 rwhp
  95. T56 issues
  96. Clutch Install Questions
  97. Help with with this sound in my transmission.
  98. Can't get Tick Master Cylinder Disconnected!
  99. Vent tube
  100. LT1 T56 behind an LSX.....yes ive searched
  101. What kind of shifter is this?
  102. 3rd Gear Grind Question...
  103. Remote switch for backup lights?
  104. clutch shim question
  105. I stripped the threads out of crank for flywheelbolt advice?
  106. Noise on start up..
  107. Can ya'll give me tips on how to launch properly?
  108. My shifter feels like it's in a bowl of molasses!
  109. Wont shift, pedal sinks
  110. To much clutch slip cause t56 to pop out of gear?
  111. broken plastic shift fork pads
  112. T-56 Rebuild/Upgrade Finished (pics)
  113. Indexing a Scattershield
  114. LS7 Clutch
  115. t56 reverse pigtail
  116. Clutch not fully disengaging
  117. Spec rebuilt locally for 300$..Should I?
  118. Where can I find the U bolt that holds the M/C. Help me out here fellas.
  119. clutch for 500+whp
  120. Shimming the mainshaft/countershaft
  121. Bled the clutch dry, by accident...
  122. easy clutch after break. gets harder to push
  123. drill mod? beating a dead horse
  124. which master cylinder for my setup?
  125. GTO T56 in a camaro
  126. Cadillac CTS-V T-56 Question
  127. TR6060 Quick Disconnect Fitting
  128. Opinions on Brands??
  129. New Clutch New Maste and Slave Cylinder still issues
  130. Anyway to remove slop from factory Hurst shifter?
  131. What's wrong..?
  132. what clutch
  133. To shim, or not to shim?
  134. Copper Washer between Slave and Bleeder?
  135. Clutch draggin issue
  136. Mild FI Clutch+Gears? Anyone running specials?
  137. Which clutch for $400-600? Help please!
  138. HELP!!!! Clutch is not right not engauging
  139. Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap
  140. questions regarding my first M6 F-body
  141. Stuck clutch, not the bleeding problem
  142. Removed my burned Spec clutch; which stage it is? pic inside
  143. Bellhousing Removal...
  144. cruze control on auto to manual swap
  145. Went to the track, not happy
  146. Slave/Hydraulic Issues
  147. Kinda popping out of 3rd
  148. t56 popping out of all 6 gears under anything but very light load
  149. Difference beetwen LS3 and LS2 flywheel
  150. Won't shift into third at high RPM
  151. clutch sticking help!!
  152. LS3 clutch into T56 LS1
  153. any body here pro with the t56 if you can figure this one out your a t56 god lol
  154. Lets play a game....** now with more carnage! yay
  155. 96 t56 swap into 98 autotragic.....
  156. RXT/RST Owners: What flywheel are you using?
  157. tick master HELP!!!
  158. Flywheel for 12in Clutch
  159. What Flywheel for Spec stage 2?
  160. new T56 in a 98'....skip shift now stuck
  161. Hey guys well almost there.....
  162. T56 swap into original TH350 Second Gen TA
  163. Transmission Whine?
  164. Trans hitting tunnel under hard accel.
  165. trans swap questions.
  166. To anyone with sticking clutch pedals
  167. clutch or synchro?
  168. Help! I've Searched! 4L60 to T56 Cruise Control
  169. which shifter????
  170. southbend clutch???
  171. Vibration in gas petal...
  172. Master Cylinder Templet
  173. Problems in first gear
  174. t-56 measurements
  175. T56 Identification Help (pics provided)
  176. Grinds 2nd n 3rd when cold>>
  177. Clutch pedal stays on floor - 4th Gen
  178. hard to get into reverse
  179. TUET 11009 T56 Magnum Installed in 02 Camaro
  180. 98 T-56; what is needed for 700-850 RWHP?
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  182. Clutch, issue?
  183. half clutch reverse wear...
  184. Need Help
  185. B&M shirt stick?
  186. Skip Shift light
  187. LS steel bell housing/TKO600
  188. Mcleod RXT and Tick master?
  189. a4 to m6
  190. Clutch Issue (2005 GTO)
  191. Clutch help needed
  192. Hard to shift
  193. My new clutch set up
  194. Textralia Twin disc came apart!! now what?!
  195. struggling to go into gear?
  196. Had Everything Replaced and/or rebuilt... Whats wrong??
  197. I need help with auto to manual swap!
  198. Wanted: Test car for Proto-type clutch
  199. t56 remote bleeder question
  200. Another clutch issue ive spent soo many hours trying to fix please HELP!
  201. No 4th gear
  202. 2004 GTO failed three slave cylinders within two months?
  203. Is this is Trans Breaking or the 10 bolt.
  204. Clutch issues
  205. Is a performance shop needed for a clutch install?
  206. clutch question (2000 Camaro Z28)
  207. T56 To Cut Or Not To Cut
  208. McLeod Scattershield
  209. Those who use or have used Spec 1 or 2 clutches?
  210. What do I need to buy for converting my A4 Trans am to an M6?
  211. which clutch for lq4 turbo
  212. Stuck in N & 4th
  213. Sluggish SS
  214. Soft hydraulic clutch?
  215. can LT1 T56 be changed to LS1 T56??
  216. Spec Twin Disc for C5 Z06
  217. Problem solving.. NEED HELP!
  218. What clutch?
  219. SPEC clutch figured out!
  220. Rebuilt T56 4th gear grind
  221. 98 Z28 shifting issues
  222. slave cylinder spacer
  223. LS1 T56 Input shaft length (part number?)
  224. Help with Pro 5.0 install
  225. T56 Question
  226. WTB: F-body T56 core Paypal ready
  227. Problems with transmission
  228. Clutch petal sticking along with weird noise
  229. Extension / Tailshaft Housing Installation *HELP*
  230. lt1 camaro..... clutch fork help
  231. anybody have this clutch from ebay
  232. LS1/LS2 Clutch help
  233. T56 Synchros?
  234. Need help! is repairman screwing me.
  235. Need help fast!! Noise coming from clutch/transmission???
  236. what clutch is this?
  237. Need Input Lost the ability to disengage!! Picture inside
  238. Change slave with Tick Master swap?
  239. Bolts for bell housing, clutch, etc
  240. T-56 gets extremely hot...
  241. Broken spring
  242. Master cylinder bleeding question HELP
  243. help-sometime sticks in reverse
  244. will this 04 gto clutch work on 02 z28
  245. flywheel dowel
  246. toyota xrunner ls1 swap help
  247. HELP! Wont shift into 2nd or 4th
  248. Just had a Diamond Stage 2 clutch put in...
  249. How Do You Like Your Centerforce DF?
  250. Losing clutch pedal after a few hundred miles.