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  1. TR6060 Quick Disconnect Fitting
  2. Opinions on Brands??
  3. New Clutch New Maste and Slave Cylinder still issues
  4. Anyway to remove slop from factory Hurst shifter?
  5. What's wrong..?
  6. what clutch
  7. To shim, or not to shim?
  8. Copper Washer between Slave and Bleeder?
  9. Clutch draggin issue
  10. Mild FI Clutch+Gears? Anyone running specials?
  11. Which clutch for $400-600? Help please!
  12. HELP!!!! Clutch is not right not engauging
  13. Automatic to Manual Transmission Swap
  14. questions regarding my first M6 F-body
  15. Stuck clutch, not the bleeding problem
  16. Removed my burned Spec clutch; which stage it is? pic inside
  17. Bellhousing Removal...
  18. cruze control on auto to manual swap
  19. Went to the track, not happy
  20. Slave/Hydraulic Issues
  21. Kinda popping out of 3rd
  22. t56 popping out of all 6 gears under anything but very light load
  23. Difference beetwen LS3 and LS2 flywheel
  24. Won't shift into third at high RPM
  25. clutch sticking help!!
  26. LS3 clutch into T56 LS1
  27. any body here pro with the t56 if you can figure this one out your a t56 god lol
  28. Lets play a game....** now with more carnage! yay
  29. 96 t56 swap into 98 autotragic.....
  30. RXT/RST Owners: What flywheel are you using?
  31. tick master HELP!!!
  32. Flywheel for 12in Clutch
  33. What Flywheel for Spec stage 2?
  34. new T56 in a 98'....skip shift now stuck
  35. Hey guys well almost there.....
  36. T56 swap into original TH350 Second Gen TA
  37. Transmission Whine?
  38. Trans hitting tunnel under hard accel.
  39. trans swap questions.
  40. To anyone with sticking clutch pedals
  41. clutch or synchro?
  42. Help! I've Searched! 4L60 to T56 Cruise Control
  43. which shifter????
  44. southbend clutch???
  45. Vibration in gas petal...
  46. Master Cylinder Templet
  47. Problems in first gear
  48. t-56 measurements
  49. T56 Identification Help (pics provided)
  50. Grinds 2nd n 3rd when cold>>
  51. Clutch pedal stays on floor - 4th Gen
  52. hard to get into reverse
  53. TUET 11009 T56 Magnum Installed in 02 Camaro
  54. 98 T-56; what is needed for 700-850 RWHP?
  55. Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kits - Now Shipping!
  56. Clutch, issue?
  57. half clutch reverse wear...
  58. Need Help
  59. B&M shirt stick?
  60. Skip Shift light
  61. LS steel bell housing/TKO600
  62. Mcleod RXT and Tick master?
  63. a4 to m6
  64. Clutch Issue (2005 GTO)
  65. Clutch help needed
  66. Hard to shift
  67. My new clutch set up
  68. Textralia Twin disc came apart!! now what?!
  69. struggling to go into gear?
  70. Had Everything Replaced and/or rebuilt... Whats wrong??
  71. I need help with auto to manual swap!
  72. Wanted: Test car for Proto-type clutch
  73. t56 remote bleeder question
  74. Another clutch issue ive spent soo many hours trying to fix please HELP!
  75. No 4th gear
  76. 2004 GTO failed three slave cylinders within two months?
  77. Is this is Trans Breaking or the 10 bolt.
  78. Clutch issues
  79. Is a performance shop needed for a clutch install?
  80. clutch question (2000 Camaro Z28)
  81. T56 To Cut Or Not To Cut
  82. McLeod Scattershield
  83. Those who use or have used Spec 1 or 2 clutches?
  84. What do I need to buy for converting my A4 Trans am to an M6?
  85. which clutch for lq4 turbo
  86. Stuck in N & 4th
  87. Sluggish SS
  88. Soft hydraulic clutch?
  89. can LT1 T56 be changed to LS1 T56??
  90. Spec Twin Disc for C5 Z06
  91. Problem solving.. NEED HELP!
  92. What clutch?
  93. SPEC clutch figured out!
  94. Rebuilt T56 4th gear grind
  95. 98 Z28 shifting issues
  96. slave cylinder spacer
  97. LS1 T56 Input shaft length (part number?)
  98. Help with Pro 5.0 install
  99. T56 Question
  100. WTB: F-body T56 core Paypal ready
  101. Problems with transmission
  102. Clutch petal sticking along with weird noise
  103. Extension / Tailshaft Housing Installation *HELP*
  104. lt1 camaro..... clutch fork help
  105. anybody have this clutch from ebay
  106. LS1/LS2 Clutch help
  107. T56 Synchros?
  108. Need help! is repairman screwing me.
  109. Need help fast!! Noise coming from clutch/transmission???
  110. what clutch is this?
  111. Need Input Lost the ability to disengage!! Picture inside
  112. Change slave with Tick Master swap?
  113. Bolts for bell housing, clutch, etc
  114. T-56 gets extremely hot...
  115. Broken spring
  116. Master cylinder bleeding question HELP
  117. help-sometime sticks in reverse
  118. will this 04 gto clutch work on 02 z28
  119. flywheel dowel
  120. toyota xrunner ls1 swap help
  121. HELP! Wont shift into 2nd or 4th
  122. Just had a Diamond Stage 2 clutch put in...
  123. How Do You Like Your Centerforce DF?
  124. Losing clutch pedal after a few hundred miles.
  125. I need a T56 y-pipe hanger
  126. LT1 clutch for 7500 shifts HELP
  127. Lt1/ls1 t56
  128. Monster Stage 2...helping a friend
  129. First time replacing a clutch, need a few pointers.
  130. Grease on flywheel causing slip?
  131. FREE SHIPPING on Tick Performance Remote SPEEDbleeder Lines for YOUR F-Body!
  132. How much wear is 'ok' on your input shaft???
  133. Rockland Standard Gear Tailshaft Bushing
  134. Mighty Vac Experience Needed
  135. clutch for 750 - 800 wheel range.
  136. Just wanting an opinion
  137. Some diagnostic questions slave/shim
  138. Back to Stock Clutch or Buy New?
  139. Will This Clutch Kit Work??
  140. Mcleod street twin in LT1. Not much pedal travel to engage clutch
  141. Need help on T56 install
  142. Aluminum Flywheel Identification
  143. Won't shift from 6th to 5th, shift pad problem?
  144. Decoding a t56
  145. trans mount?
  146. LS7 CLUTCH SALE...Limited Time Only
  147. t56 problems
  148. DIY Short Throw Shifter
  149. LS1/ t56 hydraulic clutch engagement issues
  150. Competition Stage 2.5 Clutch LT1
  151. uh oh big problem and its a head scratcher
  152. no shift!
  153. RPM Transmission
  154. Did my clutch finally let go?
  155. droppin the 6 speed tranny help
  156. Ls7 clutch in 02 ss camaro
  157. Remote bleeders for C5's
  158. Have a couple ?'s bout M6
  159. Master, or slave, or who knows lol
  160. received my new clutch should I ?
  161. where to get dowel pins
  162. clutch problem or built poorly? or even shifter/shift linkage?
  163. How to adjust master/slave to stop squeal
  164. Clutch pedal is as hard as a rock?
  165. 2 step!!!
  166. Clutch Engagment Issues
  167. replacement o-ring
  168. Sudden Tranny/Clutch Issue
  169. MN12..where can I find a different gear set? Looking for longer gears?...
  170. t56 fitment
  171. Master cylinder Removal
  172. Rebuild kit for 450rwhp
  173. My T56 is not happy ~ Advice ~
  174. RPM Transmissions once again offering parts and labor rebuilds for T56 transmissions
  175. What is a "shift plate"?
  176. HELP!!! Transmission noise, what do I do?
  177. What the longest its taken you to bleed a clutch?
  178. flywheel dowel pins question
  179. help!! 3rd gear problem!!!! is this clutch or trans??
  180. Advice on horrible transmission noise
  181. What Clutch to hold ~450na plus 100N2O?
  182. clutch for ls2
  183. Transmission wont go back on! Help
  184. Custom boot, hurst billet plus/MGW
  185. High RPM, cant get into gear!!!
  186. cheapest clutch for 600rwhp???
  187. popped a brand new slave... can i put it back together?
  188. pilot bearing confusion!!!
  189. Dumb Question about tranny mount(s)
  190. hydraulics problems only in F-Body???
  191. what is this noise
  192. help, clutch problem
  193. M12 ? in a gto
  194. New Mcleod RXT twin disk slipping on 12psi =(
  195. Psycho T56 idea. Go ahead and laugh
  196. Clutch slipping, need recommendations!
  197. Bellhousing upgrade
  198. LS1 clutch recommendations for hard track use
  199. oem slave vs.....others
  200. Hydraulic hose questions... Manual trans
  201. Monster stage4
  202. Monster or Diamond
  203. Anyone know of a good transmission shop in the Denver Metro area?
  204. Need some quick help with my clutch hydraulics... (installing new master cylinder now
  205. Help This Clutch Newbie
  206. Flywheel bolts, New one or old ones???
  207. A4 to M6 swap?
  208. Centerforce Clutch Problem!!!
  209. c5 vette clutch help
  210. need help with tich performance master cylinder.
  211. Slave cylinder (hydraulic release bearing) for T56 Magnum...??
  212. Hurst Short Shifter
  213. Height of the transmission?
  214. thinking of going twin disk rst or rxt? or a level 2
  215. 02 camaro vibration in tranny while shifting gears
  216. Monster Clutch 3.5 slipping bad!
  217. ls1/ t56 .08 machined off flywheel, shim?
  218. Trying to determine if my master cylinder is bad or if its my slave
  219. Ls1 clutch line problem.
  220. Did I just turn my Monster clutch disc into an expensive frisbee???
  221. EASTCOAST PERFORMANCE TRANSFORMS T56's into TR6060's The ULTIMATE Transmisson!!!
  222. No clutch pedal, replaced master... bled system, had clutch for a while, gone again?
  223. grinding into 4th
  224. messed up 3rd at drag strip
  225. T56 gets stuck only in 4th gear at 15k
  226. mgw shifter owners !!
  227. mgw shifter owners !!
  228. Seal between shifter mount and tranny
  229. M6 reverse problem
  230. Clutch Suggestions.
  231. clutch is loosing pressure
  232. What shifter is this?
  233. sbc swap, what t56?
  234. Throwout bearing bolt size?
  235. About time to change my tranny fluid...
  236. what shifter should i run?
  237. What clutch should i use next?
  238. Help with LS7 clutch issues.
  239. ws6 lightweight flywheels
  240. Just a heads up about Tick master cylinder
  241. LS7 Clutch questions...
  242. Silly question....
  243. Clutch on 93 Camaro issue..
  244. Close ratio + 5th-6th gear delete T56?
  245. Notchy Feel?
  246. Rebuild shops... so many to choose from! Who gives the best BANG for the bux?
  247. what clutch should i get?
  248. 56k Beware Pics of the TDP Diamond Stage 2
  249. Just got mail ! Diamond stage 2 kit from Jason at TDP PICS !
  250. t56 rebuild nightmare story, who's to blame?