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  1. How to bleed clutch fluid?
  2. Who has M12 gearing in a F-body?
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  4. Vibration, becomes worse as speed increases
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  14. B&M ripper
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  19. GM 5 Speed manual
  20. Pulling 5th synchro in car
  21. LT1 T56, Clutch fork hits pressure plate
  22. Slipping in first?
  23. MGW email?
  24. short throw shifter
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  26. Built t56 slight vibration in 3rd gear
  27. Tick clutch master cylinder problems
  28. Looking for new clutch
  29. fresh trans rebuild, downshift grinding 2nd intermittently.
  30. how much power ls7 clutch?
  31. squeaking while shifting
  32. Need some help won't go into any gear t56 00z28
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  34. trans conversion
  35. Diamond Stage 1 & dowel pin question
  36. 4l60e to t56 magnum
  37. Rebuilt clutch kits by Exedy
  38. Who has Textralia clutches in stock??
  39. vibration at a certain rpm
  40. grind second
  41. Junk Clutch & flywheel
  42. quicktime bellhousing and clutch shimming ?s
  43. clutch? for forced induction
  44. Twin disk clutch failure...whats your opinion? PICS!!! :)
  45. gear lash sound. Is it normal?
  46. changing fluid in the 6 speed...
  47. T56 snatchy notchy crap when driving gently.
  48. Is this a '04 GTO clutch, and will it work in 4th gen Z28?
  49. 3/4 shift fork
  50. Mcleod RST twin disc question
  51. Clutch and Flywheel
  52. Clutch gets soft/soggy
  53. Header swap help change clutch cyl?
  54. What will break first in my T56?
  55. Need help!
  56. Clutch Travel
  57. Pulled tranny, chipped case and oily bellhousing
  58. Trans tunnel acess pannel pic
  59. T56 gear whine in 5th and 6th
  60. Slipping up top
  61. looking for a t56 transmission
  62. manual t56 guys what rpms you shifting?
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  64. Input shaft chewed up...
  65. Clutch issue
  66. Problem after Pro 5.0 install
  67. Fixing to need to disk?
  68. very hard to shift
  69. T56 problems
  70. tranny hitting floor?
  71. About to pull the trigger on a Monster stg2 and Tick master
  72. t56 issues
  73. weird issue with fresh rebuild
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  75. t-56/ clutch combo for LSX 440
  76. Shifter cup replacement?
  77. MN6 02 ws6 fluid change
  78. t-56
  79. Competition Clutches?
  80. CTS-V Hydraulic Line retaining clip
  81. where to find a spec clutch disk
  82. 6 speed trans problems
  83. HELP!! Need help getting a shifter!
  84. McLeod RXT vs. 0Z700 Textralia
  85. thinking about getting spec 3
  86. Grinded 2nd, no lift shifting!
  87. normal wear on 0z700?
  88. Lost 2nd but no grind
  89. Clutch question
  90. GTO T-56 Model #?
  91. lt1 clutch slipping help
  92. monster level 3
  93. T-56 grinds need some advice
  94. clutch pedal engagement question & BEWARE Monster clutches
  95. SPEC 3 slipping
  96. Are These Paper or Carbon Blockers??? (PICS)
  97. Throwout bearing. 02 Firebird fit 06 GTO?
  98. New Shifter on t-56
  99. manual transmission
  100. Question about my t56
  101. o ring size help
  102. T56 measurement please
  103. Slipping or chatter - New to LS1 F-Bodys
  104. MGW shifter
  105. 4th Gear not there
  106. how do you do a burnout with a manual tranny.
  107. Will 2002 corvette transmission and rear end fit in a 2006 corvette
  108. where to get t56 speedo gear?
  109. Clutch Bleeding
  110. Q regarding shim / throw out bearing measuring
  111. Trans fluid...?
  112. pedel sticking. wont go into gear.
  113. F-body slave with GTO Transmission
  114. Monster Stage 3 good for 1.45 60fts in my BOLT on C6Z w/video
  115. Slave / master cylinder question
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  117. short shifter
  118. Dumb Question
  119. best clutch for 408 and nitrous
  120. RPS Carbon Carbon BC2 Twin Disk clutch ???
  121. Diamond Clutch Special: now til 2/28
  122. Wanted: Junk T56s. Will Paypal you immediately!
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  124. MT stuck in gears! Clutch stuck on floor
  125. Tick Master Pedal Install Instructions??
  126. Car runs in 5th gear.
  127. Test for re-using blocker rings?
  128. Transmission install
  129. Just got an L96 and want t56; easiest way to get T56 behind it?
  130. pre-85 sbc with lt1 t56 questions
  131. Transmission Advise
  132. Looking for a clutch bang for the buck
  133. Loose shift stick?
  134. XTD Stage 3 6 Puck clutch
  135. need a 011 input
  136. Looking for a clutch kit
  137. Clutch pedal went to floor w no return
  138. All FLT customers we want YOU!!
  139. clutch master cylinder removal
  140. short shifter help
  141. 3rd gear wind sound
  142. Competition Clutch
  143. CTS-V LS6 T56 clutch question
  144. Clutch job questions
  145. Clutch help
  146. any one ever try one of these gear splitter ?
  147. Noise clutch or transmission related?
  148. Slack in clutch
  149. Highest RPM You Shift F body T56
  150. Clutch hyd fluid capacity?
  151. Buy slave cylinder or not?
  152. Clutchmasters FX300 problems
  153. Budget road race car trans options?
  154. Frankenstein T56 Question
  155. 6l80 swap for a t56 in a 2006 corvette
  156. LS6 clutch and drill mod
  157. pilot bearing flushness???
  158. tremec part numbers for MN12 T56 gears
  159. 93 LT1 input shaft needed
  160. do i need to bleed after install???
  161. Is this normal? Pics of pilot bearing.
  162. Is anyone running the Fidanza twin disc clutch?
  163. Time for a new clutch, would like some advice.
  164. Clutch bleeding
  165. 6 speed, how strong?
  166. Question About a clutch, to win a 20$ bet!
  167. Need aftermarket bellhousing
  168. Shifter Cup Bushing
  169. TB round plate???? wat is it
  170. spec stg 1 shims?
  171. Textralia triple no power to the wheels
  172. Another Tick Master thread..
  173. Viper T-56 to LS conversion
  174. just another "my trans wont shift into xx gear problem"
  175. Clutch pedal in, inconsisant grinding noise
  176. LS6 slave in CTS-V
  177. Which clutch for my setup???Decisions, Decisions...
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  179. MGW Shifter
  180. LT1 T56 to LS1 swap problems
  181. Balancing of flywheel???
  182. Pilot bearings disintagrated
  183. T56 Rebuild Facilities
  184. Doesn't go into any gear, then move the car 2 feet forward and it goes into gear?
  185. What brand slave comes with Monsters prem package?
  186. t-56 popularity
  187. t-56 shifting problems(reverse)
  188. T56 Mates to what?
  189. how can you tell if it is a ls7 clutch or z06 clutch
  190. a4 to m6 swap
  191. T56 Reverse lockout w/o the solenoid
  192. Info needed on Spec 3
  193. clutch suggestions. LTx car
  194. Need advice for a clutch
  195. t56 with stock long block 6.0
  196. What clutch should I buy?
  197. Cannot go into any gear?
  198. flywheel.
  199. t56 Compatibilty
  200. Tex SR1 transmission problems!!! Help!
  201. Keep 50k TOB & Slave???
  202. clutch help
  203. t56 fluid
  204. Help....Anyone in Illinois know how to assemble T56?
  205. Pilot Bearing woes
  206. Regrets? Considering A4 to M6 swap
  207. RPM’s won’t drop to idle when put into neutral and driving
  208. LS1 T-56 issues. Who to go to?
  209. does anybody recomend A+ transmision for a rebuild on my c5z t56
  210. Spec clutches
  211. Shortening a Clutch Line - Possible?
  212. new clutch
  213. T56 on a 3800?
  214. difference on input shaft lengths
  215. Fidanza on LS1/LS2
  216. new tick master or 01+ hydraulics
  217. Need bolt size asap!
  218. Tranney Alignement NIGHTMARE!!!
  219. Can I get some ideas on my reverse please?
  220. My clutch/transmission nightmare.
  221. help identify borg warner t56 no tag =/
  222. Question about pedals, a4-m6 swap
  223. M6 shiftting problems?
  224. looking for a t56 transmittion
  225. Ok, about to be in a bind with this thing, need advice....
  226. 6spd notchy in the cold?
  227. Centerforce DFX - Shudder Problem
  228. custom 5th gear in T5
  229. New clutch problem, need urgent help, emergency
  230. LS7 clutch slipping
  231. Thoughts on using Anaerobic Sealer / Gasket Maker on a t56 ?
  232. T56 oil pump
  233. CTS-V+MityVac = no vacuum
  234. Leak?
  235. Why cant you change the clutch disc without changing the PP and F/W
  236. not connecting CAGS and reverse lockout?
  237. t56 good and bad years
  238. MGW = awesome
  239. tyranny not engaging
  240. looking for a stock used six speed setup
  241. 4L60e to T56 Swap help
  242. Another clutch chatter question...
  243. Viper T56
  244. super T-10
  245. Hard clutch pedal
  246. Smooth shfting shifter?
  247. Rebuilding a dead t56
  248. High Mileage or reg dextron III T56?
  249. T56 hard to shift into 1st, 6th, and R
  250. Clutch slipping or engine???