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  1. Few questions
  2. Monster flywheel pressure plate bolt size??
  3. Transfer case shifts into nuetral all by itself
  4. T56 swap -- must-do's, and interchange
  5. ls3 motor/ls1 clutch,fw help
  6. Multiple T56 Problems
  7. Where can I buy a Built T56?
  8. The correct way to bleed the clutch hydraulics
  9. I need some dimensions on the ls7 slave
  10. Help clutch pedal on floor
  11. Dilemma. . . .Should I stay or should I go?
  12. clutch related or hydrallic
  13. rpms continue or rise
  14. LT1 Clutch suggestions
  15. isolating slave/master issue
  16. went for a road trip yesterday and have a few questions now.
  17. how much Horsepower/Torque can a T5 take?
  18. LS7 clutch need a break in????
  19. Clutch questions?
  20. Please Help With My Clutch Problem!!! :(
  21. Intermittantly not going into gear
  22. 8.1 BBC LS1 trans swap info
  23. Weird 3rd and 5th issue.
  24. boosted 408 t56 upgrades
  25. dumb ? on pilot bushing/bearing
  26. C6 vette...can't downshift from 6th to 5th
  27. 2000 F-body, Press Plate Broke, see pic
  28. t56 slave cylinder
  29. OK just checking only!
  30. Where to buy main cluster?
  31. Searched, found mixed answers - flywheel/PP bolt questions
  32. Transmission/Clutch Squeal! Help!
  33. Keep Blowing Slaves WTF.....Tick Master/Mcleod RST
  34. 61 tooth 5th gear?
  35. Shifting out of 1st?? Help Advice
  36. Disengagement issues with Spec Twin disc
  37. Called 2 Dealerships and nothing! Need Bolt information!
  38. McLeod Twin disc questions
  39. Hard clutch pedal
  40. Clutch Problem
  41. Just disassembled my T56. Questions?
  42. Mcleod twin disc grabs off way too high..spacers on transmission?
  43. stock t56 w/ 150hp no2
  44. will this flywheel work?
  45. borg warner clutch?
  46. shim problem?
  47. clutch issue?
  48. how much can the t56 handle?
  49. Clutch WILL NOT disengage at all!!
  50. Clutch/ tranny compatability question
  51. PROBLEM entering 1st and rev.
  52. Spec stage 2+ vs 3
  53. rattle when i let off clutch.. need some help!!
  54. LT1 T56 vs. LS1 T56 Which is better?
  55. T/A on the ramps...
  56. Spongy pedal issue
  57. Input shaft seal (LT1 tranny)
  58. Monster Stage 3 review.
  59. Just smoked my clutch on the dyno need options
  60. clutch/slave issue
  61. possibly a dumb ?
  62. Clutch Release Bearing Removal
  63. GTO Clutch
  64. How much play??
  65. what T56 goes on the L76
  66. Clutch Problem
  67. Spec 2 v. Luk Pro gold Clutch Kits
  68. Not shifting @ high rpm?? M/C problem??
  69. M29 transmission on an LSX motor?
  70. Quicktime bellhousing help!!!!
  71. LT1 Clutches, let's see them!
  72. strongest T56
  73. new tranny or rebuild
  74. Best overall shifter for my M6
  75. Tremec Magnum + Monster Stage 3
  76. Spec Stage 2 and 3 Driveability
  77. Vette T56 Disassembly
  78. why, does MC go bad?
  79. Basic clutch alignment question
  80. Clutch issue at WOT
  81. Vibration when I push in the clutch? (LT1/T-56)
  82. LT1 M6 Mcleod Clutch: Car moves with clutch pedal pressed in.
  83. ranger clutch care writeup
  84. wont go into gear
  85. short shifter
  86. T56 Wont shift into 2 4 or 6th
  87. Broken trans
  88. slave replacement
  89. Slave cylinder bolts
  90. mcleod street twin rebuild lt1
  91. T-56 mounting relative to tunnel
  92. Bought a Ram HD clutch...
  93. should iresurface my Tex flywheel??
  94. need t56 help asap!
  95. MN12 3-4 Synchro Removal
  96. monster stage 2 vs stage 3
  97. Installing new 1-2 synchron... NEED HELP!!!
  98. leaking seal?
  99. how hard can i push my t56??
  100. T56 Questions
  101. Clutch not fully realeasing, help
  102. FLT or Tick for an Fbody T56 rebuild
  103. help removing clutch line
  104. McLeod master question.
  105. Monster level 3 is here!
  106. A4 to M6 swap?
  107. Need Clutch Recommendation for under $500
  108. Monster release their twin clutch yet?
  109. which clutch/ best deal?
  110. Anyway to un-adjust a SAC LS7 pressure plate?
  111. Paging McLeod rep.....
  112. T56 rebuild help
  113. Anyone heard of this?
  114. Tranny knocking noise at this a problem?
  115. What fluid for the clutch hydraulic reservoir?
  116. Viper T56 behind LS motor
  117. Placement issues...
  118. C.r.s.???
  119. Does anyone know the part number to the T56 front cover?
  120. T-56 serious problems!!!!
  121. Wat after market flywheel n clutch wrks best ..
  122. One of these slaves is not like the other...
  123. how to build my t56
  124. LT1 trans am question
  125. Power loss with LS7 Clutch
  126. Bad speedo Gear? Video Inside
  127. Which T56 is this?
  128. Think i may have bought a Fake Hurst shifter..are t56's the same?
  129. This clutch work for an lt1?
  130. Monster Clutch or Textralia?
  131. T-56 Major Grinding
  132. getting the street twin to fully release LT1
  133. Monster clutch level 3 with lw/fw weight
  134. Best short throw shifter and place to buy
  135. gear noise
  136. AutoZone duralast clutch kit $159.00
  137. Clutch Bleeding Issue, Speedbleeder HELP
  138. T-56 Magnum
  139. mcleod street twin: loose sounding engagement?
  140. trans install problem
  141. Who makes a twin discs clutc setup for Higher HP
  142. indexing hurst shift knob
  143. Another clutch question
  144. T-56 rebuild
  145. Speed Adjustment on T56
  146. RPM transmissions in indiana?
  147. Stock Hurst Shifter Diameter TA 98-02?
  148. t56 servicing question
  149. vibrations at speed with poly trans mount
  150. t56 question
  151. Switching over from auto
  152. Shifting... the best way to shift into 2nd
  153. ES poly urethane tranny mount + stock rubber motor mounts = no no????
  154. Mighty Vac
  155. stock ls1 T56 bellhousing height????
  156. McCleod twin disc ?'s
  157. MGW is very noisy?
  158. Pedal isn't right after manual pedal install.
  159. what clutch to buy? who has the best deal?
  160. 2nd to 3rd grinds, but only when cold
  161. Is anyone rebuilding 5th gen TR6060's
  162. Clutch Break In
  163. Master and slave bleeding
  164. Problems getting into reverse?
  165. hard to get into gear
  166. LS7 clutch
  167. master line O-rings...
  168. will a t56 fit in the trunk of an F-body?
  169. 2010 Camaro Fidanza Twin Plate clutch Q's
  170. grinding in every gear
  171. Is balancing the pressure plate and flywheel necessary?
  172. prothane trans mount problem
  173. Ram PowerGrip HD driveability
  174. t56 help
  175. how to know ls7 clutch
  176. Clutch Barely Disengaging in the Morning
  177. Exedy Hyper Twin. Need some info/parts/dealers
  178. tick master and monster clutch sticky pedal
  179. Hard to get into gear when stopped
  180. Tuet2060?
  181. Reverse lockout on a4 to m6 swap
  182. Flywheel help!
  183. Spline count on TR-6060
  184. I cant get any clutch pedal pressure!!!!!
  185. Arrrgh! Second Gear AGAIN!
  186. Is the maincase trashed?
  187. built t56
  188. slave cylinder question
  189. cleaning the clutch disk
  190. Best/shortest short throw shifter?
  191. slack in hydraulic clutch
  192. Please Help!
  193. monster clutch chatter
  194. having to pump my clutch up after getting on it
  195. broke a mcleoud twin disc....
  196. LS9 clutch on a LS1?
  197. Bad slave??
  198. T56 bellhousing bolts?
  199. difference in standard and "+" spec clutches
  200. Cause for concern?
  201. easiest way to upgrade syncros?
  202. Odd grinding noise when clutch engages??
  203. ls1 driveshaft in lt1
  204. Alternate LS7 pressure plates?
  205. Pretty sure my trans is trying to escape...
  206. SPEC stage 3+ clutch
  207. Boot Retainer Broke - Any aftermarket Fix?
  208. grinding in reverse
  209. Smoothest clutch for 600-650rwhp
  210. Tick turnbuckle/rod adjustment
  211. Hurst Shifter
  212. t56 compatibility
  213. New clutch hard to get in gear
  214. Ok need help with clutch problem
  215. What am I missing?
  216. T5 Speedo Help
  217. two enguagements with the street twin??
  218. 5th gear grinding, only 30K
  219. buying a new t-56
  220. mity vac'd and pulled up black globs?
  221. Clutch replacement questions
  222. RXT vs Text
  223. Time for a Tranny Rebuild...
  224. Not Mentioned in Any Clutch Replacement Treads
  225. best mg fluid
  226. Eneos Fluids ?
  227. Short stick
  228. Clutch Problems
  229. Cheapo ebay shifters.
  230. High RPM shifting issues! HElp!
  231. How do I test my clutch?
  232. LS2 clutch into LS1 car NOT WORKING?!
  233. LS7 clutch checklist. Did I forget anything?
  234. Short Stick B&M Shifter
  235. T56, LT1, Hard to get in gear/pop out.
  236. Clutch Slipping
  237. cammed ls7 clutch
  238. Couple of questions
  239. Intorducing Diamond Clutch, our all-new adj. master cylinder! & T56 Rebuilds
  240. Need help identifying this clutch!
  241. Clutch Break in a Myth?
  242. Is a used FBody T56 tailshaft housing worth anything?
  243. LS7 clutch fylweel options.
  244. Short throw shifters for Corvettes???
  245. ~~Clutch pedal engages at different places?!?~~
  246. LS7 clutch w/ LS3?
  247. Clutch master cylinder reservoir
  248. Third gear grind
  249. 3rd gear problem
  250. Clutch break-in for non street car