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  1. help on clutch
  2. Rear seal question
  3. clutch help
  4. skip shift help
  5. clutch not releasing
  6. master cylinder problem
  7. Can a C5 Corvette T56 be converted to a Camaro?
  8. two engaugements with the street twin??
  9. Mcleod Street Twin longevity?
  10. need help with a pilot bushing puller
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  12. Recent 4l60e to t56 conversion, problems with clutch
  13. Replacement Springs for Pro 5.0 shifter??
  14. master cylinder hyd line help!!
  15. clutch is sticking to floor
  16. Whats the best LT1 T56 I can buy?
  17. Shop where I can send my fbody tail housing to be machined for a viper output shaft?
  18. Spec + GM Hydraulics = No Fourth Gear?
  19. Monster clutch quick install question
  20. ls7 clutch
  21. Help pick a transmission
  22. I Might have a big problem sponsers welcome.
  23. Problems with new clutch and tranny, need help
  24. Stuck in fourth!!!
  25. Hurst shifter vs Hurst Billet????
  26. T-56 5th - Can I change the ratio?
  27. Slipping clutch
  28. Best T56 shifter?
  29. Clutch slipping now what
  30. Mushy pedal
  31. HELP!! Broken Pieces=SUCK!!!
  32. Wtf happen!
  33. Car wont drive.
  34. replacing clutch which mc?
  35. What gear should my tranny be in....
  36. I need a new t56
  37. Clutch install price
  38. New clutch - balance question
  39. FREE shipping on all clutches from SDPC
  40. Clutch acting funny?
  41. Viper T56 with Fbody front plate, tail, and bell housing - Output shaft seal question
  42. Anti-Venom mod?? Anybody done it?
  43. What clutch?
  44. Throw out bearing
  45. Monster Dual Disc Clutch?
  46. bellhousing problems
  47. Monster Level 3 Disk Size??? Need answer quick
  48. Is this normal?
  49. upper clutch switch
  50. 93-97 pedals vs 98-02 pedals?
  51. LS1 T56 with LT1 Adapterplate/InputShaft on LT1 Trans Am
  52. Trans help (going back together with it now)
  53. need some help with clutch disc choice.
  54. help after t56 swap issues
  55. 01 6.0 and ls2 flywheel starting problem
  56. which clutch?
  57. Questions on Wilwood and Tilton master cylinder for LS1 T-56
  58. A few questions about my shifter.
  59. Corvette B&M Ripper + T-56 Trans Am
  60. 97 LT1 t56 w/SSR shaft?
  61. Pilot bushing woes
  62. T56 problem please help!!!
  63. Damn this clutch
  64. Jersey Transmission Shop
  65. Tick Master, What brake fluid ?
  66. t56 hard to get in gear
  67. 00 Bellhousing doesn't fit over Z06 clutch?
  68. 5 speed manual tran best fits 502 RamJet
  69. Shifter Boot
  70. shifter shake
  71. A4 to 6speed swap ?
  72. t56 problems
  73. Will an Ls7 hold up
  74. Clunky/notchy shifting after s60, DS, Adj TQ arm.
  75. Clutch will not disengage at all
  76. Shakey 6th gear?!?
  77. Transmission Fluid
  78. Signs of a bad Throw out bearing
  79. Where to get bellousing to tranny bolts? t56
  80. Mustang Cobra Pro 5.0 shifter in Camaro?
  81. T-56 swap
  82. sooooooo question
  83. please help cars apart...
  84. Master cylinder
  85. starter troubles
  86. What style T56 is this??
  87. biggest needle bearing in a t56 is where??
  88. Transmission Noise
  89. Suggestions for where to buy parts for Viper T-56 Conversion?
  90. t-56 rebuild kits
  91. I pulled the trans and HOLY SHIT (pics)
  92. ********VIDEO******** Clutch Sqeal
  93. replaced slave cylinder and still have no pedal @ high RPMs
  94. installed motor/trans, now clutch is slipping... HELP!
  95. T-56 swap, need advice
  96. master to slave braided line question
  97. Will a 99 6spd bolt up to 93 Chevy 350?
  98. monster and tick....strange issue
  99. Powershifting w/ Spec 3
  100. t-56 tear down
  101. Speedo Gear Teeth?
  102. I have searched with no LUCK!
  103. Can anyone reccomend some good shops?
  104. Need a clutch expert on this one!
  105. Annoying squeal noise coming from tranny
  106. mobil 1 ATF
  107. C5 Clutch Problems w/ Spec Stage 2
  108. Bleeding Help
  109. Help me pick a clutch
  110. Flywheel Torque Specs
  111. Which flywheel 28 or 18lb?
  112. Alright tick helped but didn't fix. I think I found the problem.
  113. Time for rebuild?
  114. Monster clutch guys.. how are you taking off?
  115. Skip Shift Solenoid Removal
  116. Street twin break in procedure?
  117. Good replacement clutch
  118. Bye Bye T-56 Hello 4spd
  119. Probably going to need a rebuild.
  120. is a m12 the same as m6?
  121. Cookie cutter abrasive????
  122. T56 Problems
  123. Hurst Shifter
  124. M5 tranny question
  125. possible clutch problem
  126. need help asap
  127. t56 tear down (revised w/ pics)
  128. Clutch question HELP!!!
  129. sticky pedal(tick fixed it)
  130. Stupid quick question
  131. torque arm mount bolt specs
  132. Throw out please.
  133. T 56 bearings
  134. T56 Issues Not Sure whats broke..........
  135. clutch is slipping
  136. New clutch break in
  137. New Clutch and Hydros, 2nd Gear Grind?!?!
  138. gto bellhousing??
  139. Good replacement for stock clutch
  140. Clutch for 400+whp and Trans Rebuild questions. Thinking Tick lvl 2
  141. Car pops out of 1st gear?
  142. looking for 6 speed
  143. Ls1 t56 to SBC bellhousing question
  144. Bleeding the clutch
  145. Need a new clutch
  146. Ok getting close with this shift light.
  147. 5 speed man and about moving to 6 speed
  148. popping out of 6th
  149. ls7 clutch and salve
  150. Help, oil behind pilot bearing
  151. Which make/model/year had triple carbon syncros?
  152. Transmission trouble
  153. Vengeance Racing introduces Magnum T56 DIRECT Bolt in for F Body!!!
  154. Throw out bearing help
  155. Is there a way to distinguish between a Clutch Master cyl failure vs Slave cyl?
  156. Truck - TKO 600
  157. 93 Camaro Z28 Auto to Manual Swap
  158. question about a clutch
  159. lost 5th gear . rebuild asap ?
  160. Whining from shifter from 1-4 , HELP !!!
  161. tick m/c questions
  162. How to take off shifter boot properly?
  163. Does anyone make a short stick with a 12x1.5 thread?
  164. Raptor Shift Light question
  165. Best clutch for my application ???
  166. Monster install - Pressure plate and dowel issue. *PICS*
  167. Stock lenght shaft with MGW shifter?
  168. Clutch going out what all do i need....
  169. People seem to blame the shifter a lot.
  170. Did you guys lose the positive feedback feel from your MGW ?
  171. Car pops out of 3rd?
  172. LT1 T56 Behind an LSx
  173. Clutch recommendations.
  174. T56 98-02
  175. Anyone know where I can buy a y-pipe bracket for the T56?
  176. LT1 Flywheel Problems "Shaking with Clutch Use"
  177. How many have broken the plastic rectangle for the shift boot
  178. Monster Twin Disk release day??
  179. master cylinder went through firewall?
  180. Reverse light switch broken
  181. High RPM shifting problems, SPEC Clutch?
  182. t56 rebuild ??
  183. 1 leg amputee driving a 6 speed WS6, having an issue, please HELP!!
  184. McLeod Dealer of Race-Tick Performance
  185. Lost 1st, 3rd, 5th & reverse!!! HELP
  186. tick master cylinder problem
  187. does pro 5.0. make a shifter for a c5?
  188. New Clutch?
  189. Issue's! Issue's! Issue's!
  190. What shifter is this? Can I fix it? Missing spring/caps
  191. Still some problems?
  192. Difference between 98-00 and 01-02 slaves ?
  193. How much of a difference is there?
  194. Newish Clutch, 2k Miles ~Problem~
  195. Question on clutch line fittings
  196. what is this?
  197. Best fluid to use
  198. ls1-t56 pressure plate bolts
  199. T56 behind a big block?
  200. A4-M6 swap
  201. Pilot Bearing?
  202. How much will the T-56 take?
  203. slave cylinder?
  204. clutch opinions
  205. Shifter Gasket Material
  206. How To Install Master Cylinder Video
  207. Can anyone identify this piece?
  208. Clutch failure analysis.
  209. how hard its it to replace a syncrho
  210. will my lt1 t-56 parts fit into a ls1 t-56
  211. cheapest clutch replacement
  212. PRO 5.0 vs. MGW- Worth the money?
  213. Clutch Pedal goes rock hard after a few gears - checking my diagnosis..
  214. Tick + monster 3..1st is hard as ffckk
  215. Car will not go into gear while running
  216. t56 magnum(tr-6060) has anyone got these to fit an ls1 f-body yet
  217. which sponsor for T56 repair and cost?
  218. clutch job buttoned up now wont start
  219. 3-4 only? how come?
  220. Trouble getting through reverse gate
  221. clutch master cylinder removal
  222. Need help
  223. Anybody have pictures....
  224. What tools are needed to rebuild 6 speed?
  225. Reinstalling transmission. Where does the black sensor thing go?
  226. input shaft grease/bleeding question
  227. Jerrod @ Textrailia's email address
  228. What does it take for a t56 to bolt into a lq4 or lm7?
  229. Crack in Monster Puck?
  230. Reverse slips
  231. Need help asap
  232. Inspecting a t56 out of the car. (chasing a vibration)
  233. Any ideas on what broke t56
  234. What do I do...
  235. Black shift knob with red 'SS' emblem?
  236. clutch advice question
  237. where to get bearing pressed on to mainshaft?
  238. autozone bearing puller doesnt fit...
  239. MGW vs. B&M shifter
  240. using aold school muncie trans with a 5.3??
  241. T56 wont mate to LS3 engine
  242. gauging interest T56 and clutch for sale
  243. Grinding gears
  244. Clutch wont disengage..
  245. Looking to trade my new A4 for an M6
  246. Bleeding with MityVac is BAD NEWS!
  247. New Tick Master Cylinder Leaks!
  248. Brand new MONSTER stage 3 $700
  249. I have two Slave Part numbers - Which one?
  250. Great Experience