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  1. T56 Swap Hole for Clutch, Other Question
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  24. switching from auto to man.
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  27. 98' T56 fluid
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  31. Need new clutch.
  32. installed tick master and remote bleeder
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  35. Ram dual disk not releasing..
  36. Opinions: Should I upgrade master cylinder (budget)
  37. Just checking before I break something
  38. Textralia Install Question
  39. Do any of you guys get a SQUEAL when slowly engaging your clutch in 1st?
  40. Master Cylinder and Install
  41. mustang tr6060?
  42. WS6 store short stick with stock shifter
  43. pilot bushing, quick question!!!!
  44. TKO500 where from?
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  47. torque specs? ASAP
  48. Replace flywheel too?
  49. Awesome Experience with SPEC!!! (Must Read)
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  57. Tick Remote one man bleeder
  58. vette trans in fbody
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  61. When does Chatter happen
  62. Should i replace my flywheel????
  63. Monster LTx Clutch
  64. Pilot Bearing Part Number
  65. Need slave piece!!!!!
  66. LTx Adjustable Master - Are the LS1's ones the same?
  67. which clutch/flywheel
  68. Rattle coming from the shift knob.
  69. HELP! Hydraulic clutch line question
  70. Stock pressure plate question
  71. Cltuch bleeding with motor and tranny in the car.
  72. Clutch cable help please
  73. whats the best way to change the clutch
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  77. Clutch problem
  78. Drill Mod?
  79. Monster stage 3 break in question
  80. Clutch help!!!
  81. T56 Magnum
  82. shifter isnt dead on?
  83. 1-2-3-4-5 All good like butter. . . then 6 all bad! Plz Help....
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  85. T56 Swap into 67 Impala BBC
  86. T-56
  87. Ram clutch carnage
  88. Help:Hard to go into reverse after 9" install
  89. LS7 clutch vs. Hendrix Clutch
  90. factory T56 shifter= crap....
  91. LS7 OEM Friction Disk Thickness.....Anyone have a new one?
  92. LT1 T56 Components for conversion questions.
  93. Ordering a monster lvl 3.. Billet or Chromoly??
  94. 700whp guys what clutch
  95. Unable to shift into gear
  96. where to buy the braided line from master to tranny?
  97. Input shaft wear
  98. help grinding noise when clutch pressed
  99. reinstalling my t56 ... need a hand on a sol question...
  100. Anyone want a Auto?
  101. Cant Shift Tranny
  102. Dumb Question?
  103. Help with textrailia twin disk
  104. MF'r Im spitting 4TH! on WOT
  105. T5 World Class Upgrade Options?
  106. How much are built t-56's going for ?
  107. Installed Monster clutch and new problems arose
  108. Fidanza aluminum fly wheel on c5 z06?
  109. quick adn easy question: need a clutch reservoir
  110. What the Hell is this..??
  111. Rebuild Kit DIY
  112. T56 is dead.
  113. Wanted 6.0 clutch suggestions.
  114. Can I damage my trans if...
  115. Think we can reuse this flywheel? (pic inside)
  116. t-56 rebuild
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  119. Short stick compatible?
  120. Shipping Weight & Dimensions - T-56?
  121. Short Stick ?
  122. LS7 Clutch install, hydraulic questions...
  123. Will go from 4th-5th fine, but WONT go from 6th-5th? wth
  124. How much will my ram powergrip HD hold?
  125. t56 stuck in neutral
  126. Swapping a T-56 trans into an Escalade...has it been done?
  127. 26 spline
  128. spec clutch
  129. pedal wont return after master cylinder change
  130. Reverse lockout solenoid. How does it work??
  131. 97 t-56 shift knob removal
  132. Textralia OZ700 Z-grip review (14,000 miles and counting)
  133. Probably a dumb question about my M6 swap.
  134. Went to replace the Slave, help IDing clutch please.
  135. Where to rebuild t56 please!!
  136. Need help asap.. Anyone please help. Slave cylinder grommet missing.
  137. Tranny Mount
  138. what clutch is this ?
  139. C6 Corvette 6speed into 97 TransAm?
  140. DIY Short throw?
  141. Ripper shifter
  142. Installing ProthaneTranny Mount
  143. Slave hydro line conversion?
  144. mc leod twin disk won't work since i parked my ta for winter
  145. McLeod or LS7?
  146. Help sort out 06 CTS-V clutch swap
  147. I kilt splines on my torque tube
  148. Switching to LS7 clutch...need part numbers...
  149. New h/c pkg tor my m6 '72ss-input please!
  150. Weird clutch problem
  151. wll it hurt anything
  152. Grind Going in 2nd
  153. what the tq specs. on the flywheel bolts????
  154. Strange intermitent clutch problem
  155. 5th & 6th gear issues
  156. 4L60E to T56 conversion on LT1?
  157. vibration in 3rd gear through shifter
  158. Aftermarket Slave???
  159. trans issue (video of problem)
  160. clutch swap?
  161. No leak possible bad slave?
  162. T56 Core?
  163. Trans problem. Advice please.
  164. 09 C6 shift issue, only on 3-4 shift
  165. what shifter to buy
  166. difference in gto t-56 and camaro t-56
  167. tick master...?
  168. Monster stg 3 vs Spec stg 3?
  169. I bought a Tick Performance master cylinder
  170. 2000 c5 vette wont shift at high rpms
  171. 4l60e to t56
  172. How long will clutch last question?
  173. new cam, more power, missing shifts
  174. Help me make a clutch replacement parts list..
  175. Carnage T56
  176. B&M Ripper Shifter Length vs. Lou's Short Stick
  177. Monster Clutch.. Short Pedal??
  178. New Clutch Advice Please!
  179. R154 on 98 LS1? Crazy? Doable?
  180. need help finding a replacement retainer for an M6
  181. clutch bleed question
  182. non hydro throwout bearing ?
  183. McLeod clutches?
  184. Recommend me an aftermarket LS7 Flywheel
  185. 2nd gear is gone.
  186. ?, I purchased my car with a built T56 w/ Strait cut gears good or bad?
  187. How do you identify a ls7 clutch
  188. confusion about what clutch to use?
  189. Best way to bleed clutch
  190. Best way to bleed clutch
  191. clutch to use
  192. Best value replacement clutch?
  193. CTSV Shifter question
  194. Six speed in list
  195. Need Help with Hydraulics
  196. slave leaking, is that the problem
  197. Monster clutch Stage 1.5 installed. do I have Chatter or a bad install?
  198. "Sloppy" shifting - Any thoughts?
  199. LT1 T56 clutch problems
  200. T56 Rebuild kits?
  201. T56 Ls1 Flywheel
  202. Identify this T56 sensor. Please.
  203. 2nd gear grind after rebuild
  204. Flywheel Help!
  205. Where the heck did I screw up my T56 swap wiring?
  206. Is this typicall for the t56s
  207. installing ls7 clutch, what adjustable master cylinder to use
  208. Help with plate holding MC
  209. 04 ctsv t56 in an fbody?
  210. LS7 Flywheel???
  211. dumb question...autozone only has automatic trans oil?
  212. Bleeding the clutch????????
  213. 4th gear grinds, but force will make it engage
  214. Monster lvl 3 & Tick lvl 2
  215. RPM Transmissions Sales at EPP - Deep Discounts!
  216. Clutch Questions?
  217. where to get another 2step
  218. Having problems with my t-56
  219. what all to fix?
  220. How to tell visually its an LS T56 and not LT or other?
  221. Reverse Lockout Switch?????
  222. T56 shifter relocate
  223. Clutch problems....
  224. Need help with a clutch install nightmare1!
  225. Any of you LS7 clutch guys using a non oem ls2 flywheel?
  226. Clutch sticks to the floor
  227. Synchro Rings
  228. Part
  229. How much can I get for my broke t56?
  230. Question on F-body clutch master cylinder
  231. Noisy trans...
  232. input shaft
  233. NEED HELP clutch stuck on the floor and car is stuck in gear
  234. Concern about clutch.....
  235. does anyone know
  236. Videos Of Before/After Tickperf. Master Cylinder
  237. Can u run an aftermarket dist with stock PP?
  238. I keep getting more air when I try to bleed my clutch.
  239. Ram Clutch Disk Measurements??
  240. Last day for the sale....
  241. Third has trouble engaging but doesnt pop out once in
  242. 2009 G8 GXP T6060 6spd vs T-56 Question for shifter location
  243. T56 Differences?
  244. weird bleeding issue...need help?
  245. Pedal is low. about 1.5" lower then brake pedal??
  246. t56 vs tr6060
  247. Monster clutches Level 3 Vs. 3.5?
  248. Help buying clutch
  249. pro 5.0 problem
  250. LS7 question...