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  2. Pilot bushing bad - should I replace the clutch disc?
  3. Real Big Pain High RPM shit problem someone HELP
  4. why does my flywheel not fit onto the crank?!
  5. New stick, new fluid, getting better!
  6. Help with clutch/transmission problems
  7. slave connection
  8. Harlan shiftlight
  9. Clutch Issues.
  10. Clutch: which 1 & why?
  11. Clunk from Bellhousing
  12. Car starts w/o depressing clutch pedal...
  13. Click, click noise when taking off from standstill
  14. Some T56 problem
  15. LS1 clutch questions...HELP!
  16. What did you pay for your clutch replacement?
  17. LS7 Clutch
  18. Destroyed my shift fork!
  19. Problems with Spec Clutch?
  20. Bellhousing ? 4 a 00 z28
  21. Wanted!! 94 v6 5-speed bellhousing
  22. 5th Gear Syncro?
  23. Is it possible
  24. Recently bought car = ?????? milage on trans oil
  25. Did the drill mod.
  26. Fluid questions, dumb Q
  27. Clutch Bleeding..??? HELP???
  28. slave stud size?
  29. Introducing the Katech LS9X twin disk clutch for LS2/LS3/LS7
  30. New clutch
  31. What is the best gear oil?
  32. New Clutch...
  33. Dirty clutch fluid
  34. Bad noise when in neutral, clutch out.
  35. Which Clutch to Go With
  36. ls7/ ls2 or alum flywheel?
  37. I need a new slave/master assembly for my 94 T56
  38. Is my master cylinder working properly??
  39. who had a shop do your a4/m6 swap?
  40. clutch not dissengaging?
  41. won't shift after 5k
  42. where to but 6 speed parts
  43. what does this rubber gasket do ?
  44. Do you have to run a Mcleod adj MC with Street twin?
  45. Need help no pedal
  46. Removal of broken driveshaft yoke
  47. What did i break?
  48. sound about right?
  49. Anyone know where to get blocker rings only for T56?
  50. ws6store short shifter
  51. Well?
  52. Shifting problems with my t56 when going harder on throttle.
  53. New Problem after rebuilding T56 (IDEAS?)
  54. TKO 600 what oil???
  55. shit, clutch help please?
  56. Clutch won't go down, HELP
  57. Stuck in gear now no reverse? WTF
  58. Putting together a clutch setup
  59. T-56's and Moroso oil pans?
  60. Vibrations - Clutch or not?
  61. clutch or tranny issue?
  62. chromoly or billet steel fywheel?
  63. Brand: Clutch master/ clutchs
  64. Clutch wont Bleed - Need Help...
  65. Clutch line and fitting HELP!!!
  66. weight of Street twin vs single disc???
  67. Slave problems
  68. New @ TICKshift: Monster Clutches ON SALE, New Offerings from SPEC, Lightweight LS7..
  69. Tick or 01-02 GM MC
  70. Vibration under engine braking...
  71. Max HP / TQ on '97 LT1 T56?
  72. How much is a stock clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, 17K miles worth
  73. clutch pedal not comming all the way up.
  74. Aluminum Flywheel & Clutch Q's
  75. T56 jack
  76. Trans downshifting/misc issue
  77. Ls7 clutch setup, now i have clatter
  78. Reverse lockout soloniod or sensor
  79. ls7 clutch
  80. What should the clutch pedal feel like while disconnected
  81. Monster Clutch Sale Going on?
  82. what is my setup worth?
  83. pullin tranny
  84. 2 complete cars:swapping tranny m6-a4 and a4-m6. Swap interior harness???
  85. Which mityvac model to get
  86. Packaging and shipping a T56
  87. 01+ master with drill mod vs tick master
  88. I Need T56 Parts HELP!
  89. Clutch
  90. trouble shifting under wot
  91. Pilot bushing for LS1
  92. Do I need to take the starter off to pull the bellhousing?
  93. Big confusion, have a question about SPEC
  94. What clutch setup for 900HP?
  95. ls7 clutch question
  96. Pro 5.0 install
  97. Can I make a t56 from a c5 fit into an 82 f-body?
  98. any tips on removing tailshaft seal/bushing?
  99. Locking clip for clutch pedal/piston
  100. A quick question
  101. spec2+ or spec3+
  102. Monster clutch break in
  103. Another Tick/monster setup
  104. spec1 and spec 3
  105. New clutch installed... problem with pedal stiffness
  106. Monster and tic rock!
  107. Help!
  108. any strip tips?
  109. Newb shifting questions.. dont laugh
  110. Exedy Clutch poor customer service
  111. ls7
  112. Dextron VI?!
  113. LSX Super-Single Clutch Kitch Now Available
  114. Monster & Tick Performance = Awesome
  115. Is there Any Worth To These Parts?
  116. T56 Coversion
  117. Shifter Rattling
  118. Centerforce DFX failure after 2.5K and 11 months.
  119. Reverse Inhibit Soleniod
  120. What is a T56 worth???
  121. Old SBC and T56
  122. Helpe needed ASAP shifting problems CTS-V
  123. clutch problems
  124. Rebuilt T56 or go 4L80E? good T56 rebuilders for high HP
  125. hurst billet plus centering springs
  126. Speedometer Problem after Conversion
  127. tremec tko 600
  128. Tick Performance Adj. Master???
  129. Drill mod Review: What not to do & End resluts
  130. uhh 4gear grind, and wouldent go into 2nd.
  131. Clutch Problems with 7k+rpm shifts. story inside!
  132. T-56 & v6
  133. Clutch sliping because of Oil?
  134. clutch
  135. T-56 Rebuild
  136. ram twin disc question?
  137. Clutch suggestions
  138. Trouble with clutch slave cylinder install
  139. What do I need to mate a 5.3 LH6 to a t56?
  140. Textralia After 6K Miles What Happened
  141. CTS-V supercharged LSA clutch 6 or 8-bolt?
  142. Stuck in 4th please help
  143. New Clutch Needed... Suggestions? - '97 Formula
  144. What bellhousing do I need?
  145. Any last minute advice - QM 7.25" 3-disc going in Friday
  146. Pressure Plate Bolts
  147. New master, line, and slave still wont shift at WOT
  148. Need advice. Possibly the clutch.
  149. A4 crossmember for T56?
  150. Opinions please! M6 Trans problem
  151. Is this a factory Hurst shifter?
  152. What connector did I just break on my T56?
  153. clutch issues any ideas?
  154. Used Pressure Plates?
  155. trans grind new clutch and higher rpms
  156. 0z700 Installed, Not disengaging.
  157. New to the 6 Speed world 99TA
  158. Ls7 Clutch breakin period?
  159. Car wants to roll when trying to put into gear??
  160. Had a drivetrain mishap, need some help
  161. No Reverse!
  162. Help Heard/Felt Loud Clunk after Hard Shifting
  163. T-56 clutch swap is a PITA
  164. Best deal on monster clutch
  165. Do i shim a slave for ls7 clutch?
  166. Trans question
  167. M12 shiftiing a reverse issues! PLEASE HELP
  168. Clutch and flywheel help_
  169. annoyed with my Tick adjustable
  170. Help me out!!! Clutch problems (after my dad borrowed car)
  171. torque spec?
  172. need adjustable master cyl for lt1
  173. M6 won't shift into reverse every time
  174. Throw out bearing???
  175. Another Tick Master Cylinder thread
  176. Stupid Question........
  177. Gouged Throwout Bearing
  178. 5th gear grind
  179. Changing clutch fluid
  180. 781rwhp
  181. Clutch hose question..
  182. T56 cost?
  183. HELP!!! hydraulic line disconnect tool needed!!!
  184. Cant Quick Shift........ i tried searching
  185. Textralia triple disc help - why is the slave different?
  186. ANYONE know how I can send Harlan a PM?
  187. grind going into 2nd and 4th....
  188. 9 in. driveshaft measurements
  189. ls6 clutch or ls7
  190. McLeod RXT/RST Users: Did you need the 1373 bearing?
  191. ls3 clutch flywheel fit ls1?
  192. Keep the Motor From Turning?
  193. rockland gear no walk bushing
  194. How to bypass the clutch switch??
  195. does a clutch have to break in/ and bumpy feeling why?
  196. anyone try an act ls1 clutch?
  197. drill mod Q
  198. Will this work?
  199. So...if you mishift a t56, what breaks in the tranny?
  200. dumb question on tq arm mount
  201. What is holding me back???
  202. weird noise coming from clutch..*Videos*
  203. Detailed MGW shifter pictures
  204. how do you use the mity vac on clutches? NEED HELP ASAP
  205. need a slave cylinder..
  206. LS7 Questions.
  207. need how-to for t56
  208. how to adjust McLeod street twin pedal
  209. Flushing the tranny fluid gives smoother shifting?
  210. clunking trans??
  211. Local shop rebuilding T56, which parts to upgrade?
  212. clutch master cylinder removal
  213. clutch master cylinder removal
  214. reverse synchro?'s
  215. Clutch Sticking Issues: Help Me Out
  216. 750+rwhp Cars
  217. New Drivetrain????
  218. i need a complete clutch kit by thursday
  219. anyone with an F1 cromoly and a tex come in
  220. Tranny out? Or just a hydraulic/cylinder issue?
  221. thought it was fixed, but its not, noise when turning,,, grinding, howling
  222. IS ther a difference i9n slave cylinders between 97-02?
  223. Clutch Pedal Spring
  224. Ever just change the clutch disk and not the press plate/flywheel?
  225. How Do I Test the Speed Sensor?
  226. Where can I find this shift knob?
  227. 06 vette ls1...what tranny?
  228. Slave Cyl Fluid Level Question
  229. Hurst Shifter Install...Two Issues
  230. Help please, cant shift at high rpms
  231. Will NOT go in reverse
  232. Stuck in 4th!!!
  233. Monster Level 3 break in impressions
  234. hard clutch pedal
  235. ?'s for pro 5.0 users
  236. Sticking Clutch Pedal
  237. spec 3+ to ls7 review
  238. T56 swap into a 69 Camaro.. NEEDING HELP
  239. Getting best mileage m6, cam
  240. Aftermarket Clutch Pedal Assembly
  241. Manual Transmission Fluid
  242. While I Have my Tranny Out - Pilot Bearing and Grinding Question
  243. Clutch fork or throwout problem?? (95 T56)
  244. Problems with clutch assembly
  245. Using a A4 harness on a 6 speed
  246. Houston Area: Good place to install a clutch
  247. mgw shifter!!!
  248. T-56 ?sss
  249. bellhousing questions! measurements needed!
  250. Hard to Put in Gear