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  1. Slave spacer
  2. T 5 swap ... clutch line promblems
  3. Need a Slave Cylinder ASAP
  4. T-56 build?
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  7. Reverse sleeve
  8. my clutch swap w/ pics, feel free to come in and give advice!
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  10. drill mod question
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  13. Identify this part....
  14. spec 3+ clutch
  15. Clutch Pedal Pressure - Post Clutch Install
  16. Textralia Z Grip Is In
  17. Newb M6 questions
  18. new clutch choices
  19. T56 wont budge (LT1) please help
  20. where to buy Spec 3+?
  21. hard into reverse after road course
  22. Shifters
  23. Spec 3+ and Fidanza Flywheel ok?
  24. Textralia new install possiable trouble
  25. Did I ruin my Spec stg. 3?
  26. Posting from side of the road... what did I break this time!? lol
  27. t56 interchangable clutches?
  28. bench bleeding?
  29. will spec 3+ work w/ RAM billet steel flywheel?
  30. is it worth it to change your stock hurst shifter in a SS Camaro?
  31. GTO Stainless Clutch Lines?
  32. car surging or bucking = something broke
  33. need new clutch - help!!
  34. Swapping clutches for 1st time
  35. Who has the new MGW shifter?
  36. Help
  37. Is it my tranny, clutch, or bearing going bad?
  38. What to consider before installing a Spec 3+ Clutch
  39. Clutch slipping...AGAIN.....HELP!
  40. Spec twin disc
  41. RPS Clutches?
  42. T-5 Won't go into gear sometimes. Clutch or Trans
  43. Clutch switch wiring confusion
  44. 3.73 rearend ZO6 trans gear combo ???
  45. spec mini twin disc?
  46. Six Speeds Inc. will be closed week of June 30-July 4th
  47. 2.66 1st 1.78 2nd, why??
  48. Spec Super Twin
  49. What did I do?
  50. GTO 2nd Gear Issue?
  51. Hydraulic leak??
  52. Help me identify this clutch.. spec?
  53. Power shifting T-56
  54. ram powergrip hd driveability
  55. someone please help T-5 clutch line and fitting problem I NEED HELP
  56. auto help
  57. Stock pressure plate weight?
  58. Throwout bearing popped off slave, Reinstalled-- Am I ok?
  59. clutch letting itself out.....slave prob? leak? help!!!!
  60. best street clutch/flywheel with minor mods done to car
  61. I thought the pro 5.0 was suppose to help with the 2-3 shift?
  62. Will not shift to second at high RPM's
  63. t56 bellhousing
  64. are 93-97 pedals the same as 98-02?
  65. are there any write ups on how to remove tranny
  67. how much money from a4 to M6
  68. slave cylinder
  69. flywheel m6
  70. Clutch wouldn't release
  71. Who makes those metal shifter boot clips?
  72. Mcleod RST clutch?
  73. Ram Vds
  74. shortest throw shifter
  75. LS2/7 flywheel - lighten or billet steel replacement?
  76. Clutch Overkill
  77. Trans removal virgin
  78. Anyone used the new RAM produced slave?
  79. car broke down- clutch?
  80. trans removal today
  81. shortest throw shifter
  82. drill mod m6
  83. new m6 clutch!!!
  84. putting m6 back together
  85. I need a GOOD clutch
  86. Rebuild T56 ..Do I need this ?
  87. How to make sure I never miss 3rd
  88. whats up with textralia's ordering process?
  89. More clutch issues - New Slave and now slipping
  90. Tranny help
  91. cts-v t56
  92. Tex oz-700 dragging update.
  93. New shifter
  94. Textralia or Spec Stage 3+
  95. Noob With A Spec
  96. Tranny Mount
  97. C5 T56 in a Camaro?
  98. No more cooked clutch fluid from header to hyd. line contact!!!
  99. IM looking for a 6spd setup for a performabuilt trans and yank 3600
  100. blackhawk clutches??
  101. 4th gear going out?
  102. New clutch issues
  103. Pilot bushing just slips out
  104. hurst billet guys come inside!
  105. Trouble w/ 2nd and 4th gear
  106. Is this the correct pilot bushing?
  107. Quick Clutch Bleeding Question?
  108. HELP! i need some advice on my tex exo skel
  109. throwout bearing size?
  110. Theoretically speaking....another LT1 t56 thread, help me out
  111. Shift Boot plastic retention ring
  112. dropping trans.. getting a new clutch what else?
  113. how is my transmission
  114. bearing vs. bushing
  115. what to do about inside wiring for an m6 to a4 swap
  116. is this normal?
  117. Clutch or hydraulics or tranny?
  118. Problems with pro 5.0
  119. Pedal Prob
  120. How to bench bleed your M/C?
  121. Aluminum Flywheel
  122. Need help with T56 trans
  123. 2004 gto shifter
  124. Need help deciding on a clutch
  125. Clutch Slave Install Question...
  126. Clutch bleeding problems?
  127. reinstall tranny, now issues
  128. Do I NEED a new bellhousing?
  129. Master Cylinder seals
  130. Mcleod Adjustable Master release date?
  131. Six speed in 2002 trans am
  132. car won't move
  133. Anyone ever seen a failure like this?
  134. newbe needs help with centerforce
  135. Clutch pedal pressure (Very stiff)
  136. WTF am I doing wrong?
  137. is this a good shifter?
  138. Clutch?
  139. Clutch grabbing off floor... I've tried everything
  140. Centerforce DFX
  141. What Clutch?
  142. Spec Clutch Spacer
  143. input shaft
  144. Hydraulic LT1 Clutch Line
  145. T56 Question
  146. Peddle sticks to floor, AKA shitty GM clutch system design
  147. Tailshaft Thread?
  148. MT newb question
  149. installing a bulit t-5 into an ls1 f-body
  150. Clutch not disengaging?
  151. ZOOM clutch ????
  152. Pistol grip shiftknob
  153. 411 gears what gear to hit from a 45mph roll
  154. Mcleod Bell housing.
  155. wat clutch w/450rwhp & and sprayin a 150hp shot?
  156. Chatter when I floor it.
  157. Trouble going into gear when stopped
  158. Spec Wtf!!!
  159. i need a t56 rebuild. 3rd grinds all to hell
  160. 96' ws6 seems to studder?
  161. Improving pedals for Heel/Toe?
  162. do i got a clutch problem or a trans mount problem?
  163. Best Of The Best
  164. constant 5th gear grinding
  165. T-56 viper upgrade.
  166. twin disk help
  167. need clutch help
  168. poping out of 3rd
  169. undecided between ls7 clutch or ram????
  170. why does rpm affect the hydraulics of the clutch
  171. Is this an lt1 or ls1 t56? (link)
  172. Power loss with 12bolt
  173. I think I ordered the wrong shifter
  174. INSTANT REBATES on SPEC Clutches at Tick Performance!
  175. clutch disc installation
  176. Centerforce clutch shot?
  177. Step by step on flushing/bleeding clutch fluid?
  178. 1-2 billet key install problem with pic
  179. '01 T/A Diff Noise
  180. Jarrod Short Stick Question
  181. Filling transmission fluid quick question.
  182. Trans, Clutch and God Knows What Else Issues
  183. No 6th
  184. silicone DOT 5 in clutch system???
  185. Clutch Issue- What causes Pedal to get HARD at high RPM?
  186. Six Speeds Inc Face Plated Trans
  187. what is this sound
  188. HELP Clutch Job Done NO REVERSE!!!
  189. O-Ring Question
  190. Output shaft problem/maybe?
  191. Shifting Problems @ High RPM - Done Drill Mod + New Parts, Bad MC?
  192. How to replace slave cylinder?
  193. SPEC stage 3? or stage 3+?
  194. Two thumbs up for my OZ700 clutch
  195. problem with 4 gear
  196. tranny problems
  197. Tex Exoskel.. stock master, or mc leod.
  198. new master cylinder problems
  199. Spec or Fidanza for LS7 clutch
  200. Bad Slave Cylinder???? I'm Feeling Nauseous!!
  201. SPEC 3+ durability?
  202. No Pedal Pressure WTF Textralia Zgrip New Master/slave
  203. stock clutch master displacement
  204. Shifter Dust boot
  205. Trans acting up
  206. ls7 disc and pressure plate ONLY?
  207. T56 belhousing bolts
  208. 5.3 with a t56?
  209. Shifter question.
  210. Trans grinds when clutch let's out
  211. Quick question.
  212. Which Fluid for T-56
  213. Textralia clutch must haves?
  214. am i stupid? spec 3
  215. t-56 stuck in 5th?
  216. Which clutch?
  217. Clutch/Flywheel weights? Advice on purchase?
  218. Ok guys let me pick your brains
  219. stuck clutch pedal=clutch fork/t.o. bearing?
  220. Clutch stuck down!
  221. Clutch stuck down!
  222. Rough 2nd Gear Shift...
  223. A possible drill mod fix?
  224. LT1 & LS1 clutch??? whats the difference?
  225. clutch, or trans bad?
  226. My transmission Is toast..Options?
  227. need help / advice
  228. v8 t-5 to v6 t-5 replacement
  229. What Clutch to Go With?
  230. Tranny or Traction ControL???
  231. slp flywheel? and clutch?
  232. Simple Clutch line question
  233. Shifter problem
  234. Fidanza aluminum flywheel & LS7 clutch?
  235. think my clutch is toast
  236. Question: Ordering a prothane transmission mount
  237. Preparing to install clutch, threadlocker needed?
  238. How thin clutch disc material until needs replaced?
  239. I think my tranny bit the big one tonight
  240. cheapest place for a PRO 5.0?
  241. Replaced shifter ... found some wires not connected Any ideas???
  242. Trextailia OZ700 X Grip Just installed
  243. 1998 Trans Am LS1 Clutch
  244. T-56 diagnostic help!!
  245. Clutch Disengagement issues.... Textrailia oz-700/Ram Adjustible Master
  246. Just finished my a4 to m6 swap!! Have some ??s
  247. Reybestes slave cylinder with throw out/release bearing? This thing any good?
  248. BigBadBlackSS is wearing off on me... Clutch leak
  249. Spec 3+ and flywheel?
  250. clutch problems again!!!