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  22. what is this???
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  25. 2nd whine
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  36. Just an FYI
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  52. just looking for suggestions on a clutch for my set up
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  61. Good deal no?
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  65. T56 Rebuild "how to" write up
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  68. Can someone help me out with torque specs?
  69. Clutch for LT1 with 400RWHP + Spray!
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  71. can anyone PLEASE help me?
  72. wont shift into 3rd!
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  78. All kinds of problems!
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  82. weak links
  83. where to buy shifter
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  86. Fidanza Fidanza!!!
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  88. ls7 flywheel
  89. clutch from the experts!
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  91. throw out bearing
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  93. Has anyone BROKEN a B&M???
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  96. i have a weird problem
  97. billet flywheel?
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  102. Best LS2 GTO shifter???
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  104. Oil on Clutch
  105. Making a Clutch line
  106. Ram Clutch Disk?
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  108. T56 Beef up?
  109. 04/05/06 Gto T56
  110. Tried out Penzoil Dexron VI...
  111. What do you think of this shifter?
  112. I am just nuts or did every Pro5.0 shifter install go like this?!?!?!!?
  113. ls2 slave and clutch into ls1?
  114. in a delema please help me out
  115. New Spec 2+ & pro 5.0 - No reverse
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  120. muffler?!?!?!
  121. Might Vac bleed?
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  123. paddle shift for t56
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  126. Diff between bleed, flush, and vacuum on clutch fluid system?
  127. T56 video
  128. trans problems
  129. Loctite for flywheel bolts?
  130. Help please
  131. QUICK: LS7 Clutch or Spec Stage 2???
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  133. Best price on Fidanza?
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  135. 2nd gear
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  137. Hesitation while accelerating
  138. Info About BOP Clutches Please
  139. need a measurement if ur d/s is out please..
  140. Is my clutch toast? SPEC 3 with lots pictures.
  141. to john at fuddle
  142. Difference between ls1/lt1
  143. Found this on McLeod MC
  144. need help w/ new clutch
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  147. six speed swap
  148. Shifter Bobbing
  149. skip shift..... is it all the same
  150. 6 spd Rebuild
  151. mcelod street twin grinding noises?
  152. T56 exhaust mount.
  153. shifting problem?
  154. Clutch return spring install tips
  155. What plug is this on t-56
  156. flywheel
  157. How do I check T56 tranny fluid?
  158. Bellhousing thread count
  159. Amsoil Torque-Drive Synthetic ATF
  160. Upper shifter plate interchangable??
  161. My Fourth Gear Went Out Help!
  162. new clutch slippage..ideas?
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  165. I know another one but is this trans fluid ok to use in my transmission?
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  167. Trans Grease?
  168. Wot Shifting Problem
  169. Slave cylinder shim question.
  170. 6 Speed Trans Fluid
  171. clutch problems
  172. 6 Speed Trans Fluid Quesion
  173. were can I get a new spec shim??
  174. sequential box for ls2 ?
  175. Shipping T-56 and flywheel/clutch
  176. T5 no reverse
  177. Ordering new parts for the tranny rebuild tomarrow...
  178. new LS7/LS2 clutch assembly engages to far out..??
  179. where to buy centerfoce clutch (12")
  180. Locked Six Speed
  181. how much play should yoke have?
  182. newb to the 6speed world
  183. 93 6spd to a 97
  184. 99 frc clutch won't hold
  185. Just installed WS6store short stick
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  188. Got my Z Grip Textralia Clutch
  189. clutch gets so soft!!
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  191. Help, Reverse wont hold!
  192. Hard to shift to third
  193. Need Help! ASAP Please Help!
  194. ram clutch rebuild, sorta dumb?
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  197. Aftermarket Lighter Flywheels for LS7 Clutch?
  198. Trying to order lower shift boot from GMpartsdirect..
  199. M6 to A4 swap wireing
  200. Pressure Plate Bolts
  201. POLL:Please help me decide what clutch is best for my app!!!
  202. spec stage 3 replacement disc
  203. replace pilot bearing?
  204. what else should i do besides clutch and flywheel
  205. 1st gear grinding.. helpppp
  206. New clutch dosnt like to go into 1st 3rd 5th and reverse
  207. GM master acting like a McLoed?
  208. Slave Bad?
  209. spec 2 clutch toast after 10k miles...what now?
  210. Anyone ever tapped their bellhousing bolt threads?
  211. spec twin installed
  212. 5.3 or 6.0 manual tranny options
  213. LT1 t56 to LS1 t56 with pictures
  214. Just purchased a SPEC 1 clutch
  215. Will Not Go Into 2nd Gear At WOT..?
  216. please help
  217. Sensor HELP
  218. *HELP!!* New clutch, wont go into gear
  219. help with wat i think is the rong trane cros brase link to its a 96 m6 car
  220. RAM HD clutch slippage !?!?!?
  221. Where can i find torque specs?
  222. Tranny fluid coming out of bellhousing
  223. Salve To Master Line ??'s
  224. Zoom twin disc clutch(stage 2), any thoughts?
  225. Everyone who uses mcleod clutch come in please..
  226. Salve cylinder throw out bearing
  227. Upgrade clutch or wait..
  228. LS7 Clutch Where to buy?
  229. T56 help
  230. Spec Twin Disc Clutch USERS COME IN!!!
  231. Clutch won't release after install.
  232. Spec stage 3+ clutch issues under spray !
  233. clutch noise ?
  234. T56 Builders
  235. Might be a stupid question
  236. which slave cylinder??
  237. think i broke a tranny mount?
  238. anyone run this flywheel?
  239. LS1 T56 parts?
  240. Will Stock Slave Work With Ls7 Clutch?
  241. New Clutch Suggestions
  242. Clutch or something else...
  243. Silicone in Clutch Master Cylinder???
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  246. Grinding with letting OFF the clutch...
  247. Quicktime bellhousing
  249. T56 carnage from the dyno...what happened?
  250. Can the "updated 01-02" slave cylinde be visually identified??