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  1. lost my pedal pressure after new clutch install????
  2. t56 swap
  3. Could it be my clutch making this noise?
  4. Nasty vibes at the shifter
  5. Help with Clutch problem
  6. Best Clutch for me?? Need Opinions
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  8. how to make a street twin SLIP
  9. Shifter Knob/ with line lock mount??
  10. Wich part number for McLeod BH?
  11. Flywheel/clutch installation snag..
  12. clutch slipping?
  13. Wasn't Thinking, slave cylinder
  14. T56 woes and pains
  15. Clutch pedal return spring
  16. clutch rebuild?
  17. Reverse Lockout assembly help
  18. Need some help
  19. vibration in first
  20. Cant Down Shift To 2nd
  21. Help me identify what year is this M6
  22. Stock power, stock clutch, record life?
  23. What tool for slave bleeding?
  24. Mainshaft Bearing
  25. Hurst Billet Plus Question???
  26. Would Heat tape and Dot 4 brake fluid help shifting high rpms
  27. 2 questions
  28. Dealership "powerbleed" clutch?
  29. Pro5.0 w/ short stick problem...
  30. A4 to m6 swap, now clutch chatter?
  31. Cruse control?
  32. Quicktime bellhousing question...
  33. tremec 6060
  34. How do you tell if you have the factory Hurst shifter?
  35. Getting new clutch and flywheel
  36. Got a real simple question about our Hydraulic pressure
  37. Is my pilot bearing in all the way?
  38. T56 Problem
  39. Another 3rd problem but different.
  40. t56
  41. LS7 drill mod question
  42. 3rd Gear grinds... what do I need?
  43. bad clutch??
  44. LS7 Clutch Kit
  45. new mount
  46. trans, clutch, rearend gurus here
  47. Confused..a4 to m6
  48. help! big problem
  49. What bearing is this? How do you get the darned thing out?!?
  50. trying to reinstall my trans
  51. Use this PP or Send it back?
  52. Spec stage 5?
  53. Why does my clutch howl when im going up hill?
  54. T56 Sensors
  55. Bell HOusing
  56. Sticking clutch at high RPM's
  57. Car creeping after clutch install
  58. GM Part Number Needed
  59. ws6 store short stick + umi handle? no workie
  60. Bronze fork pads for road racing?
  61. .............Will T5 hold LS1 bolt ons...........?????????
  62. 6th gear pops out
  63. internal parts
  64. clutch problems
  65. 2001 Camaro clutch pedal return spring PLASTIC BUSHING
  66. Going to settle this shifter debate.....
  67. Looking for a shift knob.
  68. So Six Speeds Inc, How far behind are you guys?
  69. F&*(&^g transmission wont go
  70. C6 Z06 T-56 Questions
  71. Transmission fixes itself?
  72. Found part of my trans/shifting problems...
  73. doing a clutch in gto
  74. Stock flywheel or Ram flywheel with Powergrip HD?
  75. What is the Best Clutch for LS1 manual transmission
  76. Problems with 5/6 gear.. grind
  77. LS1/A4 to truck M5
  78. RPS clutch after 2yrs and 110+ launches
  79. please help
  80. Which adjustable master to go with?
  81. Clutch bleeding
  82. two questions/problems
  83. Lower Shifter Boot Question
  84. spec 3+
  85. NEW ls7 clutch slipping at high rpm?
  86. New LS7/LS2 combo VIBRATION???
  87. master cylinder, throwout bearing or something else wrong?
  88. TEX OZ700 X Grip is parts for sale
  89. Cheapest ls7 cluth kit??
  90. HELP: Camaro LT1 M6 to LS1 A4 Trans Crossmember Question
  91. Synchro problems?
  92. Whats Wrong with my M6
  93. you ls1 guys have it easy!!!!
  94. Spec clutch shim install
  95. Weird pedal @ WOT
  96. What kit to get?
  97. Heat tape
  98. clutch ?'s
  99. Shift knob threads
  100. im startin 2 hate this ws6
  101. How can I quite down a PRO 5.0 shifter?
  102. Anyone else having centerforce problems?
  103. Any Shops Sell A complete T56 Conversion?
  104. 3rd gen 454 6speed
  105. Ebay slaves/throwout bearing?
  106. can anyone tell me if the skip shift sensor has to be plug in
  107. T56 gear change
  108. Mabye I'm Just Retarded
  109. zf 6 speed with bbc slipping
  110. Changed my trans fluid today... not happy... D&D inside please...
  111. Spec problems WTF
  112. Swap T56 for 5 speed??
  113. clutch trouble
  114. Which clutch?
  115. Shifter knob and shifter feel... C6 knob installed.
  116. Will this dodge viper tranny mount work?
  117. any body have a textralia pressure plate?
  118. LT1 trans fit an LS1
  119. Shifting without the clutch.
  120. Possible Clutch/Tranny Issue?
  121. Just Need Some Quick Help
  122. Tex 0Z700 or Spec Stage 4
  123. input shaft bearing
  124. to be spacific
  125. 01-02 Updated Master?
  126. Textralia Clutch Question
  127. clutch noise
  128. Gas Mileage
  129. Clutch Cable to replace hydrolics on LS vehicles?
  130. Forced to granny shift! Suggestions??
  131. took out my trans today
  132. Spec Clutch Question
  133. spec3+stock flywheel?
  134. What is this thud
  135. new shifter
  136. hhhhhheeellllllppppp!!!!!!!!!!!
  137. Clutch Swap
  138. quick clutch weight and RPS clutch ?
  139. question on a throw out bearing
  140. Whats the best shifter.
  141. Unable to grab 4th at WOT - M6
  142. Please vote members and sponsors
  143. short stick is too short
  144. Slip yoke sticking LT1 T56
  145. What to do...
  146. c6 Z06 trans swap?
  147. clutch pedal problem!!!
  148. '03 LQ4 w/LT1 T56 (Weir Hot Rod setup)
  149. Grease for bronze bushing?
  150. Drill mod help!!!!
  151. Fidanza Shifter?
  152. automatic guy converting to a t56. Tell me whats good for my application guys!
  153. t56 hard to shift...
  154. what do you guys do with your old clutch assemblies?
  155. tremec info
  156. m6 to a4
  157. How many times can you resurface stock flywheel?
  158. Textralia Arrived!
  159. WTB t56 conversion
  160. Which bolts? 13mm/15mm
  161. I think I figured out the problem. What do you guys think?
  162. How long until?...
  163. High RPM Problems...
  164. Textralia Customer Service
  165. 3" Of pedal Freeplay.
  166. Attn: All Customers
  167. Please help with M6!!! LOOK INSIDE PLEASE
  168. Master Cylinder
  169. BOP All I can say is WOW!!!
  170. Fbody T56 to Vett T56 swap
  171. ls1 clutch on lt1
  172. ls7 + aps
  173. T-56 Question
  174. Clutch Fluid.
  175. Xtd
  176. Need drawing for inside of a T56
  177. what t56 clutch 4 a 500hp ls6??
  178. Pilot bearing removal
  179. Shaking.
  180. Spec 5 clutch
  181. Problem finding correct pilot BUSHING
  182. How much will a spec 2+ take?
  183. Fustrated Bleeder
  184. What clutch to buy with close to stock feel
  185. LS7 Clutch
  186. tranny problems
  187. Anyone Know?
  188. Working on a project, Corvette T56, f-body rear housing?
  189. clutch jumpy, need advice
  190. Exo-Skel install instructions
  191. C6 Z06 trans & diff swap into a C5?
  192. 5-6 driven gear chipped
  193. what is a good new transmission i can put in my 2001 z28
  194. Hurst Shifter
  195. hard shifting
  196. new spec clutch install ?s
  197. Still grinding
  198. Clutch Bleeding Problems...
  199. Anyone running a Richmond R.O.D. 6-Speed?
  200. Something is weird with my clutch
  201. Do I need ARP bolts for clutch/flywheel???
  202. New clutch and more and now issues
  203. Rant!
  204. Wiring Harness
  205. Pulling the trans for service...
  206. T-56 left me stuck at a gas station today!
  207. stock flywheel weight?
  208. HELP!!! How do you remove the....
  209. anyone with a TR-6060? and some questions.
  210. stcok driveshaft lenght ?
  211. Clutch woes, and opening day at the track is Sunday!
  212. How much work to change 3-4 fork and blocker rings?
  213. LS1 T56 not as strong as LT1 T56?
  214. Clutch for a 402 making 500whp give or take a few
  215. driveshaft
  216. New Competition clutch, standard ?
  217. impact for dropping out the 6 speed
  218. Where to buy Lou's Short Stick
  219. T56 problems popping out of reverse?
  220. Have a question about clutch slipping?
  221. so i pulled out my "blown" spec 3+....
  222. Hydraulic Fluid... What do I do???? Help!
  223. "Diamond Clutch" has anybody heard of it?????
  224. Brake Master Fluid Emergency!!!
  225. Pilot Bearing Tool???
  226. I think my clutch is fried
  227. launching on DR's
  228. Textralia Z Grip Review
  229. Ok please help 4th time
  230. Clutch reservoir PART NUMBER
  231. Weird noise
  232. Flywheel and Pressure Plate?
  233. Clutch problem or synchro problem?
  234. whining noise help
  235. just got my textralia Z grip...
  236. help on bleed the clutch
  237. Standard LS1 t56 trans with CTS-V clutch?
  238. SixSpeedinc
  239. t56 question
  240. a4 to m6 conversion questions
  241. cant get into gear???
  242. Please help!! Spec stage 3 ?
  243. Cartek clutch VS Textralia oz700
  244. Transmission Drain Plug Thread Size?
  245. 2008 Tremec TR6060 (MM6/MZ6)
  246. Spec Stage 1
  247. Are stock LT1 flywheels nodular or cast iron?
  248. LS7 clutch
  249. Where to find rubber mount?
  250. Gotta few question...