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  1. did research didnt find exactly this for my clutch problem
  2. Bleeding master and slave out of car...
  3. Clutch Fluid and Bleeding Process
  4. Just installed spec3+ having hydraulic problem
  5. The ONE TIME I legitimately need to get to
  6. Mcleod bellhousing any info?
  7. i need a new drive shaft and yoke where should i get it and should i upgrade it
  8. Textralia STILL chattering need some answers
  9. spec clutch question
  10. Putting in my new shifter
  11. Clutch or Trans Problem?
  12. Ls7 Clutch Hold 6K CLutch Dumps on Occasion?
  13. LT1 M6 clutch bleeding
  14. Clutch started slipping today...
  15. Putting the tranny back in.....
  16. Strange Fluid under TOB
  17. swap kit?
  18. Ram Powergrip HD finally started slipping......
  19. LT-1 to LS-1 T56 Swap
  20. where to get a better-than-stock t56 FAST?
  21. Question about a Stage 2 spec
  22. Cant floor it
  23. swapin a 4l60e to t56 ?
  24. T56 Leaking
  25. T56 Computer in A4 Car
  26. M6 to A4 conversion
  27. whereto get the tool to release my hyd. cable
  28. Looking to swap back to a m/6 from th400
  29. What kind of bellhousing do i need?
  30. swap or not ?
  31. Bad Clutch?
  32. vent tube on M6 Transmission
  33. Luk=Exedy
  34. lookin for a M6 tranny
  35. Really wierd thing happened with my tranny, need advice
  36. pedal pressure issues... what am i doing wrong?
  37. No clutch!
  38. What clutch are you 500+ RWHP cars running?
  39. Torque mount
  40. factory hurst vs. factory shifter?
  41. C5 Corvette Clutch Slave/Master Cylinder???
  42. Clutch out of adjustment??
  43. Which Textralia is right for me?
  44. 2.73s
  45. ? On The Torque Arm Bracket
  46. Going from A4 to a 6sp Questions?
  47. New Slave Cylinder Question
  48. Slave is Internal or External???
  49. problems with getting into gears
  50. M6 Mount
  51. Mixing Pressure Plates & Clutches
  52. Tranny Work for F/I?
  53. cobra shifter
  54. LS7 pressure plate force?
  55. Pilot bearing prob...
  56. Slave cylinder strikes again?
  57. T56 housing
  58. Clutch bleeding
  59. spec 3 still chatters sometimes
  60. the plug-ins on a T56
  61. Mcleod adj master
  62. Reverse Lockout Electrical Plug?
  63. Flip reverse slider?
  64. Stock clutch limits.
  65. Read if you have Centerforce Clutch. What do you think?
  66. Clutch pressed car still moves
  67. New clutch going in this weekend
  68. LS7 Clutch and T56 Advice
  69. Loctite
  70. Please Help I'm at a loss
  71. B&m Shifter With Gray Plate ?
  72. Who carries Mobil 1 Syn ATF?
  73. SPEC 3+ kit... shim???
  74. So what the F is wrong?
  75. Clutch Anticipation
  76. Stock clutch
  77. Slave Cylinder Question - Need Input
  78. t56 main case
  79. No 6th Gear
  80. t56?
  81. Poll: Following the sticky clutch pedal write up fixes..did it solve the problem???
  82. B&M shifter w/ hurst knob??
  83. Swapping out master..
  84. Anyone got a ls t56 laying around need some measurements
  85. SPEC Clutches
  86. clutch problem
  87. Help...!!!
  88. My car is cursed
  89. New Ram Hydraulic Bearings
  90. Dirty Clutch Fluid(even after new master/slv)
  91. Anyone done the so-called Anti-Venom Mod?
  92. 1,2 Shift Fork Billet Keys
  93. ram hd questions
  94. Extremely Notchy Tranny in the cold
  95. reverse question
  96. needa clutch, please help
  97. local autoparts store slave cylinder?
  98. Post Some Pics Of Shifters & Knobs
  99. anyone ever seen a yellow spec clutch?
  100. clutch job rough to get into gear
  101. Clutch Power Losses?
  102. Needing my transmission rebuilt
  103. adj. a master cylinder....
  104. Need socket to bleed clutch can't find the socket?
  105. lost my pedal pressure after new clutch install????
  106. t56 swap
  107. Could it be my clutch making this noise?
  108. Nasty vibes at the shifter
  109. Help with Clutch problem
  110. Best Clutch for me?? Need Opinions
  111. T56 Swap Cruise Shut Off
  112. how to make a street twin SLIP
  113. Shifter Knob/ with line lock mount??
  114. Wich part number for McLeod BH?
  115. Flywheel/clutch installation snag..
  116. clutch slipping?
  117. Wasn't Thinking, slave cylinder
  118. T56 woes and pains
  119. Clutch pedal return spring
  120. clutch rebuild?
  121. Reverse Lockout assembly help
  122. Need some help
  123. vibration in first
  124. Cant Down Shift To 2nd
  125. Help me identify what year is this M6
  126. Stock power, stock clutch, record life?
  127. What tool for slave bleeding?
  128. Mainshaft Bearing
  129. Hurst Billet Plus Question???
  130. Would Heat tape and Dot 4 brake fluid help shifting high rpms
  131. 2 questions
  132. Dealership "powerbleed" clutch?
  133. Pro5.0 w/ short stick problem...
  134. A4 to m6 swap, now clutch chatter?
  135. Cruse control?
  136. Quicktime bellhousing question...
  137. tremec 6060
  138. How do you tell if you have the factory Hurst shifter?
  139. Getting new clutch and flywheel
  140. Got a real simple question about our Hydraulic pressure
  141. Is my pilot bearing in all the way?
  142. T56 Problem
  143. Another 3rd problem but different.
  144. t56
  145. LS7 drill mod question
  146. 3rd Gear grinds... what do I need?
  147. bad clutch??
  148. LS7 Clutch Kit
  149. new mount
  150. trans, clutch, rearend gurus here
  151. Confused..a4 to m6
  152. help! big problem
  153. What bearing is this? How do you get the darned thing out?!?
  154. trying to reinstall my trans
  155. Use this PP or Send it back?
  156. Spec stage 5?
  157. Why does my clutch howl when im going up hill?
  158. T56 Sensors
  159. Bell HOusing
  160. Sticking clutch at high RPM's
  161. Car creeping after clutch install
  162. GM Part Number Needed
  163. ws6 store short stick + umi handle? no workie
  164. Bronze fork pads for road racing?
  165. .............Will T5 hold LS1 bolt ons...........?????????
  166. 6th gear pops out
  167. internal parts
  168. clutch problems
  169. 2001 Camaro clutch pedal return spring PLASTIC BUSHING
  170. Going to settle this shifter debate.....
  171. Looking for a shift knob.
  172. So Six Speeds Inc, How far behind are you guys?
  173. F&*(&^g transmission wont go
  174. C6 Z06 T-56 Questions
  175. Transmission fixes itself?
  176. Found part of my trans/shifting problems...
  177. doing a clutch in gto
  178. Stock flywheel or Ram flywheel with Powergrip HD?
  179. What is the Best Clutch for LS1 manual transmission
  180. Problems with 5/6 gear.. grind
  181. LS1/A4 to truck M5
  182. RPS clutch after 2yrs and 110+ launches
  183. please help
  184. Which adjustable master to go with?
  185. Clutch bleeding
  186. two questions/problems
  187. Lower Shifter Boot Question
  188. spec 3+
  189. NEW ls7 clutch slipping at high rpm?
  190. New LS7/LS2 combo VIBRATION???
  191. master cylinder, throwout bearing or something else wrong?
  192. TEX OZ700 X Grip is parts for sale
  193. Cheapest ls7 cluth kit??
  194. HELP: Camaro LT1 M6 to LS1 A4 Trans Crossmember Question
  195. Synchro problems?
  196. Whats Wrong with my M6
  197. you ls1 guys have it easy!!!!
  198. Spec clutch shim install
  199. Weird pedal @ WOT
  200. What kit to get?
  201. Heat tape
  202. clutch ?'s
  203. Shift knob threads
  204. im startin 2 hate this ws6
  205. How can I quite down a PRO 5.0 shifter?
  206. Anyone else having centerforce problems?
  207. Any Shops Sell A complete T56 Conversion?
  208. 3rd gen 454 6speed
  209. Ebay slaves/throwout bearing?
  210. can anyone tell me if the skip shift sensor has to be plug in
  211. T56 gear change
  212. Mabye I'm Just Retarded
  213. zf 6 speed with bbc slipping
  214. Changed my trans fluid today... not happy... D&D inside please...
  215. Spec problems WTF
  216. Swap T56 for 5 speed??
  217. clutch trouble
  218. Which clutch?
  219. Shifter knob and shifter feel... C6 knob installed.
  220. Will this dodge viper tranny mount work?
  221. any body have a textralia pressure plate?
  222. LT1 trans fit an LS1
  223. Shifting without the clutch.
  224. Possible Clutch/Tranny Issue?
  225. Just Need Some Quick Help
  226. Tex 0Z700 or Spec Stage 4
  227. input shaft bearing
  228. to be spacific
  229. 01-02 Updated Master?
  230. Textralia Clutch Question
  231. clutch noise
  232. Gas Mileage
  233. Clutch Cable to replace hydrolics on LS vehicles?
  234. Forced to granny shift! Suggestions??
  235. took out my trans today
  236. Spec Clutch Question
  237. spec3+stock flywheel?
  238. What is this thud
  239. new shifter
  240. hhhhhheeellllllppppp!!!!!!!!!!!
  241. Clutch Swap
  242. quick clutch weight and RPS clutch ?
  243. question on a throw out bearing
  244. Whats the best shifter.
  245. Unable to grab 4th at WOT - M6
  246. Please vote members and sponsors
  247. short stick is too short
  248. Slip yoke sticking LT1 T56
  249. What to do...
  250. c6 Z06 trans swap?