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  1. 6 spd Rebuild
  2. mcelod street twin grinding noises?
  3. T56 exhaust mount.
  4. shifting problem?
  5. Clutch return spring install tips
  6. What plug is this on t-56
  7. flywheel
  8. How do I check T56 tranny fluid?
  9. Bellhousing thread count
  10. Amsoil Torque-Drive Synthetic ATF
  11. Upper shifter plate interchangable??
  12. My Fourth Gear Went Out Help!
  13. new clutch slippage..ideas?
  14. Clutch suddenly won't engage
  15. Best Clutch for my LT1?
  16. I know another one but is this trans fluid ok to use in my transmission?
  17. clutch pedal on the floor
  18. Trans Grease?
  19. Wot Shifting Problem
  20. Slave cylinder shim question.
  21. 6 Speed Trans Fluid
  22. clutch problems
  23. 6 Speed Trans Fluid Quesion
  24. were can I get a new spec shim??
  25. sequential box for ls2 ?
  26. Shipping T-56 and flywheel/clutch
  27. T5 no reverse
  28. Ordering new parts for the tranny rebuild tomarrow...
  29. new LS7/LS2 clutch assembly engages to far out..??
  30. where to buy centerfoce clutch (12")
  31. Locked Six Speed
  32. how much play should yoke have?
  33. newb to the 6speed world
  34. 93 6spd to a 97
  35. 99 frc clutch won't hold
  36. Just installed WS6store short stick
  37. Car pops out of 2nd
  38. Gears going in hard!!!
  39. Got my Z Grip Textralia Clutch
  40. clutch gets so soft!!
  41. Who sells the stainless short stick?
  42. Help, Reverse wont hold!
  43. Hard to shift to third
  44. Need Help! ASAP Please Help!
  45. ram clutch rebuild, sorta dumb?
  46. Need Help Asap With M6 Swap!!!
  47. Mcloed RXT twin disk users help me out!!!
  48. Aftermarket Lighter Flywheels for LS7 Clutch?
  49. Trying to order lower shift boot from GMpartsdirect..
  50. M6 to A4 swap wireing
  51. Pressure Plate Bolts
  52. POLL:Please help me decide what clutch is best for my app!!!
  53. spec stage 3 replacement disc
  54. replace pilot bearing?
  55. what else should i do besides clutch and flywheel
  56. 1st gear grinding.. helpppp
  57. New clutch dosnt like to go into 1st 3rd 5th and reverse
  58. GM master acting like a McLoed?
  59. Slave Bad?
  60. spec 2 clutch toast after 10k miles...what now?
  61. Anyone ever tapped their bellhousing bolt threads?
  62. spec twin installed
  63. 5.3 or 6.0 manual tranny options
  64. LT1 t56 to LS1 t56 with pictures
  65. Just purchased a SPEC 1 clutch
  66. Will Not Go Into 2nd Gear At WOT..?
  67. please help
  68. Sensor HELP
  69. *HELP!!* New clutch, wont go into gear
  70. help with wat i think is the rong trane cros brase link to its a 96 m6 car
  71. RAM HD clutch slippage !?!?!?
  72. Where can i find torque specs?
  73. Tranny fluid coming out of bellhousing
  74. Salve To Master Line ??'s
  75. Zoom twin disc clutch(stage 2), any thoughts?
  76. Everyone who uses mcleod clutch come in please..
  77. Salve cylinder throw out bearing
  78. Upgrade clutch or wait..
  79. LS7 Clutch Where to buy?
  80. T56 help
  81. Spec Twin Disc Clutch USERS COME IN!!!
  82. Clutch won't release after install.
  83. Spec stage 3+ clutch issues under spray !
  84. clutch noise ?
  85. T56 Builders
  86. Might be a stupid question
  87. which slave cylinder??
  88. think i broke a tranny mount?
  89. anyone run this flywheel?
  90. LS1 T56 parts?
  91. Will Stock Slave Work With Ls7 Clutch?
  92. New Clutch Suggestions
  93. Clutch or something else...
  94. Silicone in Clutch Master Cylinder???
  95. LS7 clutch install advice - FWIW
  96. Need clutch help... hydraulics aren't releasing the clutch at high rpms...
  97. Grinding with letting OFF the clutch...
  98. Quicktime bellhousing
  100. T56 carnage from the dyno...what happened?
  101. Can the "updated 01-02" slave cylinde be visually identified??
  102. filling tans up
  103. pilot bearing ???
  104. Track / clutch question
  105. Corvette LS1 and F-body T56
  106. clutch or throw out bearing????
  107. Wow look at my flywheel!
  108. 3rd gear pop out + 4th gear sticking... damn it
  109. Valeo LT4 PP and Misc Disk? Flywheel?
  110. will my trans be blowing apart?
  111. Spec pressure plate + ram disc
  112. T56 6spd output shaft oil seal
  113. who else has this issue with a stage 2 clutch??
  114. Putting in new clutch
  115. reverse lockout part number
  116. Lookin for a short shifter...
  117. WTB T-56 FOR 01 z28
  118. clutch slipping??
  119. Street Legal TV's Article is out! Quickest and Fastest M6 Article
  120. Why is 3rd and 4th vibrating?
  121. pedal question
  122. best trans fluid to get
  123. ls7 clutch install problem?
  124. Clutch Not Acting Right!!!! HELP!!!
  125. what gear is 1:1 ratio
  126. I Need Help!
  127. Clutch grabbing high, pedal adjustment without master cylinder adjustment
  128. Is this an O-Ring for the Slave?
  129. Reverse problem...
  130. My T56 Swap *Pics* 56k Warning
  131. This shouldn't happen should it???
  132. Looks like i need a clutch few q's first tho
  133. trans top hat replacement
  134. Clutch hydraulics
  135. May Special "April Special's Extended"
  136. Clutch Problem, Plz Help!!!!!!!
  137. Part # For Hydrolic Hose
  138. REAL feedback needed - T-56, Twin disc clutch, peddle effort
  139. Want a new transmission mount, have some questions
  140. Dual disk clutch, flywheel and floater clean up?
  141. Now there is another problem with my M/C
  142. How Much Brake Fluid?
  143. Transmission Mount Help M6
  144. T56 help...
  145. quick drill mod question
  146. Maddog stage 3 clutch kit ?
  147. Centerforce clutch
  148. T56 problem after swap!
  149. finally starting tearing down the T56 today, pics inside! (warning 56k)
  150. Hydraulic adapters?
  151. Trans builders please come in, check out these pics
  152. Thank God for Adjustable Master Cylinders
  153. 4 Gen M6 pedal????
  154. Problem w/ Reverse T56
  155. Do I need a bellhousing?
  156. New clutch: Pedal Wont move
  157. Torque arm ideas?
  158. which clutch?
  159. time for a new clutch
  160. T5 inquiries
  161. Congrats Amber and Joe (SixSpeedsInc) on the new addition!!!
  162. torque arm came loose while driving ???
  163. Does LS7 Clutch,Flywheel,Pressure Plate come Balanced
  164. Going for 10's N/A and 9's on spray, Stay T56 or go TH400/Transbrake?
  165. do i have to cut the floor to fit the t56 on the 67?
  166. Clutch engagement problem???
  167. wiring help needed for swap
  168. clutch pedal?
  169. Still no 5th,6th or rev
  170. Hmmm Clutchs Clutchs Clutchs
  171. LS7 Clutch
  172. Drag Clutch Death Illustrated
  173. So this cant be normal.
  174. Having Problems.....
  175. Only Users Please Vds Vs Tex
  176. '69 Camaro 4-speed - wanting to go T56
  177. need help ??????
  178. ExoSkel trashed before 3k
  179. drill hole
  180. Whats the difference between early and newer T56 ?
  181. clutch and pressure plate
  182. My M6 swap saga.
  183. Throwout bearing clearence
  184. Slave Fluid change ruined my hydrolics
  185. Help Please!!!
  186. T56 vs. M4
  187. ? on B&M ripper
  188. Any of the Sponsors Rebuild Ford Trannys?
  189. slave cylinder help needed!
  190. Clutch Test: A must do!!
  191. Pulling 6th?
  192. clutch line and DRiveshaft?
  193. high whine sound from tranny??
  194. M6 Swap Underway
  195. clutch issues
  196. LUK gold clutch and flywheel junk?
  197. Losing Clutch Fluid
  198. Trying to install T56 to 99 LQ4 Motor
  199. Whining noise between gears
  200. Help, grinding noise when I push in the clutch
  201. Launching on a new LS7/LS2 combo
  202. ATTN: Spec Stage 1 users and ex-users
  203. wierd grinding noise at low speeds
  204. Anyone else wish their T56 ratios were better spread?
  205. Got my transmisson back form GEARBOX.ORG
  206. Pedals install
  207. Dust Cover Screws??
  208. Launching on a new LS7/LS2 combo
  209. Another SPEC prob. Maybe??!!
  210. Have A Look At My Clutch
  211. drill mod
  212. Anyone broke a Tex OZ700 clutch?
  213. Cheapest LS7 clutch kit?
  214. HEHE... my Spec Twin :)
  215. bad clutch or bad slave?
  216. Another bleed thread advice please.
  217. need help with drive shaft
  218. CRAZY rattle sound when I first start to move.
  219. I cut down my hurst shifter.. nice mod
  220. Your choice for clutches
  221. clutch dragging
  222. t5 clutch
  223. torque arm mount
  224. Pro 5.0 question
  225. Output shaft bushing??
  226. Pressure bleeding or vacuum bleeding clutch questions
  227. Clutch Fluid Questions
  228. need help
  229. Ls7clutch + No2 = ?
  230. t-56 oil
  231. LS7 clutch grabs low?
  232. Need Help !! Wierd Thump Noise Coming From The Tranny Area , Help.
  233. Clutch question?
  234. Couple t56 removal/installation questions
  235. Dark clutch fluid...
  236. blowproof bellhousing?
  237. Need help ASAP with hydraulic issue Please!!!!
  238. How do you tell what slave you have?
  239. Free Play on Clutch Petal
  240. what trannsmission
  241. What NOT to do with a T56
  242. Textralia Disk
  243. LT1 T56 Bbody problem
  244. Shifter Not Centering
  245. How does this clutch look
  246. Clutch options for turbo setup
  247. Shift Lights
  248. $1500 to spend
  249. Best Short Stick?
  250. Please, God, help me with this vibration