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  1. damn clutch issue
  2. Leaking Slave Cylinder
  3. Where to buy performance rebuild kit at?
  4. has the drill mod worked for anyone?
  5. LS7 set up work on a LS2 based CTS-V????
  6. Flywheel question
  7. Need a better trany
  8. New Clutch Problems
  9. t56 rebuild question
  10. clutch pedal assembly
  11. Is the fly wheel the same on the LS1 compared to the LS7 clutch?
  12. Fix for those that have the Mcleod Master Cylinder
  13. Spec Clutch issues...
  14. Where is the cheapest place to get a slave cylinder?
  15. What clutch can be slipped out of the hole at the track?
  16. Hard clutch pedal
  17. LS2 GTO Clutch
  18. A4 To M6 6 Swap Parts
  19. Torque arm mount bolts
  20. T-56 install ?
  21. Kevlar Clutch Question?
  22. T56 parts ??
  23. Another clutch question
  24. ls1 pilot bearing help
  25. t56 lost every gear but 4th last night
  26. which mustang sticks are you using?
  27. food for thought
  28. Sdpc
  29. Wont go into 1st & 2ed after skip shift elim.
  30. Ok who is putting down over 700 rwtq on their tex twin?
  31. T/O Bearing is wearing on the pressure plate fingers? **PICS**
  32. additives in oils?
  33. OZ700 X Grip- Opinions???
  34. Why is it Hard to shift on Hard Acceleration?
  35. which one? pilot bearing or pilot bushing??
  36. What kind of shifter is this??? (lost of pics)
  37. Six Speeds info for friday and saturday
  38. Pedal on the floor
  39. Final questions about master/slave before I take it in
  40. Metal swishing noise?
  41. Durability of a T-56??
  42. driveshaft length
  43. So pissed gotta put money into tranny 3rd gear popping out!!!
  44. shifter pics
  45. Textralia Guys, X grip or Z grip which and why??
  46. Prepping slave and pilot bearing.
  47. need dimensions PLEASE
  48. dont know what happened!
  49. Clutch Problem just cant put my foot on!!!
  50. people that have owned multiple shifters.
  51. clutch hyd line needed
  52. Clutch grabs when I rev
  53. What makes a car do this?
  54. Bent Rod In Master Cyl
  55. Anyone seen any good clutch/hydraulics packages?
  56. Can i use a Gto master and clutch line with a f-body slave?
  57. The best tool EVARRRRR!!!1!one!!eleven!!
  58. Ram clutch?
  59. Hard to get into reverse
  60. Need a Master cylinder with atleast a 7/8" bore
  61. Marathon of part replacement started...
  62. t-56 clutch size 11',12' witch on ????????
  63. Anyone running a centerforce DFX?
  64. clutch help
  65. please help. master cylinder ?
  66. ???short throw???
  67. Slave cylinder differences
  68. 6 speed conversion thread -In Realtime-
  69. About slave Cylinder and Throwout Bearing
  70. How much HP/TQ can the LS6 flywheel handle?
  71. Shakey shifter when going into gear...
  72. Leave In Gear? Spec 5
  73. P/N For a specific o ring?
  74. LS7 Clutch installed...goodbye sticky pedal
  75. wow
  76. what happened to
  77. Little vibration with LS7 setup normal?
  78. LS7 clutch on LS1 Z28 compatible?
  79. Viper input shaft mod?Cobra input shaft mod?
  80. T56....How much power capacity?.....
  81. Anything else to look at?...
  82. 93-97 T56 vs 98-02 T56's Difference?
  83. drill mod quick question... (and yes i hve read the stickeys)
  84. what size thread on hurst shifter?
  85. High Performance Transmissions (Houston, TX)
  86. How do you guys keep the clutch fluid clean?
  87. Noise when letting clutch out in reverse and 1st
  88. vent tube on T56
  89. Kinda disapointed
  90. Question about 5-6 grinding
  91. Cartek clutches???
  92. What clutch to get??
  93. Help! My Hurst Billet is noisy as hell
  94. Shim Q w/Spec
  95. Clutch Install help needed asap!!
  96. Maybe the Craziest T56 Application Yet
  97. Best place to get Mcleod twin disk?
  98. Project V6 T56 Conversion is DONE!
  99. MN 12 700-800 hp build
  100. Shifter Wines
  101. Fidanza Twin Disc Clutch
  102. Worth it to get an aftermarket shifter?
  103. Exhaust Mount for t56
  104. RPM Tranny
  105. Good Parts Dealer?
  106. Wiring question.
  107. Will Centerforce Dual Friction clutch hold 480-500flb torque??
  108. need t-56 for my camaro... 600 hp 600 tq can i keep the six speed?
  109. Switching from a4 to m6 few questions..
  110. Squeaky clutch?
  111. Spec 5 street, search down
  112. mikronited gears
  113. Tranny questions
  114. textrailia oz700 question
  115. Centerforce 12 Dual Friction clutch
  116. Jumping out of fourth
  117. New slave/master question..
  118. Clutch tool in DFW
  119. whats popping!!!???
  120. Which McLeod Disc is better for street?
  121. help on spec clutch not going into reverse
  122. Hydralic problems
  123. output shaft seal
  124. Damage possible for t-56?
  125. Anyone use Energy Suspension trany mount?
  126. Need Ideas clutch won't work
  127. Shifting troubles... Slave Cylinder? HELP
  128. eXEDY sTAGE 3 aNY gOOD??
  129. air ratchet on flywheel bolts?
  130. LT1 Scatter shield question
  131. Lightened flywheel
  132. Clutch Rattle - Dealer wants $1472.
  133. Need a 1000rwhp T-56
  134. trans or clutch causing the issue?
  135. where to buy a new t56?
  136. Spec Stage 3
  137. 400-500hp, need new tranny
  138. McLeod SFI Bellhousing
  139. Need advice on clutch
  140. t56 stick
  141. Which Lous Short Stick will fit the B&M Ripper
  142. Anyone sell just the clutch disc for Textralia Exo?
  143. I'm lost, need help with quick disconnect on tranny.
  144. what is the problem with my T56 ? B&M shifter ?
  145. T56 Pros I need some help I screwed up
  146. For those who have done an auto to manual swap come in.
  147. Clutch alignment tool needed.
  148. problems mounting viper t56 behind ls1
  149. First Impressions of Textralia OZ700 Z-Grip
  150. Synergyn substitute???
  151. Where to find this Knob?..
  152. Question on a Tex. clutch HELP!
  153. Anyone have a completeshift boot???
  154. Clutch Fluid
  155. I'm replacing the clutch...should I replace the master too?
  156. 6 SP ?? How many
  157. Yea I think its broken
  158. Shifter Boot Ring
  159. Stock clutch Q
  160. What Clutch & Flywheel to get
  161. do you have a noisy shifter?
  162. trans mount
  163. best trans fluid for a '96 lt1 style T-56
  164. LS1 T56 quick connect fitting
  165. Trans builders.... have question
  166. McCloud RST Street Twin
  167. Clutch Issues(I think)
  168. bought a new slave,done know if its the right!
  169. Clutch Went
  170. clutch grinding on takeoff
  171. Best Budget Clutch?
  172. Seal transmission case
  173. Clutch Sticking To Floor
  174. Customers in TN, AL, MS, KY Are you okay after the storms?
  175. Installed McLeod RXT twin... new vibration
  176. LT1 Bleeder valve location?
  177. Tranny Question???
  178. Clutch Smell?
  179. Brand new clutch problem
  180. i think my clutch is goin out,
  181. clutch problems?
  182. new clutch problem
  183. Ram Powergrip(Non-Hd)
  184. Problem Shifting at WOT
  185. Who is running an ls7 clutch with a 500whp car?
  186. Silver Base b&m Shifter
  187. centerforce steel flywheel what the most i can turn down
  188. main/output shaft question
  189. messed up clutch
  190. help with clutch problems
  191. HELP! Cannot understand clutch problem
  192. reverse is messed up?
  193. why is a rebuilt t56 for a gto more money
  194. track times with an m12
  195. lost a couple of bolts...need some help
  196. Clutch Overheat?
  197. A4 to M6 and M6 to A4
  198. tranny noise...
  199. Tips for hillbilly tranny removal...
  200. T56 swap help
  201. lots of grinding
  202. May be clutch time...
  203. Does anyone know anything about button clutch material?
  204. Synthic in the driveline...
  205. transmission Question????
  206. pilot bearing pics
  207. Is a T56 compatable with my truck?
  208. 4l60E to T-56 Conversion?????
  209. use cereal box for gasket?
  210. Quicktime bellhousing.
  211. replacing clutch reservoir hose with fuel line?
  212. C6 Shift Knob
  213. spec 3 just installed
  214. tex clutch
  215. Clutch pedal noise?
  216. where can I.......
  217. How Do I Beef Up The T-56?
  218. just rebuilt mcleod MC. Pedal problem
  219. Where do you shift your bolt-on cars?
  220. What have we here?..
  221. Major vibration thru the shifter @ high speeds
  222. SFI Bellhousing
  223. How to keep the shifter stick from loosening?
  224. junkyard score of the century
  225. what shifter should i use?
  226. Pilot bearing/bushing
  227. centerforce clutch and LS2 flywheel
  228. Rookie question about custom shifter postions
  229. Good job Spec
  230. Is it really woth 1200 dollars??
  231. need speedo help
  232. is my flywheel messed up?
  233. 2nd Gear slightly "bumps" when I shift
  234. How can I increase shifting speed?
  235. where to get 01-02 hydraulics from
  236. Wtf???
  237. Leaking trans fluid, but only when on an incline...
  238. February's Six Speeds Inc. Trivia Game
  239. How do I know if I need a Slave Master Cylinder??
  240. F/s Spec Ii Aluminium Flywheel
  241. Spec 3+ Problem Please Help !!
  242. Shim Removal?
  243. LS1 F body vs vette flywheel/clutch
  244. Is bogging bad?
  245. manal swap
  246. What Now?...Help?!
  247. 6-speed shifter pattern
  248. Which one
  249. Centerforce Dual Friction Problem, HELP!!
  250. t56 with a sbc?