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  1. downshifting on the highway question
  2. Textralia clutch
  3. Textralia EXO-SKEL Dual Disk
  4. Sticking gears
  5. Is my stock shifter a Hurst?
  6. A weird sound
  7. Anyone got a good way to get a tight shiftknob off?
  8. drill mod ???
  9. what a jackass
  10. Please Help. Track Problems
  11. throwout bearing upgrade?
  12. another stupid pilot bearing question...
  13. Viper T-56 in my '04 Silverado
  14. Short Stick gone wrong?
  15. Are camaro and vette transmissions the same?
  16. Trany Mount for LT1 and LS1 the same?
  17. Changed Hydraulic Fluid.
  18. Tranny Grinding
  19. Need Help 5-6 Driven Gear Removal
  20. M6 fluid change questions
  21. Clutch/Shifter Swap at 21k miles....
  22. Guys that have made the a4 to m6 swap
  23. Grinding in 1st?
  24. part numbers ?
  25. What else do I need? :O
  26. T56 swap
  27. ls2 to t56 transmission conversion
  28. Aftermarket T56 on an LSx?
  29. Just ordered my new tranny from Sixspeeds Inc
  30. ls7 clutch on a ls1
  31. I Need A T-56
  32. Time for new clutch?
  33. TO bearing/ Slave failure pics
  34. how to keep a tranny
  35. tell me what shifter i have
  36. 1993 fbodies had a different 6speed trans...
  37. WTF did I do wrong????
  38. I think I need to get a rebuild....
  39. 2004 z06 clutch issues
  40. M6 LT-1 to LS1 conversion
  41. fs or trade need lt1 t56
  42. T-56 from GTO???
  43. LS7 Clutch Swap
  44. spec 3 help
  45. What clutch for N20?
  46. t-56 with ls7 clutch problems
  47. C.A.T. Power Engine Parts
  48. ls2 flywheel
  49. Slave clyinder bolts
  50. how do you guys get into first gear?
  51. Wiring question for T-56 plugs????Please HELP
  52. Shifter cup differences GTO/F-Body
  53. Problems Shifting Gears
  54. 2 Step
  55. 2005 GTO Clutch ?s
  56. M6 Grinding?
  57. flywheel resurfacing Q
  58. Will the stock clutch hold????
  59. newbee t56 question
  60. what clutch for cam only car?
  61. engine to bellhousing plate?
  62. Knob on WS6Store short stick
  63. Clutch engagement issues...
  64. Part #'s for LS7 clutch & flywheel, best place to buy?
  65. What all needs to be changed when installing new clutch?
  66. noobie t56 question
  67. Prothane tranny mount mod
  68. Can I put this in a 96 T/A
  69. Silverado T56 swap, anyone out there?
  70. help i need a part number
  71. What twin dsk clutch setup?
  72. Why does clutch feel different at WOT?
  73. CAGS block off plug
  74. which clutch to buy? suggestions...
  75. reverse selonoid/ tran PICs
  76. clutch break in
  77. LG shift knob.
  78. new zr1 clutch compatibility???
  79. Tranny questions
  80. LSX motor and LT1 trans
  81. T56 Rebuild Question
  82. Serious clutch issues, need help
  83. how far have you pushed your stock T-56?
  84. question about torq arm
  85. *Guys in the Georgia area looking for a rebuild on their T-56!*
  86. any 408 guys with m6's running the stock 10 bolt on the street?
  87. 04 Z06 clutch problem..
  88. How much more fun would you say a M6 is over an A4
  89. "How to" for Drill mod??
  90. Vacuum bleeding the Clutch hydraulics, question
  91. Auto to manual trans swap?
  92. McLeod RST/RSX twin discs
  93. Slave cylinder?? Help!!
  94. Who Has A Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch?? (12")
  95. Noobie to manual transmissions
  96. is this a clutch problem?
  97. Ls7 Clutch Video
  98. spec stage 1 install/break in
  99. No revers...
  100. difference in hursts?
  101. auto or manual
  102. LS7 Clutch Install
  103. At what point is viper input shaft needed?
  104. clutch to handle 450rwhp + occassional N2O
  105. Hard reverse after head/cam.Why??
  106. Short and Sweet.
  107. Ls7 clutch, will it hold for me?
  108. Converting a LT1 T56 Tranny to Mate To A LS1.
  109. Removing transmission,..
  110. where can i get a stock flywheel????
  111. hard to put in reverse, shifter problem?
  112. Clutch Experts Help!!!!!
  113. LS7 Clutch Question
  114. ? about LS2 Flywheel
  115. Help me figure out what is wrong with my car v clutch hydrolics problem PICS!
  116. Problem Installing Tranny
  117. LS7 clutch/LS2 flywheel combo?
  118. gto m6 vs f body m6
  119. textralia question
  120. stiff reverse or speedo
  121. shifting problems at WOT!
  122. I am not sure if I should do it??????
  123. LS Block with a Tremec 600??? Where to start??
  124. LS7 Clutch Swap Problems
  125. Textralia Oz700 Z-grip Review
  126. Ram HDX
  127. compatability of new zr1 clutch in fbody?
  128. Leak in rear of T56...?
  129. which clutch?
  130. Question On Spec 3 + Clutch Please Help
  131. still having clutch problems
  132. need some help guys
  133. Need help with LT1 T56 info
  134. Worn Clutch or MS or SC..?? Help please!!
  135. Street Twin
  136. problems with new mcleod MC!!
  137. LS2 slave cylinder question
  138. M6 bolt-on cars. Post your times please.
  139. Sloppy Hurst Shifter ?
  140. T56 or TKO?
  141. how much hp can a t56 handle
  142. Big SPEC Sale at Tick Performance in January! FREE Shipping
  143. Spec dual update
  144. sticky trans
  145. Pro 5.0 LSS H Shifter Knob Angle
  146. Lous Short Shifter Question?
  147. Syncros Or Forks Or What??? Newbie Clueless
  148. Cost Of Used 6-speed For 98'z28 In Good Cond?
  149. Horrible noises!!!!!!!!!!!
  150. Thanks Six Speeds Inc!
  151. How much do I ask for a stock T-56 with 30k
  152. Flywheel/Clutch Compatiblity
  153. Tech Issues loading only page 1
  154. No Reverse???
  155. Anyone with a regular-length Pro 5.0 stick want to trade for a shortie?
  156. 4 -5 shift grinding
  157. Driving with Bad Clutch???
  158. 2008 Shop Info: What you guys want to know about Pricing, In house options and MORE!!
  159. HELP I had an blind man do my clutch install
  160. Made the A4 to M6 swap. Any way to hook up my reverse lights?
  161. 97 & 98 trans difference?
  162. REAL bad trans probelm M6 Smoking????
  163. A Crazy way to same $$$$$$$$$$$ that is a New Monthly Trivia Game:
  164. Flywheel Question!!!
  165. Need Tranny advice!
  166. Centerforce DFX
  167. pro 5.0 woah
  168. BOLTON WS6 need CLUTCH!!!!
  169. Ram HD Clutch Question
  170. Quartermaster 7.25" clutch ?s
  171. what clutch for an lt1
  172. need viper t56 to ls1 help!
  173. New N/A 6 Speed Record 9.11@150!!!
  174. shifting into first gear
  175. 4th to Reverse??
  176. clutch master resevoir
  177. Trouble shifting into 2nd
  178. I am between a Spec 3 and OZ 700
  179. Clutch problem?
  180. UMI S-stick
  181. What clutch for a 750-800whp c6 vette?
  182. The new ZR1 clutch.
  183. sticky clutch ??????
  184. LT1-T56 scatter sheild
  185. t56 rebuild......what level?
  186. a little help ls7 clutch installed
  187. which shifter is better hurst,pro 5.0, or b&m
  188. Any differences?
  189. Help Me Plz! Dd Acting Up!
  190. ?????LS7 clutch????
  191. Who Makes The Angled Spacer For T56 Shifters?
  192. Clutch Mystery
  193. I have a few questions!
  194. Question about Short Throw Shifter
  195. CRAZY Sale @ Tick Performance: EXTREME Viper T56 - $1400!
  196. master cylinder ?
  197. Throw Out Bearing or Transmission?
  198. Help!!! I think my RPS is toast!!!
  199. McLeoud Adj. Master vs. Ram Adj. Master
  200. Factory Hurst
  201. Question about shifter
  202. dumb master cylinder question
  203. type of trans fluid
  204. Why Is Bleeding A Clutch A PITA?
  205. Is it my car or does the stock shifter blow?
  206. McLeod Steet Twin Inspection
  207. clutch spline ?
  208. Big Problem??
  209. replacing clutch and master/slave. . .any write-ups???
  210. How do I know if its a hurst shifter?
  211. Spec Stage II+ fails
  212. This ever happen to anybody.
  213. slave vs master bleeding
  214. Starts in first gear (foot off of clutch pedal)???
  215. how to disconnect master from slave...... i have no white ring!!!
  216. Flywheel balancing question
  217. Confused with factory shifters
  218. M6 troubles
  219. Trouble hitting gears under hard acceleration
  220. i need shim help quick!!
  221. what flywheel to get?
  222. Simple Question.
  223. Help!!! Gto M6 To Ls1 .....
  224. Signs of Broken Motor Mounts?
  225. Yella Terra Ultra Light Flywheel and LS7 clutch?
  226. Alum Flywheel and clutch question
  227. good trans for 4.80 gears and 32" tires?
  228. Getrag trans in a fbody?
  229. Manual Trans Question, Regarding a T56
  230. Harlan Engineering
  231. I just bleed my clutch Now a funny vibration is happening??
  232. drill mod question
  233. sfi bellhousing
  234. FS Hurst Billet Plus Shifter!!!
  235. 02 6 sped driveshaf fit a 95 ta 6 speed
  236. what short throw should i get?
  237. Clutch Install Video Thread
  238. Does this look Normal???
  239. Texatralia EXO-SKEL users come in!!!
  240. Six Speeds Inc. New Years Hours
  241. Those with LS7 clutch whats you best 60'?
  242. Clutch system bleeding
  243. Why Does My Master Cylinder Reservoir Cap Keep Cracking???
  244. Just put in an OEM hurst... what a difference!
  245. Flywheel/ new clutch question
  246. Size of LS1 vs LS2 or 7 clutch
  247. Clutch Pedal Wont Move
  248. T56?
  249. C5 shift knob...thread pattern
  250. Hurst Hot Shift ATF in T56????