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  1. Tranny removal question
  2. what could it be?
  3. All you need to know about the LS7
  4. th-350 to M6 or 4l80e/4l60e
  5. weird.....clutch pedal
  6. Textralia Pressure Plate Stamped LUK
  7. Need help identifying a noise in M6
  8. Shift Skip
  9. M6 -> A4 & A4 -> M6
  10. Pressure plate?
  11. What is this yoke from...?
  12. Stiff T-56
  13. Ls7 clutch is in!
  14. Shortest throw shifter....Not with handle!
  15. Know anyone who could make me a custom shifter handle for an f-body T56??
  16. BIG problem
  17. fluid question
  18. Keep Mcleod TD or sell it for somthing else?
  19. Poly Tranny Mount Poss. Issue?
  20. Throw Our Bearing
  21. LS6 Z06 Clutch or LS7 for my '00 SS ???
  22. weird tranny noises
  23. Hard shifting after clutch/flywheel replacement
  24. Question on Short stick!
  25. Vibration in 4th gear?
  26. Slave cylinder??
  27. LS7 Clutch
  28. clutch question. HELP!
  29. How much power can 5th gear hold?
  30. Six Speeds Inc. Thanksgiving Holiday Hours
  31. tex twin and triple disc owners what power are you putting thru it ,etc.
  32. where to get m6 rebuild for 95 T.A
  33. slave cylinder question clutch install help!
  34. Is there a crank/flywheel Dowl pin?
  35. Need help removing M6 pedals
  36. Got my slave cylinder replaced today.
  37. ls7 spec3+ tex0z700
  38. question after ls7 install
  39. M6 Trans has a whine in it HELP!!!
  40. Best clutch for a DD?
  41. Blew my tranny again!!!!
  42. Blew my tanny again!!!!
  43. Where can I buy a longer push rod for slave?
  44. LS7 clutch - flywheel and PP weigh a TON?
  45. Clutch line stuck
  46. LS7+aluminum flywheel+spec spacer ***!
  47. Tranny grinds shifting to 5th gear WHEN COLD. What gives?
  48. Do all new clutches have a "break in" period?
  49. Help with Spec Stage 1!!!
  50. textalia twin owners
  51. C5 shift handle thread same as 98-02 F-body?
  52. !cags questions
  53. Can this SPEC billet flywheel be resurfaced?
  54. Hurst Shifter?
  55. Spec 3+ vs Ram Powergrip HD
  56. What is a good clutch for my LS1?
  57. Need new synchros and/or rebuild kit for 96 T56
  58. where to buy LT1 pressure plate bolts???
  59. Best aftermarket clutch for a new H/C WS-6
  60. Diagnosing Gear Noise (Input Bearing?)
  61. Pro 5.0 & Lou's short stick
  62. LS1 Transmission Question!
  63. Just Bought Slp Line Lock System Any Install Tips And What Button Do I Use
  64. Headache with my Bellhousings
  65. Tricks and Mods question?
  66. Adj Master - Ram or Mcleod?
  67. Best prices for spec
  68. changing clutch disk
  69. What trans fluid do I use?
  70. Anyone here have a RPS clutch?
  71. Weird question on ls7 clutch
  72. what flywheels will work with the LS7 clutch?
  73. Aftermarket master cylinders and slave cylinders - WORTH IT???
  74. How difficult to rebuild the T56?
  75. Need help real bad!!!!
  76. Bolting up gearbox problem..
  77. Giving up on Mcleod TwinDisk
  78. How much $$$
  79. what is the lt4 pressure plate bolts torque spec??? pull type
  80. stock clutch problem-to the floor
  81. Anyone doing the drill mod?
  82. Convert Z06 T-56???
  83. Trans sticking
  85. Help with clutch
  86. Spec spacer with LS7 clutch?
  87. How important is it to have a clutch and flywheel balanced together?
  88. GM master w/ stainless cable?
  89. Anyone need a scattershield?
  90. Clutch Slipping?
  91. T56 Trans Bracket Torque
  92. Ssr T56
  93. master help
  94. What RPM to launch?
  95. How much can a LT1 T56 handle?
  96. no sixth gear
  97. Textralia disc behind an LT1
  98. new clutch from TDP works nice ;)
  99. spec stage 3 sucks
  100. Clutch Problems pleasseee help :(
  101. time for tranny/clutch work..need help!!!
  102. Pedal is sticky
  103. Need help with finding right part for clutch
  104. spring feeling to clutch after it engages
  105. Information for the Do It Yourselfer
  106. Tick Performance T56 Rebuild Special!
  107. Oz700 vs LS7
  108. Weird problem after clutch install HELP!
  109. Question about different T56s
  110. is this a good shifter
  111. raptor shift light install
  112. Factory Hurst Shifter GM PART NUMBER ?
  113. Tex Exo-skel
  114. new torque arm, tailshaft bushing wiped?
  115. Which of These Tranny Mounts?
  116. Spec stage 5 clutch cracking?
  117. Rear Main Seal Leak Destroy Clutch??
  118. Need a 6 speed
  119. Loctite Questions
  120. clutch
  121. Textralia Exo-Skel Installation Questions
  122. m6 to a4 swap and vice versa
  123. Where is my reverse switch?
  124. Spec 3
  125. T56 ????
  126. BIG power w/T56 guys step inside
  127. Just swapped A4 --> M6
  128. Parts List for swap??? Help!
  129. Getting stuck in gear HELPPPP
  130. Tranny Rebuild, Clutch and Flywheel Recommendations
  131. I have a big problem i need help fixin! please read asap.
  132. Stock shifter (not hurst) with ws6store ss
  133. Spec flywheel w/ McLeod Twin Disc?
  134. Quick clutch install ?(LS7/Fidanza)
  135. What clutch?
  136. T56 rebuilder in Illinois
  137. 04 gto wont engage into gear
  138. Shifter popping out of 2nd gear....
  139. Clutch sticking what's that mean?
  140. hard shifting 6th gear
  141. Slave Leaking after clutch install! need help fast!
  142. some help ..
  143. iroc clutch issues
  144. slave cylinder keeps breaking!!!!!!
  145. Question about T56 tranny
  146. T-56 Transmission Question
  147. will 96 corvette clutch kit work in 95 trans am? throwout bearing is square!?!?
  148. how to remove shift know
  149. ?????????
  150. Fastest Six Speed list
  151. LT1 flywheel balacing dot??? what if it didnt come with one?
  152. Stockest feeling clutch that can withstand +700hp
  153. Problem with Mity Vac - Help!
  154. clutch line
  155. How much do corvette transmissions cost?
  156. tranzilla 6spd..
  157. tranny install
  158. Mcleod single o/k or tex oz700
  159. is it bad to use 5th gear at the track?
  160. what do u think is the problem? Slave or master cylinder?
  161. 3rd gear keeps poppin out
  162. clutch slipping
  163. Trans wont come out of 6th?
  164. Twin disc clutch on STOCK engine LS1
  165. tranny cooler
  166. Transmission being ...Stubborn
  167. Problem Getting Worse!!!!
  168. Need a new slave cylinder line
  169. Duralast LT1 pressure plate not made by Valeo???
  170. trany problems(t56) ugh!
  171. Picked up my macdaddy clutch slave today.
  172. LS1 clutch master cyl
  173. oz700 is sweeeet
  174. To Locktite or Not???
  175. Clutch problems
  176. is it bad when
  177. how hard is clutch install on a 2000 c5 vette?
  178. My tex twin disk experience
  179. Harlan 2 step
  180. Need help
  181. transmission is really messed up HELP!....
  182. Stainless clutch line
  183. Flywheel shim between crank and flywheel? what is the depth measurement for flywheel?
  184. ls7 clutch for H/C/I car?
  185. Bore size of master cylinder?
  186. Ls2 flywheel a must?
  187. Slave not bleeding!
  188. Shifter Gate Grease
  189. grinding in 3rd
  190. Anyone know A Affordable Shop in So. Cal
  191. Life of a stock clutch and how much power it can handle?
  192. Someone finally explain "powershifting" to me...
  193. Best 60' with Exo skel clutch( Tex Twin)
  194. Adjustible master for clutch?
  195. tranny wiring
  196. Need New Clutch?
  197. problems with 3-4 shift
  198. How can I find out what clutch to use?
  199. What is it worth?
  200. Who else hates 1st gear in a Fbody?
  201. New MN12 GTO Tranny Review (in Fbody)
  202. Changed clutch, wont go into gear... help!
  203. LS7+Nitrous?
  204. Clutch Question?
  205. won't go in gear!
  206. GRINDING IN 5TH!!!!! T56 swap
  207. Need Help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  208. shifter for a t56 from a gto
  209. Found the LS7 Clutch Limit
  210. LuK Clutches... Anyone familiar with them?
  211. Article in Super Chevy Magazine
  212. ok pissed off!!!!!
  213. bought a spec stage 3+ got a stage 3 nothing?
  214. Who's everyone using for built T56's and HD clutches these days?
  215. T56 rebuild questions
  216. how much power will the tex, exo clutch hold???
  217. Clutch pedal goes limp under hard acceleration
  218. HELP! anyone have a used counter shaft? & used 2nd gear
  219. replacing clutch disc
  220. clutch issues, sparks from bellhousing, vid inside
  221. Installing throw out bearing question
  222. flywheel
  223. What type of Tranny Fluid?
  224. What years will be an exact replacement for a 2002 T-56?
  225. Bolt size
  226. what is the strongest clutch out there???
  227. clutch pedal just went to the floor
  228. Driveshaft balance???
  229. Do any one else's pedal squeak??
  230. Clutch help....
  231. Help......
  232. Exedy Twin Disc Users COME IN!!!
  233. HELP :: What would you do?
  234. In 3rd boost poured in boom!
  235. car wont go into any gears..whats the deal?
  236. This can't be right, please help a hydraulic clutch newb
  237. More than enough power, Help.. ow to Burnout M6
  238. Spec 3 clutch issues...
  239. installing the oz700 this weekend
  240. clutch master help
  241. new clutch opinions
  242. Reverse funky after new clutch???
  243. g-force stuff really that bad???
  244. Possible clutch engagement issue on Textralia?
  245. Cost to get a new tremec T56?
  246. Tranny Swap, Need Input
  247. Clutch swap issue! Need Help!
  248. t56 rebuild parts question....
  249. spec stage 3
  250. Do i need a slave shim