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  1. hydraulics blead, yet doesnt want to go into gear
  2. Drill Mod done, but still shifting hard?
  3. Need some help on where to find parts.
  4. Newbish t56 question
  5. clutch line questions
  6. Mcloed engagement point issue???
  7. Will an LS7 clutch hold cam+nitrous in a 2600lbs car?
  8. T-56 shifting problems after pull
  9. Lucas tranny fluid...
  10. Not sure which clutch to go wtih please help
  11. 1st and 2nd gear shifting under hard acceloration
  12. I need some clutch advice!
  13. Happy Holidays
  14. resevoir for clutch fluid? help?
  15. Clutch pedal stuck to floor!
  16. need new fly wheel?
  17. Which Flywheel for Spec 3+?
  18. price for t56 rebuild...
  19. T-56 Hydraulic System help!
  20. RAM Clutch Swap
  21. B&m ripper shifter
  22. Pops outta first gear?
  23. Who makes an adjustable clutch master cylinder for 04-06 GTO's
  24. 97 Camaro 6-Speed to C5 ls1
  25. Christmas Hours for Six Speeds Inc.
  26. Non-hydrolic T56/M6 clutches
  27. Removing Shift Knob (Safely)
  28. '93 swap?
  29. Trans Removal Question
  30. Shift knob rattle
  31. Bleeding the slave
  32. new venture 4500 with 6.34 first
  33. weird noise from t-56
  34. Ram 910 Vds
  35. T56 rebuild advice please.
  36. Locking the crank
  37. Grinding
  38. Pics of Hurst billet plus w/ chrome handle?
  39. Royal Purple Synchromax
  40. B&M Broke My Console
  41. Spec Twin Problem
  42. Clutch Slipping?
  43. few clutch problems
  44. lightweight flywheel
  45. Six Speeds Inc.
  46. Clutch Position Switch...
  47. Best shop/person to go to for a T56 rebuild in the houston area?
  48. pro 5.0
  49. 01 & 02 F-bodys did not have the Z06 clutch?
  50. Still problems with the Mcleod SFI Bellhousing?
  51. Pilot Bearing Failures
  52. Symptoms of running low on tranny fluid? 6 speed
  53. Flywheel starter gear
  54. Anyone ever heard of using a HD 2500 truck pressure plate on an LS1 clutch???
  55. Spec 3 Clutch Slipping Which Clutch Should I Get With 430 Rwhp
  56. shift knob/stick question
  57. 1101 Transmission Rebuild this morning
  58. Help me out here...what do you think?
  59. " Our You Choose Christmas Special" Six Speeds Inc.
  60. How much does it cost to replace a syncro?
  61. Random T56 sounds/troubles....please give me insight
  62. What shifters do you guys use????
  63. Vibration back After 15k
  64. 2008 Z06 2.2 ohm 40 watt resistor Skip Shift elimination
  65. Clutch Slipping
  66. broke trans mount?
  67. That stock T-56 sure can take a pounding!
  68. What should my Christmas Special be????
  69. How much material on a stock clutch when new?
  70. Flywheel click/clank clank :(
  71. need internal slave setup for lt1 t56
  72. Won't go into 5th
  73. how to use a mity vac bleeding system
  74. Shifter Question
  75. LS7 Question
  76. Short Stick Question
  77. Temp drop and now 1 inch of dead pedal?
  78. weird problem with my pro 5.0
  79. How many sensors are on clutch, brake, assembly? PICS INSIDE
  80. Tranny switch
  81. Authorized Installers for Textrailia
  82. one for the LS7 clutch.
  83. What do i need?
  84. wiring harness?
  85. Flywheel Question
  86. bad slave?
  87. What tool for Slave Bleeder Bolt?
  88. A4 to M6 Which tranny.
  89. twin spec clutch please chime in
  90. Shifter movement...
  91. What is the needle bearing in the back end of the crank called?
  92. ????????LS7 or Spec 3+?????????
  93. Heat from lower boot ? solution here
  94. Clutch Master Cylinder Reservoir
  95. T56 Extension housing trouble...
  96. a 3rd gear grind!
  97. Grinding noises (not shifting)
  98. ls7 clutch swap troubles
  99. Slave cylinder came apart???
  100. T56 pedal removal.need advice
  101. im having clutch and pedal problems i need help plz????
  102. Launching a car with an aftermarket clutch
  103. Viper T-56 swap
  104. Custom shift knobs?
  105. free mods?
  106. quick drill mod Q
  107. Need other's experiences:Will this fix the "soft clutch pedal when going WOT"
  108. HELP!! Need input!! H/C ls1 with ls7 clutch please chime in!!!
  109. t56 swap
  110. Black HURST Pistol Grip Shifter Arrived Today, Awesome Feel!!
  111. Give me opinions on RPS clutches...
  112. Are all torque arms the same?
  113. Spec 3+ with aluminum pp?
  114. t56 synchros?
  115. Whats the right clutch for me?
  116. Clutch weird after beating on it.
  117. surfaced flywheel??
  118. 00 ls1 fbody
  119. How-to read angle finder?
  120. 2 peice bellhousing for c6?
  121. LS7 Clutch disc?
  122. Short shifter needed
  123. Found a nice weighted shift knob
  124. sticking to the floor on 3rd!
  125. Wanting to change A4 to M6
  126. Throwout bearing question
  127. LS7 Clutch Installed Thank you LS1Tech
  128. T56 shifter lose
  129. Seals for Sale
  130. clutch? / tranny shifting harder than normal
  131. 416 into 92 Z-28 clutch recommendations needed
  132. Slave Cylinder
  133. Who sells RPS Clutches???
  134. clutch wont release
  135. new clutch setup
  136. Issue's
  137. Six Speeds Inc. PRI Info
  138. Clutch ?
  139. Is there anything else I need to change...
  140. t56 issues help!!
  141. Budget flywheel for swapped car.
  142. normal vs pucked
  143. any good t56 builders ?
  144. Bad Vibration in stick at 3500rpm and above.
  145. Just installed LS7 Clutch & Flywheel have a question
  146. McLeod Clutches sale
  147. Just finished my Ram Adj Master
  148. PLEAse What is wrong????????!!!!!!!!
  149. RAM Powergrip HD failed after 3 passes/600 miles!
  150. After clutch swap - car shakes violently durring acceleration?
  151. Anything to watch out for when buying a used T56?
  152. Clutch Me!
  153. transmission help
  154. Someone help
  155. Strange Grinding sometimes?
  156. T56 HP and torque capabilities???
  157. shifting to hard or fast with the stock shifter will it break trans
  158. how to change the front seal and rear seal of a t56???
  159. What is a T56 with <40K miles on it worth?
  160. oops!!!!
  161. went "through" 3rd gear
  162. Big power /torque guys..over 800rwhp or tq what are you running?
  163. How will this combo perform??
  164. Stay M6 or go A3?
  165. help me with this please!
  166. Tex Oz surive 6k clutch dumps?
  167. whats a stock driveshaft worth?
  168. anybody w/ dual friction Centerforce clutch
  169. Tranny stuck in gear with no warning signs...
  170. mccloed master "WON'T" bleed???
  171. Need M6 Conversion Package - Interested in a swap?
  172. What Short Stick?
  173. Whats going on with my clutch/tranny???
  174. 1 WK ONLY PRI Special **FREE SHIPPING**
  175. can't decide
  176. ls7/ls2 clutch kit question
  177. GTO vs F-Body M6 questions...
  178. RAM Adjustable MC or GM 01+ MC...For my A4 to M6 SWAP
  179. Transmission help
  180. Spec 3 clutch problem
  181. Master Cyl Failure
  182. Keeping master line away from headers?
  183. Not going into 5th
  184. New clutch
  185. Thanx T-56 Rebuilds!
  186. Shifter?
  187. Castrol GT LMA Brake Fluid
  188. transmission hydraulics question...
  189. Sticking?
  190. 06 GT0 T56 bolt up to 2000 TA Block?
  191. Textralia OZ700: X grip vs. Z grip
  192. Question about Pilot Bearing
  193. Shift Knob
  194. A4 -> T56 wiring help!!
  195. reinstalling the transmission
  196. confused about the affect of adjusting the mcleod adjustable master cylinder
  197. what a broke t56 worth
  198. new rusty flywheel? repair?
  199. Should I have it balanced?
  200. Skip Shift lever?
  201. How do I adjust a Mcleod clutch master cylinder?
  202. Just Installed new slave cylinder.. HELP!
  203. Insulation for Hyd Clutch Line
  204. school me on clutches
  205. Need help on clutch swap
  206. viper T56
  207. Bad transmisssion?Help
  208. 32t t56's
  209. My new clutch setup 5.5" tilton/quarter master
  210. Who Sells A Complete T56?
  211. Bellhousing Blanket?
  212. Car Stuck
  213. Just got my Energy Poly Tranny Mount
  214. Slave Cylinder Questions
  215. ZO6 Manual Tranny- Leak?
  216. ?? questions bout spec stage5 clutch ??
  217. Replacing clutch, pilot bearing question
  218. Pop-outs
  219. Clutch line connecting two halves
  220. Spec stage 2 or LS7 clutch ?
  221. new clutch, car shakes
  222. Trying to bleed the master cylinder hydraulic system...
  223. can the drill mod mess anything up?
  224. RAM or Centerforce clutch with SPEC flywheel?
  225. A nice upgrade..
  226. What flywheel???LT1
  227. Weird Clutch Pedal Noise.
  228. Weak reverse in early T-56
  229. Cadillac T56 Questions..
  230. Free Freight On LS7 Clutch Kits!!
  231. Using a shim with the ls7 clutch kit...
  232. Spare bone yard T56 - how much $
  233. clutch pressure
  234. normal?
  235. Quick T56 guys, what trans are you running?
  236. Adj Master on Stock Clutch
  237. Aftermarket shifter hitting console in 2nd and 4th?
  238. T-56
  239. What HP do you need a adj. master cylinder?
  240. How To Clean Clutch
  241. ram 402pp/910 disk
  242. Mustang Owners , what clutch ?
  243. Wierd noise when I depress the clutch pedal?
  244. m6 question?
  245. Any Advice 4 Me? First Time Running At The Track With My M6 Ta With Heads And Cam !
  246. Need input on those with LS7 clutch set-ups
  247. Installed new master, now no engagement
  248. spec 3+ chatter
  249. Going to full synthetic ATF(T56)
  250. Viper T-56 in f-body???