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  1. spec stage 3
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  28. Persistent Shifting Issue
  29. trans doesn't want to go into reverse
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  31. Spec 3+ or Textraila
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  35. Hey Amber, Now what have I done???
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  50. "A clutch of a 1000 dumps"
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  65. Stupid, But Thought Id ask
  66. shortest throw?
  67. Hell Yeah!!!
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  69. What is wrong with my car? please help
  70. Kevlar pilot bushing...Worth it or not?
  71. Pressure Plate Question
  72. nice t56 check the vid
  73. how much would you pay? T56
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  84. What Do I Really Need?
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  91. Maybe a dumb Q but i was curious...
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  94. Am I geting a line of BS here?
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  98. Soft pedal info (found it searchin..figure i'd post)
  99. corvette t56
  100. need new clutch help please
  101. whats my clutch worth-for sale after price determined
  102. lou's short stick?
  103. clutch decision
  104. Stupid question, using a mityvac to bleed clutch
  105. new clutch....
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  107. LS7 Slave cylinder
  108. What is my problem?
  109. HELP!! Grinding Noise with Wierd Symptoms!
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  111. Thanks Six Speeds Inc
  112. Where do i find it??
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  114. This sound like a loose flywheel??!!
  115. differences in 93 and 94-02 tranny?need a builder also
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  128. whats wrong?
  129. not sure where to put this
  130. uh-oh...tranny problems
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  132. clutch line
  133. trouble with clutch, help me out.
  134. security & radio lock on clutch swap???
  135. Just installed new clutch
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  137. ws6store short stick = good
  138. WTF am I doing wrong-pilot bearing removal
  139. Why an M6 is better than an A4
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  141. syncromesh??
  142. What clutch for my mods?
  143. skip shift
  144. Breaking in LS7 Clutch
  145. Six Speeds Inc. leaving for LSX event
  146. Question about a loose Pro 5.0
  147. 1-2 shift... HELP
  148. Clutch break in
  149. issue with reverse
  150. Reverse doesn't engage
  151. anyone running the McLeod RXT Street Twin
  152. blew my clutch which clutch be better
  153. New ls7 clutch, slave, pilot bearing, drill mod
  154. anyone ever broke a rearend and trans at the same time?
  155. car pulls a little with clutch pedal pushed in at 5k
  156. Ls7 clutch or Different Clutch Setup?
  157. ls1 to lt1
  158. Performance Transmission shop in NJ, PA or NY
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  160. Who is using RAM clutches?
  161. T-56 Reverse Solenoid??
  162. Need some help & advice...
  163. LS7 - A bad decision?
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  165. clutch swap
  166. Hurst shifter does not fit
  167. **Shifter Vibration Problem....PLEASE help**
  168. anyone got the Spec Stage 3+
  169. my experience with G FORCE Transmission parts
  170. advice on clutch iMS nstall
  171. t56 rebuild
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  173. Main shaft tail thread size?
  174. T56 performance rebuilder
  175. Launching an M6 LS1 TA
  176. Power Shifting
  177. T56 Leak What could it be?
  178. o ring on master
  179. Six Speeds Inc. 925fwhp @ 9600rpms Naturally Aspirated!!!!
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  183. MN12 Is Installed : D
  184. What am I doing wrong, transmission won't go back in
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  187. Come in if you've rebuilt your T56 yourself
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  189. drill mod
  190. 1LE mount?
  191. Any sponsors sell a hardened main shaft for a T-56?
  192. Is this part availabe ?
  193. New M12 Tranny On the Way
  194. McLeod clutch help?!?!
  195. Ram Twin Disk?
  196. LS2 Flywheels Confused?
  197. Auto to 6spd.
  198. cant seem to get it to grab. help please?
  199. Hydraulic Issues
  200. stupid tranny
  201. New LS7 clutch + hydrolics 650 miles then sudden change in pedal feel?
  202. m12 needs rebuild
  203. mcleod adj master rebuild ?
  204. Clutch job Q's
  205. T56, oil getting chucked out breather tube
  206. Clutch swap on a 03 cobra T56
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  209. t56 setup for sale
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  213. The Best Clutch for 500bhp under $500???
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  215. Help with a Textralia OZ700.
  216. T56 slave cylinder
  217. LS7 clutch problems?
  218. question about hydraulics
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  222. Getting my Clutch and Hydraulics done, Check it out
  223. LSX Event Update and SPECIALS involving Six Speeds Inc.
  224. Six Speeds Inc. New Shipping Method
  225. street n strip clutch
  226. How to change a slave cylinder?
  227. manual swap problem
  228. What Clutch And stage # should i use
  229. t56 swap
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  231. machining a shorter stick from scratch!!
  232. not your average clutch sticking question
  233. bell housing bolts
  234. new clutch and tuning on dyno?
  236. Clutch Recommendation Help
  237. Replacing all Hydraulics and clutch $?
  238. leaking MS...
  239. HELP!! Is my Textralia salvagable? Huge detailed pics inside!
  240. TKO 600 & L92. What bell housing & hyd clutch
  241. can this be the clutch
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  243. Please help - Noise from Tranny???
  244. Stock clutch on a H/C swap
  245. Need to understand T56 fluid level
  246. how strong is stock flywheel?
  247. Bizzar NEED!!!!!! some help guys.
  248. Wow. Got my new LS-6 clutch in today with updated hydraulics
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