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  1. Racheting sound now clutch pedal high
  2. Pedal feel
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  4. UMI Short Stick dimensions
  5. Good news/ Bad news
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  10. Drill Mod Review: Just Done!
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  12. LS1 t56 and LS2 t56
  13. Anyone have the part number for a LS6 flywheel?
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  15. Getting t-56 rebuilt by Hanlon, what have I missed...
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  18. ok, i bleed and bleed the master and it is still sticking at high rpms
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  20. Manual Trans Fluid Change - Is there a filter?
  21. T56 Installation
  22. shifting issues
  23. P0704 help!
  24. Clutch ?'s
  25. Slick Shifted T56
  26. cold starts, banging of 5th and 6th
  27. Vibration in 6th when decelerating?
  28. New Clutch, Shifting Problems NEED HELP!!!!!
  29. Tranny Parts
  30. whats wrong with 2nd?
  31. What do you guys think of this LS6 clutch and PP?
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  33. save me part2
  34. Will this work with an LS7 clutch and Pressure Plate?
  35. Ram HD with resurfaced flywheel
  36. Fidanza Short Shifter?
  37. Can't powershift 2nd
  38. How to hold flywheel during removal/installation
  39. cutting the shifter shorter
  40. I found the cause of my leak...
  41. Need new slave and master- which ones?
  42. Vibration
  43. Caddy CTS-V trans fit f-body LS1?
  44. CAGS Solenoid removal
  45. where to find high perf. T56
  46. RCI transmission blanket
  47. power bleeding question
  48. 3rd gear hesitation
  49. Spec 3 problems/slipping/vibrating
  50. high pitched squeal on 1st clutch release of the day (only in forward)
  51. t56 problems
  52. trouble getting into 1st and 4th
  53. Transmission popping out of gear on turns
  54. Name this shifter!
  55. Leaking Fluid...
  56. Terrible grinding noise coming from my clutch...
  57. trans problems
  58. Anyone sell ls6 clutch without flywheel?
  59. is their a big difference
  60. Have you run Honda ATF? (T56)
  61. Difference in ls1 and ls2 flywheels?
  62. Clutch Questions
  63. master and slave cylinder
  64. What is the best shifter???
  65. ls7 clutch long term update
  66. what all is needed?
  67. LT1 T-56 to 6.0 Truck motor questions
  68. Covering the clutch line
  69. Richmond 5-speed in 3rd gen. ?????
  70. The bleeding stops here
  71. Textralia Aluminum Slave
  72. Do I have everything I need for my Clutch swap?
  73. a4 to m6
  74. Can an LS7 hold my power?
  75. Whats going out! Tranny or Clutch
  76. Textralia Fastener/Balance Questions
  77. What is the best way to remove roll pin?
  79. Adjustable Master Cylinder?
  80. Flywheel Bolts
  81. I hate hydraulic clutches!!!
  82. Gears Grinding, please help!!!
  83. Vibration after clutch install???
  84. 1le Lt1 T56?
  85. rebuild, or buy a new tranny?
  86. Clutch Wont Disengauge ?????
  87. Textralia Exo Skel install...may have blew it.
  88. can i mix...?
  89. HELP!!! new clutch problems..
  90. new wagner master???? to short? ...nothing
  91. Remote Clutch Bleeder NEW SPONSOR
  92. Mechanical Speedo adaptor?
  93. Odd RPM behavior in neutral
  94. Cheap front slip yoke when changing driveshafts
  95. ls7 clutch install
  96. Mechanical Speedo adaptor?
  97. ok, bad synchros or do i need a new clutch?
  98. Ls2 flywheel
  99. Replacing master cyclinder?
  100. Clutch master cylinder rod clip?
  101. Ram powergrip HD clutch?
  102. Ram clutch install problems
  103. Clutch question
  104. ls2=ls7 flywheel?
  105. T56 Trashed!
  106. LT1 Bellhousing question?
  107. need a clutch
  108. Textralia OZ700 after 10k miles
  109. A4 To T56
  110. Advice on a Clutch Kit..
  111. How long does this take?
  112. New LS7 Clutch/PP/FW setup going onto LQ9 need balancing?
  113. Problems
  114. I drove my Z28 today!!
  115. 2 broken T56's. what can i do?
  116. Bad Tranny Shop!!!!!
  117. Help with master cylinder questing/issues. Swap car...PICS
  118. Tranny wont go into first...
  119. Changing fluid in the T56
  120. Hydraulic or trany problem?
  121. Thinking about a LS7 clutch
  122. Master cylinder to Slave cylinder braided hose part number request
  123. Where are Pro 5.0 shifters made?
  124. whirlling sound
  125. Built T56 with a 2 Step?'s
  126. pics of my toasted clutch..sorry 56k
  127. t56 problem
  128. Questions on stock clutch
  129. Clutch Slipping Horribly/Vibration
  130. leaking bleeder valve, what to use ?
  131. Shifting problems
  132. Luk Clutch Kits
  133. Automatic computer in a 6-spd car?
  134. 5th gear
  135. Ram vds System
  136. Thread an f-body shifter to take Vette knob?
  137. Bleeding clutch
  138. Textralia rebuild?
  139. 3-4 gear
  140. Which Clutch for my application
  141. B&M Ripper, hard push over to REVERSE!
  142. Need Advice :)
  143. LS2/7 Flywheels Are Here!
  144. master cylinder
  145. Old-school looking Hurst shifter on T56?
  146. steeda shifter
  147. ls2 fly/ls7 clutch/pressure part#
  148. Is this clutch ok?
  149. replaceing clutch does flyweel need to be resurfaced?
  150. has anyone ever had this problem
  151. What the hell is going on?...NE ideas?
  152. T56 rebuilders in here please, aligning shift rails!
  153. Does your Exo-skel make noise (ring/rattle) when pedal is down?
  154. Need trans help asap!
  155. Quick T56 Tranny Question
  156. powergrip hd with stock flywheel?
  157. Question on removing transmission
  158. 2000 M6 Trans Fluid
  159. Funky Tranny on Drag day...
  160. where should a clutch start engaging?
  161. Problem removing master cylinder
  162. Researching clutch setups
  163. LS 7 clutch problems post here
  164. C5:grinds into gear, can clutch assy be in backwards?
  165. grinding into 3rd gear
  166. Thanks Byunspeed, textralia rules...
  167. Spec Clutch Owners In Here......
  168. McLeod SFI bellhousing worth it?
  169. Pro 5.0 shifter rebuild kit.... where to get one?
  170. Ram Powergrip Hd?????
  171. Help identify this sound!
  172. C6 LS7 clutch shifting probs...pilot bearing?
  173. A4 - M6 Conv. Noob. ?
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  175. LS7 clutch and aluminum flywheel
  176. Pro 5.0 clicking?
  177. stupid newb question
  178. Quick Question - Vent Tube
  179. Wtf Man!?!?
  180. 98 hydraulic question
  181. Transmission harness
  182. Those of you who have REBUILT YOUR OWN T56 come in!
  183. how can i test the slave when its out?
  184. Spec 2+ first impressions and issues
  185. To power shift or not 2.
  186. Whats my T56/clutch/flywheel worth
  187. t56 not slideing in all the way
  188. headers?
  189. Bellhousing to Block Bolt size?
  190. slave cylinder?
  191. clutch cable?
  192. McLeoud Adjustable Master Cylinder
  193. Pilot Bearing vs Pilot Bushing
  194. ram powergrip hd help
  195. Final clutch question... i promise
  196. Reverse lock out plug?
  197. Need some input for reinstalling the driveline on my Z06
  198. Hard To Get Into Certain Gears
  199. 02 camaro slave upgrade
  200. Centerforce Stage 3?
  201. Drill Mod question....?
  202. LT1 T56 in a 1st gen camaro.....
  203. transmission noise
  204. V6 M5 to T56 swap
  205. spec 3 or ram?
  206. help real quick!
  207. Stock Reverse Non-Rebuild Question
  208. A4-M6 conversion question
  209. Cartek Clutch Users sill around?
  210. leaving it in a gear to park?
  211. Reverse????
  212. New RAM clutch and lost pedal??
  213. Shift light fuse
  214. ram clutch help--ASAP
  215. What are the chances of my clutch still being good?
  216. I need new OD gears, where to buy.
  217. clutch for ~750 wheel tq.?
  218. Which RAM and flywheel (is there difference between makes)? Drivability?
  219. Anyone notice harder shifting after Mobil1 trans fluid?
  220. Aluminum flywheel/LS7 question
  221. M6 clutch problem. Please help!
  222. Ram -> LS7 - Any thing extra i will need?
  223. Mcleod street twin question
  224. T56 torque rating?
  225. T56 rebuild: do I need the 1/2 outer cones?
  226. LT1 t56 Hydraulic issues?
  227. Transmission break in...
  228. OUCH! grinded
  229. Cant decide drill mod or not?
  230. Need a new Clutch! What one should I get?
  231. Air? Bad Slave? I'm puzzled.
  232. what size line?
  233. clutchless shifting: ruin the tranny?
  234. GM master cyclinder or Mcleod adjustable?
  235. what is the 6spd drill mod
  236. transmission noises any help plz!!!!!
  237. opinions on spec stage 3+ for LT1?
  238. Questions on Spec Clutches?
  239. A4 to M6 conversion
  240. Why is it so hard.....?
  241. why wont this work
  242. Couple clutch hydraulic questions (new master, new line...)
  243. what would it take to run a Tremec TKO600 behind a 6.0L?
  244. why doesn't my shiftball fit?
  245. Buying an 02 f-body M6 with 60k miles, what kind of maintenance?
  246. Mighty Vac clutch bleeder
  247. auto to manual quick question
  248. Middle of tranny rebuild, got some questions
  249. Just had Ls7 clutch installed!
  250. Assembly Grease