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  1. Throw out bearing question
  2. *formerly known as t56rebuilds
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  4. clutch install
  5. New parts in today..
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  9. Is it worth it
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  11. plastic cap on the bottom of the shifter
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  16. Lost a seal or something on slave
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  20. Need Help, Asap!!!!
  21. ls1 t56 ???? need help guys !!!
  22. which clutch?
  23. Hurst billet shifter, search is done for
  24. Exedy Hyper Single Disk Clutch
  25. Tranzilla T56 Pricing?
  26. Which Textralia Clutch For Me?
  27. 05 GTO stock clutch pedal adjustment?
  28. T56 Extension Housing Installation?
  29. clutch problems(loosing petal) PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  30. who makes heavy duty gears for T56?
  31. help..problems getting into gears?
  32. Replaced transmission mount
  33. T-56 major problems need help???
  34. quick question, search is not working?
  35. Drill Mod, Can anyone show me good pics,
  36. input shaft broke?
  37. Help Me Decide On A Clutch
  38. LT1 T56 clutch master removal ?s
  39. What clutch is everyone running and how is it??
  40. tranny pops out of 1st
  41. Who does good trans work in MIDWEST???
  42. Crazy noise, video inside.
  43. FUC##NG 3RD gear! what is the case?
  44. bleeding slave
  45. GTO Tranny in a 98 ws6?
  46. cant shift into 5th at high rpms
  47. New to manual, clutch smell after driving.
  48. Clutch engagement question...??
  49. Throwout bearing
  50. who makes GM master cylinders?
  51. tranny wont go back after clutch install
  52. Where to buy Mcleod master rebuild kit?
  53. Does my clutch flywheel assembly need to be balanced
  54. Clutch Question
  55. slips out of gear
  56. M6 Question???
  57. 6speed durability
  58. tranny wine
  59. Chatter/Slippage
  60. Clutch issues maybe
  61. SPEC-Shim or No Shim?
  62. Who sells
  63. Wining or Humming Noise
  64. How many times can you machine a flywheel?
  65. umi crossmember or new TQ arm
  66. Finally
  67. clutch opinions
  68. Best LT1 Clutch
  69. Another LS7 clutch Question.....
  70. '99 Z28 M6 - Safety Neutral Switch ??
  71. Short Throw?
  72. No line pressure?
  73. need help with vibration on shift knob
  74. drill mod???
  75. High RPM Shifting? Problem! Help!
  76. Differences between Vette and Camaro t56s
  77. Who here did a A4 - M6 swap and used a M6 harness???
  78. Ram Powergrip or Powergrip HD?
  79. RAM HD powergrip and Billet Steel Flywheel Review
  80. TEX Customer Service?
  81. Clutch Suggestion Come in!
  82. Exo-Skel Installation
  83. Hard Shifting - Need Help...
  84. Stage 3 Install... Bang... help?
  85. 2005 t56 in a gto
  86. Can't get the tranny lined up!
  87. worn out pilot bearing, cause difficult shifting at high RPMs
  88. Just got the Remote Bleeder, can I just slide the trans back?
  89. 402 TQmonster and nitrous clutch??
  90. Centerforce Stage 3 Dual Friction
  91. ram twin disc
  92. Changing gear ratios?
  93. ligther flywheel worth it?
  94. LS7 clutch OR spec stage 2!!!
  95. Where to buy a LS7 clutch?
  96. Need help please!!! what clutch???
  97. VDS Shim thickness...?
  98. Help with clutch woes (RAM Powergrip HD + 500rwhp)
  99. Slave Cylinder oil type
  100. clutch 800rwhp turbo
  101. Help, tranny " CLUNK"
  102. Need Help on choosing a new clutch
  103. Clutch engagement question, swapped vehicle
  104. Will 440rwhp, 4.30s, & 5500+rpm launches balance the cons of an Aluminum flywheel?
  105. Dbl vs. Single Mcleod clutch
  106. Pressure of the Clutch Pedal?
  107. Hurst Shifter question
  108. How to tell if used transmission is good?
  109. Slave Cylinder Question
  110. Did the Drill Mod This Weekend?
  111. Adding a bleeder ext. hose?
  112. Z06 clutch woes
  113. Huge problem...
  114. setting up a t56 from lt1 behind a 76 big block?
  115. part number
  116. Clutch Question. LS6 Clutch
  117. uhhh help- M6
  118. Need help to diagnose leak from bottom of bellhousing!
  119. New Spec Stage 2
  120. Anyone know where to get a clutch return spring?
  121. Help/Opinion on tranmission problem
  122. Anyone know where to get a transmission mount locally?
  123. 6 speed tranny fluid
  124. what clutch to buy when making 340/350rwhp
  125. How do you guys like your lightweight flywheels?
  126. New Clutch engagement problem (not the normal one)
  127. LS7 clutch unstsll question
  128. Whats wrong with my Tranny??
  129. Just finished clutch install - QUESTION
  130. slipper clutch, but not clutchless shifting
  131. Ram Powergrip HD slipping already?
  132. Tranny Stuck in 3rd
  133. So many options t56 build up?!?!
  134. [b]need Help On Finding A Trust Worthy Transmission Shop.[/b]
  135. mcleod street twin install instructions
  136. need torque specs for clutch install
  137. whats it worth?
  138. line locks which shifter knob?
  139. LS7 Clutch
  140. Should curb weight of vehicle have an effect on clutch decision?
  141. pro 5.0 install?
  142. Shifting into reverse shifter rubs console
  143. Whining noise coming from bell housing?
  144. adjustable master. Need some help
  145. Transmission lifting
  146. got a problem and need some help!
  147. what part is inside.
  148. Auto to manual write up
  149. Need Insight into problem:4th gear
  150. ES trans mount
  151. Can Anyone Diagnose This Problem????
  152. Should i buy a new clutch? Drifting \ Dragging 2 weekends apart.
  153. Clultch Recomendations for Drifting
  154. LS7 clutch?
  155. Pedal hanging up recenlty
  156. 02 hydraulics
  157. Tested for Slipping Clutch
  158. t-56 noise
  159. Any reason not to get textralia?
  160. what did I do?
  161. centerforce clutch
  162. How does my clutch look?
  163. tranny install, slave bleed????
  164. Is The Spec Stage 3 Clutch Kit Good For Daily Driving??
  165. LT1 T56 guys, question on clutch fork...
  166. Auto to manual swap ?'s
  167. pro 5.0
  168. Need advice - what clutch to get :)
  169. c5 t56 rating? specs. What can it handle?
  170. transmission is acting funny.. please help
  171. Recommended course of action
  172. just took apart my first
  173. clutch issue
  174. POLL: Shifter Choice
  175. Bent clutch slave retainer for MC hose?? (Pictures)
  176. Hydrolic woes! New master/slave problems
  177. Symptoms of a broken spring? and also an odd noise under the car..
  178. Will GTO clutch master clyinder work in F body?
  179. Six Speeds Inc. in Joliet IL for Super Bowl Race
  180. Where to get t56 parts?
  181. BIG problem after getting on it.
  182. Balancing a fly wheel
  183. Slave Cylinder(s) Question
  184. Spray + Power Shift = Grinding
  185. Heavy or lightweight flywheel?
  186. Disaster!!!
  187. How Hard is it to convert from an Automatic to a 6 spd on a 2002 Trans Am?
  188. Bled the clutch and still hard to shift at high rpm's?
  189. T56 - noise / vibration only at light throttle?
  190. Clutch pedal sticks
  191. How much can a stock t56 from a 98-02 trans am handle?
  192. Clattering in 3rd and popping out (4th sometimes)
  193. T-56 tailshaft?
  194. flywheel question
  195. How much power can the LS6 clutch take?
  196. notchy hurst shifter...
  197. SPEC 4 or 5 for STS making over 500rwhp
  198. Soooo, do we really NEED the spring that returns the clutch pedal??
  199. parts list
  200. ram adj master problem..
  201. 3-4-2 shift question
  202. RAM adjustable master cylinder
  203. LT1 w/ Ram Al Flywheel and Mccleod Single REPORT
  204. need help with clutch issue!!!
  205. Clutch Fluid
  206. It's Official: GM Acknowledges Degraded Clutch Fluid Causes Pedal Woes
  207. Doing an M6 swap what flywheel?
  208. Found something while removing t-56
  209. Yellow smoke and burnt clutch smell after a trip to the
  210. can you still get into the gas when you are breaking in a new clutch ?
  211. '97 LT1 M6 - Trouble getting in gear, clutch seems partialy engaged.
  212. what i thinks seems to be a likage plz help
  213. spec 3 or tired tranny?
  214. [b]need Big Help On My Trans[/b]
  215. n00b shifter question
  216. hard time putting it in second
  217. Aluminum flywheel?
  218. Will consider trade
  219. having some trouble, need help fast please.
  220. Reinstalling the hydros.. quick question
  221. M6 Shifting:Where do you shift?
  222. can my clutch be done after a big mistake?
  223. Man am i Fkd
  224. Stock T-56 gear ratios?
  225. Throw out bearing reatainer
  226. Spec stage 2 plus
  227. Transmission Crossmember rear bolt holes?
  228. What am I doing wrong tex owners???
  229. what did I break??
  230. Tons of chatter after Spec stage one install?
  231. Need Help, Hard to shift into reverse after dropping engine/trans
  232. Need shifter removal help: sealant removal
  233. Ram Twin Disk Clutch System
  234. new t56 from D&D good idea?
  235. bleeding the clutch master cylinder?
  236. Installing the Master Clyinder
  237. No A/C HVAC after A4 to M6 swap
  238. whats the best M6 for a 3.73 rearend?
  239. real quick where is the bleeder valve
  240. Not shifting after slight load...
  241. Clutch installs Who is doing them
  242. Will an LS7 Clutch hold for me?
  243. Sudden soft clutch pedal?
  244. clutch release higher??
  245. Textralia Break In??
  246. clutch bleeding problem. (surprise) :/
  247. Clutch shopping, questions
  248. Clutch pedal to the floor, at an intersection
  249. M6 noise. Please help.
  250. NMCA 1 time only Race Special that is insane!!!!!!!