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  1. Looking for a clutch setup
  2. Push clutch to start car question????
  3. '01-'02 Slave cylinders.
  4. Specific differences between F-Body and GTO T56?
  5. new shifter install...
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  8. SPEC5 Clutch issues
  9. 10's with stock T56?
  10. slave cylinder ?????
  11. Think my trans got hurt when rearend blew
  12. hurst comp plus / hurst billet plus
  13. a4 to m6 who made the switch?
  14. part numbers?
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  17. Need New T56 & clutch help!!!
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  21. Can we use the new viper Tremec TR6060 trans????
  22. Clutch change, what pieces and parts do i need.
  24. Corvette Knob
  25. ordering a clutch by this weekend, please help me.
  26. Top transmission bolts and wiring
  27. cant downshift from 6th to 5th
  28. Tailshaft housing for t56
  29. ANyone running a adjustable master and LS7?
  30. who sells prebleed master/slave assembly
  31. ls7 clutch limits
  32. LS7 advice???
  33. T56 Guru's, In Here, Please...
  34. Gotta Love the T56
  35. Spec Clutch Disk
  36. Which is best? Pro 5.0, Hurst Billet+ or B&M...
  37. LS7 Clutch Kits In Stock - SALE!
  38. Clutch went "pop", lost pedal and smoke in the vents...???
  39. No reverse????
  40. t56 rebuild kits
  41. use of oil in pilot bearing installation?
  42. Clutch sticking
  43. I've had it with my Textralia Oz700...
  44. Textrailia Exo Skel installed
  45. T56 in 6.0 Iron Block?
  46. Did the 94 T/A have a FIVE SPEED ?????
  47. how much tranny fluid do i need?
  48. Spec 1 or 0Z700?
  49. Vss
  50. Jammed gear??
  51. Gen 1 smallblock to T56
  52. Clutch tightness
  53. T56 Input Shaft Wont Line Up?
  54. ebay shifter
  55. Just installed the MN12 into my T/A
  56. using Lt1 t-56 behind Ls1
  57. whatever happened to the ebay cluth test?
  58. Best Budget Clutch?
  59. Popping out of 4th gear, 2nd as well I think; really cold out.
  60. stuck in 3rd gear
  61. how can i take off the hydraulic hose from the master cylinder to the slave??
  62. drill mod & bleeding not going so well
  63. lt1 t56 vs. ls1 t56
  64. Can anyone help me with a part number for the plastic trim for shift boot?
  65. Installed my short stick. GET ONE!
  66. Billet flywheels
  67. loss of power????
  68. Pressure Plate Bolts?
  69. ran car aggressively. high rpms, hard going into gears
  70. short shifter giving faster 1/4's??
  71. resurface flywheel?
  72. T56 rebuilds is the best of the best
  73. So, did anyone call Tremec yet
  74. Ram HDX clutch. Anybody have? Opinions?
  75. Grinding in upper RPM's
  76. Won't go into 3rd, pops out of 1st
  77. throwout bearing rattle
  78. Quick Bellhousing Question
  79. Swap 04 GTO T-56 into 98 Z28 w/ T-56???
  80. m6 or a4 for turbo DD
  81. New Master Cylinder?
  82. Sticky clutch pedal
  83. ls7 VS spec3+ and other questions
  84. How much can I sell my T-56 for????
  85. 2001 z06 want to put auto in how hard?
  86. Update on T-56 issue
  87. input shaft broke
  88. Clutch goboom!
  89. Syncros Or Other Problem?
  90. Car Wont Go Into Gear!!!!
  91. Car won't Go into Gear
  92. trans/clutch stuff for 3.4 to LS1 + T56 swap
  93. Car stuck in N and will not shift after started
  94. T56 in a 70 gto
  95. shifter knob
  96. Spec Stage 4 users inside please
  97. what gear ?
  98. LS7 Clutch + Aluminum Flywheel (Who has it??)
  99. part # for 1le mount? thought i had it but...
  100. drill mod for clutch master
  101. What's the difference?
  102. Question about my friends 2000 GT
  103. Pressure plate bolts, flywheel??
  104. Clutch Sticks but not if Pumped
  105. How to test for loose Flywheel??
  106. Help me choose a clutch plz
  107. Who has blown up a clutch in their LS1 F-body?
  108. Where to buy braided line for drill mod
  109. Ordered....
  110. another t56 bites the dust
  111. *which Clutch?
  112. Recomemd Clutch / Flywheel
  113. just got the RAM Powergrip HD installed...
  114. Downshift and boom
  115. Can I replace flywheel without replacing clutch?
  116. HAY-85-105 Clutch ??
  117. Annoying sounds after clutch install.
  118. 6 speed conversion?
  119. Proshifted tranny?
  120. t56 question
  121. Gear vs Speed calculator (macro and non-macro)
  122. annoying problem with trans.
  123. Best clutch for 600ft/lbs
  124. Trans mount
  125. 3rd clutch gone - whats the deal?
  126. Which rear gear ratio with a T56 in a 408 Stroker???
  127. LS7 Experience; Good or Bad?
  128. Textralia OZ700 vs ExoSkel...Opinons?
  129. T-56 Transmission Problems
  130. Questions for guys who rebuilt their own T56
  131. T56 from LT1 into ls1 Posssible?
  132. Is there a trick to removing M6 shift knob?
  133. Exoskell clutch specs
  134. Please help! Clutch problems
  135. hurst shifters
  136. EXO-Skell / Spec Stg 3 Review
  137. ls2 flywheel resurfaced, problems finding shim!!! please help
  138. where should i get my trans redone at?
  139. Here are weights of LS7 clutch, aluminum flywheel vs stock
  140. Bronze fork pads for 5 - 6?
  141. Which Z06 Clutch for an '00 SS?
  142. wtf is wrong with my tranny
  143. Braided Line (Drill Mod)
  144. My t-56 is toast
  145. new clutch problems
  146. How Much Should Ask For My Tranny
  147. Need Help on Part numbers for LS7 Clutch
  148. m6 mated to a 5.3
  149. Spacer between 5th gear bearing and 5/6 synchro snap ring
  150. Clutch only engages when cooled off...
  151. please help!
  152. Clutch sticking to the floor.
  153. tranny noise
  154. Help and opinions please! Hydraulics???
  155. slp short throw shifter
  156. Reverse synchronizer retaining ring?
  157. What happened to my T56
  158. Textrailia review(30 miles). M6 question. This clutch is cool!
  159. hole in cap of clutch fluid lid?
  160. yet another synchro ?
  161. Can you add "Friction Material" to a Flywheel?
  162. Clutch difficulties
  163. nasty squeaking noise. help!
  164. HELP with thread size for slave and shifter
  165. clutch not disengauging?
  166. Problem with clutch
  167. do i need new pads or synchros?
  168. What fly wheel?
  169. rebuild question, what comes off next?
  170. Tranny problems..
  171. B&M short stick shift knob removal?
  172. T56 problems when WOT shifting
  173. After considering an LS7 clutch, im reconsidering going back w/ a Spec
  174. Lowest price for Mcleod LS1 bellhousing??
  175. fastest m6 list
  176. website temporarily down
  177. slow high rpm shifts
  178. Do i need a new clutch now or wait?
  179. getting a m6
  180. Pro 5.0 webiste?
  181. How to tell the diff. in 5-6 and reverse synchro?
  182. Slave/Master cylinder ???
  183. is the ls7 clutch good?
  184. Weak slave??
  185. LT-1 t56 with LS1 Slave??
  186. LS7 Clutch Pressure Plate Adjustment?
  187. going on my 3rd pilot bearing...why????
  188. Problems with Spec 3+
  189. Help with Raptor install
  190. Clutch help.
  191. removing the transmission
  192. shifters?
  193. Z06 clutch good enough?
  194. Pressure Plate "fingers" bent in
  195. Pro 5.0 shifter stick vs WS6 store short stick
  196. Clutch LS7 NOT Working
  197. downshifting problem
  198. Tools for T56 rebuild. Please check.
  199. Textrailia
  200. B&M Ripper vs Pro 5.0
  201. 103,xxx miles and shot upshift solenoids...time for a rebuild?
  202. 02 Ta wont go into gear
  203. opinions on my tranny, pics inside
  204. signs of dying hydraulics?
  205. Let me see your shifter knobs!!!
  206. pistol grip handle
  207. Exoskell users, give me feedback.
  208. Clutch or Tranny Help....?????
  209. Blocking Ring Function
  210. drill nod questions
  211. What clutch will I need for these mods?
  212. trans swap question!!
  213. please help with m6 conversion
  214. Cant Remove pilot bearing
  215. M6 brands
  216. can I reuse my tranny fluid
  217. Please Confirm Cartek Fluid DOT 5 or DOT 5.1
  218. paddle shifters
  219. Slider still worth using?
  220. Parasitic HP loss from a dual disk clutch or T56rebuilds tranny???
  221. Slave Cylinder
  222. So what's the going consensus on ClutchMasters?
  223. is my clutch dead???
  224. Any one ever warp an Aluminum Flywheel?
  225. RPS Carbon Kevkar Or Spec Stage 3+
  226. need help finding what clutch i need/ to know?
  227. shifting/clutch problems
  228. Wont go in gear, hard to shift. HELP!
  229. will a Lt1 T56 bolt right up to a SBC
  230. Newb Question
  231. Okay so you guys hate spec and the LS7 is still a question
  232. Pilot Bearing Tool: Kent-Moore J-43276
  233. Will Textralia hold 850 rwhp/750 rwtq ??
  234. Broken transmission?
  235. clutch sticking when its cold
  236. lou's short stick vs. ws6store
  237. pro 5.0 or hurst billet
  238. Rebuilding a T-56
  239. a4-t56 swap..few pre questions
  240. LS7 clutch install ?
  241. there a write up somewhere on replaceing the tailshaft seal???
  242. Any good instructions for 1-2 and 3-4 assy?
  243. Transmission Work (Clutch Sticking) -Orlando
  244. noob clutch ??
  245. Where to Buy?
  246. T handle hurst knob w/short stick
  247. Noob here...slider?
  248. t5 trans rebuild- please help me
  249. im trying to identify this piece
  250. Rattle