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  1. T56 tailhousing swap?
  2. Clutch master cylinder *CONFIRMATION*
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  12. Tranny whine?
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  14. Exoskel after 1200 DD miles
  15. Where can I get the braided line for tha master cyl at??
  16. Manual vs Powerglide
  17. what bolts for the bellhousing
  18. Shifterboot retention ring?
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  21. Question about parking brake cables
  22. Six Speeds Inc. Monthly Special **Free Shipping is Back**
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  24. tailshaft seal
  25. Where to find McLeod Street Twin
  26. Textralia Clutch Problem
  27. spec3 +
  28. Wow. Just got off the phone with T56Rebuilds/SixSpeedsInc
  29. 05 GTO T56 + Stock clutch on 98 LS1
  30. Bad blocker rings? Or clutch problem?
  31. H/C Combo with approx. 400-420 RWHP Do I replace the stock LS6 Clutch?
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  35. again with the noises!!!
  36. LS7 clutch installed!!!
  37. Pilot bearing?
  38. what clutch to go with for 700 rwhp
  39. when drivin hard i cant get into 3rd?!
  40. Ram VDS
  41. Pulling tranny Help ASAP
  42. Finally ordered a new clutch
  43. where do i Get this bushing?
  44. Help Please!!
  45. Do what joe tells you too
  46. t56 rebuild
  47. T56 5th and reverse troubles (grinds when you let the clutch out)
  48. Be honest, how many upgrades do I really need for my rebuild.
  49. What are the HP limits on the stock T56?
  50. used t56 tranny price
  51. Anyone replace JUST the 93-97 Slave cylinder?
  52. Funny clutch disenguagement?
  53. bleeding
  54. LT1 Clutch options
  55. grinding fifth ?!?!
  56. how the F did u get your shift knob off?
  57. Lost 2nd gear T56
  58. 11" Centerforce DF Question?
  59. Put in an exo skel, now I have some funny noise, please give your comments
  60. No Clue what this could be?
  61. Grind on me...
  62. Clutch slip...
  63. LT1 short shifter/short stick to LS1 Tranny?
  64. Spec Stage 3+
  65. Hydraulic Clutch Problem?
  66. Best Dual Disk Clutch Setup
  67. new website launching
  68. Cartek clutch guys inside please
  69. Alignment tool for ls7 clutch?
  70. cluch sticking
  71. T56 Tranny Swap
  72. 6" or 6.5" short stick
  73. Another WOT shifting problem, but not the same...
  74. Scoggin Dickey's New Look On The Web!
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  76. Lt1 Vs. Ls1 T56
  77. M6 Vs A4 w/Stall ????
  78. Whats difference between 98-00 & 01-02 Slave cylinders?
  79. compatibility w/ ls7 clutch & flywheel
  80. How long did your aftermarket clutch last?????
  81. cobra t-56 clutch ?
  82. my McLeod SFI bellhousing install
  83. 13,000 on the odo and having a clutch issue
  84. ls7 clutch torque spec
  85. centerforce DFX clutch kit god or bad anyone know
  86. pilot bearing question
  87. T56 r and r
  88. Squeaking Fylwheel
  89. New AC Delco master cylinder+slave cylinder
  90. Torque specs?
  91. McLeod SFI Bellhousing
  92. Clutch master cylinder question?
  93. Clutch bleeding help?!?
  94. Anyone overhaul their own T-56?
  95. New whine started this week.
  96. pops out of 4th
  97. Taking it to the dealer
  98. Major clutch or hydraulic problems
  99. Clutch install writeup
  100. Retaining clip
  101. need help t56
  102. LS1Tech Search Fails me
  103. Trouble getting into 2nd?
  104. T-56 upgrades?
  105. Witch is the best fluid for my clutch.
  106. ls7 clutch what do i need install?
  107. has anyone ever heard of this
  108. Part Number
  109. simple easy question about trans oil
  110. Spec 3+ issues
  111. Clutch engagement issues
  112. Bellhousing Help!!!
  113. master hydraulic line
  114. 1st gear grinding?
  115. I believe I need a new clutch?
  116. RPM Transmissions prices at Exotic Performance Plus
  117. Wich slave cylinder to buy.
  118. Why are people having LS7 clutch problems?
  119. Weird Noise
  120. which adj master cylinder.
  121. What slave cylinder do I have?
  122. Clutch decision
  123. need clutch spec help!
  124. LS7 Out Finally
  125. Type of clutch?
  126. how the hell do I stop bucking from a large cam
  127. what manual bellhousings will bolt to an ls1?
  128. 1st time clutch bleeder needs some serious help
  129. Rebuilding my tranny to make it stronger, need help
  130. Loose slave bolt?
  131. problems with t56 rebuilds
  132. Sticking clutch pedal owners step inside. Interesting development..
  133. vibration
  134. QUESTION! Car won't shift smoothly into 2nd....
  135. bleeding clutch
  136. New T56 installed.... 56K beware!
  137. Drill Mod: Removing exhaust tube make it easier?
  138. LS6 bell housing
  139. WOT = trouble
  140. 3rd to 2nd grinding?
  141. Need help, slave?
  142. need new clutch...
  143. oil change, now my tranny is shot
  144. Centerforce Clutch Installed "Impressions"
  145. Look at all them gears!!
  146. T56 Gurus - odd T56 issue here
  147. Spec 3+ rebuild
  148. Throwout bearing, where to get one and whats the PN?
  149. weird trany problem
  150. Transmission Problem HELP!!!
  151. Need new master/slave?
  152. sticking clutch new master
  153. slave cylinder bleed
  154. Help with Vibration and "Knocking" Noise
  155. McLeod Dual Disc Clutch Owners COME ON IN!
  156. Clutch/Flywheel recomendations
  157. Trouble getting into third?
  158. Daily Driver Clutch thread( How many miles on yours)
  159. clutch pedal
  160. What flywheel?
  161. lm7 with tremec tranny?
  162. v6 clutch?
  163. Spec Stage 2 break-in question...
  164. Do i need this????
  165. Any feedback for spec1 clutch???
  166. All I need is
  167. Bell Housing Question
  168. Notchy Transmission
  169. Detailed t56 dimensions
  170. Do I need to do teh Drill Mod for an 02?
  171. replace slave or not?
  172. Slave cylinder part#
  173. need help??
  174. ? bout clutch break in
  175. Does the stock clutch grip harder after the drill mod?
  176. Sequential T56??????
  177. Gearing and cruising RPM
  178. Need a clutch
  179. Spec flywheel w/ another brand clutch???
  180. Cadd CTS-V t56 adaptable?
  181. help!!! clutch pedal not pushing
  182. yoke T56
  183. searched but still have ?'s
  184. Quick Drill Mod Question
  185. Couple of ?'s for Amber at T56rebuilds
  186. Hard To Get Out Of 3rd Gear??
  187. T56 transmission issues
  188. am i missing something?
  189. can you buy just this part? pic inside
  190. Stiff clutch pedal, bad master?
  191. SLP TCS Control were does it go??
  192. SFI Bellhousing
  193. Universal Trans Blanket
  194. cant get master cyl back in!
  195. Need Input, Serious Problem.
  196. 6 speed conversion
  197. aftermarket shifter ball
  198. 60 ft. times Track Guys??
  199. clutch master cylinder dosnt engage all the way
  200. No Clutch Pressure!
  201. New clutch problems! PLEASE HELP!!
  202. reverse lockout problem
  203. No Spacer behib Slave Cylinder?????
  204. Exo-skel v/s Street twin with drag radials
  205. Any one ever rebuild a mcloud adj m/c
  206. 4l60e to t56 help
  207. Is this Transmission Backlash normal?
  208. Used Spec 3?
  209. shifter removal help
  210. LS2 vs LS1 Pilot Bearing
  211. Factory Hurst and WS6 Store SS
  212. T56 Rebuild: local or
  213. Slipping
  214. What Shifter should I get
  215. Looking for a clutch setup
  216. Push clutch to start car question????
  217. '01-'02 Slave cylinders.
  218. Specific differences between F-Body and GTO T56?
  219. new shifter install...
  220. shifter problem
  221. Anyone wanna trade their M6 for a built A4
  222. SPEC5 Clutch issues
  223. 10's with stock T56?
  224. slave cylinder ?????
  225. Think my trans got hurt when rearend blew
  226. hurst comp plus / hurst billet plus
  227. a4 to m6 who made the switch?
  228. part numbers?
  229. Rebuilding my T-56, Replacing a few things. Need advice.
  230. LS7 clutch in C6 problems
  231. Need New T56 & clutch help!!!
  232. Hurst billet plus = WOW
  233. Questions for an A4 to M6 swap
  234. Corvette manual question...
  235. Can we use the new viper Tremec TR6060 trans????
  236. Clutch change, what pieces and parts do i need.
  238. Corvette Knob
  239. ordering a clutch by this weekend, please help me.
  240. Top transmission bolts and wiring
  241. cant downshift from 6th to 5th
  242. Tailshaft housing for t56
  243. ANyone running a adjustable master and LS7?
  244. who sells prebleed master/slave assembly
  245. ls7 clutch limits
  246. LS7 advice???
  247. T56 Guru's, In Here, Please...
  248. Gotta Love the T56
  249. Spec Clutch Disk
  250. Which is best? Pro 5.0, Hurst Billet+ or B&M...