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  1. Spec twin disc
  2. What stuff needs to go with a new clutch?
  3. Clutch stays on floor.
  4. Those racing with 650-700 rw what clutch are you using?
  5. who knows part numbers? (ls7 clutch)
  6. Tranny problems need help
  7. Need recommendation for 300-450whp clutch
  8. Gauging Interest
  9. Shifter Installation?
  10. T-56 throwout bearing?
  11. Slave Cylinder: Is this normal?
  12. Bad TOB or do I need to shim?? Knocking coming from bellhousing
  13. Ultimate LS7 clutch thread....
  14. Pro-shifted/faceplated users inside
  15. Rebuilt T56 cases
  16. CLutch install on v6 mustang
  17. Problem With Textralia
  18. which clutch will hold a kenne bell?
  19. 93 t56 build up
  20. gto t-56 tailshaft??
  21. shifting point - might be a dumb ques.
  22. Do I need a new master cylinder?
  23. Bellhousing Upgrade?
  24. T56 vs A4
  25. 400 miles enough for break in???
  26. Getting ready to install the 5.0, any tips I need to know about?
  27. Need some Suggestions with New Clutch
  28. synchros going out
  29. Do I need shims between the flywheel and pressure plate??
  30. Whats the best way to install tranny?
  31. Can you bleed the slave/master un-hooked??
  32. How does the slave work??
  33. Need help before tomorrow morning!!!
  34. Clutch Problem
  35. squeaking noise
  36. Switching auto to 6spd
  37. Replacing clutch. Help.
  38. Bad rear main seal. Did it ruin my new Textralia clutch?
  39. Where to pick up a flywheel FAST?
  40. short stick keeps coming loose??
  41. F-body T-56 input shaft question
  42. Drive shafts, M6 vs Auto
  43. Need help with hydraulic problem
  44. Tranny Rebuilt- 3rd gear probs
  45. 99TA, T56 tranny mount
  46. ws6 store short stick
  47. LS1 camaro on Pinks!
  48. T-56 people where to build for 800rwhp/t
  49. LS7 clutch with resurfaced LS1 flywheels?
  50. warranty question
  51. 1500 Truck
  52. any M6 guys..
  53. clutch no workie!
  54. T-56 Differences?
  55. RAM powergrip gone after 7k
  56. Is drill mod neccessary?
  57. Bad Master?
  58. how long to brk in my ram clutch?
  59. possible ls7 clutch issuse
  60. Pilot Bushing Question?
  61. Popping out of gear
  62. trans swap? too much hasle?
  63. Pro 5.0 address?
  64. RAM replacement clutch
  65. trans fluid?
  66. Tranny stuck in 4th after WOT run
  67. Unusual clutch sticking to floor problem - does it always
  68. 5spd Conversion...?
  69. just orderd my ls7
  70. Ram HD Clutch Wont go in Gear
  71. do you have to do the drill mod to the master cylinder line?
  72. is this a decent price for a slave cylinder install??
  73. Tranny gone/ List of problems
  74. T56 Hydraulics replace?
  75. Clutch Question??
  76. Hybrid Clutch idea.......
  77. Need help puttin tranny back in!!!!!
  78. PLEASE HELP, wont go into reverse
  79. Help Need Info
  80. Anyone using the ls2 clutch
  81. SPEC 3 most likely gone
  82. WTT: a4 for m6
  83. Is this too much for a stock clutch?
  84. Anyone using McLeod set-up...
  85. Signs of air in hydraulics? Other problems?
  86. t56 issues
  87. drill mod questions
  88. ls7 clutch ?
  89. Question about clutch masters.....
  90. Wrong Flywheel!!!!
  91. Ls7 Clutch Users Come Inside....
  92. Spec 3+, Spec 4 or Ram HD?
  93. T/O Bearing Replacement
  94. How often should you replace the clutch master Cyl?
  95. Changing Flywheel with Clutch
  96. Which sponsor currently has the best price on a Spec Clutch?
  97. z06 clutch removal question
  98. Ram HD. Need shim??
  99. need help sorting out confusion.
  100. Got Gear End Play Spec??
  101. Mcleod Street Twin issues.....
  102. Odd Clutch Slippage
  103. C4 radio shack skip shift delete?
  104. Clutch pedal sticks to Floor NEED HELP!!!!
  105. FYI: Spec 5 Shim
  106. Is my clutch bad?
  107. clutch master help now!!!!!
  108. Looking to get new shifter for car
  109. Is My Clutch Getting Sloppy?
  110. Problem out of no were.
  111. Did this happen to any other Spec's out there?
  112. Great, now what did I destroy/damage
  113. What is a pro-shifted t-56???
  114. Ls6 Clutch-pedal/engagement
  115. spec 3..very touchy trying to get used to it
  116. Gear stick problem
  117. Safety interlock on trans mount?
  118. LS2clutch LS7 Flywheel
  119. Tranny mount
  120. T56 trouble.
  121. ive havent seen aything about the mcleod single disk
  122. LS2 + G-Force T-5?
  123. ls1/lt1 6 speed differences?
  124. Clutch fluid low, why?
  125. Tranny Fluid(T56)
  126. BAD! Violent shuddering and shaking with new clutch HELP!
  127. slipping spec stage 3
  128. wat fluid to put in the t56?
  129. t56? need help
  130. need a steel flywheel-what kind?
  131. Which Slave to get?
  132. Need distance: Release bearing to P. Plate
  133. Problem with Good clutch spinning
  134. Vin number on t56?
  135. trouble with 3rd gear
  136. how hard to replace clutch master cylinder?
  137. T-56 Tranny GURUS in here!!!
  138. Having trouble w/ Standstill burnout
  139. MASSIVE t56 install problems trans wont slide in all the way
  140. How do you know when the master is bad?
  141. Pro 5.0 + Hurst Return Springs?
  142. need a good clutch
  143. please help keep blowing slave cylinders
  144. Anyone know a shop in Joliet, Il?
  145. Bad master seals ?
  146. Slave Cylinder Grenaded!
  147. Part# Help For new clutch!
  148. Clutch Master Cylinder I.D.
  149. ws6 store short stick
  150. Heat related???
  151. T56 Gear Grind Issue
  152. Rear main leaking... do I need to replaced my new clutch because of it???
  153. Clutch: Ram vs. Ram HD ????
  154. Done with clutch install one problem shifting into second
  155. Pilot bearing vs. bronze bushing
  156. Where to get flywheel resurfaced?
  157. Wont go into first above 30
  158. Unsure of Problem
  159. $200 clutch and 13lb chromoly FW are in
  160. sometimes not going into gear???
  161. what do i need?
  162. Feel of LS6 clutch.....
  163. 2nd instead of 4th?
  164. Simple Question:
  165. What are the symptoms of a loose flywheel?
  166. swapping to m6
  167. Very Notchy T-56-Sounds like wooden blocks colliding, time to go for a fresh rebuild?
  168. clucth
  169. should i use shim on new clutch?
  170. which clutch for my turbo? (annoying question, i know)
  171. hyd. clutch problem
  172. Shift Point/Shift Light Question
  173. Installed the Pro 5.0
  174. t56 tranny/cags problem
  175. ls2/ls7 clutch part numbers
  176. Set or remove stops?
  177. Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Good Clutch For A Good Price
  178. Special
  179. what the f$$k is up w/ ram hd
  180. M6: Did you balance your FW+PP?
  181. I didn't disconnect the hydraulics... need to bleed?
  182. Fastest clutch swap
  183. Oil on my flywheel bolts
  184. Clutch help
  185. just breaking in? or f'd up???
  186. clutch peddle
  187. clutch parts
  188. 4th gear problems
  189. HELP! Will all my new parts work together??
  190. Who makes the best clutch set up for
  191. McLeod Question
  192. Clutch not disengaging all the way at WOT
  193. Take a Guess...
  194. shift knob dilema
  195. Picking up a used clutch and pressure plate, what else do I need?
  196. Tail Shaft Bushing Part Number?
  197. Problems with reverse
  198. Getting my First F-Body T56 Clutch
  199. T56 problems 4the getting stuck.
  200. out with the old, in with the new (Clutchmaster)
  201. Ram clutch...use their flywheel or stocker
  202. pressure plate torque?
  203. What's the definition of the LS2 Clutch?
  204. LS2 Clutch/Flywheel **I NEED THE PRO'S!** (oh yeah..SPEC 3 SUCKS!!!)
  205. 1LE mount?
  206. Can I start my engine without the trans. in?
  207. 5.0 Pro shifter on a Viper trans
  208. just needing a little help for a friend
  209. Clutch ?
  210. Mechanics school??
  211. Need Customer Photos
  212. GM tranny mount
  213. Flywheel holes dont align need input...
  214. Will I need more parts for my rebuild?
  215. Help!!
  216. Thinking of selling T-56 set-up??
  217. Resurface the flywheel or not....
  218. Do I Need A New Clutch And What Kind
  219. Transmission Jack suggestions, PLS
  220. Ok
  221. can i start my car with no tranny in?
  222. going with a ls7 clutch kit! 2 questions
  223. Clutch?
  224. please tell me WHAT THE HELL IS A 2 STEP?
  225. question about mcleod clutch please help
  226. 2001 SS vs. 2002 WS6
  227. Can't get mity vac to work. Followed doc
  228. Anyone use this ......
  229. Hows my RAM Look? Pics (56k suk it)
  230. Stuck clutch pedal.
  231. clutch for 600rwhp
  232. t56rebuilds?
  233. Hurst Shifter has play in it...
  234. Spec 4 clutch is in - The question now is...
  235. Tranny Mount Question....
  236. How Much Is A Gm Master Cylinder?
  237. Low on fluid?
  238. weird problem
  239. approved bell housing?
  240. Crossmember Question
  241. looking for weights of different clutch setups
  242. RAM vds900 series
  243. why does this dick harrell prototype use a zo6 clutch?
  244. Slave cylinder... stay stock or get aftermarket?
  245. problem
  246. Stickey Tires = Smoked Clutch
  247. double clutching?
  248. Does my clutch look ok??
  249. Trans install question
  250. Correct position of clutch pedal?