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  1. LS7 clutch is taking the abuse
  2. T-56 Rebuilds
  3. I have a hole in my bell housing!!
  4. Help Me Pick A Great Clutch
  5. rebuilt tranny, now can't shift 2nd to 3rd worth shit
  6. T-5 convertion kit
  7. Car is at a stop, push in the clutch, put it in first and car wants to roll forward?
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  10. What clutch should I go with?
  11. Shifter problems
  12. New Ls7 Clutch..Pedal sticking down under hard accel
  13. Bendix master cylinders.......
  14. Need Help With Throwout Bearing/clutch Install
  15. whining sound starting to get louder (ls1joe rebuilt it)
  16. I bet no one can figure this out.
  17. VSS inductor wheels the same on F-Body's & vette's?
  18. Whining noise......
  19. Anyone running the RAM Dual Clutch?
  20. Need a new transmission
  21. sporadic noise when going from a stop...
  22. Noise coming from clutch... what could it be?
  23. Textralia after 16 months
  24. quick help please....
  25. tranny swap
  26. Ls6 clutch
  27. improper flywheel resurfacing?
  28. Understanding gears.. a newb's quest.
  29. LS1 Flywheel anyone?
  30. LT1 t-56 to BBC
  31. Anyone have a F-body AND a C5 with Aftermarket Shifters?
  32. 1st gear lockout
  33. boiling clutch fluid?
  34. GM Master & Slave Part#'s Please????
  35. How long do I have left?
  36. Found my groaning noise!
  37. gto t56
  38. Stock shifter assembly?
  39. 4th gear grind
  40. Clutch got soft out of nowhere
  41. Broken input shaft?
  42. What clutch will handle 600rwhp?
  43. spec 3+ experience
  44. Zoom clutches
  45. stripped flywheel bolt removal
  46. growling into gear
  47. Manual Tranny Stick Noise?
  48. t56 vent tube
  49. leaving it in gear when coasting
  50. How many quarts of fluid does the 6 speed hold?
  51. 2nd time slave cylinder nuked! why?
  52. how much movement in the shifter is normal?
  53. ligth flywheels vs heavy
  54. ls7 clutch install, picks inside!
  55. 3rd gear vibration...WTF?
  56. Nv4500????
  57. spec 3, toast! Been in since FEB! Fragged on dragweek
  58. Whirring Sound
  59. clunk sound
  60. People that have a rebuild done by
  61. Shift knob threadlocker
  62. Spec Stage 3+ Prices/Dealers
  63. Questions about my clutch and noises it makes.
  64. cdf clutch shifting problems
  65. what are signs that a clutch is slipping?
  66. Please help diagnose
  67. Ram HD bad or something else?
  68. Newb ? bout Double clutching
  69. Bought New GM 99-02 clutch is it a Z06 or?
  70. RAM HD Died after 10kish what next????
  71. Who has broke a input ahft and why did it break?
  72. Clutch trying to engage in neutral?
  73. shim the slave?what shims?need info
  74. NEED HELP FAST!!? cant get out of 4th!!
  75. Question about Centerforce Dual Friction
  76. hurst shifter
  77. Are these the same clutches?!
  78. clutch questions
  79. Bleeding the clutch system after takeing out trany
  80. got my ls7 clutch to day!
  81. Can I get a T-56 manual/rebuild gude somewhere for free?
  82. Fidanza w/ LS7 or LS6 clutch...
  83. Car pops out of 3rd gear?
  84. Does anyone make a blowproof bellhousing....
  85. Clutch dropped to the floor!! help!
  86. trans or clutch problems?
  87. Weird 2nd gear issues
  88. Fbody T56 in a C5?
  89. gears are gettin hard to get into......
  90. 6th gear problem
  91. Short stick shifter positioning?
  92. Squeak when shifting?
  93. When to shift on stock tac.
  94. 2nd gear went out what is my next step.
  95. Clutch wont bleed?
  96. M6 take off issue
  97. hard getting into any gear
  98. LT1 and LS1 have same clutch disc?
  99. can anyone help quickly! ls1 Crank to m6 flywheel dowel, is it stepped 11 -13 mm?
  100. spec stage 3 or 3+
  101. No pressure on clutch...
  102. converting LS1 T56 to LT1 T56 trans
  103. Sept/Oct Special
  104. spec 3I still holding up-10.6@129 1.47 60ft.
  105. Ram Powergrip HD warranty info? and more...
  106. How much play do you have in your clutch peddal?
  107. Pilot bearing install
  108. adjustable factory clutch master
  109. shifting problems
  110. Can a Z06 slave cylinder be used in F-bodies
  111. just need to make sure
  112. Did I go overboard?
  113. car shudders at takeoff
  114. help! quick disconnect problem
  115. 6 sp console top plate, 94 interchange with 97+?
  116. When replacing the slave what else?....
  117. m6 trany oil
  118. T56 synchros gong out, or cluch needs a bleeding? Read this
  119. NOOO.. Blew 4th?
  120. Q for Spec 3+ with supplied shim.
  121. need advise on what clutch with my setup... procharged 408
  122. How to perform drill mod?
  123. Shortest short throw shifter???
  124. help.....need ram shim advice
  125. Master cyl replacement Q
  126. Slave quick disconnect missing plastic release?
  127. Q about drill mod?
  128. Flywheel bolts??
  129. Bad idea to use a ram adjustable clutch master cylinder with a cartek clutch?
  130. best place this clutch
  131. Clutch Life Expectancy?(Spec 3)
  132. ls7 clutch, how hard is the install?
  133. B&m and Pro 5.0 question????
  134. what would you guys suggest for a clutch??
  135. Put in my Centerforce DF clutch.
  136. slipping on and off
  137. Knob is stuck
  138. How to use a proshifted tranny?
  140. clutch went out
  141. Help, Clutch not going into gear at higher RPM's?
  142. Need a NEW T-56 Transmission. Where to get?!?
  143. my drill mod experience
  144. Slave Cylinder replacement
  145. shifter knob install
  146. Just installed Hurst Billet Plus Shifter
  147. So I talked to a machinest today about RAM HD clutches...
  148. 01-02 hydraulics
  149. Finish Line T56??
  150. Bad Clutch????
  151. T56 pilot bearing/bushings crushed!!
  152. Clutch feels diffrent after the track (Is it slipping?)
  153. Mcleod master rebuild problems.
  154. Ram HD unfazed by hard second-gear launch
  155. Just installed Pro 5.0, now have a rattling noise.
  156. Ram Powergrip HD
  157. is there any way...
  158. Center Force vs. LS7 vs. Ram HD
  159. Clutch Spring Problem
  160. whatcha think about these..
  161. Tranny wont go back in...
  162. My Spec 3 crapped out on me
  163. Please Listen To My T56 Sound Clips
  164. Resurface flywheel after 6k?
  165. Tranny shop in Nashville?
  166. Do I need a new master cylinder?
  167. A4 to M6 swap
  168. My T-56 is dying. Long read need to vent!
  169. Ive done everything...could this be the problem.
  170. spec 3 question
  171. Is something wrong with my spec?
  172. removing tranny from 02 z06.. help please
  173. Love the WS6 Store Short Throw!
  174. Can't shift for SHIT after heads/cam install!
  175. Corvette 6spd vs f-body 6spd
  176. Spec twin disc
  177. What stuff needs to go with a new clutch?
  178. Clutch stays on floor.
  179. Those racing with 650-700 rw what clutch are you using?
  180. who knows part numbers? (ls7 clutch)
  181. Tranny problems need help
  182. Need recommendation for 300-450whp clutch
  183. Gauging Interest
  184. Shifter Installation?
  185. T-56 throwout bearing?
  186. Slave Cylinder: Is this normal?
  187. Bad TOB or do I need to shim?? Knocking coming from bellhousing
  188. Ultimate LS7 clutch thread....
  189. Pro-shifted/faceplated users inside
  190. Rebuilt T56 cases
  191. CLutch install on v6 mustang
  192. Problem With Textralia
  193. which clutch will hold a kenne bell?
  194. 93 t56 build up
  195. gto t-56 tailshaft??
  196. shifting point - might be a dumb ques.
  197. Do I need a new master cylinder?
  198. Bellhousing Upgrade?
  199. T56 vs A4
  200. 400 miles enough for break in???
  201. Getting ready to install the 5.0, any tips I need to know about?
  202. Need some Suggestions with New Clutch
  203. synchros going out
  204. Do I need shims between the flywheel and pressure plate??
  205. Whats the best way to install tranny?
  206. Can you bleed the slave/master un-hooked??
  207. How does the slave work??
  208. Need help before tomorrow morning!!!
  209. Clutch Problem
  210. squeaking noise
  211. Switching auto to 6spd
  212. Replacing clutch. Help.
  213. Bad rear main seal. Did it ruin my new Textralia clutch?
  214. Where to pick up a flywheel FAST?
  215. short stick keeps coming loose??
  216. F-body T-56 input shaft question
  217. Drive shafts, M6 vs Auto
  218. Need help with hydraulic problem
  219. Tranny Rebuilt- 3rd gear probs
  220. 99TA, T56 tranny mount
  221. ws6 store short stick
  222. LS1 camaro on Pinks!
  223. T-56 people where to build for 800rwhp/t
  224. LS7 clutch with resurfaced LS1 flywheels?
  225. warranty question
  226. 1500 Truck
  227. any M6 guys..
  228. clutch no workie!
  229. T-56 Differences?
  230. RAM powergrip gone after 7k
  231. Is drill mod neccessary?
  232. Bad Master?
  233. how long to brk in my ram clutch?
  234. possible ls7 clutch issuse
  235. Pilot Bushing Question?
  236. Popping out of gear
  237. trans swap? too much hasle?
  238. Pro 5.0 address?
  239. RAM replacement clutch
  240. trans fluid?
  241. Tranny stuck in 4th after WOT run
  242. Unusual clutch sticking to floor problem - does it always
  243. 5spd Conversion...?
  244. just orderd my ls7
  245. Ram HD Clutch Wont go in Gear
  246. do you have to do the drill mod to the master cylinder line?
  247. is this a decent price for a slave cylinder install??
  248. Tranny gone/ List of problems
  249. T56 Hydraulics replace?
  250. Clutch Question??