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  1. T5 trans
  2. Mating a LT1 T-56 with an LSX using ...
  3. New clutch comming in.
  4. stock clutch coast?
  5. stock flywheel
  6. Mcleoud or Textrilla?
  7. stock clutch and 125 shot?
  8. Grindin all gears
  9. Drag Racers: Type F ATF in T56?
  10. Spec Stage5
  11. McLeod Adjustable Master Questions.
  12. Which tranny fluid came in the tranny from GM?
  13. Squeaking Noises
  14. Squeaking Noises
  15. Who's got the best LS7 clutch packages?
  16. Transmission bolts
  17. clutch and flywheel?
  18. Which Master Cylinder?
  19. T56 problems
  20. How much HP/Torque can an LT1 T56 hold?
  21. optimal RPM?
  22. Got measurements, how to determine shim size?
  23. Ignorance is bliss
  24. How long should i break in my spec 3+ ??
  25. Ls7/ls2 Clutch Install,now Vibrations!
  26. i need a m6 trans!
  27. SPEC 3 5k rpm launch?
  28. Exedy rebuild questions...
  29. Will This Cure Clutch Pedal Stuck On The Floor?
  30. Shop Motto......
  31. clutch problems.........
  32. Tranny fluid
  33. t56 problems! help!
  34. centerforce dfx
  35. What are the differences i the LT1 and LS1 clutch
  36. whats wrong with my tranny?
  37. adapting lt1 t56 to ls1
  38. McLeod disengaugment issue. CL SL Bleeding Q,
  39. slave cylinder problems
  40. how many qrts does an M6 hold?
  41. Ls7 clutch?
  42. T56 Conversion Install - Moves with clutch in
  43. Think my Spec III is going out! You tell me.
  44. Tranny help ??? T-56
  45. what short stick do u use?
  46. Borg Warner Super T-10 4 speed manual
  47. A4 to M6 swap
  48. T56Rebuilds In Car Camera
  49. t56 input change
  50. Clunk, then clutch wont disengage, pedal is harder
  51. Wtf!!!???? Noise???
  52. Where to buy LSS?
  53. Clutch/shift problems
  54. damn tranny wont budge
  55. Gas mileage by gear
  56. poor shifting when cold
  57. pressure plate bolts!!
  58. HELP unable to shift
  59. fidanza aluminum flywheel?
  60. A4 to M6?
  61. adjusting
  62. Can I use 75w90 gear oil?
  63. New UMI Short Stick Probs
  64. lt1 t56 to ls1
  65. LS7 Clutch Problem
  66. Hard to shift from 4th to 5th. new Z06 trans
  67. pro 5.0 install question
  68. tranny fluid question
  69. Umi Ss ?
  70. Neutral + Clutch In = Stall
  71. Should I change my slave?
  72. LS6 Clutch?
  73. Bleeding the Slave
  74. Skip shift set to avoid accidental 3rd to 2nd downshift?
  75. What is the dia. on the input shaft for the
  76. Replacing slave cylinder
  77. shifter problem? please advise
  78. How many splines on the T-56 main/tail shaft?
  79. New clutch
  80. Need photos of wiring going to
  81. need new clutch, what 1?
  82. Very tired of changing clutches!!
  83. short stick vs. shifter assembly
  84. SPEC warranty
  85. NEW H/C Highest HP TODAY w/M6
  86. Clutch Hazed Over
  87. Clutch Problems
  88. Clutch events starting to add up...
  89. what size throwout bearing 99TA LS1
  90. Clutch hydro fluid black as hell???
  92. Skip shift idea/question
  93. Can you put your shifter in backwards?
  94. Squeaky Clutch (is it slipping?)
  95. what clutch for nv4500???
  96. stupid story and questions
  97. Reverse... Fuckin t56's haha
  98. Louis's short shifter problem
  99. WTB LS1 T56 Front cover
  100. 02 Slave Cylinder Spec's
  101. lt1 to ls1 t56
  102. anyone running a ram street dual?
  103. centerforce dual friction??
  104. Fall Special Stars October 12th- 31st
  105. Unkown tranny problem?????? HELP HELP
  106. What Type of Clutch to Run With
  107. Suggested Shift RPM Above Peak HP
  108. Do a Steel or Aluminum flywheel?? ls1 Fbody
  109. Lets answer this once and for all: Which clutch for 600rwhp?
  110. What Clutch do you guys recommend???? 550rwhp
  111. Any one have the SPEC 3+ in there ls1 fbody?
  112. Clutch and Hydraulics...
  113. Noob with clutch question
  114. T56 Rebuild Q's
  115. Another RAM or the Ls7
  116. Price guesstimate??
  117. Aftermarket master/slave setup
  118. clutch master issues (possibly)
  119. GM's, Viper's and Ford's T-56 ?s.
  120. help! driveshaft won't go in....
  121. T56 no 5th/6th or downshift after "rebuild"
  122. 402 and a M6
  123. RPM transmissions has anyone tried these?
  124. is the cartek clutch strong enough for 450-550 to the ground
  125. shifter squeek!
  126. Ls7 Clutch
  127. clutch help wont disengage
  128. Need Info
  129. Spec Warranty?
  130. Cant go into Second Need Help
  131. New Clutch Question
  132. Clutch Problem
  133. CLUELESS ... please help ... clutch problems...
  134. clutch slipping
  135. may sound like a stupid questions but....
  136. Friend wants to use a T56 with a 500+ci BBC... I have ?s
  137. T-56 questons
  138. if a car is tough to get in 1st from a stop...
  139. What's the difference between an Adjustable Master and a Clutch Pedal Stop?
  140. spec5 install ???'s
  141. How do spec clutches feel?
  142. Fall Special- Need Input from everyone!
  143. New Centerforce DFX Clutch???
  144. question about shifters
  145. 6 speed trans problem help!
  146. Clutch is sticking!
  147. spec stage 3+
  148. replacing master
  149. How long will my stock ls6 clutch last with a 150 wet shot?
  150. Clutch Pedal is bleeding off pressure... WTF?
  151. clutch squeaking!!!!
  152. stock tranny with spec 4 question
  153. Tranny fluid
  154. paper/carbon fiber syncros?
  155. Having Clutch Problems
  156. Clutch? Tranny? or a combo of both?
  157. LS7 Clutch Install Questions
  158. Clutch/Trans Problems 98-00
  159. Fresh rebuild Car jumps out of 6th gear
  160. Changing tranny fluid
  161. Transmission/Clutch Know-it-Alls. HELP! lol
  162. how much hp/tq can the stock ls6 clutch handle?
  163. lightweight flywheels and heavy duty clutches
  164. Spec Stage 3 Install few questions
  165. Which clutch to get?
  166. Output shaft seal question!!!!!!!!!!
  167. T56 Gurus get in here !
  168. possible GP on LS2 aluminum flywheels
  169. shifter clunk-clunk?
  170. Exedy twin slips on a 150 shot - rebuild time?
  171. Sloppy clutch pedal...
  172. Need some advice... Is it my driving? Or the clutch setup???? LS7 time?
  173. M6 question?
  174. Another clutch engagement
  175. Textralia Clutches
  176. whats the drill mod??
  177. Line Up Tool Help!!!
  178. Grinding going into 3rd after clutch install
  179. Throw out Bearing
  180. clutch wont bleed!!
  181. Trans??
  182. shifting problem
  183. Manuel Swap
  184. Centerforce Q's
  185. master cylinder or shim?
  186. Rebuilding tranny and have a question.
  187. T56 to '84 SBC??
  188. Rebuilding the T-56
  189. LS7 vs LS1 Clutches
  190. stock tranny question?
  191. mn12 tranny
  192. just installed rebuilt tranny have ????
  193. I just have the clutch disk!
  194. ls7 from byunspeed
  195. clutch is slipping time for a new
  196. WRU Byunspeed Website???
  197. WOT grinding issue
  198. Whats the best clutch for me?
  199. Tranny Problem
  200. Master cylinder
  201. B&M Short Throw
  202. Cores Needed
  203. 3rd Gear Vibration -- Worn Clutch or Transmission Problem?
  204. stuck in 4th!!
  205. New slave, break in???
  206. Shifter for 01 SS
  207. Spec Stage 3+ questions
  208. Help! Clutch won't disengage!I think!
  209. Camaro SS shift knob
  210. napa clutches
  211. ls7 STILLL isnt here yet!
  212. Driving Schools?
  213. 2 Wks Left on Special
  214. Pressure (Power) Bleeding PSI
  215. Clutch recommendation for mods listed
  216. Looking for a good forum to discuss the T-56....
  217. Which Poly Trans Mount?
  218. T5 on an ls2? what does it take?
  219. Need HELP fast!! pulling tranny STUCK!!
  220. To use textralia or not?
  221. Stock Flywheel Bolts or Crank stronger??
  222. [b]slave Shim And Drill Mod[/b]
  223. Bad Slave
  224. clutch issues
  225. Very hard to get into reverse.........any ideas???
  226. Anyone Running a SPEC 1?
  227. My toasted Spec III clutch, PICS inside.
  228. what clutch do I need
  229. Is there a special flywheel to put a T56 on a 6.0? Stock one won't work...
  230. Whats a better short throw Pro 5.0 or B&M Ripper??
  231. the best t56 rebuild parts
  232. T56 Problems.
  233. kinda puzzled
  234. stright cut gears?
  235. Calculating Gear Ratios
  236. Tough shifting M6..I learned something
  237. transmission problems
  238. how hard the install on shift forks and slider keys??
  239. whine coming from trans?
  240. My Mcleod Adujustable experience...
  241. I think my spec bit the dust
  242. Clutch ???'s
  243. Reverse gear locked permanently.
  244. clutch engages/disengages on floor board? pedal is fine.
  245. Spec 3+ due to be installed, do I really need a new Master Cyl?
  246. Ripper shifter works, then doesnt work WTF??
  247. T5 5th and Reverse are inop
  248. Ram HD with a stock flywheel??
  249. A4 to M6 swap need help
  250. Ram clutch question