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  1. What do think caused this?? (56k beware)
  2. Noisy Drivetrain
  3. z06 slave for fbody?
  4. Need instructions on Master Cyclinder and Slave Cylinder install?
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  7. Is it rebuild time?
  8. TEXtralia OZ700 x or z grip? New Slave?
  9. Can't get the clutch release line off tranny!!
  10. rockauto parts?
  11. how much you think ls1 t56 weighs
  12. Do I Have To Get An Adjustable Master Cylinder?
  13. Stupid Question
  14. Earl's Solo Bleeders???
  15. Clutch Bleeding Problem!!!!
  16. New clutch, Tranny grinds when clutch is at floor help me out.
  17. what is the drill mod
  18. F1 x-lite flywheel
  19. Clutch vibration
  20. New Clutch!!! now problems...
  21. Quick Ploy Mount Question
  22. Installing ws6 short stick
  23. How hard to replace clutch?
  24. Hurst ??'s
  25. best shifter for 2/3 shift... pro 5.0???
  26. what is wrong with my cutch
  27. ARP Part # for clutch bolts...
  28. In need of a part number
  29. Clutch master O-Ring
  30. New clutch install, now car won't go into gear, PLEASE HELP!!!!
  31. Clutch install prices??
  32. will ford tremec fit lq4?
  33. which snap ring pliers for T56?
  34. just wondering?
  35. I have bench bled the master, but is it ok to put the slave in dry?
  36. removing clutch slave from tranny...?
  37. Car grinds into 5th gear and reverse when still warming up?
  38. Need a good trans mount
  39. O F&*K!! Need Help with clutch install
  40. ls7 clutch
  41. What year is this T-56?
  42. question...
  43. Slave Cylinder
  44. Spec S3 in LT1 vibrating!!!!!!!
  45. clutch sticking and noise
  46. aftermarket bellhousing?
  47. Help me diagnose my M6
  48. Centerforce dual friction w/drill mod??
  49. New GM Hydra-Matic 6 speed RWD Planetary Manual transmission
  50. new clutch, does not release fully
  51. Clutch is starting to slip bad....... :(
  52. Breaking in new clutch questions...
  53. Clutch Issue
  54. Which clutch for very high power
  55. crushed magnets??
  56. Master cylinder question
  57. Creaky clutch
  58. pro 5.0 shifter?
  59. A real problem with SPEC clutches.
  60. Can a corvette clutch/flywheel be used in a f-bod?
  61. m22 to ls1?
  62. Master Clutch Cylinder, Auto Zone?
  63. bleeder on the t56
  64. Out of Ideas, Help !!!!!
  65. Ram Clutch
  66. T-56 and Big Block
  67. whats the best clutch for t56.
  68. Anyone Using a 2-Step?
  69. LS7 clutch kit ordered...
  70. pro 5.0 springs
  71. big thanks to TDP
  72. Everybody is an idiot at least once
  73. WOT 2nd gear grind
  74. out with old in with brand new
  75. Shifter Install questions
  76. PLEASE READ!WHAT went wrong ?
  77. Loose Pressure Plate Symptoms
  78. T56 feels knotchy after driving hard (more after fluid change)
  79. t-56 question?
  80. clutch chatter?
  81. What trans is in a new z06?
  82. Tranny removal with longtubes
  83. hurst to pro 5.0?
  84. Auto Meter Quick-Lite Shift Lite???
  85. Factory "H" leather shifter knob
  86. Will LS1 work with LT1 T56??????????
  87. mcleod problems...where to start
  88. What did I break? Fluid leaking like crazy.
  89. New Clutch Fried?
  90. What can the LS7 clutch handle
  91. Clutch engages different at WOT
  92. New B&M "Precision" Short Throw Shifter opinions
  93. URGENT NEED HELP NOW. i broke the car
  94. Clutch issues.....
  95. Pilot Bearing quesitons
  96. Question about installing aluminum flywheel
  97. LS2 clutch from C6 into 01 camaro
  98. Please help me on this set up
  99. SPEC flywheel with LS7 clutch?
  100. StreetTwin, Rev-Lok II or something else?
  101. LS7 clutch came in today
  102. transmission running super hot....
  103. Those with LS7 clutch/LS2 flywheel come in.
  104. Difference in Hurst shifters???
  105. sticky idea on ls7 track use thread..
  106. Tremec vs. Borg Warner T-56's
  107. Round 3: Clutch Hydraulics
  108. wet clutch
  109. LS7, Z06, or Spec 3?
  110. Spec 5 clutch squeal....Slowhawk others help
  111. clutch ?
  112. Extra heat protection for clutch line?
  113. Troubleshooting Reverse Lockout
  114. How Much Did You Pay For Your Spec 3 Clutch?
  115. Clutch pad material for spec stage 4?
  116. Clutch is slipping but how bad?
  117. those with centerforce clutches(or not)
  118. Lt1 in a ls1
  119. Problems with a Hurst Shifter
  120. Tremec EndPlay Tool
  121. MM6/MN6 any diffrence?
  122. LS7 Clutch with Fidanza LS2 Flywheel
  123. Problem getting into gear FIXED Details inside.
  124. LS6 slave
  125. Speedometer adjustment?
  126. clutch plate
  127. So I think I blew my slave trying to adjust my master?
  128. Clutch Question?
  129. What's Going on with My Transmission? W/ Videos
  130. Air in the line?
  131. Which short stick (TNA, LSS, UMI, WS6, etc.)
  132. What tranny do i have?
  133. Help, is this an issue with my clutch ???
  134. Race shifting questions
  135. PRO 5.0 shifter rattle....uh I dont know now.
  136. T56 GM and Viper Throw Out Bearing (Slave)
  137. Found the Problem!!!
  138. Clutch ?
  139. Textralia problems?
  140. Reverse popping out!?
  141. Are these Pics Normal?
  142. Pics of broken slave cylinder and the cause...
  143. Looking for parts for my T-56
  144. Why is it when im nice to my trans, it treats me like crap?
  145. Clutch slipping at gear changes
  146. Bulletproof Tranny *sponsors come*
  147. Spec stage 3+ vs Cartek clutch setup.
  148. Stock clutch, the 1/4 mile and honey glaze...
  149. spec stage 3 clutch reliable?
  150. strange chattering noise
  151. Is this a third gear problem?
  152. When does the 1-2 shift get smoother?
  153. Wont go into gear after clutch swap? Read this.
  154. part number for the shim that goes in the slave cylinder
  155. torque amount on pressure plate to flywheel bolts
  156. How to keep the PP tight
  157. pilot bearing malfunction?
  158. Longevity of the LS7?
  159. M6 clutch question
  160. Spec stg 5 guys, what are you using for a flywheel?
  161. Spec 5
  162. clutch wont engage
  163. What are stock tranny gear ratios?
  164. Reverse Problems? Help please
  165. Adj. Master back to position
  166. Which clutch?
  167. Not to happy with my ram powergrip clutch.
  168. For you wanna be Textralia owners...
  169. did i kill my spec 3
  170. Stock Hurst?
  171. HELP! bellhouseing torque
  172. Start car with clutch 1/2 way
  173. rolling launch - downshifting
  174. McLeod adjustable lifespan?
  175. which clutch
  176. Race Tranny + DTE Brace installed but not hardened output shaft
  177. Got it in... now this!
  178. Switching to m6 questions?
  179. please vote!! which is the best clutch and flywheel setup?
  180. Master or Slave???
  181. clunking noise upshifting
  182. Best Clutch System?
  183. A4 - M6 cost
  184. i think i f*** up
  185. Manual to auto
  186. MityVac Help, quick!
  187. Releasing pressure on slave for install??
  188. 5th gear?
  189. Tranny problem
  190. Trans temp gauge in a M6?
  191. Are 93-97 T-56 crossmembers the same as LS1 crossmembers
  192. Guys...Is converting my A4 to a M6 gonna be worth it?
  193. LS7/LS2 combo impressions!
  194. Grooving tailhousing shifter mount for neoprene gasket?
  195. What's the cause of my Textralia clutch shudder?
  196. What the f*ck?!
  197. Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
  198. Possible stupid question about installing LS7 clutch
  199. Pilot Bearing Installation. Ok to tap it in with an impact socket and small hammer?
  200. Clinking sound from the shifter area?
  201. Probably a dumb question but.. WTF is this skip shift thing?
  202. 4:10s ?
  203. killed rsp stage 3 clutch from carolina clutchs
  204. how hard can i launch my 98 z28 m6 at the revs with a z06 clutch
  205. new t56?
  206. Break in for textrailia?
  207. The difference between LS6 & LS7 clutches?
  208. I have a clunk
  209. NMCA Special For Bowling Green Kentucky
  210. Does an 01-02 have steel shift fork?
  211. Master back to stock... what do I need??
  212. Reinstalling T56 tailshaft problem
  213. Exactly how much fluid for a t56 tremec
  214. Centerforce guys
  215. Ring & Pinion pattern, please interpret.
  216. 69LT1..... did ya get it in??
  217. LS7 torque settings
  218. Clutch slave... whats this?
  219. Someone explain please....
  220. Life of a stock t-56?
  221. Help with a Clutch Humm
  222. hard to shift?
  223. Textrilia Break In
  224. WS6 Short Shifter shakes at high rpms?
  225. firebird t56 toast can I use mustang t56?
  226. 5th and 6th stuck
  227. T56 ratio swap?
  228. Pilot bearing???
  229. Is my Ram HD slipping(PLEASE HELP)?
  230. Just sent my T-56 to T56-Rebuilds. Now I have a Master and Slave question.
  231. What classifies as slipping & how often did you get new clutch?
  232. LS7 clutch/LS2 flywheel going in tomorrow
  233. Raptor Shift Light
  234. Shim W/ LS6 clutch?
  235. Does the textralia come with the new braided line yet?
  236. Clutch Question!!!!!
  237. Factory Take Offs?
  238. Grind going into 4th
  239. Disappointed with RAM
  240. My custom 3 3/4in short stick
  241. slave cylinder/throwout bearing...
  242. how many people have killed a mcleod twin?
  243. problems with clutch
  244. how to take apart T56?
  245. pulling out T56 URGENT!!!
  246. tranny fluid?
  247. Any TEXtralia users with an Aftermarket Master Cylinder?
  248. hard to get in reverse
  249. WTF! Trans popping out of 3rd and 4th
  250. what sponsors sell a complete T-56 swap kit