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  68. Return Spring *PIC*
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  70. 6" or a 6.5"?
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  142. !cags
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  148. What the hell happend
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  157. winding when in gear
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  163. I just cant figure out my problem
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  167. looked threw the sponsors BUT reco on Trany?
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  195. Drove My First M6 Car Today
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  198. shifter bolt hole is striped what to use to fix it?
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  209. Cruise Control.
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  212. 93 clutch slave cylinder+"drill mod"
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  214. sucessful drill mod?
  215. Long/B&B style clutch
  216. master cylinder install issue Help
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  218. Quick Question - input shaft length?
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  220. Textralia x grip?
  221. clutch break in?
  222. Please Help iam a idot
  223. What is my weak point now?
  224. Centerforce DFX
  225. smoother shifts question
  226. rk sport billet flywheel friction surface
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  240. Limited Time Special
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