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  1. 4 gear grind
  2. clutch issues: experts please confirm
  3. clutch master cyilinder u bolt?
  4. anyone want to do a M6 to A4 swap?
  5. Master Slave question
  6. 500 hp and two blown clutches
  7. just got rampower grip installed have questions
  8. stock master with SPEC 3...
  9. Clutch pops and sticks to the floor
  10. is this something to worry about?
  11. Best way to flush clutch fluid....??
  12. Yet another Clutch Bleeding issue. (Yes i searched)
  13. Manual slip while in gear??
  14. ? about changing clutch fluid
  15. need two plugs! (where to find them?)
  16. with cam/ heads spec 3+ or ls7?
  17. Could bad motor mounts make clutch chatter worse?
  18. strange vibrating and rattling
  19. Flywheel and Clutch Bolt Sizes
  20. noise coming from transmission area
  21. whast the diffrence between a Spec 3 and a Mcleod Twin disc? is twin better?
  22. How much to have synchros replaced?
  23. New clutch problem.
  24. Flywheel Bolts
  25. Will a clutch help?
  26. air in lines?
  27. 12" CF vs. Ram HD....for my set-up
  28. Short Stick by LS Concepts?
  29. quick question!
  30. Tranny swap
  31. supercharger clutch???
  32. **UPDATE** LS7 CLutch
  33. Difference in Slaves?
  34. Textralia is here
  35. Why is my shifter dancing up and down like a slut?
  36. Shim question
  37. why is my freinds T56 WS6 unbelievably easier to shift then my T56 SS
  38. 450hp through a t56
  39. Lookie what I found.
  40. LS7 clutch pricing
  41. clutch problem
  42. clutch master cylinder leak? help
  43. Time to Rebuild the T-56
  44. Spec 3 Held For 15k And Looked Good
  45. Need a Clutch Kit
  46. SPEC Aluminum PP...anyone using this?
  47. SPEC stage 2 Slipping?
  48. 2 clutches more to go.
  49. Bellhousing difference?
  50. LS1 slave cylinder help
  51. Question on hydrolics?
  52. Odd 1st gear noise.
  53. Looking for the shift boot bracket
  54. Which Clutch?
  55. New clutch coming, a few questions??
  56. Carquest vs GM Master Cylinder
  57. What's the difference between the LS1 & LS6 clutch
  58. How do you know if the hydraulics are upgraded already?
  59. Low Track??? Thump???
  60. Ls7 Balancing question
  61. Noise from shifter
  62. how do you know when your going to need a clutch soon?
  63. Need Questions answered
  64. Z06 shifter
  65. Missed second, Now it won't downshift, Help!
  66. Clutch pedal height
  67. LS7 Clutch is wearing UNEVEN 427-575 HP
  68. anyone with a spec 3 clutch how long did it last ?
  69. Help rattle sound coming from T56
  70. Best T-56
  71. New Throwout bearing
  72. Stock flywheel
  73. Tranny Problems T56
  74. Third gear grinds when cold. WTF?
  75. Getting ready to order LS7 clutch... couple easy questions
  76. LT1 clutch upgrade?
  77. Tranny Mount Question
  78. air in line
  79. D&D rebuild
  80. true or not!!?? there is no break in period for spec stage 5
  81. clutch?
  82. can someone send me a pic of what a clutch switch looks like
  83. what clutch for boost???
  84. Friend of mine is having trans problems...
  85. HELP! common clutch problem...
  86. will a RAM billet stell flywhell WORK with a spec 5 clutch?
  87. T56?
  88. vibration from tranny HELP
  89. What Should I Do?
  90. 704 code clutch switch
  91. Help with install
  92. can decide on a clutch
  93. clutch change with jack stands?
  94. Clutch sticks to floor WTF!?
  95. Clutch won't engage
  96. Hydraulic Issues(semi long, story included)
  97. Fully Built Z06 T56 Transmission w/G-Force Mainshaft For Sale
  98. whats it holding? textralia
  99. HELP - clicking noise when in gear, goes away when I push clutch in
  100. Quick stupid question..
  101. books on rebuilding trans
  102. Slave Cylinder
  103. pilot bearing part#?
  104. cooler question
  105. Clutch and flywheel install, a little pricey?
  106. Pros and Cons on "drill Mod"
  107. New Spec 2+ Vibration - Questions
  108. NEW Spec 3+
  109. Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder Pressure Ratings
  110. Q for those w Mcleod MC and LS7 clutch.
  111. Wounded My Trans Today
  112. Doug Nash swap?
  113. To much shifter movement
  114. dropping a transmission
  115. Just verify bleeding clutch for me?
  116. Advanced Acceleration Question: Gearing
  117. skip shift
  118. Kinda of a noob question
  119. t 56 questions
  120. clutch master leak
  121. Noob Questions (T56 Noises)
  122. aluminum flywheel for 1/4 mile car
  123. noise when reversing
  124. Shift Boot Part
  125. Bellhousing won't come off. WTF??????????????
  126. Need clutch advice
  127. Buying new synchros? Should I buy this kit?
  128. New high performance 6 puck Centerforce Clutch
  129. s/c T/A in need of clutch
  130. LS7 Clutch Kits in Stock with Flywheels
  131. LS7 clutch on order...
  132. Clutch stuck engaged.. hydraulic prob. plz help.
  133. Need Advise on New Clutch/Flywheel Setup!
  134. I need help!
  135. M6 conversion ?
  136. Driveshaft yoke compatibility question
  137. want to learn more about manual drivetrain
  138. Emergency brake
  139. Tell me what this sounds like!!
  140. Notchy shifting after quick runs.
  141. pilot bearing
  142. Clutch engages different after making 1/4 pass?
  143. What Stage is this SPEC Clutch??????
  144. T56 question
  145. Does Ram Master cylinder come with new braided line!?
  146. Tremec TKO 600 Shifter
  147. Stock Clutch
  148. New clutch installed, do i have to bleed it now?
  149. hurst chrome billet plus stick fit pro 5.0 base?
  150. Mcleod>all others
  151. notchy shifting
  152. clutch's engagement, disengagement varies
  153. Will LS2 clutch fit LS1?
  154. Top Speed
  155. Funny Clutch Feel - anyone wanna post a clutch sticky?
  156. How To Shift Diagram
  157. problem with reverse
  158. Transmission Fluid
  159. tranny mount??? where and what to buy?
  160. Clutch pedal makes bubbly noise, wtf?
  161. Wierd Noise from t56 under 2k rpm.
  162. Hydraulic Slave Cylinder & Release Bearing
  163. Dunno if clutch is going out
  164. Grind in 2nd
  165. Can't shift from 6-5 without going 4-5. What happened?
  166. Transmission Won't Slide All The Way In
  167. LS6 Clutch in a LS1 Camaro...?
  168. Sweet I Love Blown Trannys!
  169. clutch problems...time to replace?
  170. Transmission Install ?
  171. m6 slip yoke ?
  172. smooth shifting
  173. Pilot Bearing Install?
  174. I think I need a differnt clutch
  175. First Night at the Track With The Textralia
  176. m6 for c5
  177. Need Help, Slave fittings not the same.
  178. Clutch install, now slips?
  179. which LT1 T56 fluid?
  180. Need Help!!!!
  181. Clicking noise when pushing in clutch?
  182. Help Slipping Clutch
  183. How many bolts for a clutch?
  184. Flywheel and flexplate bolts the same?
  185. Noise?!?!?!?!
  186. 85 Firebird V6 to V8 Conversion w T5 transmission
  187. tranny removal problem
  188. no walk bushing
  189. New SPEC clutch
  190. Install time on a new clutch?
  191. bleeder access hole post
  192. squeaking clutch pedal return spring?
  193. What is the Blind puller remover part number from Autozone?
  194. Pics of a 5k mile Textraila clutch.
  195. How much power can a Stock T56 handle????
  196. About to purchase LS7 clutch, question about slave etc
  197. Lt1 Clutch bleed
  198. question
  199. Opinions, advice and suggestions needed!! Please help!!
  200. M6 to Auto back to M6
  201. Harsh, Sudden Engagement with Spec 3
  202. C6 Tranny drain/Fill plug!
  203. Here's how to bleed the clutch without getting under the car.
  204. shifter bobs up and down
  205. Need bolt torque specs
  206. MAJOR props to RPM Transmissions
  207. Bad throwout bearing
  208. Centerforce 11" or 12"
  209. Noise after new clutch and flywheel install?
  210. Dropped socket in bellhousing while trying to bleed clutch
  211. Clutch/ flywheel rattling? Experts please chime in.
  212. spec 3 problems.....anyone else?
  213. How many people have shimed their slave?
  214. LS7/LS2 combo behavior?
  215. I need different 5th and 6th gear ratios
  216. Newly Installed LS7 clutch..Questions?
  217. help with oil cap in back of crank
  218. CTS-V Clutch Question
  219. have anyone ever used a Oreilly fenco clutch
  220. Chatter in a newly installed LS6 clutch?
  221. Clutch is more grabby when car is cold
  222. My Clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Second clutch and scared it going too
  224. Anyone disappointed with alum flywheel?
  225. 03 cobra tranny into an ls1?
  226. Clunk going into 1st
  227. How much should the stick move when I give it gas?
  228. Noise after Textralia install
  229. Who has most miles on Textrilla???
  230. A4> M6 swap
  231. Stick Rattle
  232. Textralia OZ700SB
  233. Spec 5/Shimed Slave- Big Problems
  234. clutch is new but seems to slip? do you have to break it in ?
  235. Clutch Promlems....
  236. Shifting problems
  237. Question for textralia owners
  238. Noise driving me insane
  239. Clutch Sqeakin and not enganging at times...
  240. Flywheel
  241. LS6 Clutch Power Threshold
  242. P/N for GM master cylinder rebuild kit...
  243. New clutch is chattering... questions
  244. Clutch noice...
  245. Need help removing my T56!
  246. Tips on break in?
  247. Thanks to T-56 Rebuilds
  248. Just Got LS7 clutch!!
  249. Clutch Sticking, is it the Clutch or Hydraulics?
  250. Bleeder Screw