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  1. T56 slave
  2. Textralia's in and being powershifted!
  3. recommendation on break-in
  4. Just put car back on the road after winter...what did I do?
  5. I think My second gear Syncro is messed up HELP!!
  6. What to DO?
  7. Need some input on a clutch for my setup! Please help!
  8. throttle when downshifting
  9. imput shaft?
  10. Clutchless shifting
  11. running spec 5 on the street?
  12. How many people have cutdown their UMI Short stick?
  13. Quarter master clutch
  14. C6 Z06 Shifter for C5
  15. C6 Z06 Shifter
  16. Shaking Clutch
  17. can't get tranny back on
  18. doind the clutch and hydraulics, what else?
  19. How do I properly break in my new ls7 clutch?
  20. M6 Trans Fluid
  21. Bad throwout bearing?
  22. Anyone gone to track with ls7 yet?
  23. Ran My Car After Clutch Install
  24. spec stage 3 clutch replacement
  25. Is it normal???????
  26. Question, clutch bleeding
  27. Short Throw Shifter????
  28. Somebody help me....
  29. How to slip a clutch
  30. is this a good shifter, and will i need to get a skip shift eliminator if i buy it?
  31. Tranny makes random metal clanging noises
  32. Which clutch do you recommend?
  33. High load vibration through shifter?
  34. Check out this flywheel
  35. Piecing together a RAM clutch
  36. CHEAP Ebay Shift Light?? Any good?
  37. Can I use a Ram Billet Flywheel w/ 12" CF DF
  38. Thoes that have installed a used clutch
  39. Thanks guys at
  40. Good clutch for LT1
  41. clutch life?
  42. shifting problem
  43. What do you think is wrong?
  44. Having troubles with M6 help please
  45. Stock Clutch finally going
  46. Help me Troubleshoot Spec Problem
  47. Stripped Threads
  48. New stock flywheel?
  49. Finger hieght on clutch
  50. help please...
  51. spec 2+ clutch
  52. is spec stage 3 still best bang for the buck?
  53. is the lightweight option worth it?
  54. Fidanza Short-Throw Shifter
  55. idling problems ever since I swaped from A4 to M6
  56. Spec...ram....
  57. Post-drill mod idea,
  58. ls1 tranny issue
  59. shifting problems!!!.. need help
  60. What is the best clutch? Vote inside
  61. "newer" spec 3 & billet f/w giving up the ghost??!?!?!
  62. Hehehe...whoops
  63. Opinions needed on powershifting issue
  64. What Clutch to run
  65. RAM Clutch users inside please!
  66. Car not goin into gear???
  67. 1967 firebird 3speed manual clutch noise
  68. Going to auto. Need to sell M6 parts
  69. Who is using the Mcloud steel SFI bellhousing??
  70. Might have a bad clutch, acting kinda weird...
  71. Are SPEC clutches really that bad??
  72. Any way to bench bleed entire clutch system?
  73. Clutch still sticking to floor, STILL!
  74. master cylinder problems...need help fast
  75. Twin disc users: can you use a RAM adj. master?
  76. 4th or 5th?
  77. Qestion about where a clutch should release
  78. Wiring inside!!!
  79. which clutch?
  80. Melted Clutch Line
  81. quickie clutch ?
  82. Mcleod master with textralia..anyone running this..
  83. 2002 Camaro z28 with a hurst
  84. Centerforce DF vs. Textralia.....
  85. LS7 clutch good for 408ci??
  86. Yet another...ls7 clutch question
  87. Ram HD?????
  88. driveshaft length question
  89. LS7 Clutch Installed Today!!!
  90. Fidanza Friction Plate
  91. Slave Cylinder Question
  92. Complete Lt1 M6 swap..For Sale
  93. Torque specs...
  94. what's wrong with my clutch?
  95. quick ??? working on car now (clutch pedal)
  96. Question about Spec 3 and clutch
  97. ZOOM clutches???
  98. Anyone interseted in a Trade for a A4 with 24,000 miles on it.
  99. powershifting into second?
  100. Viper input shaft????
  101. LS7 with T-56 from SSR?
  102. rough day at the track, shifting is stiffer, why?
  103. stock clutch hp limit??
  104. Can the pressureplate hold the weight of the tranny?
  105. Mcleod twin disk install instructions???
  106. slave cylinder for c5
  107. Master cylinder
  108. is much power lost with a heavy clutch?
  109. Pilot bearing issue
  110. Wut Flywheels 2 Buy?
  111. Clutch Sticking at 4th gear
  112. PLease explain why?
  113. Flywheel Help!
  114. Clutch help
  115. mcleod hydraulic line?
  116. Can you bolt an LT1 flywheel/clutch setup to an ls1 car? (no im not gonna do it)
  117. tranny mount
  118. Drill Mod?
  119. RAM billet flywheel
  120. How many miles did your stock clutch last?
  121. Any ideas...?
  122. How long will a stock clutch/trans last?
  123. Official LS6/LS7 clutch ratings?
  124. what is this and where does it go
  125. Quick Question - Stock Clutch HP
  126. Clutch not engaging?
  127. do you have to break in the clutch?
  128. Uh ohh
  129. please help me diagnose this problem
  130. Clutch Pedal feels soft in the Morning!!!
  131. Breaking in a clutch
  132. Economy shifting
  133. Any Downsides to Textralia???
  134. Has Anyone Thought of This?
  135. 98 master - New one or reuse stock?
  136. McLeod slave bleeder extension?
  137. Which flywheel to go with?
  138. Lou's short stick on a B&M?
  139. Drill Mod and still have High RPM pressure loss
  140. So i took out my stock clutch today
  141. launching with m6 and et streets
  142. loss of power? give me your thoughts
  143. bleed question
  144. replaced master car is still wont go in gear.
  145. Need advice on adjustable master cyl. ASAP!
  146. can i hook a t56 tranny up to a lt1 with a auto wireing harness
  147. Lookin at ZO700AB Aluminum Flywheel Set..Opinions
  148. 3rd gear pop out
  149. Slip Yoke leak.... TQ arm caused??
  150. New SPEC 5 squealing but for how long?
  151. The problems i have with my car!
  152. a4 to m6
  153. gto-camaro: tranny's interchangable?
  154. Need Opinions
  155. Need Help ASAP!!!
  156. How to tell if the clutch is going?
  157. How much should a rebuild cost?
  158. New Clutch issues
  159. defective pressure plate??
  160. Need Help W/t56 Rebuild
  161. 1LE tranny mount ?
  162. Nosiey Clutch
  163. LS7 clutch/LS2 flywheel w/ D1SC Procharger
  164. Brand New Spec Clutch and Flywheel for sale
  165. What stick to get for a B&M?
  166. SPEC Clutch
  167. emergency- stuck in 3RD
  168. Bolt Sizes
  169. Shift Knob affecting shifting.
  170. 4th and 6th gear problems?!!!
  171. i need a clutch
  172. WTF! Tranny/Clutch Problems.(Long story)
  173. Oh god
  174. How much can it take?
  175. Where'd the 3.73s come from?
  176. Gm high carbon billet steel flywheel?
  177. smoother shifting
  178. Another ? on the fidanza flywheel?
  179. Clutch installation with headers?
  180. does anyone no what the stock thickness??
  181. only 5k on it and it failed
  182. Clutch is acting up- whats the diagnosis?
  183. Anyone here have g-forcebuilt t-56
  184. grinding
  185. How do I know I have a Hurst Shifter?
  186. Do V6 Fbodies have the same manual trans as the V8 models?
  187. How much should i pay for a ram 910/vds
  188. Slave cylinder travel
  189. would i need a clutch spacer???
  190. What kills a clutch?
  191. Who has had a clutch or pressure plate come apart?
  192. Textralia annouces our new double and triple disc clutch
  193. Just swapped out shifters...
  194. Anyone know where to buy puller?
  195. Input shaft chewed up?
  196. gears?
  197. What master and slave setup to use.
  198. T-56 Rebuild/New Clutch
  199. I think its time for a rebuild!
  200. rev limiter?
  201. Mcleod Street Twin rebuild..anyone?
  202. Stock flywheel weight...
  203. T56 build?
  204. Lou's short stick
  205. How much power can a stock M6 C5 tranny handle???
  206. Help, tranny wont go in gear!
  207. Can you resurface a presure plate?
  208. Should I teach my GF how to drive stick in my T/A??
  209. Cut the stock stick?
  210. clutch probs with a lt1
  211. sfi app. housing
  212. synthetic tranny fluid for rebuilt t-56
  213. What would worn master/slave sound like?
  214. can't get bolt off
  215. Burnouts with M6?
  216. grinding noise
  217. pressure bleed
  218. Stock master and Mcleod twin disk?
  219. T-56 trouble
  220. Step by step LS1 clutch replacement?
  221. t56 trans
  222. what should i buy
  223. Hydraulic line into Mcleoud master...
  224. Fidanza or Spec Flywheel?
  225. Upgrading clutch, need some help ASAP
  226. M6 Transmission Fluid Question
  227. LS6 clutch ok in Cammed C5?
  228. Need Help Started Car For First Time
  229. shifting at high rpms
  230. Which one...
  231. Bleeding the Clutch?
  232. shifters
  233. Which clutch?
  234. wheels wont spin
  235. Quick question on my purchasing choice!
  236. Will I need a new fly wheel???
  237. Gf-5r?
  238. Phucen Clutches. 422 Delema
  239. Master/Slave
  240. Burning the Clutch
  241. Remote Slave Cylinder Bleeder available for FBodies
  242. Clutch Replacement ?'s
  243. sequential?
  244. Whats trans fluid do you have in your T56?
  245. If there was a manual clutch setup available for LS1's would you buy it?
  246. How many people have gone "pro-shifted" with T-56?
  247. Weird Problem
  248. t-56 and 454 will it fit
  249. insulate clutch hydro line?
  250. Grinding while shifting gears.