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  1. Clutch Master & Slave Cylinder Pressure Ratings
  2. Q for those w Mcleod MC and LS7 clutch.
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  4. Doug Nash swap?
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  6. dropping a transmission
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  9. skip shift
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  12. clutch master leak
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  14. aluminum flywheel for 1/4 mile car
  15. noise when reversing
  16. Shift Boot Part
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  26. I need help!
  27. M6 conversion ?
  28. Driveshaft yoke compatibility question
  29. want to learn more about manual drivetrain
  30. Emergency brake
  31. Tell me what this sounds like!!
  32. Notchy shifting after quick runs.
  33. pilot bearing
  34. Clutch engages different after making 1/4 pass?
  35. What Stage is this SPEC Clutch??????
  36. T56 question
  37. Does Ram Master cylinder come with new braided line!?
  38. Tremec TKO 600 Shifter
  39. Stock Clutch
  40. New clutch installed, do i have to bleed it now?
  41. hurst chrome billet plus stick fit pro 5.0 base?
  42. Mcleod>all others
  43. notchy shifting
  44. clutch's engagement, disengagement varies
  45. Will LS2 clutch fit LS1?
  46. Top Speed
  47. Funny Clutch Feel - anyone wanna post a clutch sticky?
  48. How To Shift Diagram
  49. problem with reverse
  50. Transmission Fluid
  51. tranny mount??? where and what to buy?
  52. Clutch pedal makes bubbly noise, wtf?
  53. Wierd Noise from t56 under 2k rpm.
  54. Hydraulic Slave Cylinder & Release Bearing
  55. Dunno if clutch is going out
  56. Grind in 2nd
  57. Can't shift from 6-5 without going 4-5. What happened?
  58. Transmission Won't Slide All The Way In
  59. LS6 Clutch in a LS1 Camaro...?
  60. Sweet I Love Blown Trannys!
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  63. m6 slip yoke ?
  64. smooth shifting
  65. Pilot Bearing Install?
  66. I think I need a differnt clutch
  67. First Night at the Track With The Textralia
  68. m6 for c5
  69. Need Help, Slave fittings not the same.
  70. Clutch install, now slips?
  71. which LT1 T56 fluid?
  72. Need Help!!!!
  73. Clicking noise when pushing in clutch?
  74. Help Slipping Clutch
  75. How many bolts for a clutch?
  76. Flywheel and flexplate bolts the same?
  77. Noise?!?!?!?!
  78. 85 Firebird V6 to V8 Conversion w T5 transmission
  79. tranny removal problem
  80. no walk bushing
  81. New SPEC clutch
  82. Install time on a new clutch?
  83. bleeder access hole post
  84. squeaking clutch pedal return spring?
  85. What is the Blind puller remover part number from Autozone?
  86. Pics of a 5k mile Textraila clutch.
  87. How much power can a Stock T56 handle????
  88. About to purchase LS7 clutch, question about slave etc
  89. Lt1 Clutch bleed
  90. question
  91. Opinions, advice and suggestions needed!! Please help!!
  92. M6 to Auto back to M6
  93. Harsh, Sudden Engagement with Spec 3
  94. C6 Tranny drain/Fill plug!
  95. Here's how to bleed the clutch without getting under the car.
  96. shifter bobs up and down
  97. Need bolt torque specs
  98. MAJOR props to RPM Transmissions
  99. Bad throwout bearing
  100. Centerforce 11" or 12"
  101. Noise after new clutch and flywheel install?
  102. Dropped socket in bellhousing while trying to bleed clutch
  103. Clutch/ flywheel rattling? Experts please chime in.
  104. spec 3 problems.....anyone else?
  105. How many people have shimed their slave?
  106. LS7/LS2 combo behavior?
  107. I need different 5th and 6th gear ratios
  108. Newly Installed LS7 clutch..Questions?
  109. help with oil cap in back of crank
  110. CTS-V Clutch Question
  111. have anyone ever used a Oreilly fenco clutch
  112. Chatter in a newly installed LS6 clutch?
  113. Clutch is more grabby when car is cold
  114. My Clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  115. Second clutch and scared it going too
  116. Anyone disappointed with alum flywheel?
  117. 03 cobra tranny into an ls1?
  118. Clunk going into 1st
  119. How much should the stick move when I give it gas?
  120. Noise after Textralia install
  121. Who has most miles on Textrilla???
  122. A4> M6 swap
  123. Stick Rattle
  124. Textralia OZ700SB
  125. Spec 5/Shimed Slave- Big Problems
  126. clutch is new but seems to slip? do you have to break it in ?
  127. Clutch Promlems....
  128. Shifting problems
  129. Question for textralia owners
  130. Noise driving me insane
  131. Clutch Sqeakin and not enganging at times...
  132. Flywheel
  133. LS6 Clutch Power Threshold
  134. P/N for GM master cylinder rebuild kit...
  135. New clutch is chattering... questions
  136. Clutch noice...
  137. Need help removing my T56!
  138. Tips on break in?
  139. Thanks to T-56 Rebuilds
  140. Just Got LS7 clutch!!
  141. Clutch Sticking, is it the Clutch or Hydraulics?
  142. Bleeder Screw
  143. Gap between TO bearing and clutch
  144. Clutch chattering making knock sensor go off
  145. Short Stick Shifter
  146. clutch
  147. Where to buy clutch slave to tranny shim ?
  148. clutch stuck to the floor?
  149. Morning clutch problems.
  150. Manual transmission fluid help
  151. Looking into buying a SPEC STAGE 4?
  152. Help!! M6 Swap Questions
  153. Quick question
  154. Will a T56 bolt up to an 8.1L 496?
  155. I have a new love.....
  156. Best Ls1 Clutch?
  157. Help me identify these parts...
  158. HELP! snapped driveshaft = T56 mainshaft!!@##$
  159. How long wait time to get Textralia clutches?
  160. Spec clutch is wearing out...Remove slave shim to get more life?
  161. 00 t56 to 95 lt1 HELP!!!
  162. best shofter for c5 z06?
  163. A4 to MN6
  164. Transmission life if 1 gear grinds at WOT...
  165. Length of Throws
  166. snapped driveshaft = insane tranny leak?!
  167. need new clutch which one!
  168. Need t56 tail housing quick!
  169. lt1 t56 clutch fork
  170. Clutch or Rebuild?
  171. T56 Rebuild, who to get parts from
  172. Spec 5
  173. bleeding clutch
  174. Damn clutch is frustrating me to no end....
  175. clutch help please!
  176. Mcleod bell housing disaster
  177. New tranny, need help with speed sensor
  178. Does anyone have a stock bell housing 4 sale
  179. Clutch Bleed Problems....
  180. Re building a T56
  181. DO i need a new flywheels with a new Clutch?
  182. WS6 Store Stick....
  183. flywheel turned, have questions.
  184. Need some help with a T/O
  185. T56 rebuilder in Chicago area
  186. best shifter??!!
  187. Moment of Inertia
  188. Getting best Gas mileage?
  189. Tips for launching on Street tires?
  190. weird POP + play in the clutch
  191. Fluid change interval?
  192. Liberty's T56
  193. cobra stick on stock shifter?
  194. the "Truth" about cags? *parnoia inside*
  195. Tricks to remove the transmission?
  196. needing new clutch
  197. Loud A$$ Shifter!
  198. Hurst products....
  199. M6 rebuilt in DFW area
  200. Best clutch for 408ci+200NOS
  201. Getting New Clutch
  202. Help!!
  203. Your thoughts...
  204. Spec 3+
  205. Pressure Plate, Master Cylinder?
  206. Clutch 4 nos
  207. Could it be the clutch?
  208. need help
  209. shifting high horsepower
  210. Anyone experienced this before
  211. Clutch bleeding tips..
  212. Burning Clutch
  213. will a Spec Stage 3 out of F-Body work in C5?
  214. Mcleod F-Body Adjustable Masters In Stock Special
  215. Squeaking....
  216. Tsb 02-07-31-001
  217. hard to get into reverse
  218. PLEASE help me pick a clutch/FW.
  219. Centerforce vs. Ram vs. LS7
  220. Will any t56 work
  221. Possible master fix w.o a lift/jack?
  222. smallest shift light?
  223. WS6Store 6.5 inch short stick installed...
  224. Help! This is kiiling me!
  225. skip shift whyyyyyy
  226. ls7 clutch prices?
  227. GM T56 Troubleshooting Charts
  228. Help...Need new clutch
  229. CENTERFORCE dual friction- Trashed in less than 5-6k miles!! (being resolved :) )
  230. best short stick for the buck?
  231. Textralia Flywheel problems
  232. Ram Adjustable Master..what The Hell?
  233. Motor swap have questions
  234. Does the T56 have internal shift stops?
  235. Installing clutch switch
  236. Spec clutch???
  237. Hard 6th gear engagement....HELP!!
  238. tranny
  239. trans parts questions?
  240. Late shift
  241. Anyone have a broken T56 input shaft?
  242. how much for a master cylinder install
  243. Clutch work needs to be done...
  244. neutral safety/clutch switch problems (want to remove it)
  245. Clutch stuck after Trans replacement
  246. McLeod adj. master- air in line question- not your normal "gotta bleed" thread
  247. ??? about spec5 clutch
  248. Shimming RAM HD
  249. Down shifting question
  250. Centerforce Are They Anygood