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  1. Phucen Clutches. 422 Delema
  2. Master/Slave
  3. Burning the Clutch
  4. Remote Slave Cylinder Bleeder available for FBodies
  5. Clutch Replacement ?'s
  6. sequential?
  7. Whats trans fluid do you have in your T56?
  8. If there was a manual clutch setup available for LS1's would you buy it?
  9. How many people have gone "pro-shifted" with T-56?
  10. Weird Problem
  11. t-56 and 454 will it fit
  12. insulate clutch hydro line?
  13. Grinding while shifting gears.
  14. New clutch?
  15. T-56 or even a 5 speed that'll take 1000 rwtq?
  16. Grinding into 5th gear
  17. new clutch, slave and master
  18. Raptor Shift LIght Install Q's
  19. Is it impossible to get a very track reliable clutch that is streetable?
  20. Centerforce DF 12" Clutch??
  21. What to do with old clutch?
  22. Need minor help with LS6 clutch in LS1...
  23. What is Happening...........
  24. problem with hydraulics
  25. Possible Trans or Clutch Problems
  26. T-56 3rd gear trouble need help!!
  27. Do I need to bleed if I did this... Also Adjustable Master ?'s
  28. Ticking Noise Of Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. Serious Clutch Diagnosis Problem. Help!!
  30. Eveyone With A Tranny! We Need your Photos for our Website!
  31. When are ARP bolts needed / suggested?
  32. When are ARP bolts needed / suggested?
  33. UMI short stick vs WS6store short stick
  34. does anyone know what is causing this?
  35. i think i found out the grinding noise
  36. short stick install help
  37. Master and slave problem
  38. Fundamental question...
  39. Oh no...there the clutch goes.
  40. OEM Hurst Question
  41. Slave and Master Cynlinder
  42. about to pull the trigger.... last minute question
  43. clutches
  44. big problem
  45. fedup, pissed off, frustrated!
  46. Help with starting / clutch!
  47. bronze fork pad feedback
  48. Skip Shift light 98 Z-28 SS M6
  49. Normal rattling at 100,000 miles?
  50. clutch question
  51. "ideal" clutch pedel pressure????
  52. Long lasting, stong holding clutch.
  54. Just Got Ls7 Clutch Kit ????
  55. Just Got Ls7 Clutch Kit ????
  56. Need your help guys
  57. rebuildable hurst shifter
  58. Lost Reverse, 5th and 6th!!!! Need Help!!!!!
  59. T56 Problems inside....
  60. Dumb Question is a T56 a T56?
  61. What short stick should I get?
  62. Flameball shift knobs.
  63. Changing transmision fluid in a 6 speed?
  64. clutch problem maybe?
  65. Spec 4 Clutch who here is running it????
  66. Redline for MM6 trans?
  67. 3rd gear grinding .... help!
  68. WS6 Store Short Stick on PRO 5.0
  69. Downshifting
  70. car won't go into gear
  71. Shift light install
  72. Refacing flywheel
  73. Help Quick Clutch engaging really low
  74. Who sales Fidanza Friction Disk ?
  75. 6-speed set up...whats it worth??$$$??
  76. Does the Fidanza aluminum flywheel need balanced?
  77. Does the Fidanza aluminum flywheel need to be balanced?
  78. Looks like Iím a drill mod candidate
  79. tremmec TKO-600 ls2 69 camaro
  80. What i paid for my ls7 clutch
  81. Liberty Face Plating
  82. ctsv flywheel
  83. feedback on Hurst pistol grip??
  84. come in and give me some feedback!
  85. pics of hurst shifter
  86. Ls2 Clutch
  87. clutch problem with mcleod twin
  88. strange noises=not good!!!
  89. TEXtralia owners please chime in
  90. Spec vs. Ram
  91. Purpose of shimming a clutch
  92. where can i find a LS7 clutch kit?
  93. LS7 clutch install - shim slave? Quick answer please.
  94. clutch chatter?
  95. loose qd clutch line fitting on slave
  96. Clutch problems.. please help!
  97. SPEC 3, aftermarket flywheel...balance?
  98. Looking for Street/Strip Clutch
  99. HELP......Clutch install
  100. Know Squat about clutchs Help!!!!
  101. Will an ls7 clutch fit my needs
  102. clutch fluid hydro line?
  103. clicking noise coming from tranny/clutch
  104. trans making wierd noise
  105. McLeod?
  106. Mcleod twin disc owners inside please.....important
  107. Stock T56 hp limits?
  108. Cheapest place for LS7 clutch package?
  109. slave cylinder question
  110. 1st - 2nd....problem...
  111. reverse problem
  112. problem with my 3rd
  113. how long did it take you to rebuild your first t-56
  114. removing the clutch master cylinder
  115. clutch install problem
  116. T56 eletical connections
  117. Just did the LS7 Clutch install
  118. Should I do my own clutch install?
  119. Starting problem
  120. Rear main seal leaking oil? Have I ruined my clutch?
  121. Big Problem In 4th!
  122. Gettin an Ls6 Clutch, Which flywheel do i get??!?!?
  123. Need Bellhousing Torque Specs!!!
  124. T-56 leaking after synthetic Mobil 1??
  125. Cartek Clutch? Who has one?
  126. Is aluminum worth the extra cost
  127. For those with SS and WS6...
  128. help t56 problem
  129. Mcleod Master Cyl. Line Question
  130. what the most you are willing to spend on a new clutch
  131. LS6 Clutch (Off road only)??
  132. Clutch setup? Any Opinions
  133. Help with Tranny problems please
  134. Is it Worth buying a short stick for my stock hurst shifter?
  135. SPEC 3 spacer?
  136. My Spec Stage 3 Ceramic Clutch is dead!Have questions??
  137. Help....Clutch install
  138. clutch cleaning question
  139. How do you bleed the clutch Using MityVac
  140. shifter?
  141. Spec clutches
  142. 2nd gear locks me out
  143. Clutch Pedal Slop....Need help!
  144. 500rwhp clutch choice?
  145. which clutch to buy...
  146. 02 SS stock clutch??
  147. So how long do you guys think my stock clutch will hold?
  148. stock 99 z shifter vs Stock hurst?
  149. Problems, noises, and grinds, oh my!
  150. Need a quality clutch-SLP?
  151. drill mod qustions???
  152. Harlan Two Step
  153. New Website is up and my new toll free number
  154. Spec 3 vs. LS7
  155. Short stick on stock shifter?
  156. HOLy crap Bellhousing! help
  157. bad news
  158. Any tips for installing new clutch/pp/flywheel?
  159. Slave quick disconnect..
  160. grinding noise ?M6
  161. T56 value
  162. New to transmissions, gotta few questions..
  163. resurfacing flywheel necessary???
  164. i need a me choose
  165. need help on Reviars for my T56
  166. Clutch help... Pretty easy question...
  167. trade shift kitted A4 for m6
  168. oh no, my clutch is gone
  169. m6 conversion people ecu flash
  170. Shifter ?
  171. part number for slave cylinder
  172. what size is the clutch master?
  173. LT1 and LS1 T56 differences
  174. T56 Did a great job!
  175. 4spd. tranny
  176. Big thumbs up to Pete at Textralia for his customer service.
  177. how steetable is a spec 4 clutch
  178. t56 question
  179. need help with mityvac and clutch bleeding
  180. Clutch break in
  181. Solved clutch stuck to floor...mabye
  182. HELP where to get t56 parts HELP
  183. Mcleod twin disk clutch question...
  184. Light or heavy flywheel?
  185. McLeod bellhousing problems
  186. Complications after a4 to m6 swap?
  187. Centerforce guys inside
  188. Viper bellhousing
  189. Ram Adjustable Master Cylinder
  190. Pilot bearing removal/install
  191. HELP!Good pedal pressure but can't shift into any gear from a stop.
  192. Which flywheels will work with an ls7 clutch?
  193. Stock T56 bellhousing
  194. help with lt1 clutch install
  195. T56 vs Viper 6 speed
  196. Test drove m6 somthing weird?
  197. M6 got stuck in 4th, need help ASAP
  198. can anyone get EXEDY replacement discs?
  199. LSS question
  200. 2nd pilot bearing TRASHED on C5! whats happening?!?
  201. car wont go in gear after line lock install..
  202. Flywheel Question
  203. new clutch help!!!
  204. 6 Speed Refill Question
  205. Is my clutch sliping?
  206. clutch help
  207. ratcheting (sp?) type noise....
  208. clutch problems?
  209. P0704...guys that have done the A4->M6 swap
  210. LSS Thread Size
  211. Troubles Pullin out a t56
  212. Issue with drill mod.
  213. Will this Tranny Fit?
  214. Do I need a flywheel?
  215. Difference in steel flywheels?
  216. clutch install
  217. rattle when i push the clutch in??
  218. where do i get the.....
  219. Z06 clutch in a regular Vette?
  220. Air in Line?
  221. SPEC 5 out/new clutch in
  222. Weak petal
  223. What are the signs of a bad trans mount for a m6
  224. Weight of a T56
  225. SES light after skip shift eliminator install
  226. Tranny work
  227. Factory Clutch Life
  228. Clutch makes a ticking sound
  229. Spec Stage 3 Or 3 Plus
  230. Clutch disconnect
  231. Automatic to manual
  232. clutch feel
  233. Whats wrong with the slaves?????
  234. Ring in tranny
  235. reverse lock out?
  236. Clutch Cable
  237. 95 firebird M5 trans.
  238. New Slave?
  239. Clutch question.....
  240. Is there a difference?
  241. Assembling T56: Can't get extension housing on
  242. look what came out
  243. Double cone vs Triple cone design?
  244. How Much Fluid
  245. Easy as Pie
  246. Pilot bushing, is lube required?
  247. Spec 4 guys inside
  248. Questions about Spec II in LT1
  249. sometimes no reverse
  250. What's the latest and greatest daily driver/strip warrior clutch for 600+rwhp?