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  1. Recall .... WTF???
  2. Spec Stage 4 Toasted After 2000 Miles
  3. Am I totally screwed? (T-56 trouble...)
  4. 1st to 2nd shift issue.. synchros or shifter?
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  19. Mcleod twin disc adjustment help.........
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  21. best place for a new t-56?
  22. Hmm what clutch to get
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  25. 3-4 syncro questions
  26. Stuck clutch pedal and strange shifter behavior.
  27. Adjustable Master Cylinder?
  28. uh oh, i think i have clutch issues. comments please?
  29. question on hydrolics
  30. How much?
  31. T56 vs. Richmond Overdrive 6 speed
  32. Problem getting into 3rd when racing
  33. pro 5.0 shifter install probs.
  34. Slight Whine as Clutch Engages
  35. Oh goodness, did I destroy my stock clutch?
  36. How long did it take you?
  37. what brake fluid do you guys use in your hydrolics?
  38. 3rd and 4th grinds after pilot and slave
  39. Shifter boot?
  40. Clutch Pedal Free Play...PLEASE HELP!!!
  41. Centerforce II not disengaging fast enough
  42. Do I have a Hurst Shifter?
  43. 3rd to 2nd downshift problem
  44. what kind of grease is used inside pro5.0?
  45. 02 WS6 Clutch/Tranny Problems, ANY IDEAS?
  46. ideal t56 rebuild
  47. gm syncromesh vs. mobil 1
  48. Need help with Raptor Shift Light
  49. Which One?
  50. is this normal
  51. How would i beef up my t56 tranny so it can hold up 550 H.P.
  52. Weird Sound When Banging Gears!
  53. what else can I use with my aliminium Spec Flywheel [clutch?]
  54. t56 rebuild
  55. Diagnosing a Broken Tranny Mount
  56. I think my synchros are getting shot.
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  58. Clutch slip on launch?
  59. tranny stuck in 4th gear?!?!
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  61. Cags?
  62. Clutch Match Balancing
  63. m6&a4
  64. Look What I Got In The Mail...
  65. Master/Slave cylender write up
  66. tranny ?
  67. my z06 clutch
  68. What Master Cylinder To Use???
  69. I Need Experts Opinions
  70. what does the textralia clutch come with?
  71. bleeding the system??
  72. Clutch or Tranny
  73. driveshaft poll
  74. installing T-56 in an original 4l60 car. help
  75. All LS1's got the TREMEC, right? Not BW
  76. problem with clutch
  77. LT1 Clutch
  78. Starter won't engage after Spec clutch / flywheel install !!
  79. clutch acting strange, advice please
  80. Transmission Conversion
  81. About to rebuild my T56, what should I replace?
  82. 3rd pops out and my shifter feels stiff
  83. Textralia ***update***
  84. what is wrong?
  85. t56 in a 69 camaro
  86. flywheel part # question.
  87. Vette M/c Drill Mod ? Need Help
  88. A few newb rear end questions
  89. Ram adjustable master
  90. Please Come In If You Know About The T-56 !!!!
  91. Transmission jerking
  92. Rattling , Clanking noise leaving second at high rpms
  93. LS7 Clutch
  94. Replacing Poly Tranny Mount, need help
  95. Rear end question
  96. Time to change the clutch
  97. M6 acting up?
  98. No 2nd, 1st pops out, 4th grinds - HELP!
  99. driving normal than clutch wont come off the floor!
  100. Issues
  101. Has anyone used penzoil Synchromesh for their T56
  102. clutch???
  103. Spec clutch question
  104. Do I need a tool for this ?
  105. Should I have the flywheel resurfaced or just break the glaze?
  106. t56 problems
  107. Aussie clutch info in here
  108. Has anyone tried this
  109. Is this a complete kit for A4 to M6??
  110. 22174970 Stock Trans Mount
  111. ZF 6-speed versus the t56?
  112. What's a good tranny fluid to use?
  113. Sticking Spec III
  114. SKip shift Eliminator dead?
  115. Who can get me ls2 flywheel/LS7 clutch?
  116. ls1 to muncie 4 speed with a clutch fork & slave!?
  117. 4th gear lockout?
  118. clutch advice
  119. balancing a flywheel?
  120. Tranny Dowels
  121. Flywheel Question
  122. Has anyone drove a 03-04 cobra ?
  123. What size is the tailshaft plug
  124. LT1 T56 clutch mechanism
  125. testing
  126. Anyone using SPEC Stg4 w/ drill mod?
  127. Need Help!!!
  128. How far does LS1/T56 input shaft protrude?
  129. Custom clutch line question...
  130. Measuring transmission output yoke drive angle?
  131. Need clutch advice
  132. "infamous" 1-4 Shift?
  133. Hard shifts to all gears
  134. Any extra time needed to drop a manual trans w/ LT's on it
  135. Am I reaching the hp limit for a T-56?
  136. <<<BEST SHIFTER OUT?!?>>>
  137. Can I reuse this stock clutch?
  138. Anybody using the new dfx clutch from centerforce yet?
  139. Mc
  140. Slave Cylinder Line won't hook in?
  141. best value clutch
  143. Shimming transmission mount question
  144. HELP needed! i want ls7 clutch
  145. new clutch, vibration and sticking
  146. problems
  147. 98 slave cylinder to a 2001 cylinder?
  148. 04 z06 clutch
  149. centerforce dual friction or RAM HDX
  150. So i'm needing a t-56 rebuild....
  151. Hey
  152. Grinding noise when letting out on clutch!!
  153. Difference between LT1 and LS1 master cylinder
  154. GM installed SPEC's engaging at the floor! HELP
  155. Ram powergrip HD is a piece of *&%@, only 500 miles on it and its slipping like crazy
  156. [B]Spec stage 2 kit and billet steel flywheel good enuff?[/B]
  157. bolt type for center plate under the car where SFCs tie in?
  158. Clutch or Tranny
  159. Any reason NOT to do the Drill Mod?
  160. Will changing my fluid help ?
  161. Transmission problem or rearend?
  162. 03 Viper T56
  163. Slipping Spec stage 3, thats pretty much new
  164. Slipping Spec stage 3, thats pretty much new
  165. T56 Pita... Again!!
  166. After Drill Mod, Does Anyone Have Problem Keeping Pedal Pressure?
  167. What would happen if I
  168. Ram far so good!
  169. my spec 3 went out today w/ only 1000 miles.
  170. m6 problem
  171. UMI short stick
  172. whats ur favorite shifter?
  173. shifter help please
  174. Clutch issues in here
  175. 3th and 4th Problem
  176. November Specials
  177. Drill mod for updated Z06 master??
  178. V6-V8 clutch master cyl different?
  179. Gears feel notchy?
  180. What does a Textralia OCZ700 come with?
  181. Shifter?
  182. Shifter Q?
  183. Pro 5.0 noise
  184. what to do for new clutch
  185. Clutch hydraulics problem?
  186. The Best Rebuild Kit For M6
  187. Need help
  188. Will I have any regrets?
  189. is there a proper way to set up clutch or hydrolic system on ls1 clutch?
  190. shortening a short stick
  191. help please with 3rd gear
  192. CAGS system breakdown for a noob
  193. Questions on the 05 GTO T56
  194. T-56 Questions
  195. Rebuldable T-56?
  196. Resurfaced stock flywheel and Spec clutch?
  197. What T56 gear oil to use and how much?
  198. How much?
  199. Powershifting??
  200. Sorry, don't know how to search for this one....
  201. Who, other than D&D?
  202. clutck sticking
  203. What clutch will hold 1000 rwhp?
  204. Do I have to get a new flywheel...
  205. rebuilding the t56
  206. help. new trans mount and now all hell breaks loose!
  207. trans mount giving me hell!
  208. Clutch Problem...
  209. Clutch Problem...
  210. How hard is a clutch install?
  211. Stock Replacment Clutch Gone Already???
  212. Bell Housing
  213. pro 5.0 shifter stops
  214. good deal on z06 clutch?
  215. What shifter do you like best?
  216. Tranny finally swapped!
  217. Progress on my Transmission
  218. 3rd gear on STOCK M6 feels a little notchy
  219. Please help! clutch is clicking after install
  220. how much HP on a M6
  221. Clutch Replacement from ground zero
  222. 9 inch OR 12 bolt
  223. "free play" in clutch pedal
  224. question about the ls7 clutch
  225. Found a cheap clutch...will it work?
  226. Random clutch story
  227. M6 or TH350?Better et's
  228. having T56 problems on a 99 Z28
  229. Close-ratio t56 in a 98Z?
  230. Tilton/QuarterMaster question.
  231. Drill mod necessary for '01 / '02 hydraulics?
  232. Squeeky Squeeky
  233. partial clutch shifts
  234. insulating clutch line
  235. Do i really need the mcleod adjustable master cylinder??
  236. can you make a ls1 have an old style cable clutch?
  237. Mallett Short Throw Shifter
  238. Popping out of first gear?
  239. What's the benefit's to a poly tranny mount ?
  240. Spec stage 3 Does and Don'ts
  241. Cheap T56
  242. Remote Clutch Bleeder for TA
  243. which master cylinder
  244. Anyone have a picture of T56 yoke?
  245. Correct position of the clutch pedal?
  246. Just a observation.
  247. Slp hurst vs Aftermarket shifter
  248. Input shaft
  249. gm part #'s anyone??
  250. SPEC 2 or SPEC 3- Help Me Pick one!