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  1. Anyone use a spec Stage 4 on the street.
  2. Textralia installed. My opinion.
  3. zo6 clutch
  4. Poly Mount Installed
  5. Clutch engaging 2x closer to floor....Z06 clutch...HELP
  6. Grinding sound when shifting into 3rd and 4th?
  7. can u tell me whats wromg with my m 6
  8. quick and easy bell housing question
  9. Drill Mod question?
  10. Hopefully the master????????
  11. A4 to M6 swap and reverse lockout
  12. Spec stage 3 on the street ??
  13. Help Clutch Pedal Stuck To Floor.
  14. How much should a clutch replacement job cost?
  15. Difference between 98 and 99 wiring?
  16. T56 Sensors?
  17. PRO 5.0 shifter problem
  18. Clutch and flywheel
  19. Swapped in new GM master and slave...
  20. best rpm to shift for best 1/4
  21. Would a 2002 T56 have steel forks and carbon synchros?
  22. Help - clutch pedal pushing back at be at high rev shifts
  23. how do you tell the diff between LS1 LS6 clutch?
  24. Presure Plate torque specs?
  25. lengthen or shorten Adj. Master to get to engage more
  26. Life Of A Stock Clutch?
  27. Just had a U-joint blow out on me damaged yoke seal on T-56 how hard to replace this?
  28. Please Help! Hydralics Problem
  29. New Cam only Best with a M6.
  30. 2 questions. Master? flywheel? (textralia)
  31. making sure i am using my new toy right
  32. TO bearing always spinning?
  33. Rverse lockout?
  34. T56 rebuilds
  35. Anyone with a MBA shift knob.....
  36. 2000 Master cylinder?
  37. Clutch Masters and Fidanza
  38. Help with ShiftKit
  39. mcleod clutch users come in for a couple of ?
  40. what type of synthetic fluid to use in M6
  41. Who here can hook up their M6 car on the street?
  42. Clutch line removal
  43. rebuild price?
  44. Help with clutch!!!!
  45. hesitation probs...any guesses?
  46. street tires plus oz700=chirp in 4th
  47. Need Clutch Install Advice
  48. Any One Using A Pro 5.0 Shifter?
  49. disengaging problems
  50. How do I recognize an upgraded slave cylinder?
  51. problem with clutch engagement
  52. Can clutch life be prolonged?
  53. McLeod Twin Disc Issues...
  54. Clutch to Buy?
  55. Pro 5.0 and lss
  56. clutch pedal return spring
  57. Ram HD break in period?
  58. Shim for a Spec stage 2
  59. Anyone with a RAM clutch please look..
  60. M6 Issues anyone got any ideas?
  61. just installed pro 5.0... some questions
  62. Need Clutch Help... Textralia owners in here.
  63. how to tell if an m6 is good
  64. Spec Stage 3+ review
  65. Textralia Clutch
  66. thoughts on t-handle shifter
  67. 97+ 6 speed console Q?
  68. Problem with shifter
  69. Some Crazy Ass Noise...
  70. Driveshaft will not go back in?
  71. C5 Vette grinds when trying to go into 5th
  72. will this work ?
  73. what rpm do you take off at from a stop?
  74. Loud noise question
  75. is it a hydraulic issue?
  76. Just installed new clutch and...
  77. short shifters
  78. Does anyone have the instructions for their Street Twin?
  79. What is going on with my cltuch!
  80. Is the slave cylinder suppose to have a male or female end?
  81. installing a master cylinder hard???
  82. Bendix Slave
  83. clutch line wont plug in
  84. what all i need
  85. clutch makin noise
  86. Where to get a clutch installed?
  87. Stuck in 2nd, PLEASE HELP!!!
  88. Need GM Part# for 1LE Transmission Mount.
  89. clutch installation?
  90. clutch and master/slave cylinder replacement cost?
  91. October Special
  92. shifting problem
  93. Speed shifting an M6
  94. T-56 Help
  95. LS7 Clutch?
  96. spec 2 plus
  97. Master upgrade.
  98. Help Me With T56 Parts
  99. Shifter feels soft
  100. Vehicle Speed sensor retaining bolt??
  101. What is the best short throw shifter for the LS1??
  102. Exedy Clutch Grinding/Squealing
  103. McLoed master cylinder
  104. who builds t56's to take 900 hp?
  105. Question about McLeod Street Twin / Shims
  106. Replacing Clutch
  107. Flywheel torque?
  108. T56 Identification numbers
  109. clutch ruined? ideas anyone?
  110. Finished My First T56 Rebuild?
  111. Transmission gets "stiff" after racing...
  112. C5 Trans gear grinding Problem
  113. Spec 3i?
  114. Stock Hurst Shifter??
  115. Oil Leak From Bellhousing-m6
  116. reverse problem
  117. Tranny fluid help please look!
  118. clutch?? which one
  119. C5 Corvette: Loud Noise Coming from Torque Tube
  120. Need pictures
  121. mity vac to bleed clutch??
  122. What is the thread pitch on stock shift lever?
  123. mgw shifter
  124. Should this be a STICKY???
  125. Ram HD is in and I like it! Thanks TSP and Mike at Ram!
  126. Transmission Swap
  127. Old and new slave cylinder
  128. Spec clutches and shims
  129. Burning clutch smell
  130. Clutch is squeaking!?!?!?
  131. stock shifter threads for handle?
  132. drill mod in adjustable ram master??
  133. Those with a SPEC flywheel....
  134. So anymore ls7 clutches in our f bodies.
  135. Bleeding the WHOLE clutch system on the car?
  136. To short stick or not to short stick?
  137. LS6 clutch/flywheel - is it worth it?
  138. What clutch.
  139. Where to buy a M6?
  140. FOR SALE 2000 LS1 clutch pressure plate and flywheel
  141. ticking in gear
  142. Master cylinder pressure!!!
  143. UMI Performance short stick Review
  144. Is anyone using a Mcleod clutch line?
  145. 1998 z28 help
  146. Exedy will warranty my clutch.
  147. shifter problem
  148. A4 to M6 swap on a C5
  149. Manual transmission installation
  150. Spec Stage III w/ F option
  151. stock flywheel
  152. has anyone gone 9s 10s or 11s with stock 6 speed tranny?
  153. 1 to 2, 2 to 3 shifts
  154. noise when come to a stop when in neutral
  155. Broke presure plate bolt, Balance off????!?! Help please.
  156. Billet Keys
  157. Does anyone have a 900hp clutch?
  158. transmission mount
  159. car feels unstable sometimes during hard shifts
  160. Noisey Clutch....What's causing it?
  161. Hydraulics upgrade checklist.
  162. Spec 3 lasted 20k, but driveability is not good. Is Ram HD a good option?
  163. 900 hp clutch? who makes one?
  164. Part Number Please!!!!
  165. Black Plate With 2 bolts I think Question
  166. viper shift forks
  167. Anyone know where to buy a leather H knob?
  168. T/A is in the shop today. Bad synchros...
  169. Trans prob on 02 SS
  170. # of teeth on stock 02 LS1 flywheel
  171. New Clutch what do you guys think?
  172. Time for a new clutch, what should I buy?
  173. Reverse Woes
  174. should I shim a Textralia?
  175. So what's the difference in 98-00 ls1s and 01-02s for the "upgraded clutch"
  176. replacing input shaft
  177. C5 clutch
  178. Spec Stage 3F Issues?
  179. another clutch related question..
  180. clutch line connection problems
  181. Pro 5.0 w/ LSS package
  182. Slave Cylinder swap question
  183. Clutch issue/Flywheel question...
  184. z06 clutch swap?
  185. Synthetic tranny fluid cause throw out bering to be noisy?
  186. 6 speed cranks without pressing in the clutch
  187. Straightline Perf. awesome trans swap
  188. 98 sonoma manual trans problems
  189. Spec Stage 3+ SCO93F question
  190. 6 sp. in a 69 383 camaro
  191. Problem with bleeding clutch
  192. how do you knw if u have an aftermarket clutch?
  193. would you recomend a new master cylinder??
  194. which clutch?
  195. v6 tranny question
  196. 6pd with mech. speedo?????
  197. anybody know what parts to get to make an adjustable master
  198. My textralia instructions got torn.. how to install clutch balanced?
  199. trans noise
  200. October Rebuild Special
  201. starting slave cylinder swap
  202. Stock Flywheel balancing?
  203. Ls6 good clutch
  204. Will not go into gear!
  205. Where to get a Textralia?
  206. Need help with bleeder valve
  207. Car going in on monday for M6 rebuild. Questions.
  208. Clutch pedal sticking?
  209. is it bad to drive a couple months with a bad 3rd gear
  210. Transmission stick
  211. Help with clutch
  212. Which Shifter?
  213. T-5 question
  214. Any way to adjust an LT1 clutch?
  215. Spec Light Weight Pressure Plate?
  216. Check engine- Will not shift into 4th [DSM M5 not LS1 M6]
  217. who put the most miles on their factory clutch?
  218. Give me your input about what to do?
  219. question about stock clutch
  220. shifter ball threaded adapters
  221. Drill mod?
  222. Bleeding clutch master
  223. help diagnose my clutch problem...
  224. Anybody elses Ram Powergrip chatter?
  225. New me.
  226. M6 swap guys SkipShift ?
  227. Spec Stage 3 Clutch only last 1 year!
  228. Drill mod?
  229. Ram 6130 Break in period???
  230. LS6 Clutch Question
  231. Please help!! What parts will work for swap???
  232. centerforce dual friction engaging weights stuck?
  233. Stock Tach Accuracy
  234. 6 speed tranny nightmare
  235. Please Help Quick! Torque Specs on Pressure Plate
  236. Tranny fluid question
  237. Car rocking during decelleration....
  238. installed Hurst billet shifter in T56,now grinds when shifted fast into 4rth. WTF
  239. Billet Slider Keys anyone have them?
  240. instructions for installing a complete new clutch ?
  241. Grinding in 3rd and sometimes in 5th???
  242. stage 2 break-in
  243. Help Please!
  244. no tire barking in second
  245. SLP Flywheel, Light Weight Steel Billet - Opinions anyone??
  246. Anyone In NJ That Knows Where To Get A Clutch Installed?
  247. Do You Need A New Flywheel With A New Clutch??
  248. New Centerforce DFX Clutch
  249. SERIOUS Tranny Problem! HELP!!!
  250. 1st gear pops out of gear now and then???