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  1. Help- Monsoon says "ERR"
  2. remote auto down, help.
  3. upgrading factory ground?
  4. Monsoon Stuff for sale!
  5. Steering Wheel Control Help
  6. my trunk speakers are stealing all the sound from my new fronts/backs
  7. 02 radio
  8. NoIsE in system, PLEASE HELP!
  9. Static-like, intermittent noise - playing CDs
  10. Does my car have the monsoon system?
  11. Phoenix Gold Octane Tweeters *NIB*
  12. to many accessories from one source?
  13. how do disable dash lights????
  14. delco 12 cd changer
  15. Prestige vs. Clifford
  16. PAC's NEW i-POD Interface is SHIPPING!
  17. need help with factory speakers
  18. need advice on wiring cap!
  19. Anyone replace factory grounds with 4gau?
  20. New sound deadener
  21. In Dash Monitor Receiver Pics?
  22. $900 Kicker component speakers????
  23. any cheap online places sell memphis audio??
  24. installing starter button, toggle
  25. Headlights NOT on
  26. monsoon amp died
  27. HELP- Firebird lights don't work on right side
  28. HELP! Latch will not shut now
  29. Clockspring R+R?
  30. Replacing the Fog lights with Driving lights on a TA..
  31. Question for Focal owners
  32. Problem with aftermarket alarm
  33. stock speakers
  34. for those looking for cheap stereo prices: I found a website!
  35. 12v power source?
  36. 02 radio controls on 99
  37. Need box for 03 GMC extended cab
  38. i NEED help ASAP
  39. Show pics of your headunits
  40. Important: Need input and info on these kicker speakers...please
  41. old solobaric 15''
  42. Anyone use the New line of JBL amps?
  43. How to make linelock switch illuminate?
  44. need help jl 6w0 replacments of stock subs?
  45. Your opinions on this sub.
  46. Do i need a new alt?
  47. WTB stock monsoon head unit and changer
  48. How to R&R turn signal stalk?
  49. new speakers
  50. rear deck to gas tank clearance?
  51. How should I connect to battery?
  52. factory amp rewire schmatic ?
  53. I have enough bass
  54. Capacitor Wiring Question...
  55. Help a newb.. Can I do this?
  56. rear spkrs swap to 6x9's
  57. Reworking the stereo.. Wiring help.. suggestions
  58. Remote wire problem
  59. Installing new wiring harness
  60. Thoughts on sub buying in 15 mins!
  61. gotta love the feeling of GOOD bass
  62. Blowing me before the cops get me.
  63. Here's some pics of my sub/amp
  64. monsoon stereo started sounding like crap! help me.
  65. need theft loc code break process
  66. Stereo lighting
  67. headlight woes!
  68. New Infinity mono block amps.
  69. Subthump Boxes, Car Speakers For Sale
  70. tail light questions
  71. Quick!
  72. Keyless remote: 16245100-29
  73. Need Help with stock head unit.
  74. going back to factory what speakers in door
  75. **Where can I find keeper rings for exterior door locks?
  76. FOR SALE Rockford Sub/Box, Amp, and Speakers
  77. Q: What fuse # controls the radio on a 2000 Camaro?
  78. ID10 V.3 vs. EXACT10 vs. Boston Pro 10.5LF???
  79. Onstar Vs. Navigation System
  80. Few quick Q's...
  81. Questions concerning Monsoon and convertible
  82. Lightning & car alarms
  83. blue prints needed!
  84. where to find wiring diagram?
  85. Monsoon amp replacement details needed
  86. Need pics of amp racks please..
  87. 20 amp to 30 amp fan any problems
  88. sub problems
  89. Those whith subthump t-top box.....
  90. window?
  91. Putting a system together
  92. Wiring for Stock Fog Lights
  93. 6.5" front door speakers
  94. Question bout a head unit in 03 truck
  95. im getting no sound
  96. Remote Wire
  97. PROBLEM: Output Converter
  98. Amp burnt up
  99. My Horn Keeps Going Off!
  100. FS: Complete Custom Car Audio System
  101. Sources of power?
  102. Putting CD player in 95 Z28....please help
  103. gettin rid of subs and amp
  104. steering wheel controls
  105. New System
  106. how do you remove airbag?
  107. MSD RPM Activated Switch question
  108. Making Weatherpak connections, T splices?
  109. Need Direction on removing front T/A Speakers
  110. new cd player
  111. Radar Detectors, do they really work?
  112. Aftermarket CD Changer Question
  113. pillar guages
  114. How to put 8" midbass in sail panel?
  115. Equalizer/DSP ?
  116. Where To Wire My Radar Detector
  117. What kind of ALARM???
  118. Wire Stripper
  119. AC Fuse Question
  120. Anybody with a Fiberglass enclosure???
  121. Another "what's the best" thread.. Mid Bass
  122. punch hx2 fried upgrade suggestions?
  123. Sail Panel Question?
  124. Jl Audio 8w6
  125. water temp gauge ?
  126. Keyless entry - 97 Camaro HELP!!
  127. Monsoon HUs different in Camaros and Trans Ams ?
  128. Lights Lights Lights!!!!!!!
  129. RPM triggered relay?
  130. sub keeps cutting out
  131. keep blowing fuses!!!
  132. Power seats stopped working
  133. Any interest in some sound deadening?
  134. Alternator Issues
  135. slow turn signals?????
  136. Battery Dead after electrical mods?!?!
  137. Guage hookup
  138. Battery Relocation.
  139. keep burning up flashers wtf?
  140. been out of the scene for quite some time, need some direction.
  141. Monsoon HELP!
  142. Throttle guage on A pillar?
  143. Monsoon interchangability
  144. How to get sail panel grill off
  145. Stereo install and circuit breakers
  146. Power Cable
  147. t/a tweeters?
  148. Which amp, 50w per channel or 75w per channel.
  149. Speaker selector Please Help!
  150. wiring my piller gauges
  151. pac swi-x questions
  152. Help me spend $200 on my stereo
  153. Pillars, Gauges, and Parts; Oh My
  154. trying to wire my 98 camaro for a 4 channel amp
  155. Help installing power window/locks for 97 Camaro!!??
  156. Which bulbs should I use in the instrument cluster?
  157. CS alternator help resistance ????
  158. Can i switch a Monsoon indash CD head unit in place of my tape one?
  159. Which are the Positive and Negative leads at the doors and sails?
  160. FS complete sound system
  161. Will the electrical system be put under strain if I do this?
  162. Ported Dual 12" Sub Box
  163. need 99+ pin outs of gauge cluster
  164. stock CD changer cartridge does not eject, head unit will not play those cd's...
  165. Problem with Neo Changer and a 2001 TA /w stock Monsoon system.
  166. How good are Memphis amps?
  167. Need Help, I think its the Alternator
  168. Wheel control probs
  169. Keeping stock HU????
  170. Alarm won't stop going off... help!
  171. Dakota Digital Gauges
  172. Image Dynamics guys help me!!
  173. Headlights
  174. wheel controls
  175. Sound Quality????
  176. Complete Monsoon Stereo System FS
  177. Have a question for you pros out there
  178. Window - Auto Up and Down
  179. progressive door lock mod = no power locks
  180. Help! Problem with stereo. Rear speakers dont work.
  181. Gtech
  182. Aftermarket Guages
  183. Subwoofer Encloser C5 97 - 04
  184. Sub box question
  185. Z28 Owners: get rid of the Monsoon amp WITHOUT rewiring the whole car!
  186. Monsoon Amp Pinouts
  187. ok so I have the BLOWS system...need some help
  188. Need a little more help...
  189. Damn alternator
  190. Trouble
  191. New head unit w/ Monsoon Question (Pioneer AVHP6600DVD)
  192. car alarm
  193. Steering wheel controls and aftermarket stereo adapter
  194. LCD-- Anyone with experience
  195. Parking assist systems... anyone install these?
  196. What todo about my Crewcab sub box problem
  197. Taking bets...
  198. Auto down from remote.
  199. Window stuck all the way down...
  200. Help pick out a setup for my daily driver...
  201. 98 trans am Amp tips for install
  202. help with low voltage
  203. NEED HELP: '04 Silverado remote 12+ hook up???
  204. Stupid Stupid Stupid!!!!!
  205. Need help with installation!!!
  206. Selling Custom Dual Sub Box
  207. Theft lock?
  208. monsoon display problems
  209. light out on monsoon radio
  210. ? about putting a subwoofer in a T/A
  211. No Brake Lights.
  212. Drivers door will not lock/no horn
  213. Cooling Fan Mod...Electricity guys come inside
  214. Steering wheel radio controls? Can I add them?
  215. Best Place to buy online?
  216. Factory alarm only chirps once upon arming?
  217. Swapping Monsoons
  218. Question for those who installed a factory 12 disc
  219. Speaker Wire
  220. What you guys think of the braille battery?
  221. Power antennae
  222. Subwoofers in Convertible Trans Am.
  223. Damn confused about VATS (from an English guy)
  224. 2-WAY Alarm
  225. Speaker locations and replacemnt
  226. Insatlling new PCM with a remote start?'s
  227. Aux Inputs
  228. Monsoon speakers
  229. How does new lexus door work?
  230. taking apart a radio
  231. has anyone had this problem with their headlights? (not motor related)
  232. help on setup -- comments, please
  233. Aftermarket HU, monsoon speakers
  234. OK to get a amp+speakers, but keep Monsoon ?
  235. Steering Wheel Radio Buttons
  236. is the factory deck that bad or is it my crap? wisdom inside
  237. help with Focals
  238. Can the Monsoon CD HU be used with the stock 12 disc changer?
  239. Help With Speakers
  240. Need help with 8" Kicker Comp
  241. Help wanted with subs for my truck
  242. Shorty Antennas
  243. Gauge wiring question
  244. pac oem 1
  245. Problem with stereo
  246. installing a 'hidden' CD player?
  247. radar detector question
  248. help a stereo newb figure out amp and speaker wattage
  249. Speaker problem.
  250. A Subwoofer Idea!