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  1. Delima..head choice..not your typical street head..this is a race question.
  2. Vacuum pump delete?
  3. True Duals Question..
  4. Parking brake
  5. Maybe a new exhaust setup??
  6. atleast i got me some nice headers... ;)
  7. ok now look at my dot to dot for my timing
  8. Brand New Racetronix Hotwire Kit and A Toasted Pump
  9. Where did you guys get your EGR block off plates?
  10. where to get scorpion 1.7 rr
  11. My LT1 layin down some rubber (video)
  12. Common Front Oil Leaks, 160 vs 180 Thermos & Tuning & Oil Leveling Sensors Leaking...
  13. SLP LoudMouth 1 Help! install???
  14. LT1 Hates me.. intermittent stuttering!!!
  15. New engine in, runs (video)
  16. check this out....
  17. obdII swap for obdI
  18. What exactly are tru dual exhaust?
  19. Video inside. What mods are on?
  20. Corsa cat-back?
  21. Who has an MSD Opti?
  22. When to replace motor mounts?
  23. lt1 head question?
  24. Any turbo 355 guys??
  25. pros/cons to 1.7 RRs
  26. help!
  27. Whitish smoke from TB?
  28. throttle body too small for cam?
  29. My cars history
  30. "Hays" street/strip clutch..
  31. Wiring/vacuum diagrams?
  32. LT1 smoking out valve cover
  33. We got it! 1996 Impala SS 4600lbs 10.86 on RADIALS with roadrace suspension. (VID)!!!
  34. All Ignition Update Please Read!
  35. Vortech Supercharger Installed now what?
  36. im thinking about selling my t/a
  37. Vortech Supercharged LT1 Problems. Long but need some help
  38. Easier to pull motor or leave it in?
  39. Rattling the Transmission, Help Please
  40. does NE1 know where to get a 97 throttle cable???
  41. LT1 Dick Harrel???
  42. How To Flip The Miles Back On My Cluster
  43. Taylor Wires..
  44. does my dot to dot look right?? for my timing
  45. VIN check
  46. what'd be better?
  47. Distributor in an LT1, can I just drop the motor?
  48. turbo 400 on lt1 what do i need???
  49. What does a stock rear camaro hatch (w/glass) weigh?
  50. I hate tools..
  51. Flushing Brake system
  52. Need Help Please!!!
  53. vic efi
  54. another cam question
  55. turbo kit
  56. Temp gauge randomly spikes after new radiator.
  57. milling heads?
  58. cam and stall
  59. To buy or not to buy?
  60. Bumpin redline.
  61. How much horsepower should this set-up make
  62. Heater Core Flush
  63. happily ever after
  64. Injectors
  65. Fix one problem heres another... Heater Hose Fitting Leaking o.O
  66. gapping spec on NGK TR-6 plugs...
  67. She's Alive!!! Not to shabby sounding for just an LT4 kit
  68. what do i torque jesel shaft mount rockers to??
  69. what do i torque the cam retainer to?
  70. Show me ur aftermarket lightweight hoods!!!
  71. Wow, it started!
  72. I need a picture of your ICM, Coil and Wiring (Esp Grounding)
  73. best way to relocate the PCM/ECM under the dash?
  74. sound like opti goin bad??
  75. CC503 users I need help
  76. 5w-20 anyone?
  77. 4l60e problem
  78. LT valve clearance
  79. Bulb sockets
  80. Car has keless entry- can I make the lights flash or horn beep?
  81. I hate my car, 2 Optis still no spark... WHY!!!!
  82. signs of failing opti...
  83. OBD 1-2 connector swap
  84. wiring
  85. Whats the lightest aftermarket 93-97 Camaro hood on the market?
  86. finally its all coming together now! winter work thread
  87. starter problem
  88. spark plug wires???
  89. I want this car!!!
  90. need help choosing a throttle body
  91. What does this button do???????
  92. Looking for a LT1/LT4 Heads and Cam Kit (besides the hot cam kit)
  93. lt1 dual nozzle 325 and 350shot jetting
  94. 96 motor in a 94 car, cps sensor on 96 causing 94 not to spark with 96 opti??
  95. just a little excited today
  96. crank but no start.
  97. Pushrods help
  98. rare?
  99. Tell us about your budget stroker build
  100. Is there a benefit to running 1.6 Roller Rockers
  101. Exhaust clip finally. Hooker aerochamber with longtubes
  102. tuning software... Innovative Motorsports LM2? LM3?
  103. Air conditioner, Need Help?
  104. "Help" MAF question??
  105. kwik ?
  106. 2 bolt with a girdle or 4-bolt conversion?
  107. comp 983 question
  108. what is the stock 350 LT1's head gasket compression thickness?
  109. est. my numbers
  110. converting SBC heads to LTx?
  111. Header Bolts For The LPP's
  112. DART PRO1 set-up height?
  113. NEW Summit Stars are on!
  114. WOT, nothing after 4000rpm....
  115. 383 stroker motor ?
  116. First 1/4 run w/ 383
  117. 399ci at startup/idle :)
  118. tune needed with headers??
  119. keyless entry question!!
  120. ect codes
  121. Let See Your Pics Of Your Custom Alternator Braket
  122. what power steering pump do i use with the Alternator Relocation Bracket
  123. What next with 93 T/A?
  124. How long can an engine sit untouched?
  125. Intake Gasket
  126. PCM HELP !!!! Working on it right now
  127. How to retain cats /w headers
  128. LPP Y-pipe question
  129. Bolt sizes
  130. alternator question
  131. Can I run a intake like this on my lt1?
  132. Rod and Cam issue
  133. clutch pedal stuck!!!!!!!!!
  134. 3.42-4.10s(LOL)
  135. lt1 trick flow heads
  136. Cylinder head advice please
  137. TPIS Performance Parts (question)
  138. LT1 cam/lift question
  139. HELP! How probable is it that my LT1 jumped timing?
  140. Aeroforce Interceptor II?
  141. Going back to Muncie Dragway tomorrow
  142. hypertech
  143. Is there a way to test the Signal coming FROM the Opti?
  144. 96 Camaro Z28 Harness in a 94 Firbird Formula
  145. Firdbird Forumla Traction Control????
  146. ORY for mid headers?
  147. did the passenger airbag removal. need help!!
  148. Emissions Help!!!
  149. Head gasket Tests? Help...
  150. exhaust opinions?
  151. rough idle how can i fix?
  152. NE1 got a throttle cable they can send me?
  153. Better Idle Clip B&B Triflow on stock LT1
  154. Couple ?s for you guys
  155. Are one the same?
  156. What kind of crank?
  157. F'ed up optispark on rebuild
  158. Help installing tachometer on LT1
  159. 2.02/1.60 worth it with my setup?
  160. What are these wires?
  161. The "How many mods can you do before your 4L60/E bites the dust?" thread
  162. Fuel Pressure problem maybe???? HELP!!!
  163. Lugs at Low RPM
  164. No O2 sensors!
  165. self porting intake manifold?
  166. Intake Question
  167. What else when reinstalling a motor could cause no spark? Any OBDII to OBDI Causes?
  168. Just Finished clutch
  169. how the WEST Coast gets down....
  170. videos of lt1's
  171. 96capricemgr Call out
  172. Finally killed it
  173. option codes
  174. loss of cruise control
  175. Not your average LT1 :) LT1 240sx
  176. 1.6 rr and valve covers
  177. cam selection help
  178. SES light on... put reader on and no code?
  179. couple questions: High oil pressure/ MSD6al q's
  180. How big of a PITA is it?
  181. sbc/lt1 questions
  182. finally my custom joe overton goes in!
  183. Code 11
  184. new LT1 guy
  185. Head and cam problem.
  186. help car idles like shit.
  187. MadZ28 Mail Order Tune?
  188. Lt1 oil temp
  189. New best...... costly night however....
  190. New Opti Still no Spark... WTF!!!
  191. catch can , vc breather
  192. rear end
  193. NEW CAMARO! (new to me that is)
  194. supercharger problem??
  195. Finally got a vid up of my new exhaust setup. (True duals with knock-off 10 series)
  196. Place your bets !
  197. bell housong bolts
  198. motor help
  199. headders
  200. Has anyone rebuilt an Opti?
  201. Please double check my troubleshooting skills
  202. How to test for Opti Failure with no Present Codes...?
  203. TA Hatch installation?
  204. Unusual Problem
  205. Car won't start
  206. went to the track (times inside)
  207. Impala SS headgasket question
  208. B-Body head gasket confusion... .039 or .028?!
  209. More cam install questions..
  210. Finally finished the Swap... Cranks but does not start.... Damit
  211. why no gain??
  212. Painted water pump?
  213. what headgasket to run?
  214. Oil pan gasket q? Changing out oil pump?
  215. starts runs, then wont start back up.
  216. Oil Pan Access?
  217. Camshaft Bearing Question
  218. vats resistor
  219. requesting pics of single plane intake setup
  220. Pretty sure I broke something......
  221. Oil Leak!!!
  222. $342 to get FLUIDS changed?!?!?!
  223. I hate my life
  224. dfw,tx muffler shop
  225. 95 camaro convertible fuel pump trap door
  226. 9.46@141 advanced induction 383
  227. nitrous ?'s
  228. Hydraulic Rollers How High Are You Spinning Them
  229. urgent
  230. LT4 hot cam kit question
  231. early christmas
  232. ? for a4 guys with a stall
  233. Filter question...
  234. Which IAC motor can go in a 94' z28?
  235. 383 Acting Funny
  236. so i am getting ahead of myself
  237. should i update my opti?
  238. Impala SS basic engine/tranny tuning
  239. need ur reccomendations please
  240. lt1 heads and cam setup??
  241. What is this?!?!?!
  242. what kind of numbers are you making with your 383
  243. Crank hub removal, need help
  244. Pease help this pos wont start!!!!
  245. Custom Cam
  246. raising oil pressure
  247. 270 rwhp 380 rwtq
  248. Where to get a motor?
  249. What size freeze plug?
  250. 1.6 Rr?