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  1. Found this stuff in the oil pump screen... Anyone know what it is??
  2. balancer question
  3. My 95TA back fires, sluggish first mile of driving
  4. AZ guys... Any good machine shops in East Valley for LT1 rebuild?
  5. 383 Stroker Tuning Questions
  6. Need help on weld rts prostar with ssbc upgrade fronts
  7. LT-4 Intake Issue
  8. Lt1 Crank Pulley
  9. Mysteriously running rich. Down on a little power.
  10. Steering Column Rebuild
  11. Single plane intakes
  12. Best plug for the LT1?
  13. Dropping engine right now and brake lines won't budge
  14. EWP harness
  15. lt1 h/c running super lean
  16. Engine drop.. Remove with coil overs attached or separate steering knuckle?
  17. Lt1 oil pump drive
  18. Idle issue (more detail)
  19. x24 converted lt1 dies right after startup
  20. Exhaust video...bored witha Go Pro
  21. If you are interested in converting to 227's and single plane come in here...
  22. ls7 lifters(again)
  23. P0400 code
  24. Throttle body bypass problems
  25. engine compatibilty
  26. Lt4 knock module on Ebay for sale
  27. lt1 keeps stalling
  28. LT1 intake sizes to replace all fittings?
  29. Best Y-pipe merge, hooker?
  30. need help!!! wiring harness schematic for 94 firebird
  31. 94 lt1 no spark
  32. Boosted guys - PCV Question
  33. LT1 Low RPM Bog, possible fuel pressure issue
  34. Not getting spark
  35. lt1 swap/manual
  36. ARP studs, ARF heads... Torque Specs
  37. Interior Dash Plaques
  38. Scanxl with obdlinks
  39. Shortys, Mids, LT's
  40. Rarest of the rare (?) LT1/LT4 4th Gen F-body on Ebay
  41. obd2 Lt1 Datalogging!!!
  42. intake swap
  43. Engine/Transmission Problems
  44. Lt4 knock module PCM
  45. Intermediate shaft removal
  46. ? 95 TA headlight question
  47. Car smoking at idle
  48. head bolts? Which get thread sealant?
  49. turbo oil return questions
  50. Stock y pipe and cats
  51. HALP! Trouble setting up shift points
  52. Low MPH with Hotcam
  53. The 1994 Trans am GT thread to end all questions
  54. 1 5/8 long tube headers
  55. MAF sensor cleaning
  56. wrong fuel pump hose connected
  57. head gasket inventory? Need to make sure all parts are here
  58. lt1 smells like coolant under the hood
  59. Loose CPS Reluctor Wheel?!?! W/Video
  60. supercharged lt1 guys??
  61. Drilling the throttle body for IAC/BLM?
  62. turbowerx scavenge pump wiring
  63. Question plus Help
  64. Speed inc. steam pipe kit
  65. Best Mods for $1000 or Less???
  66. LT1 F-Body engine drop
  67. 97z keeps blowing cooling fan fuse
  68. 94 Z28 stalls/stops running when warmed up
  69. keyway and windage tray
  70. Do I need a bigger tb?
  71. Could this be why my car batt drains out?
  72. EWP going out?
  73. lt1 running bad after opti replaced
  74. My '95 firebird wont start!
  75. Any ideas on what '96 SLP Shorties and 2 OTL catback are worth?
  76. Ultra Z hood
  77. Help with my fourth gen Camaro
  78. Need some wireing help before i part this project out.
  79. IAT Sensor issues? Ideas?
  80. Air Conditioning Removal
  81. Valve spring ?
  82. Stubborn pan gasket leak
  83. Anyone using the 6.75" ATI aluminum damper?
  84. Unbelievable. Code 36.
  85. need some window wiring help
  86. Opti Spark Choices
  87. OBD1 LT1 TUNE NEEDED IN LA (Rebuilt Motor)
  88. pcm program
  89. lt1 part out houston tx
  90. Issues after clutch install
  91. 94 lt1 carbed setup help
  92. 1994 LT1 350 4L60E problems
  93. Tranny options
  94. Help with ideas on build or if I should sell??
  95. New cam now trans prob
  96. Help! I can't get my fuel lines disconnected!
  97. clutch suddenly won't disengage
  98. engine swap
  99. Need some opinions on cylinder heads...
  100. What's that noise?? Also known as I'm going crazy. NOW HAS VIDEO
  101. Throttle body cleaning
  102. 95 Z Residual Fuel Pressure Spec
  103. Talked With my machinist
  104. Got this 92 Vette 6 speed, now what?
  105. Temperature (sending unit?) Issue
  106. 94 lt1 swaped to 97 lt1 and running problems
  107. gen 1 vs gen 2
  108. Tail light issues
  109. Overheating
  110. ADS Super Chip
  111. LT1 Issues, any thoughts?
  112. Seeking vortec help from the pros
  113. small oil leak & smell on lt1
  114. Swapping fuel pump. What sealant to seal bucket?
  115. 24x base tune
  116. Hot Cam finally in the 12s
  117. LT1 cam & rocker question
  118. Need stck fuel pump pigtail. Where to get one?
  119. LT1 runs rich after open loop
  120. 1994 LT1 high idle problem
  121. 95' LT1 Loses all power on key turn
  122. Hard Start LT1 with SES- Runs Fine
  123. Wide band help
  124. Nitrous nozzle question.
  125. How do you stop false knock or prevent it?
  126. Should I change head gaskets now?
  127. bolts for catalytic converter flange.
  128. newly rebuilt Lt1 runs hot
  129. Blown headgasket?
  130. LT1 with an S trim supercharger, will 4L60E live?
  131. AFR195's
  132. No Limit Drag Racing out for Android
  133. Converter kicking in and out
  134. can i put a obd2 pcm in my 95 lt1 car
  135. Best Site for Seats
  136. What should I be asking?
  137. LT1 Exhaust Manifold.
  138. LT1 build ideas
  139. Data logged w/TunerPro -Flooring from a dead stop causes severe hesitation or misfire
  140. How to turn off ABS dash light?
  141. Anybody in the process of building a turbo or blower car?
  142. LT1 won’t start… quite a few tests done…
  143. 95 lt1 firebird missfiring
  144. Gutting the cat while on the car
  145. SES light on. To care or not to care?
  146. 96 LT1 Reluctor/washer.
  147. N.O.S fuel line problem
  148. LT1 swap
  149. 255 lph fuel pump install
  150. Help with strange tapping/ticking
  151. LT1 Engine Temp/advice on tsat & tune
  152. egr and exhaust emissions question
  153. LT1 fuel pressure drops to 0 psi
  154. Is my WOT timing not enough?
  155. CC503 Cam
  156. LT1 Wiring Harness Minimum
  157. Can i change to ls7 lifters, 1.6 rr's, and pshrds with no problem?
  158. Bad Headgasket leading to Cam swap. Need your input.
  159. weather stripping
  160. Alright - spark / fueling / mis&backfires.
  161. Cam swap help
  162. LT1 Squealing scraping sound?
  163. 4th Gen fuel tanks.
  164. If a lt1 can run on as low as 6psi, how would i be able to tell if my oil pump is bad
  165. what does BFH stand for?
  166. Dies at Idle when cold
  167. hypertech
  168. 24x pinout questions
  169. Throtle Body Bypass
  170. Building a new shortblock, what parts do you suggest?
  171. Lt1 stumbling and rough idle
  172. How much will shifting to soon hurt times
  173. is a 96 trans am faster than a 95 formula.?
  174. Aftermarket Cat
  175. 96 LT1 emissions
  176. Is a legit website..?
  177. quick question about ewp wiring!
  178. Lsx swap
  179. Aftermarket Seats
  180. what is M6 and A4 ?
  181. what's the biggest mm throttle body i can put on a stock LT1 intake
  182. misfire and other problems after 24x
  183. Vortech V1 T-Trim install
  184. LT1 gap after cylinder heads installed?
  185. Where do I run my oil line
  186. exhaust manifold bolt GRR
  187. ean when shifting
  188. lt1 oil pressure switch
  189. 96 Lt1 M6 rear end oil???
  190. i don't think anyone can help me..
  191. Breaking in the new engine (Procharged F1A LTx)
  192. Car dies when ideling
  193. post your gauge setups other then A pillar
  194. ram air hood, intake and maf
  195. What's up the expensive intake gasket???
  196. Question about head room
  197. single plane intake
  198. Code 26??
  199. Misfires
  200. My Discount opti experience
  201. lt1 spring locator ?
  202. 1996 z28 exhaust cutout!
  203. What kind of Exhaust is this? (brand?) *PICS*
  204. 1994 LT1 350 fuel problem
  205. Guys whats this motor look like for sale?
  206. Trying to go fast with a stock bottom end, advice?
  207. dash harness in v6 to lt1 swap
  208. random problem at 5k rpms?!?
  209. A4-- Aftermarket Shifter
  210. Exhaust Question.
  211. New Member, Old Car, Lots of Problems
  212. XFI 280 383 stroker
  213. Still For Sale
  214. Need help with Compression Ratio calculations
  215. standard roller cam in an LT1
  216. Single cat with ORY
  217. Down...but def. not out.
  218. Balancer problem
  219. Having fuel problems! New pump still no pressure. . .
  220. Fuel pressure spiking- turbo car
  221. Bs3 lt1
  222. Backfiring from Left side exhaust
  223. running rich
  224. running rich
  225. LT1 exhaust
  226. Hooker or magnaflow catback?
  227. Stock Bottom ends.
  228. IAC isn't working; need suggestions, help...
  229. New cam came with short dowel... anyone know how to pull the dowels out of cams?
  230. Thoughts and opinions on this 383 short block
  231. Ugh, another one of THESE threads
  232. Recommended build list
  233. Third time's the charm
  234. Do these plugs look too cold? TR6
  235. misfire!
  236. 11's stock bottom end w cc306 cam
  237. Vacuum lines locations
  238. Can anyone give me any feed back on the ebay clutch rand Bahnhof?
  239. Reluctant cold start
  240. LT1 knock sensor
  241. 24x swap, coil mount locations.
  242. Vacuum leak
  243. Oil pump and related parts questions?
  244. steering wheel adapter
  245. Flexplate question
  246. Chicago area cruise nights
  247. LT1 Carb conversion question
  248. Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  249. guys from okc area.
  250. Cheap ICM