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  1. A4-- Aftermarket Shifter
  2. Exhaust Question.
  3. New Member, Old Car, Lots of Problems
  4. XFI 280 383 stroker
  5. Still For Sale
  6. Need help with Compression Ratio calculations
  7. standard roller cam in an LT1
  8. Single cat with ORY
  9. Down...but def. not out.
  10. Balancer problem
  11. Having fuel problems! New pump still no pressure. . .
  12. Fuel pressure spiking- turbo car
  13. Bs3 lt1
  14. Backfiring from Left side exhaust
  15. running rich
  16. running rich
  17. LT1 exhaust
  18. Hooker or magnaflow catback?
  19. Stock Bottom ends.
  20. IAC isn't working; need suggestions, help...
  21. New cam came with short dowel... anyone know how to pull the dowels out of cams?
  22. Thoughts and opinions on this 383 short block
  23. Ugh, another one of THESE threads
  24. Recommended build list
  25. Third time's the charm
  26. Do these plugs look too cold? TR6
  27. misfire!
  28. 11's stock bottom end w cc306 cam
  29. Vacuum lines locations
  30. Can anyone give me any feed back on the ebay clutch rand Bahnhof?
  31. Reluctant cold start
  32. LT1 knock sensor
  33. 24x swap, coil mount locations.
  34. Vacuum leak
  35. Oil pump and related parts questions?
  36. steering wheel adapter
  37. Flexplate question
  38. Chicago area cruise nights
  39. LT1 Carb conversion question
  40. Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  41. guys from okc area.
  42. Cheap ICM
  43. Is it a good buy?: 1995 Camaro Z28 w/ 194k
  44. $30 bucks composite valve covers junkyard find!!
  45. Wont idle after HG swap.
  46. Seems like the drivability is a bit better with the AC turned on.
  47. 95 Lt1 Intake Manifold Vacuum Ports question
  48. Slow starter
  49. Thoughts on this dual exhaust idea?
  50. LT4 knock module
  51. 1994 camaro lt1 grinding when starting
  52. Anyone ever have the water pump drive gear break?
  53. 241 heads on a lt1 short block?
  54. Internal Noise? Never heard this before.
  55. Left & right bank upstream o2 sensors reading inactive
  56. who is running pusher fans?
  57. Super Misfire Problem
  58. In YOUR OPINION: best sounding exhaust for LT1
  59. trans?
  60. Help...
  61. Service Engine Soon Light
  62. OD or D for 1/4mile racing??
  63. What kind of cat back exhaust?
  64. Steel Braided Fuel lines from drivers area to rail with AN fittings question LT1
  65. Anyone want to tell me what would cause this kind of damage to a head gasket?
  66. quick question, heater hose leak at wp.
  67. Help a brother out! (93 LT1)
  68. B&M Transcooler
  69. Is anyone available to look at my tune (pulled from Tunercats)
  70. stroker kit
  71. 96 lt1 no start with fuel and spark
  72. Help Please, in middle of project! Bell housing wont serperate
  73. Low oil pressure problem I believe to be solved.
  74. Ltx total timing at WOT
  75. 94 Camaro Z28 & OBD1 with 383 Stroker
  76. Cc503 timing
  77. Coolant turning brown after repeated flushs
  78. 355 H/C with F-1R @ 18 pounds, problem lifting heads??
  79. anyone have an idea what kind of oil pressure I should have when priming new engine
  80. Need cylinder head info, built YSI setup
  81. electric fans not kicking on
  82. 24x system + Powerbond SFI balancer = ?
  83. Error code 43
  84. New Heads have Four outside bolts instead of centerline. Any suggestions for LT1/ALT
  85. where's the lt1 engine guys?
  86. Which Opti Would You Choose?
  87. LT1 Unknown Idle/Throttle Problem??
  88. Rebuilt engine, won't start.
  89. put new crank and bearings in motor and now very little oil pressure
  90. LT1 *Bent Crank Snout*
  91. FML: should have gone ls...
  92. balancer is loose...
  93. Barely 1,000 miles, knocking sound.
  94. 95 trans am ignition system not working
  95. Need your advise
  96. Best place to get stock LT1 drivetrain (manual or auto)
  97. What is the fastest stock bottom end n/a record?
  98. Guys need some advice and thoughts on what to do about my 97 z28.
  99. remote mount starter solenoid questions
  100. Your advice -- 94 or 97?
  101. anyone want to trade 6 speed engine harness for automatic engine harness
  102. electric water pump freeze plug issues!
  103. Im Back
  104. Who says...
  105. Single Plane Intake help! (Forged/Boosted/AFR 398 ci.)
  106. Another CC306 vs CC503 thread...
  107. LT1, needing some advice/help on where to go with it
  108. What is the best way to change the head gaskets?
  109. Parking brake cable replacement
  110. Coolant and oil pres gauges fluctuating like crazy
  111. Is 68 psi cold oil pressure a little on the high side
  112. Out of ideas!
  113. Go Fast LT1 Stuff
  114. LT1 Puzzler
  115. Trouble idling question & leaky front seal
  116. Difficult issue lt1
  117. 24x harness auto to t56
  118. LS1 MC needed for rear LS1 brake swap?
  119. Need some help!
  120. 94 z28 vs g37 4 door
  121. 1997 Trans am noob nitrous question
  122. Oil Pressure low While Accelerating
  123. Where does this wire attach to?
  124. oil leak from oil pressure switch
  125. Starter engages, does not crank? Security light on
  126. Cylinder 3 header getting too hot
  127. Black box in computer
  128. Help confirming Bad Fuel Pump
  129. can i get 11.999?
  130. Anyone running the CC 468 cam?
  131. $#@*&!! Egr bolt!!!! Help!!
  132. 8 trouble codes. Help!
  133. Trying to hit 400 RWHP 5.7
  134. 93 lt1 bin
  135. Whistling LT1
  136. Stock LT1 Hydraulic Roller Lifters vs Spring Pressure Question.
  137. Fans not coming on & Running hot.
  138. What plugs should I run for a 9:1 383 with 15lbs of boost?
  139. Chasing a high speed vibration.
  140. Got my LPP headers!
  141. Brake lights
  142. 95 trans am Lt1 issue
  143. Am I running too rich to even drive it to the dyno??
  144. what sensor is this?
  145. LS2 Alternator wiring
  146. Has anyone heard from Solomon?
  147. Oil cooler delete
  148. Who are considered to be the best tuners?
  149. msd 6AL installation
  150. missing crank sensor
  151. My $13 Home Made Intake Elbow
  152. $10 DIY LT1 programming data logging USB cable vid
  153. exhaust question
  154. What static timing for LT1 with HEI
  155. Crank Hub
  156. wtb: victor JR for lt1
  157. TPI Problems
  158. STILL trying to kill my vibration...
  159. 1995 trans am Lt1 challenging issue NEED HELP!
  160. Code 36
  161. A experenced mechanic to change out opti Northern NJ
  162. Another 383 Compression Question...
  163. Hooker Headers Good?
  164. 1995 T/A oil leak from water pump coupler
  165. fast xfi and racepak iq3.
  166. converting sbc heads to lt1 heads?
  167. Stumble & Misfire = OH Sh*$#
  168. Header question between OBD-I and OBD-II Motors
  169. Man with Headers frets over Emissions Fittings!
  170. Connecting rod question
  171. Is there an o2 sensor I can buy for 97 lt1 with long tube headers
  172. Sway bar indentification
  173. Balancer hub alignment position
  174. o2 sensor for long tube headers
  175. cant shift into reverse..clutch? slave cylinder? help please
  176. I have a problem with removing the front swaybar
  177. Caprice SS LT1 stationwagon at auction.
  178. What direction should I take?
  179. what is this box?
  180. True duals guys chime in please!
  181. Spacers for valve covers?
  182. Can anyone guess this?
  183. Car falling on its face and dying
  184. 4.10 gears vs. 3.73 gears
  185. Donations in Memory of a Good Friend
  186. Bought a 1995 camaro z28 a month ago, dont know much about it.
  187. Mill head or just use thinner head gasket?
  188. Lt1 no spark
  189. Anyone close to Hunterdon County NJ who can tune my LT1?
  190. Help with Quench calculations!!!
  191. another stupid setback!
  192. Smog problems with lt1 egr
  193. Hvac delete no start even after VATS BYPASS
  194. New here have some questions.
  195. Too much crankcase pressure. Your choice of breather with catch can?
  196. Bolt ons???
  197. LT1 Goals
  198. parking brake handle issue
  199. Traction control to throttle body cable replacement options?
  200. Chrome valve covers w/24x coil brackets?
  201. Help need advice on fuel system
  202. 1995 z28 transmission problem
  203. How hard to make a manual rack fit on a tubular K member setup for stock rack?
  204. Need help. Car not starting.
  205. Anything to worry about?
  206. oil leak
  207. anyone running le cam?
  208. Pin hole into coolant passage on LE2 heads???
  209. First time to the track... disappointed.
  210. Questions for a Pro Tuner
  211. Are these LE2 heads? How to tell?
  212. Oil cooler delete walk through?
  213. Feeding the Beast
  214. Put LT1 up on jacks, now won't start
  215. Getting rid of truck sound
  216. rad auto trans coolant line. dumb question, need quick answer!
  217. Pinion nut size
  218. 11.3 or 11.7 compression 383 w/pump gas
  219. What type injector for LT1? High or low impedance
  220. LT1 problems. No start.
  221. New LT1 crate leaks....What gaskets are bullitproof?
  222. Fuel pressure LT1 with LS1 PCM?
  223. My 1995 Camaro Z28 Build Thread (pics)
  224. Next step????
  225. lt1 oil filter sizing
  226. 383 stroker please help
  227. lift off hood
  228. Airbag light flashes and then stays on but only when brake is pressed
  229. rear mount turbo
  230. Y pipe to header weld questions
  231. Weird starter motor problem
  232. CL LT1 Trainwreck Ad
  233. O2 sensors?
  234. thermostat broken bolt!!! . how to get this sucker out!
  235. LT1 Exhaust questions
  236. Whats it worth
  237. What is the best way to pressure test head gaskets with water pump off?
  238. Pacesetter ORY problems.
  239. Timing marks with optispark delete plate
  240. Injector issue
  241. Oil pan gasket problem
  242. Freeze plugs popped
  243. wtf? Trying to do it by the book but what book do I do it by?
  244. 95 z28 m6 gear swap from 273 to 373
  245. Its getting there
  246. ignition decision
  247. 300 rwhp ?
  248. Anyone running 'Trick Flo' 7.1" chrome moly pushrods in LT1s or have feedback?
  249. WS6 hood mod.
  250. K&N FIPK, replacement cone filter alternatives