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  1. P0300 Misrfire
  2. 383LT1 vs Supra
  3. will a 5spd from 92 iroc z28 work in a 93 z28 a4?
  4. Overheating Issues after Opti Install
  5. Dynaspark Opti Install
  6. can i reuse my cam ????
  7. Fill up , then does not start?
  8. patriot heads
  9. Cooling fans dont start!
  10. 383 13.1 what heads should i go with
  11. current pics of my project
  12. egr removal question
  13. LT1 wont start
  14. Camaro events in Pacific northwest.
  15. opti problem
  16. LT1 problems
  17. P1153 help
  18. piston rings w/ N2O
  19. finally gettin caged
  20. Tuning question
  21. what was thestock tranny in 95 z28?
  22. cam selection help
  23. Anyone care about MPG?
  24. Vacuum pump
  25. head and cam
  26. Any one here running spark plug wire over vavle cover ?
  27. First cam swap and have questons.....?
  28. Optispark tune-up? or Replacement
  29. Help! Installing Opti and want to delete AIR
  30. RIP Ponitac
  31. Disappointed after modifications!
  32. Aftermarket steering wheel
  33. TH400 in my car (will this one work?)
  34. Headers, Cat backs? What should I do??
  35. Where to buy oil pumps
  36. LT1 vette heads
  37. Question about cc503 and stock heads
  38. What size is this plug?
  39. cooling problems
  40. MSD-6AL worth it?
  41. want to rebulid but dont know what to do.
  42. needing part# for xe230/236
  43. Whats the difference between the two motors
  44. Crank hub removal
  45. Questions.....
  46. what y pipe for jethots?
  47. Best DD Heads for 383
  48. I went over to the dark side... kinda
  49. A/C Diagram HELP!! ASAP
  50. Header Question
  51. Biggest Stall on Stock Rear
  52. What mod next?
  53. stock windage tray
  54. LT-1...Internal balance, or external?
  55. Thinking about getting this filter...what do you think?
  56. Lots of questions...maybe one problem?
  57. Where is this oil coming from!?!
  58. Comp full aluminum rockers
  59. HELP throwout bearing #
  60. Fel-Pro 1406 Header Gaskets
  61. Cam?
  62. Starter has passed away
  63. Wow!!
  64. starter headache?
  65. ?'s about deleting A.I.R.
  66. start up smoke need help
  67. Codes for my LT4
  68. Comp 26918-16 or pac 1218-16
  69. Just got my Lloyd Elliot Trickflows and intake VERY impressed!!
  70. Need FPR and Vacuum line P/N's
  71. Need help: Engine on stand leaks oil from..
  72. top speed
  73. Headers mid or long lt1
  74. Bad vibration at 130+
  75. what kind of power
  76. HELP asap!
  77. Surging Idle
  78. Manifold/Valve Cover Paint Job
  79. need yor opinions
  80. LT1 swap question
  81. What Do You Think
  82. how do i lift the front wheels
  83. lpp
  84. Motor mounts question...
  85. spun rod bearing
  86. Potential New Owner, Quick Issues Before Sale, HELP
  87. crane 10308-1 retainers, k800 spring
  88. how to bore the throttle body to 52 mm?
  89. 93 to 94-95 PCM and Harness??
  90. New Engine & Clutch Break In
  91. suggestions
  92. K&N cai, SLP cai, or other?
  93. So what would you do to finish off this build?
  94. sbc truck headers for turbo setup?
  95. Wtf...idle /start up issues help
  96. Quick disconnect
  97. Shaking problem...
  98. Jegster Tq arm
  99. lt1 head gasket blown????
  100. LT1 heads (minor porting)
  101. Spark plug gap with 6AL BOX...?
  102. 2 Bar MAP
  103. LT1 diagnostic help
  104. Peculiar problem, rear hatch button does not work ?
  105. If you live in or around houston TX and you like crusing come in
  106. car's running rich
  107. Comp. port not working...
  108. Computer question
  109. what blower kits are out there for lt1's?
  110. stock injector tune
  111. Edelbrock Shorties Flange Issue???
  112. The Firechicken Project
  113. otvc plug wires with aftermarket valve covers
  114. Superdamper necessary for brand new LT1?
  115. What do I change in the computer after doing gears?
  116. fuel system problems?
  117. WTF is wikipedia talking about
  118. Header Install light smoke after
  119. Exhaust help please
  120. fans wont work???
  121. are 6's possible
  122. What if header install Q
  123. Running like a beast
  124. Whats the going rate for LT1/T56 combo?
  125. radio, dome light, & trunk button ont working
  126. Changing oil sensor
  127. Anyone doing their own tuning...questions.
  128. Worst Part/ Aftermarket component Experiences
  129. She is ALIVE once again!
  130. Borlamouth on a mostly stock LT1?
  131. horrible noise
  132. Head light covers
  133. Pacesetter longtube headers
  134. Help wiring a LT1 in street rod
  135. stock lt1 a4 60ft times
  136. Car not running after rebuild
  137. clutch fork
  138. New rebuild i smell fluid occasionaly
  139. Wanted to share some new pics!
  140. T-56 rebuild?
  141. how to disable tcs?
  142. Need some ABS connectors>>
  143. Help me make a cam swap parts list
  144. Coolant on the side of the block?
  145. back from powdercoat
  146. I could really use the help on P1657 ???
  147. few more changes
  148. Getting an adjustable fuel pressure regulator??
  149. Ozite light weight carpet, what do you think????
  150. Trimming valve covers
  151. A few issues i need help with.
  152. car still dies...
  153. Changing window motors??
  154. Batteryy Question
  155. removing the engine
  156. check guages light flickers ?
  157. hooker shorties
  158. Best bang for the buck __throttle body
  159. guage problems
  160. Why not eagle 383 crank????????
  161. Need some headers for the B-Body....CHEAP!!! (and good) any suggs?
  162. Opening day at the track--New PB times
  163. CHECK ENG LIGHT P0100 Any ideas ????
  164. Fawkin msd ignition coil took a dump!
  165. Pacesetter longtube owners w/emissons come in!!!
  166. Harris Speedworks wet kit conversion?
  167. Car died help!!!!
  168. FPR gas smell long start
  169. Any interest out there for bottom end parts? Florida
  170. Need help with 355 budget build
  171. AI 200CC Dyno Numbers
  172. remove steering wheel center piece?
  173. Symptoms of bent valve or pushrod
  174. Valve covers wont fit
  175. went to track lastnight
  176. LPP headers???
  177. Taylor Plug Wires... Still recommended against?
  178. Hard to start
  179. Best plug for 15 lbs of boost on a LT1
  180. ok..bore questions
  181. New pb track times
  182. Won't start when wet
  183. RAM (Musclecar) clutch. Anyone running one?
  184. Dash removal, removing the Evaporator and all the heat componets ?'s
  185. First ever track times!!!!
  186. Identify my LT1 head stamping please
  187. coolant temp sensor
  188. icm
  189. Why is the head gasket blocking the lifters?
  190. Heater hose leaking (right off of wpump). How to replace?
  191. Dyno Day Disaster
  192. i have looked looked and looked!
  193. 1.6 RR question
  194. It's here!!!
  195. what do you guy's think
  196. WTF... Why is my car so f-ing slow?????
  197. Oil Pan Drain Plug Hole
  198. What shop is recommended for LT4 engines around Houston,TX?
  199. This is whats been taking up my time, 96 TA almost ready.
  200. Turndown on a cutout. Step inside
  201. 94 Z28, Low RPM stumble, rough idle need some help
  202. SLP Cold Air Kit thoughts?
  203. yayyyy!!! :)
  204. Best sounding bullet style muffler??
  205. Header bolts
  206. LT1 Coolant Bleeding...
  207. waterpump O rings
  208. Best Distributor for my application.
  209. Single plane and crank trigger questions
  210. V6 too LT1 Swap??
  211. Adjusting Zero lash
  212. oil level sensor plug?
  213. 93 94 opti cap
  214. Motor Mounts
  215. quick question
  216. Hot Cam Kit
  217. 383 Stroker going in my M6 -- need help
  218. Lloyd Elliot 223/230 what will it run?
  219. Anyone heard of these guys? Their TBs any good?
  220. Dont laugh! But what goes here?? hahhaha
  221. What heads should i get.. ordering in the next three days. PLEASE HELP..
  222. Anyone know...
  223. Lt1 question!! Belt Drive help!
  224. can i use...
  225. optispark tool
  226. Help help
  227. TH350 or 700R4 for 93 Lt1
  228. Clutch and cooling?
  229. Problem with Dynatech Headers and Spark Plug wires...
  230. How Hard to Change a Distributor
  231. obd1 to obd2
  232. Rear end is taking a dump!
  233. suggestions for upgraded pads/rotors? Can't find any really....
  234. Max timing
  235. Is $265 a good price for a Optispark and a few other parts?
  236. wow please help!
  237. Updates on my YSi blown LT1
  238. Fuel Pressure Question
  239. Motor won't stay on, I need suggestions!!!
  240. acc. bracket
  241. ac vent gauges
  242. Is this a suitable LM muffler replacement?
  243. Valve spring ?
  244. What kind of motor mounts?
  245. LT1 motor mounts replacement???????
  246. Occasional low idle, suspect IAC
  247. Fuel Pump Wire???
  248. LT1 Help with FAST ECU Mapping w/Vortech
  249. calling everyone with an electric cutout
  250. Oil Pumps