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  1. Need Part Name
  2. coolant hose routing
  3. Fuel pump replacement what one?
  4. Can i run stock style intake on a solid roller motor?
  5. Thoughts on a header install write up...
  6. does anyone know off
  7. Anyway to make sure Im getting forged pstons?
  8. Anyone ever dealt with....
  9. Quick question
  10. Cracked Line/Hose Fuel Smell? (Pics Inside)
  11. cc503 cam setup help.
  12. Does anyone know of any good shops in.
  13. who makes a 3"turndown w/ a flange?
  14. It's been a while!
  15. I'm stumped-Is the motor gone??
  16. Computer died before completing load of file
  17. Msd opti
  18. trying to find arp rocker stud part #
  19. How is the install on EWP and UDP?
  20. What do you guys think about this engine kit
  21. True dauls over the axel and two out the side
  22. questions on putting a 383 in
  23. 4l60E question
  24. Question about going to the track
  25. Anyone running a paxton supercharger on their lt1?
  26. How to fix exhaust leak on 96 LT1 with Edelbrock shorties
  27. How to fix rattling stock y pipe on 96 TA?
  28. Any interest in pics/info for using a main stud girdle on a LT1?
  29. WTF Over???!!!
  30. Need more power
  31. O2 question
  32. please help!!! cc503 h/c ongoing prob..
  33. Quick Question - replace head bolts or not?
  34. lt1 jet hot caoated long tubs and y pipe
  35. Overheating!!!
  36. Weird gauge problem
  37. Thoughts on this rotating assy.
  38. lt1 sputter problem
  39. which LTs for a 96 impala ss
  40. help on pat #'s links, whatever you got.
  41. A I or A F R
  42. When installing a EWP?
  43. Valve Spring install HELP!!!!
  44. Unburned gas in the manifold and exhaust ports?
  45. What Walbro 255 Setup should i get?
  46. anyone using the lokar throttle cable?
  47. trans temp
  48. Whats a good...
  49. Why or how can my LT's leak from here?
  50. very curious anyone have any pictures
  51. Trans problem?
  52. Starting trouble!
  53. Exhaust weight question
  54. Heat shielding material...
  55. Oil dipstick showing low?
  56. Motor mounts and oil pan??
  57. Question!!!!!
  58. 1LE Elbow wtb
  59. roller rocker question
  60. Not charging
  61. beat to death topic... :(
  62. Crane duals too much for stock cam?
  63. Opti mounted @ back of the intake?
  64. Issues starting
  65. best way to clean moroso CAI filter??
  66. porting the lt1 intake manifold
  67. Head gasket is blown! 355 build coming
  68. oil filter threads?
  69. TSP Rumbler on my LT1
  70. Steamline of back of heads!!!???
  71. Trick Flow 195 CC heads
  72. Valvetrain decision
  73. lt1 bolt on dyno results
  74. gas leak ? oil leak ?
  75. Couple quick questions.
  76. just bought lt1. engine is out, mods are in.
  77. Would this Exhaust Kit and Headers bolt on?
  78. ac lines hit headers...
  79. Damn Car!!!
  80. What forged pistons n rods
  81. Heads and Cam Advice
  82. Anyone that has done the fuel line relocation mod come in
  83. ? about a 355 LT1 setup with valve clearance and head gasket choice!
  84. Car runs bad on the bottom end. Also need tuning suggestions.
  85. lt1 timing chain
  86. Another swap question.
  87. ntk ngk o2 sensor people common in
  88. are these better then LE2 heads
  89. Advanced Induction!! GREAT PEOPLE
  90. Walk me through adjusting my TB (monoblade)
  91. Fergymotos Transmission Carnage PICS INSIDE
  92. got an LT1!
  93. Start-up video and pics after my LE2 upgrade
  94. Anyone converted to a dual plane intake?
  95. Will these headers fit?
  96. 396ci stroker kit for a good price?
  97. Do You Have Hesitaion, Stumbeling Under Slight Exceleration ??? Come Inside !!!
  98. bearing clearances
  99. i think i just about blew my engine help!!
  100. Project "bad ass" TRUE DUALS underway. Please comment on my design.
  101. long tube install
  102. Oil Pressure Sending Unit and Long Tubes
  103. solid roller 396. how much power you thinking?
  104. AIR system delete question.
  105. Throttle body question
  106. 383 guys come in here
  107. It lives!!!!
  108. Doing cap and rotor tomorrow...Tips?
  109. Cranked up the TA today for the first time
  110. Factory LS2 Injectors on a 93 LT1?
  111. rebuild question
  112. fuel rail covers installed!
  113. Tie rod energy suspension rebuildable?
  114. How to put a lt1 crank hub back on?
  115. to do or not to do electric water pump
  116. Sure it's been beaten to death
  117. Engine Bay Tutorial?
  118. Magnaflow Cat - any problems?
  119. How much HP am i leaving on the table with hooker shorties?
  120. problem with my 1994 lt1
  121. LT1 and Heavy rains ?
  122. Turbo V6 vs 383
  123. 93 lt1 question
  124. Building a 383
  125. 93-97 firebird hood ideas
  126. What all do you need for 1.7 rockers
  127. Engine Sensor Fuse???
  128. Professional Products 58mm TB?
  129. summit rebuild kit and GM heavy duty timing set
  130. Hydra-Rev kits...
  131. OTVC spark plug wire with stock header possible ?
  132. Start-up Problems...
  133. Help me decide on an AI package
  134. Needs some help with lifters.
  135. who sells polyurathane trans mounts? A4
  136. trans am pop up lights?
  137. I need to vent...WTF is with craigslist!!
  138. Couple bad ass LTx's at the Speedinc open house
  139. Keyed crank hub
  140. Looks like ill be in the 10s this year
  141. Lt headers and 52 mm tb
  142. MSD 6AL troubleshooting
  143. Should i buy this torque am?
  144. wow! it just jeeps gettin worse..
  145. tuning software
  146. Initial start and lifter break in
  147. EWP Relay Kit ???
  148. Reverse Lockout Solenoid
  149. milled heads.... gaskets thickness....
  150. casting #s
  151. My first trans am help!!!!!
  152. heads and cam
  153. Camshaft dowel problem.
  154. Draglites? Come In!!!
  155. BMR upgrade thoughts!!!
  156. fair cam swap price?
  157. Wiring diagram needed
  158. Best clutch setup for 500+rwhp LT1
  159. Anyone buy the LT1 HSR that was made recently yet?
  160. TSP Rumbler Install Question
  161. horrible headache of a problem
  162. whats required with lt4 hot cam kit
  163. header problems
  164. 383 build
  165. Help please.
  166. School me on head bolts.
  167. ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! You will not beleive this
  168. Tune after header install?
  169. ps pump r&r
  170. 58mm Throttle Body
  171. whos got the best prices on walbro 255
  172. What FPR?
  173. what does this OBD1 code mean???
  174. OBD1 Computer question
  175. Still interested in single plane conversion!
  176. Pump gas friendly compression ratio in California?
  177. Spark plugs stall converter?
  178. ~crank hub bolt backing out
  179. Why no 7 second LT1 yet?
  180. everything youve ever wanted to know about Opti!
  181. Delteq Opti Eliminator
  182. What is a good redline on a stock block
  183. Quick !AIR !EGR question...
  184. is there anywhere that sell roller rockers in sets of 4
  185. Stroker ????????
  186. Anyone work at car shop or dealership/service or experience this ??? LT4
  187. 1 to 3rd 4l60e
  188. is this right??? e.t vs mph either way nice job!
  189. gear drive timing setup for LT1's?
  190. New pics of a few nice LT1s
  191. Motor Finally Going In!!!!
  192. car hard to start but starts, runs fine
  193. Y-pipe?
  194. Removing my Delteq, need help
  195. Pulled DTC codes low TPS sensor
  196. what kind of FUEL system will i need on my 13.1 motor
  197. Head thread help
  198. if you run octane then come in here
  199. Anyone with a CRT elbow come in.
  200. injectors
  201. valve seal??s
  202. Opti vs LTCC
  203. Overheating.
  204. Bad vibration
  205. Help me choose a cam!
  206. valve spring question..
  207. new day, new problem
  208. custom intake under stock transam Hood?
  209. RockAuto 5% Discount code
  210. o2 question step inside
  211. t-56 problem.
  212. What kind of compression ratio should I expect...
  213. Ways to retard timing for nitrous
  214. Injectors
  215. quick cam question
  216. LT1 Backfires After Header Swap
  217. head and cam work
  218. What is this? And what hose connects to it?
  219. Restoring my 1995 Bird..
  220. CC503 question
  221. !Smog Pump
  222. Different oil pressure sensor positions...why?
  223. knock mod
  224. got this today!!!
  225. Question about Plugs and o2s
  226. Sold the LT1
  227. A/C Delete Question
  228. 160 temp running 210?
  229. Air Pump problems???
  230. fog light blackouts
  231. 3rd gen SC GTA vs H/C LT1?
  232. Whay do i do???????
  233. stall converter help
  234. Car running hot
  235. LT1 into a 1985 camaro
  236. pretty sweet roots blower setup
  237. stereo
  238. wwjd
  239. best place to buy catback system for out lt1 car ?
  240. No Oil Pan Baffle
  241. This squeak rises and falls with rpm, seems like its comming from front of motor?? ?
  242. LT1 wiring guru's
  243. code 63
  244. AFR heads
  245. low fuel pressure at idle
  246. Casper383/Fast93Z?383Formula!
  247. Brake hoses Braided Who sells?
  248. How does this Pressure Plate look?
  249. Can fuel pressure affect idle?
  250. bad opti = shaking?