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  1. new best... 11.951@112.99 stock internal A3
  2. Need pics of Speed inc. uncut carpet
  3. New best last night...
  4. New times today...
  5. 10.86 @ 125.94 w/ M6 hydralic heads/cam car
  6. First time to track with new cam
  7. 11.95 "cam only" on street tires
  8. 11 sec. Cam only A4 323?
  9. OMG.G5X-2,Bolt ons &stock gear 120MPH
  10. Gears???
  11. Had a great time at SLP Customer Appreciation Day!
  12. Bracket race at NPR
  13. Wolfe 10pt Chromemoly Cage Question
  14. The Hot Rod's 1st Bracket race of the season.
  15. TH350 / TH400 guys, what shifter are you using....
  16. Clash of the Titans
  17. MTI S2 Heads/X1 Cam, Nitrous TRACK results!!
  18. The Hot Rod hits the track.
  19. 3.73 or 4.10 for a4?
  20. 1.8 seconds
  21. Got some new track times today.
  22. new best
  23. 1.4 60' possible with this????
  24. How many runs per set of plugs?
  25. anyone used kyb shocks?
  26. NEW BEST...... E/T..... THANK YOU CARTEK!!!!!
  27. street/strip wheel and tire help
  28. 3.42 vs. 3.73 or 4.10's on M6
  29. B1 cam only, 11.6 @ 118, full weight M6
  30. 9.21 @ 146 at ATCO.
  31. HALs and cutting down ets...
  32. Mods list of people running11's on stock motors!
  33. Pics of Convo Pro`s?
  34. Thanks Madman
  35. Got in a few passes last night...
  36. What Front Springs w/Iron Block ???
  37. Any Advise??
  38. Weight reduction for daily driver...
  39. who will win????
  40. Who has gone the fastest on stock rear?
  41. First time dyno run. Need advise...
  42. Temple Academy Dragway in Little River Academy, TX - 3/29/03
  43. 98 SS 1/4mile times
  44. 1/4 mile times
  45. Who runs an aluminum flywheel?
  46. Help on picking wheels & slick's
  47. Anyone got (10-12 pt) and front bars that don't go thru the dash
  48. will the LS1 Tech ET list ever return??
  49. shift light setting
  50. G5X-2 Track times
  51. New scoop for Pain
  52. Air Bag removal question?
  53. How much do you think I'll slow down?
  54. Ques about a part I could remove for weight reduction but consequences??
  56. 3.73's to 4.10's
  57. keep breaking stock TQ arms. pinion angle should be stock
  58. Help me pick out a converter !!!!!!!!
  60. LS1 Weight
  61. Gathering interest on bolt-on CF WS6 hood...
  62. weight of new VFN 3" Hood
  63. Fire jacket and corsa mufflers...
  64. 11.704@119.. Need some help
  65. paging harlan
  66. Corvette Challenge Event#1 Results
  67. 29.5x10.5W ET Drags?
  68. How fast should a decent H & C + 100 shot go...
  69. How fast should a decent H & C + 100 shot go...
  70. What et should i be getting in the 1/8th
  71. Racers and racefans, please support our shootouts this year...
  72. FBody Shootout???
  73. Is there such a thing as an ET DA corrector??
  74. Here they are!! completed interior pics, (Speed inc carpet and Corbeau Forza Seat)
  75. Any noticable gain or difference with relocation brackets????
  76. Guess what my car will run?
  77. PCM Reset at the track.....?
  78. Quick Question-Welds 8x15 - 5.5 BS
  79. Fayetteville NC TNT 1pm Sunday, anyone going?
  80. dragging Z for 1st time ever, help
  81. Need opinions/input
  82. Installed springs now car is slower? Help
  83. Track Today!!!!!! :(
  84. 10.88@125.40, heads/hyd. cam, 6speed!
  85. Prostar XPs
  86. PCM problems with Skinnes on???
  87. Street vs. Drag Only Education needed!
  88. ? about 98 front brakes
  89. paging GTS SS
  90. Difficult to remove the parking brake?
  91. re-sleeved big bore motors? really worth it?
  92. PAIN is alive
  93. Englishtown NJ
  94. V6 weighed in at 3,000 pounds even last week!!!
  95. how to fit 28" slick?
  96. Your thoughts on my 1/8 mile
  97. basic traction
  98. DRs on or off
  100. Tips for removing Dash?
  101. Dial In Shoe Polish
  102. Caged Fury!
  103. Automatic Launch Question
  104. Harlan 2-step.. Where do I buy one?
  105. Info on Wheel weights inside...
  106. No Racing Tonight for the Hot Rod
  107. Info / How to .. Jegs Roll Bar Install - Long...
  108. The Dragon vs the Viper
  109. Pictures of Customers Cars
  110. Video of my slower 12.2 run
  111. 4L60E to TH350, How much gain/loss in ET/MPH?
  112. BFG DR`s hold this 4400, stock internal car???
  113. "?" on Rollbars, I know- not again
  114. New presonal best last Sat.
  115. 28 inch tire?
  116. Is my car a freak?
  117. 1/2 inch wheel studs
  118. New BEST this past weekend!
  119. Any LG S2/GSX track results yet?
  120. 01Z, you still trying to better that slug?
  121. ls1 sonoma v"s ford lighting
  122. Update on ARE 393 All Bore/ 9 sec quest:
  123. Pre-purchase of 18" BFG drag radials?
  124. Yank PT4400 guys, where does your converter flash?
  125. Difference in weight between ZR1's and stock Z28 wheels?
  126. Yes,they will fit.-Weld 15x10/7.5 BS-PITA
  127. Update on the car...Making progress :)
  128. Having to scew the tires to the rim,any problems?
  129. What is the part number for the GM Side Post Adapters to use on my Dyna-Batt Battery?
  130. The Hot Rod is back!
  131. any alternatives to hals?
  132. 94Z28 LS1 Project Makes First Runs
  133. HAL Shock Question
  134. lt1 goes 9's n/a back to back 7 times :)
  135. shift points
  136. Spring Fever
  137. Check out this video editing of my 11.5 pass
  138. Lightweight T-top Update
  139. stock camaro weight
  141. How do you "PROP" up your pin on hood?
  142. ARE 8.92@155 VIDEO!!!
  143. Hood pins and daily driving with a pin on hood?
  145. vht trackbite use
  146. 16" Hoosier Slicks????
  147. Video of fastest 10.5 tire car in the land
  148. question about battery boxes
  149. Replacement for Air Bag Covers
  150. for the sake of argument
  151. How do you take care of the ABS coming on with bigger rear tires?
  152. My Goal: Run 10s with stock internals.
  153. Looking for Frt Sway Bar quick Disconnects..
  154. removing air bags for drag racing
  155. Strut Tower Brace.. ..should I remove it for the track?
  156. Pains new NOS kit is in.
  157. 5 point harness question.
  158. Is this Good?
  159. What are you guys shifting your H & C 346's?
  160. What mounting brackets should I use for a pin on hood?
  161. Mr. FaSSt ORANGE
  162. 11.8 @ 114.....
  163. NE1 use McGard Lugnuts with their Welds?
  164. Why so slow? 224/224 .581 , Mac Headers/ORYP , LS1 Edit, and 3,000 Vigilante,
  165. NHRA Record Holders
  166. 15x8 or 15x10 for 28x11.5x15 ET street? Is this enough tire?
  167. What are the NHRA/IHRA helmet requirements this year?
  168. ET Streets .... can I drive on em?
  169. NHRA screwing the little guys! plz help!
  170. RAGEmans G5X-2 cam only Videos within!
  171. anybody make a drag/street style front swaybar?
  172. 1/8 mile time!
  173. Bumper supports
  174. 10.99@125.5 stock internal M6
  175. HRP Sunday Track Times! How was I?
  176. 10.78 @ 129 mph - STOCK HEADS & CAM !!
  177. Bad day at the track... :(
  178. Took a few more track runs...
  179. Shift Points and ET streets...
  180. Finally made it to the track again
  181. Hot Drag Car Porn...okay 60ft questions
  182. Sorry for the it is...11.1412 @ 122.28 (1.5604)
  183. bad wheel hop!
  184. Just got skinnies... what ft/lbs to use?
  185. Cam only cars with 3.23's within??
  186. Weight reduction
  187. Ways to get a better launch?
  188. Removal of Passenger Air bag
  189. Lightweight SS hood
  190. Do I have a blown head hasket?
  191. 11's Finally! Video too:)
  192. Rear Hal install ?
  193. Which heat sheilds can I get rid of?
  194. Is this setup stronge enough
  195. How much is an open diff going to hurt me?
  196. Finally got the new tuneup
  197. why do my times suck?
  198. LS1TECH 1/4th Mile list uptop??
  199. NEW BEST: 5.98@116+
  200. 94 Z28 Project Complete
  201. Much awaited Direct fit 15 " Bogart RT P1 series now available!
  202. 11.5's Cam Only New BEST
  203. rear sway bar adjustments
  204. What Kinda Setup will it take to hook 400+HP on the street...
  205. Help in the UK
  206. Good night at the 1/8 mile track.
  207. M6 N/A cam-only record?
  208. how much does a stripper Z28 weigh
  209. C-41 A/C DELETE option!
  210. Launching techniques for BFG's??
  211. Gathering Ideas for NEW SS Hood Design.
  212. 900 HP in a 3200 lb car runs what????
  213. Removed heater core....can I get what else is left of the A/C?
  214. What size rims and slicks?
  215. Question on ET fronts, DS2's etc...
  216. What kind of Track Times and HP #'s am I looking at w/ this Combo?
  217. whats up with the ET list?
  218. Public apology to Agostino Racing Engines
  219. What will it take?
  220. help me run mid 12's
  221. Why cant I get my BFGs to hook on the street?
  222. Help with battery kill switch
  223. What kind of Helmet do I need?
  224. What solid roller lifters are you using
  225. my car sucks!!
  226. car broke?
  227. Anyone know the weight difference between the stock battery and Optima redtop?
  228. Who here bracket races?
  229. Urgent: Roll Bar Install Question
  230. Got my Billingsley ABS delete block
  231. For Those of You Interested in the Progress of the 2003 COBRAs
  232. What rear springs is everyone using?
  233. S.A.M. camaro info??
  234. 12.78 give me your opinion
  235. New source for SFI Approved Dampener
  236. Cost to Tub and Chassis
  237. Now that tax time is here,you think we'll be getting a cage GP?
  238. Chasing 10's cam only- Here's my progress
  239. What lugs to use and where to get them?
  240. need help understanding drag racing stuff
  241. drag run tips please
  242. How much will 4.10's help my A4?
  243. Quickest STOCK INTERNALS List - 11.961 bump!
  244. ET vs RWHP graph and calculator (excel and pics)
  245. Stock A4 Z-28 in 1/8 mile
  246. Outlaw class rules??
  247. Tire Paint Removal
  248. What gears do I need?
  249. Fayetteville motorsports park opens for tnt this Thursday!!! Who's coming!
  250. What size prostars should i get??