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  1. front sway bar
  2. Did anyone try The Yokohama A032R
  3. which gear with a 28" tire?
  4. some one help me go fast and figure some things out!!!
  5. approximate # of passes on BFG or nitto
  6. opinions on powershifting
  7. New times at the Rock
  8. Poly motor mounts? Is there one for the LS1?
  9. A description of my 28" tire fitment woes...
  10. Paging JS-- what convertor now?
  11. Racing seats
  12. Lightweight car... easier to hook up or harder?
  13. Can someone tell me how to remove the PS cooler? JS?
  14. Do we need the fan shroud or both cooling fans?
  15. Where can I get a drag racing helmet?
  16. Anyone using G2 race suspension parts?
  17. 1/4 mile time
  18. Drag wheels that fit ls1 brakes and lowered??
  19. Will a bad rear end really hurt your 1/4 mile times?
  20. Weight Reduction question
  21. are any 6 speeds in 11's with just boltons?
  22. Project Wife's Car II" makes it debut at NPR!!
  23. How much will these susp. parts help out
  24. TCI 3500 1/4 mile results!
  25. New Best With ET Streets!
  26. First mile run with the TR224/114, stock heads and boltons
  27. Hardtop or T-tops? So many t-tops to buy
  28. Racing at OUTLAW tracks? Should we be concerned?
  29. Can I get some more specifics on what exactly to cut/grind for 28" tires?
  30. Has anyone done a 7 second 1/8 run N/A on stock convertor?
  31. Is this helmet good enough?
  32. Home Fuels
  33. Getting moderate to severe wheelhop. This sucks.
  34. is my car a beater? stock times suggestions?
  35. Will I run in the 10's with my set-up????
  36. All right, now, before I go back to the track this weekend...
  37. 9s possible with pump gas and NA?
  38. What's the limit on being hardcore?
  40. New parts a coming
  41. New to drag racing a few questions..
  42. safety question - pertaining to airbags
  43. Fastest Torque Arm Racers Beware
  44. Paging Terry Burger....
  45. Paging Top 6 NA LS1s
  46. Anymore info on the CF WS6 hood?
  47. Final question: Can my 99 firehawk do lows 12's with just LS6 cam, srngs,intake+ LT's
  48. IHRA drag racing info inside :-)
  49. New Times with Vig 3000...Very Impressed
  50. ARE K-member weights
  51. Help me bench race here and pick my next mods!
  52. Lightweight 12 bolt / 9" options
  53. Newbee
  54. Finished Write-Up for Hood Pin Install
  55. Poor and Inconsisten 60's....Think it may be trans brake
  56. Harness help
  57. CRIPES! What are you 9" guys running for a rear swaybar?
  58. My findings in weight reduction for the track
  59. Newbie Track Question
  60. New best with my baby cam combo
  61. 10.49@133.01 is fun with a six speed!!!!
  62. Lightweight 12 Bolt>>>
  63. Pass side door bar required to be NHRA legal?
  64. battery kill switch question???
  65. Madman`s sub-frames?
  66. First run at the track with the TR224
  67. What do u think I will run with all these mods???
  68. MPH with TR224 St2 GTP Heads
  69. Fastest A4, N/A, bolt-on only, stock manifolds, and stock programming?
  70. difference of 1/8 or 1/4 setup
  71. Quest for 11's with current setup?
  72. What kind of SFC's do you run?
  73. air bag! yes or no?
  74. Took the car for the fist time with the 383 CI. to the track!
  75. Idea for consistent tire warm-ups.
  76. I need feedback on Hal shocks
  77. Line Locks.....
  78. Fastest H/C, no power adder, M6/A4, F-body, Daily driver!
  79. Aluminum Fuel Cells>>>
  80. Whats the most effective style of launching in a 6 speed?
  81. How important are rear shocks?
  82. What suspension mods first???
  83. Anyone know if ART has a website and what ART stands for? :D
  84. Currently Running 10.49 @ 134mph... Need Suggestions.
  85. The way things were meant to be......
  86. Lightweight carpet kicks ass!
  87. Now that my roll cage is installed, is there any need for subframe connectors?
  88. 16" skinnies???
  89. AIR BAG for drag radials Does it help?
  90. Need help on WEIGHT REDUCTION!!
  91. Drilling holes in the underside of the SS hood
  92. Header tube length
  93. Big track day at Steele has been changed to Saturday 1/4/03!!!!
  94. Folks with manual brakes...
  95. suspension mods
  96. Anybody ran 15x10 with 7" backspacing?
  97. Anyone run 16x8 Welds in front on the street?
  98. paging MADSCI
  99. Real lightweight carpet vs. homemade lightweight carpet
  100. help me launch!!!
  101. fastest A4?
  102. 26x10.5x15 et street will it fit a 15x10 rim????
  103. 2000 vs. 2001
  104. Any C5's running 16" Bogart skinnies?
  105. Looking for a late model F-Body
  106. Colonel's first TCI 3500 track results!
  107. What is your best 60 foot with a Wolfe Sway bar?
  108. Fun video
  109. will i need a cage ?HELP
  110. 8-point Roll Bar Install - What's a good price
  111. BFG Drag Radials or ET Streets???????
  112. 99 Z28 A4 3.23 Comp 224/.581 1/4 numbers on stock heads
  113. Chassie inspection for sub 10 second cars?
  114. What shift points do the fastest bolt-on A4 '01-'02s use?
  115. LAUNCH RPM?
  116. RWHP???
  117. Sooo, I yanked out my a/c system, weight reduction #'s within
  118. Gains with Hals only?
  119. Wolfe Torque Arm
  120. Santa brought me LS1 Edit , new PCM and a new desktop computer!!!!
  121. Which 5 pt harness should I buy and where can I buy it from?
  122. ** Paging ARE People **
  123. Smog pump removal
  124. Who Makes a True Bolt-in Manual Rack?
  125. Wolf 6-Point Users
  126. Tires and Gear Ratio
  127. Another new best in Stock Z06 - 11.617@ 117.67
  128. Steele, Al. 1/5/03 Semi annual F-Body /Mustang test and tune
  129. Launching a M6 at the strip
  130. Where should I mount rear bars of rollcage? Speakers or flat area behind seat?
  131. A little LS1Tech 1/4 mile gossip
  132. How much tread on BFG DR's brand new?
  133. weird engine bogging in the burnout pit
  134. Is this legal rollbar?
  135. 2000 Cobra R Mustang
  137. I'm building ma a bolt on motor with a little help from my friends.
  138. Anyone weighed a weld pro star rim?
  139. West Coast Corvette Challenge announces second season of all-Corvette drag racing!
  140. CCW Wheels????????
  141. Heads/Cam 1/4 time w/stock suspension?
  142. Wolfe race craft has a 20% off christmas sale w/in
  143. 27x11.5 QTP's VS 26x11.5 MT
  144. How Many West Coast Guys ...
  145. Attn: Potential "Bolt-on" Shootout Participants...
  146. headliner after rollbar install?
  147. How do you guys tie your f-body down on a trailer?
  148. 1/8th times vs. 1/4 potential ???
  149. ET or tubeless
  150. New Bogart racing style rims available
  151. LS1 + D1SC...drag times???
  152. 12s possible with stock Z28 with 6spd.?
  153. could WE ls1's run with FORD with similar rules
  154. FLP and the NMCA are proud to announce The Quick 8 EFI Heads Up Shootout for 2003!!!
  155. transbrake button.
  156. Six speeds vs automatics... which is quicker and why????
  157. Sponsors alignment .... If, when and maybe never
  158. MAF?'s
  159. Roll cage install pics JFM's SS
  160. ET Street Question
  161. Post your best 60 on 26x10.5x15 ET Streets
  162. Anyone running a jerico tranny?
  163. LG Motorsports Drag Car?????
  164. Help me find ET Streets (17" will be available)
  165. lightest K member/A arms
  166. 15X10 Draglites...spacer or no spacer?
  167. !Front bumper and components Question
  168. Tracks open in Alabama.
  169. slick question
  170. 9.75 Video from HRP
  171. Motor went BOOM
  172. MY NEW BEST!!!!! I FINALLY GOT INTO THE 12's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. Whos drive shaft are you running
  174. question: what gearing?
  175. Nice car for sale in the classified section
  176. best 60 ft you have cut on stock 10 bolt
  177. IF
  178. New best in Stock Z06 - 11.67 @ 117.30
  179. Will I be able to hook on a 17" DR or Nitto?
  180. Paging the "Stock Internals List" guru's....
  181. STB on the 1320
  182. Is there any way to remove welded-on SFCs?
  183. Anyone want to guess my raceweight?
  184. Will i be able to break 12s?
  185. et drags or et streets?
  186. Weld Rodlite Owners....Please Help
  187. anti roll bar/rear sway bar?
  188. Removing the parking brake
  189. Stock sound deadener in door panels
  190. Shane(ExtraCajunSS) back from track with new mod (pics)
  191. Who has the quietest 9 second exhaust?
  192. Time differences with a cut out?
  193. suspenchion mods,how much are they worth?
  194. WELDING
  195. anyone looking for a car with a 422???
  196. What would a Lightning run without a s/c?
  197. It will be a VERY Merry Christmas for me
  198. MORE PICS the welding begins tommorow on the 12 point cage
  199. Hardcore Drag Racers>
  200. What do you think The Car Will run?
  201. What causes the 4L60E to fail
  202. How hard to remove backseat?
  203. 2003 Corvette Challenge Drag Racing Schedule is up
  204. Any of you "hard core" guys need.......
  205. guys with air bags come inside....
  206. Interesting insite about how the mustangers feel about LS1's in general.
  207. to go 10's
  208. Colonel, how is your 02 project car coming along?
  209. preliminary 12 point cage install and custom wiring pics
  210. Do low end power numbers matter in an A4 with converter?
  211. Problems hooking after YPT4000 install!
  212. BFG DR ...$?
  213. I just think this is funny.
  214. Fastest Beater Ever
  215. Now HERE is what id like to see out of more 4th gens!! Turbo madness w/in
  216. No swaybar??
  217. What 10 bolt posi for drag racing?
  218. current times
  219. What is the fastest 6-Speed 346ci. car?
  220. Million Dollar Question:TH400 w/ GVOD or Jerico
  221. I think everyone is learning how much good air effects ET's...
  222. Restall Vig to 3600 or 4000?
  223. New best (with 0 track prep)
  224. roll bar question?
  225. Q, what to expect for tenths and mph in quarter with these mods
  226. How much mph are you gaining after the 1/8th
  227. New best on the motor!!!!
  228. Weight diff of mickey t front runners vs radial in front?
  229. New best, still want more...........
  230. Notice to all Race Promotors
  231. New best for my bracket racer, and a win!
  232. Whats the fastest stock converter bolt on car?
  233. Video of my 9.99 NA pass...
  234. Shootout Modified Stock 346-440 ci. Two classes... Where to make the split???
  235. will there ever be a 7 second LS1
  236. How many feet of roll cage padding do I need to cover the rear crossbar?
  237. Should I get control arm relocation brackets?
  238. A few sites to help you calculate what the weather will do to your HP.
  239. Which milestones will be accomplished next year
  240. Chassis Cert??
  241. lockup vs nonlockup...which is best for racing?
  242. Wolf Roll Cage weight? and dif.?
  243. New best for Project FMS
  244. 10.98@121.44 CAM ONLY!!!
  245. How about a 9 second NA 382cid ARE motor?!?!?!?!?!
  246. Expected better runs - advice wanted
  247. hp formula???
  248. journey to 10s
  249. ANOTHER NEW BEST = 6.11@113.63
  250. Whats a M6 and A4?