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  1. Best mods: weight lost per $
  2. Bracket Race Finals Video - 10.70 @ 128.97
  3. Post your Best 60' with SY3500
  4. Why didn't PSJ race?
  5. 9-Ball & Sam Wheels Up!
  6. More Shootout Videos
  7. Lets get a pool going on Colonels new car/motor
  8. Good day at the Shootout: 11.29@118 and the SS\A trophy
  9. Question about times
  10. ET Streets VS ET Drags
  11. Breaking the World Record Fastest LS1 8.97 1/4!???
  12. Anyone got a MADMAN torq arm with y-pipe
  13. Paging bspz28
  14. Pain...mosey on in here...
  15. PSJ's Southern/TR Shootout Gossip Corner>>
  16. Finally! video of the lightweight carpet in my car within
  17. The long-awaited PAIN - wheelie video
  18. Ok Guys Help Me Out Here.
  19. Anyone racing at HRP Big Money Race?
  20. Fasest time with only bolt ons
  22. Wheelies are cool, but .....
  23. Video's and Pictures from the THunder Shootout and Various other KICKA** VIDS...
  24. Video of my 9.97 pass
  25. Thunder Shootout video ( please read )???
  26. Best 60 ft times on street suspension?
  27. BeaSSt 9.93 video from Friday
  28. Thoughts On The Event & The Thrash
  29. Why is my car slower with 3.73's?
  30. Another: My vid's from Thunder
  31. Qualifying times for all classes from the Thunder Shootout?
  32. H/C 10's for all of you ARE fans.
  33. Holla if you went to TR Southern Shootout!!!
  34. need advice on a good torq arm
  35. The Hot Rods results from Thunder Shootout
  36. A couple of videos of my car from the TR Shootout
  37. The Ultimate Thunder Shootout photo!
  38. I had a BLAST!
  39. Whats your pinion angle??
  40. Brandon Buhler reinstated as Street Stock/ Manual winner....
  41. How many cars did No Problem Raceway claim this weekend?
  42. My own Shootout Post
  43. More Shootout Pics
  44. Michigan Crew home from the Shootout, some new bests...
  45. Thanks to all.
  46. The most impressive car at the Shootout in my opinion....
  47. Thanks everybody.....
  48. ?? about roll cages.
  49. Somemore pics of the TR shootout!
  50. Who was 2nd quickest and fastest at Shoot out?
  51. Hats off to THUNDER RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. Attn: Thunder Shootout Partcipants
  53. Thanks 02 Coach M6
  54. Just another new best at TR Shootout post
  55. Lid/Catback + Nittos - 100 Pounds = 12.585 @ 111.60
  56. 26x12.50x15 et streets?
  57. a few launch pics from shootout.
  58. thoughts and strange tidbits from the Thunder Shootout (post 'em here?)
  59. fastest bone stock f-body?
  60. Video of Madman's 8.75 pass
  61. Had a blast today at MIR!
  62. New Best @ Southern Shootout!
  63. All this "fastest 4th gen stuff"
  64. Setting the Record Straight
  65. Whats required to do away with ABS and brake booster?
  66. Will wheel fit
  67. New Best Today - 9.97
  68. Great weather=new best for Ws6,but.....SS :(
  69. New best and a win at the TR shootout
  70. Thunder Shootout Rocked!
  72. It just keeps getting better. New best-H/C daily driver 11.18@119.77mph
  73. Red LT1 TA dominated TR shootout
  74. Very, very frustrated..why am I so slow??
  75. Thanks to everyone in LA
  76. Blah blah blah
  77. Thunder Shootout VIDEO updated>>
  78. How fast in the 1/8
  79. Thunder Racing Southern Shootout Final Results
  80. Who won modified stock power adder?
  81. Who Really is the Fastest??
  82. New best in the 1/8 mile
  83. The BeaSSt Update #6
  84. Thunder Results???
  85. Just got back from TR Shootout...
  86. how much was your cage installed....
  87. Tire Pressure on Fronts
  88. Madman did it!
  89. HELP me hook guys
  90. Anyone run 28x9x15 ET Drags? More Gear/Tire Q's within
  91. 11.88@113 race weight 3560
  92. TR230/224 cam + stock heads = 11.25@121.62 (6-speed)
  93. **** Thunder Shootout News ****
  94. street trim racing tonight....
  95. If you are using 15" Convo Pros Please Help?
  96. You wanna piece of me???!!!! Come to the Thunder Shootout and you can have it!!!!!
  97. ET street PSI for street racing
  99. set-up help
  100. ET Street warm up
  101. QA1 Hals
  102. ET Street Users What Tires Are You Running on The Front Of Your Car
  103. Is 28" tire too much for my new setup?
  104. Thunder Shootout!!
  105. window net
  106. what is the trick to getting..
  107. new 1/8th mile best tonight
  108. Tire size Q&A- converting from 16 to 15's
  109. Hoosier slicks
  110. which drag wheel
  111. Sticky tire poll...which do you perfer?
  112. Anyone in the 9's w/ less than a 422?
  113. cam only m6s in thunder shootout??whos running in it??
  114. Where we 'ARE' is NUMBER 1 !!!
  115. Q's on launching et streets w/ 'verter and spray
  117. ARE Come out Come out wherever you are...
  118. TOP 50 N/A LIST (9.82 - 11.51!!!!) --->
  119. Join my quest for 10's
  120. Automatic with ET Streets?
  121. where can i get a lightweight hood?
  122. My ARE 422 has tens in her
  123. new Hoosiers went 1.37 60'
  124. Any tracks running Thursday night in south La. or around Houston????
  125. Some help with my 60" PLEASE
  126. zexel-torsen and Slicks
  127. flexplate/tranny shield
  128. John Lingenfelter was in an accident!!!
  129. Calling all Heads&cam A4 cars with 3.23's
  130. Stock internals so fast?
  131. To do list for track
  132. What width tire should I run???
  133. I'm all ready in case of a flat tire...
  134. SAM The BeaSSt Update #5!!!
  136. New "cam only" times
  137. New Best (Nitrous Times)
  138. What the fastest stock cubic inch LS1 N/A with the T1 cam
  139. SAM The BeaSSt Update #4
  140. This is what happens when!
  141. Thunder Shootout weather dry and cool!!!!!!
  142. My car is getting slower...any ideas?
  143. Anyone using the Trac-Link for drag racing?
  144. Back from the Motown Muscle Event new best and NEW ARE record
  145. stock internal 11.794 on NITTO'S!!!
  146. A new best 11.417@ 122.43
  147. best budget into the 10s
  148. Finally found out what the car can do.
  149. MSD 6 Ignition on LS1 ??
  150. New best
  151. Gettin rid of an airbag............
  152. SAM The BeaSSt Update #3...
  153. JFM new shakedown numbers 11.04@121
  154. tracks that are open?
  155. Some fun today...
  156. Just pulled my rear bumper support
  157. War of the Performance Shops
  158. stock internal M6 boys better be on lookout/Larry breaks 11.6's
  159. Any power to be found running open headers
  160. 8 more sleeps till the Thunder Racing Shootout
  161. Stock light weight carpet?
  162. My fuel pressure woes
  163. SAM The BeaSSt Update #2
  164. Finishing touches for Thunder!
  165. Where should I be?
  166. Do timing trickers really work ?
  167. Quickest STOCK INTERNALS List - 11.992 bump!
  168. Transbrake guys... What RPM do you launch at?
  169. Whats going on after the Thunder event?
  170. How much weight does using weld racing rims save you comared to stock SS rims?
  171. sound about right?
  172. Car doesnt run what it should????
  173. Differences between 15x10s and 15x8s?
  174. Done for the year, in a good way (10.70's at 125-126)!
  175. Will the Weld Draglite XP's fit......
  176. Protect paint from burnouts
  177. headers.
  178. damn! 02 Z06, air intake and DR...11.61 at over 120!
  179. Folks, no Thunder Shootout for me
  180. Quickest Lid&Catback car?
  181. SAM The BeaSSt Update...
  182. Anyone running faster then 11 flat with BMR torque arm?
  183. New pics of Madmans Camaro
  184. Wolfe Racecraft swaybar setting
  185. FANTASY POST: How quick can you really go on bolt-ons?
  186. Launching and cut out help
  187. Check out this new vid Muhahaha!
  188. First Snow---Drag Racers' Nightmare
  189. ATI dampener questions?
  190. Estimate my time please
  191. Wolfe 6-point rollbar installed! (pics inside)
  192. Anyone ever launched hard with SLP Bilstiens?
  193. Good rear sway bar for street and strip duty?
  194. What Air Pressure for 245 50 16" Nittos?
  195. What tools are needed to remove the backseat, passenger seat and belts.
  196. Need Short belt info.
  197. To stall or not to stall....that is the question....
  198. What tools are needed to remove front sway bar?
  199. New Best @ GAFBA Shootout
  200. CAR Stolen, please lookout
  201. 12 more sleeps till the THUNDER RACING SHOOTOUT
  202. My times from the GaFBA day at Silver Dollar
  203. Need some tire info.
  204. Sending the Formula on a diet..any tips/hints/tricks?
  205. More CF WS6 hood info!!
  206. New best w/ MTI S2 heads and C1 cam-11.24 @120.10 mph
  207. The Hot Rods Bracket Finals results.
  208. Poor Track Performance, Need Help,long
  209. New Quickest time on my Vert
  210. Your opinion please
  211. new best at shootout
  212. What's a good Suspension setup track & street???
  213. Lighten up the Z
  214. Fastest ET with a bone stock short block NA?
  215. Whats some of the best 60ft's out there with a Vig.3200?
  216. Ready for THUNDER ?????? I AM=9.72
  217. what dyno numbers should i put down
  218. New best 1/4 time >>>>>>>>>
  219. NEW BEST TODAY!!!
  220. New Best: 11.19@121 w/ a 1.45 60' on ET Streets!
  221. Should I be happy with these times?
  222. where's the pressure?
  223. What to Stall Vig 3200 at???
  224. Another Shootout in the spring???? Maybe at Steele Al.....
  225. how fast should i run
  226. Whats the word on the lighter WS6 hoods????/
  227. .................NEW BEST...................
  228. locked up T.C (new best)
  229. Im confused......FRA good or bad for ET's?
  230. My baby is fixed!
  231. pulling to the side on 1-2 shifts
  232. New best.
  233. First runs with TEA heads
  234. New H/C breakdown,I mean shakedown runs,11.27/119
  235. 1/8th time...
  236. I AM PISSED,I HATE STREET NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  237. 11.7's cam only/nittos
  238. Another night of racing in Thunder Trim- 11.38 Cam Only, Nitto's, 3500 lbs
  239. Got A new best tonight.
  240. CARTEK X Package goes 11.19 @123 in C5
  241. Going to the Track Next Weekend.. Give me a time..
  242. Check this MONSTER out..
  243. Someone Predict My E.T......
  244. Need a helmet
  245. Another new best! Go MMS and TCI
  246. Paging Richie Carbone!
  247. New best but really sick of
  248. Slightly new best
  249. Rear Air Bag
  250. 91 Z28 LS1 vs Mustang 5.0 video!!