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  1. lockup vs nonlockup...which is best for racing?
  2. Wolf Roll Cage weight? and dif.?
  3. New best for Project FMS
  4. 10.98@121.44 CAM ONLY!!!
  5. How about a 9 second NA 382cid ARE motor?!?!?!?!?!
  6. Expected better runs - advice wanted
  7. hp formula???
  8. journey to 10s
  9. ANOTHER NEW BEST = 6.11@113.63
  10. Whats a M6 and A4?
  11. 2 step question
  12. Goals and Projects for next year???
  13. What size tire on 15x4 & 15x5 wheel?
  14. SEMA SS Dragcar... c5r - yes or no?...
  15. Whats the minimum info you would want on a time slip?????
  16. best et on "Street" tires
  18. What brakes first with A4
  19. Verbs vs. the Verbin Eater Trans-am track video....h/c M6 vs. h/c A4 stall
  20. Looks Like I'm Done for the Year
  21. What is the importance of Back Spacing?
  22. first trip to track, advice? *results inside*
  23. Paging Java!!..... I need to lose some weight! Any word on the c/f hoods?
  24. slicks?
  25. Any A4 346ci guys in the 10's NA on stock 3.23's?
  26. Who's got the quickest...
  27. Tire size for 15x3.5
  28. Just switched my 4.10s out for 3.23s!
  29. Rear wheels for drag radials
  30. Will a 15" rim fit on a '00 SS with no modifications?
  31. how many stock internal m6's are in the 10's on the gas?
  32. Will swapping out 3.73's to 3.42's...
  33. Torque Vs. Horsepower
  34. M6's What are you shifting at?
  35. ET / MPH Gains from EWP and Vac Pump?
  36. Stock seat weight
  37. Anyone have pictures of your window net installation?
  38. What and how much do I need to grind for 15" welds?
  39. Need estimate on et with this combo
  40. What torque arm you running?
  41. Traction on the street
  42. what will a 96 lt1 m6 run
  43. Who put the A4 MPH in my M6 ET??
  44. Whats the fastest 1/4 mile time for a stock internal LS1 f-body?
  45. Bolt on car with 27" tire and 4:30's?
  46. TOP 50 Fastest NA List - 4 cars in the 9's!!!!
  47. Race Suspension.... Soft rear or stiff rear????
  48. Roll cage rules....
  49. How much louder did your car get when you removed sound deadening under the carpet?
  50. 13.301@109.90????>>>
  51. Fastest f-body LS1 with stock internals, a 3.42, and a six-speed?
  52. SAM The BeaSSt goes 9.75 N/A
  53. NEW BEST....Stock Internal
  54. 10.76 hyd. cam m6 NA
  55. Quickest All-Motor on regular radials?
  56. What to get next for the strip?
  57. LPE 427TT goes 8.95@153.6 with a 1.40
  58. New BeaSSt Update!!!
  59. 1/8th mile mph conversion...?
  60. Anyone care to guesstimate my raceweight
  61. Why wouldn't 4.56s be the ultimate street racing/drag racing combination?
  62. 3350 lbs, +800 DA, 11.45 @ 117.33 Stock internals!
  63. Pulley tricks?
  64. What type of Weld wheels do you have?
  65. Anyone use a MSD two step on a LS1?
  66. What's the fastest internally stock f-body?
  67. yucky weather.
  68. Harlan , what you has on your car + Twin Turbo ??
  69. th400/350 guys which shifter cheetah* B&M hammer?
  70. Shift light...when to set?
  71. Pepper Update.
  72. ??Question??
  73. New best Cecil Co. 11-29-02
  74. 11s@122mph in street trim with GTP/TR230
  75. need help with skinnies
  76. Drag rims.........?????
  77. 17" drag radial question
  78. HotRod...puh..
  79. Not much confidence!
  80. Pro Stock Super Bowl at HRP
  81. Burn-Out and Launch Photos - updated my site
  82. What is the best way to drop weight?
  83. would like response.
  84. To waterbox or not?
  85. best stock e.t.
  86. BFG drs vs. NITTO drs
  87. Why is my car so slow ?
  88. Drag Tires and the week rear end
  89. I have a wieght problem.
  90. I want some 12's w/out conveter, gears, or headers..... read on.
  91. Paging all the Orlando guys...
  92. Getting a set of Welds. Couple questions.
  93. Paging Terry Burger
  94. Another new best, getting really close now!!!!
  95. non a/c heater box?
  96. Going to track at 7pm, NEED HELP
  97. New best with a slipping tranny!
  98. where to get 5 point harness
  99. Carlsbad 11/30, who wants to race? :)
  100. Video of my 9.86 this weekend
  101. Any free mods that can be done quickly???
  102. Where's Raugh been?
  103. Anyone else got their Thunder Shootout Tape and CD yet?
  104. 9.50 first time out.
  105. EVERYONE, post your mods and times to be used as a reference...
  106. Weight differences between Cages
  107. North vs South Shootout Rules/Classes
  108. How much lighter are aftermarket A-arms?
  109. Gonna find out how LESS gearing effects the car this weekend
  110. K-members, which is lighter?
  111. Will the Harlan 2-step improve 60 foot times?
  112. New best!
  113. removing abs help
  114. HAYS SFI LS1 flywheel
  115. I want 1/8 mile times down..... read on
  116. 18" Drag Radials!!! sizes within.
  117. Rear Spring Rates?
  118. Roll bar question concerning fit.
  119. got a drag racing (spectator) ticket last night
  120. New Best!!!!!!!!!
  121. 115.12 mph (new best), but no new best ET. bolt on, 3.42, 3550#
  122. "Project Wife's Car"...Finally 11s!!!!!
  123. Light weight battery and bottle warmer use
  124. opinion ET streets
  125. Slowly getting best!
  126. TP4000 Vs. Vigilante 3200?
  127. how to(hopefully) make a 346 go 8 seconds
  128. SLP Line Lock?
  129. Thunder Shootout Pro Stock rules.... need input from racers
  130. how much from gears?
  131. Harness for roll bar question
  132. New best with my 'lil 346
  133. New poll.....Heads up class racing or index racing
  134. Son of Sam Camaro
  135. First time at track, any tips??
  136. will 3.90's benefit me over 4.56's and some new times no 10's but close
  137. Who's got good brakes? Strange? Wilwood?
  138. I ran a 117.3mph on an internally stock LS1...
  139. two step question help
  140. quickest time
  141. Well slight new best, and then breakage.
  142. New Best - 9.841 @ 137.43 But....
  143. 11's finally!!!!!!!!!
  144. 11.83 @ 113.59 Stock internals, NA
  145. NHRA Rule on Helmets
  146. Roll Resistance
  147. Slightly new best --cam only 11.14@119.70
  148. NA TOP 50 !!!! (9.74 - 11.49)
  149. Which practice tree? Coach or anyone?
  150. Help me understand index racing?
  151. Anyone care to guess 1/4 time?
  152. North vs South Shootout Location
  153. Let's talk about drag suspension/chassis setup
  154. Roll bar and Sub connectors
  155. Guys with QTP`s or ET Streets?
  156. New best for 6-speed Z28..3700# raceweight too ;)
  157. What octane are you high compression guys running...
  158. What RPM on factory Tach?
  159. Can someone explain index racing?
  160. New lightweight 4" WS6 hood
  161. Soild Rollers and Oil Pressure
  162. GTR Skyline
  163. Ready for some racing this weekend!
  164. will spacers destroy lugs on a hard launch?
  165. Whats the best way to take off the front sway bar?
  166. st3500 and 315 nittos = smoke
  167. Where can I get the light weight battery terminal adapters?
  168. When is SFI approved Roll Cage padding required?
  169. Anybody race at Jackson Dragway in Jackson, TN?
  170. Help me settle this self debate...
  171. Wolfe Torque arm
  172. Full fuel tank?
  173. Rules for Spring Break Shootout 2003
  174. I am #1 on the list!
  175. 6speed. 497 rwhp. 4.10s. What size tire?
  176. times
  177. How much potential does my car have?
  178. ws6 weight??
  179. Rim question "Centerline Convo Pro's"
  180. Clearance with 28" tires
  181. Removing A/C?
  182. wolfe cage question
  183. Fastest bolt-on A4 no converter?
  184. 10s with 346ci 6/speed on Drag Radials
  185. Anybody interested in a real street car bolt ons list
  186. Quickest STOCK INTERNALS List - 11.96 bump!
  187. Terry Rumour
  188. Please vote on what gears I should swap in instead of my 3.73's, 4.10 or 4.30??
  189. New personal best
  190. How do you guys think I am doing?
  191. ET Streets/Suspension
  192. whats the deal?
  193. Another new best and did I mention it just keeps getting better?
  194. New personal best 11.802 @ 116.55 in a Bone Stock 2002 Z06
  195. Street traction
  196. Anyone from this forum go to the Clash of the Titans @ RCR past weekend?
  197. My Direct Port Kit
  198. atlanta dragway
  199. what size slick is everyone running on a 15x8 wheel?
  200. Now that actual drag racing is over we're back to the gut it and strip it ET list....
  201. Guess an ET for me... Turbo car at high elevation...
  202. Action Pictures
  203. draglite ?
  204. Can someone estimate my ET...
  205. Traction problems, time for a tire change??
  206. Any one running PETE Z bars?
  207. Looking for: TXCamSS
  208. Bolt-on records coming to Texas !!!
  209. Everyday Skinnies and Drag Rims
  210. Burnout
  211. 60' and 1/8 time questions inside.
  212. Tell me if I'm doing good or not
  213. Questions on Removing HVAC system
  214. Drag Racing in COLD weather.
  215. Racing Seats
  216. final results: NHRA license
  217. Whats the skinny on swaybars?
  218. any body going to vmp friday night?
  219. Car has a loss of power in 4th gear HELP!!!
  220. what I need for 10s
  221. 01' ZO6-WHAT MODS ARE BEST?
  222. What do 108 traps show HP wise?
  223. Light weight Drag Batteries????
  224. IHRA nitrous line rule??
  225. shakedown run, NEW BEST!
  226. New best, almost got my 9 sec. NA pass
  227. NHRA Competition License - What's involved??
  228. Lexan glass discussion anyone?
  229. 15x8 or 15x10's
  230. Proper way to fasten a pin-on hood?
  231. Help me improve my crappy 60 ft times puhlease ; )
  232. To MSD or not to MSD that is the question
  233. Fastest Outlaw Street Cars !!!!!!
  234. Hittin 3rd..........Evervy time
  235. All I want for Christmas is to lose some weight
  236. Check out this vid I made tonight :)
  237. weight loss
  238. How on earth do you M6 guys launch without going up in a TON of smoke?!?!?!
  239. good vs. bad of narrowing rear axle
  240. 27" Drag Slicks?
  241. Convo Pro and lug nut p/n's
  242. Vote for Norwalk
  243. Went to MIR yesterday
  244. What is needed to fit 29.5 10.5w tires on a fbody?
  245. 10's so close but yet so far.
  246. Optimal front alignment setting for drag racing?
  247. Track safety -- stock torque arm with 12 bolt ok?
  248. 15 or 16inch et streets??
  249. Losing wieght - removing front and rear bumper supports?
  250. time slip