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  1. Is my car a factory turd?
  2. simple horsepower question
  3. Just how rough are winters on cars?
  4. what to choose??
  5. i need help going faster!
  6. what would you recommend?
  7. bought 02 SS with 525 HP, need guidance
  8. what kinda cam is this?
  9. Z28
  10. How much power can the LS1 and m6 handle?
  11. Alright I have a question....
  13. SLP cold air intake question.
  14. Can any1 run a car fax for me?
  15. basic question.
  16. 400rwhp = good Daily driver?
  17. Anymore bolt-on ideas??
  18. What are the best free mods?
  19. My first mods
  20. LS1s worth anything in the future?
  21. New Ls1 owner
  22. I'm thinking my car is a dud (262rwhp, 13.85 @ 100.1)
  23. sluggish from dead stop
  24. Possibly buying an LS1, what to look for?
  25. Help me plz choose the right intake mainfold
  26. hard driving with high miles?
  27. how to install an mti clear lid on an 01 z28?
  28. What do you figure my car weighs?
  29. missing hose on intake?
  30. Z28 vs SS - what's the main difference?
  31. should I get an F-body without T-tops?
  32. LS1 perf mods
  33. Help With Modifications!!!
  34. year differences / good deal?
  35. Driving at low RPM - can this harm anything?
  36. Couple car choices
  37. What do you think of what I paid for my car?
  38. First Bolt-on?
  39. Cold Air Induction
  40. New guy, got a question
  41. in the market for a C5
  42. what do i need to run 400 horse
  43. The Question
  44. how to make 500 rwhp
  45. What to do with 4-6 grand?
  46. Underdrive Pulley
  47. 90 mm & 1200 CFM TB
  48. seatbelt guide part number help please
  49. K&N kit vs air lid
  50. thinking of buying this Z-28 - what do you think?
  51. Can anyone do a carfax for me?
  52. Got a new Whip!
  53. do I need a tune with these mods?
  54. what should I do to get into 11s but stay relatively streetable?
  55. Cold-Air Induction Package?
  56. Your Advice On this FireHawk
  57. Possibly buying a '99 Z28, wondering if it's a good deal and I have a few questions
  58. Just bought a Z28 LS1
  59. LS1 starting mods
  60. Proud New Owner of a "slightly modified" Z28 ;)
  61. Air Intake Lid?
  62. buying a car in texas
  63. Finally got my Z!
  64. MAF question
  65. 98-02 ss camaro which one should I buy?
  66. What's your opinion on this WS6?
  67. 2001 camaro ss bolt-ons
  68. undecided about what mods to do
  69. Headers or torque converter
  70. Thinking of Buying This Car - Please Advise
  71. What next
  72. dallas/fort worth
  73. knock sensor or just the way they idle
  74. fan switch mod wiring questions
  75. what's different about these LS1s?
  76. 1999 trans am owner - upgrades?
  77. Just got a 98 Trams Am - stock times? what should i buy for it?
  78. Tune with an oil leak?
  79. Carfax?
  80. stock governor
  81. 99 SS or 98 WS6??
  82. Just Orderd SLP Lid
  83. Carfax help
  84. Does anyone regret their transmission choice? (NOT a A4 vs. M6 thread)
  85. What to do next...
  86. should I spend $600 to fix my oil leak, or put that money towards a forged 346?
  87. $1500 what's next
  88. installation help (how to put my motor back in the car?)
  89. Need carfax report, someone help!!
  90. 1997 Trans Am? 1997 Mustang Gt Cabrio? 1997 Camaro Z28?
  91. New TA owner
  92. looking for a ws6 under 13 grand, how much did you pay?
  93. 2002 Camaro SS price
  94. Another new SOM WS6 owner, fm/5 rims.
  95. 98-99 and 00-02 LS1 diffrences?
  96. Best bang for the buck Mod
  97. Difference Between Firebird And Trans Am?
  98. Hi! Help me decide!
  99. how much rwhp i can get with a head and cam package on a z06?
  100. ported throttle body
  101. lid placement issues...
  102. Got a WS6 finally!
  103. What mod is next?
  104. New SOM Trans Am owner
  105. Best lid
  106. 0-60 mph times for LS1 F-Bodies?
  107. Best Z28 exhaust?
  108. Need MORE power, lost a few races :(
  109. slp throttle
  110. SLP overpriced
  111. mod advice - intake and throttle body?
  112. Question, Looking at a 99 LS1...
  113. Difference in Insurance- SS vs. z28
  114. 98 t/a vs 69 camaro
  115. Buying an LS1 car...
  116. first mods on 2001 WS6 A4
  117. diff from the ls1-ls6? im new!
  118. rear end damage, extended warranty and insurance, what should i do?
  119. correct idle for 02 A4
  120. Need help deciding on 98-02 SS
  121. best online store?
  122. does 2000 silverado have an LS1?
  123. Help me pick a car!! (WS6 vs. WS6!)
  124. headers & exhaust
  125. Which addition has the most noticeable HP gain?
  126. What is a "good tune"?; mod questions; who makes custom cams?
  127. im new; looking to get an ls1 camaro for under $15k
  128. A4 and M6 question
  129. Pricing help for 99 SS with 14k miles?
  130. Hey new guys!
  131. All right, help me pick then.
  132. how hard is it to find a...
  133. What entails a 'good tune'?; What do O2 sims do?
  134. My funny LS1 F-body story...
  135. Carfax request plzzz
  136. Bad to start in 2nd gear?
  137. Soon to own an ls1, maybe
  138. heads and cam package?
  139. Question about forged motors
  140. Learning stick
  141. 98 ls1?
  142. Dealer sold me an 01 Z28 with fender sticking out past door - mean it was in a wreck?
  143. I need to know y'alls opinions..
  144. 98z m6 wont spin tires?
  145. What exactly goes bad due to high mileage?
  146. What's the best I can do without a cam?
  147. New owner of 2002 SS!
  148. Is it worth it?
  149. Which mods next? $1500 to spend
  150. I just test drove TWO VETTES!!
  151. General ET/HP Database-What's your 1/4 mile time?
  152. Good deal??
  153. torque management delete??
  154. Wire question
  155. Corvette or Trans Am... advice wanted
  156. Looking to get an F-Body
  157. Need everyone's opinion
  158. Fipk Kit
  159. General E/T database?
  160. would you buy this
  161. New Car
  162. best lid and headers for the money
  163. Are LS1 F-Bodies Good, Reliable Cars?
  164. finally... it's here!!! 2002 NBM Z28
  165. LS1 and LS2 question?
  166. First or Second car?; ws6 difference?; how much cost to run 11s-12s?
  167. How much rwhp do 98 Trans Ams have?
  168. Might have found me a WS6, is it silver or pewter?
  169. Found a good deal...
  170. finally bought an ls1
  171. stock dyno sheet?
  172. How long until you got all of your mods?
  173. More problems, help!
  174. Sell it or keep it?
  175. 2000 Trans Am vs 2002 Trans Am
  176. How does this sound? (vid)
  177. New here. Looking for some help with a VIN (Carfax)
  178. Insurance Rates?
  179. Will I gain any horsepower?
  180. Fuel Rail Covers, Why?
  181. Test drive, threw a code?
  182. How many miles on your 02?
  183. Just got 01 Trans Am; where to get FTRA kit and Ram Air hood?
  184. need help with a weird
  185. Which car? help my friend out
  186. Actual Numbers
  187. What should I do... 01 SS or 99 Vette?
  188. New Camaro, Christmas Ideas Please
  189. Realistic Expectations for this set-up?
  190. new mods
  191. 4000 to spend what to get
  192. Possible new Ls1 Trans Am purchase.
  193. ls1 or ls6 in 02?
  194. Insurance Bind...
  195. LS6 intake?
  196. Hey Help me out some, 12secs
  197. Old Car or LS1?
  198. pricing and suggestion?
  199. Are the front O2s the only ones that affect gas mileage?
  200. Am I asking too much for my car?
  201. Getting somewhat closer to finding a ws6! SOM 6 speed
  202. Would you buy a used leased car?
  203. Need some TQ!
  204. need help choosing: firebird or camaro, and what color
  205. do dealers usually want or not want to give out previous owner info?
  206. thinking about buying a WS6
  207. What's the diffrence in hp between a 99ss and a 00 ws6
  208. Hey group
  209. What kind of intake is best for LS1's???
  210. Ybody or Fbody? (merged)
  211. Is this a good deal on an ss??
  212. Tune, Suspension or Stall?
  213. Car is going in for a tune soon... lil nervous
  214. Insurance Prices?
  215. New Here, question about price for 98 Z28
  216. do i need 93 octane?
  217. 6 Speed or Auto???
  218. Free mods
  219. does this mpg sound about right
  220. Build up LS1 or 03 cobra?
  221. should i be upset or worried
  222. is this a good deal or does it have major problems?
  223. Bought my first LS1 ride today!
  224. Need Some Advice
  225. Mod help..
  226. what to get before running the 1/4
  227. Does this sound like a good deal?
  228. What is everyone's opinion on salvage title cars?
  229. What would be my best bet for the best gas?
  230. sluggish from time to time
  231. Selling my f-body. What's my trans am worth?
  232. LS6 intake question
  233. Just got 02 SS
  234. Just got my 98 SS
  235. Would you buy it? 2002 WS6
  236. what mods / first mods / is this a good mod / new to mods / ad nauseam x eleventeen
  237. Are all Whisper lids the same?
  238. Need A CARFAX ASAP!
  239. Mods to do?
  240. Does a z28 6speed or automatic tranny have more Hp?
  241. Going to test drive a 00 T/A
  242. What should be my next mod?
  243. 2000 M6 Trans Am - what mods to do?
  244. camaro ss or trans am?
  245. Do the Camaro cop cars have as much power as the SS?
  246. F-Body to Vette?
  247. disappointed at the track - what did i do wrong??
  248. Free Ram Air Question
  249. Fastest Stock LS1?
  250. first time drag-racing, could not get any better than a 2.0 in 60 foot