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  1. head gasket help for lq4
  2. The way to 383!
  3. Trex Cam question
  4. sucking/blowing noise
  5. What's needed to do a cam swap? Suggestions and info
  6. Engine Fires But Wont Stay Running...Please Help!!!
  7. valve spring lifespan?
  8. Sbc pistons in a lq4
  9. Need help misfire and metal in the oil
  10. 5.3 quirks
  11. Do i need a tune with ported heads?
  12. Cam spec help
  13. The POLLUTER Cam Is ON SALE! Also Trick Flow/Polluter Packages starting at $2599.99!
  14. Crankshaft pulley differences LS1 and LS2
  15. Actual CC Measurements of LS6/LS2 243 Intake Port Measurements and LS1 Intake Ports
  16. Oil pressure loss at wot!!!
  17. More than a Newbie cam ?
  18. TEA 5.3 Stage 1.5 Heads any good?
  19. Zinc additive needed with roller rockers?
  20. 241 Heads and 243 Heads
  21. Oil Pump Bolts part #???
  22. What cam to use with stock ls1?
  23. Oil Pressure Trouble
  24. Bbk intake
  25. 4in exhaust
  26. Rod/main/cam bearings??
  27. Would this cam fit?
  28. metal shavings in oil.
  29. Swapping cams, noticed interesting bearing wear on the front cam bearing, not copper
  30. heads and cam install
  31. Can you use new head gaskets to check PTV?
  32. stock 5.3 heads on ls1?
  33. 6.0 build ? went a different route from the 5.3
  34. Need advise, 00ss messed up after modifications!
  35. Check out my New AFR 205 Heads
  36. Whos tried a regrind cam too? question on PR length
  37. Car bogs and makes rattling noise at high RPMS
  38. Custom cam and pushrods clear with stock 241s
  39. What rockers will fit ETP 215cc heads?
  40. What would make an LS1 run like crap without throwing a code
  41. Who makes this cam?
  42. HCI guys inside.
  43. about efi to carb cam options?
  44. Which Rocker Arms
  45. Need some input on selling my engine.
  46. Oil pickup tube bolt HELP!
  47. dyno results for LS6 cam & LT headers
  48. Comp 875 lifter adjustment
  49. not the power i wanted, anything wrong with my set up?
  50. engine numbers confused!!
  51. Texas Speed Engine Dyno Cell FINALLY COMPLETE!
  52. LS2/3 cam in LS1 - please confirm before I buy
  53. Cam help!!!
  54. Need some good Rings..
  55. Rocker arm questions
  56. power results?
  57. My Dart head experience
  58. help with knock sensor
  59. Project once again shut down...
  60. Cam degreeing...what am I doing wrong?!
  61. LQ stroker questions
  62. Carb and motor questions
  63. CompCams 5054170
  64. 241's milled
  65. 5.3 valvetrain problem...super irritating
  66. IS this cam a good street/strip cam for an ls1
  67. 5.3 to 6.0
  68. For anyone who rebuilt their LS1....
  69. oil filter relief check valve?
  70. What cam specs do I need to degree a cam??
  71. is it better
  72. Where to get a new cam pin?? Help
  73. Re use head bolt?
  74. A lot of questions about springs?
  75. Does anyone make a lightweight spring keeper?
  76. Need headgasket help!
  77. Reuse crank gear w/ new chain?
  78. Sleeper setup idea!
  79. Head/cam/intake plus project update
  80. Anyone use ARP header studs ?
  81. This one def has got me
  82. comp 232/238 .595/.605 112+2
  83. How can I tell if rockers are still good?
  84. MS4 cam or COMP CAMS With rhoads lifters
  85. Oil Pan Removal
  86. Timing Chain and Clearances
  87. Which head gasket (bore size)
  88. quick question
  89. Timing chain and gears
  90. Heads and intake for 427??
  91. Header bolt broke off in the head!
  92. where to find new, bare 243's?
  93. what cam
  94. 243 heads
  95. What all do i need to put in 402 ls2?
  96. How much should i give for an LQ9?
  97. is this possible ?????
  98. kook header leaks at head ? seal it with RTV? What bolts to use?
  99. rocker arms?
  100. Stock LS6 Intake
  101. futral f10 cam vids
  102. MPH + E.T. differance between cams
  103. Whats the difference with more or less lifter preload?
  104. bottomend strenght
  105. Cam Recommendation
  106. Polluter cam for me???
  107. Red/Brown Plugs (Pics inside)
  108. Newb on heads cam
  109. Vacuum issues because of Cam?
  110. Oil Pressure Question
  111. Matching a Streetsweeper cam with the correct head
  112. Whats a good High-flow cat brand ?
  113. Have torquer 2 thinking of switching
  114. Critique my H/C combo and please help suggest me a better cam
  115. blue smoke need thoughts
  116. Spun rod without starting engine
  117. Questions about my car with 228r camshaft.
  118. Sleeper cam
  119. spark plug question
  120. Is this a fair asking price? (my motor and trans)
  121. 241 heads
  122. recommendation for stroker cam
  123. Big bore 393ci
  124. ....Whats next??
  125. will corvette oil pan fit in camaro?
  126. PR Length - Check My Math Please
  127. 6.0 piston question LQ4/LQ9
  128. 382ci, Max revs?
  129. Magic stick4 Vs T -rex
  130. LS1 Valve Cover Breather?
  131. LS1 numbers?
  132. Oil Change Light is on.
  133. Lifter preload question
  134. Major Oil Leak.??
  135. Spongy lifters?
  136. LS1 / LS6 Intake need help
  137. 395 or 383?
  138. Anyone using stock GM MLS gaskets on there H/C Combo
  139. new heads,should I retune?
  140. knock code
  141. Need help with noisy engine, please.
  142. LS1 rocker arms
  143. What sort of power increase might I see with this cam swap?
  144. Just replaced my motor, and now it idles high.
  145. Cam install, Need help ASAP!
  146. oil pressure problem
  147. Cam Only Setup - Plugs/Wires Question
  148. Silence...TAP TAP TAP...Silence
  149. LS1/LS2 windage trays interchangeable?
  150. lt1/ls1
  151. what would get me the power??
  152. Newbie, need some direction
  153. TRak cam = weak?
  154. 22 psi oil pressure at hot Idle should I be concerned ?
  155. finished build finally!
  156. what a lsl 243/251 sounds like
  157. whats your opinion on the best heads
  158. Bad coolant temp sensor or ground? Help asap
  159. LS1 Lifter Ticking....
  160. Comp Lifters
  161. Need help with LS1 Rod bearing...Summit was no help
  162. When to lap valves?
  163. Need advice asap!!!
  164. LS7 vs. LS1 lifter length
  165. SOme proven head/cam combos for factory block?
  166. comp vs prc vs patriot
  167. Base Cam numbers, need help figuring this out!
  168. High Miles and Upgrades?
  169. ??? On cam install
  170. Timing
  171. anyone bought cartek heads lately?
  172. water problems?
  173. checking pushrod length
  174. What H/C combo?? built 347 ls1
  175. ALL of my rocker arms destroyed! If you have HS rockers, come in! DAMAGE PICS!
  176. Does this sound right? Is it possible?
  177. Cylinder Head Gasket PART # 12498544
  178. F-ck this motor
  179. Quick Spring Question
  180. question about valves and cleaning heads
  181. Spark Plug Gap
  182. What heads with my MS4??
  183. HTC 351 build
  184. Do LS7 lifters have to be pre soaked before install?
  185. Do any sealer go on these gaskets?
  186. Which sealant for head bolts?
  187. dirty big cam for carbed 383 drag/skid car
  188. Oil for LS1.???
  189. Tore my knocking engine down today *PICS*
  190. which way to install morel lifters?
  191. valve covers and header bolts??
  192. Help me build an N/A 408
  193. Top of piston scraped
  194. What cause high Oil pressure
  195. what heads are better
  196. research for my 408 stroker FI build
  197. What heads for TR230 cam.
  198. crank scraper windage tray?
  199. need valve covers for et 265 heads
  200. how hard is it to swap heads
  201. windage tray doesnt fit!
  202. Havent found my answer, Coolant temp safe range
  203. tranny question for a friend
  204. cam degree in car.
  205. Worth getting a 408 now that ls1 blown?
  206. Need help finding specs on this cam - PLEASE!!
  207. HELP! Timing Cover!
  208. Valve Spring Shimming Question
  209. 370 Questions?????
  210. Lifter came off inside the valve cover at the track...
  211. LS6 Oil pressure problem...Confusing me
  212. LSX intake
  213. cammed T/A not gaining speed?
  214. Do I need new springs with this cam.
  215. help! posting from phone, need tq spec for header bolt!
  216. H/C or 383 stroker kit
  217. Has anyone used this shortblock?
  218. oil pressure issue/ hoping its the sender
  219. Rebuilding an ls1
  220. ''balence'' ''engine''
  221. Pushrod length and PTV clearances?
  222. Engine tick when car warms up.
  223. cam guru's please come in!
  224. which stroker kit for this set up?
  225. hydrolocked engine and insurance questions
  226. few engine mod questions
  227. Help with Cam selection etc.
  228. Help...
  229. Oil Pressure
  230. Edelbrock Victor Jr Headers + Flowmaster?
  231. ls1 Head (Mr.) Gasket Bore Question 4.0" vs 3.910"
  232. harmonic balancer went kaboom
  233. LS1 Block with a crack options (pics)
  234. What is the difference?
  235. 408 with stock heads?
  236. LS6 springs with .561"/.570" cam?
  237. Engine has been using a bit of oil, check out these weird oil leaks!
  238. 10.5 EZ Street build.
  239. high rpm noise
  240. is it worth it
  241. Pushrods, Piston Slap, or my Imagination?
  242. Bellhousing bolt hole hitting coolant passage?
  243. 383 iron block???
  244. I need help with lifters...
  245. LS1 3.910 bore head gaskets on LS2 heads?
  246. What kind of thread sealant do you guys use on rocker bolts?
  247. cam help
  248. 5.3 build ?'s
  249. Worked 317's or L92's
  250. 20k mile prc dual springs with a torquer v 2 cam, would you replace?