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  1. MS3 cam spring friendliness and other Qs
  2. Painless Performance needs test vehicles
  3. HELP! car running like absolute crap, making funny noises.
  4. Heads on a budget
  5. which springs for big cam?
  6. .650 double springs too much for this cam?
  7. I am about to O.D. on all this!!!
  8. told i needed a big cam to beat my dads 03 cobra is this big enough
  9. do i have everything for ms4 install
  10. oil pump
  11. saw some cool small bore heads at PRI
  12. Is this cam worth power ?
  13. More serious lifter problem: pump up or bleed down
  14. 590 cam and stock rockers?
  15. Can I run Comp Cams XR265HR Camshaft with LS6 Valvesprings??? (XR265HR vs LS6 Cam)
  16. valve spring replacement help
  17. Rod Bolt's?
  18. 406ci LS1??
  19. What will this setup make?
  20. cam/heads help
  21. LS dipsticks
  22. Loose Main bearing cap bolt
  23. Whats my compression? LQ9 w/ LS1 241's?
  24. couple of questions about oil leak and codes
  25. Need a Pushrod Recommendation.
  26. Spun bearing on 408.. :(
  27. LS6 valves worth it?
  28. P&P stock heads question
  29. Does this need a rebuild....??
  30. Quick Head install ?
  31. Help installing Frost Plug Block Heater
  32. Head recommendation for my C5Z
  33. Piston slap or lifters? (Vid inside)
  34. multiple ?
  35. 24x or 48x ring?
  36. How to determine yr of LQ4 engine?
  37. Changing set up need help
  38. anyone know if any sponsors having christmas sale on heads
  39. how good are the stock rods?
  40. It runs (Idle clip)
  41. Nothing major but weird, and concerned
  42. LS6 Intake & Throtle body worth?
  43. 5 Bent Cromemoly pushrods
  44. Replacing rod bearings??
  45. bored at work. what's the big hype about the new polluter cam ?
  46. What springs and prs to go with?
  47. iron 370ci main bearing clearances
  48. Best combo, stock heads.
  49. lapping valves?
  50. Something knocking real loud
  51. Arp Rod and Main bolts
  52. what yr are 799 castings, r they just as good as 243's
  53. Pilot bearing
  54. PRC 5.3 2.5 stage guys come on in
  55. piston to valve clearance question ---> need help
  56. question about coil harness/ MSD 6010 carbed eng.
  57. FTI Street Sweeper HTE cam soundclip
  58. are 243 heads worth the $ over 317 on a carbed lq4
  59. Thinking about going custom spec cam.
  60. LS6 heads, worth it?
  61. What kind of power will this setup make?
  62. Oil pressure droping
  63. Wipe pattern with stock rockers?
  64. How much power will I make?
  65. did i go to big with my choice of cam?
  66. Reluctor Wheel Removal
  67. In car Cam Install?
  68. 6.0 question
  69. First day on cam swap....
  70. need some help choosing some heads
  71. air & egr delete?
  72. Easy way to check the cc of a combustion chamber!
  73. AFR Heads
  74. 408 8.5:1 Compression test. What readings should b expected?
  75. Another cnc porting question
  76. LS1 coil brackets vs Truck coil brackets
  77. Cam/Stall---wrong place?
  78. Camshaft Position Sensor Part #
  79. question about tr cheatr??
  80. how good is the LS1
  81. HELP: Texas Speed Question - Head Rebuilding Capabilities?
  82. ms4 58cc 5.3 guys come in!!!
  83. Can't decide on my next cam! PLEASE HELP!
  84. prc 215 heads??
  85. Can I swap chain without dropping pan
  86. 382 stroker kit?
  87. do I need longer push rods with 59cc milled heads?
  88. Plans for new mods on firehawk
  89. Net gains from stroking motor
  90. Just fried my ECU
  91. Found a 5.3L Vortec on Craigslist
  92. Comfortable Cam?
  93. Rear main seal replacement help
  94. Quick head Gasket question
  95. Need some expert advice - DCR too high?
  96. cam/timing gear questions polluter cam questions to
  97. white,blueish smoke coming from exhuast?
  98. Need help with a head casting #
  99. I have cam questions
  100. Question aboout seating and installing valve seals...
  101. let me know what you think
  102. Piston interference with this cam?
  103. Cam question
  104. Injectors maxed out?
  105. Rocker question
  106. what mod should i do next PLEASE HELP!!!!!
  107. what cam for stock exquast system
  108. just picked up a 5.3
  109. well.. the heads are coming off
  110. LQ4 help!
  111. Help with a stroker...
  112. oil pressure problem, please help asap. searched, searched searched.
  113. ls1 ls2 difference
  114. what length push rods? help
  115. cam reccomendations
  116. ls1 & ls6 short blocks
  117. PTV Clearance on this combo...
  118. I need help now!!
  119. Gains from P/P 241 heads and 1.8s?
  120. which cam to use with patriot stage 3 heads
  121. ls6 head swap
  122. heads cam install questions / pricing also compression
  123. vrx3 cam ?'s
  124. more displacement HP gains
  125. Debut of New Ultimate Race Aluminum LS Engine Block by RHS
  126. Replacing front main seal. I can't get the old one off!!
  127. Cam setup
  128. RoyalPurple 500FT. TQ. 6 EZ STEPS
  129. which motor should i buil 346ls1 or 370 6.0
  130. Valvetrain break in.
  131. which heads would you recommend for performance
  132. matter of opinion? Top end Question
  133. What caused my power loss?
  134. hci and a tr cheater up!
  135. Clearancing Pistons
  136. need some help with trq specs
  137. turbo BMW guy looking for LS1 information
  138. Anybody use any cams other than comp? Isky, Lunati, Crane or some other brand.
  139. cam curious
  140. 95k 99 T/A---- to H/C or not to H/C???
  141. 5.3L LM7 Build Questions
  142. Can a 370 outperform a 383?
  143. Which kind and where to get valve cover gaskets and grommits
  144. High oil pressure!!! help
  145. PRC duals to Comp 918's or Pac 1218's question
  146. Convince me!!
  147. 243's on 4.8 and 5.3
  148. Another LSX cam question….Seriously this one is different
  149. Original street sweeper cam in an A4?
  150. newbie question:can you port stock heads?
  151. 40k on valvetrain....what to do????
  152. Oil smoke on Decelleration???
  153. PRC 237cc Specs / Flow / Pics INSIDE!!
  154. Red or blue loctite?
  155. 58cc heads
  156. Used Heads
  157. What is max lift for ls6 springs?
  158. pros/cons of running bigger injectors
  159. ls1 buying..need help!
  160. can you run bigger injectors without a tune?
  161. Finally got the vette up and running!
  162. Cam specs
  163. Casting numbers
  164. Lq9 deck height
  165. Small cam question...
  166. Dyno sheet
  167. MS4 cam spec question
  168. Breaking Port Ceilings / Rocker Stands from Head
  169. 227/231 .639/.643 on a 115+3. Thoughts?
  170. keep ms3 or go to ms4??
  171. Cubic Inches...
  172. Another Cam?
  173. just making sure on the bore size
  174. anyone use Livernois Dual valve springs?
  175. Mamo Combo in a 427??
  176. Forged Engine
  177. heads/cam setup question!
  178. Power/ET predictions?
  179. input on my build please
  180. cam 228r
  181. How to determine overlap with advance ground in cam?
  182. stock ls1 piston crown thickness
  183. Is my DCR too high?
  184. New G5X3 cam.. What parts do you guys suggest??
  185. New pushrods or no?
  186. Billet Main caps and bearings - Engine builders inside Please (pics)
  187. Opinions on cam specs
  188. ARP head studs torque spec wanted
  189. How does this sound?
  190. built in advance....
  191. Is this a sleeper cam or not?
  192. LS7 cam in an LS1??
  193. valve durability
  194. which cam to get?
  195. best h/c package for a dd...
  196. What's the weak point in my motor?
  197. Cam choice
  198. rod and main bearings ?
  199. Loose cam bolts.
  200. ls1 head porting
  201. Looking for feedback on the two-piece timing cover choices...
  202. Max RPM?Comp 915,Stock cam&1.8 rockers
  203. 59cc chamber and stock bottom guys come on in!
  204. looking for info on the Comp #7153 double roller timing chain set
  205. question about springs(in the head)
  206. Affordable head/mod question for 04 LS1 t-56
  207. Valve Spring ID?
  208. what heads would u recommend to use with torquer v.3
  209. 222/224 581 581 xer 112 108 ICL for Dart 225's daily driver
  210. LS1 head question
  211. Is piston selection critical?
  212. i cant deciede need help!!!!!
  213. haha funny cam install story
  214. what year is my ls1?
  215. Forged 347ci LS1 Motor
  216. Your thoughts on 228/234 .588/.598 112+2
  217. Stock Crankshaft Rating?
  218. Injector Question
  219. is there any guide on how to do a head swap
  220. Help on removing a head bolt
  221. Has Anyone......??????
  222. do i need anything else for my head swap?
  223. What would be the Better Setup ?
  224. small oil leak from between header and gasket?
  225. trick flow heads
  226. looking for info on a double roller timing chain set
  227. 6.0 engine stand bolts
  228. Best under the curve cam?
  229. what do you think about this cam?
  230. Bearing question
  231. Best under the curve cam?
  232. would i see a gain
  233. Interesting discovery about 853 and 799 heads
  234. lq4 6.0 accessories
  235. Can these fit?
  236. Broke bolt off in head during valve spring install, HELP!!
  237. prw shaft mount rockers?
  238. best oil viscocity/weight....
  239. just got some etp heads,now what cam....
  240. Comp 850-16 lifters
  241. Piston ?
  242. engine combs
  243. Headers
  244. Headers
  245. 6.0l heads
  246. Rocker help
  247. More aggressive version of Cheatr cam?
  248. need TSP Torquer V.3 Times and combos
  249. Should I Mill My PRC 5.3's
  250. Out Of the Box AFR 205's