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  1. Question about valve seals (which to get, and why?)
  2. Advice needed on cam selection
  3. Custom hydraulic cam and EWP, or Solid Roller?
  4. TSP 5.3 1.5 PTV question
  5. Has anyone hit 500rwhp with non-aftermarket heads?
  6. Anybody running West Coast Cylinder Heads ls6's?
  7. used block maching suggestions
  8. Z06 retainers? different from oem LS1?
  9. +.050" installed height retainers?
  10. should i install arp rod bolts on my 80 k motor?
  11. Morel Lifters
  12. Sponsors!!! Need lumpy daily driver cam
  13. What gains will i see
  14. Rpm Vs. Victor Jr Carb Intake Need Help?
  15. Patriot stg 3 Ls6 heads. What HP loss?
  16. 6.0 lq crank
  17. Help! Arp Head Bolts!
  18. which heads
  19. Patriot Heads Wont Fit Ls1?
  20. What's The Best Combo......
  21. got a quick ? bout heads and cam
  22. 383 with spray
  23. 00 lq4 work with t56 ?
  24. gouge on head sealing surface
  25. 224/224 .581/.581 TSP 5.3 Stage 2.5 Heads Gas Mileage
  26. MS3 gas mileage
  27. Tooks for checking PTVC
  28. Comp spring replacement
  29. help me build it right!
  30. Ok guys one more question before I pick up my car.
  31. So uhh... This is what a valve stem seal spring looks like... right?
  32. Head studs on LQ9 block...
  33. SPONSERS!! I need a short block!
  34. What Cam Do I have (pic is hard to see)
  35. what boost psi will stock243 heads start lifting. who ports ls2 heads
  36. How much vacuum does stock LS1 make
  37. Proper way to install OIL PAN GASKET?
  38. Ms4
  39. LS1 Guys, HELP!
  40. LS1 Hot Cam Installed
  41. aftermarket 3.905 pistons with stock weight
  42. 99 T/A cam swap
  43. Stock LS6 heads and cam able to pass smog?
  44. mods installed
  45. lq4 power loss
  46. Patriot LS6 STG 3 has 70CC exhaust runner?
  47. couple questions on this set up
  48. corvette intake ???????
  49. Engine guru's inside PLEASE!
  50. it just a matter of tuning?
  51. truck 02 sensors used instead of 02 extensions?
  52. 232/234 .595/.598 cam anyone?
  53. TEA Stg 1.5 5.3l Heads and a 233/239 cam
  54. patriot performance pak
  55. The engine is back in my TA, have 2 questions
  56. Double Roller Oil Pump Clearance?
  57. What Do You Think Of Cam
  58. Anyone relocate knock sensors on an LS1/6?
  59. GM crank pulley/harmonic balancer bolt part number
  60. LQ4 Help
  61. Solid Roler Questions
  62. strange changes in car, Anyone have any Ideas?
  63. ZO6 oil pump ??? Whats the difference
  64. Jesel J2K Rocker PT ## ????
  65. Katech conecting rod bolts
  66. Texas 228r And 5.3 Heads
  67. please guys need some help
  68. Hi some LS1 Tech questions
  69. do these dyno number seem right?
  70. Best deal on mahle forged pistons ?
  71. cheater cam gains?
  72. Help with options
  73. Anyone using Canton oil cooler?
  74. my setup
  75. Engine tech q's
  76. New water pump?
  77. ok so heres my plan for a"mild" 383 build
  78. Oil Burning question
  79. oil pump still good after blown motor?
  80. cam head decision help
  81. ls6 heads
  82. LQ4 questions...
  83. What springs should i use??
  84. Considering Livernois motorsports heads... help?
  85. Looking for comments on my new book...
  86. Cam swap problem. Please help
  87. Reluctor wheel same for 98 and 2000 LS1??
  88. LS1 to LS6 conversion??
  89. Need help, in middle of cam swap
  90. Need help choosing a head/cam package
  91. What heads for my cam?
  92. head/cam swap gaskets
  93. Valve Springs
  94. help me choose a cam
  95. finished new setup short video
  96. Cam break-in
  97. How high can you rev a stock ls1 shortblock?
  98. I just did the 4th gear at 75mph gear ratio test?
  99. HELP!!! Engine Cranks But Wont Start?!?!?!?!
  100. which throttle body gasket
  101. stroker estimates...
  102. LS1 in reverse rotation
  103. Bearing question
  104. What kind of oil for 160k?
  105. Bone head engine builder built my motor and it made 5 whole passes.
  106. O Ring ????????
  107. rod bearing problem?
  108. 383 refresh almost done....
  109. Found a crack in the block!!!
  110. who runs 10psi on stock LS6?
  111. No oil pressure after cam swap
  112. short motor options - LS1/LS6- to UK
  113. Poll: Who's had stock rod bolts fail
  114. Just unsiezed LS1 after sitting for two years, need expert advice
  115. Last evening with the 83'
  116. What Kind of numbers have you seen with 383
  117. when to use race fuel?
  118. I have engine noise!...
  119. What cam for stock exhaust manifolds and 2.73's.
  120. Lifter Bleed Down
  121. Identifying heads ??
  122. I Have A Block Outta A 06 1500 2wd Silverado Truck Idk
  123. Expert thoughts on this cam. Cam card attached
  124. Milling 241 Heads with MTI X1 Cam
  125. Solid roller lifters
  126. Cam only swap C5 Auto.
  127. The rear of the oil pan bolts
  128. Help me identify these two sensors.
  129. Couple ?'s Lq4
  130. LS6 intake swap
  131. much of a gap between seat and seal on PG
  132. ARP Head Studs torque?
  133. F13 w/ Patriot CNC Ported 5.3L Cylinder Heads
  134. Looking for 500.
  135. Thunder Racing Camshaft "Reverse Split"
  136. Complete LQ9 need suggestions
  137. ls6 intake manifold for sale
  138. Now offering head and cam combo
  139. FAST Vacuum Line
  140. Deciding On A H/C Setup
  141. Oil Pump Timing Chain Scar...
  142. Xtreame RPM Heads?
  143. compression ratio question
  144. broken bolt in crank need help
  145. Need Valvespring Shimming Experts..
  146. do u have oil consumption?
  147. Ran a compression test on my 98 LS1, tell me what you tnk.
  148. LS6 cam..what else should i do
  149. Spark plugs are orange WTF?
  150. getting retuned what shift points for 238/242??
  151. Am I cammed?
  152. LS1 pushrod question
  153. LS1 engine damaged- options?
  154. HOw to make ls1 into 383
  155. YTs and shim kits
  156. Head flow numbers for 6.0 escalade heads?
  157. TSP Torquer V.3 Questions
  158. update
  159. high milage RPM drop?? (long post)
  160. So I have a valve spring problem, not a head problem
  161. rebuilt motor W cam untuned
  162. Hot after H/C install
  163. help! cost to finish H/c
  164. cometic head gasket
  165. Head bolts to studs after engine bore...
  166. LS7 cam in a LS1?????
  167. Cam Install Nightmare!!!! Advice Needed!!!
  168. WIch combination will work with TSP 220cc 5.3L Stage 2.5 CNC heads
  169. Weird Oil Pressure Issue
  170. ls1 piston question
  171. 6.0 LS6 cam 15PSI Comp 918's OK
  172. Machine Shops in the Bay Area
  173. Need camshaft suggestion
  174. Knocking sound after cam installation
  175. ls1 swap questions
  176. New setup video (MS4/PRC 5.3 2.5's)
  177. Milling AFRs
  178. Coolant Overflow Replacemet
  179. 5.3 heads??
  180. smog legal CAM w/o egr for a 99'
  181. gmpp carb intake overkill on cam&spray ls1?
  182. is this good dd cam
  183. Patriots stage 2's
  184. Main cap install
  185. swap torquer 2 for a VRX5?
  186. harlandsharp stock rocker rebuild ???
  187. LS6 Swap Problem...
  188. My Patriot 226 to MS3 swap issue.
  189. Used cam question
  190. Will a vacuum leak cause a high idle and surging?
  191. hesatation
  192. Heads & pulley advice..........
  193. What H/C package will give me aprox 400rwhp. Some offers???
  194. Cars pushing 450RWHP......
  195. need quick suggestions
  196. Car has blown 4 valve cover (passenger side) gaskets in the past week
  197. 00 WS6 Wont Start
  198. First Cam Install...Am I forgetting Anything
  199. Guys with Patriot Dual Golds please come in here
  200. PRC LS6 Heads Get A Face Lift!! 225cc Runners!!!
  201. 119,000 Head and Cam build
  202. Will Trick Flow packages be great??
  203. HELP!!!- Car wants to Rev on its own at times, WTF???
  204. MSD Coils Vs Stock on LS1
  205. MS3 valve train noise..oil?
  206. Oil pick tube. How do I clean it?
  207. et 11* head
  208. largest od valvespring with stock rockers
  209. HELP!!! motor problems...
  210. Stock Rocker Arm Broke!!! Help!!!
  211. Stock piston question (LS6 & LS1 Difference)
  212. Valve Covers??
  213. 12.01:1 compression. TR55's or TR6's.
  214. 7th cylinder misfire code on 99 LS1 with hooker 1-7/8?
  215. Putting motor back together. have some questions please.
  216. PICS of my engine carnage, good stuff!!!
  217. pushrod length help
  218. 02 and up ls6 cam id numbers?
  219. lq4/lq9 6.0 crankshaft/block identification (need help quick please!)
  220. GMPP Carb intake gasket part #'s?
  221. how much power can the ls1 block handle
  222. ANOTHER new problem
  223. Fly Cutting question on gt1-1 cam
  224. Never thought i would ask, what HP?
  225. Only those running 98 stlye heads.
  226. Ported and Polished Throttle Body
  227. 6.0?
  228. will this give me at least 400 rwhp/rwtq
  229. ls1 problems
  230. LS1 Oil Consumption
  231. need a little help
  232. Shortblock is together... back on the road soon!
  233. GM Performance Heads
  234. Make the TA non ram air work
  235. Will forgetting to install the oil plunger feed the motor unfiltered oil?
  236. Need help with head decision.
  237. best place to balance?
  238. Headgaskets, 11:1 or 10.6:1?
  239. Flycutting Tools?
  240. Need Tune or drivable for a few miles?
  241. Which cam?
  242. Maxed out MAF, now what?
  243. weird clicking
  244. Best price anyone's received on AFR heads
  245. I am going to have a switch to blow smoke out the tailpipes
  246. ls2 heads?
  247. oh so i want to take my motor out
  248. what fuel rails with fast, FRC's, fuel regulator(for return syle car)
  249. 3/8 pushrods in a stock ls
  250. I need an lsx specific guide