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  1. 4.8 heads
  2. ring gaps
  3. Head shops in/around San Diego
  4. put down 394rwhp 384tq with small cam only!!!
  5. Help on a LQ4 rebuild .010 over pistons?
  6. cam ?
  7. cam dilemma...what would u do?
  8. Any results from Patrick G's "Donkey Dick" cam??
  9. Head ?
  10. Help Need To Find Shop In Chigago
  11. Vengeance, TEA, FAST, 348 max effort build!
  12. LS3 heads?
  13. ls1 cam only time ?
  14. ZO6 cam and ratio rockers
  15. is it mandatory to change to a ported oil pump and DBR TIming chain?
  16. F-Body oil filler neck
  17. Engine experts - Question about high compression Iron 408 - 12.5:1
  18. !WTF! Dakota beats my 4.8!!!!
  19. Question
  20. cylinder head install price ??
  21. This cam still O.K.?
  22. which heads?
  23. head/cam info
  24. Engine noise/knock
  25. How many times can ARP head bolts be whored?
  26. Cracked block help????
  27. i have 2 oil pumps, which do i use?
  28. what heads come stock on a LQ4
  29. Will this be a close one??? Pred-z, Patrick-g??
  30. Using Diesel Engine oil??
  31. How do i tell if the heads are milled or not
  32. Just asking?
  33. stock rockers with tfs 215 heads???
  34. Need valve locks +0.050"
  35. which underdriven pulley ?
  36. timing chain info needed 98 ls1 semi built
  37. Cam only A4, locked, any cam post up your Dyno #'s
  38. Huge Cam and S/C Opinions
  39. Quick question about factory heads
  40. Poss time to swap cams, need a recomendation
  41. roller rocker arms
  42. MS3 grinded advance?
  43. 6.0 stroke
  44. codes after installing tp and intake
  45. Max effort cam for not DD
  46. Whos car is this or what LSA??
  47. rebuilding ls1
  48. TSP 224 or 233 Cam?
  49. Highest legal NA hp in California
  50. best valve spring compressor tool?
  51. noise after cam swap
  52. Wt Float!!!
  53. Beehive VS. dual springs HP differance?
  54. how long will a forged 408 last if driven daily
  55. another help me choose a cam thread
  56. Just another what cam question
  57. calculate rod length
  58. What HP do you think my combo will make?
  59. Need Help Identifing some Lifters
  60. Do I need to replace lifters with 65k?
  61. Plug coolant pipes???
  62. Any reason why an Auto Radiator could not be used as an engine cooler?
  63. Early Vs Late lq4/lq9 Crankshaft flange.
  64. Valvetrain noise
  65. what are the best 7.4 chromemoly pushrods?
  66. motor swap cost
  67. TB bypass Qestion.
  68. Trickflow vs. Dart Vs. AFR
  69. Pro-Filer LSX Heads?
  70. ls1 z28 stalling out in morning !!
  71. No hood, Rained all night what do i do
  72. Comp Cam Question???
  73. Cylinder Rust And Honing
  74. Any one running a Vengence VRX 4
  75. stock crank
  76. New OEM LS1 Short block
  77. ideas for a cam for my 408
  78. 1.88 journa rods
  79. 3.185 stroke
  80. 3x cam on stock heads
  81. comp 1.85 rockers
  82. need help on carb setup
  83. Need a Little advice on Roller Rockers!!!!!
  84. No Spark On The #1
  85. TSP LS6 2.5 Heads TQR V3 cam results Help
  86. Rocker Arm Weight
  87. Cam Calculator Software
  88. Check my head flow and give my ur .02
  89. Cam For A 402?
  90. white smoke??
  91. LS1 heads on LS2 block - Which HG?
  92. Your thoughts On Cam for LS1 Build
  93. JESEL Rockers
  94. LSA...what does it mean for power and idle?
  95. Shop in middle Tn for a cam swap?
  96. Spun a bearing
  97. Parts I have around, can I do something with em
  98. how to distinguish my rockers...Help!
  99. Comp Timing Set - 3153KT - Totally confused
  100. ms4 cam
  101. I bought a ls6 intake off a blown motor!!
  102. LSX Block Owners: enlighten me on a few things
  103. cam question
  104. trickflow "as cast" heads
  105. Tap Tap Tap!!!
  106. Cam selection software - now FREE download
  107. total plasma moly/napier ring 2nd ring set or a total seal steel top ring
  108. thread size/pitch of the bellhousing to block bolts?
  109. valvetrain
  110. Upgraded PCV valve?
  111. will these 7.375 pushrods be good on my PP stage 2 heads?
  112. eagle ls1 forged crankshaft or callies compstar crankshaft
  113. Crate Engine or Rebuild
  114. would factory gm main bolts hold up for a 408?
  115. what is the deck height on a 408/?
  116. 6.0 and 5.7 Oil pan Interchangable????
  117. Lots of smoke, but only sometimes...
  118. im putting 243s but do i change pushrods?
  119. Should I port my 241 heads but no valve job???
  120. Anyone running the Hot Cam?
  121. Knock
  122. PRC 5.3 stage 2.5 users come in. Wondering if this will clear
  123. block identification
  124. 383 ?
  125. 69 Camaro - LS6 cam advice please
  126. any gians from ls1 heads to ls6
  127. Compression 402 shortblock, milled heads?
  128. H/C ordered, did I miss anything?
  129. Best price on Jesel Rockers
  130. Cam Install Problems
  131. Best Intake-Head-Cam combo?
  132. oil pressure question
  133. What Went Wrong???? HELP
  134. is a lq4 timing cover the same on any ls engine
  135. Buy or Build LS1?
  136. are the L92/l76 DBW TB and the 05 Lm7 dbw same plug COnnector?
  137. any trexs on stock ls6 heads?
  138. Quick PTV question????
  139. Help Building 6.0L Iron Block
  140. H/C parts install list (long post)
  141. big cam question
  142. how to tell if its an LS6 intake apart from ls1
  143. Main stud kit??
  144. Daily driver LS6 motor with 4L60e auto ?'s
  145. 00 silverado
  146. G5x3 v2
  147. Edelbrock's new two piece timing cover
  148. Best Head and Cam Package?
  149. what springs and pushrods for F14HL
  150. L92 6.2 Vs. LQ9 6.0
  151. Replace the gaskets?
  152. put your opinion inside for cam
  153. Those with TSP shortblocks talk to me.
  154. HS or YT roller rockers don't use the stock pedestals right?
  155. quick help with afr 205's
  156. Newbie here with some questions....
  157. Cylinder Head Comparison
  158. any benefits from changing from ms4 to g5x4 or the vindicator?
  159. questions about lq4
  160. questions about to many miles.
  161. Head Gasket Question.
  162. Can an exhaust leak cause pinging?
  163. Would i gain any By advancing my cam 2*
  164. PRC double springs OR Patriot Gold double springs and why? Vote now!
  165. Anyone running this combo
  166. what should i expect???
  167. PRC Heads and Pre 00 coolant lines
  168. carb 5.3 for 72 nova, help ???'s
  169. Car idles rough, has no power after h/c install
  170. cam swap ??s
  171. Lightest Hydro Lifters
  172. Katech (JWIS) Timing Chain - Rollers
  173. Anyone ever see these cams in action?
  174. 10 O'clock bolt F*^ would you proceed?...
  175. Kinda in a Dilema...
  176. Check out this camaro!!!
  177. Can I use higher redline?
  178. Use stock Dart Valve Springs or go to Duals?
  179. does this sound like piston slap or a knock?
  180. Having a hp debate. I say his dyno is generous
  181. help me build my setup
  182. when do you need to cut valve reliefs in the piston
  183. List all who port stock ls1/ls6 heads...
  184. Valve spring shim for beehives
  185. i bought a hotcam from a person with no cam card and
  186. Your ideals on this build
  187. ? on cams..
  188. Oil Pump Removal
  189. coolant lines question
  190. how much will i spend?
  191. Can't stand the TRex cams... looking for good DD cams
  192. help needed: low/no oil pressure
  193. PCV conversion
  194. Future 408 build, need your opinion guys.
  195. texas speed package
  196. Which Spark Plug/Wire Combo for an ls1?
  197. new headers or remove drop kit
  198. Cam start up Vid!!
  199. how to tell if my old heads ar patriot performance heads?
  200. building budget ls6 427 need advice
  201. Have an issue come inside see if you can guess
  202. Installing motor, issue lining up motor mounts. HELP
  203. possible plug gap problem....
  204. REusing head bolts??
  205. need help on spark plugs!
  206. ls1$$$$$
  207. thinking about reverse splits
  208. X1 or Tv2
  209. Cam Install Time??
  210. SLP heavy duty oil pump
  211. How much to mill stock 243 castings?
  212. Cam and heads advice
  213. What are my stock heads?
  214. Anyone use the new PP 225/229 cam?
  215. Is 400 rwhp possible with this setup?
  216. Introducing K1 Technologies/Wiseco Rotating Assemblies! WRE 40th Anniversary Specials
  217. Is this headbolt important?
  218. ls1 durability
  219. stock 243's worth it???
  220. Y pipe or true duels
  221. Headers
  222. Help possible New auto LS1 owner trying to pick a drivable cam
  223. porting LS6 heads
  224. Oil
  225. timing chain
  226. H/C package ordered
  227. Cartek Stage 2X Heads?? or PRC Stg 2.5 5.3L
  228. About to give up!!!
  229. Any good suggestions?
  230. Anyone running this cam!
  231. weird LS1 noise
  232. Futral Cams
  233. car wants to stall when warm
  234. New pistons and rods w/pics!
  235. Did I ........
  236. Pistons dirty
  237. intake swap
  238. EGR Delete
  239. Weight of a complete LS1 compared to a Eco-tec?
  240. Mellings oil pump question
  241. Cam options for low cr stroker
  242. Z06 lightweight valves in 01?
  243. lq4 main bearing caps
  244. quick question
  245. Got a question about heads?
  246. Anybody used these heads?
  247. Damn balancer!!!
  248. 2000 Oil Pump
  249. cam sslection help
  250. Best street only cam 3 choices