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  1. Harland Sharp SLS17 Roller Rockers
  2. cam install near Lafayette , Louisiana
  3. ls6 heads??
  4. cam bearings
  5. Best LSX shop on the west coast?
  6. synthetic vs conventional oil
  7. Katech Timing Chain - Adjustable Sprocket
  8. Help Picking Best Heads And Cam Set Up For Nitrous W Stock Internals Full Bolt Ons
  9. Makeing a stall and cam work great!!!!
  10. Rpm drops, no idea of the cause
  11. Patrick G custom cam arrived today!
  12. MS4 clearance issues...
  13. Heads only w/ stock cam
  14. Should I align hone the mains with ARP studs?
  15. Rev limit?
  16. Cam package noob questions
  17. patriot heads stage 3
  18. what to build?
  19. serpentine belt help plz
  20. TSP 231/237 sound clip with magnamouth carback
  21. Tune Needed?
  22. Help on a cam change
  23. Can I use the 918 springs?
  24. stronger internals?
  25. No spark after motor rebuild????
  26. If my Pistons & rds are all the same weight do I have to balance the crank?
  27. Looking to do cam, what to expect?
  28. Stock short ls6 shortblock, stock head gaskets, 66cc afr 205 heads, compression?
  29. A little PTV problem. Pulled motor with pics.
  30. Motor!
  31. What else?
  32. H/C fly cutting question
  33. What heads with Trex?
  34. off idle rev hesitate?
  35. Cheap heads vs. AFR225
  36. opinion on doing heads cam on stock ls1 without lt's
  37. G5x3,243 heads,4.10 gears,
  38. Intake
  39. What your Advice for LS6 Cam
  40. Is this normal
  41. wanting 500 plus hp ls1
  42. AFR 205's too much for 231/237 cam?
  43. What heads/cam package for 408?
  44. SLP Underdrive pulley removal
  45. Few questions...(freshen up engine)
  46. RPMs go up when I push the clutch in on my H/C TA...
  47. If the valves have hit the pistons..
  48. Flycutting....should I be scared of it?
  49. CR vs Oct
  50. Thanks guys (Head and cam complete)
  51. Oil pump?
  52. LS1 pushrod size
  53. Stock radiator for TT's
  54. Oil Psi Question.
  55. Having some issues need help
  56. Rockers rubbing retainers
  57. Best heads to get for under 1k?
  58. is a cam motion regrind worth it?
  59. when dropping the motor from bottom should i take the harness down with it or just?
  60. TR6 Plug Gap on big cube motor??
  61. Anyone use Dart heads?
  62. need a scr check (seems high)
  63. Rocker arm options??
  64. Problem hainging rods
  65. Let me be the 100th person to ask this. What Cam??
  66. what cams?
  67. Valvefloat Questions..... CamSwap ?'s
  68. 2004 GTO Bellhousing/Starter different than others.
  69. Torquer 3 Cam Install Question
  70. change out stock lifters??
  71. At what point to add Rod Bolts
  72. Safe redine for stock internals, but upgraded rockers and lifters?
  73. How often should you change spark plugs?
  74. MS4 cam owners; how much power are you making, and what other mods do you have?
  75. Quick cam help so I can order for X-mas!!!
  76. ported vs. non ported power gain #'s
  77. rounded rocker bolt, need help ASAP!!!
  78. car wont start
  79. Are these plugs fouled?
  80. Head, Cam and PCM swap, idle problem (3,000RPM)
  81. What is a normal oil consumption for LS1?
  82. Were the heads different for the 98 LS1's than say the 02 LS1's?
  83. TSP Toquer V.3 ?'s
  84. "Smaller" TR Reverse Split; Good or No?
  85. Daily Driver Cam
  86. Should i do it myself or leave it to the Pros??
  87. Head choices????
  88. I think my head gaskets are shot
  89. Honing cylinders
  90. Need advice for valve train upgrade on stock cam
  91. ls2 in an f-body?
  92. NMotion timing advance...where should I have it?
  93. Swapped INjectors... No start?
  94. is this normal pics inside
  95. Can someone identify this cam?
  96. Heads...
  97. Piston slap? bent pushrods? Help Please...
  98. hemo me pick the right pushrod. 7.260 at ZERO preload. LS7 lifters.
  99. patriot 243's and t rex?????
  100. Need help: 408 top end
  101. Comp Cam in from Rapid!
  102. Tsp?
  103. anyone have real proof that 98 heads flow so much worse than 99 up heads....??
  104. Looking to Increase Compression ????
  105. one turn on stock rockers ='s how much preload?
  106. shiming up the rockers, why?????????
  107. What cam for a 383 road racing (HPDE) setup?
  108. oil in the exhaust port
  109. i need advice on a package.
  110. spiked to lean on one side at idle ??
  111. 402 on a budget Is my DCR to high?
  112. need tuning
  113. TR 230.236 .592/.602 piston to valve problems??????????????/
  114. what size pushrods with unmilled 243 and .040 gasket
  115. just wondering
  116. katech rod bolts?
  117. stock head question
  118. shortblock question...
  119. 241 heads to 243
  120. n20, HPE "S", and rebuilding
  121. New Knocking sound. Help?
  122. Tips on getting my car to idle on stock tune.
  123. Opinions on Cloyes dual roller hex adjust timing set?
  124. Roller Rocker Upgrade
  125. Reusing head bolts...what's the worst that could happen?
  126. Cam swap questions
  127. LS1 exhaust port diameter
  128. Anyone running Vinci XXX Cam?
  129. etp 215 heads???
  130. Rebuilding after "THE BOOM"!!! What do you think?
  131. no spark help??
  132. which pistons to use for a 408stroker
  133. is it possible to use either 706's o 243's on a 408stroker
  134. Gears
  135. engine swap pros
  136. Yet another ? for the cam gods!
  137. kenne bell...
  138. Huge Thanks To G-Force, HKE Erick K, and Greg Good!!!
  139. Is my cam too small
  140. which pistons?
  141. cam question
  142. Most aggressive cam with no lope?
  143. Update trv3 cam and ls6 heads
  144. New CAM (224/232 581/595 114) Question
  145. forged 383 witha supercharger
  146. Small cam+milled heads vs Bigger cam and unmilled heads? Discuss
  147. engine teardown with pictures
  148. Another new cam question!! lol
  149. Crank seals to use with vacuum pump?
  150. cam advise
  151. Heads to buy???
  152. Need serious cam advice
  153. Difference between ARP's rod bolts?
  154. How Does This Setup/recipe Sound For Cam Only
  155. MTI's mid and top end cam?
  156. Overheating
  157. LS Turbo
  158. Anyone use non-adj rockers on ETP heads?
  159. pics ..forged 347ci almost done !!
  160. 8.84 DCR & .039 Quench?????
  161. How about these heads with my current setup? help guys
  162. Die hard with a VENGEANCE!
  163. Vacum and weatherpack schmatics
  164. afr 205 vs etp 215 vs tfs 215??
  165. Good mild cam? TR224 114 lsa. Best for street?
  166. camshaft
  167. Stock clutches pretty much suck huh?
  168. Line hone for a 408
  169. Early christmas for me!
  170. ms4 piston to valve
  171. cheap SS roller rockers
  172. Engine bearings poll...
  173. Head fasteners of choice...
  174. Patriot Performance at the PRI Show
  175. Anyone ever heard anything about these stroker kits they sale on ebay?
  176. best cam fwith a l92 setup
  177. Head Upgrade?!?!?!
  178. TSP MS3 thoughts and opinions
  179. 241 milling ?'s
  180. Cam question
  181. jesel roller rockers
  182. Help rocker/lifter bearing problem?
  183. ls1 bearings
  184. Melling LS1 oil pump?
  185. engine removal question
  186. Lifter dimples
  187. new strange tapping
  188. Most aggressive sounding, under the curve cam?
  189. Write up on swapping cams for ls1??
  190. G5x3 spring question??
  191. Looking for Photos of Ported head Runners
  192. 233/239 w/ milled heads or ptv #'s
  193. What's the biggest head for a 3.903" bore?
  194. 2.5 ls6 heads with a 233/239 cam come in
  195. stock ls1 idle at?
  196. question on cam swap
  197. heads&cam for LS1?
  198. Quick Manifold bolt question
  199. anyone know where i can get "shelf" 3.935-3.940 pistons?
  200. Cam help
  201. LS1 broke
  202. No clearance!!! Help!!!
  203. Claying P to V
  204. ms4,exhaust combo??
  205. AFR 205cc
  206. Drove through a puddle, no car is crapping out..?
  207. cam and rod bearing q's
  208. how many people on here have actually had their heads flowbenched?
  209. LQ4 w/ 241's What's my CR?
  210. lme or sdpc
  211. 5.3 stage 1.5 heads/ported fast 90/90 and MS3
  212. valve job, timing chain, oil pump questions
  213. need a little help
  214. Ls2 swap?
  215. Cylinder deglazing
  216. Disgusting Carbon Buildup Everywhere!!! Take a Look!!
  217. Head & cam swap day 1
  218. porting/milling dart pro 1 heads....
  219. Cam Selection Issues
  220. LS2 Chain-Only or Double-Roller?
  221. 408 heads? ported ls6 or ported l92
  222. Anyone want a 5.3 liter vortec?
  223. rotating assembly
  224. main bearing fitment
  225. help me fixx thisss!!
  226. check PTV withOUT pulling the head???
  227. Recommendations:MAXIMIZE Lowend -Offroad LS1
  228. gas mileage with new cam??
  229. Changing possible with TFS heads?
  230. Yella Terra/Edelbrock Rocker Bolt Combination
  231. ok another 408 compression thread please help :)
  232. Installed LS2 timing chain, have a problem
  233. Opinion on mild XFI cam and DCR
  234. Building the 5.3L block
  235. Do I have to break-in new valve springs?
  236. PTV with custom grind Comp Cam?
  237. What cam shaft?
  238. Patriot Heads
  239. guyz with 408 strokers
  240. cam problems
  241. best setup
  242. SLP oil pump
  243. Main bearings
  244. Pinging question
  245. Opening Up The Combustion Chambers
  246. should i buy a new cam?
  247. Electrical problem. Launching.
  248. Will spinning motor by hand throw off cam sensor?
  249. Oil pressure fluctuation?
  250. Cam for manifolds or shorties, high revs