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  1. What is a LS1 block worth?
  2. Can I get this cam to fit.
  3. bought some used afr's! Replace valve seals?
  4. max power cam for a 408
  5. Cam identification?? Z06??
  6. oil pan and end plates
  7. first year ls1, no good?
  8. Dart 225 what valves???
  9. Newbie looking for cam help for my Z06, custom grind or off the shelf?
  10. Double Roller fitment issues?
  11. Does $1200 sound about right for rods & pistons
  12. We need a regular supplier to the UK of LS parts
  13. Wanting to go bigger than a MS4 cam
  14. new intake from weiland?
  15. degree a torquer v2 cam
  16. ls6 oil pump and timing chain?
  17. Major radiator poblem
  18. Cam help
  19. LS1, LS2 or LS6????
  20. H/C swap Checklist! Please read.
  21. 224 cam
  22. LS1 heads.what year what number?
  23. 383 427 0r 355 kit help please.
  24. pushrod length?
  25. Fuel rails
  26. Please Help !!!misfire
  27. Possibly going different route with motor, need advice (Kinda long)
  28. What is the maximum amount you can safely flycut?
  29. 100mm MAF and the 1/4 mile
  30. 100mm MAF and the 1/4 mile
  31. 383 SCR/DCR help!
  32. Sluggish and weird sound when I used nitrous
  33. cam Q??
  34. PR help!!!
  35. OK, tried searching, no luck.. Need to pick some stealth cam specs
  36. katech rod bolts
  37. PTV clearence
  38. Question on Patriot LS6 Stage II heads w/225/229 cam
  39. Which oil pump?
  40. timing chain
  41. how big to go???
  42. Cylinder Head Help
  43. New Here - Patriot Performance Valve Springs?
  44. new valves installed price?
  45. How to make my car quit pinging
  46. toss me some ideas?
  47. LS6 double roller install question
  48. GM Part # ???
  49. LS1 Engine Removal, Top or Bottom ???
  50. will a oil cap breather get oil all over the motor?
  51. Cam and Milled heads- What cam Do I get to avoid PTV problems
  52. Idle skip/miss
  53. EGR Removal Problems
  54. Bottom/Crank Pulley Runout?
  55. oil pan LS1??????????any one know the answer?
  56. How many lbs/ft to turn crank over by hand
  57. Part number?
  58. Busted Rocker Arms
  59. Production numbers?
  60. fuel in the oiling system on the first run of a rebuilt engine
  61. anyone elso ever heard of these rods?
  62. ls7 vs. ls1 lifters cup depth difference
  63. Whats the difference- LQ4 & LQ9
  64. Oil pressure question
  65. Camaros with Motor driven throttle blade???
  66. which oil pump?
  67. Valve Cover
  68. Rod bearings...what causes this?
  69. Can I run this cam?
  71. Why does longer cam durations cause less torque?
  72. how difficult?????
  73. I Have A Problem With My Ls1!
  74. Every piston hit by valves...
  75. bought oil pump off member does not turn
  76. Changing rod bearings with which ones?
  77. Crane or Comp Guide Plate Question - Roller Rockers
  78. Different head runner sizes
  79. tsp 228r vs. spdc 228/228 vs. possible custom grinded 228
  80. Help!!!
  81. NEW *** Corvettes - Classic Cars - Links - ***NEW
  82. Port and Polish
  83. shoul I buy new afr or used afr head?
  84. LS1 help
  85. Leak down test question
  86. Quick cam question
  87. Witch sponsors sell the items needed for a ls7 cam into and ls1 swap
  88. Soooo lost on choosing a cam
  89. Callies Cranks
  90. I believe my LS1 has a rodknock..
  91. Untuned cam advice?
  92. Putting together short block and crank is binding
  93. H/C + rebuilt t56 + clutch + 9" break in
  94. Dart heads?
  95. Are my valves hitting the pistons?
  96. Can I reuse katechs?
  97. Stock LS1 Connecting Rod Weight?
  98. While doing rod bolts I checked out my bearings and now I'm wondering
  99. Is this a rod knock? Video
  100. More RPMs Scotty!!!
  101. Why - Rockers hit retainers!
  102. motor going bad or trans?
  103. Can ARP MAIN bolts be used w/ align hone??
  104. zo6 cam question
  105. valve rotation ?
  106. Iron Block in 2005 C6 Vette - question
  107. idle clip
  108. Found a bit of a problem, what is it?
  109. Trashed new motor?
  110. Changing oil on garaged car
  111. Any Trouble With Slp Lm1
  112. Head gaskets
  113. Finally decided on what I wanted... High RPM stealth cam recommendations?
  114. Another engine noise thread
  115. 918 springs on LQ4 heads?
  116. Part number for LS1 shortblock?
  117. Really dumb question but what are the holes on the crank pulley for?
  118. Remove a Camaro SS 00 LS1 Engine from Top or Bottom ???
  119. pistons side by side
  120. any other f15 cam owners?
  121. What cam would you guys reccommend
  122. Buying Salvage LQ4
  123. help car won't start !!!!
  124. Engine cleaned up nicely
  125. blown out valve cover gasket?
  126. To those with Katech Rod Bolts
  127. AFR heads+Underdrive pulley=Cooling issues?
  128. stock bottom end to 6800 rpm's???
  129. New Cam Install
  130. What is the Best Bearings to use??
  131. Ported 241 heads vs. stock 241 heads vs. stock 243 heads - Gains?
  132. tr230/224 111lsa cam
  133. Carburated Cam Help<><><><>
  134. Cartek heads vs Trickflow heads
  135. what heads flow well with a t-rex
  136. trick flow kit. which cam?
  137. rocker arms
  138. Just realized I'm going to need valve covers...
  139. ls6 cam into a 98 ss
  140. New Formula
  141. Oil Coming From Oil Filler Breather
  142. Guess what was on MY drain plug?
  143. TTP Equalizer V3 results on 04 M6
  144. interesting cam
  145. Guess what was on my drain plug????
  146. just a teaser pic of what came in on tuesday
  147. Ls1-gt11
  148. Which heads for my escalade motor
  149. cutouts on duals with mufflers
  150. 918 springs ok with a .581 / .585 cam?
  151. installing MS3, ported heads
  152. FM13 Problems, maybe.
  153. Car running Poorly
  154. Car running Poorly
  155. Cam number
  156. Cam choice help: 01 ws6 stock engine, stock rear, 6 sp., full exahaust, lid/filter
  157. need a block
  158. What heads?
  159. Guesstimate my hp please? Tell me where you think i will stand!
  160. bigger valves?
  161. MTI X1 on high comp heads ?
  162. ls1/th350(converter)???
  163. swapping to a ls2 block
  164. Oil pan to rear cover bolts PN
  165. LS-1 5.7 to 6.0 some questions
  166. Z28 to SS oil pan swap
  167. 402 plugs and gap and what oil would work best?
  168. Anyone running the T-REX cam??
  169. Formula
  170. LS6 computer
  171. 6.0 to 8.1 engine swap.....can it be done?
  172. Cam help for gtp stage 2+ heads
  173. When do you guys change your valvesprings?
  174. high or low compression
  175. Tools
  176. JESEL rockers question
  177. QUESTION: can you drop a motor using a 4-post lift?
  178. So apparently the Moroso 7qt pan needs a remote oil filter kit?
  179. Is this a good cam
  180. Formula for Displacement
  181. F14 ptv clearance
  182. Anyone ever heard of Al dicksen?
  183. after breaking a valve spring a rocker is it normal
  184. Which one would you go with? 113 or 112 lsa??
  185. MTI 2E or 2R heads
  186. 6.0 Installment On T/a
  187. can this engine run with a turbo setup ?
  188. ls6 cam question
  189. Cylinder volume/bore and stroke???
  190. AFR 205 vs TFS with XR265HR cam!! With dyno numbers
  191. which heads to go with G5X3
  192. cam/retainter plate/ oil pump torque?
  193. compression/ptv
  194. which one?
  195. bass ackwards...Ls6 to LS1 intake
  196. Should I Buy Levernois Stage 2 Head Or Send My Heads Out To Port ???
  197. Starter Differences?!?!
  198. oil and collant in tail pipes
  199. finally picked a cam ???i think??
  200. WTB cam
  201. 4.8 Pistons in a 5.3?
  202. correct me if i am wrong
  203. Which of these 4 cams? After talking to a bunch of people I still cant decide
  204. Removal of front coolant crossover tube
  205. Cam opinions
  206. Long Tube Header Suggestions
  207. Wasn't a spun bearing after all...
  208. jesel rockers on ebay
  209. k member clip
  210. LS2 intake VS. LS6 intake which is better?
  211. Sump plug Thread
  212. Wanted:Piston ring part #
  213. ls6 cam and head install on 99 ls1
  214. Using intake off blown motor...
  215. Worth it to upgrade?
  216. is this a good buy?
  217. Ticking Louder After Oil Change
  218. Stock LS1 to Z06 power
  219. what are the benefits of this specific cam....
  220. Comments/Concerns on choice of heads/cam
  221. When would you replace your ARP rod bolts??
  222. Which "Big" cam/gears in a 2700# 6 sp 346?
  223. PAC valve springs?
  224. Cams and Emissons Testing
  225. help me guys
  226. Will a stock or cut pan fit a 383 strocker?
  227. tr230 vs tr224
  228. ls1 383
  229. AFR question
  230. Z06 cam smoggable in WS6?
  231. basic info on how crank pulley damper installs on crank?
  232. Poll Time!!!
  233. Is this Head/Cam Setup too Agressive for a Daily Driver?
  234. What is this hole for that is in this side of the head?
  235. Push rod length has me wondering
  236. Cam & rod bolt install question
  237. help me with some problems
  238. TR224 vs. TR Cheater
  239. TQ2 w/ 114 LSA+2 degrees PTV question*Predator*
  240. cam choice 231/237 or MS3
  241. Warhawk LS1x users need help!
  242. piston slap *WTF*
  243. 224/224 vs 224/230 How much more power?
  244. best heads/cam for an ls truck?
  245. bone looking thing
  246. what cam to get
  247. need help dowel pin
  248. Got a bit of a rod bolt dilemma, need sugesstions
  249. anyone run comp cams XER273HR?
  250. 26915's and 26918's