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  1. broke rocker arm bolt...
  2. 5.3L cam
  3. Truck 5.3L with LS7 cam
  4. Most likely cause of valvetrain noise?...
  5. does the coolant sensor on the front driver head...
  6. Lq9 Block Who Has Them???
  7. Low oil pressure....
  8. Help putting back stock rocker arms
  9. Head Cam replacement
  10. She Blew!!!!
  11. Help Identifying stock cams
  12. Anyone have the p/n for the oil pressure sending sensor?
  13. Intake elbow
  14. Stroker newb.......
  15. Trex Daily Driver!?!?!?
  16. Which rod bolts?
  17. Need some help
  18. Another Cam Help Thread LS1 Into 70 Vette w/TKO
  19. lifters????
  20. are these heads any good???
  21. Heads for a 370
  22. OIL mobil 1 question....
  23. Small cams
  24. I am in the 400rwhp cam only club!!!!!!
  25. ETP 225's and T-rex......
  26. Oil disappeared?
  27. hot cam push rod question?
  28. Pick-up tube to Oil pump flange washer idea
  29. looking for heads,cam liftersand rocker arms.. need help
  30. comp cams new xfi soild roller cam for ls1 ?
  31. Head Milling CR question
  32. Houston, we have a problem!!!!
  33. Why is my car eating oil?
  34. LQ4 crankshaft issue ls1-lq4 swap issues
  35. hp estimates w/ my built 348?
  36. Running out of injector..
  37. port/polish stock 241 heads, with stock cam
  38. blown two motors in two months, any ideas?
  39. How to install Ram Air? Can anyone help?
  40. Low hot idle oil pressure on new motor
  41. Which oil pump o ring?
  42. gas mileage with cam...
  43. Recommend Shop in Mid-atlantic Region
  44. Recommend Shop in Mid-atlantic Region
  45. which is more agressive? hot cam or
  46. What kind of numbers will it make?
  47. Flow sheet for GTP stage 2 243s?
  48. Max HP on stock bottom end
  49. What is max lift without PTV issues?
  50. PTV clearance prc 2.5 ls6 & Torquer V3?
  51. heads and cam problems HELP
  52. How is weight pared from an iron LsX?
  53. Install heads and Cam need help
  54. need to buy comteic .030
  55. cam timing and HVMC headers
  56. I may need new lifters
  57. Camshaft choice <Blower>
  58. Overheating while going down highway...
  59. Ls1 to Ls6 PCV conversion.
  60. Spring and cam question.
  61. Speed Inc SI3
  62. ARP crank bolt torque specs?
  63. Magic Stick4 Piston to Valve Clearance
  64. milling ls6 heads ?
  65. Does this seem high to anyone else?
  66. Need help chosing heads
  67. how does lsa effect hp a cam will make ???
  68. Offset grind crankshafts
  69. What do yall think???
  70. DOT to DOT occurs between which two 4 stroke cycles?
  71. My 383 gets a FAST 90/90, set of YT Ultralite RRs & SD Tune
  72. Advice on 1.8 rockers please!
  73. pistons/rods install write-up
  74. RPMs jump up randomly
  75. eagle 4340 rotating assembly??
  76. Do LS6 heads out perform LS1?
  77. Question about 408 build
  78. TULSA HELP NEEDED - 2 Plug Wires
  79. If anyone is bidding on an ebay block...
  80. Heads?
  81. knocking inside motor fixed now it ticks
  82. New guy needs a little help
  83. Vegence?
  84. ARP rod bolt install (lost directions)
  85. plugs for heads
  86. Leaking-coolant plugs on back of 243 heads
  87. Oil pan differences?
  88. Fluctuating RPMs? Also oil pressure question
  89. Cam install in progress...ran into problems
  90. Got Bored...Is this a Good Idea?
  91. h/c swap soon, got some questions
  92. what deffernt between 241 and 243 heads ?
  93. Can anyone help me figure out the pushrod length?
  94. 408 or 402 Question
  95. my 427 strocker formulla
  96. Question Bout Crank Snout
  97. Hydrolocked LS1 Question
  98. New 370 cid Stealth setup
  99. heads/cam swap a little over 60,000 miles 02 SS M6
  100. how to clean a cam ?s
  101. 4.01 or 4.03
  102. Drivetrain noisey, should I be worried or not
  103. Cam only moves 1/2" then stops
  104. Timing chain slop
  105. LS1 with 5.3L heads
  106. Diamond no good
  107. H/c swap coming soon a couple Q's?
  108. 228r or V2
  109. How high of a redline can I go?
  110. LQ4 and LS1 heads need cam
  111. Seafoamed 5.7---carbon knock now!!
  112. Are all 98 and up aluminum blocks the same?
  113. cam help!?!?
  114. The difference Torquer V.2 vs. Torquer V.3
  115. Cam for PRC 2.5 ls6 heads ?
  116. whats the biggest baddest cam i can get for my setup
  117. cam card help
  118. Too much funwith the gixxer can't forget about the SS
  119. lq4 6.0 head gasket question
  120. How do I measure my PP gold spring pressure?
  121. Replacing Bent Pushrods
  122. Tickets for being toooo loud..
  123. if i mill the L92 heads .035 do i have the mill the L76 intake?
  124. no o-ring=wore out pump?
  125. Vindicator owners
  126. Vindicator
  127. Pushrods
  128. cam help
  129. slp zl402
  130. Coolant Leak after H/C install
  131. Santa came early for me
  132. Question on Heads
  133. Just ordered torquer V3! PTV ?
  134. Critique my setup
  135. cheatr cam ?'s
  136. Write up on installing Harland Sharp rockers
  137. 241/243 and the differences?
  138. how much nos can this bottom end handle
  139. Bought a car with a cam and have some ?s
  140. Best cam for a Turbo?
  141. 231/237 pistons and valve contact
  142. 3/8 pushrods? Who has them for LS1's?
  143. Where to buy a motor?
  144. LS6 Cam in a 5.3???
  145. Bottom End Questions
  146. ms4
  147. Vengeance racing h/c/i
  148. attn sponsors, need lifter tool asap!
  149. what heads/cam package to chose
  150. SDPC Teaming Up With MastMotorsports!
  151. HELP!!! Car wont run
  152. Guys with a4 and tr224 112lsa
  153. Car Died Out And Will Not Run!! Help!
  154. Roll racing, does it matter? (cam)
  155. Opinions on running a head that has been repaired
  156. Dumb newb question
  157. Weird oil pressure!!!
  158. This comp cam look good for my combo?
  159. used cam
  160. What's the going rate for labor to swap dual valve springs?
  161. TSP Torquer V.3 sound clip
  162. custom length pushrods?
  163. oil pump problem
  164. head gasket prep
  165. Just bought Heads and Cam Package
  166. ms3 pros and cons
  167. What you guys think about this cam?
  168. What mod should i do next
  169. interested in getting a cam
  170. CompStar tall deck rods
  171. Piston clearance
  172. Timing chain stretch
  173. Which heads: PRC Ls6 or PRC 5.3 stg2
  174. what preload with comp pro mags...?
  175. AFR 205's or PRC 220cc 5.3L stage 2.5
  176. Confirm cam checklist for me.
  177. Looking to go "Max Effort" cam only.
  178. Looking for the best combo for street performance..
  179. ls1 short block
  180. So I ordered my Torquer 3 and 5.3 heads
  181. Some "max effort" Dart 225s I just finished
  182. Rear engine seal part number?
  183. Please give me your opinions/suggestions
  184. stock ls1 heads for 558 lift cam, LQ4
  185. Need Cam Help!
  186. 120k Ms3
  187. heads on a trex...
  188. Comp rocker clearance
  189. cam w/out tune ??
  190. could someone tell me what size socket to use for this
  191. 224 or 228 or bigger ??
  192. Detonation problem!
  193. Harmonic Balancer Puller
  194. Another question about a cam
  195. Cam numbers??
  196. Anybody know the part # for the LS6 coolant crossover tube?
  197. MS4 and PRC LS6 stg 2.5? QUICK?
  198. Ms3, Ms4, Similar Cam? Please Come In.
  199. Light Weight Alloys
  200. lifter tray
  201. do i need to replace seats when replacing valve springs ?
  202. Valve spring installed height
  203. Heads and Cam Question?
  204. TR224 112 vs 114 lsa
  205. First Start Up.
  206. ECT help.
  207. LS6 vs Z06 cylinder heads
  208. how much are my heads and cam worth?
  209. ??????Cam and stall relationship??????
  210. new cam? input please
  211. Cam and stall question
  212. Differences in Vortecs and LS1s?
  213. Duel Cutouts and O2 Sensors
  214. LS6 motor w/ tr224 opinions?
  215. What will it take to spin a Hydraulic roller 347 to 7500 rpm?
  216. Head bolts
  217. harland sharp rockers
  218. comp 918s or dual patriot gold springs with tr224
  219. Is a H/C swap going to make my car louder?
  220. lq9 questions....
  221. To cam now or later?
  222. max effort 6500rpm cam only
  223. Cam swap pressure dropped 20psi...
  224. Possible New LS1
  225. Cam swap goes sideways, need to pull heads, going aftermarket now. Which ones?
  226. how much can you mill stock heads?
  227. Scool me on cams for the ls1 and what power to expect
  228. Oil leaks after Cam swap
  229. Whata you guys think?
  230. What do you guys think of this cam?
  231. how will this cam do on stock Manifolds+Cats.
  232. Highest Recorded Mileage
  233. ls1 machine work and piston size question
  234. rev limit for 5.3
  235. so i want over 500 RWHP with a head/cam swap what cam would be best?
  236. Head Gasket Help
  237. What Ocatane Gas is suggested on an 00 TA
  238. I have a quick oil pump question
  239. pushrood tourqe
  240. 4.8 or 5.3? help
  241. Cam/Headers finally installed
  242. 234/244 .551/.551 110lsa opinions?
  243. Can I floor It
  244. Do I need to FlyCut with Dart 205's?
  245. 918 springs
  246. Which TSP H/C package would you choose?
  247. are my valve heights correct
  248. valves sealing ?
  249. Does anyone have flow numbers for the TSP stage 2.5 LS6 heads?
  250. WS6 LS1 opinions needed