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  1. Any reason to upgrade the H2O pump on a H/C car?
  2. Best heads for Torquer 2
  3. "The Sewing Machine"
  4. 806's vs. 241's
  5. wtf is up with my car
  6. Magic Stick 4 problems? In here plz.
  7. Quick: spark plug gap for NGK 02 Z28
  8. will the LS7 stock cam work in a LQ4?
  9. what size pushrods
  10. Just thinking out loud
  11. thinking about stroking the car
  12. Cam Swap in Progress, Need Help Fast....
  13. XE vs. XE-R with like durations (.050)???
  14. Would you still use this block?
  15. Who is running comp r lifters, and likes them?
  16. Surging with F11 cam
  17. Looking for part numbers
  18. Need help diagnosing my LS1
  19. can i start my car with out the underdrive pulley on?
  20. machining for a 408
  21. used ls2 heads
  22. well my 01Formula is about to undergo surgery...
  23. Engine vibration HELP!
  24. What's a good top end cam for a 3200 stall?
  25. Does high head flow compensate for inferior head design?
  26. Need help on main and head bolt tightening sequence!!!
  27. Bearing choices....
  28. Reluctor wheel is damaged. How hard is it to change?
  29. Matching 241 heads w/Tv.3 or MS3
  30. Smallest chambers/Most I can mill 5.3's w/ Torquer 2 - 113 lsa
  31. ideas on stroke and cam combination
  32. N/A cam guys I need your help
  33. what oil for solid roller setup?
  34. Cam help Y 1 stamped on cam? input needed
  35. Basic LS1 Stroker Information Wanted
  36. Spring idenfaction 04 Ls6 243 head
  37. TSP peeps or MS3 people...
  38. JP double roller timing chain question
  39. Ported 806 valve size ?
  40. 427 equivalent of 224/228/114?
  41. bank 2 lean after head cam install
  42. Engine Jamed, cant move pulley wheel.
  43. Help me choose my heads --- Patriot vs. TSP
  44. Motor coming out
  45. holy valvetrain noise batman..
  46. Anyone Have Pictures of Their Ported Cylinder Heads??
  47. need some help....
  48. dyno results
  49. Question about heads on a budget
  50. can someone help with oil pump change??
  51. Cant decide between Comp 228/230 or G5X1
  52. psi for leak down test ?
  53. Is .020 out of the hole safe for stock pistons?
  54. 224r or 228r and what all do I need?
  55. PVC with MS4 and milled heads???
  56. Specs on 1806 heads
  57. Need help on picking a Cam
  58. LS Rockers Upgrade
  59. Should i go 112 or 114 lsa on my automatic?
  60. Changing the block by myself. how hard?
  61. changed 1 rocker... noise for a couple seconds... then fine
  62. Pulled old heads, questions about removing gaskets and prep work.
  63. valve size?
  64. trick flow heads
  65. What do i bore 5.3L to, so i can make 5.7L?
  66. 242/244 .615 .615 114 Lsa
  67. 427 Iron Block
  68. ls1 valve cover baffle
  69. 228/232 110 to 228/224 114 - Significant Driveability Improvement?
  70. ls1 rebuild.. What rings should I use
  71. Cometic Gasket Question?
  72. 98 LS1 rear cover ?
  73. Need Long Tube headers!!!
  74. AFR product support = ABOVE and BEYOND
  75. Typical piston height (out of the hole)
  76. broken rocker bolt
  77. PRC 5.3 VS PRC ls6 VS patriot LS6
  78. Which cam will get me 450rwhp w my heads? MS3/4 too big for DD?
  79. GM top engine cleaner
  80. Cam Opinions!!!
  81. Need help choosing a cam?!!?!!?!!!!
  82. f13 or x1 cam???
  83. SCR and DCR w/ 243 heads on LS1 vs LS2 and LS6
  84. Has anyone switched to AFR heads and Dyno'd?
  85. MS4 with GM HP lifters (caddy), need some help please
  86. need advice on rear cover bolts
  87. what's the difference between the heads???
  88. Got to ask
  89. 418c.i. and ETP 225's - what cam?
  90. what brand pistons and rods for a iron 6.0?
  91. Engine whine.... part of the usual LS1 language or is something up?
  92. Bearings?
  93. right cam for my setup help!!!!
  94. g5x2 with spray?
  95. need help!!!!! canton oil pan problem
  96. Winter project ideas
  97. Red or blue loctite on rocker bolt??? Or none?
  98. 238/242 .605/612 114 LSA will this fit stock 5.7 with stock heads without flycutting?
  99. Reinstalling heads question.
  100. LS6 Heads and Cam
  101. Comp-R lifters, Comp Pro-Magnum rockers & 918 springs = 6600 rpm valve float BAD
  102. Edelbrock Cam ?????
  103. good combination
  104. 6.0 iron block?
  105. Oil press too high after cam/head install
  106. which heads for my setup?
  107. Cam selection help?
  108. need some help.
  109. Going FI in future, cam choices?
  110. Heads and Cam
  111. what the hell spring help
  112. Heads/Cam - Getting the ducks lined up.. Working on the "end all" thread.. ;)
  113. Would this work well?
  114. LS1 to an LS6?
  115. Stroking Possibilities
  116. spongy caddy lifters??
  117. hrm, spending alot of money again
  118. What just fell out of my engine? **Picture**
  119. PRC 2.5 5.3L VS. Dart 205's
  120. start up-tfs 215/ tsp tv.2
  121. What to do with EGR when switching to LS6 intake?
  122. swapping cams again pvc help
  123. Need to know socket sizes for arp head studs
  124. Head gaskets again...
  125. The weak links??
  126. TSP 228R or Torquer V2
  127. What injectors for my setup?
  128. Shorty Head question
  129. 224/228 or 228/232
  130. 6.0l leave it 4.00 or bore it?
  131. Should ms3 need bigger injectors?
  132. 1 piece vs 2 piece seals and seats
  133. My experience with Patriot Performance
  134. loose front cam retainer??? WOW!!
  135. 408 questions....
  136. Ticking! Help!
  137. Looking for a Specific Boost Piston
  138. Predator-Z ported 317s for his boosted engine
  139. What are the effects of a loose timing chain?
  140. New Gm Cams
  141. A/C Woes..
  142. please help
  143. Least expensive way to gain 35 more rwhp?
  144. what solid lifters are you sometimes street guys having luck with?
  145. Vibration
  146. max compression for pump gas?
  147. Anybody ported the oil pan passages?
  148. Feel Like I wasted $$ on Cam Install!!
  149. How do you know if crank has "walked " or thrust bearing is toast?.............
  150. Dry-sump On A Ls1 Camaro
  151. Livernoise Stage II Heads
  152. lifter tool for cam install. helpppppp
  153. Speedometer FREAKING OUT!
  154. does anybody know what t/b to use with this elbow-
  155. strange oiling problem..not o-ring
  156. Suspect kids numbers are BS, please help
  157. How Do You Figure Out Your Duration at .006?
  158. Looking for some info about Accusump oil system
  159. arp main studs/bolts not direct bolt-in??
  160. Did Comp Check...Please Look!!!
  161. car dies when slammed into 2nd
  162. Cheapest route... used motor or crate?
  163. Connect a TV cabel to a LS1
  164. gm goodwrench ls1.. Good or garbage?
  165. Heads and Cam setup - PLEASE help me choose!
  166. How Much to Mill
  167. How much different are these two cams?
  168. Whats a good cam with stock heads!?
  169. Internal Help Please
  170. 241's
  171. Question on barbell seal in rear of engine?
  172. LQ9 crankshaft in an 00 ls1?
  173. Internal ?'s
  174. how much do heads get milled
  175. What do you think of this cam
  176. Pistons
  177. cutout gains?
  178. ls7 crank?
  179. pulley is stuck how do i get that thing out
  180. Now i think my bottom end is blown. Bad knock/Scretching
  181. Need 4.100 crank
  182. Oil Weight for Head and cam car?
  183. Will this Voodoo cam work in my ls?
  184. got a tick, but this ones different please take a read
  185. Dark Phoenix Risen Again
  186. Rocker arm contact patch with ETP 240 heads
  187. cam no tune driving
  188. Time for Some New Parts
  189. Any know of broken DART PSI single beehive spring yet as I am runnning boost...
  190. At what point do you have to worry about PTV clearance?
  191. How do you determine LSA from a Cam Doctor sheet?
  192. Blew My Engine! Question on What to do!!
  193. Ouch revved to 7 grand twice.....problems?
  194. Multiple random misfire????
  195. Thanks Predator-Z
  196. HELP me decide on a cam... (Yeah another cam thread)
  197. Can i put a ls6 in my 2001 trans am?
  198. How To Gain TQ
  199. Mail Order, High Quality True Dual Exhaust, do they exist for fbodys?
  200. Is there a certain way the lifters have to go back in?
  201. How to get seats off..
  202. Help me build my motor...
  203. Anyone use GM yellow springs on a TR224
  204. Thermostat fit trouble
  205. 228r + 112 lsa
  206. Rich on bank 2 only
  207. Changing engine to LS1
  208. 383 Stroker Motor Oil Pressure Problems. O-ring's found in the oil pan!!!!
  209. Why I'm happy with my Torquer V.2
  210. How do u change valve springs w/ the heads off the car?
  211. how big can u stroke
  212. head bolts/studs
  213. newbie motor build up???
  214. idling problem
  215. Driveability: Patriot Heads 59cc vs 64cc
  216. 6800rpm on stock bottom end?
  217. Comp R lifter question. Need quick answer.
  218. Building 427 ls1 style engine need advice
  219. Who runs 7.425" pushrods?
  220. Backfiring, after heads fixture!!
  221. What LSA for a MS3 and PRC 5.3 stage 2.5s?
  222. anyone wanna guess my WHP
  223. New LSX block
  224. Filling a dry engine?
  225. So now Im gonna buy my lifters
  226. LS6 oiling system
  227. Cam Pics - Opinions Wanted.
  228. rocker bearings DESTROYED!!!
  229. What pushrods to use w/ Z06 Cam?
  230. A good cam?
  231. LS1 Fan install
  232. Is the AFR cam byitself without heads decent?
  233. Excessive Preload
  234. Help me diagnose my problem before I start tearing my motor down.....
  235. Need help with valvetrain noise.
  236. whats the combustion chamber size on the TEA 5.3's
  237. PRC 5.3 stage 2.5 heads and MS3, what push rod length?
  238. procomp rockers
  239. Valve springs
  240. Garage Cam job
  241. engine help......ticking on the top end
  242. Pic of what i found on my oil drain Plug :(
  243. must have tune for new injectors?
  244. Good deal or no?
  245. Oil leak?? Head gasget???
  246. Plugs for Heads/Cam swap..
  247. Rod bolts, stretch or tourque?
  248. f10 cam what heads?
  249. Just curious.. Cam - 231/233 .613/.594 111.32
  250. Oil pressure fluctuation