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  1. Vindicator and nitrous?
  2. weight?
  3. Starter locks up when hot.
  4. Quick Pushrod Question
  5. Valve job questions? Is this true?
  6. Updating 98 Knock Sensors?
  7. UPDATE: original LS4 oil pump after putting it on track finally, awesome results.
  8. MS3 question?
  9. new cam for my tsp 2.5 5.3l heads
  10. How much can it handle
  11. Best cam to fit my application???
  12. Head question???
  13. Is anyone running the PRC 200cc Terminator Series Cylinder Heads???
  14. Vette motor for Camaro
  15. questions on vette motor swap
  16. MS4 w/ 5.3 STG 2.5 Heads???
  17. 6.0L pistons
  18. Milling Dart heads with a F14 cam and -2 cc pistons.
  19. Need help with H/C setup!!!
  20. tr 224 112lsa
  21. **Ultra small metallic color stuff in my oil**
  22. Crane Cams 1.7 Gold Rockers question...
  23. lunati and sdpc valve springs
  24. bout to order valves, but which ones?
  25. Exhaust to Intake flow ratios??????
  26. Anyone with a TTP Cam only car?
  27. Louder valvetrain after Duals installed from 918's?
  28. where to find #'s on ls 1 heads
  29. Stripped headbolt, help
  30. ls6 swap...
  31. Heads and cam dilemna
  32. what method/tool do people use to keep valves up when swapping springs?
  33. Any carb 6.0L guys out there?
  34. Problem w/ ARP head stud
  35. Post up your popular H/C combo numbers with cam! Lets see what gets good gas milage
  36. Instructions for checking Piston Valve Clearance with heads on????
  37. M6 guys with cams...where do you set your idle at?
  38. has anyone ever port matched or ported an LS6 intake?
  39. Is 2000 Stock oil pump good enough?
  40. Car Acting Strange
  41. WTF Got P0343 code on friends ZO6 (2003), cam sprocket bolts loose & NO dowel-pin???
  42. 400HP Daily Driver on Stock Heads?
  43. Cam is in, quick question
  44. ac cond bolt
  45. Help find the missing RWHP : 408ci, M6, 9"
  46. cam question
  47. Dropping oil pan #$@#$
  48. cheatr package 1/4 mile time????
  49. LS1 or LS6 Heads?
  50. Rear oil pan bolt length?
  51. change oil light??
  52. Help! Stock rocker bolts won't fit my HS modified rockers!
  53. LS6 Intake and HVAC
  54. how in the F(!@#*(&!@ do you get the damn oil pickup tube bolt back in.
  55. ls6 questions
  56. what can I do to get more out of my H/C combo??
  57. LS1 and LQ9 crank pulleys the same?
  58. 918 shim under or on top of valve seat?
  59. 243 Sodium Filled Valve ID (5 pics included)
  60. stock rods
  61. DO i need to change the gear of cam???
  62. Life of a valve spring
  63. How safe is it too...
  64. afr spring question
  65. head selection for MS4?
  66. 6.0 build
  67. Car falls on it's face (HELP PLEASE)
  68. Nitrous Bearing Clearances
  69. Can I Reuse My 6L MLS Gaskets???
  70. Bearings..
  71. Finally got the cash, Cam time
  72. Intermitent lifter noise question
  73. AFR 205 heads
  74. seafoam question
  75. what pulley do i need?? my asp wont fit.
  76. Better than pr0n. PICS INSIDE!
  77. tr244 question
  78. question about patriot performance
  79. need alot of help thanks
  80. Ported TB new MAF?
  81. What is the expected RWHP??
  82. shaft mount rockers
  83. Timing Chain question
  84. making a higher rpm motor
  85. Necessary Machine Work?
  86. Specs on TSP 233/239 cam???
  87. Who makes Adj. rockers for ETP's?????
  88. LS6 cam
  89. Patriot 226 cam?
  90. Heads Cam Setup
  91. Trak
  92. oh my GOD another cam selection thread!!!
  93. I had TWO broken springs not one
  94. Replacing the TRex....Options?
  95. need help picking
  96. Help, Rocker Almost Hitting Retainer Edge!!!
  97. cams pros PLEASE HELP!!!!
  98. I still need some help picking the right cam for these heads
  99. thinking about putting ls6 cam and heads on my ls1
  100. Adjustable rocker arms...HELP!!
  101. i stripped my pickup tube bolt threads where can i get a helicoil??
  102. LS6 swap
  103. cam install runs oky
  104. Engine Ticking finally resolved.
  105. Cam Gear Torque Prob HELP!!
  106. Rings for Lq4 or Lq9
  107. Best cam for daily driver
  108. Oil Pressure head scratcher!
  109. new engine
  110. is this enough clearance from windage tray to pick up tube????
  111. DCR question
  112. Heads for f14 cam (not darts)
  113. ASA CAM Question
  114. High Idle Issue
  115. New motor pics.
  116. head removal
  117. Melling oil pump users please come in!
  118. Cam tuned and dynoed
  119. .027 Quench to tight???
  120. Help with H/C heads gasket
  121. oil pressure sending unit.
  122. Anyone ever use the GM Performance springs!
  123. What heads with Spray (5.3 vs. LS6)
  124. Assembled engines
  125. The "recipe" to 500 rwhp with heads and cam.
  126. What causes a lifter to rotate in its bore?
  127. cam question
  128. Think I spun a bearing...
  129. How much to get the heads tuned up?
  130. LS1 to LS6
  131. Street Cam
  132. AFR vs. Trickflow bs. ETP heads?
  133. Quick question on ARP cylinder head fasteners?
  134. 383 head/cam question
  135. scorpion RR
  136. AFR heads and Carbon Fiber Valvecovers
  137. What's Needed with H/C
  138. 4.040 pistons?
  139. What do you guys think about this e\External Magnet for the Oil Filter?
  140. knock sensor
  141. bare oem 243s what valves?
  142. Katech Rod Bolts 199$ plus shipping
  143. exhaust leak before front O2 sensor causing detonation?
  144. Katech rod bolts back in stock
  145. What's inside the stock harmonic balancer/damper?
  146. LS4 oil pump...Use it or No?
  147. FAST 90/90 setup
  148. oil problems
  149. LS1Tick
  150. Why doesnt the search work
  151. Help with custom pistons & compression ratio
  152. No oil pressure in valvetrain, I'm lost
  153. Has anyone heard when the Suoper Victor will be available???
  154. Designing a custom cam. Opinions/advice wanted!
  155. looking for ls6 heads
  156. oil holes on oil pan
  157. 98 ls1 blocks
  158. question about ls6 heads
  159. just bought a cam
  160. PRC .660 dual springs vs Patriot .660 lift dual springs?
  161. A quick question about installing the rear cover...
  162. f13 core color?
  163. Labor cost for heads/cam install?
  164. Hone with torque plates
  165. Thinking about a bigger cam
  166. Question LS1, LS6 Cam, 317 casting heads
  167. Engine code
  168. Someone please tell me my car will get faster after a tune/oil pressure issues
  169. Questions for the H/C guys..
  170. Ticking noise only when on freeway! WTF
  171. alternator bolts
  172. Need Part Number Please
  173. How to confirm it's a real LG
  174. LS1 buildup for FD RX7
  175. 1.6 valves
  176. 383 with a vindicator cam
  177. Heads/camp install, will it run with 42lb injectors before tune??
  178. Edelbrock Announces Video Contest "Passion for Performance"
  179. Texas Speed (PRC) 5.3L stage 2.5 heads -- what cam?
  180. change of plans? opinions please,
  181. car not running right
  182. WOT ticking noise
  183. Pushrod Length
  184. Got a idle issue...
  185. what is it ?
  186. the engine stops!! help...
  187. help!!! help!!
  188. cam battle
  189. which cam should i go with??
  190. Cam question (tryed search)
  191. 02 simulators?
  192. What is wrong....?
  193. 6.0 LQ9 short block, pistons and rods?
  194. what pushrod lenght for mti x1 cam
  195. cam install???
  196. Anything I am forgetting for H/C install?
  197. Has anyone used 5w20 RP in their car?
  198. CheaTR guys...LTs?
  199. LS6 Piston question
  200. reccomendations for stock 5.3 heads
  201. head placement or no?
  202. SDPC forged piston, ring, bearing kit? Honing block?
  203. Just bought a used cam, what is the next step?
  204. Tsp's Stg 2.5 Ls6's vs Tsp's Stg 2.5 5.3's
  205. Need opinions on my lack of power
  206. GM ASA Cam
  207. Wave Springs?
  208. cam and torque converter help
  209. A video about removing emissions equipment
  210. 02 extensions? 12 or 24
  211. How often should i change valve springs ?
  212. valve noise at full throttle
  213. what else will i need?
  214. Ideal Air Fuel Ratio
  215. MS4, Trex, Ridiculously large
  216. Can you due a cam swap, without the tranny in?
  217. installed cam+springs, = lot of valvetrain noise
  218. Lifters Bleeding Out in 10 min?
  219. What valve spring should i use?
  220. HotCam going in, need a lil INFO
  221. Totally Baffling Problem.....Are you Next???
  222. to advance or not to advance: that is the question..
  223. Question about rods
  224. cam lift
  225. good numbers or not?
  226. Mobil 1 question :(
  227. TSP 228R Question
  228. 1.85 RR ?'s
  229. worth buying?
  230. Why does my car suck? MS3+slug.
  231. Before/After Head Pics - New meaning to customer service
  232. What cam to match?
  233. Oil through rocker arm threads???
  234. LS6 Springs with 224/228 ok?
  235. which rod bolts?
  236. oooops... (A/C related)
  237. this sucks!!
  238. Will the Torquer v.2 fit?
  239. Comp R Lifter Failure
  240. ms3 which pushrods?
  241. ? about final assembly
  242. Coolant problems with Patriot Heads??????
  243. Ls7 Lifters
  244. Best place to buy TFS heads.
  245. cam idea's for stock stall and manifolds?
  246. please look inside
  247. Broken head bolt, yay! Any ideas?
  248. 2000 SS Tear Down with pics.
  249. Need some info on ticking noise
  250. Help with problem