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  1. 1st double springs - how long do they last?
  2. REuse new head bolts
  3. Cam spec help for 214/230 .601/.579 117 LSA
  4. Whats the worst a collapsed lifter can do?
  5. Patrick or Predator...please give your .2cents
  6. Best place to get LS1 bare blocks
  7. anyone running a tv2 in their ls6
  8. oil pick up tube- single bolt ?
  9. Help Please!!!!
  10. 3D model of the LS1 engine, anyone got one?
  11. MS4 cam questions
  12. Where can i get rocker bolts from? need help ASAP!!
  13. Need Help Fast
  14. Taking off the stock exhaust.
  15. DCR vs SCR vs Octane
  16. ac aridium plugs vs ngk tr55
  17. Comp OE lifter failed
  18. BIG motor problems.... need opinions on what to do
  19. how long does it take to swap heads????
  20. priming engine after 4 years not used
  21. cheaper synthetic?
  22. Well, pulled the knock sensors...
  23. what heads are these?
  24. cam for a 2800 stall?
  25. Dart 205's or 225's!
  26. need input/suggestions
  27. Name all your tips, tricks, and hints, on prepping a new motor for installation!!!
  28. Rod Bolts and Motor Mounts at same time?
  29. 2002 Z06 heads and cam worth it on a 98?
  30. Problem with my crank? flywheel?
  31. Arp Main studs: thread pitch / diameter?
  32. What are these called? Pic inside.
  33. Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!! BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS!!! (pics)
  34. CAT Fluid Dampner
  35. how to achieve 8.5:1 CR
  36. Patriot Shaft Mounts-The good, bad, and ugly?
  37. LS1intake versus LS6
  38. Best N2O internals?
  39. Torquer 2 w/ stock ls6 heads, anyone done it?
  40. how this engine look?
  41. LS1 LS6 Heads
  42. Are Aftermarket Heads Worth The Money
  43. need some info on cam
  44. Cam selection
  45. time to change my valve springs?
  46. GM hot cam soundclips please!!!!!!
  47. need a second opinion
  48. new super fun problem after cam+head swap
  49. Torquer V2 guys! What heads are you using??
  50. Texas Giant / 408ci owners chime in!!!!
  51. Kudos
  52. MS4 or custom grind????? Cam advice needed....
  53. 2000 Z28 exhaust
  54. what are 6.0 compared to 5.3 heads for ls1
  55. TSP 231/237 or Speed Inc?
  56. 806 head question (searched)
  57. Damn!!!! Help
  58. What should i do next? Cam or finish suspension?
  59. Couple Internal Questions
  60. Son of a....
  61. How many hours to change heads???
  62. Screw it IM Caming IT....BUT
  63. cam?
  64. some questions
  65. Looking for heads/ cam package. help?
  66. LS2 Timing Chain in LS1 ok right??
  67. my Blackstone oil report (1998 Z28)
  68. Oil Filter
  69. crank pulley install questions - bent bolt?
  70. Dealer re-using old head bolts
  71. are ported LS6 heads worth the money?
  72. another "help me pick a cam" thread :) 99 trans am
  74. Best Pump Gas?
  75. Need advise on my Cam selection
  76. Hotcam Afficionados Come On In, And Answer This!!
  77. power curve?
  78. I have a quiet valvetrain!!!
  79. spray with h/c
  80. LQ4 to Fbod oil pan
  81. Predator! Help me!! Cam!!!
  82. Help me pick a cam!
  83. Another Cam Suggestion Thread
  84. Cadilliac Racing Lifters
  85. stock bottom end
  86. Driving without one rocker arm for 1 mile? ok?
  87. Pushrod Length??
  88. Too Much Vacuum??
  89. crank sensor part #
  90. Which cam is better for catted exhaust?
  91. Nothing good can come from this....
  92. Low numbers on cammed LS1...
  93. install new main/rod bearings with used short block?
  94. Cam and Heads
  95. Broken Valve Spring? Yes?
  96. Patriot heads????????????????
  97. Cam selection
  98. will ls2 chain in ls1 throw of camtiming due to more sloppyness ?
  99. sponsors and head porters come in
  100. oil leak out the exhaust?
  101. What would you do?
  102. I have a BIG problem
  103. Flycut exhaust side?
  104. What grade / weight of Rotella to break in engine with?
  105. Ordered My Parts Today!--What can i expect?
  106. recommended book for engines?
  107. Tr 230/224
  108. #s seem low. Looking for help.
  109. Gen 3 - No oil used yet - 57K w/mods
  110. anyone have MTI custom grind a cam?
  111. Rod to cam interference
  112. Road Race/Drift Cam question
  113. Not alot of talk of A4 cam only setups???
  114. Carbureted LS 1 for sale
  115. Pick your brains...
  116. GM part no help? sump gasket and oil pickup
  117. Engine specs
  118. Any Thought's?
  119. can some one please tell me what gasket i need to get for my heads?
  120. factory piston to wall clearance?
  121. Lobe help pleeeease!
  122. Gains from a cutout with a cam?
  123. Ticking noise????
  124. Hotcam MPG results...
  125. HELP! P0343 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit High Input!
  126. Stupid question. Can you explain "overlap"?
  127. NOOB HERE!! Tune Now?? Or Wait??
  128. new motor knocks
  129. Anyone have trouble getting parts from Patriot
  130. I need 241's
  131. lifters?
  132. P0307...
  133. Will these work?
  134. question on lifters
  135. Ls1
  136. Worth going with an LS6 cam
  137. LS 1 engine ID numbers
  138. 110 lsa
  139. stock 5.3l heads on a 408??
  140. SLP 1.85 ratio rocker arms on stock ls1??
  141. 404rwhp cam only stalled A4
  142. Thinking about going ahead and getting Trex...
  143. 106 lsa
  144. 5.3l cam help
  145. Weird, now my motor knocks
  146. 408 stroker with hp turbo kit
  147. crank bolt
  148. Video: Coolant leaking from Header Bolts
  149. just wondering....
  150. More runner and cam?
  151. Has anyone put new roller rockers on ls1?
  152. Throttle Bodt Stack ? Does It Really Work?
  153. Cam Suggestions..
  154. Ls1 engine parts?
  155. MTI R1, Thinking about a change.....
  156. Scorpion roller rockers?
  157. For those of you who like to see pictures of wiped out motors (dial-up beware!)
  158. HOw much can I mill 317's before I run into problems (6.0 w/cam)
  159. ms3 on a blower...or good blower cam?
  160. valve covers
  161. Will This Work?..need Help
  162. G5x2
  163. Cam suggestions?
  164. Stealthy cam setup HELP
  165. T Rex Idle
  166. Cool Weiand Lingenfelter Intake on Ebay
  167. Rocker arm adjustment? or valves?
  168. PCM gasket help
  169. new injectors and fuel pump?
  170. lifter drop risk on upside down engine ? (cam swap)
  171. What do you think about these?
  172. Weird oil pressure....Help Please
  173. Should I leave it alone?
  174. Removing crank bolt with engine out?
  175. LQ4 vs LQ9 piston/rod weights
  176. Would like to run 11's- 6 speed, full weight, 3.42's
  177. I want more power!
  178. INstalling the Harmonic Balancer
  179. ls7 cam in a ls1?
  180. building new motor
  181. balancer position not marked when removed
  182. Cam install price?
  183. Patriot 226/226 cam SOUND CLIPS WANTED
  184. will this pcv setup work for heads/cam car?
  185. Lingenfelter LS1 ASA spec race car motor
  186. So whatever happened to the ole' T1 and B1 cams?
  187. Help needed!!!
  188. Using/losing coolant(water)
  189. Think my goal is realistic?
  190. cam?
  191. Valve float??
  192. Pushrod ?
  193. Max Valve size that will clear a 5.3L Bore?
  194. Error in Cam Selection; Trying Again
  195. PTV clerance - quick question
  196. Post up if you have the PatrickG spec 230 cam for 6 speed DD's
  197. so, how many others have found...
  198. Comp XE-r 224
  199. Lifter Failure
  200. Help put my mind to ease
  201. Which Cometics should I get?
  202. The new motor
  203. need help to chose...ms4,s2,or streetsweeper on stock heads
  204. Forged parts supplier !
  205. Vapor locking
  206. TrickFlow 235cc Heads ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!
  207. Anyone with carbed ls1 exp.
  208. breaking up sounds at ~5500rpm
  210. First P0343, fixed it, now P0300 - could it be broken lifter?
  211. 2002 LS1 h/c question
  212. Where do you like your powerband to be at???
  213. Max stock crank HP
  214. Tapping from top of motor...
  215. Trouble deciding what heads to compliment the Vindacator cam?
  216. Fuse/ wire problems
  217. Who's the "Man" when it comes to choosing a cam...............
  218. how much for rebuild
  219. Which aftermarket oil pump do i need?
  220. Replacement rings and bearing part numbers?
  221. cam gurus, please chime in
  222. Somebody please help me...
  223. SNOW Performance
  224. Guys with MAF!
  225. TSP cam question
  226. where to buy PP heads?
  227. hpe c cam
  228. Looking for a G5X2 112LSA
  229. general cam question
  230. Crank hub bolt
  231. Locktight on Rocker Arm Botls?
  232. Best spring tool that does two at a time?
  233. proper engine break in procedure
  234. At what size do you lose streetable power?
  235. TR 224/224 112LSA Dyno #'s
  236. LS1-LS6 package
  237. Who to use?
  238. Going back to Street Setup on the Z
  239. could this be internal
  240. Stupid Cam Swap Question
  241. allpro or trickflow?
  242. 2 issues with heads/cam tune, chime in please.
  243. How long can I go without a tune? & patriot spings question
  244. Really Rich after H/C install
  245. 231/237 vs 233/239
  246. Rocker Swap With New Cam?
  247. Trex on Stock Heads?
  248. LS1 piston deck height
  249. new 408
  250. copper substance in oil