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  1. Post up if you have the PatrickG spec 230 cam for 6 speed DD's
  2. so, how many others have found...
  3. Comp XE-r 224
  4. Lifter Failure
  5. Help put my mind to ease
  6. Which Cometics should I get?
  7. The new motor
  8. need help to chose...ms4,s2,or streetsweeper on stock heads
  9. Forged parts supplier !
  10. Vapor locking
  11. TrickFlow 235cc Heads ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Anyone with carbed ls1 exp.
  13. breaking up sounds at ~5500rpm
  15. First P0343, fixed it, now P0300 - could it be broken lifter?
  16. 2002 LS1 h/c question
  17. Where do you like your powerband to be at???
  18. Max stock crank HP
  19. Tapping from top of motor...
  20. Trouble deciding what heads to compliment the Vindacator cam?
  21. Fuse/ wire problems
  22. Who's the "Man" when it comes to choosing a cam...............
  23. how much for rebuild
  24. Which aftermarket oil pump do i need?
  25. Replacement rings and bearing part numbers?
  26. cam gurus, please chime in
  27. Somebody please help me...
  28. SNOW Performance
  29. Guys with MAF!
  30. TSP cam question
  31. where to buy PP heads?
  32. hpe c cam
  33. Looking for a G5X2 112LSA
  34. general cam question
  35. Crank hub bolt
  36. Locktight on Rocker Arm Botls?
  37. Best spring tool that does two at a time?
  38. proper engine break in procedure
  39. At what size do you lose streetable power?
  40. TR 224/224 112LSA Dyno #'s
  41. LS1-LS6 package
  42. Who to use?
  43. Going back to Street Setup on the Z
  44. could this be internal
  45. Stupid Cam Swap Question
  46. allpro or trickflow?
  47. 2 issues with heads/cam tune, chime in please.
  48. How long can I go without a tune? & patriot spings question
  49. Really Rich after H/C install
  50. 231/237 vs 233/239
  51. Rocker Swap With New Cam?
  52. Trex on Stock Heads?
  53. LS1 piston deck height
  54. new 408
  55. copper substance in oil
  56. Highest "safe" DCR for 92 octane?
  57. cam help
  58. Where to Buy New Motor
  59. TSP 5.3 stg. 2.5 heads with G5X3 ??
  60. Head Swap Hints/Advisories
  61. Going with the TFS Heads, Will Pacesetter long tubes be ok?
  62. Cam Suggestions?
  63. i need some help
  64. why do ls1's make that tapping sound?
  65. Another Oil Pump Question
  66. Anyone have a ms3 with a built in advance?
  67. What cam for LQ4 with LS6 heads?
  68. Vales hitting pistons w/X2 cam, HELP!?
  69. Which NGK plug
  70. torquer v3 people please!
  71. ls1 to lt1
  72. Car searching for idle on start-up...?
  73. procharger track results!!!!!!!!!!
  74. Crank bolt torque
  75. Does my car have a LS6 block?
  76. Time estimate on H/C setup. . . PLZ help
  77. Noobie
  78. ASR help
  79. poll: keep my current heads or sell them for something else
  80. DIY H/C install
  81. 1998 camaro z28. advise on getting more horse power
  82. 420hp and 116% injector duty cycle?? need help
  83. HELP check engine light ,knocking sound
  84. Are Comp XR lobes still good?
  85. no tach and car won't run
  86. FMS F2 CAM Yea or Nea?
  87. Motor started right up, running lean and misfire.
  88. Which longblock has the best heads?
  89. what CR?
  90. SLP 1.85 Rocker Arm and Spring Kit?
  91. Coolant won't flush & Engine sounds like a sewing machine?
  92. AFR 205's milled to 60cc /G5x1...opinions?
  93. Rocker Bolts?
  94. What is the head chamber size on TSP 5.3l stage 2.5 heads???
  95. New 235cc TFS head
  96. ls6 springs, new pushrods?
  97. Longest lasting valve springs
  98. LS6 Heads
  99. Cam options .. What to do?
  100. Problems with idle!!
  101. tr 224 on a 112 or 114 with 4l60e?
  102. Problems after head and cam install need help
  103. 408
  104. ls6 or ls2
  105. Piston and rod questions for a FI newbie.
  106. good daily driver cam?
  107. Canadian Performance Forged 347
  108. Comp 977 max lift
  109. First startup tips and advice, procedure?
  110. Oil pump pickup tube o ring ..Some question
  111. Need help with clanking sound!!
  112. help with cam and nitrous. Trying to keep up with mustang
  113. LS1 - LS6 diffrent?
  114. Dumb Question
  115. 427 $$$
  116. How many cams swaps have you done.
  117. ***power Limit Of Stock Block***
  118. when claying? valve spring?
  119. TSP torquer v3
  120. Anyone here good with Jeeps?
  121. CRAP!!! Boke a oil pan bolt!!!
  122. looking for info on offset ground cranks
  123. Few questions...
  124. TR's new TR227
  125. ms4 track results!!
  126. bobweight?
  127. Coolant Problem..HELP!
  128. HOW TO "flycut pistons"
  129. Ultra fine sparkles in oil from filte
  130. evaporator removal
  131. Bad install by shop
  132. HELP!!!! Piston Ring Gap Question
  133. Torquer 3 cam only
  134. PTV clearance: How big can I go??
  135. Ls1 Heads on 6.0 Iron Gasket and Torque Question?
  136. CHECK MY MATH PLEASE!! lifters
  137. Spun Bearing?
  138. Is this cam still good? PICS
  139. Stock LS1, 39k miles, SES light and misfire at 4,000RPMs
  140. GMPP LS6 Heads
  141. cam install help!!!
  142. What is the flow rate of the LS1 oil system?
  143. Does anyone have a set of Dart 205's on the bench?
  144. f13 to ms4 worth the time?
  145. Passenger side JPR dowell will not go in, think i have a stuck lifter
  146. cam swap trouble
  147. 2.08 size valves too big for stock bore?
  148. Flat top piston options?
  149. Anyone know a guide to replace ls1 valve springs?
  150. any ideas what is causing this?
  151. main bearing clearance
  152. JP Performance Timing Chain
  153. How Much Is Safe Head Milling Questions
  154. I think i have a cracked what?
  155. LS1 ARP head bolt torque
  156. Another cam decision
  157. How do I make this NA combo faster?
  158. How much can be milled?
  159. 243 LS6 heads
  160. Quick LQ4 crank question
  161. Ms3 Guys Any Audio??? Post Up
  162. LSK daily drivers, how are your springs doing?
  163. How much spring pressure can the Morels take?
  164. Need to rent the flycutting tools
  165. heads gasket/head install questions
  166. what are the specs of a z06 cam
  167. H/C Nightmare - PTV Problems - Help
  168. pvc and cr question
  169. Sputter/Stall
  170. Futral F13 or Torquer 2?
  171. It's On Now! (pictures)
  172. O-ring or Piston slap?
  173. people with tr224 cam come in please!
  174. Ls6 ?
  175. Help Me.....
  176. Coolant Pressure Test Help
  177. I think it is time to sell my SS Camaro 300 gas bill.
  178. Loud Vacuum Noise (Intake Manifold)
  179. Head removal to change lifters?
  180. HELP!!! No oil pressure!
  181. Source for stock short block?
  182. 408 Numbers - Advice Please
  183. cam break in?
  184. Crank Pulley Bolt?
  185. Need serious cam help!!! Sponsors look too!!!
  186. Is it safe run run airplane gas?
  187. What kind of power can I expect with this set up?
  188. replaceing rings and bearings
  189. Lq9 and Lq4 piston rings
  190. Are the chamber designs on LS6 and LS2 heads the same?
  191. new cam and motor problems PLEASE HELP!!!
  192. Heads And Cam Setup
  193. Building a Forged Shortblock
  194. How does this Futral PTV recommendation sound? (FM14 with heads)
  195. German Castrol 0w-30 or M1 0W-40???
  196. Might be time for a cam!
  197. heads/cam or nitrous....
  198. power from 2001 ss ls1 heads
  199. Solid Or Hydraulic Cam??????
  200. colder thermostat....worth it??
  201. blown head gasket...
  202. H/C Job on the Cheap?
  203. Ported LS6 intake
  204. LS6 Heads on a LQ4 Vortec 6.0
  205. Anyone drive long distances with big cam?
  206. Installed Cam, 150 miles later, knocking?
  207. Steam hole plumbing.. required or blocked off?
  208. Flycutting?? milled Tsp 5.3s & ms4
  209. Need Help...
  210. Parts Compatibility Question--Aftermarket Z/28--->C5
  211. bent pushrods
  212. Blower cam: LS6 vs. 224/228 114lsa
  213. Cam Install A Suscess! A few questions?
  214. Are shorter pushrods required with LS7 lifters?
  215. Ls1 piston rings (file fit) Need HELP!!!!!
  216. AFR 225 heads
  217. LS1 piston rings (file fit) What Gap?!? Need HELP!!!
  218. LS6 Head Swap to a LQ4 6.0
  219. Should I install my TR224 or go custom?
  220. The dredded "ticking" noise
  221. Ticking sound?? With Video Oil Pressure great
  222. is trick flow worth the money?
  223. LSx timing/pointer indicator???
  224. 408 Performance Question
  225. Just Hot Cam 1/4 mile times
  226. Noise?
  227. whine in the engine bay
  228. 5.3 heads???
  229. Anyone running a 2.08" valve on a stock CID motor?
  230. 853's vs 243's
  231. Thicker 30W Oil then M1
  232. Help!
  233. Comp Cam 7.400 Push-rods and Hot Cam Question??
  234. T2/5.3 stage2.5 heads and TSP mail order tune?
  235. who wants a write up on flycutting??
  236. Search Down, 799 casting/243 casting/6.0L 317...?
  237. lifter change ?????
  238. What is this part?
  239. BAD internal noise after start up. Expert help needed!
  240. Engine slowly overheats. Causes?
  241. what is an optimal MAP sensor reading?
  242. i need some help and info
  243. what heads to choose?
  244. 112 LSA with spray?
  245. Whats needed for a head swap?
  246. Cam Only Guys come in!
  247. Update on engine ticking, stuck lifter.
  248. which h/c setup
  249. Morel Lifter Question
  250. 5.3 block question