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  1. 408 stroker: Rod bolts hitting oil deflector
  2. can an engine be messed up but trying to start it?
  3. New Crane Valve Springs
  4. Rod Journal vs Crank Journal Bore
  5. Is it ok to run adjustable rockers in a hydraulic roller valvetrain?
  6. Scat forged rods
  7. waterpump question
  8. 408 Question...
  9. Considering a new cam - need opinions. Patrick G/PredatorZ/Tony Mamo come inside!
  10. Not getting scared any more!!
  11. What cam?
  12. gmpp ls6 heads
  13. Took my lifters off, how can i tell if they were the cause of ticking, can i check?
  14. Blowby and Valve cover breathers
  15. Torquer V2 vs TR224
  16. Radiator Flush at Dealership??
  17. Can I get some assistance figuring my DCR
  18. can i use my old lifters?
  19. Tashoo Performance
  20. i was a torquer V2 but one step bigger
  21. Retarding a cam?
  22. Finally Cam Time
  23. Cam question
  24. Pushrods?
  25. Torquer 2 and Tech Knowledgeable HELP ! ! !
  26. Exhaust banging off of crossmember
  27. Wierd ? About Oil On Plugs...
  28. Shiftpoints for this cam?
  29. i have a GEN III but got some thing new to put in it now
  30. Do I need a double roller?
  31. what oil pump is best?
  32. 232/234 cam on 111 LSA but what Lift?
  33. 120K and Cylinder walls still have Cross Hatchings?
  34. metal shavings in the oil, please help
  35. Crane cams dual valve springs?
  36. new cam do i forget something ??
  37. Stock Block crank build?
  38. most cost effective stroker motor with a aluminum block?
  39. a question about drivability
  40. Heads
  41. Machine work cost?
  42. Clearance issues
  43. Cam with stock manifolds and gutted cats
  44. Girl for the Win
  45. Help what LSA MS3
  46. Looking for some opinions on a better cam for my setup
  47. Opinions on this H/C combo
  48. Stock heads on my 408
  49. Oil Pump Rust?
  50. All needed for MS4?
  51. who does a good head porting
  52. Anyone with a 228R cam and stock rear and Clutch
  53. exact spec. GT2-3 cam ? max. lift at what crank degree
  54. what valve springs for tr224
  55. arp headstuds or headbolts?
  56. 98 heads, rocker arms hitting covers
  57. 427ci head gasket question...
  58. car suddenly dies when driving???
  59. Cam install AFTER dyno tune ?
  60. Installing an Autometer Cobalt Series Water Temp Guage... a few questions...
  61. Belt # with Meziere waterpump and ASP underdrive Balancer
  62. Need a link to Patriot heads
  63. At what power level is a ported Fast90 useful?
  64. Need a sound clip of Texas Giant!!!
  65. ETP canted valve heads what intake?
  66. Piston loud is too loud?
  67. Heads//cam, ls7 lifters, LOUD Lifter noise please read! TSP Help please?
  68. dry sump setup??
  69. Lifter the weakest link???
  70. Looking to do heads/cam next
  71. cheapest place to buy trick flows!?!?!?
  72. best overall cam w/ under .600 lift?
  73. solid roller oil pressure issue...please help
  74. Has anyone used this cam.....
  75. Looking for oil pan sealant
  76. Cam install easier when adding heads too??
  77. Just wanna reassure myself (cam install question)...
  78. 235/243 .646/.653 110+4 vs. 239/242 649/609 110+4
  79. is it worth swapping upgraded oil pump and timing chain on stock ls1?
  80. Which one is best for me?
  81. cam help needed please (patrick G and predator Z please chime in)
  82. placement of cutouts???
  83. damage from open headers???
  84. Track Results BBK SSI vs. Mamo Ported FAST
  85. New head bolts question???
  86. Need advice on budget motor!!
  87. What Is Needed For A 6.0 Swap
  88. 427 redline
  89. PRC 5.3 stg2.5 VS PRC LS6 w/.040 cometics???
  90. PRC 5.3L Stage 2.5 Heads (pictures)
  91. LS6 Spring Maximum Lift
  92. Light rust on 2 cylinder walls/sleeves - What to do? pics
  93. need short block rebuild advice
  94. LSK lobes? How do you order and from where?
  95. Question on a Cam
  96. How can you tell what type of heads that you have?
  97. I think this explains my misfire problem...
  98. 8,000+ rpms safe with wet sump?
  99. I dont what to get???
  100. rebuilding an engine... what do i need?
  101. **speed Inc / Big Jason Racing**
  102. G5x4
  103. Ls7 lifter differences?
  104. How difficult to swap LS6 oil pan?
  105. What is wrong with this car!!!!
  106. lifter problem
  107. lifter problem
  108. Doing it once and doing it right.
  109. An electric water pump.
  110. Heads and cam combo.
  111. Rotating assembly for 408 project
  112. Peak Power
  113. torque specs?
  114. LG G5 cam or F-13
  115. thinking. too much.
  116. Need opinions on what cam to run now! Torquer 2 dosent cut it anymore
  117. estimated WHP after retuning
  118. Considering Cometic .040 gaskets...Shoudl I?
  119. 427ci turbo cam?
  120. stroker fuel economy???
  121. switching valves
  122. Squeeling/tapping in valvetrain
  123. better oil pump and timing chain upgrade for stock ls1?
  124. question about starting a 408 on a 346 ci/t-rex tune
  125. Heads are off, whats next???
  126. how to clean a set of heads and injectors that have been sitting?
  127. motor pics w/ BECK intake (almost finished)
  128. ls6 intake
  129. heads
  130. LS6 intake parts/LS6 heads
  131. ls1 mods
  132. Threw a code and studied the problem.
  133. Oil Temp Sender Placement
  134. Installed Melling 10296 Oil pump on 135K mile motor
  135. oil pick up tube- same query- single bolt?
  136. lunati / eagle stroker kit differences
  137. Oil pressure to high?
  138. ARP head stud kit
  139. Got some sweet stuff in the mail today!!!
  140. wheres a good place to get a tune
  141. Oil Leak
  142. Iron block suggestions
  143. Deciding to try Royal Purple - Which Weight? 5w-30 - 10w-40 - 5w-40
  144. New guy needs advice.........
  145. HELP!!! Car died while driving, it won't start... It just cranks
  146. Kick'n SRT's tail....242/242 duration on a 408?....
  147. Can I have some torque over here...........
  148. issues with 228/232 110+1 cam
  149. thinkin for swappin 205s for 225?????!
  150. Slight "ticking" while spraying?
  151. Weird Noise On COLD Start
  152. engine swap
  153. After cam swap car won't always start on first try?
  154. 98 Trans Am work up
  155. Dry sump oil for my 408.. Or traditional?
  156. New lifters/parts cleaning/lubing before install?
  157. Which Valve Spring to Use?
  158. Which melling?
  159. Which GM parts are weakest?
  160. Next step in Cam's,
  161. Losing oil presure
  162. Question about reluctor wheel for LS2 swap.
  163. Question On 6.0L Heads on a 346 ????
  164. lifter problem ?
  165. Oil Circuit Description
  166. Another low oil pressure thread - HELP
  167. what cam w/ 205 heads?
  168. heat problem???
  169. how much power gain?
  170. Got my 228R installed!
  171. question about a ticking sound
  172. Cam selection for a solid roller 408
  173. High Mileage LS1 warnings???
  174. 224/228 110+2 cam
  175. help
  176. spring removal off of car
  177. prblem with 402
  178. Upload Your Video
  179. 10w30 making my motor knock???
  180. New a good shop in the New Orleans area
  181. Stripped head bolt.... Need help please...
  182. Head Casting Number ?
  183. I need to be forged
  184. Start up Idle hunt and throttle lag
  185. someone had to ask it, so I'll ask it...LOBES??
  186. help search down!!!!
  187. which one?
  188. What Cam?
  189. Metal in the oil? Anyone know?
  190. does anyone have an ls6 package on their f-body??? How is it from stock
  191. What HP/TQ should I expect with H/C?
  192. Can I use NGK55's in a Dart Head?
  193. how much would 1.8 rockers affect a TR224?
  194. Going with the vindicator,Couple questions
  195. Scorpion roller: anyone with experience or an opinion?
  196. 1998 engine questions/problems
  197. question
  198. TRex/TFS 215cc Combo???
  199. lq4 lifter = 00 3.8 lifter?
  200. ls1 vs 6.0 L block?more hp???
  201. Best head for my setup?
  202. 918's or PRC duals?
  203. Im new to the LS1's so dont make fun whats the biggest size MAF they make for an LS1
  204. HELP! The engine won't turn over by hand!
  205. i measured to flycutt or not?
  206. what pushrod length???
  207. TSP Head Owners-Come in
  208. lunati rotating assemblies???
  209. Need a cam for my DD...
  210. Milled heads procharger friendly?
  211. need help w/ connectors at back of intake
  212. will a JP performance timming chain set for a ls2 work on a ls1?
  213. trickflow 215's and 242/248 .610/.615-110 comp
  214. Good Head match for 228/230 .588/.591 on 113 LSA???
  215. blow by / oil consumption
  216. ARP Head Studs - Lost a Nut
  217. Detonation on stock motor (39,000 miles)
  218. comp solid lsx cams?
  219. 228/232 111lsa
  220. Patriot Golds vs Comp 921--any noise difference?
  221. pushrod length
  222. Weird Shake
  223. has any1 broke a valve lock
  224. Can a Magic Stick 3 be DD?
  225. Patriot 226 vs Trick Flow Stage 3
  226. push rod thickness
  227. Who Sells The Best 346 C.i. Short Block
  228. LS1 Hotcam owners - a few questions
  229. anybody using patroit cam?
  230. Car sits 2-3 weeks at a time - bad?
  231. [B]Anyone know what this is???[/B]
  232. Help Please
  233. Si5
  234. Tapping noise in fresh, built LS7
  235. What happened to my engine?
  236. 243 intake port, valve seat overhang
  237. Head Gasket Chart
  238. To MILL or not to MILL, that is the question...
  239. Does anyone know....
  240. Strongest Stock Crank
  241. Stroker guys, what's your oil pressure?
  242. New Heads or Port/Polish Stock Heads?
  243. TB years
  244. cam degree and power
  245. ls6 heads question
  246. hp guess
  247. Hey guys need some help here
  248. Can you reuse stock main bolts?
  249. F13-112(non high lift) vs Torquer v.2-112
  250. 94k miles, heads/cam, replace lifters?