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  1. need help asap..
  2. question about gm performance LS6 CNC ported heads
  3. Melling High Volume Oil pump w/Rollmaster Double Roller
  4. cam for good NA and turbo power
  5. valve float with comp XE-R lobes
  6. porting question on 241 heads
  7. Hot Cam?
  8. recomend an EMISSIONS friendly cam
  9. LS1 temp help PLEASE
  10. Oil pump to pickup tube question.
  11. Misfire on #8.. Where to start?
  12. tr227/224 in lq4
  13. anyone running the trick flow track heat cam ???
  14. Idle Vid
  15. Smoking at idle and cruising
  16. I think I got old lifters in a new LS7 lifter box :mad:
  17. street cam with possible forced induction in the future?
  18. Timing Chain Tension
  19. Good thread for engine removal?
  20. LS1 Heads and Cam for a Truck!!
  21. '03 241 stock valvesprings
  22. will this cam work?????
  23. Anyone using TSP torquer v.2
  24. Rear engine cover leak (search not working)
  25. LSA question (Cam Guys)
  26. T-Rex cam help
  27. Max LS6 head flow numbers
  28. How much power can the Ls1 block handle?
  29. Head torque specs?
  30. push rod question
  31. 90mm Intake setup
  32. YellaTerra install
  33. Rev limit questions
  34. Who's running the PRC Stage 2.5 LS6 Heads ???
  35. HPE or TSP....for a 347 forged shortblock
  36. Tach Wire pin #?
  37. Daily drivability with a Z06 that has this setup?
  38. anyone running TSP 233/239?
  39. can a bad front O2 cause cylinder misfire? URGENT
  40. tr224 in stock car ?
  41. SLP cam.. anyone using this one?
  42. Should You Change the Rear Oil Seal During Clutch Change?
  43. Best heads for Torquer v2?
  44. ARP head BOLTS. Do I torque then degree the bolts?
  45. It's not the valvetrain...
  46. Edelbrock head and valves question
  47. Can I get 400+ rwhp w/ stock gas mileage from ported stock LS1 heads and LS1 hotcam?
  48. 140+ oil pressure
  49. Poll time- which cam would YOU choose?
  50. How to tell a 4.8 from a 5.3????
  51. 68 Camaro LQ9 Cam?
  52. Timing chain crank gear loose?
  53. cost for boring
  54. 2000 Trans Am with patriot cam first start up vid.
  55. Biggest cam????LS6 engine
  56. cam selection please help
  57. comp 918 valve spring life?
  58. interesting.. who knows the answer?
  59. Torquer V2 first Fireup Video
  60. Stock ls1 block limits on boost?
  61. Need help, rearend question
  62. Canadian Performance Engines Forged 347
  63. is 30-60 normal oil pressure
  64. Spun a bearing, need opinions
  65. My motor hydrolocked
  66. reverse split cams?
  67. MS4, Vindicator, other..which cam????
  68. psion
  69. Does a spun bearing destory anything? (as in cant be reused)
  70. Compression Ratio and Pump Gas
  71. Tr224 cam car 112
  72. What head gasket-bolts with my Dart Heads?
  73. More cubes = more noise?
  74. cam ideas for my SS!!!!????
  75. Want to make sure LS1 and LS6 valtrain is the same
  76. Melling oil pump?
  77. Replacing oil pump
  78. Ive got a hole in my head.
  79. Compression ratio for camaro
  80. Rod bolts hitting windage tray
  81. Questions for those who have High Mileage Cars
  82. oem vs. non oem lsx blocks
  83. Cam Advice
  84. Mysterious Coolant Leak. Help!
  85. Spun Rod Bearing
  86. Help with a new setup!
  87. Collapsed LS7 lifter.
  88. dropping motor back in question (wrong section?)
  89. TSP 231/237 users come on in...
  90. pushrods for my 231/237
  91. Rod bolt install quote?
  92. Lifter pump... . How much?
  93. 853 or 241? need seom quick answers
  94. Clevite Bearings : P or H series?
  95. Is 700 too much for a Cam Swap
  96. SCE Titan
  97. Is it normal to have some smoke with a cammed engine? Video
  98. Where To Buy?....Ported LS6 Intake
  99. Weight of stock LS1 con rods
  100. Does anyone know seat timing numbers for 02+ LS6 cam?
  101. 346/7 N/A plus spray
  102. Thumbs up to Gunnar@Patriot
  103. Lifter tool problem
  104. car won't rev past 6k
  105. what cam is this?
  106. **miles you put on your ms4***
  107. Is SLP better than Rollmaster timing chains and Melling oil pumps???
  108. Hey guys, time for a change (I think)
  109. need a lil cam advice
  110. what kind of converter should i get and how high?
  111. what size push rods to get
  112. cam swap info *searched*
  113. DRC 11-1 piston help
  114. Piston ring help needed quickly please
  115. Power increase
  116. Old Man Truck Cam
  117. help! who here has patriot ls6 heads?? pushrod problem
  118. Do heads increase gas mileage?
  119. what's the deal with darton sleeves???
  120. Re-use pan and cover gaskets?
  121. New oil pump?
  122. engine covers question
  123. Water Pump Fitting Help????
  124. Modifications to ls1 block or not?
  125. Who sells cartek heads/cam packages?
  126. How's the Complete Set-Up Look?
  127. Critique the hell out of my setup...
  128. valve size
  129. has anyone had even a hint of getting their caddy lifters???
  130. Are the head bolts reusable?
  131. Your thoughts on chamber sizes...
  132. High Miliage Cam Swap
  133. Whats the biggest cam for Pat. Per. LS6 55cc heads??
  134. Big HP 346/7 Guys Come IN!
  135. pushrods for MTi X1 with MMS stage 3 port and polish heads
  136. JE / Callies don't clear
  137. forged internals HELP
  138. Price of ls6 heads?
  139. My DCR calculator results
  140. Power Target!!
  141. Pushrod Question
  142. Rod weights
  143. Question about the specs on my cam....
  144. Cam ?
  145. ls6 cam questions?
  146. Any ideas on possible 422 build??
  147. Question about DCR with my setup
  148. current Misfire count is high on cyl 7 nad 8, 02 ls1
  149. Lean?!
  150. Parts back from balancing
  151. Agree or not with my tuner on an over-rev?
  152. lash adjustment
  153. Just enough head? Lol!!!
  154. stock lifters, how much can they take?
  155. Would an MS4 cam be a good choice for my 98 TA?
  156. What Kinda Heads
  157. The TSP 5.3 Heads stage 2.5 and MS3 camshaft for a 01 z06?
  158. Benifits of removing A.I.R/EGR?
  159. piston ring gap and rod bolts
  160. Toying with engine combo...
  161. Trashed Ls1 block!!
  162. what cam to go with patriot performance heads....
  163. WTF: Motor leaks water?!?!?!?!
  164. Lsk or xer?
  165. March Balancer Help
  166. Ported Oil Pump Question? ? ?
  167. i need your help
  168. ls6 motor in 04 cts-v
  169. Head Gasket Thickness
  170. Any C5 guys running GMPP intake?
  171. anybody used these ebay rocker arms?
  172. New cam, idle vid...
  173. RPM 5 Cam Sound Clip
  174. Oil leak
  175. H/c Setup
  176. MS3 Cam
  177. need part number for hellfire rings
  178. Spark plug tricks?
  179. Just ordered my MS4 on a 110+4
  180. New Book(Dyno-Proven GM LS1-LS7 Perf Parts)
  181. help with milling heads , pushrod compression
  182. Head guide for LS1 motors
  183. MS4 Guys
  184. Yella Terra roller rockers
  185. Need help with cam info
  186. Anyone Know the Weight Difference Between 6.0 Iron block and Ls1?
  187. TSP 5.3 cc's? 228R or torquer V2?
  188. What size Cometic?
  189. Blown Head Gasket
  190. How much to put a LS2 in a LT1 body
  191. which dual springs/push rods???
  192. LS7 valve spring specs
  193. Question about idle with a cam
  194. 160k ls1
  195. rotella 5w40 syn anyone using?
  196. Took the heads off - Clean up?
  197. Cam Position High AND Low Codes
  198. Heads for MS3
  199. Whose got heads ready for the LSX block?
  200. shaft mount rockers for HYD motor?
  201. How much rwhp can stock 99 ls1 engine handle
  202. HP numbers? Torquer V2, some more mods....
  203. stock crank question
  204. cam selection
  205. SLP's new high torque cam?
  206. Need some advice from the Cam experts?
  207. need to find this out quick- rod side clearance
  208. All parts needed for TSp MS4 Cam install
  209. How does this setup sound?
  210. Is It Worth It To Port????
  211. Smoke pouring out of my oil cap breather.
  212. will it run?
  213. 6L iron block
  214. LS1 or LS6 block?
  215. help me decide..
  216. 500 rwhp head/cam combo question?
  217. Meth injection on high compression N/A Motor??
  218. #7 cylinder and steam vent tubes???
  219. what is stock cam base circle
  220. 224-228 112lsa who runs one?
  221. g5x2!
  222. Soild Roller Guys.....
  223. Mobile 1 or is there better oils??
  224. Question about heads....
  225. Torquer V.3 owners chime in!!
  226. push rod length
  227. new heads information????
  228. daily driving ls7 springs holding for trex or MS3
  229. In What Order Should I Install All of These Parts?
  230. Coolant gurgling after driving around?
  231. Anybody with this cam AZPS02?
  232. cam question
  233. tr224 cam with what package
  234. Texas Giant in a forged 364???
  235. rotating assembly ?
  236. 2000 Trans Am
  237. Stock Rockers
  238. Not just another cam question (or, maybe it is)
  239. NOT happy with DYNO results...LG G5X3, Pro Longtubes, "mail order" tune
  240. 806 to 243
  241. 6.0 block seized, how can i fix it.
  242. bore on the tsp 408 with 6.0l block
  243. fast90 or 78 mm????? please help
  244. Anyone Use Isky LS1 Springs?
  245. About to order my cam...what LSA?
  246. Head bolt hole in blocks thread size?
  247. opinions on tsp torquer v2. to big for a dd???
  248. does anyone know where to find stock pistons
  249. Cam help
  250. ls1 402?