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  1. DCR for the GM Hot Cam
  2. Which Cam?
  3. How much power from raised SCR?
  4. what do you guys think about this cam FMS-F13-114 FMS Custom Grind Camshaft - 230"/23
  5. What synthetic oil for DD 383 LS1?
  6. TSP H/C going in soon. What RWHP to expect?
  7. lifters
  8. Which sponsor has the least expensive Comp Cam price?
  9. Does the LS1 flywheel balance the motor?
  10. going bigger valves on 243's
  11. LS6 crate motor exchange to 99 SS
  12. New 241 Heads: Milled to 30-thousands? Thinner head gaskets?
  13. Can I put an LS7 crank in my LS1?
  14. Help!
  15. Cam Gurus...Not a "help me pick" thread
  16. Cammed, now for engine safety?
  17. where to get a cam doctor report
  18. Too much Cam??
  19. cam/converter matchup helppp
  20. cam install help!!!!!
  21. Callies Billet Main Caps
  22. Just Picked Up my cam...suggestions welcome
  23. diveability be damned-cam help
  24. How to tell Injector Size
  25. Daily Driver Cam
  26. how much is too much for a h/c swap
  27. Will this be OK LS6 396 - GT2-3.
  28. Oil Pressure?
  29. Which cam?
  30. ASP Pulley?? YES or NO
  31. Cam gas mileage and driveability TSP 231/237
  32. shaved ls1 heads or stock 5.3 heads
  33. Anyone using this Futural Cam
  34. Ls1 Carb Guys Come On In!
  35. Here's a decent video of the Z06 post G5-X2 install.
  36. Injector question
  37. How much horsepower from this combo?
  38. G5X4 / MS4 guys
  39. What is needed to install PRC 2.5r heads on a 1998 LS1?
  40. need a cam, help me out guys.
  41. Any HP/TQ gains from just raising the lift on this cam??
  42. LS1 Rear Cover / Gasket Differences
  43. head question from 241-->806
  44. Which timing chain?
  45. crane spring tool
  46. rev kit questions
  47. 317 6.0 heads
  48. 228/224 Reverse Split, heads selection
  49. Guys with Ls2 throttle bodies.....
  50. Which bolts to replace?
  51. possible upgrades?
  52. LS1 heads...
  53. 3/4 race cam...what the heck?
  54. LQ9 Rod Bolts
  55. 408 and alot of horse..
  56. LS6 or 5.3 Heads
  57. Those with the Patriot 226/226 cam....
  58. What kind of rwhp from stage II LS6 heads and stock LS6 cam?
  59. Few questions about different cams
  60. Best Components for Sustained RPM? Drift/Road Race
  61. What length of pushrods for this cam?
  62. Ordering My Cam Kit (TSP)
  63. Checking oil pressure with an aftermarket gauge.
  64. patriot heads?
  65. so i need a new engine... where should i go?
  66. grinding sound during acceleration...HELP!
  67. How bad does this valve stem look?
  68. 230 cc heads?
  69. DO i have everything
  70. will stage 3 ls6 heads work??
  71. DCR pump gas sanity check
  72. Need some intake input!
  73. Stock Cam Swap, Please Help!!
  74. Camshaft choice dilema.
  75. New TSP PRC 2.5 heads worth it over PRC 2.5r heads?
  76. heads
  77. PRC 2.5 5.3 228cc vs 220cc
  78. Should I Change the Crank Seal
  79. Compression Test?
  80. L92 Heads/L76 Intake
  81. Which cam for my setup. help please
  82. h/c/i bolt ons or procharger
  83. Spring Questions
  84. Valve cover oil baffles really necessary?
  85. i need help...
  86. Anyone using LPE's GT11 cam?
  87. This Sucks
  88. quick question about retainers, not sure what i need
  89. GM or ARP Head Bolts?
  90. Dart 205 or 225's
  91. trickflows and f13
  92. need a little help
  93. Does this look right..add/remove?
  94. another H/C Thread
  95. Whats Stronger?
  96. Polishing, ported LS6 heads
  97. 408 questions
  98. HV oil pump after SC install
  99. Will prc springs work in trickflow heads?
  100. MPG with big cams? (ms4/trex)
  101. Update since cam install and #'s
  102. Connecting rod bolts question?
  103. TR224 cam + prc 5.3 2.5 heads ... what cc?
  104. help me find a cam.
  105. Cam to big for ls1
  106. How to on cam install?
  107. To those running LSK lobes...
  108. GM Hot cam for LS1
  109. car stalling
  110. cam help
  111. Need a TR 224 Cam card
  112. Some Help On Swap...
  113. What's the difference?
  114. Tapping over 3k RPM's
  115. LS1 Block - Casting Number
  116. 408 Optimal set up?
  117. new to power
  118. head stud washers? Chamfers up or down?
  119. What is this in my oil?
  120. what valve spring compression tool are you using????
  121. piston to wall for procharged motor
  122. My LS1 build.... Any thoughts??
  123. piston to wall for supercharger?
  124. ported ls1 heads vs ls6 heads
  125. ms4, prc ls6 heads, ls6 intake, headers
  126. wilson 90mm t.b.
  127. rocker arm bolt question
  128. If you had access to an engine dyno and a spare engine.....
  129. Part Number??
  130. Does anyone think this head and cam setup is a good setup?
  131. Head/cam PTV question for the guru's ..
  132. Just ordered a MS4
  133. LS1's in factory LT1 cars
  134. Im sorry. I suck at cams and need opinions.
  135. Rev Limiter?
  136. figuring out the right cam
  137. Situation...Misfire at redline?
  138. How does LSA affect Compression Ratio?
  139. doing heads/cam need some part numbers
  140. how much can a 241 head be milled with a MS3?
  141. please help, pressed in pickup tube?
  142. Is an ls6 oil pump needed with a cam swap??
  143. Just bought a MS3, got a few questions??
  144. Cam decision help please
  145. What warranty should engine builders give?
  146. Help! Guys with MS3....
  147. Help, RR and Cam Question.
  148. Fine to mix GC 0w-30 and M1 5w-30? Need to know asap...
  149. Timing Chain
  150. Do you have to Degree a Cam on LS1s????
  151. Pushrod guides?
  152. dyno tune your car at your house
  153. Top head bolts
  154. milling heads with torquer v2 question
  155. valve spring color?
  156. Valve guides
  157. Anyone know how much i can mill? 5.3L heads
  158. Need LSx series head work? - Click here
  159. Flow question on heads????
  160. spark plugs
  161. Another successful beehive transplant
  162. New performance parts Arrived . A start to a good day
  163. How much is this additional head flow worth? Cost benefit Analysis
  164. P/R question??
  165. Valve spring life on MS3 with dual prc's?
  166. h/c setup ?
  167. Corvette Heads, Cam, Intake
  168. Why no LS1 based V-6?
  169. Is a stock pair of 5.3 heads worth it????
  170. After H/C install how bad will the car ride w/o tune
  171. Custom bore size Cometic head gaskets
  172. What you think about this cam?
  173. LS differences
  174. H/C or FI ?
  175. 99 Ls1 Bogging Down
  176. car turns off when i put it in reverse???
  177. Need help removing engine
  178. 228R or TR230/224
  179. Is this the right cometic gasket?
  180. Clearance issues?
  181. Looking for some head........
  182. Verify my pushrod calculation please
  183. How much horsepower ?
  184. Mellings pump Vs Ported Ls6
  185. stock rockers w/ after market???
  186. any gain with bigger injectors?
  187. cam install = misfire
  188. ls6 head people needed
  189. Any permanent damage?
  190. How far would you deck an LS1 block?
  191. Spring Help
  192. Cam ???'s (sorry)
  193. LS1 Pictures
  194. Comps new Solid Roller lifter **PICS**
  195. Valve cover clearance??
  196. Ls1 "Tick"
  197. PRC 220cc 5.3L stage 2.5 heads
  198. cars coming back to gether nicely
  199. PRC dual spring install
  200. Installing short block
  201. scorpion roller rockers
  202. I know this question is beat to death...
  203. Spinning a Bearing
  204. M1 5w-30 or Castrol (NOT GC) 5w-30?
  205. Is this cam going to be too big?
  206. Post Up Your Post-Seafoam Gains/Improvements
  207. big block
  208. Anyone running 6.0 liter heads?
  209. 228R Specs, 112+2 help me understand
  210. SLP AFR Cylinder Head and Cam Package
  211. yellow springs
  212. Cam engravings? Who ground this?
  213. oil pump question
  214. Will being untuned harm your motor?
  215. Leave the stock length pushrods with new cam?
  216. Why use 5.3L heads?
  217. need head/cam help
  218. Main Cap Bolts
  219. Which cam will work best with AS 5.3 Stage 2.5 heads
  220. possible coolant leak?
  221. new motor just arrived need some help!
  222. I overreved the crap out of my 02 Vette, please beat me to death now
  223. texas speed and preformance
  224. NEED SOME INFO ON 6.0 Iron Block????
  225. is this oil any good
  226. Comp grinds another cam off spec.
  227. Help please! Cam install Q
  228. New Era Performance
  229. LS4 heads
  230. Cam retainer bolt size
  231. Changing Timing Chain Without Doing a Cam Swap
  232. will ls2 cam work in ls1?
  233. Having trouble on which way to go.
  234. pushrods g5x3
  235. Head Gasket Q
  236. Sleave LS1 cylinder
  237. what plug is this...
  238. will this work? should i worry about PTV clearance?
  239. what parts should i get
  240. Looking for Feedback on Custom LS2 Cam
  241. G5x4 guy's running heads(need a little help)
  242. Melling Oil Pump Stock vs. Ported
  243. Help picking h/c specs...
  244. cam help
  245. Valve Spring Question
  246. who bought a FFHP forged 347?
  247. Which cylinder on an LS1 motor is cylinder 3?
  248. Input on this combo?
  249. How well ls6 style Stage III head work
  250. Combo Question