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  1. Help! Hate to do this but I need help with
  2. flycutting pistons
  3. C5r timing cover
  4. Need cam position sensor connector help!
  5. what Lobe Seperation for a 228R??
  6. ms4 vs. ms3 ..
  7. Cam Only w 90k plus miles w stock lifters
  8. Do I need new Studs
  9. can i use green scotch brite pads and wd 40 to clean...
  10. adjustable rockers. What ones?
  11. simple head gasket question.
  12. Cam Help.. Newb Questions!!
  13. Stock heads on a TSP 228R?
  14. What to expect H/C LS1?...
  15. Head and cam install, then...
  16. Next Mod ???
  17. what heavier oil to use?
  18. Double timing chain with pully ?
  19. Head question?
  20. do i need to replace my cam or will li be ok
  21. LS1 blcok,,or LS6,,or Mutant??
  22. F14 installed straight up or degreed ??
  23. Quick question
  24. Are head bolts reusable?
  25. What diameter rod to use to hold up lifters, 1/4" or 5/16"
  26. ported my heads what do you think
  27. 383 LS1 Eagle crank and rods hitting oil pan
  28. How many HP stock LS1 can handle?
  29. Help~Head and cam combo
  30. Morel lifters est. ship date. ...
  31. compression height
  32. Dowel pins or Flywheel?
  33. locking down the flywheel
  34. Finally ordered my Cam Package From TSP
  35. Having trouble finding a LS4 oil pump?
  36. anyone using this?
  37. Confused on Head Gaskets
  38. GM high-flow oil pump 17801830 vs. LS4? Help, is 17801830 just an LS6 pump?
  39. Yellow Terra's
  40. Does anyone know the actual price of the LSX block?
  41. TR5's same as TR55's ???
  42. Deck Height: +.006 or -.006?
  43. compression
  44. Help me choose the right cam!!!
  45. Customers of HPE please read!!!
  46. Damage after h&c install.
  47. Cloyes Adjustable timing set Used ok?
  48. stock 5.3L cylinder head cc?
  49. 918 Valve Spring Question
  50. I have a strange one for you
  51. torn between cams
  52. How can I tell which block I have?
  53. Anybody in southern Iowa or northern Missouri ? need help
  54. PRC 5.3 stage 2.5 VS. PRC LS6 stage 2.5 on a 228R?
  55. why do some cams make a whine sound?
  56. What kind of Hp from this combo?
  57. 422 stroker
  58. Fel-Pro head bolts any good?
  59. Need help ASAP!!! Motor won't turn over!
  60. Afr ?
  61. Who does the best ported LS6 heads for a 3.905 bore?
  62. Heads only setup?
  63. PRC 5.3L stage 2.5 heads, 228r cam + other goodies
  64. TR224 112 owners check in
  65. Cam choice for my application
  66. what size heads
  67. Fast 90/90 with a mild H/C set-up?
  68. crank question
  69. crane cams
  70. How does milling affect flow #s?
  71. Looking for a good set of headers to match . . .
  72. Help - Starter Wiring Problem
  73. Cam Suggestions
  74. Flywheel question
  75. Cam arrived today. Grind is off. What to do?
  76. LIfter gloves
  77. Blown Head Gasket?
  78. cam choice for best et ability
  79. whos made over 800hp on a 346ci??
  80. Better street cam...G5X1 or Patrick G's 228/232
  81. 500WHP+ N/A possible??
  82. Project Crazy Power is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st DYNO NUMBER IS IN
  83. Head bolt questions, ordered wrong ones.
  84. Need help picking out a cam for my application!
  85. Pressure readings do differ from one sensor to another..
  86. Poll: Bore or Stroke?
  87. what heads with t-rex cam?
  88. AD Performance Stroker-kits? Anybdy heard of 'em?
  89. What is safe to clean heads?
  90. looking for a cam ....
  91. Anyone use a Callies Superlight Magnum XL crank??
  92. What size injectors and fuel pump for MS4 and 125 shot
  93. what size pushrods
  94. are rods and pistons all I need for high boost ?
  95. Trak cam in 402ci???
  96. Forged 347 missing main bolts
  97. think i have my H/C package picked out, second guessing my choice. opinions please.
  98. What should I do?
  99. What do you guys think?
  100. Small tick?
  101. TFS Pushrod?
  102. what stall?
  103. Doing Clay test for my cam swap, Will i need new head gaskets?
  104. ls6 cam question
  105. what is my compression?another dur dur dur question.....
  106. Heads milled to much
  107. Oil on spark plug
  108. Head/cam on an LS1...?
  109. Cam gasket?
  110. torque value on stock rocker arms w/ comp 918's???
  111. EXTRA .010 milled heads
  112. TR6 in a mild bolt on car? (lid/catback)
  113. Is there a torque spec for turning over the crank?
  114. Cam package. Whats ur .02
  115. Advice for Stock motor & tranny
  116. Quick oil pump question
  117. 243 Head cc ?
  118. 500hp combo?
  119. is a good companion !!!
  120. HELP!!! have 2 rounded off rocker bolts
  121. LS2 heads on LS1
  122. Valve Spring Input Please.
  123. What valve springs???
  124. what thickness shim is needed to gain the 10psi in oil pump?
  125. New cam, car keeps dying?
  126. 6.0L intake manifold to 5.3L
  127. Car shudders under load
  128. Anyone running Warhawk LS1X heads?
  129. Broken Valve Spring
  130. HP and changing lifters and rockers
  131. Need a quick answer
  132. Tr5 or tr6's??
  133. 528ci LS1!!!!?????
  134. Cam
  135. rocker knock
  136. high ratio rocker arm ??????
  137. Is it possible to get ONE arp stud?
  138. Cam lift question
  139. Project Crazy Power is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Video Uploaded
  140. Thin Head Gasket Issues? (.020 proximity)
  141. G5X-1 Executive cam; Anyone running this w/o heads?
  142. what happened to Gomer?
  143. Aftermarket main caps
  144. Plastic timing chain guide on early LS1s
  145. Safety wire on cam bolts?
  146. Help, I need to tap the block.
  147. slp valvespring tool
  148. What intake would be better to use BBK SSI intake or LS6 intake?
  149. Head Bolts
  150. Valvetrain more noisy than normal???
  151. New Engine Break In Procedure?
  152. Started my cam swap
  153. how do you change the valve seals?
  154. Got extra money now, what do you think?
  155. torqueing LS1 heads?
  156. what cam based on this heads flow characteristics?
  157. Attention all magic stick owners.Got a Quick ??
  158. oil pan gasket question
  159. C5 99 Power Steering Pump Leaking Repair or Replace?
  160. Texas Giant sound clip ...
  161. pulling radiator
  162. Power steering pulley bolt size on f-body ls1
  163. Heads for F-13 cam on A4 w/ 3600 Stall?
  164. Melling Oil Pump
  165. How did you complement your G5x3?
  166. Head Gasket Question
  167. 408+stock heads=drivable???
  168. XER Cam card specs. vs measured results
  169. Have you had cop issues w/ cam,lts,ory?
  170. i think i have a collapsed lifter
  171. F13 with 918's
  172. budget block build question
  173. Problem!: Idler Pulley assembly!
  174. How did I do, and what do I need now?
  175. Building a 6.0 liter which of these heads to use?
  176. Bad lifter?
  177. Edelbrock/Lingenfelter heads.
  178. Installing Cam Quick Question????
  179. Flow numbers for stock 98 heads
  180. ls6 pcv conversion question
  181. installing QTP HV 1-3/4" long tube headers
  182. Heads and Cam Question(Trex)
  183. TEA,PRC,etc ???
  184. Throttle response between two LS1 cams
  185. piston slap
  186. 241 vs 243
  187. What to clean Block and heads with?
  188. Need reassurance my valvetrain noise is normal
  189. front cover seal
  190. need urgent help,whcih bolts to put them where?
  191. Need cylinder head info? Power question
  192. LS7 VS. Eagle crank quality
  193. How much did you pay to have your heads milled?
  194. Mikronited Valve Springs?? Benifits?
  195. 243 heads and cam
  196. P0343 after cam swap - LS2 Cam in LS1 motor.
  197. lets discuss PCV systems...
  198. Can new cam bearings be installed with the rotating assembly still in?
  199. Big cam A4 guys come in
  200. Max bore on an LQ9 and LM7 Iron Block?
  201. TSP408: LS6 oil pump wont fit!
  202. Ugly supprise during LS6 intake swap..
  203. Rod bolt bushing in rod cap??????
  204. oil problem....HELP
  205. cam for stock ls6 heads
  206. ugly backfires
  207. Installing ARP rod bolts
  208. Custom LS1 Head Porting
  209. ticking noise after intake sawp
  210. 02 Camaro M6 SS
  211. cost of short block's NEED HELP!!!!!
  212. 226/230@.050 .585/.592 107+2 Lsa
  213. Sleeper cam?
  214. Next mod??!! Cam or intake??!!
  215. MS4 & PRC LS6 or stg 2.5- 5.3
  216. Need help with cam selection
  217. 220 duration requires computer programming
  218. cam ?
  219. which heads are better ET heads or Trick Flow heads?
  220. new timing chain for new cam is it nessesary?
  221. do i have the correct gaskets?
  222. broken inner valve spring
  223. Heads upgrade worth it?
  224. Big Cam Problem, need experts here
  225. Piston ring question please help
  226. 118mph trap speed with factory heads?
  227. Grey sludge on oil pan plug?
  228. HELP! Ran my engine oil down to three quarts!
  229. running warm after head swap
  230. Decisions...
  231. Cam/head guru's check this out
  232. what is the difference between rod lengths?
  233. need cam help for 6.0
  234. Who sells thin head gaskets?
  235. Retorqued my heads, do you think it's okay
  236. Where to buy?
  237. Cam Motion lobes
  238. Head/Cam Install
  239. I wanna hear about your carnage.
  240. T-REX for a 402
  241. Comp Cams timing chain?
  242. Need Help Quick!!!!!!!!!!
  243. 7.450 pushrods
  244. cartek heads milled .30
  245. cartek heads
  246. ls7 lifters work fine for me?
  247. cost(s) to rebuild my LS1?
  248. any idea? cam hassle
  249. I have forgotten the exact cam specs....who can read serial numbers on a comp cam?
  250. NEED 7.700 pushrods, ANYONE?