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  1. looking for a mild mannered, valvetrain friendly street cam...
  2. Just Ordered My Parts....Cam & Gears
  3. ques on throttle body
  4. Where is my oil going?
  5. LS1 throttle body to LS2???
  6. Torquer V2 VS Torquer V3
  7. 6.0 Iron Block Bore?
  8. Arp head stud question?
  9. Yes one more cam question
  10. Difference LS1 short vs long block
  11. 600 HP goal need a an advise.
  12. Cam with bolt ons
  13. TSP ls6 heads cam in today. ports looks bad.
  14. I have a problem
  15. Determining Oil thickness??
  16. where to find a guide for installing rods/pistons/crank??
  17. TSP LS6 CNC heads come apart - Rocker mount ripped out of head!!!
  18. When purchasing a new cam...
  19. Knock Sensor?!?!
  20. Looking for engine oil test results
  21. ls6 springs???
  22. Spring Strength vs. RPM
  23. Just tryin to learn more!
  24. tsp prc heads which ones for my 228r cam??
  25. Help me pick a cam.
  26. need help about a cam code
  27. ETP stepping up!!
  28. T-rex and other manufacturers?
  29. What do you think of this combo for a dd
  30. Smog Legal Camshaft
  31. Dex-cool bad?
  32. 03 vette oil pump??
  33. valves
  34. ARP part # for head studs for a LS6 block?
  35. What is acceptable oil pressure?
  36. HELP: Modifying timing cover
  37. Steering rack removal??
  38. holy shit... dodged a BIG bullet...
  39. Max Duration/Lift?: 243's and Cometic .040
  40. oil pressure
  41. What pushrod length with .040 cometic gaskets for a H/C swap?
  42. Need to decide between Patriot LS6 and PRC 5.3 Stage 2.5's
  43. '00 LS1 to '05 LQ9 what works??
  44. 408ci DYNO results-how can I improve?
  45. cylinder head selection
  46. Video of tick, Pushrod?
  47. would 5.3 heads work with this cam?
  48. How strong is slp's zl402 iron short block
  49. will a this work?
  50. Quench.... Do i dare go with .030's?
  51. cam package
  52. smokin bad, help!
  53. TSP torquer V2, Cometic .040" gaskets-SAFE?
  54. Absolute cylender heads flow numbers
  55. Patriot Heads
  56. Cam for LQ9 in 78 TA
  57. Stroker kit
  58. ls1 valvetrain
  59. What size tap ?
  60. In line with some recent threads discussing smaller cams and "milder" combinations...
  61. streetability
  62. nw main studs and bolts?
  63. Anyone running 220 @ .050"?
  64. Winter 402 Build Just fired it Feedback or Suggestions Appreciated
  65. MTI Heads & Cam
  66. Looky, Looky.. UPS Man was Good To Me
  67. Knocking on startup
  68. Texas Speed 224/224 XE Camshaft help wanted
  69. 383 or 408?
  70. Idle problems after upgrades....
  71. Any meth benefit on n/a engines?
  72. 396 Cam Choice, Please Help
  73. Oil Pressure Issue
  74. What is the vapor vent pipe seal?
  75. Cam/Milling heads combo question...
  76. "Notch" in cylinder wall... Thoughts?
  77. Compression problem
  78. GM Performance Parts LS1 to LS6 Conversion Package
  79. Catch Can Oil: What Color is Yours ???
  80. Anyone running Manley pistons?
  81. Chime in if you're actually running an LS4 pump.
  82. Cheatr cam vs. GT2-3 (Help PatrickG/Predator)
  83. Mobil 15w 50 Oil???
  84. TB bypass to cool the TB????? anyone tried it?
  85. Is synthetic oil required on these engines?
  86. ported heads !!!help!!!
  87. can we get a sticky on interchangeable parts for LSx
  88. GM hot cam tuning???
  89. LQ9 shortblock @ 7K RPM
  90. Head gasket confusion
  91. Noise at front of valve cover?
  92. Need advice on purchasing an LS1 with 100K+ miles
  93. Valves hit pistons,help me figure out why.
  94. Stock rocker arm wipe?
  95. Lost trying to figure dcr, help please
  96. tsp stg1 ls6 vs stg 2.5 ls6?
  97. oiling system
  98. Cylinder Wall Thickness/ Valve Spacing
  99. Head/cam combo. Is this a good one?
  100. LS2 heads?
  101. Help Help Help
  102. ms4, prc ls6 stage 2.5, fast 90/90 ?
  103. PRC vs. Patriot vs. Manley?
  104. Potentially bad question
  105. please help
  106. LS1 oil pan questions, drag racing... launch = less oil press..
  107. How much does an ls1 shortblock weigh
  108. rebuilding questions..
  109. Oil Pick up tube o-Ring
  110. Quick question on arp head studs,please help.
  111. ls1rx7...good mod combo?!
  112. What cam comes with this painless kit?
  113. which cam for cam only car?
  114. LS1 stock lifters and Timing Chain ?s
  115. p/n for oil pump pickup tube rubber sleve
  116. What Do Y'all Think Of This Dd Cam?
  117. Heads to big???
  118. SCR & DCR on a TR224? w/AFR heads?
  119. What size push rods for my application
  120. another "what about this cam" thread,sorry.
  121. Why Buy Rockers
  122. Quench
  123. cam swap starting issue
  124. 806's vs. 243's
  125. LS1 Cam only setups
  126. Anywhere to buy an engine rebuild kit?
  127. cam experts, is this ok to install?
  128. Is this a burned valve, opinions needed ASAP please....
  129. Rocker arm question
  130. Who specs out the best Custom Camshafts?
  131. Permatex on new Cometics MLS??
  132. Oil drain bolt pics. Input/Feedback welcome.
  133. TEA stage 1.5 5.3 heads vs TSP PRC stage 2.5 5.3 heads
  134. LT1 and LS1 roller lifters?
  135. Neeh Help!!
  136. Head bolts Vs. Studs
  137. Static Compression Calculation
  138. how much power can you get from a custom cam?
  139. O2 Sensor and Spark plugs.
  140. Which Is Better
  141. TSP stg. 2.5 5.3L heads!
  142. help needed on ls1 cooling system
  143. cam gurus: thought on this
  144. Best combo to produce about 415rwhp out of an 00' A4???
  145. Whats my motor worth?
  146. new ls1 girdle kits! who's heard?
  147. cam question
  148. New engine... questions on tune???
  149. So many head choices, but I am lost on what to get!
  150. mobil 1
  151. Parts are in and build up is about to begain!
  152. Mahle Piston Rings?
  153. I Need Your Help Spending Some Dough!!!!
  154. Which H/C package for stock geared + spray car?
  155. Crankshaft?
  156. Cam card
  157. ls1 engine problem
  158. Ok I am confused 918 springs or 921 springs
  159. anyone try theses rockers?
  160. Did I receive the right lifters?
  161. Valve Overlap and CA Emissions
  162. Is this oil pressure normal? Pics inside.
  163. cam/valvetrain upgrade or STS turbo??
  164. Biggest cam that will still pass emissions..
  165. rebuild help
  166. Is their any PTV clearance with this combo!
  167. another tapping noise question
  168. Here's my SCR/DCR,best way to lower it???
  169. Oil Change Light Quiestion
  170. Heads and cam
  171. ? on Heads install
  172. Who is making close to 400hp on 224 & bolt-ons only?
  173. Just wondering about ls1 and lt1 vehicles.
  174. What did the LQ9 come in?
  175. Wanted a stealthy setup,what do u think?
  176. Fork in the Road: 347 vs 383
  177. MS4 is in!!!!!!!
  178. vacc pump
  179. ls6 spring question
  180. Biggest cam for more power AND MILEAGE than stock?
  181. Rollmaster Double Roller Timing Chains instructins
  182. torquer 2 shiftpoints, A4
  183. Can I just "drop" in these valves?
  184. LS1 timing gear-on-gear sets
  185. 2002 ss heads?
  186. Clayed my engine, then CC'd my heads
  187. LS1 cam & spring swap tools
  188. WTF... LOW COMPRESSION? Ugh....
  189. factory rockers???
  190. EGR Block off
  191. engine vacuum
  192. What cam would work best on a stock 99C5? 01-04 ZO6 cam? LS1 hot cam?
  193. Head Gasket blown? Coolant low...Help!
  194. Ls1 to Ls2 Swap?
  195. Change oil pump or tear engine down?
  196. dry sump system (i need a pro to clear things up)
  197. Fresh rebuild problems...
  198. will LS6 springs work for this?
  199. 2-piece timing cover
  200. Flycutting Pistons How to?
  201. Is this a good price to dissemble/assemble a block???
  202. Lucky No. 7!!! (spun bearings)
  203. cutting pistons
  204. What do you think of this cam only setup???
  205. 383 stroker
  206. MS3 vs. MS4 question
  207. 241 heads to big????
  208. cam + heads
  209. TSP224R with stage 2.5 5.3l heads
  210. Cam Selection
  211. what cam to run with TSP PRC 5.3 2.5R heads?
  212. Where do i buy brand new stock gm pistons???!!!!
  213. Those running the Castrol Euro Blend 0-W30.
  214. torquer v3 camshaft?
  215. Is this too much compression for 93 octane?
  216. DCR for the GM Hot Cam
  217. Which Cam?
  218. How much power from raised SCR?
  219. what do you guys think about this cam FMS-F13-114 FMS Custom Grind Camshaft - 230"/23
  220. What synthetic oil for DD 383 LS1?
  221. TSP H/C going in soon. What RWHP to expect?
  222. lifters
  223. Which sponsor has the least expensive Comp Cam price?
  224. Does the LS1 flywheel balance the motor?
  225. going bigger valves on 243's
  226. LS6 crate motor exchange to 99 SS
  227. New 241 Heads: Milled to 30-thousands? Thinner head gaskets?
  228. Can I put an LS7 crank in my LS1?
  229. Help!
  230. Cam Gurus...Not a "help me pick" thread
  231. Cammed, now for engine safety?
  232. where to get a cam doctor report
  233. Too much Cam??
  234. cam/converter matchup helppp
  235. cam install help!!!!!
  236. Callies Billet Main Caps
  237. Just Picked Up my cam...suggestions welcome
  238. diveability be damned-cam help
  239. How to tell Injector Size
  240. Daily Driver Cam
  241. how much is too much for a h/c swap
  242. Will this be OK LS6 396 - GT2-3.
  243. Oil Pressure?
  244. Which cam?
  245. ASP Pulley?? YES or NO
  246. Cam gas mileage and driveability TSP 231/237
  247. shaved ls1 heads or stock 5.3 heads
  248. Anyone using this Futural Cam
  249. Ls1 Carb Guys Come On In!
  250. Here's a decent video of the Z06 post G5-X2 install.