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  1. Keeping Stock Heads...
  2. 6.0 oill pan
  3. Good idea for valvetrain upgrade?
  4. Blow by?
  5. best heads for torquer 2
  6. 383 LS1 parts give me advice
  7. Cam Help
  8. Installed the Patriot Golds today. Question
  9. Sralling Vette, please help..
  10. Afr Vs Tea Who Makes More Power
  11. Good boost cam?
  12. How good are Eagle ESP H-beam rods?
  13. name that cam?
  14. whats my compression? diamond pistons - 241 heads
  15. Compression with Diamond -8.6cc pistons and 241 heads
  16. Need Help Big Time!!
  17. cam is in and heads are on
  18. Anyone seen this Intake Manifold?
  19. My New 370 motor
  20. How much of a gain would you expect?
  21. Car went boom....
  22. can u bore a 98 ls1 block to 3.905?
  23. Camshaft Comparison
  24. what size piston rings for stock ls1?
  25. Need Advice: Refresh Stock Engine Before Reinstalling?
  26. MS4, T-rex, MS3
  27. Anyone make bigger than 72 cc chambers?
  28. Anyone running the CheaTR H/C?
  29. any ideas?...
  30. cam install last night, ran into coolant problem.... help!
  31. untuned
  32. biggest cam in AFR 62cc w/o flycut
  33. ETP Head Guys Help Please???
  34. Go to MS3
  35. ms4 soundclip???
  36. is it safe to mill stock LS1 heads to 0.030"?
  37. Recomendations for rebuild
  38. What is the biggest cam I can run?
  39. GREAT no dipstick hole on ls2 block I installed
  40. Roller rockers and lifters
  41. TR224 vs comp 224/228 .588 112LSA
  42. What can be causing my car to surge this bad??
  43. Need an LS6 spring pressure spec
  44. Guys who daily drive their TR230/224 come in!
  45. ? About some Fault Codes
  46. Vote on Which Will Explode First:
  47. need help
  48. Cam Install What Else Should I Do While It's Apart?
  49. T.R. CheaTR with 918's, GO or NO GO?
  50. PP 96mm Typhoon Intake for stock cubes??
  51. performance packages?!?!
  52. Ticking after Start up????
  53. Will I need Bigger Fuel Injectors?
  54. cam swap missfire
  55. What heads should I purchase to use with lingenfelter GT2-3 cam
  56. Stock peices can support ??? horsepower - search function not working
  57. Best cam for a 35th LE camaro SS
  58. Cubic Inches vs. Forced Induction
  59. How hard is it to fix a cracked block?
  60. Piston slap...
  61. Anyone running a solid roller?
  62. Cam Package Need Help
  63. will this micrometer work on LS1 heads?
  64. AFR heads?
  65. Why shim to within .050" of coil bind?
  66. high idle / reverse lockout / no odometer
  67. What valve spings for g5x4 cam?
  68. Tsp Ms3??? Or Ms4???
  69. Rebalance cost
  70. ls for old school 350
  71. Help to diagnose engine problem?
  72. bad news for me
  73. Bearing choices, what to choose?
  74. Breather=Unmetered Air !!??
  75. Can you build 427 c.i. using an iron 6.0L block?
  76. TSP Torquer v.2
  77. safest mill to mill the heads?
  78. cam instalation
  79. Best heads for F14.....
  80. difference between LS6 style heads and 5.3 heads
  81. tsp oil pump vs tr oil pump
  82. What do i Need?
  83. difference in 5.3 vs ls6 heads?
  84. need some explanation
  85. LS6 heads and MS4 ??
  86. Good/cheap Cam package
  87. ls2 reluctor wheel please help
  88. simple cam swap in LS1, what to go with
  89. patriot stage 3 heads
  90. Heads/Cam on a 100K+ car??
  91. Stock rods/pistons... sellable or garbage?
  92. g5x4 any advance
  93. Contemplating CAM change?????
  94. Curious
  95. Cylinder Heads
  96. Turbo motor?
  97. My winter tear down.. need some opinions!
  98. high CR good flowing heads
  99. Happy Thanksgiving from Patriot Performance
  100. missing and surging
  101. 05 GTO A4 Cam Question
  102. Where to Start?
  103. Can you port combustion chambers too big?
  104. Fair value
  105. Need help with oil pressure
  106. Opinion on SLP Camshaft
  107. Heads cam install finished!
  108. Between these two cams...???
  109. Those with ported heads
  110. Stock rocker question
  112. Main bolts Part #
  113. is it possible to have too big valves
  114. 2001 ls6 heads vs. 2002?
  115. Opinions on this cam
  116. engine bore?
  117. Afr Port And Polish
  118. LS1 Cost $$$$$
  119. MTI Racing Cam Specs?
  120. QTP Two-Piece timing cover. good , bad, or otherwise inside please...
  121. Cam degree question
  122. TR227 questions...
  123. Cleaning ASSEMBLED Shortblock?
  124. What are guides?
  125. 98 motor, LS6 heads. What gaskets?
  126. Valve Stem Length?? Ls1/ls6/ls2
  127. Too Many Options!!!!
  128. Head install
  129. What's My Motor Worth???
  130. Pistions
  131. HELP need heads for a G5X3
  132. cam Quse ?
  133. Tachometer Wire? ASAP???
  134. SES on after radiator flush/fill
  135. Catch Can?
  136. Biggest cam for a 3200 stall?
  137. Livernois Motorsports New Stage III Race Head
  138. Does anyone know if REV makes a good valve spring?
  139. can i test my oil pump before reassembly?
  140. Engine refresh
  141. can u bolt on a pair of ls7 heads on an ls1
  142. Milling Heads
  143. LS2 chain on orginial ls1 gears?
  144. Injector Replacement "how to" Qs
  145. Heads and Cam Packages...Total price
  146. heads/cam/rocker arm?
  147. What Parts do I NEED???
  148. Is Futral F11 too small for 383?
  149. Where should i shift at? Torquer 3
  150. Gasket Kit
  151. best place for cam install and tune in nj?
  152. anybody have an idle clip of an ASA cam
  153. using a crank thats turned .01
  154. Lg G5x4 Question?
  155. if a crank has 5.3 stamped in the end, is that what it's from???
  156. Q about injectors?
  157. MTI R1 cam
  158. Question about engine noises. Please come in!
  159. What to buy?
  160. AFR's RESOLUTION (Valve tip issue)
  161. Where have yall found the best deal on Rotating assemblies
  162. where can I buy 4.040 pistons for 410 cu.inch
  163. Stickies Id like to see
  164. is it possible 450hp n/a but quiet?
  165. oil pressure
  166. ticking...but only when not abused
  167. Anyone using a Crane HR-240?
  168. ET Heads with 99893 springs
  169. intake ??s 4.8 vs 6.0 intake
  170. Cam/Mod Advice Needed
  171. Just picked up some heads, need a cam to match..
  172. patriot heads with t2 please let me know
  173. valve cover gaskets
  174. Questions about compression ratio... (search not working)
  175. Which spark plugs for H/C
  176. need advice: cut in cylinder wall
  177. How much time to install heads???
  178. pushrod or no?
  179. Eagle rod question
  180. What size Gasket?
  181. slp 1.85 rockers
  182. Heads/Cam/Boltons
  183. HELP!!! Smoke pooring from exhaust!!
  184. Deck Height Variation
  185. Arp head bolt Question
  186. sale
  187. Please Help with cam for ls1 382
  188. Who sells that Heads/cam package that makes 500rwhp stock bottom end?
  189. Anyone using this cam??
  190. Needing a little information
  191. fm12 cam
  192. Who is running a stock timing chain with a cam?
  193. Correct orientation for timing seal
  194. Will 6.0 heads work on LS1?
  195. Stage III livernois race heads for a 370?
  196. MS4 in a stock LQ9
  197. torque cam
  198. School me on the art of the shortblock!
  199. Okay my car died and wont start now!
  200. ls2 in f-body
  201. how about these specs for a custom cam...
  202. Help me pick a better plug
  203. What did you pay?
  204. Jesel Mohawks valve covers?
  205. some ?s on the trex v2
  206. Need help predicting this cam
  207. Dumb question
  208. What cam and heads do i need?
  209. is cam too big for 5.3 heads
  210. At what point do you need shorter pushrods on a decked block?
  211. Help me out
  212. Thunder racing's Cheater cam? anyone running it?
  213. New cam= poor start?
  214. Scratch on Rod Journal - Need Advice
  215. lifter ticking on cold start
  216. High lift cams too harsh for DD?
  217. HELP Question for checking ptv
  218. Which different shortblocks fit a 2000?
  219. Sorry, another lifter tick ?
  220. What Cam is this?
  221. lifters?????????
  222. 5.3L Parts Compatability
  223. Will the pan come off?
  224. Pushrod questions
  225. teflon sealant for temp sensor
  226. Just got my cam from East Coast Superchargers but was packed very poorly..have questi
  227. TSP heads??
  228. Eff...rust on my crankshaft
  229. Dry sump kit!!
  230. patriot ls6 stage II vs dart 225ls1
  231. Cam install, how to verify lifters are good?
  232. crankshaft position sensor
  233. Low on power, clean plugs/good compression
  234. trick to getting oil pump on???
  235. Everyone with cammed cars inside PLEASE!!
  236. my car drank 2 qts of oil in 2k miles!
  237. heads tap size for header bolt hole?
  238. heads and cam suggestions
  239. should i reuse stock retainers or what
  240. Cast iron (873) LS1 head flow??
  241. Where to tap for vacumn
  242. Whats needed to pull'em up? (front wheels...)
  243. what is the cc on these heads
  244. Manley Valve Springs 221423-16
  245. Upgrading combo... Look at my cam specs.
  246. ms3???
  247. Is this the same as the LS2 timing chain?
  248. Need Recommendations...please help
  249. Any problem with 1.29" springs in a 1.46 spring pocket?
  250. Patriot Golds- are they direct fit?