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  1. LS1 Low Tension Rings?
  2. Why does my motor rev so slowly "HELP GUYS"
  3. Bolt on LS1
  4. Help Diagnos this problem please..
  5. 7.0 pushrods
  6. How does this sound for a setup?
  7. Patriot Spring replacement
  8. lifters
  9. PRC Double Springs
  10. #1 spark plug keeps shooting out!!
  11. Questions about the 1st gen LS1'S
  12. intake runner smoothness?
  13. 455 Ls1?
  14. difference in older ls1's??
  15. Junkyard 6.0L iron block?
  16. LS1 vs. LS6 confusion?
  17. 233/239 question..
  18. can electronic TB be replaced??
  19. Take a look at my cam plz.........
  20. Having trouble with car after H/C install!!!
  21. Heads, cam, rebuild parts, etc..... Questons
  22. Engine removal issues.
  23. Opinions of what to do:LS1 rebuild or LQ4 short block?
  24. Power band of patriot cams???
  25. lifters tick after cam install,, Why?
  26. cam for the future of my car (99 vette)
  27. What are benefits or new oil pump?
  28. Pro Mod I-beam rod torque
  29. AFR heads use stock pushrod length?
  30. Patriot vs. PRC
  31. What pistons are best...
  32. what to do about rockers
  33. Cam and Heads for a lighter car
  34. Is this a good daily driver cam?
  35. solid roller lifespan
  36. DCR calculation PLEASE
  37. Tapping noise - problem solved!
  38. Mahle piston valve reliefs
  39. weird idling problem
  40. Best way to build a "Budget" 383/370 from an LS1?
  41. Max Lift for the LS1
  42. Went to Lg and got to ride in a G5x3 car.
  43. Main cap/main stud torque sequence?
  44. Should I pull my heads? Opinions needed, please.
  45. Pre Load Checking Intructions
  46. new motor and now smoke??
  47. fukkin misfire AGAIN!!!
  48. German Castrol 0W-30
  49. rod bolts
  50. Oil pressure gauge
  51. cylinder bore vs chamber bore
  52. Chamber size vs bore size
  53. Well since the search function isn't working.. piston slap question.
  54. Cleaning the engine up?
  55. Time to rebuild my LS1... questions
  56. I'm in need of help.
  57. Matching Heads for TSP 228R
  58. Identifying a bad lifter
  59. just installed new cam but forgot about chain
  60. g5x1, pump/timing chain needed?
  61. Torque Specs
  62. Solid Roller Guys
  63. Oil Burnin/Smokin
  64. LS1-LS2 Conversion Problems....
  65. Block Question
  66. I missed 3rd gear.
  67. Burning oil after H/C swap...need help/advice!
  68. f**k doubleroller chain!!(problems)
  69. cam help
  70. ms4 all the way
  71. whats the best cam for me????
  72. Oil Pressure Question
  73. Bigger valves in stock heads?
  74. too much oil press?
  75. Eagle rod clearence and bearing question
  76. have rods in but lifters still move
  77. knock sensor on ls1 to ls2 swap
  78. you guys with big cams..
  79. Floating Valve? Valvespring broke? I dont know! need help
  80. Time for a new plan
  81. ms3 q's
  82. changing bearings in car..
  83. High static compression
  84. 5.7l-vs-6.0l Cam Only
  85. Were can I get a LS1 24 tooth crankshaft reluctor wheel
  86. Help a cam newbie out!
  87. What's the difference in valve spring brands
  88. Which valve springs would you use with this cam?
  89. Lifter Question
  90. 224/228 cam
  91. Has anybody tried the TFS combo yet?
  92. g5x3 vs g5x4
  93. What is under the metal plate under intake
  94. opinions on heads/cam for my application please
  95. Looking for Valve to deck clearance #'s for AFR 205 heads
  96. BAD! problem during cam install. HELP!!
  97. Cam's in Cali...
  98. anyone with heads n cams expertise plz enter need help
  99. VHP " THE BEAST " cam...ever heard of it?
  100. Oil filter gasket "popping out"????
  101. How audible is a collapsed lifter??
  102. can you run a 228r cam with stock 3:42's
  103. whats wrong???
  104. Busted my oil pan, any suggestions for a new one?
  105. Should I go F13 or TR224?
  106. Should I go F13 or TR224?
  107. Patriot Cam Base Circle Size
  108. Is this normal?
  109. hmmmm...i think i may have spun a rod please:)
  110. torquer v 3
  111. Precision Race Components 5.3L Stage 1.5 Cylinder Heads Fully CNC Ported
  112. Is 11.2:1 compression too much for pump gas.
  113. cam qustions
  114. Valve Lifter Tray or Guide Part Number
  115. question about heads
  116. LS6 or LSX fast
  117. at what point does one need an engine girdle?
  118. need help on which H/C setup
  119. Heads/Cam question....
  120. compression with AFR 72cc heads?
  121. Chew on this cam question for me please
  122. Rebuild LS1 or buy an LS2?
  123. NLP Billet PCV Catch Can, $74.95
  124. Were to get a Camswap gasket package ?
  125. question on hydro lock
  126. H/C install instructions
  127. cam install questions
  128. Problms with new H/C Set up
  129. new set of heads
  130. Melling oil pump problems?
  131. ? for PredatorZ or Patrick G
  132. Trex guys have a ???
  133. Who is at 470 NA??
  134. Torquer v2 or v3
  135. lose hp from going stock ls1 to 5.3L heads?
  136. can't get damper off!! Testing my temper!
  137. cartek stage 3x cam or 4x with stage 3x heads for my 382 ls1
  138. Xe-r 228 230 112 +2
  139. Rebuilding engine and need help.
  140. t-rex lt's no cats and borla open plate
  141. Need Horsepower!
  142. degreeing trex
  143. Any new results from Futral?
  144. need help finding a VE calc
  145. New LS1 crate motor
  146. Which cam?
  147. HELP sparkplug problem
  148. Which head bolt holes..
  149. H/C install this week...
  150. GTO cam??
  151. Cam idea
  152. Volumetric efficiency of LS1's??
  153. 220/220 Cam
  154. Dart Pro PP heads/cam installed this week...
  155. Tell me what you think!
  156. any A4's with trex? 108k mile motor is the trex the cam for me?
  157. Compare & contrast G5X3 to 224/228@ 114 LSA
  158. Is oil pump dying or other problem??
  159. Patroit Heads and Camshaft Package
  160. How much do pistons weigh?
  161. Would I need a re-tune?
  162. spray + stock heads = what cam
  163. Oil Plug
  164. ** Too late for an old car? **
  165. cam help
  166. ls1 bore suggestions please
  167. heads cam intake upgrade then?????
  168. Why God Why?? New motor is in and car won't start or even try!!
  169. Any ideas or am I done with all the mods I have?
  170. anyone ever heard of these heads?
  171. Can't get the crank bolt off?
  172. Difficult Choice
  173. ls2 timing set part number
  174. MS3 with Terminator Heads.
  175. well I started the cam install but one problem
  176. Rotating Assembly?
  177. 240/244 112 lsa
  178. identifying head milling
  179. ls1 speed ls1 block
  180. Rearend Question, who has stock 10 bolt with 400 horse and Torque?
  181. pistons and rods
  182. Can't Decide What Cam Is Right.
  183. 402 or 414?
  184. Changed plugs and wires, but now there's a bad popping noise. (video)
  185. How much power would be lost with 6,000rpm shift points?
  186. Ticking..Unplug #8 coilpack and ticking stops?
  187. Diamond Pistons
  188. Car doesnt like to start after a stall out
  189. Can I use car sensors on a truck motor?
  190. Ttp V.3
  191. Diamond Pro Select rings - Oil Ring
  192. Yellow Valve Springs
  193. Motor combo?
  194. Ticking @ Idle::How can you tell if Exhaust leak?
  195. smoking
  196. ls6 stage 1 vs ls6 stage 2.5
  197. Spring swap question
  198. **help! Knocking...pinging**
  199. Cam Suggestions
  200. possible water in intake/engine??:(
  201. What decides safe redline?
  202. Test drove a 01SS today have some questions.
  203. Push Rod Bent :(
  204. Help please - Pinned crank/UD pulley question
  205. Crankcase valve cover vents
  206. How big can you bore out an iron block?
  207. Tuning after Cam install?
  208. Emergency!!! Rounded off Rock Stud - Help
  209. what cams would be best with yank 4200 stall
  210. cam experts welcome
  211. No oil pressure until you rev truck???
  212. minor changes, now what?
  213. guys with heavly milled heads
  214. Block ID
  215. head selection
  216. Is Cam Indexing Mandatory?
  217. Deburring a new block???
  218. Which ARP rod bolts to use?
  219. Doing a cam swap....bottom gear has no mark!
  220. LS family engine question..(newbie)
  221. Which oil pump spring do I use?
  222. tourquer 2 horsepower
  223. 6.0 or 5.3 heads?
  224. Patrick G and predatorZ Oh please help me..
  225. Car Broke? Smoke, Oil in engine compartment
  226. rebuild or not rebuild?
  227. What valves?
  228. ARP Rod Bolts upgrade
  229. another help set up thread....confused
  230. My LS1 is being bitchy...
  231. cam selection, again
  232. my 1st h/c/i install
  233. What To Do Heads Or Cam
  234. push rods to long?
  235. I blew up my motor!!
  236. ls1 shortblock
  237. Oil Consumption !!!
  238. Knocking please read!
  239. Exhaust leak?
  240. Daily Driven 6 Speed WS6.
  241. Crazy Stealth Cam Idea
  242. Build bottom end?
  243. Mahle pistons in a 408
  244. Good all-around cam for high peak numbers and 350 tq at 3k??
  245. Cam Question..
  246. Breaking up under full Throttle
  247. 383's,408's what kind of MPG?
  248. Just changed my rod bolts, questions
  249. Oil Plug Size
  250. Ls7 In A Ls1 Car ?