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  1. cam for aspirated ls1
  2. how bad?
  3. best reverse split cam
  4. would i need this with h/c install
  5. 4.125" strokers..
  6. Clevite 77 bearings, H or P series?
  7. LS2 timing chain install?
  8. Torque specs for ARP 1/2" head studs?
  9. Who offers best pricing for new stock LS6 heads with PRC dual springs already on?
  10. Dart 225 after info
  11. Looking at trying a used F15, would it be right for me?
  12. ARP vs GM stock head bolts?
  13. ls6 stroked to a 383
  14. head bolt torque question
  15. C5R Heads (or big exh port) and Header Gasket
  16. Safe to drive
  17. cams with awesome Torque and good mid-upper range?
  18. Car Wont Start. Help
  19. Cam ?
  20. ET Performance heads
  21. 853s v 241s?
  22. Whats all needed for header install?
  23. ls2/ls6/ls1 bottom end
  24. Those running 90/90--which MAF are you using?
  25. Use stock LS6 lifters on new forged blown shortblock with new cam?
  26. New here, need some help
  27. cam component help
  28. Just came in !
  29. Is there still a market for ported stock LS1 heads?
  30. Need part numbers please!
  31. Home porting LS1 heads
  32. Comp Cams "Cam Help Call Line" what a Joke!!!
  33. knock knock?
  34. Who drives there 408 car more than 3-4 times a week?
  35. Buying a Torquer 2, what else do I need?
  36. Cold Cylinder! Help!
  37. ARP rod bolt torque spec
  38. #7 hole why is it the problem???
  39. New Oil Pump...
  40. Oil change....
  41. Looking at different cams for DART 205s
  42. x4 and x5 cam guys need your help?
  43. What determines pushrod length?
  44. Head suggestions???
  45. Went to slp website and have a question on one of their heads and cam packages.
  46. Finally tuned :)
  47. new to LS1 tech, one question
  48. titanium retainers???
  49. Oil Pressure 11-15 PSI at idle.. HELP! I'm Scared
  50. Oil pump swap
  51. G5X3/112 Duel open cut outs (video)
  52. port and polish or new heads?
  53. How To Tips: Battery Cable Replacement?
  54. were's the best CR calc at?
  55. cam size and timing , does the cam
  56. Blew Headgasket on Dyno w/ 14.0 A/F, what can the headgasket take down with it?
  57. Need help asap!! about swapin heads
  58. smoke
  59. Need some help
  60. Heads question
  61. break in a cam?!?!?!?
  62. cam question
  63. Had a set of Dart 205s on the bench this morning,
  64. Too Many Heads To Choose
  65. Procharer Or MOTOR?
  66. new timing chain a MUST for new cam and heads?
  67. Regretably, another "tick-tick" question
  68. Oil Pump Assembly?
  69. LS1 hole vs. LS6 no hole why?
  70. Engine coming out, what to do while it's there?
  71. Head studs on a C5
  72. Isky 1.44" Diameter Duals....Part #?
  73. cam questions ???
  74. Patriot H/C Package
  75. RHS Heads
  76. best sponsor to buy a cam from?
  77. tpis heads??
  78. Resleeve just one cylinder?
  79. Best cam for Dart 205's?
  80. help a young guy out .need a TSP cam
  81. Stock balancer?
  82. Ported 853 Pics *UPDATED*
  83. I finially ordered a new cam for my AFRs
  84. oil catch can
  85. Modified & Simplified VE Calculator! - I need some input!
  86. knocking, ticking, noise and where to get serviced
  87. How Much For Porting Heads?
  88. Shortblock Assembly??
  89. ls1 hotcam package
  90. MSD Blaster Coil Packs ?
  91. Any room for thinner gasket/increased compression?
  92. new blocks
  93. royal purple ..
  94. Quick ICL & Advance clarification question
  95. just a cam get 400/400+ with not a big loss in low end tq?
  96. How much could you mill heads and keep the 7.4 length pushrod?
  97. highest possible compression on pump gas
  98. Question for Texas Speed Guys
  99. How much better do stock ls6 heads flow over stock ls1?
  100. motor going bad?
  101. Hand Porting LS6 heads at home
  102. Another ARP lube question
  103. 6.0 iron block parts list..
  104. Forged?? what all goes into it
  105. DCR / ICL Clarification
  106. fm13 in a 370??
  107. Anyway to test piston rings while heads are off?
  108. what cam with my combo
  109. cam install
  110. future plans
  111. trex question
  112. Bad lifter??
  113. 5.3 truck crank, 5.3 aluminum block
  114. Which cam is better?????
  115. Whys does my car idle high sometimes?
  116. Couple ? Texas Speed 224 cams.
  117. Is there no pride anymore?
  118. Help and info needed please re cam timing.
  119. Found this while changing the PCV valve...
  120. Breaking Rocker arms
  121. Safely raising redline and power curve of LS1
  122. Ordering ETP 215s, what other stuff do I need with 11 degree heads?
  123. .085" flycutt = what cc?
  124. New ARE Heads install same results as stock heads
  125. new stroker
  126. Cam only or H/C
  127. Stock Cam Questions? Please Help
  128. break in oil???
  129. Please help with picking my cam???
  130. DCR with G5X3 on 112 LSA, .045 gasket, ETP 215s with 62cc chamber?
  131. Which bearings?
  132. Do I Just Need A Tune?
  133. Ms3 112 Lsa ?
  134. strange power loss
  135. new 347 on the way
  136. New custom grid
  137. where is my SS supposed idle?
  138. Whining Noise Under Acceleration
  139. Need a little pushrod help
  140. a few questions about car after cam install
  141. most popular rocker ratio after cam install?
  142. Cam Doctor of an XFI
  143. questions about LSA and advance for my cam
  144. 402 build up?
  145. video My car G5X3 AFR 205's 59cc
  146. Car dead this morning
  147. Do LQ9 heads use the stock length pushrods?
  148. patriot performance LQ9 heads
  149. LS1 Engine to LS2
  150. Dart 205 heads and MTI B1 cam, what pushrods?
  151. Any Guesses? 58.6cc Cylinder Head Compression
  152. What is the most lopey cam I can get for a Z06 without flycutting?
  153. Switched from RP to Germ Castrol
  154. yella terra 1.7, is it worth it with g5x3?
  155. need advice on a good streetable cam
  156. ls1 ls6 383 stroker shortblock , WHAT do you think ?
  157. Valve hit piston
  158. Ls1 Ls6 383 Stroker
  159. heat
  160. longer bolt
  161. ARP Head bolts
  162. Trickflow heads
  163. Damn it..broke a cam retainer
  164. Cam question
  165. Build a ls1 347 or ls2 shortblock???
  166. 408, Cam Specs, DCR, Vacuum Issues. asking advice
  167. Valve size
  168. H/C swap with problem. Coolant in exhaust...NEED HELP!!
  169. engine trouble
  170. matching cam to stall
  171. XFI lobes for LS1?
  172. what to get w/LS1 383 Stroker Shortblock assembly.ith
  173. getting heads w/ cam....should I?
  174. Metal On Drain Plug BIG HELPPP
  175. Broke a is this?
  176. Another 5.3 question.
  177. Coolant Plug Leak On Dart Head Help
  178. LS* oil pan?
  179. 5.3 prc ms3
  180. What cam with this setup?
  181. Engine run without valvecovers?
  182. Motor need a bigger cam, what to do?
  183. Rollmaster double roller and March Pulley Q??
  184. biggest cam with stageII 5.3 heads..
  185. Highest mileage ls1 youve ever seen?
  186. Torquer V2 soundclips. anyone?
  187. torque question
  188. Piston cleaning? in process of h/c install....
  189. How much HP am I losing? (pic)
  190. cam help...stalling and surging
  191. Cam swap complete, now a weird valvetrain noise.
  192. 402 Stroker....need piston advice...
  193. Torquer v2 install done! Vid inside
  194. 1.8 harlan Sharp ????
  195. what is some of the down falls of a BIG cam?
  196. Possible head bore problem?
  197. Things No One Told You About Stroker
  198. Cam Motion part number and specs
  199. trying to help a friend low oil pressure new motor..
  200. How to find specs on AFR Heads and Cam?
  201. Stock motor with cam.
  202. Stupid question but i need to kno
  203. Stock LS6 heads with TSP Cam...what pushrods?
  204. GM Hot Cam Question
  205. short stroke gen III
  206. MTI H/C Package
  207. ls6 2002 vrs ls6 2004 blocks!
  208. TRex is down on power, problems at track.
  209. GTO LS1 to 400hp ??
  210. Good DD on an A4: 224/230 114?
  211. new fuel injectors
  212. Need help fast!! In the middle of H/C swap @ 2AM
  213. help choosing a CAM
  214. Hot Cam Question
  215. oil question please
  216. rocker and lifter combo?
  217. How is crank position signal read?
  218. Quick ? on PRC Spring kit for those that have changed
  219. crank bolt
  220. Nice heads for LS1 with TR230
  221. Which Heads Better with G5X3 and ... ET or AFR ?
  222. High oil pressure
  223. OK whats the latest on Rockers..
  224. big mods what kind of gains???
  225. Too much oil pressure???
  226. map sensor readings
  227. Hesitation up to 2500 RPM???
  228. head swap gasket question
  229. iron block question...
  230. harmonic balancer removal
  231. Heads & Cam ?
  232. Torquer cam coming, which heads or stay with LPE LS1 ported
  233. heads for my 402cid
  234. Comp Pro Magnum Rockers ??
  235. ETP Heads question
  236. casting numbers
  237. What are the head bolt patterns on 99 and 2000 ls1 engines?
  238. Those running or who have knowledge on Cam Motion Cams please enter.
  239. Cam damaged, need opinions
  240. best cam for my mods
  241. showdown.MS3 or Torquer v2
  242. have shaft mounts, stay hyd or go solid?
  243. Anybody have instruction book for Rollmaster chain?
  244. Anyone bent a pushrod???
  245. LS1 friendly machine shops?
  246. What to do with heads???
  247. Cam with mileage?
  248. loose rockers?
  249. have searched.... but what difference does LS6 pcv system make?
  250. quick cam questions