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  1. Stock 28.8 injectors on a F11 cam
  2. Its All Finally Installed!!!!
  3. Cranking compression ??
  4. New Goodies Installed :)......
  5. Is it a bad idea?
  6. update...need more help
  7. need your help my motor blew up at 26k
  8. Do I have to start engine close to lifter install time?
  9. missing after heads and cam
  10. stock cams, made a spreadsheet
  11. got head/cam and have Q's
  12. Need Help with Heads/Cam
  13. Engine Issue Please help.
  14. installed cam now car missin
  15. Motor Plans
  16. When to upgrade lifters???
  17. Missing after heads and cam.....need help
  18. 346-to a 383 stroker ..come in please
  19. Free mods before heads/cam
  20. Cam thoughts on two cams
  21. when tuned to sound stock does cam lose power?
  22. Need A CheaTR Cam Video Clip
  23. M6, 3.42 Gears, High HP Cam Options?
  24. pistons and rod bolts
  25. W1 Camshaft in a 112 LSA?
  26. Can a cam have to much wear??
  27. Would It Be Worth It?
  28. Built 408... Reccommend me some heads!
  29. Members w/ flycutting tools for rent?
  30. LG G5X3 on a 114: IVC
  31. Countdown to show down...
  32. The m6 cam (streetstyle)
  33. Advice: Will I benifit changing my cam from a 224/224 580 114 lsa to a bigger cam?
  34. help wtf burning oil on a 30k stock ls1
  35. Low Oil Pressure
  36. New heads and cam under achieving?
  37. I blew my junk up last month and its almost ready again
  38. Engine bolt sizes
  39. Low coolant light was it possible to put too much coolant in the engine?
  40. gmpp asa
  41. LS1 Swap
  42. trex on the street
  43. T-Rex..
  44. broken installer
  45. Best cam for my set up?
  46. stroker piston problems
  47. i need help with my 408
  48. !!help!! Engine Stuttering!!!
  49. LS1 ARP Stud Nuts
  50. Frustrated and need everyones help please..
  51. What are differences between....
  52. Car breaks up under 2500rpm....?
  53. head milling calculation
  54. About to install harland sharp rebuit rockers
  55. Need to Pull Engine and Tranny
  56. Comp pro magnum preload
  57. Symptoms of a failing oil pump?
  58. please help me with head choice
  59. The need for speed!
  60. need help quick on spark plug selection!!!
  61. ARP rod bolts
  62. push rod? crane rockers .040 gasket
  63. Use my 5.3 heads or save for AFR's
  64. Need Head/Cam package help
  65. HP vs. TQ
  66. Dart 225 ported flow numbers!!!!
  67. Block strength
  68. Damaged my heads
  69. Engine Rebuilt North Carolina/South Carolina
  70. 6.0 lt. Pistons?
  71. Torquer V2
  72. Best Oil to Quiet Clatter
  73. Who makes the F10 and F14 cams?
  74. TSP Torquer V.2 vs. TSP 233/239 R2??? Which is better!
  75. Help: Temp loss of Oil Pressure after WOT runs
  76. Need a Z06 Killer Experts in here
  77. Car broke down, need some help please!!!
  78. bad maf?
  79. ARP Main Studs
  80. AFR 225's vs Trickflow heads
  81. Heads for around 1000-1500?
  82. Playing around with idea of Cam to go with my LS6 Heads/Intake and STS Turbo.....
  83. Why is my car running flat??
  84. What would you do?
  85. highest lifting cam made for the ls1?
  86. ARP Studs/Bolts & Cylinder Warping…
  87. Need Help FAST. Which Plugs? THANKS!!!!!
  88. MS4 installed on '02 Z06 - vid inside
  89. Tool to do two valvesprings at once?
  90. Eagle Rods
  91. ls2 chain or ls2 timing set for cam swap in ls1
  92. Just Ordered
  93. Questions regarding Patrick G's Torque Cam
  94. Help With Static Cr With New Heads
  95. quick question before i instill my cam
  96. Where can I buy German Castrol Syntec 0w-30?
  97. whats the best dino oil
  98. ETP 215's VS TSP PRC 200cc Terminator Heads or others for a 346
  99. what HEADS to buy?
  100. motor question
  101. Stealth cam comparison
  102. i have few Q's regarding MS4?
  103. Could someone assist with rod-bolts install?
  104. real quick question on springs
  105. ls1
  106. trickflow vs ETP vs AFR vs DART
  107. Just Installed Ms4
  108. Some Internal Questions
  109. engine builder
  110. Mettalic Ticking, Misfire, after cam/heads install
  111. Do '98's have weaker pushrods?
  112. Recomended EXternal Parts to Change on a new or rebuilt motor?
  113. Are there any better options than buying this crate motor?
  114. CNC Program???
  115. MAP connector in the back of intake is loose!!
  116. Power Steering Pump and Cooler?
  117. Is there a step-by-step illustration for an engine-in-car cam swap?
  118. feeling a miss?
  119. Any camm'd cars riding on stock clutch?
  120. anyone have their MS4 installed yet.
  121. Extremely high Idle, will not come down, whats wrong ?
  122. Sales/Techline help opportunity at AFR....
  123. Is my car allergic to rain?
  124. Would an f-13 fit??
  125. Cam Question. Which springs?
  126. cam for 5.3
  127. LS7 Lifter preload
  128. Need some help please
  129. building a forged engine
  130. Attn: Engine builders - what causes this?
  131. GTP contact info
  132. Where can I find weight data for 3800 V6 engine
  133. 427 owner's
  134. Heads and cam set up question
  135. Which springs?
  136. how far can you take ls1 heads?
  137. Will this clear w/o flycutting?
  138. Cometic Head gaskets-Dry or Spray them?
  139. Simple valve timing question
  140. Head choices
  141. yep i'm an idiot
  142. clearance???
  143. couple questions about my set-up
  144. Cam Setup
  145. ARP Head stud torque for 402
  146. I can't decide
  147. Where to buy a shortblock?
  148. help with problem?
  149. ? about the G5X3
  150. where to set shift points?
  151. 428?
  152. Valvetrain geometry ?
  153. can I re-use my old oil pump and timing chain
  154. To get or not get pushrods?
  155. What type thread sealer on rocker bolts?
  156. Daily Driver cam advice
  157. 400 rwhp with this setup? Or reverse split?
  158. cam suggestions
  159. do you have this cam?
  160. ls6 intake manifold with EGR provision ?
  161. Anyone using a Comp 281 cam????
  162. Factory valve seal question
  163. dyno sheets needed!!!!!
  164. Using '02 valve seals on an '01
  165. Tell me what you think please!
  166. Heads and cam help?
  167. How can I tell if compression is low?
  168. lifters
  169. Best Cam
  170. Comp Cams 1.85 rockers
  171. Trouble shooting... down on power
  172. Best cam for A4/Stock Converter
  173. New Cam, new Springs. do I need new locks
  174. GM Performance parts announcement?
  175. What kind of CFM's do LS1 flow?
  176. ARP Main Studs
  177. How high should I spin this cam?
  178. help with coolant flush
  179. Injectors for TF heads and fairly large cam?
  180. head question
  181. would an ls6 cam run w/ stock tuning?
  182. Flycut piston? and push rods?
  183. Who DD's a G5X3 or FMS 13 ???
  184. difference in 5.3 and 6.0 iron blocks?
  185. G5X3 Cam with ET Heads
  186. Motor build-up...How much power?
  187. AFR milling
  188. Need help fast, cooling problem...
  189. bad break up.
  190. Quick question
  191. HV oil pump dillema
  192. Daily Driver.
  193. Tell me about my cam!!!
  194. 450-470rwhp traps
  195. depth of piston notch vs cc of relief?
  196. How to check springs
  197. New cam is in....
  198. How to check pushrod length..solid lifter and adj rockers
  199. *HELP* P0300 Multi Misfire
  200. Seats for 918 springs
  201. NGK tr6 plugs
  202. Time for a rebuild, need some opinions/advice!
  203. where to get custom pushrods?
  204. help me decide...PRC LS6 stage 1 w/ MS4 or w/ Fast 90/90?
  205. To much lifter preload???????????/
  206. Choosing cam – what do you think?
  207. L92 heads: same length pushrods?
  208. pat Stg 3 and 224/224/112
  209. Looking for power
  210. Look for power
  211. What size thread is the rocker arm bolts??
  212. stock flow numbers?
  213. lifter holder thingy Q??
  214. Found my problem...
  215. Please Help!!! Could be something major???
  216. A Cam of a different degree
  217. Custom cam, specs suggested by P.G. LS1tech member
  218. Whats involved in forging an LS1? in garage...possible?
  219. Vavle covers. Need a P/N
  220. Newbie-ish ValveTrain Question
  221. my cam is chipped
  222. Max bore on 5.3 iron block?
  223. Lifter Oil Ports?
  224. What else to compliment my heads and cam?
  225. metal inside ls6 intake manifold?
  226. GOOD NEWS: The cam fits!!!
  227. oil pressure....
  228. Valvetrain Noise After H/c Install
  229. Cam installed, flashing SES
  230. LS1 stock valves...size?
  231. WORLD Warhawk LS1X Heads
  232. cam help
  233. Is the stock GM rocker arm stand necessary?...
  234. Who's got this set-up?....or similiar?...what PR?
  235. What heads with a T-REX?
  236. Engine cuts out
  237. Engine Numbers???
  238. 1.85 rockers
  239. PTV help please and milling options
  240. 24X reluctor?
  241. Knocking thats comes and goes
  242. What are the best heads for a ls6?
  243. what are the best heads for...
  244. cam question
  245. Oil Leak
  246. Knocking thats comes and goes
  247. Reliable 400 Hp
  248. Using Solid Lifters on a Hydraulic Cam???
  249. priming motor????
  250. Coolant leak after Head/Cam swap???