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  1. Valvetrain geometry ?
  2. can I re-use my old oil pump and timing chain
  3. To get or not get pushrods?
  4. What type thread sealer on rocker bolts?
  5. Daily Driver cam advice
  6. 400 rwhp with this setup? Or reverse split?
  7. cam suggestions
  8. do you have this cam?
  9. ls6 intake manifold with EGR provision ?
  10. Anyone using a Comp 281 cam????
  11. Factory valve seal question
  12. dyno sheets needed!!!!!
  13. Using '02 valve seals on an '01
  14. Tell me what you think please!
  15. Heads and cam help?
  16. How can I tell if compression is low?
  17. lifters
  18. Best Cam
  19. Comp Cams 1.85 rockers
  20. Trouble shooting... down on power
  21. Best cam for A4/Stock Converter
  22. New Cam, new Springs. do I need new locks
  23. GM Performance parts announcement?
  24. What kind of CFM's do LS1 flow?
  25. ARP Main Studs
  26. How high should I spin this cam?
  27. help with coolant flush
  28. Injectors for TF heads and fairly large cam?
  29. head question
  30. would an ls6 cam run w/ stock tuning?
  31. Flycut piston? and push rods?
  32. Who DD's a G5X3 or FMS 13 ???
  33. difference in 5.3 and 6.0 iron blocks?
  34. G5X3 Cam with ET Heads
  35. Motor build-up...How much power?
  36. AFR milling
  37. Need help fast, cooling problem...
  38. bad break up.
  39. Quick question
  40. HV oil pump dillema
  41. Daily Driver.
  42. Tell me about my cam!!!
  43. 450-470rwhp traps
  44. depth of piston notch vs cc of relief?
  45. How to check springs
  46. New cam is in....
  47. How to check pushrod length..solid lifter and adj rockers
  48. *HELP* P0300 Multi Misfire
  49. Seats for 918 springs
  50. NGK tr6 plugs
  51. Time for a rebuild, need some opinions/advice!
  52. where to get custom pushrods?
  53. help me decide...PRC LS6 stage 1 w/ MS4 or w/ Fast 90/90?
  54. To much lifter preload???????????/
  55. Choosing cam what do you think?
  56. L92 heads: same length pushrods?
  57. pat Stg 3 and 224/224/112
  58. Looking for power
  59. Look for power
  60. What size thread is the rocker arm bolts??
  61. stock flow numbers?
  62. lifter holder thingy Q??
  63. Found my problem...
  64. Please Help!!! Could be something major???
  65. A Cam of a different degree
  66. Custom cam, specs suggested by P.G. LS1tech member
  67. Whats involved in forging an LS1? in garage...possible?
  68. Vavle covers. Need a P/N
  69. Newbie-ish ValveTrain Question
  70. my cam is chipped
  71. Max bore on 5.3 iron block?
  72. Lifter Oil Ports?
  73. What else to compliment my heads and cam?
  74. metal inside ls6 intake manifold?
  75. GOOD NEWS: The cam fits!!!
  76. oil pressure....
  77. Valvetrain Noise After H/c Install
  78. Cam installed, flashing SES
  79. LS1 stock valves...size?
  80. WORLD Warhawk LS1X Heads
  81. cam help
  82. Is the stock GM rocker arm stand necessary?...
  83. Who's got this set-up?....or similiar?...what PR?
  84. What heads with a T-REX?
  85. Engine cuts out
  86. Engine Numbers???
  87. 1.85 rockers
  88. PTV help please and milling options
  89. 24X reluctor?
  90. Knocking thats comes and goes
  91. What are the best heads for a ls6?
  92. what are the best heads for...
  93. cam question
  94. Oil Leak
  95. Knocking thats comes and goes
  96. Reliable 400 Hp
  97. Using Solid Lifters on a Hydraulic Cam???
  98. priming motor????
  99. Coolant leak after Head/Cam swap???
  100. Aftermarket Oilpans and bottom end strength
  101. Big boosted questioned
  102. cam thoughts
  103. need help
  104. highest compression daily driver?
  105. Help with plug diagnosis
  106. LS1 Machine Work in DFW
  107. Anyone Use This Comp Cams Adj. Timing Set?
  108. ETP 215cc Independent Flow Numbers?
  109. roller lifters and roller rockers?
  110. I can hear the lifters, but no gauges lighting up...
  111. Basic Stock LS1 specs info
  112. how to test lifters still in car/ Knocking that went away
  113. Cometic 4.160" Bore Head Gaskets on 4.125" Cylinder Bore?
  114. LS1 vs LS6 Injectors
  115. WTF? Comp Cams LS1 Timing Gear Doesn't Fit!
  116. New LSX block?
  117. Main bolts
  118. 5.3 based 385cid based rebuild?
  119. got a cam=happy day
  120. Very concerned....need help.
  121. Copper spray on Cometics...good or bad idea?
  122. Need input on Fast Intake
  123. Ls1 head choices
  124. Hearing lifters, but no SES light...
  125. Possible Motor Trouble Help!
  126. need help with cam selection......
  127. Engine noise after a night @ the track
  128. G5x4 and gtp heads?
  129. H/C Swap Done... Few questions...
  130. LS2 Head Milling
  131. Isky fly cuting collar
  132. 40 weight & piston slap
  133. Replacing MAP sensor without removing intake?
  134. Power Flush Radiator ? Yes / No ?
  135. tr224 with LS6 springs??
  136. Backfires with WOT gear change
  137. Rocker arm pedestal orientation???
  138. oil questions...
  139. Does anyone know the 02 ZO6 cam specs, .006 and .050 numbers, etc...
  140. 01 camaro ss engine
  141. Stock 1 piece valve seats/seals?
  142. built motor guys inside please
  143. Car's in the shop...
  144. Able to get GC 10w-30 online?
  145. is this a good cam?
  146. can i use factory pushrods and lifters with cam install?
  147. valve spring question.
  148. Comp R lifters......
  149. SI007 pass Cali smog?
  150. Help- Secondary Air injection Valve A misfunction
  151. Used Cam Q
  152. Thunder Racing CheaTR package
  153. ARP Head bolts or Studs
  154. How much oil does your ls1 burn?
  155. Are "budget" heads worth it?
  156. What the hell happened on the way home?
  157. Is there a solid roller set up for 346??
  158. Good Flow Numbers?? Before and After
  159. How much louder
  160. HELP quick question on the 317 heads HELP
  161. FM13 Dyno results
  162. stock ls1 w/ 1.82 rockers
  163. how much $ for cam install
  164. tools/tips for installing H/C
  165. Crank shaft reluctor wheel on vettes
  166. Whats the best intake manifold/tb setup for a ls6?
  167. 415 ls1 iron block build up help
  168. trouble shooting
  169. G5XX AND MS3 cam
  170. Will 5.3L heads up my hp on an LS1?
  171. ls6 heads on ebay......
  172. a question on motor preservation
  173. What does a failing oil pump sound like?
  174. urgent HELP needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  175. Eagle or callies dragonslayer crank?
  176. switch from 853's to 243's
  177. Where to get ONE green-top 42LB Ford Injector
  178. oil pan torque issue (rear cover)
  179. ARP main bolts/studs?
  180. Piston Valve Clearance Question????????
  181. WOOWOO AFRs and TSP cam IN...
  182. Oil Plumes under accel, using lots of oil.
  183. Which to do first?
  184. Where's my oil coming from
  185. TSP LS6 Heads worth milling with new cam
  186. Pushrod Length
  187. Largest cam for LS1
  188. untuned cammed A4 question?
  189. TBSS - Cammed w/ headers, etc DYNO graph/Sound clip inside
  190. Darton sleeve question.
  191. C5 cam
  192. Opinions on LPE 229/242 .631/.631 114 CL ?
  193. Need help identifying some metal I found in my oil
  194. 408 Stroker project update...
  195. DCR Help I have to be doing something wrong!
  196. H&C install No synthetics?
  197. high 12's?
  198. Chevy trucks...LS1 BASED motors or LS1??
  199. LS1 cam in LS2
  200. Burning Coolant
  201. Best Cam right around .580/.580 lift?
  202. Help quick!!!
  203. Oil Question
  204. are these gaskets any good.
  205. springs? with SBC valves
  206. Anyone delt with Straight Line Performance (New Lenox Illinois)?
  207. GT-2 heads info.
  208. PRC Terminators or PRC LS6?
  209. How important is motor oil?
  210. FAST 90 and Tune
  211. cam install help
  212. low price ls2 heads
  213. ARP headstuds
  214. what's in my engine??? very detailed!!!
  215. fast intake/N.W. tb
  216. 427ci Cam Specs
  217. Prelim 427 C5R 850hp dyno numbers
  218. Bent push rods. One missing???
  219. cam numbers(specs) help
  220. Analize my solid roller cam specs
  221. DCR and Altitude
  222. Prelim 427 C5R 850hp dyno numbers and video !
  223. found a ls6 cam i havent seen before......
  224. Fast intake
  225. Which heads to get
  226. arp head bolts cheapest
  227. Upgrading a Stage 2 head to a Stage 3 head?
  228. F13 or MS3 with ETP 215 heads?
  229. What cam to choose?
  230. New H/C Package
  231. What valves would you recommend?
  232. TFS LS1/LS2 Heads In Stock, Ready To Ship!!!
  233. Injector Question...
  234. head flow #'s
  235. will be assembling an LSx, but then it'll sit for a couple months - how to protect?
  236. Anyone from TSP: what's the gain in hp/tq. from MS3 to MS4?
  237. 408 engine oil
  238. Are stock LS1 heads worth porting?
  239. Nitrous Cam
  240. LQ9 vs. LQ4+cam?
  241. Xtreme Auto Accessories
  242. What motor would you build?
  243. Weird noise, video inside
  244. Car wont start
  245. Ok now I have seen it all. Weird coolant leak after head install.
  246. oil on spark plug threads I WANT YOUR OPINION!!!
  247. MS3 on a 112 LSA
  248. Is there a way to tell which stock rod bolts you have?
  249. What's an ideal setup?
  250. Different Pushrod lengths