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  1. I have a hot cam kit, had MAYBE 5,000mi on it
  2. How much for "broken" block
  3. AFR 225s (the eagle has landed!!)
  4. 402 all aluminum project starting soon, i have some questions come in plz
  5. Anybody have big cams with milled heads
  6. ms3 vs torquer2
  7. Slp Headers
  8. what heads do i need for 400+rwhp in my auto?
  9. What came does this guy have?
  10. ordered TSP Torquer v.2 :)
  11. LS6 Oil Pump
  12. How much preload?
  13. Newbie Cam Question
  14. Help with Hi torque cam specs
  15. Bearings
  16. 02 LS6 out of the box heads with HotCam
  17. Timing chain questions!!!
  18. New Setup On The Way!!!!
  19. Ms3
  20. 98-02 LS1 History (where to get updated)
  21. Which ARP head studs for newer iron block?
  22. Rear Wheel Horsepower Gains out of Roller Rockers???
  23. No oil pressure
  24. Milling stock LS1 heads
  25. Is this a streetable cam?
  26. (so cal)(661)(818)anyone know how to install a ls1?
  27. Rock On!
  28. canton oil pan
  29. will the cops care or even know?!
  30. how do u know when u have a spun bearing
  31. MTI G1 Cam ?
  32. Idle Clip(254/260)
  33. Any one ever had valve guide problems in these cars causing oil consumption??
  34. SLP/ Cold Air Induction box
  35. LS6 won't start.
  36. Dart to GM rocker stand clearance issue
  37. Quick Question after cam...
  38. Need some help please on a missing problem????
  39. hey guys i have a knock possible vavletrain
  40. Milled 241 heads on 5.3
  41. About to start up my brand new engine
  42. HELP! Compression and leakdown results, possible blown headgasket?
  43. Strange voltage issue
  44. Help with LSA decision!
  45. My Setup
  46. TSP LS6 ported heads and torquer 2 cam power
  47. Will my lifter preload and PR lenth be OK?
  48. heat is killing my car / affecting the engine ?
  49. 6.0L LQ4 Heads (Please Reply)
  50. Bad lifter causing major HP loss
  51. callies racemaster crankshaft
  52. DCR or SCR most important when factoring in octane?
  53. 5.3 block questions
  54. Cam & Head gains inquiry
  55. Throttle body porting in Hollywood area
  56. Dyno WOT runs +oil smoke after wot
  57. permission to go nuts?!
  58. Bent push rod... Causes?
  59. Trick Flow heads track results
  60. One last issue
  61. Texas Speed Magic Stick v4
  62. Most hp in CA?
  63. Feedback on Patrick G's Torquer cam.
  64. I am a new member of the tick club (suggestions)
  65. 3 degrees of KR ok?
  66. Valve Springs for 660 lift Hydrolic Cam?
  67. 5.3 heads = P/V issue?
  68. tensenior/idler pulley....
  69. problems...need all possible opinions....? plesae
  70. Diagose this noise..
  71. need gm part number of ls6 block
  72. Everything I need for cam?
  73. Fm-13?
  74. ls 1 vs traditional small block?
  75. New engine & heads, burning oil bad :(
  76. What to go with big stroker or 414"?
  77. comp cam questions
  78. Anyone here run a Cartek 3x cam?
  79. Anyone got a clip of the TRak or a 231/234 112lsa
  80. Swap or not?
  81. Which head gasket for my TSP ls6 heads?
  82. TSP MS4 cam and LS6 springs
  83. Odd amount of metal shavings on the drain plug magnet
  84. C5 - 228R, AFR, & 90/90 Dyno Results
  85. new ms4 cam
  86. Heads cam results?
  87. Heads for my car
  88. hand porting
  89. Cam and valve spring question
  90. 422 Melt Down
  91. combination motorsports
  92. SLP 402 short block vs. TSP 408 short block
  93. Rocker adjustment
  94. Cheapest place to ship an ls1 shortblock??
  95. Sorry for all the post. trying to find me the right setup.
  96. Whos ran the HPE big box of goodies?
  97. Pressure out of oil fill cap, is this bad rings?
  98. PP 64cc heads will mill it .025 what is the lenght of pushrods nedded?
  99. retainers
  100. Looking at a different cam
  101. TSP Torquer 2 any good on stock heads?
  102. What stall speed with this cam (224/228)?
  103. How do I calculate difference in .004 to .006 Adv Dur in a cam
  104. Which Melling oil Pump
  105. F13 and Nitrous?!?
  106. Anything new? Been gone for a while....
  107. what engine to swap??
  108. need help with O2 sensor
  109. Knock sensor code
  110. How to get the most out of a 5.3, while using
  111. New Build
  112. ? about F11 on a 114
  113. need to know if these used heads look right
  114. Where to get 241 heads?
  115. Engine ?
  116. when i give it gas it dies?
  117. LS6 Valley Cover Part Number?
  118. ls1 stuff?'s
  119. best heads/cam package?
  120. 6.0L heads installtion
  121. help/question about valve seat
  122. Guys with large cam (256/260 range) experience...
  123. How do I measure pushrod length???????
  124. i need help fast. misfire
  125. What cubes for the Trex?
  126. 383 Rotating Assembly
  127. TRak rwhp
  128. smoke from my dipstick tube
  129. Head Question
  130. lost cam card..need help pls F13 112
  131. Crank Bolt Help/Problem
  132. Will Ls1 Heads Work On A 5.3 Motor???
  133. What are the differences between an C5 LS1 and a Fbody LS1?
  134. Oil Pressure
  135. patriot ls6 stageIII, mti-x1, on a ls1, then a 408.
  136. Would you spend 2500 on a set of heads or get them professionally machined
  137. ARP bolts for heads
  138. Overheating problem..PLEASE HELP!!!
  139. White smoke during start-up
  140. how close can you get your ls1 to sound like this....
  141. what do you think of this port work *pics*
  142. 243 head question
  143. What to do??
  144. a Little extra cash
  145. ARP Head Bolts / Studs?
  146. 4'' stroke in a standard bore ls1?
  147. 4'' stroke in a standard bore ls1?
  148. Read my plugs
  149. Stock 241 heads
  150. Newbe looking for LS6 power mod recommendations
  151. Crank Pulley Bolt
  152. LG or MTI H/C kits
  153. Which LSx series is iron??
  154. How much would you pay for stock ls1 crank, rods and pistons?
  155. how long dual springs last?
  156. Here is my H/C parts list.... Suggestions?
  157. I know why my LS6 heads smokin
  158. Low Oil Pressure, HELP!!
  159. Right Heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  160. PR length w/ 59cc heads
  161. PTV Clearance Question
  162. which head gaskets would you use?
  163. need stock 243 casting info..tried to search
  164. which rod lenght
  165. Oil pump & cam chain. HC swap.
  166. How high are people pushing Compstar rods?
  167. Does LS6 Heads/Cam like headers?
  168. need advise
  169. will i break 400 RWHP with this set up
  170. Need a better Cam
  171. Collapsed Lifter?? How Can I Tell???
  172. z06 Cam Help..
  173. casting number
  174. Stock Lifter Concern
  175. ETP LS7 4.000 heads
  176. lets try this again
  177. Any roller rockers that fit '98 LS1's ??
  178. How to tell what rpm a cam will peak at?
  179. Heads arrived today - pics/specs/flow numbers
  180. MS3 cam video inside
  181. LS6 heads fit 5.3/4.8 bore?
  182. Engine tick
  183. what pushrods for LS6 cam ?
  184. Precison Race Components Small Runner UPDATE!!
  185. How To Find The Cam Centerline
  186. HELP: can't get crank bolt out
  187. Arp Head Studs
  188. Flycutting necessary??
  189. Heads to help my cam??
  190. valve train noise reduction...
  191. which way do rods face??
  192. two different GC 0-30?
  193. can someone post oil change thread.
  194. How much H.P. can stock internals handle?
  195. looking for a new motor
  196. Is there such a thing as a geardrive
  197. Need cam specs TR220-112
  198. who makes the thickest head gaskets?
  199. Bolt Reuse - LS1 Rebuild
  200. 408 guys..??
  201. Serious Patriots
  202. what CC on stock 241 heads
  203. As anyone used Wiseco for 11* custom pistons?
  204. Free LS6 Cam worth the work?
  205. Aluminum 5.3 blocks? All the hipe real
  206. Which cam and what valvetrain?
  207. forged 347.... or 402?? confused!!
  208. ls1 gen III l33 bore
  209. best out of the box heads
  210. Upgrading heads for 408?
  211. 6 weeks of work and waiting...
  212. Are these heads ok to put on
  213. Check out my mods before I order than and Critique please
  214. Who's got the highest mileage torquer 2?
  215. suggestions on cam
  216. Magic Stick V.4 239/242 Camshaft
  217. Anyone running a 420 iron block?
  218. best springs for stock heads
  219. TEA Trick Flow heads initial impression
  220. book or video on how to assemble an ls1 or ls6?
  221. book or video on how to asseble an ls1 or ls6?
  222. New Cam
  223. What mods for 5.3?
  224. know it soon yet need answers
  225. new ms4 questions
  226. MS3 is in
  227. What to do?
  228. whp vs wtq
  229. ebay engine??? what do yall think?
  230. Sound Clip of Cam?
  231. Help on head cam clearence
  232. What did your LS6 intake do for you AT THE TRACK?
  233. Heads or better cam (keep stock heads..)
  234. What is the highest compresion that i can run w/o n20?
  235. 7000RPM Guys - Blowing Out Spark?
  236. LS6 Heads that much better than LS1 heads?
  237. Help with KR
  238. LS1 lifter plunger preload
  239. Quick question?
  240. Stock LS6 intake port matching - is it worth it?
  241. Brain fart...
  242. Titanium Retainers?
  243. TSP/Trend 3/8" .135 pushrod WORKS!
  244. My cam, what do you think?
  245. what cam?
  246. lost power after cam install
  247. Best Prices for ARP?
  248. titanium valves
  249. POLL what type of oil are LS1 owners using??????
  250. Paging Pat the oil man....