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  1. LS6 heads fit 5.3/4.8 bore?
  2. Engine tick
  3. what pushrods for LS6 cam ?
  4. Precison Race Components Small Runner UPDATE!!
  5. How To Find The Cam Centerline
  6. HELP: can't get crank bolt out
  7. Arp Head Studs
  8. Flycutting necessary??
  9. Heads to help my cam??
  10. valve train noise reduction...
  11. which way do rods face??
  12. two different GC 0-30?
  13. can someone post oil change thread.
  14. How much H.P. can stock internals handle?
  15. looking for a new motor
  16. Is there such a thing as a geardrive
  17. Need cam specs TR220-112
  18. who makes the thickest head gaskets?
  19. Bolt Reuse - LS1 Rebuild
  20. 408 guys..??
  21. Serious Patriots
  22. what CC on stock 241 heads
  23. As anyone used Wiseco for 11* custom pistons?
  24. Free LS6 Cam worth the work?
  25. Aluminum 5.3 blocks? All the hipe real
  26. Which cam and what valvetrain?
  27. forged 347.... or 402?? confused!!
  28. ls1 gen III l33 bore
  29. best out of the box heads
  30. Upgrading heads for 408?
  31. 6 weeks of work and waiting...
  32. Are these heads ok to put on
  33. Check out my mods before I order than and Critique please
  34. Who's got the highest mileage torquer 2?
  35. suggestions on cam
  36. Magic Stick V.4 239/242 Camshaft
  37. Anyone running a 420 iron block?
  38. best springs for stock heads
  39. TEA Trick Flow heads initial impression
  40. book or video on how to assemble an ls1 or ls6?
  41. book or video on how to asseble an ls1 or ls6?
  42. New Cam
  43. What mods for 5.3?
  44. know it soon yet need answers
  45. new ms4 questions
  46. MS3 is in
  47. What to do?
  48. whp vs wtq
  49. ebay engine??? what do yall think?
  50. Sound Clip of Cam?
  51. Help on head cam clearence
  52. What did your LS6 intake do for you AT THE TRACK?
  53. Heads or better cam (keep stock heads..)
  54. What is the highest compresion that i can run w/o n20?
  55. 7000RPM Guys - Blowing Out Spark?
  56. LS6 Heads that much better than LS1 heads?
  57. Help with KR
  58. LS1 lifter plunger preload
  59. Quick question?
  60. Stock LS6 intake port matching - is it worth it?
  61. Brain fart...
  62. Titanium Retainers?
  63. TSP/Trend 3/8" .135 pushrod WORKS!
  64. My cam, what do you think?
  65. what cam?
  66. lost power after cam install
  67. Best Prices for ARP?
  68. titanium valves
  69. POLL what type of oil are LS1 owners using??????
  70. Paging Pat the oil man....
  71. Will I have any problems with this install?
  72. Any Advice???
  73. please help. Explain how to set preload
  74. Running Price of Forging an ls1.
  75. cam with stock (massaged) heads questions.
  76. T&D shaft mount
  77. Headers make it impossible to get to last plug!!!
  78. decents heads for t2 cam?
  79. Anyone had any problems with Harlan Sharp
  80. torquer 2 shift points
  81. Why isn't the Torquer v2 hitting 400+ RWTQ
  82. Torquer cam RWHP Questions
  83. Where to get a Z06 cam
  84. intake gaskets>>>?????
  85. Solid roller FAQ...
  86. Good Numbers?
  87. Should I install the 42lb inj. with new cam?
  88. Rate my combo
  89. cam+break in=?oil?
  90. double roller or ls2 chain
  91. results from leakdown test..long post! help if you can.
  92. Can i start the car to be sure???
  93. Yup It Was My Oil Pump O Ring
  94. What Lifters Should I Go With?
  95. AFR HEADS 4 ME!!! Thanks junkyard!
  96. Cleaning bolt holes with existing ARP studs
  97. question about engine noises.
  98. everyone with cams no TC, ?
  99. patriot heads
  100. Torque Specs
  101. hole in block
  102. Post If You Have Mac Mid Lengths And Have Blue Smoke!!!
  103. Will I need new injectors?
  104. Pushrods need to be oiled before install?
  105. 4'' bore?
  106. Is there a section at LS1TECH for..
  107. oil pump question??
  108. Lame question, I know...
  109. Thunder Racing Cams???
  110. How to port a stock throttle body?
  111. Comp "R" or Comp 850 lifters...for big hyd. roller
  112. Where are the cheapest dual springs?
  113. Is the valley cover gasket reusable? anyone have a leak?
  114. Quench? 59cc AFR
  115. LS2 intake manifold
  116. What causes a backfire?
  117. is anyone putting over 400 at the wheels with a cam only f13?
  118. cam the ls1 to beat a ls6
  119. Frankenstein motor
  120. what kinda HP gain will i see from cam
  121. I guess the cam bearings are shot...
  122. hardened push rods neccesary for my set up?
  123. Need real engine help
  124. cutting out
  125. front seal leaking
  126. CLunk?
  127. Need help between 2 cams quick!
  128. 7mm valves on solid roller setup???
  129. Tips for valve cover and intake port gaskets..
  130. just a word on the f-13
  131. Low Oil Presure?
  132. A weird technical question....
  133. lsa
  134. Should I buy this long block for $500.00?
  135. ls6 heads
  136. From LS1 to LS6?
  137. Is this normal for a head that has been worked alittle?
  138. Whats it take to build an all motor 9.9x sec six speed TA?
  139. How to pull oil pan In a C5??
  140. im curious on a LS6 cam swap
  141. Head Bolts
  142. Driveability issues with 408
  143. AFR heads, Crane Rocker arms, Stock valve covers.. spacers needed?
  144. Need help deciding on a cam..
  145. what exactly is a "tricked" head?
  146. Most RWHP i can get on the stock short block W/ NO power adders
  147. Dart combustion chamber size question
  148. No noise. then ticking noise
  149. LG Motorsports cams(what's their big secret)
  150. Major engine upgrade...install times???
  151. TC and Cam, Hand in Hand?
  152. CAM Gurus help please!
  153. Domed vs Flat top Pistons
  154. 112 and 114LSA
  155. ms3 vs g5x3
  156. Rear main seal opinions?
  157. When did LS1 F-bodies go EGR free?
  158. Who should I speak to about making a Solid Roller Street/Strip Cam?
  159. Final word on rocker bolt sealant?
  160. New motor in...tach acting weird and engine cutting out?
  161. Dcr
  162. strokin it.
  163. Comp 921's and Patriot Gold's What's the difference
  164. Cam Install writeup
  165. Rod Question???
  166. Best Piston Ring Brand?
  167. SLP Radiator
  168. whats a good cam for everyday driving, with decent gas mileage
  169. overheating ?
  170. HELP: Cylinder 8 Low Compression
  171. Ls1 Light Build
  172. Help!!!!!! Oil Leak!!!!
  173. Quad Cities Cam Install $$$
  174. oil leak new eng.
  175. Knowing which chamber size to use
  176. Patriot Gold Spring Kit Son Of A Bitch! Help!!!
  177. Rasp Is Overrated
  178. Ever changed the oil pan gasket on your 4th gen? Come on in!....
  179. Texas Speed Custom Pushrods...
  180. my car feels slower after cam install?
  181. full race ls1 come inside!!!
  182. What do i have to do to run a 12.3
  183. It's ALIVEEEEEE!!!One issue
  184. 228/232 on a 110 LSA--Anybody running one??
  185. 98ss smoking on decel
  186. Different Stock Heads
  187. Oil consumption....
  188. UGH, stupid double roller problem
  189. cam springs
  190. Help: Pushrod length question
  191. Green GC Score!!
  192. this is a good article.. .
  193. Help me diagnose this
  194. head gaskets
  195. new gaskets and seals for cam install needed
  196. Changing valve seals also?
  197. anyone here run a NX "Bumpstick" cam?
  198. Few Questions about LS1 mods, and trap speeds
  199. SLP underdrive pulley installation
  200. Oil Pressure Question, PLEASE HELP?
  201. Strange manners (tune related?)
  202. Which Head/Cam combo seems better?
  203. flycutting
  204. head gaskets
  205. What torque spec on billet rod.
  206. how often to change springs
  207. ls1 heads
  208. Smart idea?
  209. Isn't it possible for pushrods to be bent...
  210. Something is wrong... NOT ?
  211. 5.3 block boring to 3.898"
  212. ported ls1 heads
  213. When people talk about DD's .......
  214. Best Lifter for a Solid Roller?
  215. Looking for some help with Dart 225's
  216. Another ticking thread, a while after cam install
  217. Vette Doctor?
  218. what pushrod length for trex???
  219. 5.3 heads?
  220. LS2 402 or LQ9 408?
  221. highest stock ls6 head flow?
  222. Wierd Noise
  223. Rather interesting et 245 flow results.
  224. valve head help
  225. Stock Rockers ?
  226. Temp kills our cars.. or mine is just messed up
  227. Rod Bolts
  228. Custom grind cam has been ordered
  229. Do you really have to take out the plugs?
  230. Cam Polishing ???
  231. How big can you go and still be an LSX motor
  232. Problems with Darton block?
  233. 224 cam on LS6 heads question
  234. hi guys, i need u
  235. 402 cmp sensor
  236. Dart Heads
  237. DCR help
  238. Victor Jr. Intake or FAST 90mm
  239. 427ci help?
  240. TSP H/C Post Gone??
  241. engine flush
  242. Will removing the baffels in the valve covers cause excessive oil into the intake?
  243. PRC heads and G5X3 cam 112LSA
  244. Oil change fun!!
  245. Christmas in June! (pics inside)
  246. gaskets
  247. Need head advice
  248. which head is better
  249. How important are arp rod bolts?590hp
  250. How strong is a stock crankshaft?