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  1. Katech bolts
  2. oil pressure increase
  3. Valve spring help...
  4. Sounds like gravel in my engine???
  5. Help troubleshoot possible problem with cam combo
  6. Benefits and disadvantages of..(welding valve cover spacers)
  7. Cr?
  8. carbed LS1 motors
  9. harness question/ls1/ls2....
  10. Advice for Santa on cam selection - 224/224 114LSA ???
  11. Not much help else where, plug wire resistence..
  12. Lope or Dope?
  13. g5x4 cam card?
  14. TREX Cam Card, Anyone have one laying around?
  15. AFR 205s + big cam = 128mph
  16. Coolant blockoff plug
  17. f13 or ms3?
  18. Need to upgrade my current CAM
  19. Video on build...
  20. ls1 crate motor...anyone heard of these guys?
  21. Effects of loose Timing Chain
  22. can't figure this out? lifters or valve or???
  23. Mmmmm MMMmmmmm moving along
  24. ET Heads info, thoughts, pics, numbers
  25. at idle at the peddals there is a huge rattle (feel/knocking sound)??decent size cam!
  26. stock 5.3 heads whats next...
  27. Adjustable cam gear sprocket?
  28. Stage 1.5 vs 2.5 5.3L to choose exhaust valve size?
  29. Cam Install Timing chain twisted
  30. need help fast!!! how important is it to get hardened pushrods when doing a h/c swap
  31. Oil Pump Questions
  32. 04 gto engine mods
  33. Valve springs to replace Comp 977's?
  34. Pushrod Length?
  35. Is it a technically a stroker
  36. Stroker Guys and Engine Techs Please Help
  37. Anybody running a T-Rex Killer cam?
  38. cometics question
  39. Freshen up motor??
  40. Hey Guys I need some help here???
  41. ET Head Combustion Chamber Question
  42. ls1 Timing Chain Tension question?
  43. newbie question....
  44. Honing a C5R
  45. can i use 5/16 dowel rod for cam tool???
  46. LS1 to LS6 swap 99 Z-28 Convertible
  47. Compression Ratio!!?????
  48. How good are the GM LS6 CNC Ported Cylinder Heads??
  49. Oil in the air bridge and air filter?
  50. Stroker Crank
  51. determining LS6 heads a friend has for sale?
  52. Bad Luck x 1000000000
  53. compression question
  54. Head/Cam and Install?
  55. What can i expect with these heads
  56. Piston Slap, Lifter?
  57. isn't a pushrod supposed to be straight? =D
  58. New AFR 205/FM13 trying to dial in...idle issue
  59. Difference in stock heads??
  60. Bent valve?
  61. biggest lift cam w 241's and stock springs?
  62. spun a bearing?
  63. R.I.P my dear friend.....
  64. LS6 head on LS1
  65. 408ci ran for the 1st time today!
  66. Where is the oil pressure sending unit?
  67. what happened to my cylinder wall??
  68. B1/T1 vs TR220
  69. you've spent 2000.00 on heads,but your rings are worn out
  70. what size head gasket
  71. question on crane rockers w/sts kit
  72. Ls1 Vs Ls6 Bottom End
  73. spring compressor
  74. l-19 rod bolts? on lunati rods?
  75. T rex in mail last night...
  76. katech rod bolts in car???
  77. Anyone heard from Felber Racing?
  78. What do you guys think, flycut or new pistons?
  79. tuning a trex??? Whos the best..
  80. couple of quick questions. octane and mph
  81. Head Gasket ?
  82. need help fast... car is already in shop... need to make a decision
  83. Low Oil Pressure !!! Please Help !!!
  84. cam swap question???
  85. AFR 205cc LS1 Mongoose Street Head
  86. tr224 to T rex...
  87. crazy prices or just me????!!!!Help
  88. 421 Cu. In. ?
  89. Anybody have a reluctor ring failure?
  90. Want to beef up the engine - forged?
  91. How much work for a cam...
  92. Oil Pan With 408 question..
  93. Lifter weight?
  94. Were to secure the engine for removal?
  95. What heads/cam for 370 iron block?
  96. Will anyone notice if I turn in my 04 GTO lease....
  97. Are there any good heads available NOW?
  98. 6.0 Block Questions
  99. H/C or Stroker
  100. cam and spring question
  101. TEA Stage I Heads - Further Information Sought
  102. What else do I need, how much power
  103. TR230 with a 3800 stall?
  104. Engine Builders
  105. did cam swap tonight have questions
  106. Shortblock advice
  107. Does Anyone Daily Drive w/ a T-Rex?
  108. How much power have you made using Eagle 4340 crank.
  109. How much power have you made using the stock crank
  110. Question for Mr. Patman
  111. Quick question about patriot heads..
  112. I need help with a few more horses
  113. Camshaft Selection
  114. ETP and solid lifters
  115. Heads/Valves question
  116. anyone know about TTP stage 4R?
  117. HELP, installed heads and new cam, knocking like hell!!
  118. Spark plug choice
  119. Another Custom Cam Question
  120. Valve size on LS1 heads
  121. 408 stroker kit rebalance question
  122. PRC dual springs on AFR heads ?
  123. Anyone use Fluidampr balancer vs ATI?
  124. Flycutting intake only
  125. punkin up antifreeze on bottle but no on motor help!!!!
  126. Which springs with Crane 1.8 rocker kit?
  127. Modified oil pan - need advice
  128. High RPM LS1 or LS2
  129. LS2 cam in LS1.... can it be done????
  130. Quick LS1 Oil Pan question...
  131. Quick Help
  132. Another TR 224 installed!!
  133. LS1 COMETIC thickness infos
  134. cam question about DCR and a daily driven 383.
  135. 918s With Crane 1.80 Gold Race?
  136. Those with ARP Head Studs....
  137. How much compression with 57cc heads?
  138. need help frikkin asap....
  139. is TR224/224 too small for me? help please!!
  140. budget heads on a 408
  141. Pics of my engine removal
  142. Compression Test Results
  143. tsp torquer 2 install!
  144. Looking to buy a fuel rail for my Z06
  145. looking to buy head/cam pakage
  146. Torque specs on LS1?
  147. What are the most popular brands of flowbenches?
  148. cam question
  149. 111 lsa or smaller?
  150. LS6 head question ?
  151. ARP Spec on 12pt main stud kit?
  152. What Do You Think About SHAFIROFF ?
  153. Anyone using the Compstar Darton block?
  154. Dual Comp 921's for AFR's
  155. Budget Heads suggestions
  156. Pull engine without lift?
  157. What Rotating Assembly??
  158. Very Important Question, Big Spring Pressure and Street Driving
  159. squeak/chirp even when both belts are OFF..
  160. Piston material for boost/NOS
  161. 3D Model Wanted
  162. LS1 shortblock build reccomendations...
  163. Got my motor apart.
  164. Hotcam, ASA cam . ..
  165. GM "heavy-duty timing chain"?
  166. im gonna replace lifters.....need help??
  167. Main Stud Caps Torq Patter?
  168. Please help!!!!
  169. Anymore info on TEA Stage 1 5.7's?
  170. adjustable or non-rockers?
  171. what is lift???
  172. Interesting ...
  173. is a used cam worth buying?
  174. All Pro head, BIG #'s
  175. Do the stock rods all face the sae direction on LQ4?
  176. big cam! stock manifolds?
  177. Just had my cam cam doctored
  178. Harland Sharp 1.7 questions
  179. Building an engine
  180. LS6 Swap into an SS
  181. Just had my Patriot Stage 2 59cc's flowed
  182. 395 vrs. 418
  183. GTO Intake Manifold on an F-body
  184. Dart "as cast" test
  185. Has anyone ever...
  186. Let's play "What's that noise?"!
  187. Head fitting
  188. Need help on deciding on which cam
  189. Question about my setup
  190. Question about my setup
  191. where does extra rod length go??
  192. Do I have a vaccum leak??
  193. Help! Are my heads warped????
  194. best stoker short block
  195. valve springs
  196. Plus of having a traditional split cam over a single pattern
  197. Need .032 head gasket!!
  198. Downside to titanium valves?
  199. Crower rod bolts?
  200. Ti valve locks or keepers whatever you wish to call em
  201. shortblock vs longblock
  202. A Couple of Questions before cam install
  203. will this cam work for me?
  204. Using .927 wrist pin pistons in an LS1
  205. queston on how throttle affects power
  206. Dynamic compression question
  207. Pics of my chewed up motor (the sweetness)
  208. Mahle piston question
  209. Valve Spring Question
  210. Question about cam specs.
  211. Carquest Oil filter..
  212. M1 to AMSOIL. filter question
  213. Another stock rocker question
  214. Cam Help, please read.
  215. Thinner head gasket OR Milling Heads?
  216. found more of the German brew :)
  217. SLP ZL 402 stroker kits
  218. heads for a 346-348
  219. OIL PRESSURE AT 128??? help!!
  220. block weights
  221. how much hp and torque with a4?
  222. 383 stroker questions (blower)
  223. Several ??
  224. 2.08 intake valve on 370
  225. at what point do stock rods and pistons weaken
  226. Etp heads
  227. pushrod guideplates
  228. valve spring pressure
  229. surges then dies, help
  230. Main caps, at what rpm or HP do they walk?
  231. anyone have the TSP magic stick?
  232. 6.0L iron block
  233. NE1 Know Valley Tray Holdown Bolt Size?
  234. Help Piston out of hole 150 thou on my 408
  235. Last minute check before new engine gets together...
  236. do i need to gap my NGK TR55's??
  237. should i go wit the magic stick cam
  238. what do i need for a head swap?
  239. Chose my cam--best heads to match???
  240. Need a H/C package
  241. Valve train noise increases after 224 .581 cam install
  242. 6.0l upgrades
  243. Please help with 383 ticking
  244. How far can you bore a stock LS1 block?
  245. Just installed LS6 cam..question
  246. How much lift and duration with new heads?
  247. No oil to heads
  248. ls1 rebuild questions
  249. New to heads?
  250. ? 124k miles on stock rockers and lifters should they be replaced?