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  1. Comp LSK lobes... any info?
  2. Ls1 6.0L Iron block
  3. CP Pistons for LS1?
  4. Spinning crankshaft by hand on Vette
  5. patriot heads
  6. Trick Flow....
  7. PRC Stg 2.5 5.3l Heads?
  8. quick question about 6in. rods...
  9. Correct way to install rear main seal
  10. Mechanical Over Rev!?!
  11. 224/224 114 in 346ci = ? in 427ci Motor?
  12. 408 Shortblock what do i do to clean the rust?
  13. 42lb injectors ok for 402 NA
  14. JWIS Timing Chain
  15. Valve seals - using exhaust seal on intake
  16. More valve lift equal more power?
  17. opinion
  18. 106 Lsa?
  19. JE #3814F pistons????
  20. Valvespring locater???
  21. Fresh heads on high mileage engine
  22. Turn car off, engine sounds like crap when sutting off after cam??
  23. 224/228 144lSA??
  24. Oil change = leak? (newb)
  25. What would cause this smell ?
  26. Is my combination good or not
  27. good info on n20 cams...
  28. Crankshaft drawings and measurements
  29. Lifters?
  30. Installing forged rods after motor break-in.......
  31. stroke vs bore
  32. G5X3 and Patriot Heads
  33. Is it worth fixing ?
  34. slp 402 into a c5 z06
  35. Rods?
  36. about to order cam, does this all look right?
  37. Looking for a Kit.
  38. My Ls1 Eats 5w30 like she burns gas
  39. Need some head info please.
  40. callies crankshaft
  41. Hollow or solid cam?
  42. Any experience with Lunati cams..
  43. f13 owners come in. Got some questions.
  44. about to make a cam change and....
  45. which cam for more hp
  46. Main Bearings
  47. Jesel rockers and Patriot heads
  48. Should i run 0W-40 yr round??
  49. H/C on a 130,000 mile engine
  50. New Heads, But Which Cam/Valvetrain?
  51. Tuned F14 soundclips??
  52. Changing head gaskets with head studs?
  53. TR Cheater Cam Question
  54. proper way to clean rust of cam????
  55. LS1-->Z06 Conversion Questions???
  56. Are hardened pushrods necessary with h/c setup.
  57. What Rods and Crank for a Darton Sleeved 4.125" Block?
  58. CAm IDLE RPM
  59. Cam much of a diff?
  60. Piston to Valve Issues on 402
  61. what might i have messed up if the cam dots...
  62. Power and TQ difference between TR224 & F11
  63. HELP, need a few pics and specs plz!
  64. Plugs for 11.2:1 compression
  65. LS6 Spring Color
  66. Oil pressure sendfing unit
  67. 408 stroker what lifters and head gasket size
  68. For those who want a dry sump and A/C
  69. Is this beautiful or what?
  70. what would happen if cometics were backwards?
  71. JWIS Timing Chain
  72. Just for 9k rpm?
  73. AFR 205 or 225 for Forced induction??? HEY TONY
  74. New to cams. Can someone tell me if this cam will work good on my setup?
  75. can someone help me
  76. Waiting on heads?? Give us 2 days!!
  77. Brand new block down the drain?
  78. TSP cam arrived today...
  79. Installed Cometic .040 gaskets with AFR205, now leaking...
  80. opinions
  81. TDC w/ heads still on??
  82. F13 and emissions in TX
  83. Cam only
  84. Question on Top Dead Center?
  85. Knockoff Valve Spring Tool
  86. Name that sound!!! Need help!
  87. new forged motor
  88. Tr224, Tr230, F13
  89. Help with DCR
  90. More f13 cam sound clips?
  91. Cam Swap - Loctite Use
  92. Head Gaskets????? Need quick answer
  93. Where else can i get a custom cam cut?
  94. Is this engine worth it?
  95. What Shift Points and Rev Limiter For Cam?
  96. Patriot 232/230@.050,110lsa $279.50
  97. RR's ?
  98. Mix Parts or Kits- Stroker Assemblies
  99. Trex and 310cfm heads which headers?
  100. 98 LS1's?
  101. help with stall and cam issue
  102. What else w/HC swap on 85K-mile LS1?
  103. AFR 205's Comp Cam dyno results inside.
  104. Jessel vs Harland sharps??
  105. valvetrain geomtry ????
  106. Looking for L-19 head studs!
  107. LS6 heads on a stock LS1
  108. Anyone have flow numbers on their AllPro heads?
  109. 5.3 stroker question
  110. Oil preasure sensor
  111. so what kind of power will i be making
  112. 5.3 heads question
  113. want to put a 427 kit in my ls1 need help
  114. air pump hose unplugged
  115. double roller chain - squeeling fan belts?
  116. Texas Speed
  117. Testing Compression Ratio - Engine Complete
  118. What Cam For My Setup???
  119. Too many bad cam sensors - reluctor issue?
  120. Gettin Hot on the Highway
  121. filters
  122. Engine Bearing Explanation Needed...
  123. oil pressure
  124. which cam???
  125. Piston slap explaination by GM Engineer
  126. Anyone have a link to Comp Cams XE XER lobes
  127. Need help. car surging like almost
  128. ls1tech...i really need your help
  129. Air/fuel issues on Dyno after heads and intake install
  130. New Patriot Prices Now In Effect
  131. My self ported stock heads
  132. How does the intake manifold restrict head airflow?
  133. rebuilding an LS1 with good heads etc.
  134. What's the most anyone has made using an eagle 4" crank?
  135. Coolant leak after head/cam swap
  136. 4000 stall, Which cam?
  137. 4.8 liter heads
  138. TR224 and Comp Cams 1.85 compatability
  139. swapping cam wat to get
  140. Crankshaft streching???
  141. Started backfiring 1k after cam install-possible causes?
  142. Cam-Newbie Question
  143. Need a New Motor!!!!!
  144. new to this stuff, need some buying guides
  145. need some opnions
  146. Couple questions about new motor...
  147. car wont crank
  148. New Motor not starting...Ideas???
  149. CheaTR Cam & A4?
  150. Ls1 Head gaskets on backward?
  151. tr224/110
  152. Lining up timing dots help.....
  153. SLP Heads and Cam package
  154. Lifter retainers
  155. LS1 bolts
  156. Rear Cover seal/oil galley plug
  157. <<<BEST LS1 CAM PT.2>>>
  158. Buying an F13 Cam need help on head
  159. Help indentifying this cam
  160. (PIC)oil p/u difference bolt location, c5 vs. f-body
  161. K&N Oil Filter
  162. ls1 cam swap guide?
  163. Too late to ask but
  164. misfires on 2 cylinders after swap to stock cam
  165. HELP!!! oil everywhere!!!!
  166. why overlook asa cam?
  167. Is a 427ci. worth the extra $$$ over let's say a 402-LS2?
  168. HP limit for stock ls6 oil pump
  169. quick Intake/exhaust seal ?
  170. what are the best and highest hp handling rods on the market
  171. new cam in!
  172. how big is your A4 CAM???
  173. How to turn crank when degreeing cam...???
  174. Yet another oil pump question
  175. *****New FFHP Spring Tool*****
  176. If I buy the block and rotating assembly, can I put it together?
  177. Thinner or thicker oil
  178. Any numbers w/PP stg2 per. bolt
  179. Patriot Stage III heads question
  180. Pilot Bearing for Eagle Crank
  181. AFR 205 heads & lifters install Questions ?
  182. HELP. diagnose problem from this noise
  183. a cam for my needs?????
  184. Tick, Tick, Tick...HELP!!!
  185. Just a thought...
  186. fm14 owners inside
  187. ane wan can help
  188. Rod bearing question
  189. good head and cam setup!!
  190. 350 to 383
  191. Will this cam work with stock heads? Speed Inc. S15
  192. Stock main caps
  193. TSP Texas Giant Cam
  194. what cam???
  195. loud humming noise after wire and plug change
  196. 402 with stock ls6 heads and fast90
  197. patriot 232 cam
  198. cam size
  199. custom EDC FI cam sound clip
  200. asa cam with more lift
  201. Many Questions About Strokers/Forged Motors...
  202. Anyone used the GM Performance LS1 TO LS6 Conversion
  203. Cranks-Lunati,eagle,callies....why the huge price difference?
  204. hp gains with a 228 cam
  205. Guys with cams....what's your "start up" procedure?
  206. AFR 205's are inside.
  207. HELP! 4.8 to 5.3 piston swap problems
  208. 5.3 stage 2+ and stock or cheatr cam results
  209. Preferred method for high compression?
  210. Final torque spec for factory head bolts?
  211. Anyone have a cam card for the C2" Hammer cam"
  212. Just installed MTI S2 cam - no dyno yet
  213. What way should i go to reach my goals????
  214. 402 Cam
  215. What would be better for me as my next mod?
  216. Wow, new heads everywhere
  217. your rpm rev limits ?
  218. Help PLEASE......... do i have a bad ring??
  219. 114 or 112lsa??
  220. Trouble starting
  221. Number at the end of cam??
  222. Piston to Valve Clearance ?
  223. 317 casting
  224. PPL w/ TSP Torquer II, where do you feel your car start to kick in?? mines weird>
  225. 64cc heads AFR, Z06
  226. LS1 vs LS6 valley covers
  227. Anyone running a Futral F13 cam on a 114 LSA in Virginia?
  228. Who's gunna be first?
  229. GM Perf Parts LS1 to LS6 Conversion Pkg
  230. Need help car blowing blue smoke.
  231. Best cam all around and for juice...
  232. best gaskets out there?
  233. Switched to Syn now losing oil
  234. LS1 Help
  235. MAHLE motorsport
  236. Spring time Again (not the season)
  237. OK So, now I'm Bummed
  238. installed forst cam now it breaks up at 5.5k
  239. Leaking very small amount of oil/coolant from heads/block area
  240. t rex q's
  241. TSP 231/237 What springs will work?
  242. Anyone else seen fatigue spalling on cam lobes??
  243. The second order List
  244. how to identify iron 6.0L block?
  245. Should I change rod bolts while doing a H/C swap
  246. LS1 Head Bolt HELP!!!!!
  247. Why Adustable Rockers?
  248. Any good write-ups on rebuilding the LSx motors?
  249. gains with mild porting/3-angle valve job
  250. Crankshaft?