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  1. Where to hook chain when lifting front end?
  2. Heat issue on newly forged 347.
  3. Solid roller users question?
  4. Where to buy new Piston Rings and Main Bearings?
  5. Dart Heads- Anyone running them yet
  6. Cam for dart 225 heads?
  7. tr224
  8. Where can I Find the casting number...
  9. Turbo Cams?
  10. Is it worth it??
  11. Cam? to degree or not...
  12. Looking for opinions on TSP Custom 228R Cam
  13. FMS F14 + Comp Cams 26918 springs
  14. Oil in the Throttle Body
  15. Have I caused damage?
  16. Those with a 224/224 cam, are you happy?
  17. Help me decide please!
  18. Crane Gold Race 1.8 RR and 7.250" pushrods
  19. Guestimate my HP w/ mods
  20. Installing a cam and advancing it
  21. Difficulty of Rod Bearings
  22. Engine Block - What do you think? (No 56Kb!!)
  23. why is the vally "block off plate" so thick?
  24. Port Pros Holiday Special
  25. Will AFR dual springs fit on stock heads?
  26. Cam options, and a few questions
  28. LS6 cam in my LS1?
  29. head and cam swap
  30. My expirience with Royal Purple...
  31. Ti retainers waste of money?
  32. ETP Stage 2 LS1 head
  33. blown
  34. New Bearings/Bolts Etc.
  35. Removing engine..questions!
  36. All F10 cams come in...
  37. I know im retarded, just bare with me....
  38. Temp sender into block???
  39. Titanium Retainers for 918's?
  40. Resleeving stock bore with stock sized bore
  41. which heads are best bang for buck
  42. pushrod length
  43. Anyone fully port a set of AFR 225's yet?
  44. difference...n heads?
  45. Best place to purcase AFR heads?
  46. Please Help, Afraid To Drive!!!
  47. OK bear with me...
  48. Anyone have the TSP 233/239 R2 with....
  49. Best heads
  50. LPE CNC LS6 heads/GT2-3 pushrod length
  51. Head porting
  52. How can I get a safe redline of 7000rpm's
  53. Need new injectors? New Maf or TB?
  54. Shims & head gaskets
  55. How good do stock ported heads work out? 241's I think...
  56. Late/after market heads on Early blocks
  57. 5.3 cam without changing valvesprings
  58. spring swap pics
  59. TEA 5.3 Stage 1.5 Heads/G5X3 Combo
  60. Center Bolt Heads on 98 model
  61. Cam Question
  62. Gasket set for my 408?? where to buy??
  63. Pics of my heads!! opinions wanted!
  64. Advanced Grind In Cam ?
  65. What parts to replace/upgrade?
  66. new dyno#'s....very pleased
  67. Getting to 400 Horse Power
  68. Blocks
  69. Rockers tought to torque down?
  70. Amsoil Filter doesn't fit?
  71. How high would you rev?
  72. Problems after head install
  73. push rod length
  74. Need advice from guys running this setup
  75. Rear cover problem
  76. Help..busted bolt in head during cam swap
  77. Got an LS1 and T56 from a junkyard, what should I check?
  78. what going to be my rwhp?
  79. F11 or F13 cam?
  80. best cam for street car?
  81. Quick Valve Spring and Cam Selection Question
  82. To upgrade or not upgrade STOCK Lifters
  83. Bad News from the shop!!
  84. Who has the TR224 on a 112, with an M6 and 3.42 gearing?
  85. Help!!!!
  86. Should I Change?
  87. Sea Foam
  88. need cam/ futral or combination Motorsports??
  89. Best Possible cam for my setup?
  90. BAD CAM BEARINGS...After Head/Cam etc
  91. Lifter Damage Poll. (Please chime in even if you've never busted'em up.)
  92. Has Anyone Seen This?
  93. It's finally DONE - 408 plus other stuff (vids/pics)
  94. mahle piston ring gaps-file to fit
  95. Slp 408 ?
  96. First day with my new die grinder (porting heads)
  97. cam swap worth it?
  98. Finally found the problem, i think...
  99. Piston Slap: 98-99 vs. 00-02
  100. LS1 ROCKER ARM CONVERSION KIT - Questions....
  101. People with noisy valvetrains
  102. ARP studs torque specs?
  103. Bigger valves in stock head
  104. Will this run on pump gas...
  105. What max size cam to use with CATS on 408ci?
  106. another head question
  107. How much power?
  108. Wrist pin instersecting with the oil ring-Thoughts?
  109. which cam is better
  110. ETP 225 Heads arrived.....OMG :)
  111. patriot stage 3 LS6 heads
  112. Any write up for rod bolt install?
  113. 396 LS1 stroker guys
  114. How to Determine Deck Height?
  115. Patriots and CheaTR Installed
  116. Cam Install
  117. Cam Question
  118. Does anybody here have an MTI cam in their car???
  119. Running Rich on the pass. side
  120. Correct pushrods for my combo?
  121. Which is the intake valve
  122. Ls2 Timing Chain
  123. Which Forged pistons and rods...
  124. Building Sleeved Stroker vs. Rebuilding Stock LS1
  125. shims...
  126. Look good to you guys?
  127. Question about p/v clearance with et heads..
  128. ANYONE WANT TO RENT out their flycutting tools and head?
  129. Magic Stick
  130. Just ordered my 408! What cam?
  131. Revival options: LQ 6-liter for F-body, yay or nay?
  132. Check out this new product , LS1 engine girdle !!!!
  133. Am I missing anything?
  134. Smoke coming out of oil cap when car is off
  135. Any results from the Dart heads yet???
  136. Cam bearing Is it ok? [Pics]
  137. TRAK Cam Install
  138. T-Rex Question
  139. Windage Tray
  140. Which Rockers in 245 ETP heads?
  141. Absolute Best LSX Head?
  142. Just got a set set of Dart 225's
  143. Tell me it's not what I think.
  144. Custom camshaft for n/a and nitrous power.
  145. afr 205's vs mti 2e heads
  146. 918's with a stock cam?
  147. my cam is stuck in my motor
  148. Had gasket removal
  149. Need serious advice.....
  150. Can I do this with 4 grand?
  151. timing chain ...
  152. Unshrouding AFR205's
  153. rebuild prep for blower.
  154. hot cam
  155. anyone running this cam from crane
  156. TSP Giant
  157. what to buy a bare 6.0 block
  158. Replacing one piston and rod?
  159. how long can an ls1 sit without running?
  160. Which pistons, rods, lifters, & rocker arms for a 402 LS2 solid roller?
  161. best turbo? sorry for question haha
  162. Is it worth reworking head c.chambers when installing on 4.00" bore?
  163. Need some step by step help from you guys
  164. HELP For those of you who have had a motor built
  165. HP Tuner Program
  166. 1020 Flow bench differences(includes Patriot)
  167. MTI 2e heads/cam or cam only?
  168. How much RWHP will it make?
  169. rough idle
  170. Pushrod length question
  171. 6.0L heads on a 3.900" bore engine?
  172. ms3 vs. t-rex
  173. '98 and up LS1 differences....
  174. Where to get 30Lb injector for LS6 motor?
  175. Hessitation......stumbling problem
  176. Okay so I have these 2003 Z06 heads............
  177. Comp Extreme Energy Street Rollers and 1.95 Rockers
  178. really confused!! on a head and cam setup
  179. what to do w/ $4K??
  180. A4 + Ms3
  181. Patriots with F14??????help
  182. Noob LS2 heads questions....
  183. Which H/C combo to go with?
  184. Bearing failure.. cause?
  185. If you are a vendor/builder and want to build me a Short Block...
  186. Grinds numbers in english?
  187. 253 castings???
  188. LS-6 346 Stroker Expectations?
  189. Patrick G's CheaTR cam back in action!!!
  190. Cam questions
  191. Head gasket??
  192. what does it take to beat a cobra?
  193. Car Shut down on Missed shift
  194. LS6 Heads vs LS1 Heads
  195. Cartek 3X H/C package?
  196. valve float
  197. How much $$ to CNC heads?
  198. Bent pushrod and compression
  199. Help with cam choice
  200. quick need help... oilpump and timing chain question
  201. LS1 specific Rod width .945 vs SBC .940
  202. Has anyone ever tried to weld..
  203. Larger cam / Cold weather??
  204. Valve Cover spacer pic
  205. Patriot Flow data
  206. SLP dual chain or Comp 3153T or other?
  207. Sealed Power Pistons
  208. Stock heads
  209. rebuild
  210. question about my cam
  211. After 3 months she lives!!!
  212. MAGNAFLUX a set of assembled heads
  213. ls6 cam in a 5.3l
  214. Pushrods
  215. ? on clay method of checking p to v
  216. Low MPH need help w/ prognosis
  217. F15 vs. MS3 Debate
  218. What cam would be a good choice.
  219. My Ls1 is apart, spun rod pls.
  220. Retorquing head studs
  221. LS2 aluminum 6.0 ?
  222. Milled LS6 heads questions!
  223. Hydralic Roller Lifter Ranking
  224. Biggest cam on stock heads?
  225. knocking ?
  226. hey got a knocking in my ls1 ?
  227. Thunder Cams
  228. Speed Inc cam?
  229. porting and polishing
  230. G5X3 cam with beehive springs?
  231. Pushrod rubbing ??
  232. Few questions
  233. 98-99 oil starvation problems
  234. Change cams or stay with current??
  235. JE vs. Mahle
  236. How will 1.75RR's affect my specs?
  237. GM Grand -am cup cam
  238. Cam swap complete. How much more drivetrain noise is normal?
  239. K&N FIPK
  240. Rotating assembly weights
  241. Bad Noises on my way to work today....
  242. Part numbers for engine gaskets
  243. biggest stroker
  244. Who to buy AFR 205's from!!!!!!
  245. Aftermarket roller rockers??
  246. APE Engine problems? Please post in the link
  247. Warm the engine up! and avoid internal problems!!!
  248. Stock rods ok?
  249. Vote on best shortblock builder
  250. Can u run 11.4 to 11.5 CR????