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  1. What kind of oil filters do you run?
  2. Anyone broke 918's with F-13 or similar cam?
  3. Rocker Arm side to side movement
  4. tune before cam
  5. Eagle Crank Shaft... Knife-Edging or Lightening?
  6. head/cam install
  7. Anybody w/ an F13 113+4?
  8. 5.3L in a '99 Camaro???
  9. head\cam vs. FI
  10. what do I do with...?
  11. Max Rev Limit ?
  12. H/C problem!!
  13. ARP Head Bolts????
  14. these are signs of? (blown head gasket?)
  15. is there a how to on changing valvesprings with heads in car?
  16. Experienced Machiners Needed: Typical crankshaft balance requirements?
  17. Plugs/Wires/Coil?
  18. Crankshaft ?????
  19. Which Cam to use
  20. Arp Molly-Lube
  21. Can I reuse the gasket under the valley cover?
  22. 6.0L Motor?
  23. CAM for my set up?
  24. Did i break a rod or spin a bearing?
  25. Car won't start after H/C swap!! :(
  26. Can a LS6 make 425 RWHP with the stock cam?
  27. Bent push rod also means bent valve?
  28. Who Makes Lightest Haydraulic Roller Lifters
  29. 408 build
  30. Help!! Just got motor running in RX7 but oil pressure is weird
  31. Low compression bad cylinder
  32. Check List
  33. Hesitation in my C5...
  34. getting a LS6 oil pump this weekend
  35. 408 question
  36. storing heads...
  37. still misfiring cont.... What to do now??
  38. Head&cam install
  39. Strange ticking noise, any ideas?
  40. T-rex cam
  41. Casting Numbers
  42. Critique my Flow numbers please
  43. more problems- need help!
  44. cam and fuel system for 408CI down under OZ
  45. Compression Help with 6.0 Heads
  46. p0134 o2 sensor no activity
  47. ANYONE HAVE THE SLP 402? tech ???'s inside
  48. Forgot sealant on rocker bolts messed up?
  49. What size engine for boost?
  50. Preventive maintenance for 2002 LS1
  51. Oil smoke please help.
  52. What do these error codes mean when I clear them and they don't come back?
  53. LS6/LS2 heads.. what to expect?
  54. Pick-up tube o-ring
  55. How big can an LS1(346) be bored out?
  56. Springs, titanium retainers, etc
  57. Stg2 5.3 Flow Numbers
  58. Diagnose this problem
  59. Oil pressure reference
  60. Question about the AIR system...
  61. O no... Bad tapping out of nowhere!!
  62. Turbo Cam
  63. Is there a "how to flycut" thread or site?
  64. What cam is this?
  65. Question about LS2 timing chain and ASP pulley
  66. Damage done
  67. Oil P/U tube O-ring
  68. Oil pump??
  69. Cleaning assembled heads before install???
  70. AFR 205's
  71. Why can't they use actual bearings?
  72. collapsed lifter (definition)
  73. Head Gasket Thickness
  74. Are the cylinder sleeves ok on 98s?
  75. just got a set 6.0L 317 Aluminum Heads
  76. undersize rod bearings.....
  77. What mods next
  78. can I get some final recommendations-mid cam/heads swap, need advice
  79. T-rex
  80. Some brit has thrown an LS6 into a TVR!
  81. Advertised duration of the 02 LS6 cam?
  82. your opinion...
  83. Anyone have a 408 FFHP Motor
  84. Need help, cam install, nor-cal...
  85. Weight!
  86. What heads?
  87. Do I need to get new lifters for head install?
  88. Mods and Mileage, or is it worth it?
  89. What springs to use?
  90. Oil Pump Blues
  91. Some experienced Cam help Here
  92. need help to figer out cr numbers
  93. Which oil pump and timing chain?
  94. LQ4 Bare Block Weight
  95. tr224 ls6 stage 2.5 5.3 much would you expect to have?
  96. Please Help Me Find!!!
  97. used heads
  98. G5X2, 5.3 ported heads, and flycutting pistons???
  99. Very cool!!
  100. L19 vs. 1/2 head studs.....
  101. So what do you guys think of this setup...CR/quench?
  102. ?s about cam and headers...
  103. LS6 heads/cam swap how much power
  104. Valve Seals
  105. dart numbers???
  106. Rough idle on cold starts with H/C after tune?
  107. broken pushrod problem
  108. What combinations?
  109. Cyl Sleve New.... Leaking?
  110. What does it take to convert to a solid roller when have Gx3 cam and AFR 205 heads?
  111. Anyone runnin this cam???
  112. Royal purple vs. Castrole
  113. felpro 1041 q's
  114. Micropolishing the crank question
  115. ls1 carbureted
  116. Oil pump shimming / pressure question after cam swap
  117. ported AFR 225's on a 427?
  118. Chain and pump question
  119. Lets see who can guess this setup RWHP
  120. Gm Hot Cam
  121. GM Hot Cam
  122. help me prepare to build a motor guys
  123. Whats the best cam w/ported heads
  124. Just a few 6.0 Iron Block Questions
  125. Slirpping noise?
  126. What cam to buy????
  127. Longer pushrod's.....
  128. FM13 with full exhaust
  129. Cracked oil pan...... GRRR...
  130. mobil one extended
  131. going for cam but a few ?s
  132. yet another oil thread (weather related)
  133. Would it work if I put a comp cam 224/224 lsa 114 on my stock engine
  134. Help with new pump & cover
  135. Dyno ##s
  136. Ordering F13 soon
  137. New numbers from tune
  138. 5.3 Truck heads/good for my setup?
  139. tsp magic stick users come in
  140. Guess the metal from my oil!
  141. Jesel or Yella Terra Rocker Arms?
  142. Who built your 408?
  143. NE1 got some numbers on the new TEA Stage 1's
  144. Head / Cam Package opinions for Ls1 please
  145. questions for 1.8 roller rocker owners
  146. Lunati 4.185" crank
  147. Do i need roller rockers with head/cam job
  148. yet another recommend me a cam thread...
  149. Where To Get A Short BLOCK(408)
  150. SLP oil pump
  151. trex cam; problem?
  152. z06 Procharged (broken air pump?)
  153. how much can i spray 250+?
  154. Gm 5.7lg
  155. 228/232 .588/.574 112+4 how well will it idle?
  156. How to !air tubes
  157. What Crank for Twin Turbo 370?
  158. i want a f13 now
  159. Loctite on rocker. Forgot am i okay?
  160. Ideal setups?
  161. Need HELP- oil smells like gas???
  162. any idea?
  163. small head bolts
  164. Strange problem at the track last night...
  165. How much $$$ to bore to 4.125 from my current 4.100
  166. what length pushrod for 228/232 .588/.574
  167. PTV clearance
  168. AC Delco Iridiums -white tip after first start-up
  169. Head/Cam Swap 99% Done Deal
  170. New Cam Tuning Question
  171. When do you need to worry about....
  172. cheapest place to get a ls6 long block??
  173. Compression Test
  174. Crane quick lift cam, need Dual Springs?
  175. Another what heads should I go with thread...
  176. Best DD cam for 01 Z06?
  177. Ported LS6 oil pump
  178. Cam Advice
  179. Pre-cam suggestions
  180. should i resleeve or stay stock
  181. car turned off while driving, now wont start
  182. What to get?
  183. The 'knock' heard around the world: 50k mile LS1, dead?
  184. Looking at 427 C5R
  185. oil pump
  186. Autolite plug chart??
  187. Should I be Worried?
  188. 427 max power
  189. egr block off
  190. It finally happened! What to do?
  191. engine idle falls to about 500rpm when stopping at light occasionally
  192. AFR's are on and I have a push rod question ?
  193. tr224/224 112 & CC 918 springs...
  194. AFR heads and Cheatr cam ordered!!!
  195. Problems with ARP head bolts and AFR205s
  196. need help making a choice
  197. What cam and heads for $2,500.
  198. Cheatr cam only results......
  199. stock pushrod length?????
  200. PLease HELP! pinging noise at 1600rpm stop then at 2k
  201. stock pushrod length????
  202. Engine Help ASAP
  203. Bad Oil pump?
  204. It's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  205. do the Pro Magnum rockers work with solid roller?
  206. Tap Tap Tap Tap
  207. about to swap in a 6.0(LQ9) + 4L65E in the silverado; quick questions
  208. Most Reccomended Valve Springs for CheaTR Cam?
  209. What cam for a 408 in my heavy ass truck?
  210. burning more oil after heads
  211. did you guys have a problem with this?
  212. Where is the oil coming from?
  213. Reliability?
  214. ARP Studs - 12pt vs 6pt?
  215. favorite cam
  216. ouch... need advice
  217. Reinstalled rockers and had ticking noise
  218. Do I have a bad head gasket?
  219. Anyone ever seen a block crack...
  220. pegged the rev limiter... what to look for.
  221. hotcam
  222. Cam Suggestions?
  223. Oil preasure drop
  224. NA or FI?
  225. Where to find bare blocks?
  226. good article on head porting
  227. Has anyone done a F13 with lower lift?
  228. Advice Please...
  229. good street cam for A4??
  230. Where to buy aftermaket engine harness
  231. shop boke sensors !!!! ARGHHHHHH!
  232. ls6 cam
  233. LS2 blocks..
  234. still misfiring!! suggestions?
  235. LS1 Pistons 4.04 bore size..who sells them
  236. Where do 02 LS6 Valve Springs Coil Bind?
  237. Cometic gaskets - retorque?
  238. Milling Heads on an Angle
  239. Finaly got the car running. MUCH THANKS
  240. How will this new cam affect my exhaust note/sound?
  241. What's the normal oil operating pressure?
  242. question about gears
  243. LS1 truck question?
  244. AFR 225 from AFR-do they need anything else?
  245. Roller Rockers
  246. New LS6 engine in 98 SS
  247. looking for cam?
  248. Comp Cams valve train and cam upgrade
  249. Installing a new cam
  250. PRC 2.5 heads: Initial impressions and flow numbers inside