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  1. ET Performance flow numbers and impressions
  2. ecu question
  3. gas mpg with cam and 6spd
  4. Solid lifter options...
  5. How Big a Cam can I run???
  6. Just ordered my TEA heads!
  7. Pushrod length how long?
  8. Oil pressure low and noise...
  9. 98-00 oil crisis
  10. knock sensor
  11. cheapest place to get ls6 cam an springs?
  12. blah....tune help?
  13. Budget heads: PP Stage III LS6's or PP stage III 5.3's? Pros and Cons?
  14. hotcam?
  15. Looking to end the summer with a CAM.
  16. Part number for 1/2'' Ls1 headstuds
  17. valvetrain stability
  18. Torquer II Cam is installed...PCM is tuned...RUNS LIKE CRAP!!
  19. T-Rex cam/ stock bottom end??
  20. best heads and cam setup
  21. cheater cam plus F.I.
  22. how much?
  23. Can you have good compression and bad rings?
  24. Is this over kill?
  25. Car has a small oil leak. Can someone give me an idea about where to look??
  26. Cam only numbers?
  27. How much power are you putting through stock LS6 heads?
  28. Free Mod's?
  29. 1.8 r/r instal on 99 z-28
  30. Parts list for 1000RWHP
  31. Rear Cover install Tips?
  32. Are heads worth it??
  33. video of motor in with custom FMS cam
  34. Lost a stud,.... what to do?
  35. what do you think of this cam ?
  36. What would cause knocking after cam walked?
  37. magic stick?
  38. What weight AMSOIL???
  39. Stock Valve Spring Seat Thickness
  40. Car finally runs after second try at Cam install.
  41. Afr205,90/90,Tune????
  42. Video of Hotcam
  43. Video of X4 and true duals w/ XR1's
  44. My ghetto pulley installer....
  45. Futral F7
  46. can you pull an f-body's motor out of top?
  47. rockers and lifters....
  48. What torque wrench?
  49. Need cam help
  50. Could engine knock possibly be related to TPS problems?
  51. 99 Chevy 5.3 STS Turbo
  52. I think I'm f'd lol
  53. 401 All Bore
  54. 105mm or 90mm??
  55. Question on dampers with keyway
  56. Anyone running the Thunder 230/224 111LSA. If so see inside.
  57. damn oil in the intake
  58. porting oil pump, why not port block
  59. Where to get LH6 oil pump
  60. How much compression is to much 4 pump gas
  61. Head studs
  62. Is it time to raise the B.S. flag?
  63. Cam Kit Question???
  64. CAM Miester's...
  65. Copper flakes in oil drain pan!
  66. Are You Crazy?
  67. 1998 rocker arm problems?
  68. Compression and head gasket ??? Need answer quick..
  69. Economy for this cam/head combo?
  70. Best camshaft for this combo?
  71. Milling and flycutting ? with AFR 205's/G5X3
  72. Safe Limit Above the Deck
  73. AFR's w/921, spring pressure and height w/G5X3 ?
  74. Cometic Head Gaskets
  75. What's it gonna' sound like?
  76. Those with craftsman pulley puller come in.....
  77. how to do compression/leakdown test?
  78. afr or prc heads ?????
  79. 408 cams. Best all around
  80. Please describe quench for me....
  81. stuck lifter WTF!?
  82. F13 or F14?
  83. electrical problem? or is it blown engine?
  84. Any sponsor dyno preproduction Darts...
  85. 5.3 Heads????
  86. 112 LSA F13 who have a professional tune..
  87. Head torque order
  88. Patriot Heads and Cam????
  89. Valvetrain gurus ? about geometry
  90. Temperature Gauge Not Reading
  91. cam for 205 afr
  92. Oh no-another will this cam clear question!
  93. How much lift can I do without changing springs again?
  94. Rod Bolts
  95. LS1 complete engine project
  96. will lifters cause misfires??
  97. perplexing problem
  98. GT2/3 cam and GMPP LS6 heads
  99. Where to buy all thread for crank
  100. possible to run 120MPH N/A? (what heads/cam?)
  101. Hey, anyone running with a TRex cam?
  102. NO
  103. Sponsors with Cam Doctor?
  104. 5.3L Head and Cam Questions
  105. Should I swap cams?
  106. Cometic Question
  107. Thinking about ordering! NEED HELP?
  108. has anyone here built a 455 ci ls1?
  109. ses light only on high rpms, speed?
  110. Other ways to hold flywheel!?
  111. Cluster lights
  112. help, i have a question that i need answered
  113. Candy Futral MS where are you?????
  114. Anyone running the Tr 230/236 cam?
  115. running with out lid
  116. Cam Recommendation afr205 fast90/90
  117. Question: Under Heavy acceleration=check gauge light comes on?
  118. oil pressue question, extremely high
  119. CR w/ my setup
  120. Leaking oil after rebuilt shortblock
  121. Timing properly
  122. Oil pressure Question
  123. fm-15 soundclip
  124. which direction? H/C or FI?
  125. problems with 6.200" rods
  126. TRak cam
  127. Best "Bang for the buck" heads for my setup
  128. What to expect from this H/C package?
  129. Finally True Stealth
  130. 5.3 forged?
  131. What's the real deal with strokers
  132. Anyone got Dyno results on F13???
  133. Offset LS1 crank question
  134. Tell me about the Z06 cam for a trans am...
  135. O.E. pushrods- Anyone have part the part #
  136. "Re-training" the ECU?
  137. block casting?
  138. SLP 250/246 .596"/.596" 114LSA?
  139. best combo of price/quality for a forged short block?
  140. 6.0l stroker parts
  141. What's the most powerful N/A set-up for an LS1?
  142. Oil Everywhere...Leak....
  143. length pushrods for .030" milled heads?
  144. Car Won't Run
  145. why do TR224 112 have more valvetrain noise than some bigger cams?
  146. No oil pressure, help
  147. what sensor is this? *pic*
  148. help with head/cam decision
  149. 46MPH hesitation
  150. Oil pump removal? Help.
  151. Help!!
  152. pulled my F10, now im looking for a cam to get me..
  153. Last minute questions on Engine reassembly?
  154. Thinking of replacing cam, need thoughts...
  155. Can I spin 7k
  156. Surprise when I changed my oil!
  157. Does this sound reasonable for a cam swap?
  158. which package to get with cam
  159. Went to the track after mods
  160. loud ticking...
  161. 408 compression ratio
  162. Coates Spherical Rotary Valve System
  163. H/C swap on to 5.3 truck
  164. Got my PRC's, what do you think, 56k beware
  165. just got new ls6 heads but something doesnt add up??
  166. No Water flow
  167. ASA cam and lope and loudness
  168. Who all has gotten the JWIS timing chain?
  169. Life of a stock rocker?
  170. cam swap help what is NECCESSARY!?
  171. HELP: Keep the G5X2 or get the HPE S?
  172. Is anybody running C5R heads in thier F body
  173. What rings would you go with....
  174. Valve train geometry question
  175. Just Talked To Dart.....
  176. 850+rwhp internals?
  177. Head/cam installer near Savannah/ Hilton Head area?
  178. Diamond Pistons Rings
  179. Rockers galore!
  180. Help me calculate my compression...
  181. Bad original cam choice..what now?
  182. which heads ?
  183. Question about replacing valves on BN LS6 head?
  184. Cheatr Package
  185. LS-7 heads on an LS1?
  186. Starting to gather items for a Cam Swap what must be changed?
  187. Torquer II, PRC 2.5's Results
  188. WARNING! Cam Retainer Plate Wear
  190. Gold German Castrol Syntec 0w30 Oil Analysis Results
  191. 2 Questions power and a tune?
  192. help problem
  193. 98 crank vs. 99+ crank
  194. bought a cam today got some ?'s
  195. Any update on the new aftermarket blocks?
  196. Need some help with New APE shortblock!
  197. weeding out an IMPOSSIBLE problem.
  198. valvetrain issue.. please look inside and help if you can
  199. just found out i can get machine work for free, what should I get done to ls1 heads?
  200. cam retainer plate wear
  201. ATI Damper Installation
  202. Cam Bearing question
  203. Valve cover spacers
  204. anyone experience MORE piston slap with German Castrol 0w30?
  205. Some Problems with my car...
  206. LS1 Hot Cam & LS6 Heads Question
  207. Stock 2004 GTO valvesprings?
  208. any differences between 01 and 02+ ls6 springs?
  209. how big can the ls1 go??
  210. what heads to get for a 408 forged.. with a procharger
  211. LME's motor building reputation
  212. LME's reputation?
  213. Storing Engine Block?
  214. is it possible to make a 455 ci ls1
  215. 5.3L Stock Head Flow
  216. Noisy Valve Terrain
  217. titanium spring retainers - worth keeping?
  218. Best way for checking piston deck height?
  219. LS1,LS2,LS6 heads ???
  220. does cam size really affect mpg?
  221. Big Problem
  222. TDC Method Question
  223. Who to use for engine coatings...
  224. ZO6 valve springs suk?
  225. hows this setup for my future 98 z28.
  226. LS-1 350 => 408
  227. head gasket size
  228. old 918 springs
  229. ZO6 heads Flow ?'s
  230. increasing duration, Crazy idea that came to me
  231. Pushrod questions
  232. Total seal piston ring questions
  233. Morel lifters and valvetrain trouble
  234. Diamond Piston?
  235. Cam Help
  236. Quick head removal question
  237. what cam to go with?
  238. Dowels for Cam Swap
  239. is the aluminum Slp ZL402 short block a good stroker block
  240. Thoughts on custom build...
  241. Anyone have Quicktime Cam Cover?
  242. ls1 heads on lq4 block
  243. The 6.0 lntake
  244. 112 vs 114 LSA - Difference?
  245. with ls6 valve springs
  246. Should I replace my stock oil pump?
  247. Anyone use et performance heads?
  248. Anyone daily drive HPE "S" cam
  249. Pen Magnet Question
  250. 918 cheap