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  1. Stroker kits
  2. Bottom end girdle
  3. Solid roller vs. Hydrolic roller
  4. What is this?
  5. Cost of a healthy 402/408 & Spray Setup?
  6. 4.8 vs. 5.3 Liter Heads
  7. Path of the Oil...
  8. Anyone have a sound clip of a Cheatr cam w.o headers
  9. What Heads to go with
  10. LS6 Cam
  11. 411 rwhp F-body with stock exhaust manifolds and cats
  12. Advance Cam HELP
  13. oil problem
  14. slp oil pump
  15. forged 402+spray, or forged 346+boost?
  16. just changed pluggs . . . Car runnin bad!
  17. Need help!!!!
  18. Cut off at 2500 RPM
  19. Does anybody know cam gear bolt part#?
  20. Cam gear bolts broke into cam :( HELP plz
  21. Stock head bolts
  22. give a man a fish:eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime...
  23. my new K&N owns my Old Fram tough guard filter
  24. Best Cali cam for spray
  25. need part number for 99-02 coil bracket.
  26. What lenght Pushrods?
  27. Cars Crappy Milage :(
  28. do they make a 408 aluminum block?
  29. Oil pan quesiton for oil pump swap please.
  30. forged 346 going to heaven & i'm in hell
  31. What is the highest compression you can run in an LS1 based motor?
  32. Spark when i first start car
  33. do i need spring seats and stem seals.
  34. Weird pinging sound!!
  35. help, got mail order tune, something is horribly horribly wrong above 2000rpms
  36. Cam install pics so far!
  37. Help i messed up motor plate! OMG
  38. funny voltage
  39. Oil Pressure 80 at WOT?
  40. New GM crate LS1, what did I get?
  41. Stock Cam LS1
  42. Help please. Oil pump O ring part#
  43. 383 Ls6
  44. Help ASAP Head Gasket
  45. studs or bolts?
  46. largest bore on iron block w/ stock crank
  47. recomendations on spark plugs??
  48. where can I find APR instructions (Studs)
  49. Need torque specs
  50. BIG cam with A4. x4 or f15 or ms3
  51. Changing valve seals
  52. Guys.. I need your Help.
  53. Going to be installing AFRs, should I replace lifters?
  54. LQ4/LQ9 quick q's
  55. cam swap parts
  56. More aggressive lobe.....Cam Motion or XER?
  57. Should I replace the pan seal in this situation?
  58. AFR vs TEA
  59. TSP Cam
  60. Think my motor is toast..need help
  61. Stock LS1 Oil pump.... Problems?
  62. Oil Pump/Cam swap info needed
  63. Question about using 04 LS6 sensors on 98z?
  64. What's a good duration split for N/A
  65. What lifters should I use?
  66. electric fan fuse size
  67. After cam my car got slower
  68. Just got my car back...
  69. Valve springs
  70. Ticky Patriot Heads
  71. Oil pressure and valve question
  72. ? On heads Need Help ASAP !!!
  73. Rering shortblock
  74. Cam sound for TR and FM
  75. Will a Futral F13 cam clear AFR 205 heads milled to 61cc?
  76. decking block
  77. Am I running rich?
  78. ring gap
  79. Driving car after cam install?
  80. using patriot springs, whats needed for use?
  81. Got a TR 224 114 cam with Comp Cams 26918 springs. How long will the springs last?
  82. what is needed to make the ls2 timing chain work?
  83. new oil pump, worth it?
  84. how easy is it to fry head gaskets????????
  85. valvetrain guru question
  86. How to support engine from the top?
  87. Who makes plastic valve seal installer?
  88. How much hp should i see?
  89. Hate to beat a dead horse, but, heads? What do I do? Couple different questions...
  90. Will Gold springs live at .630 lift?
  91. head and cam help please!!
  92. intake help!
  93. need help with heads and cams!
  94. Head recomendation..
  95. What air powered spring compressor do you use? ANy problems?
  96. freshing up shortblock
  97. heads threads
  98. new forged 347
  99. Edelbrock/Lingenfelter LS1 Head Images
  100. Final cam ? about a 408
  101. AFR Heads
  102. Calling all TEA guys.
  103. Oil Pan Removal
  104. LS1 engine capacity
  105. Camshaft/spring recommendations
  106. P/V question.....Will it fit?
  107. LS6 Block
  108. Budget 408 Buildup for big power?
  109. Head comparison question
  110. Gasket question *somewhat urgent*
  111. How much can u mill heads before intake sealing issues?
  112. Our new Stage 1 head is almost finished!
  113. car will not idle anymore input please!
  114. Need a big cam for 408
  115. 402ci, 408ci, and rocking pistons
  116. Will 4.010" pistons work for a 408ci motor?
  117. Quick question about retainers
  118. Milled Heads to .050". What cam size can be ran?
  119. GT2-3 with LS6 springs question
  120. head gasket size
  121. what adj. timing kit to get ?
  122. 383 H/c?
  123. LQ9 heads ?
  124. Who has or can ind. test coil bind on 918s?
  125. Removing heads, idea/??
  126. COMP Cam owners come in...
  127. Help with valve clearence!
  128. 112 or 114 LSA (not the typical question)
  129. PEOPLE WHO KNOW valve springs
  130. Cam: How big for ~430-450rwhp?
  131. Look at my springs.
  132. Milled 5.3's with TSP 228R?
  133. How difficult is to Advanced a Cam
  134. FAST and AFR225s
  135. Best bore & stroke under 400inch?
  136. Anyone know GTP's website or phone number?
  137. ARP main studs guys inside please
  138. Who offers the best pricing now on Heads/Cam package for LS6 motor?
  139. How the F did my engine blow?
  140. Who sells rings for factory 3.898 pistons
  141. What's a LS1 worth?
  142. Piston problem
  143. Why is my LS1 getting horrible gas mileage?
  144. Will these heads work for my car???
  145. Looking for a Chopy Cam
  146. machine shop cost and recommendations in the SF bay area
  147. how often should the timing set be replaced on LS1
  148. Head Gaskets
  149. Motor Thoughts.
  150. Internal Engine Coatings
  151. aluminum connecting rods
  152. Got my PRC's 5.3/2.5, overall impression
  153. For those considering the CheaTR cam
  154. ASAP: G5X2 + SLIGHTLY milled heads = OK?
  155. when u go above 7000 rpm !! check the PIX
  156. Question about LSA
  157. oil change
  158. Leakdown Test results, no sign of where burning oil is coming from
  159. Blue exhaust smoke, help troubleshoot please
  160. Are Compression Tests neccessary?
  161. Rumor Mill - 465ci LS1.. Anyone know of it?
  162. where to get the T25 tool for the MAF
  163. What is it worth???
  164. AFR heads installed
  165. Front cover alignment
  166. NON LS1 Question about my Oil Change today
  167. Gains after cam install?
  168. Whaich cam?
  169. Internal Magic
  170. Perimeter Heads To Center Bolt
  171. Patriot LS6 Stage2 heads+Patriot 226/226 .585"/.585" LSA 112, RWHP ?
  172. Externals to enhanced internals
  173. Help Please!!!!!!........
  174. rocker arm upgrade/ tips wanted
  175. 383!
  176. 160 t-stat for 04/05 water pump?
  177. new engine build up
  178. 62k miles
  179. Link to C5R Block Prep by GMPP?
  180. 98 Corvette leaking gas under engine.
  181. Dual Spring Question.....
  182. Installed ARP rodbolts.
  183. Heads...?
  184. Turnkey motor project
  185. need help on specs for the ls1
  186. Ok a long story..
  187. Stock Short Block.. Cam recomendations
  188. Figured I would ask the experts
  189. Cam + Daily Driver : ? (all input welcome)
  190. overheating after H/C install?
  191. trying to suprise my boyfriend
  192. How much German Castrol do you have?
  193. Does anyone know of a PATRIOT GOLD DUAL SPRING that has broken?
  194. How much and where for Heads and Cam
  195. Sky-High Oil Pressure - Head Gasket?
  196. FMS F13 Owners: How's it drive down low???
  197. What cam???
  198. Broke a value Spring
  199. 02+ LS6 spring max valve lift
  200. How likely is it for the rocker bolts to loosen if you forget the loctite?
  201. Evans Coolant
  202. Pinned Damper
  203. Should I be concerned with P to V clearance?
  204. Has anyone broken the comp dual 921 springs yet!
  205. Damn Check Engine Light keeps coming on.
  206. Got 16 BROWN Valve Seals with my Patriot Duals... What to do!?!??!
  207. How much RWHP do the big Cammed australian cars make?
  208. If I tune for a cam, will I need to drill a hole in TB?
  209. Next Upgrades
  210. Need Advise on Cam and setup
  211. Warping an LS1 Aluminum Head
  212. Has anyone heard of the 100 % full throttle mod?
  213. Where to buy Katech Rod studs & urethane engine mount inserts???
  214. ATTN: Patman A Few Questions on 0 w40
  215. Why not just go 427?
  216. main bearings???CAM FU#KED!!!!
  217. Stalling after cam install.. HELP?
  218. Extended Pintle Valve Stuck Open
  219. 36 lb Injectors big enough??
  220. Which springs for F13??
  221. stock pushrods are not 7.380
  222. How to disconnect fuel line
  223. How much to swap a cam? (Tucson, AZ)
  224. ok to take rod caps off???????
  225. Rock On
  226. Whats the hot new cam out there that will get me 425 at the wheels on bolt on Z06!
  227. I need some help
  228. idle sux
  229. free mod??
  230. help with harland sharp rocker preload
  231. Pushrod Length?
  232. Finally figured out that nasty ticking...
  233. Is this too much to pay?
  234. FTI Custom Camshaft
  235. slp 402
  236. stock LS6 pushrod length? LS1 to LS6
  237. stroker cam suggestions
  238. ligenfelter head ??? for 01 z28, need help!
  239. How much HP gain w/ custom pistons???
  240. Is the MAF for the '04 GTO the same as other LS1 powered cars?
  241. 2000 z28 m6 wont run...HELP PLEASE
  242. C5 with headers gains 42 rwhp with CheaTR cam.
  243. a strange new question for cam heads...
  244. ls6 cam conversion... do i need spring retainers
  245. Compression Calculator
  246. nos on a motor setup for na
  247. 918 springs with stock cam.
  248. FMS 408, 410, or 414?
  249. Is this the right Crank Bolt? (Pic)
  250. Which bearings??