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  1. Just a few questions before I order a CheaTR cam
  2. lpe gt2-3
  3. type of coolant
  4. Fantasy Football Anyone?
  5. HP estamates? (sorry I can't help it)
  6. weight of ls1 with 4l60e and acessories?
  7. C5R Top End Components For Sale
  8. Crankshaft Reluctor wheel?
  9. mild corrosion on used cam, bad thing?
  10. LS6 or LS2
  11. 1.8 Harland Sharp Rockers
  12. Don't hate... Cam ?
  13. Coolant in the intake runner??
  14. Should I port stock ls1 heads?
  15. Tony Mamo where are the 225 small chambers at?
  16. 6.0 swap help?
  17. Trying to get some power
  18. Driving A4 w/ G5X2 on stock tune?
  19. LS1 vs. LS2
  20. cam (and possibly heads) suggestion for my specific setup/goals please
  21. What causes the #7 to go first?
  22. Where is this coming from???
  23. Need Help
  24. Degreeing the Camshaft Attention engine builders
  25. possible 400rwtq?
  26. A little hard to start up today
  27. what heads for my set up
  28. f13 and prc heads
  29. How Long Would It Take?
  30. how do you troubleshoot a bad cam?
  31. anyone gotten the Edelbrock heads yet??
  32. Sparking Probs
  33. More power, better daily driver MTI VS Comp
  34. switching from stock ls1 to stock ls6 heads.
  35. ET Performance heads
  36. Opinions wanted
  37. Best place for ls6
  38. MTI heads and cam
  39. Any All Pro head results yet?
  40. cam install
  41. F10 cam is in !!! (lots of pics)
  42. Woooooooot, cam is in!
  43. Newb... help me out
  44. Patriot Head Pkg.
  45. pictures of spark plugs?
  46. Oil pump install?
  47. SLP Head & Cam Package?
  48. New Motor Is In !
  49. Quick question....Futral 224 vs. Thunder 224......???
  50. Almost time for a very nasty sounding cam...
  51. Headbolt Washers
  52. AFR 205 install-related
  53. 1.85 rockers
  54. Pretty much free TB bypass mod
  55. Horrible gas mileage wtf?
  56. tech gods come in!!!
  57. ***Introducing our Vacuum Pump ***
  58. Help please! Oil pressure drops only when spraying from a dig.
  59. Major camshaft running problems
  60. anyone1 running PRC's w/ F14?
  61. will my tune be erased?
  62. Can someone help me real quick?
  63. Rear Main Seal?
  64. Anyone running the F9 cam w/ nitrous?? POST PLEASE
  65. What main caps do I want?
  66. How to measure how much your heads have been milled? JRP? anyone?
  67. LS6 block-No sleeving...want 400+ cubes.
  68. Oily Plugs
  69. whats holding my setup back? the heads?
  70. Z06 camshaft
  71. Going to swap out heads, questions
  72. Anyone sprayed there 233/239 cam?
  73. when should i change the springs?
  74. Lifter collapse? $0.02 wanted
  75. COMP CAM help
  76. Weighing my options, opinions please!
  77. Comp 918s, would you trust them at .595 lift, XER
  78. Looking for Pics of Short Block
  79. Whats the loud ticking noise?
  80. GC M05 UOA results
  81. Cam Selection Time
  82. Do I need to have my heads milled?
  83. PRC 5.3l heads was told hand finishing doesnt effect the flow?
  84. LS6 Heads/FM-13 question
  85. How To Remove the Engine From the Bottom
  86. No oil pressure, need help
  87. B1 vs. LS6 (Z06) cam ?
  88. Oil analysis results (July 21), 8000 miles, GC 0w30
  89. Fastest N/A no N20?
  90. VHP 220/224 Cam/TEA 1.5 Heads Install
  91. 4.10s or 3.73s with a MS3 cam
  92. LS6 cam thoughts
  93. Dome vs Flat top..
  94. Cool LS7 small bore truck head coming.......
  95. ls6 service repacement install in fbody
  96. what's wrong w/ my car! power loss?
  97. PRC dual springs life expectancy??
  98. Ported LS1 Heads
  99. how to verify LS6 intake
  100. oil pressure problem....
  101. Please Help
  102. Dino oil to synthetic?
  103. How can i tell
  104. Double Springs, Stock Retainers
  105. MTI C1 'Hammer' Cam
  106. Florida climate, TR224 cam...what oil should I use?
  107. Weak Throttle Body return spring?
  108. Internals for my LS1
  109. Which Motor should I purchase?
  110. How much milling to...
  111. LS6 Heads
  112. TR CheaTR Cam Video Inside
  113. What do your water pump gaskets look like?
  114. PRC Update --> 1QuickT-A Cylinder Head Offer!!!
  115. Building a 327 LS1. Rod choices...
  116. Burning tons of oil when letting off throttle at high rpms
  117. Scuffs on head?
  118. LS-1 engine dissasemby procedure
  119. AFR Backlog ???
  120. Good question for you heads guru's.
  121. Does ne1 know how to set 4 valve lash or if I even have 2
  122. Locking the flywheel for crank bolt?
  123. what's wrong w/ my car?
  124. Next mod opinions
  125. rod bolts?
  126. Bosch 4 or GKNs?
  127. Which of these internals are better (stronger)
  128. picking out cam and headers for my combo
  129. help with cam choice!!!
  130. Cam help (confused and frustrated!)
  131. CheaTR cam--opinions wanted
  132. whats the drivability like on the bigger cams?
  133. Futral Cams... not a stupid what cam bs thread, but ICL discussion
  134. what aftermarket heads are available
  135. whats your thoughts on a custom cam
  136. heres my mods what other parts should i run
  137. who has rebuilding package?
  138. Lunati Ramp rate
  139. F11 for 6.0L
  140. trying to pick head/cam combo for 383 LS1
  141. NEED Rollmaster experts.... ?!?!?
  142. ls6 spring with ASA cam
  143. blown up ls1
  144. Which cam is better for 10:7-11:1 Compression?
  145. Which Timing Chain is Better?
  146. .41 head gasket
  147. Need Info On MTI C2 Cam
  148. Cam vs. Mileage
  149. Please post a pic of German Castrol
  150. Question about spring/valve locks
  151. HOLY piece in oil pan..PICS
  152. Anyone have part# for ls2 chain at SDPC site?
  153. TR 224 guys...Best heads for this cam? Anyone?
  154. Aftermarket or LS2 timing chain for my 99 H/C?
  155. looking for new cam in 422 iron block
  156. Stock ls1 heads...worth porting?
  157. Help with my Car please!
  158. Cam and Rockers!!
  159. What's wild for a cam in a 408??
  160. spun bearing???
  161. Car Smokes on Deceleration
  162. Mti c2 cam with some pitting and surface rust
  163. Max CR for Stock Bottom End?
  164. Heads and Cam w/ Turbo
  165. Who has succesfully installed Jesel keyway lifters in an LSX block?
  166. LS1 to LS6
  167. FM13 Just Installed Great Dyno Numbers BUT!!!
  168. What spark plugs are people using?
  169. Anyone running 5.7 PRC 2.5 heads?
  170. most cali leagal power w/ MTI stage 2E heads
  171. Detonation from motor running hot?
  172. MS3 videos inside
  173. prc dual springs vs comp 921's
  174. best Aftermaket perimeter bolt heads.
  175. What does SBC stand for in Racing Heads?
  176. ? for those with TR's CheatR cam...??
  177. Average HP gains with aftermarket heads????
  178. How much $ for a tune?
  179. dyno results with crane gold rockers, dual springs and Ti retainers
  180. Would i be happy with T.E.A LS6 1.5's???
  181. Heads to use for nos+boost
  182. how do you determine push rod size?
  183. MLS 6.0l Truck Gaskets on 241's !!!!!
  184. Help an LT1 guy out?
  185. .236 @ .050 guys come in
  186. Need some help...major issue!!
  187. a/c messed up
  188. Guys with fairly large cams, does your engine shake?
  189. lpe gt2-3 if you have one come in please.
  190. Valve springs with this?
  191. Who rents the flycutting tool?
  192. will this cank shaft work on a LS1?
  193. Cam lobes = 240 Duration at 50, 635 Lift
  194. Big power in an A4........Part 2
  195. Cam install gained hp but lost torque. Why?
  196. LS-6 Longblock?
  197. How many have broken stock rockers?
  198. top coolant plugs in heads
  199. knocking/ticking sound after warm up around 3Krpm
  200. MTI X1 Vs TR TReX
  201. LSX and FRC's
  202. steam or white smoke
  203. Need a little help please...
  204. Spring life of Comp 977s?
  205. Stock block...resleeve, bore, or go to dart?
  206. I know this isn't the place
  207. Does anyone have any experience with the TR 230/236 Cam?
  208. for info sake...348 vs 408 for racing and n2o
  209. LS1 Mod Help
  210. Input on Custom Cam Grind, please...
  211. Taking the plunge......408 on the way!
  212. Dyno numbers for FM13 inside
  213. Heads for my 402 needed AFR ?
  214. what motor software for Ind TB's?
  215. 408 Plugs and Gap
  216. Where to Find Rear Timing Cover Gasket & Seal?
  217. Help me pick a cam
  218. Engine Sounds.. diagnose
  219. compression calculation
  220. Need help. No compression.
  221. power loss??
  222. Help-Problem changing oil
  223. If you spin a bearing, New or rebuild the old motor?
  224. What can I expect power wise just changing to a 383 stroker?
  225. Big power in an A4
  226. Choosing a Combustion Chamber Volume?
  227. Need A Cam
  228. Blow by/blow by gauges do they really tell you much?
  229. ARP Rod bolts, Resizing Rods????
  230. Oil consumption/burning
  231. MTI X1 Cam Guys,What is you Total Timing up top?
  232. LS6 oil pump...
  233. c5-r: block, bare heads, IND. TB's
  234. Stock valve train can handle???
  235. Picture of TSP's ported oil pump?
  236. Say you just installed your cam, what do you do next?
  237. Does anyone have the TR 224/227 Nitrous cam?
  238. Cam&Headerswith no tune?
  239. Heads and cam packages
  240. Which rockers do I need?
  241. PP the Stock Heads?
  242. valve seal replacement_ stock or afterm??
  243. PICS of engine swap - dropped from bottom in my home garge - no lift!
  244. what cam is best 220/224 113- 220/220 112- 224/224 114
  245. liner leaking or head gasget
  246. Oil leaking from heads into cylinders when car is off.....
  247. Help! Valvetrain shim size
  248. Meziere Water Pump, any good??
  249. Arp Pro series Ls1 head studs (12 point)-Missing washers?!?
  250. Good mild cam for a DD