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  1. Got my PRC's 5.3/2.5, overall impression
  2. For those considering the CheaTR cam
  3. ASAP: G5X2 + SLIGHTLY milled heads = OK?
  4. when u go above 7000 rpm !! check the PIX
  5. Question about LSA
  6. oil change
  7. Leakdown Test results, no sign of where burning oil is coming from
  8. Blue exhaust smoke, help troubleshoot please
  9. Are Compression Tests neccessary?
  10. Rumor Mill - 465ci LS1.. Anyone know of it?
  11. where to get the T25 tool for the MAF
  12. What is it worth???
  13. AFR heads installed
  14. Front cover alignment
  15. NON LS1 Question about my Oil Change today
  16. Gains after cam install?
  17. Whaich cam?
  18. Internal Magic
  19. Perimeter Heads To Center Bolt
  20. Patriot LS6 Stage2 heads+Patriot 226/226 .585"/.585" LSA 112, RWHP ?
  21. Externals to enhanced internals
  22. Help Please!!!!!!........
  23. rocker arm upgrade/ tips wanted
  24. 383!
  25. 160 t-stat for 04/05 water pump?
  26. new engine build up
  27. 62k miles
  28. Link to C5R Block Prep by GMPP?
  29. 98 Corvette leaking gas under engine.
  30. Dual Spring Question.....
  31. Installed ARP rodbolts.
  32. Heads...?
  33. Turnkey motor project
  34. need help on specs for the ls1
  35. Ok a long story..
  36. Stock Short Block.. Cam recomendations
  37. Figured I would ask the experts
  38. Cam + Daily Driver : ? (all input welcome)
  39. overheating after H/C install?
  40. trying to suprise my boyfriend
  41. How much German Castrol do you have?
  42. Does anyone know of a PATRIOT GOLD DUAL SPRING that has broken?
  43. How much and where for Heads and Cam
  44. Sky-High Oil Pressure - Head Gasket?
  45. FMS F13 Owners: How's it drive down low???
  46. What cam???
  47. Broke a value Spring
  48. 02+ LS6 spring max valve lift
  49. How likely is it for the rocker bolts to loosen if you forget the loctite?
  50. Evans Coolant
  51. Pinned Damper
  52. Should I be concerned with P to V clearance?
  53. Has anyone broken the comp dual 921 springs yet!
  54. Damn Check Engine Light keeps coming on.
  55. Got 16 BROWN Valve Seals with my Patriot Duals... What to do!?!??!
  56. How much RWHP do the big Cammed australian cars make?
  57. If I tune for a cam, will I need to drill a hole in TB?
  58. Next Upgrades
  59. Need Advise on Cam and setup
  60. Warping an LS1 Aluminum Head
  61. Has anyone heard of the 100 % full throttle mod?
  62. Where to buy Katech Rod studs & urethane engine mount inserts???
  63. ATTN: Patman A Few Questions on 0 w40
  64. Why not just go 427?
  65. main bearings???CAM FU#KED!!!!
  66. Stalling after cam install.. HELP?
  67. Extended Pintle Valve Stuck Open
  68. 36 lb Injectors big enough??
  69. Which springs for F13??
  70. stock pushrods are not 7.380
  71. How to disconnect fuel line
  72. How much to swap a cam? (Tucson, AZ)
  73. ok to take rod caps off???????
  74. Rock On
  75. Whats the hot new cam out there that will get me 425 at the wheels on bolt on Z06!
  76. I need some help
  77. idle sux
  78. free mod??
  79. help with harland sharp rocker preload
  80. Pushrod Length?
  81. Finally figured out that nasty ticking...
  82. Is this too much to pay?
  83. FTI Custom Camshaft
  84. slp 402
  85. stock LS6 pushrod length? LS1 to LS6
  86. stroker cam suggestions
  87. ligenfelter head ??? for 01 z28, need help!
  88. How much HP gain w/ custom pistons???
  89. Is the MAF for the '04 GTO the same as other LS1 powered cars?
  90. 2000 z28 m6 wont run...HELP PLEASE
  91. C5 with headers gains 42 rwhp with CheaTR cam.
  92. a strange new question for cam heads...
  93. ls6 cam conversion... do i need spring retainers
  94. Compression Calculator
  95. nos on a motor setup for na
  96. 918 springs with stock cam.
  97. FMS 408, 410, or 414?
  98. Is this the right Crank Bolt? (Pic)
  99. Which bearings??
  100. Do I have an oil pressure problem?
  101. Has anyone heard of the Crane Cams Z-Cam kit?
  102. how effective do you think the aftermarket pulleys are as DAMPENERS?
  103. is there a downside to stiffer springs? more resistance or wear?
  104. Thinking about getting the T-Rex v2 w/150 shot n2o
  105. Need ring compressor and filing tool
  106. Real world benefit of Ti valves?
  107. early (weird numbers) cam
  108. ASP pulley. Run both belts?
  109. 90/90 install
  110. What all valvetrain parts are ...
  111. LS1 rods...?
  112. Darton East 427 block went Kaboom!!!*$*$*$
  113. MTI B1 vrs. TR 224 114lsa
  114. Difficulty of rebuiliding an LS1?
  115. what does valve float feel like?
  116. Lifter Question?
  117. Attention all California people. Advise on biggest cam I can go and pass smog.
  118. Comp Lifter users???
  119. Bogging a bit from a stop...
  120. looking for ls1 or ls2 engine
  121. Boring the stock block
  122. How much do most shops charge for R & R engine?
  123. valve springs
  124. Does Anyone Know?
  125. Stock WS6 Detonation
  126. Bitten the bullet
  127. Is the Crank bolt coarse or fine thread?
  128. Cut off at 2500 RPM
  129. What type of exhaust?
  130. trex in!!!!
  131. changing pushrods..1st time
  132. cam install
  133. Pre-lube
  134. Want to convert to ls6 cam... advice?
  135. P to V? X1 vs. R1
  136. Help, have 2 sets of heads, which should I use.
  137. lifter death AGAIN
  138. need help
  139. Rebuliding LS1-Fire damage to a v6 body
  140. Starting Issues
  141. which catch can?
  142. In Desperate need of a helicoil Kit for Crank
  143. Comp 26918 springs VS. Crane 144832 springs
  144. Pushrod length... need some help
  145. SDPC 408 startup video
  146. PRC stage 2.5 heads
  147. Finally fired up the 408 Stroker
  148. info on compstar ls1 rods
  149. What's up with my oil pressure? [VIDEO]
  150. Cams??????????
  151. What length pushrods?
  152. MTI Stealth I & II vs. LPE GT2-3.....Power vs. Idle
  153. Stock LS1 chamber size
  154. G5X3 on 112 sound clips?
  155. got Z06 cam do I really need longer pushrods
  156. Running hot, did search, please help
  157. z06 cam
  158. MTI Stealth II Cam Come In
  159. AFR 205's > stock bottom > please post info
  160. Broken Timing chains...i'm curious..
  161. Check Engine Light Help ASAP Please!!!!....
  162. 403 vs 408
  163. SLP Double-Roller timing chain vs Ls2 Chain???
  164. How much hp will stock '02 injectors support?
  165. LS2 chain with stock sprocket
  166. piston/valve interference
  167. Hello from down under need advice on heads
  168. Buzzing Noise In The!
  169. Ferrea Valve source
  170. cheaTR CAM
  171. High miles on LS1 motor is it worth switching to synethic
  172. Gaskets and part numbers, are these correct?
  173. Can someone post their cam card on the Torquer II w/ 113 LSA please, need quick!>
  174. Got my Patriot Gold Duals... Quick Question
  175. Help Fast!!! Don't think I received the correct Torquer II cam!! tuning help>
  176. Little coolant gasket on top of head?
  177. Would this work?
  178. son of a bitch..another bearing
  179. Longer Crank Bolt?
  180. What are the true benefits of a higher LSA?
  181. Flycutting affecting Compression Ratio?
  182. help ARP Main Stud Problem LS6
  183. some vinci/crane rocker spy photos
  184. Should I be concerned with oil....
  185. Oil Accumulators
  186. which route for A4
  187. 6.0L with a G5X2?
  188. Changing a head gasket?
  189. Coolant cross over thingy under intake...
  190. Still need some help after cam install...
  191. Need cam and head help......
  192. Discovered very low price for Gen III Lifters
  193. G5X3 Cam Is In
  194. Just a few questions before I order a CheaTR cam
  195. lpe gt2-3
  196. type of coolant
  197. Fantasy Football Anyone?
  198. HP estamates? (sorry I can't help it)
  199. weight of ls1 with 4l60e and acessories?
  200. C5R Top End Components For Sale
  201. Crankshaft Reluctor wheel?
  202. mild corrosion on used cam, bad thing?
  203. LS6 or LS2
  204. 1.8 Harland Sharp Rockers
  205. Don't hate... Cam ?
  206. Coolant in the intake runner??
  207. Should I port stock ls1 heads?
  208. Tony Mamo where are the 225 small chambers at?
  209. 6.0 swap help?
  210. Trying to get some power
  211. Driving A4 w/ G5X2 on stock tune?
  212. LS1 vs. LS2
  213. cam (and possibly heads) suggestion for my specific setup/goals please
  214. What causes the #7 to go first?
  215. Where is this coming from???
  216. Need Help
  217. Degreeing the Camshaft Attention engine builders
  218. possible 400rwtq?
  219. A little hard to start up today
  220. what heads for my set up
  221. f13 and prc heads
  222. How Long Would It Take?
  223. how do you troubleshoot a bad cam?
  224. anyone gotten the Edelbrock heads yet??
  225. Sparking Probs
  226. More power, better daily driver MTI VS Comp
  227. switching from stock ls1 to stock ls6 heads.
  228. ET Performance heads
  229. Opinions wanted
  230. Best place for ls6
  231. MTI heads and cam
  232. Any All Pro head results yet?
  233. cam install
  234. F10 cam is in !!! (lots of pics)
  235. Woooooooot, cam is in!
  236. Newb... help me out
  237. Patriot Head Pkg.
  238. pictures of spark plugs?
  239. Oil pump install?
  240. SLP Head & Cam Package?
  241. New Motor Is In !
  242. Quick question....Futral 224 vs. Thunder 224......???
  243. Almost time for a very nasty sounding cam...
  244. Headbolt Washers
  245. AFR 205 install-related
  246. 1.85 rockers
  247. Pretty much free TB bypass mod
  248. Horrible gas mileage wtf?
  249. tech gods come in!!!
  250. ***Introducing our Vacuum Pump ***