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  1. rev problem
  2. Why does my exhaust stink
  3. what pushrods for fm13 and what timing chain?
  4. Callies VS Lunati in Cranks
  5. Question on how heads effect compression
  6. cam question
  7. Looking for part numbers..............
  8. All bolt on's, what next?
  9. need help, cracking noise coming from engine
  10. Some stock info I would like..
  11. Window Motor Cause an SES light?
  12. How long will 918's last with .610 lift?
  13. AFRs *arent* the only game in town, it seems...
  14. no oil in top of motor with good oil pressure
  15. ARP rod bolt specs
  16. oil pressure
  17. Magic Stick Dyno #s
  18. PE LS6 flow numbers, local bench
  19. to all real mechanics and shop owners
  20. Timing Chain Question
  21. yet another head question
  22. If the crank positions sensor is messing up will..
  23. why do we worry so much about dyno numbers
  24. Another oil pressure thread. Im kind of worried now, is it too low??
  25. ls1 flow numbers
  26. Help PLEASE!!
  27. Weird Noise PLease HELP!!!
  28. How do I know when lifters have leaked down
  29. 112 +2 vs. 111 +1
  30. Need Help with cam and exhaust
  31. need help with head and cam for a auto tryin to reach a goal
  32. Advise: What to do next??? Is heads worth doing or should I call it done???
  33. hand sanding AFR heads??
  34. compcams LS1 1.7 shaftmount rockers? will they clear?
  35. Looking for civilized cam with decent performance
  36. Oil pressure and grade (Patman chime in!)
  37. What HP levels can the stock internals hold up to?
  38. Darton FAQ and Installation Procedure
  39. Video of new cam
  40. Forged Piston/Rods
  41. getting the #1 Piston to TDC on a 98
  42. Oil Pump?
  43. Low Oil Psi with ported pump
  44. anybody completely disassembled FAST intake?
  45. 395 rwhp NA with factory manifolds, cats and catback!
  46. 6 Month Old Gas
  47. Is this injector correct?
  48. Oil pressure: how much is not enough?
  49. Z28 Governor?
  50. question on f10 cam
  51. Finally broke one - 918 :)
  52. how bent does a pushrod have to be to mess things up?
  53. ECT sensor
  54. wich one is the exhaust valve and wich is the intake (picture)
  55. Biggest Valve on 4.030" Bore
  56. Will I have clearance issues?
  57. Heads n Cam for sale!
  58. corvette motor covers on z28?
  59. Fly Cut??
  60. PTVC equation for larger valves
  61. 4.8 and looking to upgrade!!!?!?!??!???
  62. 64cc heads on 6.0 motor. compression ratio?
  63. Cam selection
  64. How bout this combo...
  65. need help? installing slp rockers!!!!
  66. Do I Have All The Gaskets I Need?
  67. anyone think i need shims for f14 and patriot duals
  68. 5.3 valve size and more ?s
  69. pulleys
  70. Block/Cam/Head Combos for 25hour Enduro Racing
  71. pushrod ??
  72. Dry sump oiling
  73. Well, I think I cooked a......
  74. Road Race Cam - Power Gains
  75. question
  76. Anyone tried Mobil1's new extended life oil?
  77. Need some help
  78. oil in intake even with ASM catch can
  79. what kind of oil?
  80. Oil Pump O Ring - Where does it go ??
  81. Trex Help...
  82. Z06 Cam specs
  83. need to upgrade injectors/lifters?
  84. Post-1.8 rocker/LS2 TB installproblem- major power loss
  85. 1.85 Rockers with Hotcam
  86. AFR 225 heads..are these the best flowing heads available right now for the LSx eng.
  87. conservative setup what do u think?
  88. How long????
  89. Shaft mounted rockers
  90. Which Cam G1 vs. SS1/SS2
  91. Just fly cut pistons?
  92. Need cam help
  93. Questions about timng chain
  94. valve seal problem
  95. Best Heads for my setup?
  96. HELP Installing spring seats
  97. Yet another "Which Head" thread
  98. Semi-Stock RWHP?
  99. Debate: Z28 vs. Boxter
  100. Bullet proof heads?
  101. SLP vs. Manley valve springs?
  102. Carteks X3 cam
  103. i need help with timing marks!!!
  104. What can cause a rocker to break? Spring breaking?
  105. Symptoms of a BAD knock sensor???
  106. Dreaded Cam Swap/ZERO Oil Pressure!!!
  107. Compression tests.
  108. waht do you think of this cam?
  109. So many options/opinions on heads, but yet I still need it
  110. flycutting costs
  111. Spun Cam Bearing ?
  112. what exactly does a Leakdown test confirm or check for?
  113. LS6 vs. LQ9...Which one????
  114. MTI G1/C1 Cam VS TR 224
  115. valve problems
  116. C5R Block (info) vs Sleeved Blocks
  117. Going with the monster Grand Am Cup!!
  118. Edelbrock Cam???
  119. oil pump?
  120. Edelbrock Heads?
  121. turque spech on ls1 fly wheel any one???
  122. Biggest cam for stock ls1??
  123. Anyone still running a 221/221 .558/.558 112 cam?
  124. question on stroking ls1
  125. Gas Mileage?
  126. Is there a quick and easy check for lifters?
  127. formula for valve lift
  128. GM Mechanic Manuals
  129. Double Roller Timing Chain
  130. Ford 351 rods in an LS1?
  131. Knocking sound....
  132. Comprestion Ratio
  133. storing car for 2 to treat oil??
  134. how can you say fastest cam only car?
  135. Double Timing Chain
  136. I'm a Leakdown Test Dummy ...
  137. best oil to put back in with new cam?
  138. 10w30 and ticking?
  139. Figuring out CR on my 5.3L without head CC?
  140. does this sound like a good setup?
  141. 0.030 milled heads, 7.35 or 7.4 pushrods???
  142. Heads/cam good for 450 rwhp and still good gas mileage?
  143. ROD BOLTS: ARP or Katech?
  144. whats a good camshaft?
  145. Stall or Cam?
  146. $$$ for a good tune
  147. Ported heades/ stock cam
  148. Got my car back from Futral Motorsports!!
  149. Fly cutting?
  150. Another start up issue?? High idle..........
  151. AFR 225 62cc, update please
  152. What length pushrods??
  153. Questions About putting a 02 LS1 into a 98z28?
  154. Comp Pro-Magnum Rocker to Valve Cover Clearance
  155. Only 320 rwhp w G5X3 and TPIS LT headers
  156. GMPP LS6 60.9cc bigest cam?
  157. Cam advice please.
  158. Just bought a cam, Help me figure out what it is.
  159. Mobil1 T&SUV 5w-40?
  160. ARP question-quick please
  161. X4 video inside...
  162. Cam too big/Not big enough?
  163. LS1 Power Question
  164. All pro heads, who's running them?
  165. Heat Expansion and lifter pre-load....
  166. how do i disconnect fuel line, 02 ls6 intake..
  167. DIRECT HITS IGNITION SYSTEM...anybody tried before?
  168. What effect does retarding the cam ~4*
  169. timing chain question
  170. Who makes a 6.200 rod for the LSx
  171. i need cam help!!
  172. OH MY DEAR GOD..... ill never get the oil pump right..
  173. 6.0 & 383 questions
  174. Just put my Vararam intake on
  175. LS6 2002-2004 spring color
  176. 5.7 LS1 short block on ebay
  177. LME 408 Came in!
  178. i cant break the crank bolt loose during cam swap, HELP~!
  179. juss added fast 90/90
  180. Injector advice
  181. X1 Cam...114 lsa
  182. Thanks.
  183. Intake and Exhaust Valve Options?
  184. crankshaft key..
  185. all this talk about valvesprings and lift...
  186. New engine... No oil pressure.. WTF!!!!
  187. ls1 is going out.
  188. X-Mas @ my house today!!! *UPS arrives*
  189. How Long till things start to go BOOM?
  190. Cam Position Sensor code....
  191. 228/232 cam, exact PTV on similar specs
  192. Car wont crank . .
  193. Anyone using the Patriot 226 cam?
  194. Burning smell
  195. prc springs
  196. Need help selecting the right cam
  197. Finally QTP HV Oil Pump & 2 Piece Timing Cover ready For Shipment
  198. thunderracing 230/236
  199. Please I need HELP my car is misfiring like crazy
  200. Knock sensors w/ aligning tabs?
  201. need to upgrade fuel pump for heads/cam?
  202. Anyone running PP 5.3 heads/FM11?
  203. New tranny, now other issues!
  204. Couple questions with this new 6.0 iron block
  205. Cam question.....
  206. cam question
  207. Engine oil life and the oil monitor
  208. Complete fluid change
  209. rocker bolts what size are they
  210. P/V clearance ????????
  211. WTF!!!!how long does it take!!!!!
  212. stress relieve new block?
  213. timing chain question need help asap!
  214. I Need To Know Main stud Torque Sequence A.s.a.p.!!!
  215. hot cam
  216. G5x3?
  217. HELP me get my broken ARP crank bolt out!!!
  218. techs inside.. ppl with large cams in 346's or small cams in larger cubes inside-
  219. Need part # for GM main cap side bolts!
  220. G5x3
  221. oil pressure observation.
  222. Oil Splay Valve
  223. head swap
  224. mod heavy ls1's inside pls
  225. Oil Splay Valve
  226. Cam/Headers/TC
  227. Anyone ever heard of "Custom Cams Inc."?
  228. C5R Block
  229. 427 LS1/6 blocks with Darton MID sleeves
  230. Thinking about some heads
  231. just finished my patriot ls6 heads and lunati 224 cam...
  232. Help me choose my cam thread
  233. Check my specs..
  234. What to do to heads for MS3?
  235. knocking sound
  236. Car Troubles...HELP
  237. Dangerous to race untuned?
  238. Found my Misfire Problem...Pushrod
  239. port matching ??
  240. Engine dissasembly question
  241. which cam will be better?
  242. Rough idle with turbo cam???
  243. individual throttle bodies and nitrous???
  244. stock head specs
  245. Rockers
  246. What gasket between LS1 block and 6.0L (317) heads?
  247. how much more hp am i going to get?
  248. People running BIG cams........inside
  249. thinkin bout building an engine
  250. Can I get some feedback on this plan?