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  1. Calling Out the LSx Tech Gods
  2. Crank Bolt
  3. 112 Lsa
  4. hand finishing
  5. which stall convertor i have have with G1 cam on A4 camaro ?
  6. What Size Rockers?
  7. Oil Pressure getting worse on LS6 pump!
  8. What #'s you guys think with these mods?
  9. Cam suggestions
  10. Help please car running like crap.
  11. Crankshaft position sensor?
  12. Base circle of Futral cams?
  13. Pushrods?
  14. cleaning the inside of a LS1
  15. Hey guys, New to this forum. Got a Question.
  16. problems after cam install
  17. rough idle after tune?
  18. o2 SES light question.
  19. MTI Stealth II VS G1....
  20. A Strange Metallic Sound?
  21. Heads or 408 Shortblock?
  22. Low Oil Pressure/Ticking, Stock Motor
  23. felpro head gaskets
  24. LQ4 6.0L Build...what cam to run w/ 243 heads
  25. 61cc milled 20thousandths what size chamber will it be
  26. Are the new jessel shaft mount SS's adjustable?
  27. I need help quick
  28. 241 Head Swap Questions?
  29. Texas Performance and Speed
  30. T-Rex cam ???
  31. LS6 Valve Springs & Retainers
  32. oil pressure sending unit
  33. Best place to buy short block?
  34. Over-filed rings.. :(
  35. Can some verify this statement?
  36. Any valve springs that dont sound like a bunch of tamborines under the hood?
  37. Manley Dual Springs
  38. guys with 230-239 duration cams & stock heads
  39. What are the threaded holes above the crankshaft for?
  40. Pcv
  41. Miss---fire!!!
  42. power from magic stick 3
  43. How much compression would be best for me?
  44. What heads?
  45. What could be wrong??
  46. i want a cam with as close to stock idle that=good power
  47. Got my motor back together and.. :(
  48. o2 Sensor Location?
  49. question on installing cam.
  50. Intake/Exhaust Valve Seals
  51. Movin' to the D.C. Area - Need Engine Expert
  52. Anyone want to take a stab at what the hell my motor is doing??
  53. Have Cam, Heads Are Coming, But Questions (Quench, SCR, ICL, etc)
  54. what size injectors
  55. turbo cam selection
  56. Ti Retainers
  57. cc of a 5.3 stock head
  58. Rollermaster Install
  59. Want to get int the 6's 1/8= 10's 1/4
  60. Ls6 Stage Ii
  61. Whats the difference between a knock and a ping?
  62. what heads would be best with this cam?232 238 595 605 114lsa +2
  63. X1 Cam
  64. Required Cam Install items.
  65. HELP - Builder forgot to put the knock seals in the valley cover !
  66. Quick LS1 ASA Cam Question!!
  67. both O2's out at same time?
  68. .064-.065 Head gasket.. MLS?
  69. FM14 Cam impressions
  70. what can an LS6 block handle
  71. Patroit performance
  72. New TSP 233/239 Cam Video!!!!!!!!!
  73. How does the MTI X1 cam stack up against newer grinds?
  74. A big thanks to Ron (Cammin BeaSSt) and Mike (EvilZ28NOS)!!!!!!!
  75. Question about a couple of different cams
  76. Some vids of my track runs w/ X4
  77. Just ordered FM14 Cam....A few quick questions
  78. Need help deciding on a cam...
  79. LS6 cam kit. Worth it or not??
  80. sts engine setup suggestions
  81. Do I need to change these pistons?
  82. ticking ,chattering noise
  83. Noise from motor on first day of install
  84. Crane 1.8's causing float at 5,200? Look at Dyno sheet
  85. Help Im having issues with misfires.
  86. Can someone please help?
  87. Need GM Part #'s please
  88. What heads?
  89. AFR 205 Heads with TR220 or TR224?
  90. Motor needs rebuild...any advice on my options?
  91. Quick HELP needed!! Anyone using Comp Cams Pro Magnum 1.85 (or other) Rockers inside!
  92. which cam???
  93. Will no longer be porting
  94. ls1 problems times inside, input needed
  95. Anyone here have an all bore motor?
  96. Porting & Milling 5.7L Heads
  97. Heads Install - Good News / Bad News
  98. truthful cam help
  99. New member here, I need your advice please.
  100. buying used heads question?????
  101. timimg chain and oil pump
  102. rocker questions
  103. Patriot shaft mount roller problem
  104. ls1-ls6 conversion
  105. torque spec and sequence for main caps
  106. cam help
  107. scratching noise when installing head bolts.
  108. Clevite lifters..
  109. Cam specs from reading the etching?
  110. help please... blown head gasket?
  111. Any reason for throttle sticking >2% until stopped?
  112. Eagle LS1 Specific Rods
  113. Cometics are leaking
  114. Bought a MTI T1 cam not knowing 112 is for M6s
  115. missing power w 422
  116. Is my '01 LS1 a lemon?
  117. Double roller timing chains
  118. SBC valves in an LS1
  119. MTI B! cam
  120. Quality/Flow from valve to valve...
  121. Valve spring Micrometer?
  122. does your engine make a grinding noise when you turn it off?
  123. CC216/220 cam card
  124. New Patriots
  125. Best cam ICL for 382/383
  126. Howling when car is started
  127. What are best valve seals to use?
  128. calling all those mod gurus
  129. Poly motor mounts
  130. wierd popping noise...WTF?
  131. Complete rebuild $$$$$
  132. 2003 Z06 used heads?????
  133. Finally fired the 382 today!
  134. burning oil
  135. Made the switch today....
  136. H/C install tomorrow
  137. Injector numbers.
  138. The drama continues
  139. Need Help Please (Spun Bearing)
  140. Plugging an o2 bung?
  141. stuck valve spring locks
  142. 228/236 (.600,.600) crane cam
  143. Interesting Flow Data....(Long thread)
  144. rev limit
  145. Louis @ LG Motorsports
  146. cam sensor
  147. Best way to store a short block
  148. Can you swap out head bolts......
  149. What cam do you reccomend?
  150. Finally I figured out the misfire problem
  151. PVC Question: T1 Cam (108 ICL), 5.7L 0.030 Milled Heads?
  152. Oil pressure increase for no reason
  153. Stock bottom end question
  154. TEA Valve springs
  155. A quick "what will I gain"
  156. crane cams
  157. Engine Dieseling at shutoff
  158. what sealant to use on intake rocker bolts?
  159. quick cam question....
  160. AC Delco PF44???
  161. Please help me understand this-Big bore heads
  162. Anyone ever heard of this for lifter cure?
  163. best timing chain
  164. Need advice. Dip stick is popping out.
  165. cams question?
  166. lifters when doing head install?
  167. What's the Real Deal with Sleeved Blocks?
  168. LS1 to LS6
  169. Swapping my FM11 for another cam, is it worth it??
  170. 6l vs. ls1/ls6
  171. My LS1 Valve spring testing results....
  172. Harlan Sharp rockers
  173. Pushrod Calculator
  174. Shift light
  175. Bore vs. Stroke
  176. Are the AFR 225 available in 66cc or just the 62 and 72 cc??
  177. Car can't find idle
  178. Cost of Titanium Connecting and Push Rods?
  179. Factory Bolts?
  180. Need Help With Diagnosing
  181. cam and nitours going on soon
  182. FM14 is IN! First Startup Video!
  183. Noticed Alot more heat?
  184. I had no idea
  185. need help choosing cam
  186. H/C swap...whats needed??
  187. Help Me pick a cam for new motor.
  188. AFR heads for forced induction
  189. ARE 423 *Pictures*
  190. I think my car is sick...
  191. Help with t-rex cam
  192. What HP to look for out of tune tomorrow...
  193. 400-450 HP, How Should I Get There?
  194. cam for ls6 valve springs
  195. Do all aftermarket LS1 cams have smaller base circle?
  196. Valve spring pressure tester
  197. How much HP should this make!??
  198. TEA Heads
  199. LS2 pans-better or just cheap?
  200. spring question
  201. Stock Lifters with a G5X2
  202. Just starting head porting project
  203. Spark plug/wires change gone wrong
  204. will solid engine mounts cause any problems?
  205. F13 with 205 AFR heads?
  206. Anyone have TREX and milled heads??
  207. This is rediculous..
  208. Stock LS6 flow numbers??
  209. F13 cam install review
  210. F13 tuning
  211. Heads milled too much !!
  212. The APE 382 is in and running
  213. Have TEA 5.3L heads-what FMS cam to run?
  214. Pics of my Bo White ported 241's
  215. Lean on pass side
  216. Help! Car died and will not restart
  217. 427ci cam recommendations
  218. Gasket Question
  219. PLEASE HELP? ticking after cam install????
  220. Injector circuit ohm testing b/c of DTC p0200?
  221. Mis-fire related to Injector knock?
  222. does anyone have any numbers for this cam?
  223. thinking about...
  224. Best way to ship a motor. Which company?
  225. How much power is to much?
  226. Block/internals
  227. Another oil thread...
  228. Crane Rocker Arms
  229. Leaky pan?
  230. Lingenfelter GT2-3 Cam kit, What springs?
  231. Led astray by mistake in Service Manual
  232. Where To Buy O/S Stainless Valves?
  233. Flowing heads...
  234. ls1 knocking noise
  235. ALL PRO Contact Person
  236. Comp 918's - How long do they last??
  237. Recycle MLS Head Gaskets?
  238. Valvetrain tap
  239. Bo white Ported heads?
  240. LS1 Anti-Detonation Chamber Design?
  241. Pittsburgh shop?
  242. Very Happy With Tr 236!
  243. should i be worried?
  244. Casting #241 heads....
  245. Holding up Lifters for Cam Swap
  246. Headers For My Car
  247. Anybody running Comp 623-16 valve locks?
  248. Last update on our 205 project....
  249. What Size and Length Pushrod?
  250. what could cause missfire from 5,000-5,500?