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  1. Attention Everyone cam help
  2. I need help once again
  3. The unexpected happened
  4. Question on cam install
  5. Alternative Fuels
  6. heads
  7. Seriously thinking about a 427 Buildup
  8. absolute minimum p/v clearance on intake valve
  9. ASP install
  10. PROBLEM with my motor after spring swap-Little help?
  11. What oil to use on lifters when installing and with new 410ci motor?
  12. G5x3
  13. Hybrid conversion about cooling tube?
  14. F13 is in....
  15. Comp XER 228/230 .588/.592 112+2 will it fit?
  16. crane 832 dual springs with tsp 231/231?
  17. Throttle Body Bolts
  18. Opinions on Setup
  19. Tac lagg........
  20. AFR 205's Mongoose????
  21. Does hitting the rev limiter F*ck up your engine?
  22. transmisson
  23. Doing H/C should I replace pistons/rods too?
  24. natural aspiration
  25. ls1 hot cam
  26. Cam
  27. TR236/G5X2 numbers?
  28. Started Heads/Cam Install
  29. Cam selection help
  30. Picked up 35 rwhp w/the T-ReX over the C2 cam!
  31. spun rod bearing, rod journal question
  32. engine dies on right hand turns
  33. 12.5 compression with 93 octane?
  34. Rocker Questions
  35. FMS Cam people inside
  36. Forge the motor during h/c/stall swap?
  37. If your life depended on this choice
  38. Rockers OK ... harmonic balancer ????
  39. Went to the track
  40. Stripped out Header bolt hole in Head..what size Helicoil
  41. lifter basket holes
  42. Piston compression heights?
  43. Got my shortblock back from machine shop. Is .003 too much for mains?
  44. Y-Pipe Trouble
  45. Timing Chain Dampner.....
  46. Searched ... stock rockers ... ft/lbs????
  47. what cam/heads with stock manifolds loking for as much power I can get
  48. what all need for cam install?
  49. Patriot Gold Springs
  50. i got my dyno # on the Trex
  51. Plugs
  52. Best adjustable roller rockers
  53. Best 7.400 LS6 Pushrods for H/C upgrade
  54. Engine won't start after header install
  55. TR224 W/ 1.75 Rockers ???
  56. Rollermaster install
  57. Which GM head gaskets, 241 head on a 1999 LS1 block and most compression?
  58. Hard starting problem?!?! help please
  59. Anyone using this combo??
  60. Comp vs. FMS
  61. afr h/c packages
  62. Car has almost no low end power!! Need help!
  63. SLP ZL-402 Feedback Wanted
  64. How think of a head gasket should I run? opinions needed
  65. Track times with new set up?
  66. Motor build up questions?
  67. Maybe someone can help me figure out whinning noise
  68. I need to know can I fit 5.3 heads with my cam?
  69. I need opinions... (CC224/228 vrs. TR224)
  70. H/C guys with updated fuel systems
  71. Gen III info...
  72. Pen Magnets for cam swap
  73. squeaky/ticking noise at idle
  74. Has NE1 gone from an MTI-C1 cam to a larger cam?
  75. For stock, non-flycut bottom end, bigger valves vs. decking to raise cr...your opinon
  76. Cam to replace my 224/228?
  77. anyone have an f13 sound clip
  78. milled heads how big of a cam can u go?
  79. Motor sounds like marbles
  80. rollmaster timing
  81. S-10 LS1 Project Motor Input please!!
  82. Cams in Nor-cal
  83. 3rd try, HELP ME TRACE AN OIL LEAK!
  84. Which heads would you want...MTI LS6 Stg. III or AFR 225..?
  85. Broken Motor???
  86. Sewing machine > Extra Large!!!
  87. fms14 or tr230/236
  88. Magic Stick 3 or T Rex?
  89. Cam or converter?
  90. How big can big can you open up 6.0L or AFR 225 casting head chambers in cc's?
  91. blower cam question...
  92. Torque angle meter
  93. Will this cam pass cali smog?
  94. AFR 225 72cc: compression???
  95. tr224, newbie, valve spring question
  96. Looking at buying a used set of heads but how do I know what springs come with
  97. TR224, your thoughts on LSA?
  98. Staying Smog Legal in CA
  99. fast intake?
  100. LME 6.0L Flow numbers!!
  101. Intake Backfires
  102. where to start...
  103. MTI stage 2E head flow numbers
  104. Power Guess
  105. 5.3 head question
  106. Engine Oil
  107. Spark ping? pretty sure it is!
  108. balancer question
  109. about how much are these motors worth?
  110. Something I would like to say about Futral Motorsports
  111. 6.0 escalade motor, some options??
  112. Pushrod
  113. Kick ass flow numbers with stock size valves!
  114. Anything else I should toss on when I do my heads?
  115. couple pix of my MTI stg. 2r's
  116. Wierd Idle after winter storage, what could be the problem?
  117. Removing shortblock
  118. Q's on Sea Foam
  119. Freshening Up An LS1
  120. Car cranks, then kills????
  121. newbie questions
  122. Trex cam questions,.....
  123. whose done ls1 edit, etc... themselves?!?!
  124. 241 Heads
  125. My new custom Ed Curtis Cam Specs...they're not small!
  126. Fuel issues
  127. Valvetrain Noise & New Cam
  128. Help me troulbe shoot my cam swap, please
  129. Angle Milling my AFR heads
  130. tits?
  131. will this radical cam fit stock heads?
  132. bad valve seals?
  133. Should cam/crank sprockets be changed with timing chain?
  134. Ls1 internal ?'s
  135. Comp Spring Question
  136. Any results with MTI stealth I cam yet??
  137. Here's what's wrong with the car
  138. looking to get cam
  139. Solenoid Operated Valves...
  140. Anyone ever used a damged block?
  141. Strange smell after GC 0w30
  142. Piston & Rod Question???
  143. Need help on cam size
  144. AFR heads...what next?
  145. Will G5x2 Fit ?????/ Help!!
  146. Tick after change to synthetic normal?
  147. pp gold springs, stock rockers
  148. comparing cam lobes....come in experienced ones :)
  149. Cams
  150. Valve spring question (ASA)
  151. type of oil for extremely hot weather
  152. belt tensioner
  153. new valve springs problem with dying
  154. Misfire code after cam???
  155. Demolished a valvespring :(
  156. Can someone explain to me what a cam actually does?
  157. Should I resurface my heads?
  158. car won't start
  159. TSP 231/237 or TSP 233/239
  160. trex question or cam in general?
  161. T-REX w/N20
  162. How important are pushrods??
  163. Z06 cam in a stock Z28????
  164. Need specs for new SDPC camshafts "big stick, fat stick..."
  165. install time? Heads, cam install...
  166. what happens if you miss a shift or over rev with hardend pushrods
  167. G5x4 and AFR's
  168. cam and cut-out, work right??
  169. What is this engine noise?
  170. Hand finishing help
  171. Classes...
  172. Engine Stalls after WOT
  173. LS2 402 buildup in stages? AFR or SDPC Help!
  174. Recieved my Solid Roller 225s from AFR today! :)
  175. Head and cam help...
  176. Oil leak help needed (again)
  177. Can you over throttle body a motor?
  178. How much HP can stock internals handle?
  179. LS6 Pistons VS. LS1 Pistons?
  180. Motor in and running, thanks to everyone!
  181. 346 turned to a 383... what price?
  182. Custom grinding a cam for my heads....need some advice
  183. Shortblock purchasers, some questions...
  184. 105mm TB for LS1 PCM
  185. Need help, deciding on engine parts.
  186. Anyone running a FM14 on stock 3.42 gears?
  187. 383 stroker....
  188. Forged internals
  189. cam
  190. results from the TREX in my daily driver
  191. Oil pressure back to norm w/ German Castrol 0w30
  192. FMS Cam and Kook Headers - Question?
  193. Hissing/whistling sound after H/C
  194. Recommendation for NJ shop
  195. bent valve????
  196. Tony@AFR: G5x3 & AFR 205 *LONG*
  197. headers
  198. Can Futral F4 cam pass dyno-emissions test?
  199. opinions on TR230/224
  200. performance shop needed?
  201. I'm thinking about getting a cam for my car but I dont know which one for my setup.
  202. What to do with an LS1 while the motor is out
  203. Need stroker engine, what to get.
  204. Low Oil PSI
  205. redline for FM15?
  206. Opinions on this setup
  207. G5X2 or TSP 233/239 R2? Please help me choose
  208. new disk
  209. whats the diff with the casting #'s
  210. Do Cams wear out?
  211. What gap plug for this combo?
  212. Please Help! Cam Selection
  213. what springs to run on XER lobes?
  214. dyno oil vs synthetic after H/C swap
  215. weight of stock piston from a 6.0 ???
  216. Small Combustion Chamber Dished Piston N/A Motor Discussion
  217. Where did you mount your remote oil filter?
  218. Does anyone use Oil additive such as Lucus, slick 50 etc..
  219. lobe intensity on T-rex(advertise duration)
  220. A.R.E a tour
  221. am i robbing myself of power??
  222. selling mti stealth 1 cam if anyone's interested
  223. 5.3l heads on a 5.7l
  224. cam gurus in here please
  225. Best place/shop for custom ground cam?
  226. Oil Change?
  227. What are my options now?
  228. I thought AFR were the only ones with a new LSX head(guess not)
  229. Carbon on the pistons
  230. Cam Suggestions for WS6 w/LS6
  231. 233/239 Track Results
  232. cam choice in a month
  233. bumpstick question?
  234. standard or reverse split?
  235. Water pump gasket question?
  236. Any More info on All pro heads ?
  237. This is what the knocking was...
  238. recommended gap for 10.5:1 milled heads
  239. Ignition module
  240. is this street-able
  241. Differance between a 114 lsa and a 112 lsa on a 224 cam
  242. What years did the 6.0L come in the trucks...
  243. forged internals- How much can you do yourself?
  244. Any All-Pro head results yet?
  245. Tony/AFR
  246. Question on cleaning heads...
  247. missing at idle
  248. P to V clearance? ease my mind...
  249. BIG question on AFR's
  250. should I RTV bottom of timing cover (99 frc)