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  1. H/C Upgrade - Are we happy yet?
  2. When should i change my springs?
  3. What's the biggest cam with a stock converter?
  4. measuring cam lift?
  5. Exhaust port question
  6. Ok I wantto go to a bigger cam in my 408. Will I have tunining issues???
  7. AFR head only swap. questions inside
  8. What oil to use for break in period? Nondetergant?
  9. What Would Be The Difference W/ These 408 Setups?
  10. how much lift
  11. 02+ ZO6 head gaskets on a 99 LS1
  12. Edelbrock's carb+intake for Ls motors. Any comments?
  13. Recommended shop in Fl. for flowing heads?
  14. what lsa would you recommend for a 408??
  15. question with oil
  16. cam?
  17. Need help, stumbling badly after sitting all winter
  18. 20k mile fluid changes...any recommendations?
  19. Trex/MS3 and 6.0 heads
  20. math gurus, ptv question
  21. LS7 GM crate motor part# = 1782397
  22. gm top engine cleaner
  23. TEA heads to match an FM13...
  24. How To Determine Cam Specifications of an Unknown Cam
  25. Intake Manifold Flow Test
  26. Timing Chain Question?
  27. H/C Upgrade - Driver's side very lean
  28. added AFR205s to my 230 cam
  29. 99ls1 in 98z
  30. ppls6 style heads came in today and ...
  31. What do stock LS1 heads flow?
  32. cam
  33. Guys might wanna check out TSP, some prices are $0 dollars! haha
  34. Flow CFM on Stock LQ4 Cast Iron Heads
  35. anybody have PP adj. rockers?
  36. Cam specs
  37. Compression Ratio ?'s
  38. Hot Cam installed, what else needs to be done?!?
  39. Stock LQ4 Cam Specs
  40. quick oil pump question.
  41. How important are head studs?
  42. dont know the specs on cam
  43. Patriot heads
  44. big cam statement
  45. ATTN: patman Syntec 5W40
  46. Does new Oil Pan from GM come with the gasket?
  47. Opinions on my Setup
  48. machine work for a 4" stroke LS6
  49. Installing TR224 .563 112 LSA & 918 Springs
  50. Cylinder Head Help!!!
  51. cam install? timing?
  52. Ive seen it all.....need HELP
  53. super seven locks?
  54. Engine Misfire, top end noise problem. PLEASE help!!
  55. Timing chain....sprockets?
  56. Head choice, couple questions
  57. Reusing Stock Retainers
  58. Curing piston slap?
  59. After revving I get popping noises... normal or not?
  60. After revving I get popping noises... normal or not?
  61. Can someone explain "Squench" to me?
  62. Wrist Pin Noise Questions
  63. Patriot Performance Recall
  64. Moble 1 - 15K mile oil
  65. Any increase in idle pressure after pump change ?
  66. idle speed and dying with new tune and cam heads
  67. what is needed in the bottom end of the motor for a 175-225 shot...
  68. choosing a cam and still go through emissions
  69. When did you get satisfied?
  70. Valve springs worth 40hp at 6000 rpm?
  71. 427 spark plug choice ?????
  72. PP LS6 style vs. GM cnc'd LS6 heads
  73. Cam experts:What effect does grinding a cam
  74. Ls1, Ls6, C5r
  75. can some1 help me w/ valve events??
  76. difference 1998 & 2002 LS1 blocks
  77. Help: Uncontrollable engine backfire
  78. Edelbrocks Carb/intake with AFR 205's. Any problems that anyone's heard?
  79. ls1 timing chain?
  80. Question of cam with stock heads????
  81. Top end troubleshooting...
  82. Cam question
  83. oil on TB
  84. Going through my used ls1 swap motor..not liking what im seeing
  85. Why are heads so expensive?
  86. Can i get away with this for awhile
  87. Dynamic Compression Q
  88. Oil pump porting help!!
  89. so my crank isnt stripped-im lost
  90. What size jaw puller?
  91. My TEA seats and Crane springs OK for solid roller?
  92. Head surface scratch question (pics)
  93. Can you guys reccomend a short block?
  94. 66 cc AFR 225's?
  95. Worth getting a cam???
  96. Chromemoly vs Hardened pushrods
  97. anyone using AFR's milled to 59 cc, TSP 231/237 on a 346?
  98. INSANE noise from the new lifters
  99. Need cam advice for radical stock cid motor
  100. ttp torquer head
  101. Help me pick a cam
  102. 978 duals and retainers
  103. Fabrication of ls1 valvecovers
  104. new hotcam dyno #'s
  105. AFR 225 heads & flycutting.....
  106. Fluid in my exhaust.
  107. Effective Immediatly
  108. Need help with a Noise quick!
  109. EGR Mod
  110. I need more cam clips for :)
  111. F13 Cam and P/V clearance
  112. HELP! Electrical problems??? PLEASE help!
  113. Lateral "play" in rocker arms?
  114. Anyone have a g5x-4 in a a4
  115. optimal dynamic compression ratio
  116. Best value in a heads/cam package is?
  117. buying FMS F4 Cam need valvespring advice
  118. help loud ticking????
  119. service vehical light
  120. ls6 heads help
  121. How To Spend $8000?
  122. Tr55ix?
  123. In need of a little help please
  124. Quick Poll.....
  125. engine making strange noise!!
  126. magic stick in 6.0L
  127. Heads Cam and Headers...
  128. fms heads or more performance
  129. You talk about easy
  130. Question about pistons (no newbs please)
  131. patriot performance cam and heads?
  132. What is the best timing chain to use?
  133. Cheapest pushrods.
  134. ls 1 oil pumps
  135. - a plea for help!
  136. can someone analyze my compression and spark plugs
  137. Piston questions
  138. cam swap?
  139. LT1 starter with a Gen III/LS1/LM7 engine?
  140. Ordering a cam... (pretty detailed)
  141. Rollmaster Double timing chain broke!
  142. Performance of g5x-2 with LS6 style heads vs stock heads?
  143. Probably a dumb question..
  144. Fuel pressure
  145. does this sound about right 318rwh
  146. Lookn For Advice and Input For a Trex Cam and LS6 Head Combo
  147. New crate engine or cam/heads
  148. Do valvetrains develop a memory with components?
  149. Out of the box, LS1 to LS6 heads gains.. Thanks..
  150. Looking to move some high performance parts
  151. some basic question
  152. P/V Clearance w/ 228/230 cam...
  153. has anyone??
  154. ported oil pump,pulleies,double chain??why
  155. Dilemma - keep cam?
  156. Pushrod Length
  157. Graphite or GM MLS?
  158. F13 cam owners in please
  159. Need help Picking a cam
  160. MTI Stealth Cams question ?
  161. Dowels on block
  162. Engine techs - please need advice
  163. thunder racings custom accomplishment
  164. What Are the Differences Between '01 and '02 LS6 Heads?
  165. ARP Cam Bolts P/N?
  166. Headakes
  167. Biggest cam without having to check/change springs all the time?
  168. just ordered me an F4 114
  169. Car died on startup, started again rough idle, shut off, ran fine, WTF?
  170. petrol engines????
  171. Car has vibration at idle
  172. Old Man Cam
  173. Making a stock lifter a solid lifter to degree the cam
  174. Patriot Gold Springs Valve Chatter
  175. are unmilled 5.3ltr heads gonna work with the FMS RJ cam???????
  176. How to install heads with ARP head studs?
  177. Can I put motor back in with heads on?
  178. Lets see some dynos of the gm cams.
  179. Painless Wiring and Perfect eng. management?
  180. question about milling AFR heads with F13 cam
  181. Ported Oil Pump, who has the best?
  182. Best cam for my setup?
  183. 98 LS1 vs other years LS1
  184. What heads with TSP MS3 Cam?
  185. Asa Going In What Springs???
  186. stock rod bolts ok for FM13
  187. PCV on 04 Z06
  188. Who has adjustable rockers?
  189. Timing chain install question
  190. PRC dual spring kits: are they supposed to come with valve seals
  191. CC978 retainers?
  192. These cars are a stupid piece of fock!
  193. Royal Purple-Is it worth it?
  194. which god foresaken combo!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!
  195. Anyone own TEA Stage 3 LQ9 heads?
  196. Strange part number for LS6 oil pump??
  197. Is anyone using All Pro heads yet and who can port them?
  198. cam install, oil question
  199. Pic of PCV valve please...
  200. update on plug swap...
  201. Mobil 1 - 5K, 7.5K and 10K oils??
  202. 5G4 lifters?
  203. Cam install question
  204. Chance to get a 408 dirt cheap!!! 408 owners inside please!!!
  205. SLP has a new aluminum LS2/402 short block,is it worth it?
  206. Thinking of selling stealth II for F13 opinions?
  207. List of engine parts I am going with.
  208. what heads
  209. 140,000 miles, should i do mods or new motor???????
  210. Picture of correctly installed rear crank seal?
  211. GMPP Timing Chain Damper...
  212. Question on re-installing stock heads
  213. Replacing connecting rod, need help
  214. Stock Heads Question?????
  215. G5X-3 112 or 114 LSA?
  216. Help me! confused....
  217. LS1 -> LS6 Conversion
  218. Nastysupaspt's H/C buildup pics(Not 56K friendly!!)
  219. Getting cam tuned...need help picking rev limiter..
  220. Oil pressure gotten low latley, slight noise + Patman advice needed.
  221. Ring and pinion???
  222. ls1-ls6 cam
  223. Engine knock/clatter noise!?!?
  224. Will my cam clear...233/239
  225. modding
  226. A4 guys with the T-Rex get in here
  227. German Castroil, RED US/German label not the same!
  228. Lunati Pro Mod(LAE1) vs. Pro Billet(LTE9) connecting rods.
  229. bank 2 not firing and no Fuel
  230. Impressions of new installed parts..AFR,LSX,TPIS,QTP
  231. How many people are running the precision race 5.3l heads?
  232. Forged Piston's
  233. My New Shortblock
  234. Another Cam Selection thread with a twist
  235. Oil Pump Center Sprocket Removal tool??
  236. Spec 2+3 hybred clutch
  237. GM gaskets kits pt #'s 88894342 or 88894343
  238. Dowel Rods?
  239. Valve train noise
  240. Bank 1 Rich;Bank 2 way lean???
  241. Cam Tuning Problem!! Please Help!!!
  242. C5R Top End For Sale, 4.125" Lunati Crank, 6.200" Billet Rods Also.
  243. cam to big for stock with all bolt ons and 4.10s?
  244. The research is over (I ordered my parts)
  245. Max CR
  246. OEM Lifter p/n
  247. LS1 vs. LS6 questions
  248. DOH!!!! Pulley Dilhema
  249. hey guys should i change my order from 114 to 112lsa??? need quick advice.
  250. Factory LS1 camshaft......??