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  1. ported oil pump,pulleies,double chain??why
  2. Dilemma - keep cam?
  3. Pushrod Length
  4. Graphite or GM MLS?
  5. F13 cam owners in please
  6. Need help Picking a cam
  7. MTI Stealth Cams question ?
  8. Dowels on block
  9. Engine techs - please need advice
  10. thunder racings custom accomplishment
  11. What Are the Differences Between '01 and '02 LS6 Heads?
  12. ARP Cam Bolts P/N?
  13. Headakes
  14. Biggest cam without having to check/change springs all the time?
  15. just ordered me an F4 114
  16. Car died on startup, started again rough idle, shut off, ran fine, WTF?
  17. petrol engines????
  18. Car has vibration at idle
  19. Old Man Cam
  20. Making a stock lifter a solid lifter to degree the cam
  21. Patriot Gold Springs Valve Chatter
  22. are unmilled 5.3ltr heads gonna work with the FMS RJ cam???????
  23. How to install heads with ARP head studs?
  24. Can I put motor back in with heads on?
  25. Lets see some dynos of the gm cams.
  26. Painless Wiring and Perfect eng. management?
  27. question about milling AFR heads with F13 cam
  28. Ported Oil Pump, who has the best?
  29. Best cam for my setup?
  30. 98 LS1 vs other years LS1
  31. What heads with TSP MS3 Cam?
  32. Asa Going In What Springs???
  33. stock rod bolts ok for FM13
  34. PCV on 04 Z06
  35. Who has adjustable rockers?
  36. Timing chain install question
  37. PRC dual spring kits: are they supposed to come with valve seals
  38. CC978 retainers?
  39. These cars are a stupid piece of fock!
  40. Royal Purple-Is it worth it?
  41. which god foresaken combo!!!!?!!?!?!?!?!
  42. Anyone own TEA Stage 3 LQ9 heads?
  43. Strange part number for LS6 oil pump??
  44. Is anyone using All Pro heads yet and who can port them?
  45. cam install, oil question
  46. Pic of PCV valve please...
  47. update on plug swap...
  48. Mobil 1 - 5K, 7.5K and 10K oils??
  49. 5G4 lifters?
  50. Cam install question
  51. Chance to get a 408 dirt cheap!!! 408 owners inside please!!!
  52. SLP has a new aluminum LS2/402 short block,is it worth it?
  53. Thinking of selling stealth II for F13 opinions?
  54. List of engine parts I am going with.
  55. what heads
  56. 140,000 miles, should i do mods or new motor???????
  57. Picture of correctly installed rear crank seal?
  58. GMPP Timing Chain Damper...
  59. Question on re-installing stock heads
  60. Replacing connecting rod, need help
  61. Stock Heads Question?????
  62. G5X-3 112 or 114 LSA?
  63. Help me! confused....
  64. LS1 -> LS6 Conversion
  65. Nastysupaspt's H/C buildup pics(Not 56K friendly!!)
  66. Getting cam tuned...need help picking rev limiter..
  67. Oil pressure gotten low latley, slight noise + Patman advice needed.
  68. Ring and pinion???
  69. ls1-ls6 cam
  70. Engine knock/clatter noise!?!?
  71. Will my cam clear...233/239
  72. modding
  73. A4 guys with the T-Rex get in here
  74. German Castroil, RED US/German label not the same!
  75. Lunati Pro Mod(LAE1) vs. Pro Billet(LTE9) connecting rods.
  76. bank 2 not firing and no Fuel
  77. Impressions of new installed parts..AFR,LSX,TPIS,QTP
  78. How many people are running the precision race 5.3l heads?
  79. Forged Piston's
  80. My New Shortblock
  81. Another Cam Selection thread with a twist
  82. Oil Pump Center Sprocket Removal tool??
  83. Spec 2+3 hybred clutch
  84. GM gaskets kits pt #'s 88894342 or 88894343
  85. Dowel Rods?
  86. Valve train noise
  87. Bank 1 Rich;Bank 2 way lean???
  88. Cam Tuning Problem!! Please Help!!!
  89. C5R Top End For Sale, 4.125" Lunati Crank, 6.200" Billet Rods Also.
  90. cam to big for stock with all bolt ons and 4.10s?
  91. The research is over (I ordered my parts)
  92. Max CR
  93. OEM Lifter p/n
  94. LS1 vs. LS6 questions
  95. DOH!!!! Pulley Dilhema
  96. hey guys should i change my order from 114 to 112lsa??? need quick advice.
  97. Factory LS1 camshaft......??
  98. will this turbo cam work ok with my bolt on car setup?
  99. Cam Help
  100. Used ARP head studs Q
  101. Comp cams customer service
  102. Cam/valvetrain questions
  103. List of stuff I should change with my cam
  104. fms mail order tune price?
  105. which is faster?
  106. Cam question
  107. Trex cam people inside please...
  108. Where the heck is it...
  109. Help Flowing Heads... Sponsors?
  110. Cam package question....
  111. crank bolt
  112. Are the cross bolt for the mains torque/yeild?
  113. cost of cam/valvespring swap?
  114. i hate to say this after being on this site so long
  115. Forged pistons - which are best for stock rods?
  116. Gross valve lift
  117. Can proper pushrod length be figured, rather than measured?
  118. Dex Cool Question
  119. cam install??
  120. Results on my 02 Z06 with custom cam
  121. good n/a and s/c cam
  122. Patriot Performance Heads Win 2004 TCC !
  123. So much positive talk about the F13....
  124. PCM problem
  125. Difference & gain between STOCK 00 LS1 & STOCK 03 LS6 heads?
  126. Anybody here running a F13 in a 382/383?
  127. How many miles are possible with a rebuilt/stroked LS1?
  128. 226/226 guys in here...
  129. TTP Equalizer guys come in!
  130. Adjustable rockers for Comp R's or non-adjustables??
  131. heads and cam installed
  132. Help Identify Competition Cam?
  133. Do i need a Adjustable Timing when
  134. decreasing compression
  135. NEW F13 sound files......
  136. Help!!!!!!
  137. afr 205s and magic stick
  138. LAPD---no quality control!
  139. TR224 114 lsa w/ stock manifolds and high flow cats
  140. F13 is in My Z06!!
  141. Am I getting ripped off??!!(cam swap)
  142. Got my Jesel Solid roller Lifters
  143. crank 3 arm puller??
  144. CompStar Components
  145. Rocker Arm Torque
  146. 408 cam
  147. car doesnt want to fire on first try
  148. header advice
  149. Spun a brg need advice on new internals for rebuild.
  150. Cam question
  151. How many people daily drive their car with the Magic Stick 3
  152. Fel-pro head gasket question
  153. splayed bolts
  154. Cam confusion, 6.0 with ls1 hot cam??
  155. engine knocking
  156. Crankshaft Pulley will NOT come off
  157. 12K miles with 224/224 .563 114. 12K change dual valve springs?
  158. milled heads too much geometry messed up
  159. Rough idle, no misfires *Help ASAP please*
  160. asa cam
  161. hotcam dyno results
  162. cams for ls6 heads
  163. help fast!!!!!!!!!
  164. How to clean inside of new cam?
  165. Just thought I'd let everyone know....
  166. Cause of cam bearing failure
  167. Eagle rod help, engine assemblers inside
  168. Help needed ASAP *cam swap*
  169. Car not idling
  170. Perofrmance heads
  171. oil
  172. How much time required to do a H/C change?
  173. SLP or thunder racing cam?
  174. manley springs
  175. My FFHP Heads
  176. Cam Reccomendation PLZ.
  177. For those thinking about the fm13 cam
  178. Centerbolt Valve Cover Question
  179. Rod length....???
  180. rocker arms/pushrods..the final details.
  181. thinking of going bigger
  182. crank bolt ?
  183. Tight LSA baby cam
  184. Plastic lifter trays with solid roller?
  185. Cam Question.
  186. 5.3L vs LS6
  187. Grand Am Cup cam...
  188. Budget heads to match Z06 or other small cam?
  189. MTI G1 cam installed....
  190. P to V question on a turbo ls1
  191. Block Prep
  192. dumb question, how do you know if you cracked your block?
  193. Where to get air compressor fitting(spark plug) locally?
  194. G5X2 question......
  195. PRC springs any good?
  196. oil questions
  197. Two Piece Timing Covers
  198. Cam reluctor ring problem?
  199. M.A.P. sensor
  200. LS6 motor Q's
  201. c5 oil pressure shoots up to
  202. another cam recommendation plz
  203. ported oil pump
  204. Engine Misfire. Gas & Exhaust Fumes in the Intake
  205. How much valve lash?
  206. increased displacement ??s
  207. Motor from the top?
  208. easiest rockers?
  209. breathers ?
  210. Wow! ECS makes 600+rwhp with our LS6 heads
  211. cam advice:thunder racing cams
  212. Crane Dual Springs? GOOD?
  213. What springs for cam?
  214. shims? rod bolts?
  215. 5.3 Head flow numbers
  216. Engine "Dropping" Instructions needed
  217. I finally bought a cam... FMS F14
  218. 100 mile oil change after cam install?
  219. 408 Questions
  220. Patriot Stage II heads
  221. Those with F13/F14 and no tune:
  222. LS1 Block needs a weld
  223. Big Cam Suggestions Needed
  224. Any sponsors carry Standard Abrasives DIY porting kit?
  225. An open thread to our religious spammer
  226. Weight of stock ls1 bare block?
  227. Is $4000.00 a good price?
  228. Has anyone made a mock up replica LS1 engine yet?
  229. anyone got a link to a good Electric Vacuum Pump
  230. Well it is official !! RIP
  231. Cam questions...
  232. LS1 and LS6 heads interchangable?
  233. All those who have the 233/239 Enter
  234. What cam would I need for autox?
  235. Knocking noise in the engine
  236. Building my first motor, got some questions.
  237. It's Cam decision time
  238. mti stage 2r heads and cam
  239. engine started!!
  240. engine started!!!!!!
  241. gotta head cam question
  242. stroker w/ stock heads?
  243. head porting.....questions
  244. Cam Upgrade
  245. How much HP did I leave on the table?
  246. Cam Specs
  247. Resizing stock rods, over size bearing?
  248. OK...Same duration and LSA but different lift, what happens ???
  249. Question for LS1 engine builders regarding cam bearing installation....
  250. World Products releasing a 427 bare block?