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  1. Shimming the rockers w/ AFR's cut .030....gotta do something
  2. o ringed 6.0 iron block
  3. oil pump
  4. Requesting a TUNED FM13 sound clip. Anyone have one?
  5. Y-pipe set up?
  6. will manley 2.02 1.6 valves fit on a stock ls1 head?
  7. O-ringed heads: Gasket alignment
  8. rocker arm question
  9. How to tell if head has been milled?
  10. Dyno Results- AFR Heads + Mild Cam
  11. Do you need to have the rods resized after ARP bolt install?
  12. stock head gaskets
  13. header gaskets, which ones
  14. Do these heads look like they have less than 100 miles on them? [PICS INSIDE]
  15. stock replacements????
  16. When to run dual springs?
  17. does it take any "special tools" to do a cam swap?
  18. Dirt in cylinders
  19. Asp Pulley Problem Need Advice
  20. Idle and running Problems - Update
  21. Question about intake
  22. another cam question...
  23. just got some heads now a cam?
  24. rocket scientists' oil pressure 1 min. then full the next!!
  25. Highest N/A RWHP?
  26. Quick cam question.
  27. Can somebody explain to me why engines perform worse at high altitude?
  28. Advertised duration for F13, F14 and TSP 233/239
  29. All APE engines now using........
  30. Problems after cam install. Please help
  31. Cam selection
  32. AFR Install
  33. wasn't sure where to put this so here goes..
  34. porting intake
  35. Do FMS cams use XE or XER lobes?
  36. 987 springs??
  37. How many?
  38. thermostate temperatures
  39. LS1 to LS6 block swap
  40. Identifying camshaft
  41. Anyone kno "elgin"
  42. Slimming down the beast
  43. torque specs.????
  44. another cam question...
  45. which head gasket to go with for AFR
  46. biggest spring dia. for ls1
  47. Cam..EMISSIONS?
  48. what to do?
  49. Cometics and leaking....
  50. Questions about comp 978's
  51. New LSX series crate motors from Busch Builder
  52. Took heads off car, need advice on possible problem...
  53. LS6 / LS1 Valve Spring Questions
  54. Comp XER 232/234 .595/.598 112LSA?
  55. Which heads to go with FM13 Cam to get close to 450rwhp?
  56. Need advice on heads
  57. Checking P to V clearance
  58. Help with heads, SCR, and DCR in truck application.
  59. EGR question???`
  60. Looking to buy a manual SS 70k mileage..scared?
  61. rusted slevees
  62. 5.3 heads on 6.0 liter engine?
  63. Cometic thickness questions....
  64. Patriot Head question: does the stock valvetrain fit?
  65. LQ9 heads on an LS1
  66. f13 choppy ?
  67. Another game of "guess my power."
  68. Oil Pressure Problem
  69. strange tick from motor
  70. LS7 heads on LS1?
  71. service engine light
  72. 01-z and other g5x4 guys...
  73. Timming Chain???
  74. Patriot Dual Valve springs
  75. Sanity check - MLS head gasket p/n?
  76. car wont
  77. 918's or dual springs for TR 224/224 .563???
  78. Y1 Cam power ratings
  79. My Eagle 383 stroker story told...
  80. change in cam choice
  81. Am I Right?
  82. Maximum cylinder pressure of LS1?
  83. beefing up bottom end while adding more hp?
  84. If 100 octane gas was available.......
  85. New Motor Smoking for 5-10 minutes after each cold start
  86. Breaking in new cam
  87. Ordered my Cam :)
  88. need a head and cam package for my gto
  89. eagle stroker kit in summit racing
  90. Block Thermal Expansion
  91. Best oil to use?
  92. Need power, need help!
  93. Lunati 55004 = MTI B1?
  94. Best prices on 427-438 ci rotating assembles?
  95. Eaton M112 Supercharger Cam?
  96. Anyone check the stock crank for
  97. A new beast is born.
  98. Oil Analysis Results on my LS1
  99. Jesel SS Rocker Owners:
  100. I want more power!
  101. All Pro heads
  102. Quick question about 5.3 heads.
  103. Harland sharp 1.8 roller rockers: What do you think of them?
  104. Advice please: Doing a 224 cam and 1.8 roller set-up is it worth it?
  105. To flycut or not to flycut....
  106. Suggestions for head/cam setup?
  107. TEA heads
  108. Running Rich Problem
  109. Piston to valve clearance with 60cc LS6 heads and crane 228/232?
  110. Cam bearing scared up? Need bottom end help
  111. Stage 3 Ported LS6 Heads w/ TR224 a bad idea?
  112. Piston Rod Strength?
  113. Anyone running the F4 cam 226/226 .575 @114 LSA?
  114. How much to shim oil pump
  115. New Problem with Stroker Setup, please advise.
  116. Stupid question.... I KNOW!
  117. Darton question
  118. FM14 Sound Clip - Open Headers
  119. How hard are double springs to install?
  120. SLP Longtube Install
  121. awesome 347 or ok 408
  122. Why aren't ITBs popular?
  123. Differences in GM Headbolts between years...
  124. The most aggressive cam
  125. Fast company info
  126. ~(slp) Zl-408...
  127. Part number (again) flexplate bolts
  128. Will I have problems with P/V clearance??
  129. probably a stupid question about ls1 cranks
  130. just installed my cam
  131. 6.0 in f-bodies?
  132. LS6 ported oil pump vs SLP LS1 pump
  133. okay, how would u figure out compression, pvc, with aftermarket heads/cam/ pistons
  134. anyone have a opinon on Bunner Racing
  135. which head gaskets to use with these specs
  136. hot cam horsepower
  137. Stock pushrods and LS6 cam
  138. rebuilt ls1
  139. What is the factory valve job on a LS6 head?
  140. front mount distributor for Gen III, LS1
  141. Pass on information on h/c swap
  142. To torque, or not to torque. That is the question!
  143. fuel line attached to intake manifold
  144. How much oil coming out top of pushrod
  145. my porting pic exhaust side
  146. Oil pressure pegged to max after intake install... HELP!!!
  147. cam?
  148. Just finished cam install!
  149. Solid Roller vs. Hydraulic
  150. Lingenfelter GT2-3 LS1 Camshaft and Valve Spring Kit
  151. oil pump o ring
  152. ARP head bolts
  153. Crane 144832-16 spring question
  154. What type of block is this...
  155. Hi
  156. Broken Valve Spring...should I just replace all of them?
  157. What Year did GM Change Rod Bolts?
  158. Anyone using the MTI Z1 cam in a stock bottom end car?
  159. What ring gap for this crazyness?
  160. Taylor Thundervolt spark plug wires HELP!!!!
  161. What type of Optima Redtop For A Z06
  162. solid roller cam for 408
  163. need lifter info asap
  164. compression question????
  165. Cam swap?
  166. A lot of people switching from TR224 to F13
  167. LS1 to a LS6 Conversion
  168. what head bolts to get and what other pieces?
  169. Problem: When Dynoing Coolant Started To Overflow From Resevoir Twice?
  170. Futral F-13 is in.
  171. Tick after pushrod swap!
  172. Ported LS6 oilpump: GOOD DEAL?
  173. Overlap and cylinder pressure discussion
  174. Comp 918...where to get them??
  175. ported heads ?
  176. MLS gasket's on a '99 LS1???
  177. Average costs of porting and polishing heads?
  178. Who has titanium retainer weights for various springs?
  179. Rocker arms suggested with new heads??
  180. Spun a rod or main @ idle WTF????
  181. What Rocker will go on 98 head w/out modification?
  182. Oil pressure drop after cam install normal?
  183. Cam upgrade.....
  184. TR 224 going next week/ codes question
  185. Lifter choices
  186. Help I'm confused
  187. Timing question
  188. Ls-1 underdrive pulleys and cam/springs question
  189. forgive me for asking
  190. Upgrading from stock cam.. Good choice?
  191. G1 Cam with Comp 987 springs
  192. A little help please...need more umph!
  193. Best cam w/ stock LS-1 heads??
  194. How will PtV clearance change between these 2 cams?
  195. cam install question
  196. Anyone have their TR224 cam card handy?
  197. Opinions on Redline oil??
  198. texas speed 233/239 torquer installed!
  199. Whats the limit
  200. I think I have a turned lifter
  201. blown head gasket???
  202. timing chain or cam break
  203. Oil or Assembly lube when installing new cam?
  204. Pistons??
  205. ticking from oil pan?
  206. Stock LS1 crank failures
  207. Anyway to tell if oil pump is ported and blueprinted?
  208. setting harland sharps?
  209. What cylinder head is this.....
  210. Just bought TSP 233/239...918's or dual springs??
  211. stealth 2 install
  212. Poor performance and Detonation
  213. 383's
  214. For those with 4.030 bore.
  215. clearence question
  216. head gaskets
  217. Who sells Mahle pistons?
  218. Has anyone measured their P-V on a F13 stock Heads?
  219. Fired Up 370ci APE For First Time!!!
  220. When do aftermarket lifters need to be replaced?
  221. What do you think? F11/bolt ons track time?
  222. Pic of clearanced #8 piston?
  223. what type of "clay" to use to check P-V clearance?
  224. Lingenfelter shortblocks in the sponsor section
  225. Gaskets Needed
  226. where should this cam peak rpms hp/tq
  227. TR oil pump
  228. felpro head bolts???
  229. Venom 400 Performance Control Module !
  230. Anyone gone high 10s with Magic Stick 3?
  231. Help with TSP 347 install
  232. AFR, patriot gold, or comp 921 springs??
  233. LME Jan. 408" sale
  234. building my 6.0
  235. Main cap bolts
  236. Should I go with a cam swap?
  237. comp 850-16 lifter
  238. What engine do you want?
  239. question for guys with bigger CI motors, like 383 or so.
  240. Anyone know the weight of..
  241. LPE GT7 cam
  242. Rings for diamond pistons? and Q about piston pins
  243. Safe rod bolt/cylinder wall clearance
  244. Strange whistle after Cam install!
  245. Thinking of changing oils, looking for advise
  246. Will this cam work without flycutting my pistons?
  247. Help! How big of a cam can I go with 5.3 shaved .015
  248. Who can I get ahold of at Comp thats knows their stuff.
  249. Lifter Problem!!!!
  250. Anyone have spring seats that fit snuggly around the valve guide