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  1. About what should my vacume be cam guys
  2. What cam is this?
  3. H/c Package Build Looking For Help
  4. How far can 5.3 heads be milled?
  5. is this a misfire??
  6. Manley billet rods........
  7. Valvetrain Adjustment
  8. Need flow #'s fast
  9. Cam Identification
  10. Im looking for a cam
  11. Flycutting and Cam question
  12. What can I do to these heads???
  13. Cam Swap Not Going Smooth
  14. 2000 vs. 2001 ls1
  15. Hey guys new here and needs some advice.
  16. Piston to valve clearance
  17. Help me pick a mild cam for my GTO
  18. Have 2003 Iron Block 6.0 - how can I tell if it is LQ4 or LQ9
  19. CR Help
  20. Flycutting??????????
  21. Anyone here have an HPE Iron 408?
  22. NE1 using adjustable single roller timing set?
  23. Whats the weight of stock LS1 rod and piston?
  24. lost 37rwhp with head/cam
  25. anyone fond limits on stock rod?
  26. Whirring sound
  27. Drilling Lifter Cups??
  28. which cam would u put i n ur 6 spd?
  29. Piston only comes out .002... help with Compession
  30. Engine Trouble
  31. Best oil to use for LS1
  32. Cam swap....
  33. Piston Slap?
  34. My LS! won't start?
  35. Can you dry sleeve back to stock bore??
  36. Gtp
  37. Quick Question
  38. Anyone have any FFHP H/C dyno/track results to post?
  39. why does gm put a larger maf on?
  40. Anybody make their own head stud kits?
  41. what is low, mid, high range power to you
  42. Reason for Exhaust Bias of GM Cams?
  43. Doing head/cam upgrade what all do i need
  44. CAM HELP? I need it bad
  45. KR/4 degrees: How much HP am I loosing?
  46. Cam install $$$
  47. Does anybody else have these cam specs or cam?
  48. Top End cleaner Ok for cleaning AL Heads?
  49. G5X3 what timing with 93 octan?
  50. Help with possible future set-up
  51. cam bearings, retainers, seats???
  52. oil pressure,wtf!
  53. Closed/Open Valve Spring Pressure for .510/.521
  54. Cam Motion selection help please
  55. Hotcam?
  56. hypethetically, if a car made 525rwhp on a 11:1 comp. ratio,how would it do on a 9:1?
  57. g5x3?
  58. What is the correct way to ajust RR
  59. How much is a 3 angle worth on a stock head
  60. Flow numbers for GM Perfrmance parts LS6 CNC heads????
  61. 317 Heads, Worth it?
  62. Need help.. dropped a lifter.. arrgghhhh
  63. P2V clearance with TREX on the stock bottom end?
  64. what is the biggest cam u can run with a 5.3 liter head
  65. what lock for Dual Gold Springs?
  66. So Im walking around autozone.....
  67. Cylinder Pressure Observation On 2 T/R Cams
  68. newbie question
  69. TEA heads are back
  70. How many needles in an OEM LS1 rocker arm?
  71. How much rpms can the stock rods handle?
  72. cam for 408 N/a??
  73. (pic) What's are these stuck to the oil drain magnet?
  74. Big cam in Stage III heads..
  75. Just curious...H/C question?
  76. Head Polishing?
  77. How much can you retard cam to increase Pto V clearance?
  78. i am new , i need some cam help ! PLEASE
  79. LS1 will be part of the Engine Masters Challenge. .
  80. What Cam?
  81. LS1 with truck internals?
  82. Whats a safe DCR for running pump gas with no problems (including in summer heat)
  83. Looking for Grand Am cam sound clip
  84. Rebuilding- which piston rings (GM or ??)
  85. MTI Y1, LG G5X3, TSP MS3 or which other cam?
  86. Cylinder heads should be rated...
  87. Gaskets
  88. would this work ?
  89. TSP Torquer ok on stock 3.42 m6?
  90. screw it... im ordering it!!! side note: cam gurus ever fig. out lobes on 233/239?
  91. worthwhile swap?
  92. AFR head question
  93. please help ls6 question
  94. TSP 233/239 Info?
  95. Heads From 346 Going On 402
  96. TR224 installed in a C5
  97. Anyone heard anything about the new ThunderRacing 230/236 cam?
  98. Oil Pan Removal
  99. why dont we see more 228 cams????
  100. Eagle H-Beam Failures?
  101. Head Milling ?
  102. Need a resolution guys...
  103. home port job on heads?
  104. ticking valvetrain
  105. 981-16/GM Hotcam?
  106. Throw away NEW Comp 850 lifters?
  107. Spun rod bearing. How much to repair?
  108. Stock size ring recommendation
  109. Valvetrain Geometry
  110. Switching cam is it Worth it?
  111. Well here is the final list, I think.
  112. Decking of aluminum block, deck height or iron liner etc
  113. ls1 knocking?
  114. G5x3 ??
  115. East Side Performance heads!!!
  116. Anyone need some Lunati dished Pistons????
  117. comp oe lifters 850-16
  118. Track times?
  119. Happy Valentines from HPE
  120. Who's happy with their LS1 setup?
  121. cam card for TR 224
  122. are all 4340 parts considered "forged" ?
  123. Any Ideas On Cr ?
  124. 2.4Litres diesel engine camshaft, valvetrain & timing
  125. TR224 valvesprings , pushrods, lucks, retainers !!
  126. comp rockers keep coming loose ?? HELP PLease !!!
  127. 500fwhp stock heads.
  128. reverse split?
  129. Will LS1/6 pass for 95 GMC truck standards?
  130. Electric water pump and underdrive pulleys?
  131. how to vids on head porting
  132. who has used mahle pistons?
  133. OH NO!!! gasket on front of timing cover ruined
  134. just ordered TSP 235/240 on 112 anybody have a sound clip
  135. Which is a better cam?
  136. 6.0 use 2 diff. length cranks?
  137. Look what I found on
  138. Backfiring on the dyno ... too much smoke ...
  139. 668.3 HP From Chev 377"!!!
  140. new engine..trying to get oil pressure by cranking
  141. **H/C setup, missing anything?**
  142. OEM LS1 main bearing clearance - some very general q's
  143. cam questions?
  144. higher ratio rockers ?
  145. Which valve seals to get for head rebuild?
  146. Trouble shooting help please.....
  147. cam question.....
  148. Help with my new 383 storker.
  149. Cam for a stock A4?? Which one?
  150. What heads for a stock cam?
  151. How many DIY'ers degree cam?
  152. castrol syntec
  153. gasket difference?
  154. agostino stage III heads too big??
  155. Mti 236/236
  156. vavle seat pressure
  157. hand porting 5.3 heads
  158. Cam swap
  159. Engine theory and flame travel
  160. C5r or Ls2 block
  161. When on the AFR 225 small chamber heads?
  162. Broken Valve spring, dinged pistons, rings okay???
  163. Where to buy Ferera valve springs for LS1??
  164. TRex cam owners inside...anyone probs???
  165. What kind of power would you guys forcast for my 408?
  166. should I change my springs and pushods
  167. LS6 346 to 382 Forged
  168. What heads for cars runnign nitrous?
  169. How are you guys pulling the motors?
  170. High pressure oil spring
  171. Um yea....really need some help!
  172. anyone tried these?
  173. True cam specs of stock '04 GTO? I don't believe it
  174. Better daily Driver Cam… TSP Torquer or 233/239 or HPE “S” Cam or what?
  175. My quote from Patriot I have some concerns and questions. You guys know your sh!t....
  176. Cometic head gaskets and GM head bolts?
  177. So whats the opinion on Rockers & Lifters now...
  178. To "383," or not to "383"... that is the question
  179. okay what am i leaving out
  180. 6.0 and LS1
  181. Tsp231/237 Hp???
  182. Need head advice
  183. TSP 347 w/ MS3 and AFR's up and running
  184. Any A4 heads and cam guys on stock 10 bolt?
  185. Help Fast Ls1 Or Not
  186. Rocker lift calculation 1.7 vs 1.79 vs 1.89
  187. warmup time for patriot gold duals?
  188. Is this normal? (Gunk on cylinder walls)
  189. Max lift on LS6 springs >.600"?!?
  190. Camshaft Swap Complete!!! Thoughts inside!
  191. Im Going To Lose It Please Help
  192. how do i do this
  193. timing chain guide???
  194. So what exactly causes cam surge?
  195. install today or tomorrow
  196. what length pushrod?
  197. 5.3 heads
  198. Where can I find a 1994 3.4L Olds engine?
  199. PSYCHED! TR224/224 & 918's on the way!
  200. oil pressure question
  201. simple question
  202. Found the Problem
  203. So whats the secret to lining up the front and rear covers/main seals on LS1 motor?
  204. Internal Gurus I need help!
  205. 2004 ls6 valves strong?
  206. Shimming the rockers w/ AFR's cut .030....gotta do something
  207. o ringed 6.0 iron block
  208. oil pump
  209. Requesting a TUNED FM13 sound clip. Anyone have one?
  210. Y-pipe set up?
  211. will manley 2.02 1.6 valves fit on a stock ls1 head?
  212. O-ringed heads: Gasket alignment
  213. rocker arm question
  214. How to tell if head has been milled?
  215. Dyno Results- AFR Heads + Mild Cam
  216. Do you need to have the rods resized after ARP bolt install?
  217. stock head gaskets
  218. header gaskets, which ones
  219. Do these heads look like they have less than 100 miles on them? [PICS INSIDE]
  220. stock replacements????
  221. When to run dual springs?
  222. does it take any "special tools" to do a cam swap?
  223. Dirt in cylinders
  224. Asp Pulley Problem Need Advice
  225. Idle and running Problems - Update
  226. Question about intake
  227. another cam question...
  228. just got some heads now a cam?
  229. rocket scientists' oil pressure 1 min. then full the next!!
  230. Highest N/A RWHP?
  231. Quick cam question.
  232. Can somebody explain to me why engines perform worse at high altitude?
  233. Advertised duration for F13, F14 and TSP 233/239
  234. All APE engines now using........
  235. Problems after cam install. Please help
  236. Cam selection
  237. AFR Install
  238. wasn't sure where to put this so here goes..
  239. porting intake
  240. Do FMS cams use XE or XER lobes?
  241. 987 springs??
  242. How many?
  243. thermostate temperatures
  244. LS1 to LS6 block swap
  245. Identifying camshaft
  246. Anyone kno "elgin"
  247. Slimming down the beast
  248. torque specs.????
  249. another cam question...
  250. which head gasket to go with for AFR