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  1. Oil Analysis with GC
  2. Timing Gear and Chain Questions...
  3. heads with my cam?
  4. Introducing The Quick Cam & HV Oil Pump
  5. Patriot Performance LS6 Style Heads
  6. Heads or cam first?
  7. Question for Amsoil Users
  8. I decided on the F13 but I still have some ?'s
  9. Need help on choosin the right cam
  10. Check out these flow #'s!!!! Tell me what you think!!!
  11. Shimming oil pump with asp and double roller
  12. AFR's
  13. Texas speed, PRC Valve springs
  14. Engine Install??
  15. Will Headers & Cam effect my Trans Shift Points?
  16. Texas Speed 402 (LS2 & LQ9) Short Blocks
  17. Those who bought a thunder 224 cam...
  18. oil?
  19. need help with tick
  20. PRI Show
  21. Intake manifold
  22. Spring Help
  23. Aftermarket pistons.
  24. AFR port length
  25. My wife bought me a f13 for xmas! What else should i get?
  26. if you have car floored, does alternator stop charging?
  27. Are gen 3 LS1 engine gaskets reusable?
  28. Pulley Removal
  29. TSP's New 233/239 .603/.600 Camshaft ! ! !
  30. Does anyone know anything about MMS Stage I heads?
  31. 1 More Cam Advance question from me....
  32. Tons of LS1 stuff at PRI...
  33. Single rollmaster strong enough for h/c car???
  34. Cam for unknown heads
  35. guys that have installed cams
  36. Have cash; need to mod. What is suggested?
  37. 2.05"/1.60" valves too big for my application????
  38. getting a cam
  39. Nitrous Cam?
  40. Which Stealth Cam? Heads?
  41. Stalling and ticking???
  42. Knock Sensors..... R&R with OEM or Aftermarket?
  43. Sleeper cams
  44. 112+4 compared to a 112+2.
  45. how to clean this out? (H/C install)
  46. complete gasget kit
  47. no chargin???
  48. What makes a cam "lope?"
  49. Need info on critical clearances
  50. pushrod question??
  51. Does Anybody Have 1 Rocker Laying Around That I Can Buy In Dallas?
  52. Thoughts on this setup...
  53. flycut pistons & fm13
  54. anyone famaliar with HTC cranks?
  55. NY emmisions test..
  56. which special MTIs or ls1 speed
  57. msd coil for ls1/ls6 cars?? with some programmer due out too?
  58. (Mild) Custom Cam Advice
  59. valve train noise with fm13 cam
  60. PART QUERY: Anyone using a VR Velocity Stack?
  61. Post Head Install Issues...NEED HELP
  62. Lifter Recomendation
  63. Stock Rockers
  64. 918 Spring Test
  65. Problem Help: Will 5.3 Valves Fit 228/234 607/598 @110 +2
  66. LS6 cam
  67. Race heads? Need some advice
  68. Edelbrock/ Lingenfelter LS1 Heads
  69. Z06 Cam Upgrade
  70. Camshaft Endplay Question...
  71. Which package LG or MTI
  72. alright, i need stock piston and rod sizes PLEASE ASAP
  73. Good article on RPM....
  74. building a 408
  75. Top Secret Inside
  76. best weather conditions to pass the sniffer
  77. Dial Indicator Users... Need Advice...
  78. Absolute Speed?
  79. Have a question about Valve Job?
  80. Differance between 6.098 & 6.125 Rods
  81. my RPMs hang when i come to a stop! help!
  82. neone with a f9 n2o cam from futral???
  83. whats a good cam?
  84. Best custom grind for my situation???
  85. Need Help with Really odd Tapping/Ticking
  86. All bore, or just stroke??
  87. LS2, Katech (SP?), or rollmaster timing chian?
  88. G5X3 owners please step in=>
  89. LS1 Hot Cam AND LS6 Springs
  90. What Cam
  91. What Do I Torque The Intake And Rocker Arms To?
  92. 01' Cam suggestions
  93. Smog Pump/Air Pump Whine Noise
  94. Stupid question, flycutting???
  95. New Heads installed Need Help!
  96. ls6 heads
  97. anyone have a g1 or r1
  98. Cam ?
  99. AFR Head Issues?
  100. Lift Questions
  101. Need head porting answers!
  102. Z06 manifolds on GTO?
  103. HPE "S" cam
  104. TEA stage 3 5.7l or 5.3l heads?
  105. Where to set shift light with my cam? Help ASAP(track tomorrow)
  106. pics of my H/C SS
  107. Does bigger cubes call for bigger cams?
  108. Comp 918 Valvesprings Q??
  109. comp 1.75 rockers, lift?
  110. How much cam install will cost?
  111. 383 Owners please check in..
  112. need help setting price(Sorry) not sure where to post)
  113. G5x3 & Cometic 0.040 Head Gaskets
  114. Preload Question, Why 22 Ft-Lbs
  115. PP LS6 stage II and G5X3
  116. Spark Plugs
  117. AFR Heads and Yella Terras
  118. FM13 instal ???
  119. Opinions for parts to go with my cam
  120. thinking of a cam for xmas!!!!!
  121. Help me build a 625rwhp 42x motor...
  122. Z06 Cam Specs
  123. FM13 or FM14?
  124. Gasoline in oil, help!
  125. lowering compression ratio to run on 87?
  126. Interesting cam install
  127. is 3,900.00 alot for building and installing motor/trans
  128. Anyone have a ballpark of what it would cost...
  129. Weight difference?
  130. Heads and TR 230/224
  131. Next step(s) to more power...
  132. What does "advance/ retard" ground in to cam mean?
  133. Question about what i think is the water pump
  134. Crankshaft endplay
  135. BIG PROPS TO Trevor at Texas speed!
  136. This sounds crazy to me, but what do you think...
  137. What are the advantages of having Advance ground in?
  138. Do stock LS1 Cams have Advance ground in?
  139. Stock Pulley with double chain??
  140. milled heads or high dome pistons?
  141. LS6 Heads with G5X3?
  142. Patriot Performance Heads!
  143. seeking cam advice on emissions in ca.
  144. close to 400rwhp with tq'er 233/233 cam?
  145. What do you guys think of my setup ???
  146. Finally got my AFR225 LSX heads!!
  147. maybe timing
  148. Hi from PRI
  149. Ls6 Heads
  150. forged 346?
  151. Torquer CAM
  152. what rpm range for 3000 stall?
  153. new cam
  154. comp r lifters
  155. Which combo is best?
  156. Average $ for upgrade...
  157. Have TSP 231/237 Cam and still cant get it right
  158. Strange Noise?
  159. Ways to find out compression...
  160. Afr 225 Question
  161. Has anyone ported the intake opening on their LS6 intake?
  162. question about piston rings
  163. bent valve
  164. Who sells Yella Terra Pedestals
  165. Witch Company Sell The Best Short Block
  166. Hey THeGirl here with an update!!!!
  167. Are stock rod bolts Torque to Yield?
  168. Doing Cam Swap questions????
  169. How much compression can you really run...
  170. Measuring PTV Clearance Question
  171. Off to the PRI show.....
  172. Rocker Arms
  173. Short video of my ls-1 with 224/224 .563 .563 112 lsa
  174. T-rex Owners Come In!
  175. Rod size!! haha (no not that rod)
  176. I know, I know
  177. Stock lifters??
  178. Coyles Timing Chain?????????
  179. which chain to go with, i dont know
  180. Vid and sound clip of my TSP MS3 with True duals. ENJOY!!
  181. QTP Debuts New LS1/LS6 Engine Part at PRI
  182. Which is a good CAM and Rocker Combination?
  183. any1 have an old head gasket laying around i can have???
  184. Most Powerful Cam W/o Raising Rev-limit
  185. Engine ticking at 2000-3000 RPM
  186. patriot ls6 stage 2 heads enuff for 374 or 383?
  187. Are Comp "R" lifters any shorter than stock?
  188. Rollmaster Timing Sets --Which One???
  189. 1/4 mile times w/magic stick v3??
  190. flycutting question
  191. stock GM headgaskets, ARP bolts with 150hp NOS shot/AFR's?
  192. ???Lloyd Elliot heads???
  193. AFR Make 2 Much PWR
  194. Would this be possible...
  195. MTI guys come inside!!!
  196. Extra exhaust duration with true duals...would I still benefit?
  197. Looking for a link for TQ specs and bolt sizes
  198. Do I need new pushrods?
  199. rocker arm question
  200. CID VS compression...
  201. porting my heads...what do i need??
  202. Patroit Performance Heads Specs & Lingfinger Head Specs
  203. Help with a Cam? Drivability with heads and this cam? Need some input.
  204. MISSING bearings?!
  205. First drive: 383 Stroker - I LIKE IT!
  206. 4 Degrees advance ?
  207. Looking at the Futral RJ cam.
  208. Solid motor mount plate, shaving water pump
  209. When putting a motor back together what bolts can be reused and how..
  210. Anyone Done This.....
  211. What size hole? TB blade (G5X3/114 cam)
  212. help please!
  213. P0342 and P0343 codes since new engine installed
  214. quick question about double roller timing chains and asp pulley (search is down)
  215. will this work?
  216. Question about ATI super damper..
  217. 10/11 sec. cam ONLY cars come in...a thread 4 those looking 4 the ultimate drag cam.
  218. SES Light, P0404, P0153, P0155 ... and low dyno #'s
  219. Taking out the LS1....a few Qs
  220. new cam installed, when can I run it?
  221. How much will my idle quality change with this new cam????
  222. Cam dilemma?
  223. timing chain damper
  224. whats the sensor on back of the intake thats black and round?
  225. So...I think it's time for another cam discussion...and heads...
  226. 402/408 can choice revisited..
  227. Dumb cam question... :)
  228. Morel Lifter Test...
  229. Couple of new engine parts!!
  230. Parts list ...........
  231. cause of collapsed lifters
  232. Cam Degree and PTV Measurment Question
  233. head id
  234. Does the Torquer cam need 410's?
  235. Degreeing the cam...
  236. HELP!! ready for heads and cam, need advice!!!!
  237. how does my new setup sound
  238. ready for heads and cam, need advice!
  239. Found Sludge!!!!
  240. whats wrong with this setup?
  241. What should i use to clean Camshaft?
  242. Cam bearing question
  243. cam tuning
  244. Where's the HP?
  245. torquer vs 10 bolt?
  246. Anyone have cam in Daily Driver?
  247. milled 5.3 heads?
  248. Russian roulette cam swap?
  249. removing engine where to mount chains
  250. tapping noise when cold start