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  1. Cam 4.11 or 3.73
  2. Best stock replacement lifters and rockers?
  3. Patriot shaft mounted rockers!
  4. March pulley and Rollmaster timing chain?
  5. Mileage Q
  6. finding LS6 PCV line?? P/N
  7. 224/224 .581/.581 owners inside
  8. Raising Tq curve - Cam choice?
  9. New MTI G1 cam?
  10. fast cam only cars?
  11. PLEASE HELP!!! LS1 or LS6?
  12. seems my dynamic compression is high,
  13. oil stabilizers or not,anybody in the know??
  14. how many thousands deep is 1cc
  15. Need Cartek stage 3x cam specs.
  16. G5x3
  17. worth doing LS6 pcv conversion?
  18. Balancer bolt.................
  19. Need a cam with more lope??
  20. 10s in an ex-rotary
  21. Stock crank HP limit?
  22. TEA has been sold?
  23. arp studs
  24. any1 know the intake lift on the FM-11 on 114lsa?
  25. best low-end cam
  26. Looking for ARP main stud kit
  27. LQ4 Help!!!
  28. FS: MMS cam
  29. Upgrade Injectors?
  30. How big of cam?
  31. How did you do it??
  32. My new cam, what you guys think?
  33. MS3 "Magic Stick v.3" cam owners?
  34. Can't decide what cam to get
  35. Calling All Cam Peoples
  36. MTI C2 Cam On 115 LSA: A Few Questions
  37. Installing Magic Stick
  38. ok what gives
  39. Suggestions on daily driver cam setup?
  40. SLP 51011 cam need copy of cam card..
  41. Come On Can't you make any decisions???
  42. Need cam help on 6.0L with Ls1 heads
  43. Adjustable, non-adjustable, single roller, double roller, & so many different brands!
  44. What makes 1 sponsor's LS6 ported oil pump different from another?
  45. Cylinder Head Cross Sections #317 Casting - 11 hi-res pics, 56K beware?
  46. 100K Miles, What should i do?
  47. TR230/224 111lsa??????
  48. is there a formula to...
  49. Who sells Fel-Pro 9199 gaskets
  50. My AFR 205 VS 225 predictions...
  51. Just ordered TR 224/224 112lsa
  52. oil pump
  53. Does MTI flowbench their heads with a pipe on the exhaust side???
  54. low oil light came on today. HELP!!
  55. Heads milled .015 with G5X3
  56. cranks
  57. LS1 head/intake setup
  58. Flycutting in the car
  59. Clogged A.I.R. valve - 01 Z28
  60. dumb rocker arm question??????
  61. LS1 Oil Pump Question
  62. Single Rollmaster timing chain?
  63. Opinion of heads?
  64. Stock LS1 heads any good?
  65. Anyone have a motor built by Speed Inc.?
  66. Is there any signifigant power in additional lift?
  67. Is it too much?
  68. the right cam.. lobe?
  69. C5R crate engine
  70. Headers, cam question.............
  71. good pushrods
  72. good pushrods
  73. ? about install price
  74. F ed up question
  75. Comp vs. Crane vs. Patriot vs. Precision vs. Rev
  76. Question about proper valvetrain geometry?
  77. Well, I officially HATE my car....
  78. Need Help, Strange noise
  79. Truck/car exhaust valves
  80. Working out my compression ratio (SCR & DCR), take a look.
  81. Patriot Dual Spring and Comp LSK Lobe Questions
  82. best heads?
  83. can i use 3.905 cometics on a stock bore?
  84. Have TEA Heads? Inside please.
  85. should i flycut the intake and exhaust?
  86. Head Talk...
  87. Cams and durability
  88. Strange problem torquing down AFR 205's.
  89. Is it ok to switch to synthetic from dyno oil after 50K miles?
  90. Anyone know the LS1 firing order?
  91. Fluctuating Temp Guage & RPM Surging
  92. Ed Curtis (EDC) cam specs
  93. MTI C2 Cam: Any P/V clearance issues?
  94. Sounds like a sewing machine
  95. Head bolt torques for a 2003-up ls6 block and ls2
  96. ls6 cam/injectors question
  97. Dart LS1 heads?
  98. Rev-Kit
  99. Any new heads at SEMA?
  100. How much blow by is acceptable?
  101. MTi Stage 2E heads.. dyno#'s and opinions?
  102. How does one calculate the needed exhaust duration based CID & exhaust flow?
  103. EGR Delete now Codes
  104. Need Opinions!!!!!
  105. Headswap, now very low oil pressure
  106. Safe to do another cam swap @ 70k?
  107. New setup running-SLP 402, AFR, MS3
  108. Split, Reverse Split or Even Split Cam for STOCK LS6 heads?
  109. LS1 Efficiency
  110. TR 224/224 vs TSP 231/237?
  111. how much are my mac's holding me back
  112. Do LS6 heads come from the factory with titanium retainers?
  113. LS1 or LS6
  114. Water under oil cap & oil on TB
  115. How To Make 98 Coil Packs Fit On 99 Valve Covers???
  116. what is the real benifit of high lift on stock heads?
  117. Ideal Air/fuel ratio's
  118. Need help on 6.0 cam quick
  119. how thick is the stock gm head gasket?
  120. Diamond (or other manufacturer) piston specs?
  121. Cylinder head Question
  122. cam questions
  123. do I have a cracked head?
  124. Pushrod hole enlarged..(pics)
  125. Oil temp in new motor
  126. 231/237 dyno good for mods?
  127. cams
  128. How much damage did my engine sustain ?
  129. New FMS cam: FM14
  130. B1 cam ok with heads milled .030?
  131. Finally...decided on the T-Rex, what valvetrain, oil pump, timing chain...
  132. TEA 1.5 and FMS13?
  133. What's the going rate?
  134. Which heads to get?
  135. Need to Pull Oil Pan PLEASE HELP!!!!
  136. Which drag cam TRex, LG, FMS?
  137. Another cost of not doing it yourself
  138. custom grind bumpstick?
  139. 15mm headbolt is acting seized/crossthreaded on the way out can somebody advise me ?
  140. stroker vx superstroker - what's the difference?
  141. blown head gasket in 94 lt1 z28....
  142. Quick 1998 Ls1 Block Question?
  143. Need Input: MTI 2E/Stealth Combo
  144. how to pick the right head/cam combo??
  145. Power under the curve.
  146. T-Rex v.2 vs. G5X-3 vs. Magic stick 3
  147. May be a silly question... but who the heck is GTP??
  148. got a question for you big cube guys out there...
  149. Katech Rod Bolts Causing Problems???
  150. GMPP 572 Leaking oil, need ideas, help if you can
  151. Will head bolts bottom out w/a (< .030) mill ?
  152. GTP S2 head question
  153. What kind of power would this setup make....
  154. Backfiring upon decel
  155. Heads I Win
  156. MTI's 427stroker or 475 Heads/Cam Pkg. info
  157. Tough Ass Shortblocks...
  158. boggin down at 5500??
  159. Are LS1 lifters fickle creatures?
  160. what are the best heads and cams for ls1's?what are the prices?
  161. New Engine won't idle
  162. 5.3 pickup heads
  163. Magic Stick with Auto???
  164. Need help! LS1 running poorly, experts needed!
  165. Patriot Gold Springs Life Cycle
  166. Degreeing a cam.
  167. valve train noise
  168. pushrods length with .595 lift cam
  169. Pushrod length question...
  170. Lingenfelter 415 cid supercharger
  171. Fuel Mileage
  172. Cam power band questions.
  173. TSP 231/231 vs 231/237?
  174. ported ls1 heads with 2.02/1.60 vavles
  175. Need help Ticking and low oil pressure after cam install
  176. cam with stock manifolds.
  177. Broken lifter question...
  178. Question about ported heads and the bolt hole through the intake runner?
  179. engine remove
  180. ARP's or GM factory head bolts.
  181. Value of an LS1 lunati 383 Shortblock
  182. LS1 Camaro Part #'s
  183. Another Cam Question?
  184. Mti S1
  185. Trex V.2 Cam
  186. what do i need to do to spin my motor to 7k
  187. TT224/224 112lsa vs ls1 hot cam + ?'s about setup for cam/n2o
  188. LS1 HOT CAM ?'s from a new member, advice pls.
  189. are these rods good enough? (which would you choose)
  190. Cam / TC question
  191. cam only vs heads and cam
  192. Tsp 231/237 + 3500 Tc?
  193. Help me build my 414
  194. metallic grinding noise
  195. ramp idle after header install
  196. Solid Roller vs. Hydraulic Roller
  197. Darton Sleeves Granted US Patent
  198. Tsp 231/237 112lsa
  199. Which oil pump, timing chain, & valvetrain?
  200. Advice On Cam Package
  201. Which rod bolts?
  202. just measured my pistons out of the hole
  203. MPG with the MS3
  204. What tools to swap out driverside taillight? (Trans am)
  205. TR224 114LSA vs. MTI Stealth II
  206. What needs to be changed in the bottom end to safely spin 7000 rpms?
  207. What's the weakest link in a completely stock '00 LS1 block?
  208. idea on cam and head pac
  209. heads?? & harlan question
  210. '97-'98 Vette Block Vs. '98 F-body Block
  211. how much
  212. Cam/springs
  213. Safe RPM limit with new heads/cam/springs
  214. Please help me choose an LS1 engine builder in the North East!
  215. Truck cam question
  216. Making sure my sprayed 408 will get enough fuel...
  217. Need help with heads
  218. Just recieved a 383 Eagle kit.....
  219. quieted my piston slap (cold start knock)
  220. how much lift??
  221. Newbie cam question, and yes I did a search.
  222. What is the best ls1 cam ?
  223. How hard is it to change rod bolts?
  224. Best heads for the 02 LS6 cam...
  225. The "AFR 225" Thread
  226. anyone reduced ls1 compression
  227. Manley valves in stock head...........
  228. what are the good and bad points to an aluminum fly wheel?
  229. LS6, 6.0 or AFR for FI stroker?
  230. manley push rods any good.
  231. Who has revved their H/C 346 over 7500? With stock rods?
  232. different cam manufacturers lobes?
  233. Ls1 Identity
  234. '04 6.0L Block Beware
  235. engine installation
  236. Cam opinions
  237. Ls6 Block In 02 Ss
  238. Lifter replacement.............
  239. LQ9 / LQ4 6.0 oil change question - 408ci
  240. will a big block fit in the Z28?
  241. is there some splash plate in the oil pan?
  242. Tsp 233/233
  243. Setting up a 2002 WS6.... I need help... big time
  244. Just realized whats causing low oil pressure
  245. Cam Swap Please Help
  246. Cometic (MLS) gaskets on 01 and earlier LS1s, is it realyl a No No
  247. How to work out all the coolant bubbles?
  248. This is why its important to test fit parts
  249. Carcraft mag cutaways!
  250. cam swap over .600 what springs??