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  1. Intake Questions
  2. what is the best ls1 street cam ? not to radical
  3. Anybody lookin at the LPE 350 block?
  4. 98-00 Cam Pro Data
  5. timing advance questions
  6. alternator problems after cam install...
  7. I need some used Roller Rockers for a Ls6
  8. air fuel ratio with a cam?
  9. NLP 2002 Z06 AFR Heads/Cam Results w/ Minimal Mods
  10. Balancing question
  11. 242/252 .595 cam question
  12. Are 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 rockers the same and interchangable?
  13. After head swap, oil pressure gauge shows ZERO HELP
  14. spun a bearing?
  15. What can I rev to NOW?
  16. WSJ article - New C6 ZO6 now 500HP???
  17. Calling MTI, FI cam question
  18. stroker vs all bore - what is the difference
  19. should I wait until after the power tour for the cam swap
  20. MTI stage 2E heads and G1 cam....good match???
  21. 346 CID swap to the 427 CID C5R
  22. Which Rod Bearings?
  23. cam install pics
  24. Metalic Rattling Noise? What is it?
  25. 224/228 114 cam
  26. 427 build...advice and where to get the pieces?
  27. tea 1.5 Tr 224 dyno results
  28. Please, Help me make a decision
  29. Upgrading lifter/Magnum
  30. Big difference between TSP Torquer (233/233) and TSP 233/239?
  31. With this cam which gears?
  32. Motor Locked, Need Serious ASAP help
  33. cam tuning
  34. Gear Drive
  35. EMERGENCY!! Fuel System help!
  36. Cranked It Over First Time - NO OIL PRESSURE!!
  37. Anyone running an LS1 intake in a cam only car???
  38. Ticking noise...?
  39. Help: Cylinder 1 Rocker Keeps Breaking?
  40. Anybody ever put a cam in with stock manifolds?
  41. What's needed for a LS2 chain upgrade?
  42. Solid Lifter Oval Track Lobes for the Street?
  43. is it worth it to install a bigger cam?
  44. Anybody use timesert?
  45. Reluctor ring.. Who can install??
  46. Anyone running sheet metal valve cover??
  47. Any Shops In Tulsa Ok Area?
  48. firing up my new cam for the first time tomarrow...
  49. Front Seal?
  50. Are heads worht it??
  51. Z06 Cast #?
  52. Ticking from passenger side
  53. AS Stage II 5.3 head pics
  54. stg 2 or stg3 big bore 4.125
  55. picked up 35 rwhp with GT2-3
  56. i NEED help choosing my new heads.
  57. MTI Y1 cam, what springs?
  58. bore and stroke combinations sbc bbc vs. gen III
  59. what year 6.0 do i want to buy?
  60. ATI hub install
  61. Jesel SS Series install?
  62. stock lifter preload.
  63. Can you cut a valve relief .060 deep in a stock piston and not cause problems?
  64. yes another Vinci head test
  65. Spring Question
  66. What should I get? 382 stroker or 388 all bore?
  67. patriot LS6 stage 2 my piston to valve clearance ok?
  68. 6.0L crank Question
  69. some interesting differences i found between LS1s and 6.0L
  70. valve clearence question
  71. stock head volume cc's
  72. Which timing chain works with ASP Pulley?
  73. How long to ....
  74. Higher Compression cheap??
  75. High Horse Power strokers and ARP studs
  76. so i have an ls6 block
  77. Cam and Gears question
  78. AFR Springs, How do they handle cold?
  79. At what point are different length pushrods necessary?
  80. TSP MS3 dyno results, kinda dissapointed (kinda long)
  81. valve spring locks
  82. Cam Question
  83. **mrr23, bigdsz and tech related info**
  84. Ok Cam guys
  85. 408 and complete drivetrain - est cost?
  86. who uses a Comp 222/224 112 come in....
  87. SES Light
  88. Should I get Patriot Stage 2's or should I get my stock heads p&p'd?
  89. Paging Total Engine Airflow!!!
  90. Block casting of LS6 versus LS1
  91. Flow # questions
  92. Stall and cam help?
  93. Has anyone put together a stroker motor faq?
  94. Advanced Pre-Load Question, T&D Shaft Mount Rockers?
  95. How about an AFR TECH THREAD...
  96. Proper valve spring/camshaft break in?
  97. Help - crank reluctor wheel contacts the block
  98. just my luck
  99. Antifreeze?
  100. oil soaked spark plug
  101. MTI G1 cam
  102. 04gto owner. and i am a retard when it comes to heads/camshaft
  103. how do you determine your compression ratio
  104. Having a 402 built, how do I know it's really a 402?
  105. APE 408/ET Perf Stage 3 6.0 Heads
  106. Purpose of coating pistons? Heat? Detonation?
  107. any1 run the FM14 as a daily driver??
  108. Milled 5.3 heads and the FM 13
  109. how often do u have to change the valvesprings?
  110. CAR Problem
  111. cam work on stock head's and bottom end?
  112. Piston installation
  113. Pulling the Engine and Tranny
  114. whattyathink???
  115. Who makes 4.125 cranks besides Lunati?
  116. starting the spring swap out wrong
  117. cam duration
  118. ls1 smog??
  119. which TDC method should i use??
  120. More Torquer dyno numbers...
  121. Cam choice for stock geared (3.42s) M6?
  122. Mopar gaskets...
  123. Quick answer for this
  124. cam
  125. What Cam?
  126. LS6 in my SS???
  127. EGR Manifold Plug
  128. What will safley get me into the 10s Details inside
  129. o ring????
  130. fuel enable
  131. Oil pan clearance probs
  132. car bucks under throttle, act's like it's gonna cut off at idle...
  133. How do I know that the car had installed (used) NOS before???
  134. k member help
  135. question reguarding cams
  136. 402 cubic inches and larger
  137. Building a nitrous dedicated motor/ putting the $ where it counts..
  138. Which builders sell just the resleaved block?
  139. 99-00
  140. Burning Oil after headers??
  141. Planning whole new setup, could use advice.
  142. engine building literature
  143. Ported Heads: LS6 or 5.3
  144. FM13 is in!!!!!! First impressions
  145. need some advice(fast)
  146. how well will this set up work ???
  147. Fast 90 + NW 90 TB what air bridge & MAF?
  148. trex cam in a daily driver
  149. SLP LS6 heads
  150. How much nitrous?
  151. take a look at these flow numbers.......
  152. take a look at these flow numbers.......
  153. i need a pic of the inside of an oil pan please
  154. Low Oil Pressure??Please Help!!!
  155. Another way to prime oil pump/system?
  156. Could I have bent my valve?
  157. How do I determine if motor is an LS1 or LS6
  158. Heads,cam, intake?
  159. FMS F12 112 LSA Cam
  160. What cam?
  161. SLP or larger Kooks headers for my 402 - how big of a gain will I see
  162. i need your help NOW!
  163. Oil Analysis Results
  164. Jesel Rockers
  165. got elect. cutout..with closed i hear noisy lifter or valve.causing oil consumption??
  166. Is there an alternative to the JPR LS1 cam installtion tool?
  167. Milling & Compression Ratios
  168. Question regarding shimming of oil pumps for increased oil pressure.
  169. AFR 205 or 225????
  170. what does it mean to have an engine deburred?
  171. Tsp 231/231 112???
  172. Finding TDC
  173. question about winterizing
  174. Longer Crank Bolt
  175. age old rod question
  176. Should I replace all cam bearings?
  177. Vicni AFR 205 head ONLY test take 2
  178. Tr224 + N20 ?
  179. Valve Noise Question
  180. Venom 400 Performance Control Module !
  181. curious, what would happen if you didnt use any lube on the arp head bolts???
  182. what head gaskets to use with 5.3 heads?
  183. Naturally aspirated vs. turbo- LONG
  184. re-sleeve an LS1?
  185. MTI big bore blocks?
  186. tsp 231/237 with comp 918's
  187. Experiences Patriot Shaft Mounted Roller Rockers?
  188. dowel rods
  189. flycutting on g5x3 112lsa
  190. Cam Help!
  191. Resleeve??? will it work?
  192. LS1 HP Ratings
  193. where to get heads flow tested in North Arkansas?
  194. Input on doing just a cam or doing a head and cam on a 02 Z-28 advise please
  195. F/R cover/oilpan install tools?
  196. Opinions on seat angles,top and throat cut's
  197. cam ?
  198. MS3 guys a few?'s
  199. Help me pick out a cam for my 98 TA
  200. PRC seats/seals install
  201. Got a G5X3?? Come on in!
  202. check valves ... where are they located
  203. Difference between oil pumps
  204. Thanks for all of the help, plans finalyzed inside, comments welcome.
  205. what are the stock cam and valve spring specs????
  206. LS6 Heads+Hot Cam
  207. LS1's Running Strong
  208. mti stage 2e heads?
  209. Ring gap question??
  210. AFR 225 small chambers (62cc)
  211. Valve Cover Spacers and Stock Length MSD Wire Question
  212. Few Question's Anyone have Answers??
  213. Summit Sells Valve Cover Spacers Now?
  214. Optimal quench?
  215. Magnacharger Radix Cam help
  216. okay, heres my trouble with just picking a cam.. please read
  217. 6.0 Iron Blocks
  218. Pushrods for Hotcam
  219. where do you get good work done in the south???
  220. timing cover gasket?
  221. Cam for A4 w/ no stall?
  222. weak lifters?
  223. LS1 Rockers
  224. Let's see how smart you guys are. Need a couple simple valve train specs.
  225. MTI flow numbers
  226. 2002 Cracked LS6 Block
  227. Stock Heads & TSP 231/237 with 7.350 Pushrods?
  228. home made lifter tool question
  229. Install or not install HS rockers?
  230. what brand of oil do yall run?
  231. help! windshield wiper trouble
  232. max lift on stock unmilled heads?
  233. GM vs. aftermarket lifters
  234. Do I need to change rocker for 233/239?
  235. MY cam choice...
  236. Oil Pressure After Cam Swap
  237. Ferrea valve springs??
  238. Anybody think Comp 918 springs are junk?
  239. Help track down a strange noise.
  240. ls1 hotcam tuning
  241. F-13 cam in the car finally
  242. VERY high oil pressure... what happened?
  243. GM versus Aftermarket head gasket
  244. MTI heads are in.....check out these pics
  245. can you point me in the right direction
  246. Should I be worried about this?
  247. She runs!!
  248. Harland Sharp Rocker Failure
  249. Ls1 And Ls6 L6 Heads Help
  250. comp 1.75 rockers how to install help ???