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  1. Updated Valve event / DCR / SCR / Header length spreadsheet
  2. 918's with an XER cam??
  3. will this clear?
  4. I lifted a head on the dyno......
  5. Eagle's 4.125 stroke out yet
  6. Can i use my stock maf with my new 408 motor?
  7. Need help on cam choice for 5.3 heads
  8. LS1 build opinions wanted
  9. What does this sensor do??
  10. Looking for the Cam bolt
  11. ok this may get messy
  12. AFR Piston to Valve concerns.....
  13. 2.02 valve vs 2.05 on a stock bore
  14. cam install
  15. 408 vs. 427
  16. i need more
  17. what modifications to do.
  18. Variation of the stealth 1 cam?
  19. dual spring differences???
  20. RPO Decoder????
  21. LS1 Build help
  22. Stock MLS head gasket vs Cometic
  23. Will Royal Purple SAE30 be ok for MTI H/C Package?
  24. Lunati 544/543 230/237 112 cam
  25. Well it dose not look pretty!! PICS
  26. Coolant not going into block....
  27. Nov Chevy Hi Perf Ls1 tests
  28. Oil Pressure problem
  29. check for bent valve,head off
  30. SLP Cylinder-Head-and-Cam Package?
  31. installing dual springs
  33. Thoughts on Ram intake tuning?
  34. Drag coeficient
  35. Newbie Question
  36. What cam for my mods
  37. Is everyone soaking their lifters and rockers in oil before assembly?
  38. I’m about to order Yella Terra’s, any reason not to?
  39. takin advice
  40. Patriot Performance
  41. Car will not idle, runs VERY rough.
  42. Advice on building Shortblock
  43. All 8 of my spark plugs on my new motor are dripping in oil, any idea why?
  44. stock runs?
  45. New valve sprins w/ stock motor?
  46. Cam installed. Is this normal?
  47. pissed off!!!!
  48. what is the word on AFR 205's ?????
  49. 6 qrts of radiator fluid out of oil pan!!
  50. Vette Modding VS. F-body
  51. Performance main bearings
  52. Is it nuts to go CAM "Only"
  53. stock ls1 heads vs stock ls6 heads flow numbers
  54. Coolant???
  55. ARE 5.3 H&C A/F question...
  56. Where is the block casting number?
  57. Jrod, anyone with plotting/graphing experience in excel
  58. Vararam Throttle Body
  59. My TEA Stg. 2.5 LS6 Hand Finished Flow #'s
  60. Long duration cams on a tight you use one?
  61. Discussion Time: Why does a forged shortblock make less HP than a stock one.
  62. resleeved blocks?
  63. good info
  64. Oil Analysis came back!
  65. patriot gold life?
  66. Slighty worried
  67. do i need seat spacers on here?
  68. dual patriot valve springs
  69. Pushrod Question
  70. rough idle
  71. Who will be the first *Offical* owner of....
  72. Any software available to calculate PtoV clearance?
  73. Breather filter pops out!
  74. Upgrading Stock ConRod Bolts to High Strength Bolts?
  75. How much can a stock bottom end handle?
  76. Gen III LS1 Recall Question(Slight Piston Slap)
  77. What is the difference between H-beam and I-Beam Rods?
  78. Oil Change question...from the top of the motor
  79. If I bought an assembled shortblock...
  80. What cam for a 402? (can't decide)
  81. Who sells thrust bearings?
  82. Rocker Arms?
  83. Head recommendations
  84. Whats the compression of MTI 2E heads?
  85. blown head gasket. how can you tell?
  86. How many RPM?
  87. Just Heads??
  88. stock pushrods
  89. Edelbrock Ls1 Heads
  90. Can I get a HP guestimate from this combo....
  91. Cam recommendations
  92. ls1 rocker torque specs?
  93. Adjusting Comp R's with a Compression Tester
  94. Need some feedback on heads.
  95. whats a good set of heads for my set up
  96. T-Rex with unmilled 5.3L heads?
  97. what to do?
  98. pulling an ls1
  99. Who can I get a Jesel Rocker arm from, FAST!!!!
  100. TR227 installed
  101. Cam Motion cams?
  102. Head swap questions
  103. p/v ok with this cam/head combo?
  104. Could my false knock be coming from....
  105. Ws6???
  106. cam makers
  107. squeeky sound coming from valve train
  108. New Cam Installed
  109. Opinions on MTI R1 Cam
  110. What tolerances to ELIMINATE audible piston slap in LSx's
  111. Head Swap Follow Up Question
  112. Head Swap Question
  113. Electric Water Pump question
  114. Pro series vs Std ARP rod bolts rod deflection??
  115. what cam for this?
  116. opinions on new set-up
  117. heads and cam?
  118. New Cam Now Engine Light Code's
  119. 232/236 cam ok with these heads?
  120. Stock cam specs on '03 LS1 crate engine.
  121. Injector selection
  122. Help! Need to get pan off.
  123. Question about rods z06/ls1
  124. heads cam and header? how much from this?
  125. Replacing Oil Pump in a C5
  126. Need Some Help..
  127. Symptoms of Knock Retard?
  128. IconAutoSports New LS6 Competition Cylinder Heads
  129. Knock Retard Problem...Help
  130. h/c supplies
  131. asa cam
  132. N20 Cam Setup?
  133. what can i expect
  134. Internal engine gurus please step inside !
  135. Piston Ring Gap for a 395
  136. CAM for a 200 shot
  137. Cam Is In But There Is A Problem????
  138. need help trobleshooting!!!
  139. What do you think of this combo?
  140. TSP 231/237 installed
  141. how many grams do the stock ls1 rods wiegh?
  142. hey guys what do you think of these piston/rod combo on ebay?
  143. 5.3l
  144. 16 Bent Pushrods - How Much Power loss?
  145. Timing Chain
  146. 2000 Camaro W/N Start
  147. Broke piston ring
  148. Severe pinging/detonation when cold
  149. If you could get a Hotcam for $300...
  150. Getting a set of TEA heads
  151. Anyone have any ideas as to why my car keeps doing this???
  152. Looking into cam...what cam good for 3.42
  153. ASA cam questions
  154. X1 Cam 112 or 114 lsa???
  155. Arp rod bolts caused no big end rod distortion
  156. surging when put in gear
  157. HP rating:need help
  158. Replacing TR224/GTP S2 set up with smaller cam, recomendations?
  159. Amsoil Pre Oiler
  160. Oil Pan Gasket
  161. Car is falling on it's face out of the hole
  162. Tech ?'s need help plz
  163. Where to get pistons flycut in block...IL/WI/IN area
  164. Just A.R.E. 6.0 and GT2-3 for now?
  165. please help
  166. Cammmotion,how Good Are They???
  167. ls6 heads
  168. comp retainers for 921's?
  169. Low lift (sort of) & a little longer duration???
  170. pushrods lenth for ls6 cam
  171. Props to Craig at GTP...
  172. Comp R lifter failure?
  173. double roller timing chain on a 98?
  174. clearancing #8 piston for 408, how safe?
  175. HPE's new race LS6 heads
  176. Ordering Valve Seals?
  177. Cam Swap checklist.. ?
  178. Typical labor cost of a turn key head and cam install??
  179. Identify these gaskets
  180. 5.3 vs 5.7 knock sensors
  181. 1/2" Impact Wrench & Crank Pulley
  182. Getting about that time...
  183. Motor Swap
  184. 395ci in and running
  185. Afr Heads
  186. 2-piece timing chain cover around yet??
  187. This cam in a completely stock 98C5? strange specs.
  188. Definition of "Daily Driver"
  189. Things I learned the hard way doing H/C
  190. Losing Power....HELP!!
  191. Help with leaking crank seal
  192. Lifter Preload Question Comp R gurus come on in!
  193. ls6 cam sproket on ls1
  194. About to buy my cam.. need help!
  195. anyone used Mahle pistons
  196. What is the biggest cam size for daily driver?
  197. Stiffer Coil Spings With Iron Block
  198. Are Comp 918's rated at .600 or .625 lift?
  199. Anyone hear this type of noise at half throttle?
  200. Will this cam fit with my heads?
  201. this freakin sucksss
  202. Gas Mileage after mods
  203. Setting up for max mid range power (Tq)
  204. New Cam?
  205. LS1 cam with LS6 heads
  206. Heads/Cam going on soon (I hope).....just a few Q's....
  207. Misfire Issue
  208. Timing chain (double roller or not?) / Degree cam in?
  209. Cam Design using Monkey See Monkey Do
  210. Big problem need mad help.
  211. LQ9 or Ls6?
  212. pushrod and milled heads
  213. How does this H/C combo sound??
  214. quick oil pump o-ring question
  215. welding heads.
  216. Will this cam fit?
  217. What are the warning signs of an oil pump going out?
  218. 918's with XE-R lobes?
  219. Any experience with the gtp 420 cam?
  220. Timing Chain and gears or Gears?
  221. Are 99 pushrods the same as 00 pushrods?
  222. comp magnum 7.5 rocker ?
  223. 6.0L Rods?? How tough???
  224. Measuring lifter pre-load
  225. SLP iron shortblock?
  226. pushrod size with tsp
  227. Why is my powerband dropping off early?
  228. Is there an LS1/6 with a dry sump and the A/C?
  229. Could something be wrong??
  230. AFR 225 76cc Availability
  231. Is this cam package right for me?
  232. Cam Install
  233. Valve diameter
  234. Need help, 427 Oil sump hitting pan
  235. Castrol Syntec?
  236. Got the H/C Installed tonight
  237. clearence question?
  238. valves sizes and ported heads
  239. G5X3 and stock tune?
  240. Parts in the Garage
  241. check engine light after rocker arms
  242. Pushrods Help!!!
  243. whistling/sucking noise after cam swap
  244. Engine rebuild. ( what to expect)?
  245. ported ls1 heads
  246. older ported heads vs. current ported heads, how much gain?
  247. update on stupid nitrous user
  248. 425rwhp - suggestions for cam, heads, etc?
  249. will it leak
  250. What do u think about this?