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  1. JPR Tool from Thunder.......Against dowel rod
  2. Zero oil pressure after oil pan install
  3. Hesitation
  4. Need answer Quick-Shop Install Oil Pump
  5. what do u guys think is causing my...
  6. Best heads for 2K
  7. 346 to 408 question?
  8. Head Gasket???
  9. is this cam comparable to g5x2??
  10. If a block is bored 2 or 3 thousands too much ...
  11. flow numbers for afr 205cc
  12. Milling AFR Heads
  13. Preload question/valve train geometry question
  14. Currently have a 224/224, but want bigger! Sorry another cam thread.
  15. Comp Cams 918 spring broke
  16. Edelbrock & Lingenfelter to partner on LS_ head
  17. Need a valve train diagnosis.
  18. GTP/TReX combo up and running...soundclip inside
  19. Large cams.....stock 3.42's?
  20. Best low-maintenace (road course) cam?
  21. cam size?
  22. pushrods
  23. Ok this isgetting on my nerves. 408 keeps sputtering and backfiring.
  24. TSP 231/237 & Patriot 5.3 Stage II Combo
  25. what would cause this
  26. ? about casting #
  27. LS1 or LS6 ??
  28. What's the difference betwenn the TSP 224R & 225?
  29. What do you think about this cam
  30. Installing Crane Dual 832's, how much shim for .612 lift?
  31. Patriot Performance
  32. torque down procedure for revised block?
  33. "detonation" ugh!!! #$%@! HELP
  34. Installing a stroker kit
  35. Leakdown and HP loss
  36. largest cam that works well with stock gear
  37. Comp R and lifter collapse
  38. Sheet metal intake manifolds.
  39. C-motorsports
  40. Any info on the new MTI G1 cam?
  41. How much power should this combo make?
  42. 4.100" Bore Head Gaskets?
  43. do i need tune if i get convertor plz help!!!
  44. What do you think of this Cam w/a Stoker Motor?
  45. TSP race heads and Magic stic.
  46. when i reseal my 383 ls1 will i need oversize head gaskets? what kit?
  47. cam????
  48. Zo6 cam
  49. New Sponsor - Racetechspeed & Performance
  50. vacuum leak ONLY in open loop?
  51. repairing a damaged block
  52. 6.0L Cam
  53. Do I need to rebalance my rotating assembley?
  54. lg motorsports package on my car but which one?!
  55. running 224-224 on stock verter
  56. So much for killer heads: JPR S2 flow numbers
  57. Valve leakage when CCing heads
  58. Effects of no PCV system?
  59. Stock pushrods ok?
  60. MAF acting weird....
  61. For those that have pulled the crankshaft sprocket
  62. Cam swap 101.....
  63. head studs don't fit on new iron block?
  64. Anyone with ARE 346 short block
  65. F10 or F12 cam for stree/strip car?
  66. 224/581 cam, stg. 2 heads do i need tune!!
  67. Oil Decision
  68. bad rocker??
  69. Labor estimate....
  70. low oil pressure
  71. Anyone Crower Rods?
  72. Somebody,Anybody,Please Help!!!
  73. Oil change question....
  74. Comp 918 broke with few miles
  75. Bad driving with TR6?
  76. Wtf...
  77. Starter enganging with out key in ignition
  78. Crank Position Locator Wheel Movement
  79. Stock cam with a pic(quick question)
  80. How much power can stock injector feed?
  81. Thinking of swapping cams
  82. g5x3 tunning
  83. Possible bad lifter?
  84. HELP! Oil shooting out of breather!
  85. Short block redline
  86. Need help ls6 cam
  87. A few valv spring questions
  88. biggest cube daily driver?
  89. Yet another T-Rex Question
  90. Okay, bet you've never seen/heard of this shit...
  91. I need a cam
  92. What a good lightweight valve?
  93. Just ordered cam and springs gotta a few ?'s
  94. need some nuts,ARP
  95. where to buy valve guides??
  96. keep stock lifters?
  97. Anybody see a loss in hp because of leaking Patriot valve seals?
  98. Compression ratio?
  99. engine guru's! could this cause a lean condition???
  100. mild solid roller set up
  101. Knock retard... It won't go away...
  102. where to get cheap arp head bolts?
  103. Best Stroker Short Block?
  104. Mti Stg2 R Heads
  105. Finished my cam instal!! got another question
  106. OIL and engine break in ???
  107. 02 LS6 in 99 SS
  108. G5x2????
  109. Differences in LS1 block years?
  110. 6.0L C/R with stock LS1 heads
  111. Which Stroker to go with?
  112. Power loss? 422 heads on a 408?
  113. update on HPE new ( S ) cam
  114. How to mod an ASP pulley for a double roller timing chain?
  115. LS1 Valve Spring Issues. . ..
  116. Just snapped a Crane dual on my way to work
  117. Info regarding the revised 144832 Crane dual spring
  118. Intake Manifold Porting?
  119. Factory Ls1 valve vs spring pressure??
  120. Good compromising Cam
  121. What do you think would flow better?? 'pic'
  122. Is 108k miles too many for a cam install??
  123. what's a good cam w/TQ & HP
  124. Which spring# and installed height with solid cam.
  125. WOT Blast and car idles high afterwords?
  126. C5R block and C5R heads, fully built 427....daily driver....
  127. chevy high performance magazine
  128. Which size main and rod bearings for a 427?
  129. whats the best cam for a stock 93 LT1
  130. Cam Question???
  131. piston to valve clearance with 5.3 heads, T-Rex cam???
  132. should I port my stock heads?
  133. Question for those that have replaced the stock rod bolts.
  134. need some q's answered
  135. another oil pressure question???
  136. What cam to go with??????????
  137. Aluminum or iron?
  138. Pistons notched?
  139. Cam and tuning questions
  140. Who sells Harlan Sharp rockers?
  141. can to many choices be a bad thing...
  142. big cam with arp rod bolts and high rpms
  143. Thoughts on this cam? (specs inside)
  144. throttle body passenger side top???
  145. Anyone know .200 or .400 lft duration figures of TRex?
  146. h/c question
  147. How much machining should I have to do to this block?
  148. I am looking for a rotating assebley
  149. buy new rockers??
  150. Port my 98ls1 heads?
  151. Ran into a snag with cam and now have a question
  152. how much shaving to get 6.0Ls to 67ccs
  153. What cam, horespower per dollar??
  154. Patriot Gold Spec's
  155. Broken ISKY 295D
  156. What do you guys think
  157. front cylinder on passenger side??
  158. Anyone have a FMS cam with a blower?
  159. is there a link somewhere w/ all the head casting #s and their info?
  160. tr230/224 111 cam questions?
  161. Which cam do I have??
  162. New Sponsor - LME
  163. New HPE "S" cam!
  164. aftermarket cam w/ stock heads
  165. Has anyone resleaved a iron block?
  166. driving impressions with afr's,90mm TB and fast
  167. cam sound clips?
  168. About how many miles can I get off of my dual springs?
  169. Shim the oil pump?
  170. Are the problems with the Eagle cranks fixed yet?
  171. AnyoNE KNOW where i can find directions for deleting EGR and A.I.R??
  172. best place for short block?
  173. Double timing chain NEEDED????
  174. will stage 2 heads change my sound???
  175. Need input on a cam
  176. My final cam question
  177. driving characteristics
  178. Engine running! Thanks for help.
  179. what need to switch cam?
  180. getting closer to the end
  181. what else do i need for my cam swap??checklist
  182. what head gaskets to use???
  183. LSx torque plates
  184. Tips on pulling my motor
  185. How much HP is 1 point of compression worth..
  186. Who grinds MTI's cams?
  187. Head Install
  188. Anyone used Jackson auto machine lifters?
  189. 03 #12560965 Camshaft specs?
  190. Who has bored a 98' LS1 block?
  191. Oil consumption before new motor; Same consumption with new motor
  192. Help, need shop suggestion in South Cal
  193. Do I need to do anything to put Z06 valves in stock LS1 heads?
  194. Stock heads with what cam and headers?
  195. Absolute Speed heads on the way!!!!!!!!!!
  196. Pen Magnets Blow
  197. any update on the TSP magic stick???
  198. G5x3& heads???
  199. Help Please! Oil on intake manifold after heads install...
  200. Pinging at part throttle?
  201. Futral F13 cam specs?
  202. Fired up the T-rex for the 1st time tonight!!!
  203. exhaust fumes kill??? :)
  204. I think I've decided on the new set up
  205. Are 2.055 valves to big for a stock bore 346?
  206. How Many RPM's are Possible ?
  207. Cam & Heads advice! help!
  208. Engine tapping at idle
  209. Which Cam for 383 LS1 in a truck?
  210. Need Help TR227 or TSP228r ?
  211. Any difference in bearings??
  212. Oil Leak Questions
  213. LS6 valves vs. LS1 valves? Any difference?
  214. Rwhp?
  215. GTP stage one heads/w 224 cam vs. no heads and larger cam
  216. Got my G5X3
  217. Will TSP 231/237 work weel with Stg 2 LS6 heads
  218. Short block arrived today
  219. Can someone help me out please. Need to get a Cam for these heads. What cam?
  220. I Have a Problem ! Please Help !
  221. absolute speed port volumes theory 101
  222. Manley Spring takes a dump w/ less than 19k miles...
  223. C5R purchase?
  224. Upgrade cam what else should I do?
  225. Cam w/Stock Clutch & Rearend
  226. larged chamber volume you can hit with a 6L head?
  227. Heads & Cam vs another set-up
  228. gain from heads only
  229. Cam ?
  230. Do I need to mess with my distributor or timing?
  231. Best LT headers?
  232. time to go faster, cam&stall choices
  233. cam change
  234. Enough room for ARP head studs?
  235. T-Rex and Ported Heads
  236. AFRs+T-Rex
  237. Should I buy new head bolts?
  238. Engine fired, got a problem
  239. Cartech Books
  240. Those who didnt swap timing chain with cam
  241. Crane 1.85 rockers???
  242. Too much Oil Pressure?
  243. GM Hot cam
  244. How much power can the LS1 handle?
  245. LS6 price?
  246. How far should the balancer be seated?
  247. New Problem: Exhaust Pops between shifts and hard decel
  248. fulral f11 and....
  249. afr's arrived today
  250. Cam swap checklist