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  1. valve spring swap
  2. XE-R lobes and spring life..
  3. What cam makes more power G5X3 or MS3?
  4. Can you recommend a book?
  5. 382 stroker
  6. Thanks AZ Power and Sound...
  7. help, rounding off crank bolt
  8. AFR 225,S How are they doing????
  9. WOT issues...
  10. AFR 225,S How are they doing????
  11. 447 and 438 rotating assemblies
  12. 408 ls1 stroker kit
  13. Need Some Advice with a Setup
  14. Cam Question For A 396???
  15. I am at a crossroad
  16. Okay, so what's my next move?
  17. Head question for 383 stroker
  18. I was an idiot...and now im fixing my mistake, need some suggestions
  19. Is the added weight of the 408 too much to make it worth it?
  20. I need your opinions on the best crank shafts and rods
  21. cometic head gaskets
  22. Boring 97
  23. Stage 2 heads
  24. Fly Cutting - Why, How, How Much, & Alternatives?
  25. proper valvespring breakin?
  26. LR4 to 7000 rpm?
  27. questions about ls2 timing chain.....
  28. 6.0L Heads
  29. What's the safest you can bore a stock 6.0 block?
  30. Update with our Timing Cover and double rollers
  31. Good before and after headers cam?
  32. ??? Iron Block and Aluminum Heads, ISSUES ???
  33. motor balancing ?
  34. how about these pistons???
  35. Who make a GOOD no leaking .040-.045 gasket?
  36. How many quarts of oil do you put in your car?
  37. Air Leaking?
  38. should i mill my heads another .012?
  39. Is this caused by too much lifter preload?
  40. Best Cam to Match Stock LS6 Heads
  41. LS1 and LS6 intake gaskets the same????
  42. Am I making a mistake by installing parts now?
  43. single valve springs good with TR224?
  45. 400 RWHP stock heads how close will I be?
  46. Oil Pan Removal in car
  47. Machine shop prices
  48. ARP Main Stud question
  49. ARE motors
  50. I wanna start with a 6.0 Short Block, What do I need???
  51. anyone using a R1 cam?
  52. Oil pump shim thickness.
  53. priming new engine
  54. Rear Crank Seal Installer P/N J35621-B Problems
  55. if i have a 62cc head and
  56. need opinions please
  57. A few pics from my build
  58. Anyone know max bore for 6.0L iron block ?
  59. Comp Cams: Best Customer Service hands down!
  60. 230/234 591/598 on a 114
  61. Don't under stand this need help
  62. Car was pulling timing at WOT.. down on power...throwing a SES for knock sensor...
  63. Head flow #s/ Cam selection?
  64. anyone switch over to a carb'd LS1 yet??
  65. Pushrod Galleries
  66. 3 shift to 2 shift concequnces
  67. Are my Cylinder heads Damaged (PICS)
  68. Just an FYI for flowing cylinder heads...
  69. Anyone run gasket type plugs in LS1 head? without machining?
  70. Can you get washers to index tapered seat plugs?
  71. Which Oil Pump
  72. I am an idot, lost IAT screw during TB instal
  73. Something that has always puzzled me (cams)
  74. Who makes a good oil pump
  75. Cam for block hugger headers.
  76. timing chain
  77. Specific Piston-to-Valve Clearance Questions
  78. What is the biggest cam I can run with 59cc heads?
  79. 395 with FI?
  80. Why does my exhaust sometimes smoke and others times not?
  81. 2.08 vs 2.02 intakes..
  82. which heads are best to port for a 98 ls1???
  83. installing cam soon help me finalize things please
  84. Car cuts off when launching at full-throttle WITH traction
  85. alternator pulley size/bolt please help
  86. Need help, dosent run!
  87. passing smog w/ Y1 cam.
  88. What Rockers with Comp R's
  89. Are Ls1, Ls6 & Ls2 all interchangeable????
  90. All PRC spring kits have Ti retainers?
  91. Best Cam for no bottom loss?
  92. Which spark plugs for 11.7:1 heads? (pics inside)
  93. Will my LS1 get any problems by not driving it for a long period of time?
  94. piston material
  95. *BIG PROBLEM* Cam gear doesn't fit on Cam!
  96. Would you replace the lifters if installing this cam?
  97. Here's a clip of the TSP Torquer
  98. what are your feelings on cams in general...
  99. Head Gaskets - GM has new MLS?
  100. 6.0 rods rebuildable?
  101. cam and heads
  102. Lunati 230/237 weird cam !
  103. Convert flow#'s from 4" bore to 3.90 Bore. Possible?
  104. Another cam question but with a new twist
  105. which heads to port for 98 ls1?
  106. ls1 power
  107. anything bigger than 427?
  108. Anyone do a cam upgrade without headers?
  109. Is it worth changing AS stage 2 head & 230/236 cam?
  110. question about MTI B1
  111. LQ9 or LQ4 6 liter short block?
  112. TSP 228/224 Cam Info?
  113. Which Lifters For Trex Cam
  114. Some questions about my 383"
  115. Is an Oil PCV catch can a good mod for a stroker?
  116. chooseing the right cam for me
  117. Any one have diamonds contact info??
  118. MTI Stealth Cams vs TR224-14
  119. Which CAM? No guess's just give me what you know!
  120. Patriot Gold Springs Failing?
  121. Rocker Bolt size
  122. Put an LS6 intake on tonight...
  123. car burning oil ever since new engine..~2 qts. per 1000 miles!
  124. stock alternator amperage?
  125. Which MTI cam?
  126. 2000 vet intake manifold
  127. Which MTI cam?
  128. distance between rocker boss and center of valve spring
  129. Texas Giant Cam
  130. Can someone please run me a carfax report??!!
  131. bad lifter?
  132. Where can I buy Katech rod bolts? Need them ASAP.
  133. Pic of what caused my loud tapping!
  134. TSP tourquer
  135. flycutting-half done with pics
  136. lifters
  137. T-rex Questions..
  138. All differences in the LS1 and the LS6
  139. new heads
  140. Anyone used Clevite's new coated main bearings?
  141. arp rod bolt install
  142. Looking for donor motor!!
  143. FMS F4, Comp 224, TR 224 w/3.42?
  144. FMS F4, Comp 224, TR 224 w/3.43
  145. Camshaft Advancing
  146. Question about overlap, and where to find cam info
  147. LS6 Clarification
  148. Anyone ever break a stock head-bolt ???
  149. Cam selection help
  150. YT's, Comp 978's, and FM13?
  151. Update: Ticking noise gone!!!!!!!!!
  152. Dropped the bucks,, Could use some cam advice..
  153. gt2-3 or MTI stealth II
  154. pushrod size
  155. Will a FM14 clear with my TEA1.5s?
  156. Cam ??'s TSP 230/230 TSP 231/237
  157. Head&Cam/info
  158. why should i buy stronger pushrods?
  159. 220/224 560/564 114LSA a few Q.s
  160. Anyone with 370 CID
  161. anyone adjust cam timing on stock cam before?
  162. Roller rocker advantage?????? Help!
  163. Question about selling heads
  164. MTI stage 2E heads/cam on the way!!!!!!!
  165. G5X3 or TSP MS
  166. choice of oil?
  167. Spring installed heights? Something doesn't seem right? IMPORTANT!
  168. Do you 'clean' a new cam before install?
  169. What do you guys think about AFR 255 heads?
  170. Which one folks
  171. ls6 valves in an ls1 head?
  172. LS1 or LS6 heads?
  173. Which cam should i go with
  174. Cam without a tune?
  175. Cam ???
  176. For those unaware...'04 blocks...
  177. LS6 Intake, Important?
  178. Quick cam swap question...
  179. Anyone using the Manley duals?
  180. weird stuff inside Oil Cap
  181. Oil PSI Specs
  182. Very noisy valvetrain
  183. Lunati 230/237
  184. Which Power Adder *feels* better?
  185. Gains from FM13 over X1 worth the swap?
  186. Who all has done a zo6 cam??
  187. Trex or RJ
  188. gmpp ported ls6 heads and hot cam
  189. are my pushrods ok?
  190. Correct Push Rods?
  191. MTI 2E or Patriot LS6 heads
  192. Oil Analysis with GC
  193. Timing Gear and Chain Questions...
  194. heads with my cam?
  195. Introducing The Quick Cam & HV Oil Pump
  196. Patriot Performance LS6 Style Heads
  197. Heads or cam first?
  198. Question for Amsoil Users
  199. I decided on the F13 but I still have some ?'s
  200. Need help on choosin the right cam
  201. Check out these flow #'s!!!! Tell me what you think!!!
  202. Shimming oil pump with asp and double roller
  203. AFR's
  204. Texas speed, PRC Valve springs
  205. Engine Install??
  206. Will Headers & Cam effect my Trans Shift Points?
  207. Texas Speed 402 (LS2 & LQ9) Short Blocks
  208. Those who bought a thunder 224 cam...
  209. oil?
  210. need help with tick
  211. PRI Show
  212. Intake manifold
  213. Spring Help
  214. Aftermarket pistons.
  215. AFR port length
  216. My wife bought me a f13 for xmas! What else should i get?
  217. if you have car floored, does alternator stop charging?
  218. Are gen 3 LS1 engine gaskets reusable?
  219. Pulley Removal
  220. TSP's New 233/239 .603/.600 Camshaft ! ! !
  221. Does anyone know anything about MMS Stage I heads?
  222. 1 More Cam Advance question from me....
  223. Tons of LS1 stuff at PRI...
  224. Single rollmaster strong enough for h/c car???
  225. Cam for unknown heads
  226. guys that have installed cams
  227. Have cash; need to mod. What is suggested?
  228. 2.05"/1.60" valves too big for my application????
  229. getting a cam
  230. Nitrous Cam?
  231. Which Stealth Cam? Heads?
  232. Stalling and ticking???
  233. Knock Sensors..... R&R with OEM or Aftermarket?
  234. Sleeper cams
  235. 112+4 compared to a 112+2.
  236. how to clean this out? (H/C install)
  237. complete gasget kit
  238. no chargin???
  239. What makes a cam "lope?"
  240. Need info on critical clearances
  241. pushrod question??
  242. Does Anybody Have 1 Rocker Laying Around That I Can Buy In Dallas?
  243. Thoughts on this setup...
  244. flycut pistons & fm13
  245. anyone famaliar with HTC cranks?
  246. NY emmisions test..
  247. which special MTIs or ls1 speed
  248. msd coil for ls1/ls6 cars?? with some programmer due out too?
  249. (Mild) Custom Cam Advice
  250. valve train noise with fm13 cam