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  1. Assume i dyno 550 rwhp NA...
  2. Whats This Code?
  3. Did I get a defective valve spring micrometer? (pics)
  4. 383 or 408
  5. Second time I've had a rocker arm bolt break off in the head....
  6. Best guess on power
  7. Patriot Performance Announcement
  8. Best cam for my WIFES 2003 ZO6?
  9. Engine Break-In / Pro n Con Oil Types
  10. Rockers?? A must??
  11. Got my new heads *Pics*
  12. Vette vs. Fbody ??? Used Search
  13. Valve question
  14. Valve retainer question, those with 1.4+ springs please?
  15. Just venting a bit...
  16. Only 1 Cylinder Sleeve on .030 over 350 4-bolt?
  17. Another 'what cam is best' thread....
  18. Eagle H-beam rods?
  19. Big cam for ported heads
  20. Big Cam
  21. Tuning
  22. Schubeck axleless solid rollers!!
  23. Helminc service manual?
  24. Pushrod question!
  25. help choose my cam
  26. Porting heads, worth it?
  27. Getting Closer
  28. Tr230 Cam
  29. CR with what headgaskets..
  30. Valve spring question
  31. Build longblock from ground up
  32. arp crank bolt....what do i torq it down to or is it still touq to yield?
  33. Stock pushrods?
  34. Is 2.05 on the intake too much?
  35. Anyone running FFHP stage 3's
  36. my old new motor
  37. Installing Patriot Golds .... Larry tool?
  38. LS1 head port/polish school project...maybe
  39. TheAftermath. For ur LS1 Internal Viewing Pleasure
  40. what does it sound like when....
  41. how big can i go..
  42. Upcoming Plans
  43. i want my afr heads ported, polished, milled and
  44. torque-to-yield fasteners
  45. Oil pressure and O-Ring question
  46. Cam only swap. How far can I go...
  47. Oil Pressure Question
  48. XE-R Lobes and Crane "Accelerated Lift" Rockers?
  49. Shimming crane dual springs.
  50. Push rod
  51. 2001 vs. 2002 LS6 head
  52. Not the rocker, now what?
  53. Head gasket bore specs???
  54. ?'s on head bolts ??????
  55. Lifter Adjustment
  56. what do i use to measure...
  57. Cleaning the block on a head swap!
  58. zo6 heads
  59. who to talk to about cams
  60. Package
  61. Probably going 383
  62. Anyone ever heard of these heads?
  63. exhause leak or something else...*cant figure it out*
  64. roller-x hyd. roller lifters
  65. New Motor
  66. c5r 427 engine
  67. What cam to run? What numbers to expect?
  68. my heads with wat cam
  69. Oil residue on spark plug tip and threads
  70. Rebuild Qs
  71. Cam Chain Dampener Help
  72. Absolute speed head problem
  73. Please tell me this isn't bad :(
  74. Milled heads?
  75. Advice On Sleeving Ls1
  76. MMS Stage I Heads???
  77. Trex Cam Advise
  78. Here are the head cross section pics
  79. How hard would it be to swap a 6.0 truck motor into a 99 f-body?
  80. newb stroker questions
  81. Help the truck guys!
  82. Cam help quick!
  83. SLP ZL-402 or any 402 - 500rwhp possible?
  84. Which Heads Are Better: Ls6, 5.3, Or 6.0
  85. what intake, heads, and cam to choose
  86. Q: Detailed differences between F-Body LS1's by year?
  87. need help on overlap and ramp rate
  88. Racing Oil Info
  89. Blower motor to NA Motor
  90. valve spring decision.
  91. Can Someone Give Some Help??
  92. CAM HELP 112 or 114
  93. ticking noise, not what i thought but read (rockers? injectors?)
  94. How difficult is it to install cam yourself?
  95. is quench more important than having the perfectly...
  96. Gasket part #'s needed for cam swap.
  97. What Spring install height? T1 Cam, Stock Heads, Crane Duals.
  98. Need picture of stock head intake bowl
  99. Crankshaft failures?
  100. Oil pressure
  101. What is a good FI cam
  102. An LS2 is going to be released on Ebay.
  103. Patriot Heads????
  104. Revving to 14,000 rpms?
  105. weight difference between HS rockers/Yella Terra's
  106. Still need help with missfire
  107. New to Cams
  108. Z06 cam overlap
  109. Compression question...
  110. Head Porters, 5.7litre ls1 vs 5.3litre truck questions?
  111. Matching balanced pieces
  112. which one ....224/581=112 or 231/237
  113. CC of chamber in LS6 heads?
  114. do i need springs and pushrods with...
  115. Patriot cam
  116. MTI R1 cam thoughts...
  117. full exhaust
  118. Valve Springs
  119. Lingenfelter cam make gains????
  120. header-cam package
  121. changd oil in car today metal shavings
  122. thunder racing cam
  123. Can I switch my coolant to the green stuff?
  124. does anyone have flow #'s on speed inc's r.g.r st2 heads?
  125. High Mileage Ls1?
  126. engine trouble?
  127. Do Any pre-2001 ls1 Come Have the Upgraded Rod Bolts?
  128. Cam Comparison
  129. Is this a good cam?
  130. Need Help w/ Main Bolt Torque Specs
  131. Time for a new motor.
  132. Pics of ported and polished heads
  133. Popular Hot Rodding Needs Tech Help...
  134. Could this be the oil pump going out?
  135. MTI T1 cam
  136. Blown Motor
  137. LS1 Shortblocks deals?
  138. Home heads Porters Come In
  139. Shops local to Dallas, that do head work
  140. Anyone know where the best deal is on HS rockers?
  141. Anyone have the MTI Stealth I cam?
  142. Vaume pumps who's running one on there car?
  143. Oil pressure drops and comes back after restart
  144. Matching cam for 225 heads?
  145. What is JAY's new shop called from ABSOLUTE SPEED?
  146. cracked sleeve how to tell??
  147. Can I leave QTP's in place while I install heads?
  148. heads, which to get?
  149. How to get 425hp from an LS1
  150. ramp rate, how to choose?
  151. Engine noise a thing of the past?
  152. Bosh platinum 4 or NGK?
  153. Vinci Rocker's
  154. How important is lift vs. duration in making power?
  155. Got my cam installed :D
  156. 241 heads on a 2000 LS1?
  157. What order to go in?
  158. What should be done to these heads?
  159. how much hp...?
  160. Screwed by Sh*t Rocker Arms
  161. Did I screw up?
  162. What are these bolts? *PIC*
  163. Oil Pressure
  164. Anyone know the diffeence between Federal vs MA/ME/NY/VT Emissions?
  165. Stock head casting #'s?
  166. Pulled motor out the top
  167. Knock covers
  168. 6.0l iron block people.....
  169. H/C SC 8lbs + N2O !!!
  170. Heads, what's the diff. stage 1,2 or 3?
  171. Sleeper Cam
  172. Lost 4 MPH in a week! Gurus in here!! Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  173. How much to notch pistons for G5X3 on 112?
  174. need a tune for a predator
  175. Stock Rockers-does 22ft/lbs=1 3/8 turn?
  176. Need cam advice.
  177. Head W/ Light Cam
  178. Looking for links on H/C installation
  179. i'ts alive it's alive
  180. How much seat pressure for a 2.02 valve and a XE grind cam
  181. cam selection
  182. LS6 ported oil pump
  183. got the car down to the cam HELP!!!!
  184. Tommorrow She Goes In The Car
  185. Need help with od problem on LS1
  186. T rex Sound clip
  187. I need the best cam for my setup..opinions please
  188. Opinions on this heads/cam combo
  189. What heads should I get?
  190. Need cam opinion Please!
  191. blown lookiing to build a 383 or 408
  192. 408 Not putting down the power
  193. Inertia of LS1...
  194. Throttle Body
  195. Fel-PRo 9199 Gaskets
  196. squeek in valve train, time to get it fixed
  197. How do u removal valve seals on the car?
  198. Which dual springs
  199. Shavings in my oil filter again?! (long)
  200. Knocking Sound? Help
  201. How much HP for Eagle rods?
  202. First start with 383 stroker.
  203. what Cam lift to stay away from...
  204. Question about oil / water mixed
  205. 224/228 114 PTV Problem, Cracked Piston + Block, Plz Help
  206. Anyone had a crank shaft sensor go out with a big Cam?
  207. Teaser vid of my 280/286 cam
  208. anyone have a ls2 in fbody yet?
  209. twisted piston= cracked block!
  210. 5.3l heads: How Much Did you Mill Your Heads
  211. Need help:Cam selection
  212. Morel lifters
  213. Will TR 236/230 cam work with milled heads?
  214. Headgasket part number ?
  215. advantages of a 348CI motor?
  216. AFR 224/228 Cam?
  217. Checking on noise after head/cam swap
  218. Valve tap
  219. SLP 402 LQ6 iron block, should I go with LQ9 heads or LS6 heads?
  220. Help My car keeps losing power!
  221. single rollmaster non-adjustable ok for my application???
  222. Is it wise to change the lifters?
  223. Cam for 6.0
  224. thinking about changing....
  225. overheating damage?
  226. Z06 valvetrain
  227. yet another cam decision thread
  228. Break in period?
  229. thicker head gasket buys me more P-V room?
  230. SLP ZL-402, who ACTUALLY has one.
  231. AFR Heads exhaust port volume
  232. Had my TEA SII 5.3L heads flowed and CC'd locally
  233. all cam info please...what means what and what does what
  234. gasket part #
  235. Building 402 motor, what heads/cam
  236. Which lifters?
  237. Plans for Heads, Valve Springs, Lifters
  238. stock 5.3
  239. 01-Z's bumper standing vid
  240. SLP LS6 Heads...
  241. Oil Pressure??
  242. ARP head bolts vs studs
  243. Currently building a 418ci and need help
  244. gm part # needed
  245. Biggest Cam With Milled Heads????
  246. is the front cover gasket reusable?
  247. Will MTI Stealth cams run on a stock tune?
  248. CAM SWAP???!!!! Need Help Please
  249. What length pushrods?
  250. Best TSP Cam for my application?