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  1. Help...low pressure 2nd build
  2. Main Stud Question. PLEASE help!
  3. valve seals
  4. whats the dirveability like?
  5. which valve springs to choose?
  6. question about rockers
  7. Increasing ci. Gains in hp or just torque.
  8. Torquing bottom end ???
  9. ls1 crank
  10. Head/intake swap, now won't start. Backfiring like crazy
  11. Car want crank, silent when I turn key? Battery and starter connection is still good.
  12. OIL LEAK 'the bane of my existence'
  13. Serious redo on LS1, Iron block, or other??
  14. Help me with my build
  15. Compression Ratio on an LQ4
  16. Help me pick an oil pump
  17. Bret Bauer or Ed Curtis?
  18. Heads/Cam LS1 using oil?
  19. Rocker Clacking
  20. Is the LS3 head the same as a L92 head?
  21. Insane crankcase pressure/ oil mist/ blow by
  22. Looking for stock LQ4 piston
  23. 5.3 228 cam peaking aroun 6200 rpm?
  24. Coolant leaking from back of engine (passenger side)
  25. Ticking after head/cam swap... longer pushrods?
  26. will these springs work?
  27. Head/Cam swap advice
  28. AFR 210 Spark Plug Question
  29. When to change valve springs?
  30. Is this oil, sludge, or rust in my coolant?
  31. another pushrod question
  32. Thoughts on EPS cams?
  33. cam bearing wear?
  34. Card'd LS in V6 F-body
  35. Comp 228r in a 5.3
  36. What to do if VVT cam is off from cam card?
  37. melling10295 or 10296
  38. safe pushrod length?
  39. Best gear cam stall combo for a4 daily driver?
  40. OEM LS bearings TRI-Metal?
  41. all gaskets needed for head/intake swap..
  42. New member ls-1 or 6.0??????????????
  43. Help with a Friends Car
  44. How many thousands are cut from 64cc to 61cc's 243 heads?
  45. Fast 90 on a bolt on motor?
  46. cam/head swap and keeping stock like driveability..
  47. TSP PRC 215s or TSP PRC 227s
  48. Oil cylinder heads for storage?
  49. ported head quickie
  50. LS1 Cylinder Head torque
  51. 99 5.3l lm7 + t56
  52. LQ4 for 2006 Raptor 700
  53. How much more Spring lift can you run than Cam lift?
  54. Rod bolts help!
  55. What'd you'll think
  56. knock sensor wire, where it go??
  57. valve lapping question
  58. got 3/4 of a turn to 22ftlbs on stock pushrods, what size and preload?
  59. Houston, I think we have a problem!!!
  60. Need input on my build!!!
  61. Wiper Issues
  62. Should I throw some heads on or wait?
  63. TFS 215 and VRX5 results
  64. Clarification on camshaft thrust bearing
  65. TR CheaTR or TRuTorq?
  66. LS1 Build Help!
  67. Quick question on oil pump install...?
  68. Concave Wheels
  69. rocker question, need help quick..
  70. First Oil Change since Cam Change = metal pieces :(
  71. Advice on selecting new rocker arms, locks & retainers for my application?
  72. PRC 2.5 243 Heads & TSP 220R Cam
  73. Rebuilt LS2 - Burning Coolant and Oil in Exhaust
  74. H/C/I project setup
  75. Cam install?
  76. Cam Degree or straight up?
  77. cam lingenfeltar gt12
  78. swapping coil harness from 241 to 243 heads.
  79. Good cam for these heads
  80. 317 head
  81. Advanced inductions performance rebuild
  82. LQ4 crank
  83. Ticking noise from the lifters
  84. 241 vs 243 heads with big cam
  85. Which Cam for Street / Strip
  86. Biggest cam for stock converter
  87. This cam in my 5.3 ???
  88. Oil on spark plug..
  89. step closer to H/C build being put together..
  90. another pushrod thread
  91. H/C gains
  92. Buy pre-assembled short block 408 lq4 or buy rotating assembly?
  93. lq4 coil swap yeilds definite power increase
  94. Build thoughts, lq9/with what heads
  95. Heads/CAM HELP !!!
  96. Need Help Picking The Right Cam!!
  97. Another "criticize my build" thread
  98. Are Comp Lifters Better Than LS7 Lifters?
  99. Graphs to compare VRX3 vs VRX4 no heads
  100. Flaw in block. Will this affect it?
  101. LS1 Refresh
  102. Best CNC port program for the 862 heads?
  103. Need Some Help - Coolant Leak
  104. H/C/I Parts List
  105. Valve cover and coil brackets for a 98 to 243 head swap?
  106. proper numbers for aluminum rods?
  107. head question
  108. Serious Problem, need opinions please
  109. Lacking midrange power camaro ls1
  110. wierd noise inside cam only Ls1
  111. Why is my 5.3 crank sticking out?!?
  112. any truth to this info...???
  113. What cam to choose in a stock LS1?
  114. Pushrod question!
  115. Wide Band O2 sensor
  116. Where does the coolant line/hose go?
  117. cam gear 1 or 3 bolt ??? help asap !
  118. What combo to cure my LS1's asthma
  119. LQ9 Cam and Injector Questions
  120. Intermittent lifter noise/misfire after head swap?
  121. N20 347 build
  122. what heads to get to go with ms4 cam
  123. Thinking of upgrading from PP 5.3 heads.
  124. patriot gold dual springs
  125. Smoke after cam install.
  126. EngineTech Valves or Reuse OEM Valves?
  127. LS1 manifold
  128. How many miles is too many to cam a LS1?
  129. Ed Curtis Cam / AFR 205 Install / Results
  130. whats the biggest intake manifold, set of heads I can put on my ls1
  131. Need help identifying a cam
  132. 5.3 questions
  133. bought an ls1 that needs some refreshing advice plez
  134. Cam help!
  135. bearings... replace or not. pics inside.
  136. Help Id these connecting rods?
  137. Where to shift at?
  138. spark plugs for 408 replacing LS6
  139. What ls6 heads to run with torquer v3
  140. California only Mobil 1 engine oils?
  141. Does anyone know if this cam will work/make close to 450rwhp??
  142. cam for lotus esprit ls6 swap
  143. Torque Wrench for installing heads
  144. what type of head can I put on my ls1 ??????????
  145. LS oil gallery fitting
  146. Double row timing chain + Meling 10355 oil pump
  147. Crank bolt removal..almost to easy
  148. LS1 Build Help
  149. If you take the intake and valley cover off, can you see...
  150. is it worth building a 383 stroker with a LM7?
  151. finished my streetsweeper HT install(Vid inside)
  152. etp heads
  153. LS6 heads
  154. Rebuilding my LQ4 for my BMW. Basic Questions
  155. Question about comp 977-16 springs
  156. 6.0 vs ls1?
  157. I think I have a problem, I just don't know what it is.
  158. well it rebuild time
  159. Rebuilt Engine Break-In Time?
  160. 5.3 head choice! Need help
  161. need to know what cam i bought??
  162. a little help
  163. 2000 camaro ls1 sitting
  164. tsp torquer v2 and .600 lift springs
  165. What cam, intake - Mild 5.3 street rod
  166. How bad does fuel mileage suffer?
  167. Question about stroker crank for 5.3
  168. Head gasket bore diameter?
  169. Hot cam Help!
  170. What Heads to get?
  171. Replacing rod bolts while motor is still in car?
  172. 383 stroker build
  173. Heads for boosted LS1383 stroker?
  174. need help tracking down a noise.
  175. Bought used arf heads on here.. this is what i got.. What to do?
  176. short block price?
  177. RapTR and etp 215 head combo
  178. Help me decide what camshaft to go with!
  179. Overheating/bleeding FIXED
  180. Valve Float?
  181. lq9 compression options
  182. is it necessary to have heads decked?
  183. Help!! I think I have a Lifter Problem
  184. Anyone using TFS heads with stock rockers?
  185. How much would different heads help
  186. F13 cam, no low end pull...
  187. Which cam should I go with?
  188. How to tell the PRC LS6 stage 1 and stage 2.5 Heads apart???
  189. cam card help
  190. gen 4 rods/pistons in a gen 3 block?
  191. Oil pressure gos down when I floor it. Help!!
  192. Need some help from the cam/head guru's
  193. Wow, She's a Winner!
  194. LS1 Engine Upgrades in 68 camaro
  195. Are these Yella Terra rockers useable?
  196. Camshaft for Magnacharger
  197. need pointed to RELIABLE vendor that has goodshortblocks
  198. 97/98 LS Engine Headgasket ?
  199. 853 heads really that bad or is it just a matter of opinion
  200. Exhaust question??
  201. HELP!!! Car is consuming coolant and has a knock!!
  202. what cam and specs please?
  203. LS1 crank removal?
  204. 5.3 build
  205. LM4 5.7 B4C Build
  206. What are the car cooling system pressure test leak locations?
  207. please confirm my pushrod length befoe I order
  208. XER Lobed Cams Eating Lifters?
  209. set up for ms4cam
  210. LQ4 cam bearing pic
  211. Opinions?? Lq9 Build
  212. Long push rods effect ptv clearance??
  213. Creating a monster
  214. how to identify ls6 heads
  215. Least amount of time to SAFELY soak lifters??
  216. What do i need ? LY6 block into ls1
  217. rocker play after new head and cam intstall helppp
  218. Debating on ported heads or aftermarket heads
  219. Help!!! wont start.
  220. 243 heads and cam swap questions
  221. what the hell is this?! came out on the drain plug *pics inside* please help!
  222. Does a cooling system pressure test show if you have a vacuum leak?
  223. Ls1 2000 radiator help
  224. What head gasket for lq4 370?
  225. LS1 944 Dyno results
  226. Help!!! Engine swap now overheating.
  227. Cam Swap Parts List?
  228. Rocker keeps coming loose.
  229. What now?
  230. lq4 build need cam spec help, with stock sounding idle
  231. Please help with cam specs
  232. Max cam lift standard gen3
  233. will this cam fit with standard heads...
  234. 5.3 head gasket suggestions?
  235. questions about porting heads
  236. hp i can get with some mods
  237. need help identifying 6.0 block, pic inside
  238. timing chain slack ?
  239. will these valve springs suffice? TRAK cam
  240. Need some help with Cam/pushrods
  241. Correct Rocker install
  242. Need help choosing a cam...
  243. heads cam and exhaust setup
  244. whats wrong inside my motor?
  245. Used cam question
  246. best oil pump out there?
  247. Timing cover clearance...?
  248. Name that Piston
  249. cam help for dd
  250. 243 heads