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  1. Internal engine gurus please step inside !
  2. Piston Ring Gap for a 395
  3. CAM for a 200 shot
  4. Cam Is In But There Is A Problem????
  5. need help trobleshooting!!!
  6. What do you think of this combo?
  7. TSP 231/237 installed
  8. how many grams do the stock ls1 rods wiegh?
  9. hey guys what do you think of these piston/rod combo on ebay?
  10. 5.3l
  11. 16 Bent Pushrods - How Much Power loss?
  12. Timing Chain
  13. 2000 Camaro W/N Start
  14. Broke piston ring
  15. Severe pinging/detonation when cold
  16. If you could get a Hotcam for $300...
  17. Getting a set of TEA heads
  18. Anyone have any ideas as to why my car keeps doing this???
  19. Looking into cam...what cam good for 3.42
  20. ASA cam questions
  21. X1 Cam 112 or 114 lsa???
  22. Arp rod bolts caused no big end rod distortion
  23. surging when put in gear
  24. HP rating:need help
  25. Replacing TR224/GTP S2 set up with smaller cam, recomendations?
  26. Amsoil Pre Oiler
  27. Oil Pan Gasket
  28. Car is falling on it's face out of the hole
  29. Tech ?'s need help plz
  30. Where to get pistons flycut in block...IL/WI/IN area
  31. Just A.R.E. 6.0 and GT2-3 for now?
  32. please help
  33. Cammmotion,how Good Are They???
  34. ls6 heads
  35. comp retainers for 921's?
  36. Low lift (sort of) & a little longer duration???
  37. pushrods lenth for ls6 cam
  38. Props to Craig at GTP...
  39. Comp R lifter failure?
  40. double roller timing chain on a 98?
  41. clearancing #8 piston for 408, how safe?
  42. HPE's new race LS6 heads
  43. Ordering Valve Seals?
  44. Cam Swap checklist.. ?
  45. Typical labor cost of a turn key head and cam install??
  46. Identify these gaskets
  47. 5.3 vs 5.7 knock sensors
  48. 1/2" Impact Wrench & Crank Pulley
  49. Getting about that time...
  50. Motor Swap
  51. 395ci in and running
  52. Afr Heads
  53. 2-piece timing chain cover around yet??
  54. This cam in a completely stock 98C5? strange specs.
  55. Definition of "Daily Driver"
  56. Things I learned the hard way doing H/C
  57. Losing Power....HELP!!
  58. Help with leaking crank seal
  59. Lifter Preload Question Comp R gurus come on in!
  60. ls6 cam sproket on ls1
  61. About to buy my cam.. need help!
  62. anyone used Mahle pistons
  63. What is the biggest cam size for daily driver?
  64. Stiffer Coil Spings With Iron Block
  65. Are Comp 918's rated at .600 or .625 lift?
  66. Anyone hear this type of noise at half throttle?
  67. Will this cam fit with my heads?
  68. this freakin sucksss
  69. Gas Mileage after mods
  70. Setting up for max mid range power (Tq)
  71. New Cam?
  72. LS1 cam with LS6 heads
  73. Heads/Cam going on soon (I hope).....just a few Q's....
  74. Misfire Issue
  75. Timing chain (double roller or not?) / Degree cam in?
  76. Cam Design using Monkey See Monkey Do
  77. Big problem need mad help.
  78. LQ9 or Ls6?
  79. pushrod and milled heads
  80. How does this H/C combo sound??
  81. quick oil pump o-ring question
  82. welding heads.
  83. Will this cam fit?
  84. What are the warning signs of an oil pump going out?
  85. 918's with XE-R lobes?
  86. Any experience with the gtp 420 cam?
  87. Timing Chain and gears or Gears?
  88. Are 99 pushrods the same as 00 pushrods?
  89. comp magnum 7.5 rocker ?
  90. 6.0L Rods?? How tough???
  91. Measuring lifter pre-load
  92. SLP iron shortblock?
  93. pushrod size with tsp
  94. Why is my powerband dropping off early?
  95. Is there an LS1/6 with a dry sump and the A/C?
  96. Could something be wrong??
  97. AFR 225 76cc Availability
  98. Is this cam package right for me?
  99. Cam Install
  100. Valve diameter
  101. Need help, 427 Oil sump hitting pan
  102. Castrol Syntec?
  103. Got the H/C Installed tonight
  104. clearence question?
  105. valves sizes and ported heads
  106. G5X3 and stock tune?
  107. Parts in the Garage
  108. check engine light after rocker arms
  109. Pushrods Help!!!
  110. whistling/sucking noise after cam swap
  111. Engine rebuild. ( what to expect)?
  112. ported ls1 heads
  113. older ported heads vs. current ported heads, how much gain?
  114. update on stupid nitrous user
  115. 425rwhp - suggestions for cam, heads, etc?
  116. will it leak
  117. What do u think about this?
  118. Motor is out and getting alot of new parts. Missing anything?
  119. dont want to changet the valve springs all the time.
  120. Thinner head Gaskets
  121. first rebuild
  122. Will stock rods w/arp bolts be good for 500rwhp and a 75shot
  123. New Cure For Stock Rocker Spilt Bearings
  124. Head terms question
  125. Strongest LS1 Internals?
  126. K&N Oil Filter (HP-2006)
  127. ls1 w/5.3 heads.. what cam??
  128. are rocker ars needed???
  129. Anyone runnin a 112* lsa cam in cali?
  130. good tuning shop???
  131. Oil pickup tube/O-ring question
  132. Where am i losing power
  133. Ex. to In. ratio
  134. "M-11" Headbolts question....
  135. Anyone using a unique ring set-up in an all out race motor?
  136. PCV mod
  137. Cam help
  138. Tr 224 Hp??
  139. Which is faster????
  140. Which cam
  141. How to limp home on a broken valve spring?
  142. What puchrods 4 cam???
  143. arp head stud procedure
  144. Check out my setup and tell me what you think
  145. Need Help!!! LS1 Gurus look inside
  146. Anyone have a "How To" for re-assembly of the block?
  147. oil pump failure ?????'s
  148. Iron 427-Alum 427 RWHP and RWTQ?
  149. iron, or alum. block
  150. Ls6 spring Q
  151. Ignorant cam question regarding lift vs rpm
  152. what are cam specs on stock 1998 ta ls1
  153. MTI power?
  154. Stock 99 LS1 head flow #'s
  155. Blower or Top motor rebuild?
  156. how to tell if notor is locked up??
  157. some balancer questions
  158. T-Rex Cam help
  159. head bolt torque discrepencies
  160. Crank bolt stuck on an ATI super damper!
  161. Something is gone
  162. what should i order with a cam??
  163. Advice needed on LS1 mods
  164. Witch piston rings.
  165. best motor combo?
  166. Anyone ever broken a comp 921 spring?
  167. Please Help with H/C Problems,Need Opinions
  168. Opinions please-Best LS1 Head Porters?
  169. Re-worked my 382 FRC. Dyno numbers inside
  170. Six COMP 918 Springs Installed
  171. AP Engineering - groundbreaking news! Guaranteed engine delivery times!
  172. HELP!! Big race tonite and car being finicky!!
  173. what springs with TR224 cam?
  174. What cam 4 stock heads. M6 tranny
  175. max rpm?
  176. Completing engine swap
  177. Cost of new short block vs. using mine??
  178. Gears for G5X3
  179. Anyone other than TEA done any AFR heads yet?
  180. Pulling motor?
  181. TR 224/224 112 With stock exhaust manifolds?
  182. Need some help , got rust on the cylindar walls
  183. Motor Combos
  184. Need help installing comp 1.85 roller rockers asap
  185. XE XER Grinds etc confused
  186. Too much gas!!
  187. bottom end
  188. Adjustable Rocker question
  189. is my cam decent?
  190. patriot heads???
  191. MTI Stage IIr heads + tr224/561/114 cam?
  192. Looking hard into doing a cam swap, what cam performs best for drag w/stock heads?
  193. opinions please
  194. Modified LS1 Rocker Arms(new Bearings)
  195. does excess lift hurt velocity???
  196. what cam with turbo?
  197. Harland Sharp Rocker Valve cover clearance
  198. A nice Nitrous cam??
  199. Main cap studs or just GM bolts.
  200. modular patriot heads....ls1 question
  201. ? About swapping Valves
  202. Those with C5R 427s...simple question for you
  203. GMPP single plane..injection or carb??
  204. 98 LS1 head and cam engine knocking trouble shooting????
  205. LS1 Bottom endbuild....?
  206. copper head gaskets and lower press. rad. cap?
  207. what size injectors
  208. 113 LSA cams?
  209. All Hotcam owners, INSIDE! PLEAASE!
  210. What is my compression ratio with Patroit stage 2 heads
  211. Freeze Plug
  212. Stock Diameter Forged Pistons
  213. MTI's R1 & Stage II R heads???
  214. So how many of you are going with the SLP 402 package?
  215. Should I go with the high or low compression SLP 402 pkg with a 200 shot?
  216. Whats it take to have machine shop retap for 1/2 head studs?
  217. Short: Engine swap costs?
  218. Cam reluctor trigger questions
  219. LS1 and LS6 Dyno figures gone?
  220. Need help on Head/Cam swap
  221. Did I go too big?
  222. Wassup with dat?
  223. How do u find CR???
  224. APE's 6.0 RACEHEADS
  225. 2001 Swap.. Dowel Rod Or Jpr Tool ???
  226. Diagnose tick (sound clip)
  227. Valve spring Question
  228. 2001 z06 TSP comp cam 228/230 .588 .591 112 just came in today
  229. Future plans (H/C, Stroker kit)
  230. Best cam for a 408ci 6.0L Iron block setup
  231. Whereto buy patriot h/c package? (Good price& fast delivery)
  232. Yet another "Will the T Rex cam fit in my car" question.
  233. Heads and Cam
  234. T-rex
  235. Carbon buildup......
  236. Intake manifold gaskets.....
  237. Back To Best Oil - But in HOT Weather
  238. g5x3 & PP 5.3's. have a few ?'s.
  239. Dyno database?
  240. Crate Engines
  241. AFR 76cc Heads Availability?
  242. Fabricating PCV
  243. Faint ticking noise
  244. Destroked LS1 Questions.....
  245. Will this cam and head combo work?
  246. T-rex Cam, need your thoughts......
  247. Correct Front Engine Seal?
  248. Any AFR vs. OEM pics?
  249. Tsp 231/237
  250. solid roller vs hydraulic roller???